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Big Style in Nature, America’s Greatest Time Piece, & an Instant Pot Warning
2-03-2018 12:00:31
LOOK AT THIS HANDSOME BASTARD! LOOK AT HIM! (thank you) I KNOW NOTHING: How does this work anyway? Because this doesn’t seem right to me. GOLD MEDAL PERFORMANCE: This just pushes all my happy buttons.  HEADS UP FELLAS: These things are super popular at the moment so this may be relevant to your interests. WHAT. THE. HAMBURGERS: Check. This. Out! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before but was so overwhelmed by its power to impress that I forgot all about it so it’s all brand new again. WHEN THIS IS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION… (thank you) It was for me. Tom Hardy in Bronson. And in not one frame is anything obstructing his mouth. Bonus! CANNOT BE UNSEEN: That one time your editor sends you a link that makes you yelp in front of your pals. Come for the picture. Stay for the comments. For once, they won’t ruin your day. Mostly. UGH: This comes as no surprise and it is still totally depressing. MEANWHILE…the big one that didn’t get away. Also, I had no idea there were constables in America. CHEESUS! You don’t say! Also, true story: my mom used to call the orange cheese we had when I was a kid “rat cheese.” I don’t know why I felt that was important. SAM THE EAGLE WISHES HE WAS THIS REGAL: (thank you) LEMONADE: As far as public apologies go, this is winner-winner-chicken-dinner level stuff. I KNOW NOTHING REDUX: Because if my publicly traded company (I don’t have one) was operating at this level, I sure wouldn’t be making that kind of bank. NOT EVEN KIDDING: If this doesn’t connect with you in any way, I might be a little concerned. Also, just keep scrolling down until you pass out from a serotonin overdose. COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS…this hasn’t happened to you. WHEN I’M READING INTERNET COMMENTS: (thank you) Hello guys. Our Senior VP of “Hey would you look at this!” Eric H has another big race this weekend. Wish him luck?! Thank you. And thank you Eric for another great week of sharables. LIFE ON THE RUN: If you ever thought your family was a little weird when you were growing up, uh, this is something. WHAT. THE. HELL. I know that none of our readers pull this kind of crap but this is exactly why the internet manages to be one of the best AND worst things to happen to us. Only a little hyperbole in that sentence. Just a little bit. THE DEPARTMENT OF DEJA VU DEPARTMENT: My trainer was telling me about this very article this morning about an hour before I ended up in a pool of sweat and shame. About an hour after that I open my email and Eric has provided the very story and link. WHEN AN AMAZING SPORTS STORY…isn’t really about the sport at all. It’s about the people. LIGHTNING ROUND! America’s greatest time piece? | Ridiculously impressive achievements in civil engineering, the Mexican edition. Wow. Just wow. | This is an entirely different type of wow.  | The truth is out there. | Dog is gonna dog. You go dog. You go. WHEN AN ANGEL IS ALSO A SLUG… (thank you) OLYMPICS SHENANIGANS: And this comes as a surprise to who exactly? CUE UP TUBULAR BELLS: This is only mildly frightening. For instance, I want the metrics for America. It might explain some things. CAN WE ALL FINALLY AGREE..that all the excuses about “money spent in R and D” is the reason behind these devastating price hikes?  This system is broken. INCOMING!  Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He doesn’t really hate people. Mostly.
007 Peacoats, USA Made Briefcases, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful
1-03-2018 16:45:21
Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.    J. Crew: New Arrivals + 30% off + an extra 10% off select Full Priced Styles w/ DIYUMSN Varsity Shawl-Collar Cardigan in Textured Cotton – $61.74 ($98)  Italian Merino Wool Cardigan Sweater – $56.38 ($89.50)  Four-Pocket Utility Jacket – $93.24 ($148)  Abingdon Briefcase – $86.94 ($138)  Stretch American Pima Cotton Oxford Shirt – $43.78 ($69.50)  484 Slim-Fit Lightweight Garment-Dyed Stretch Chino – $42.84 ($68) 4 colors Kenton Suede Chelsea Boots – $143.64 ($228)  Made in Italy Classic MacAlister Boots in Suede – $93.24 ($148) 3 colors Kenton Plain-Toe Boots – $156.24 ($248)  Unconstructed Ludlow Blazer – $124.74 ($198) All Wool Legacy in Ludlow or Crosby – $220.50 ($350) A mighty fine sale from J. Crew, especially considering that their unconstructed wool/cotton and all wool Legacy blazers are also getting this extra 10% on top of the 30% off cut. A solid number of new spring arrivals as well.   East Dane: 15% off $200, 20% off $500, 25% off $800 w/ GOBIG18 Billy Reid Bond Peacoat in Navy – $556 ($695) Loake 1880 Mitchum Suede Chelsea Boots – $238 ($280) Filson Original Briefcase – $276.25 ($325) multiple colors Loake 1880 Kempton Chukka Boots – $255 ($300)  Loake 1880 Goodyear Welted Monk Straps – $289 ($340) Wolverine 1000 Mile Rockford Boots – $238 ($400) Works on sale items too, but the items (sale or full price) have to to have the GOBIG18 code underneath the price. Otherwise, it’s excluded. Super fast shipping whether you’re a prime member or not (East Dane is under Amazon’s massive umbrella).   Gustin: Made in the USA Brief in Nut Brown is Back – $249 Rugged, but still smart enough for most work environments. And that price on an all leather, USA Made briefcase, is gonna be tough to beat. Even if it is Gustin, so, you’ll have to wait a while to get it. That “Nut Brown” color name reminds me of college, when I used to spend far too much time with some pals drinking bombers of Newcastle Brown Ale, Playing Golden Tee, and smoking Swisher Sweets. Further proof that college is NOT the best time of your life (although we thought we had it pretty good then).   Spier & Mackay: Foundation & Spring Suit Pre-Order – $328 – $398 One of the few drawbacks to Spier & Mackay is that sometimes, when they run out of stock, they’re out of stock for a good long while. They haven’t had a basic Navy or Charcoal Grey in any real sizes in a good long while (and those are two important colors). BUT. That wait is almost over. Navy blue, mid gray, charcoal gray, and a bunch of spring styles are now available for pre-order. Basic Australian Super 110s merino suits start at $328, and as always, they come with half canvas construction and bemberg linings.   Club Monaco: 30% off w/ FRIEND Colorblock Polo – $55.65 ($79.50)  Leather Sneakers – $68.95 ($98.50)  Grant Donegal Blazer – $251.30 ($450)  Red Wing Iron Ranger Boot – $224 ($320)  Filson Small Duffel in Navy – $276.50 ($395) Filson Original Briefcase in Navy – $227.50 ($325) Allen Edmonds Liverpool Chelseas – $311.50 ($445)  Exclusions are Birkenstock, Viberg, Woolrich, and Zespa. So? Filson gets the cut. Not bad at all. Club Monaco only carrys the navy option for Filson stuff, so, if you’re looking for another color, its best to scroll back up to the East Dane sale.   Also worth a mention: H&M: 20% off your purchase over $100 + free shipping w/ 5902 (exp 3/1/18). Nordstrom: New, deeper discounts in their sale section. J. Crew Factory: They’re running a cashmere event. Haven’t tried JCF cashmere though, so, can’t speak to its quality.
Best posts of 2017 – Jomers suits, Amazon OCBD’s, and one crazy polo
12-01-2018 12:00:49
Last week we recognized the Best Affordable Style of 2017, focusing on the top products pumped out by the retail establishment. This week we’re taking a look back at the best (at least what WE consider the best) of what Dappered had to offer in 2017. Not trying to toot our own horn here. Consider this more of an exercise in recognizing what was popular with the Dappered readers, so we continue to create informative content in the New Year. And by the way, to those Dappered readers: thanks.   6 Best Affordable Navy Wool Blazers you can Buy Now Versatile and simple, the navy blazer has been revered on this site for a while now. Dress it up, dress it down, however you want to do it. We threw together an infographic with call-outs on what an updated navy blazer offers, then laid out 6 of our current (at least they were in September) favorite options.   6 Styles of Boots Worth Owning Keeping on the theme of six… dress, work, hiking, you name it. Here are the six styles of boots that are worthy of gracing the floor of your closet, or wherever you store your shoes.   In Review: Jomers Suits Jomers, the small New York based company that sells their wares just about as quickly as they can stock them, entered the suit market with a half-canvas Italian wool suit at an incredible price point. The only issue for our editor was the true-slim fit of the pants, doesn’t quite work for a guy with thick legs. Other than that, these suits are a solid deal.   Fashion vs. Style… visualized A sobering comparison of what the world of fashion offers for over a grand (like one polo), and all the stylish yet affordable items you could purchase for the same amount. Like a suit, blazer, watch, sunglasses, socks, shoes, and a pocket square. Or again, just the polo. We are weird animals.   In Review: Amazon’s Goodthreads Button Down Oxford Cloth Shirts In 2017 Amazon made a bigger push into the clothing market, although it seems they have yet to fully establish themselves as a destination for such. Early in the year Joe took their Goodthreads OCBD’s for a spin. For a $25 button down option, they weren’t bad. Nothing spectacular about them, but for a basic that graces many a guy’s closet, and these are a good bet for the money.
Latest Retail Closures, Avocado Thank Yous, & Comparing your Sleep
12-01-2018 12:00:10
ZENWAVES: (thank you) RETAIL HELL: It’s beginning to look as if these folks aren’t long for this world. I mean, right? Because, damn. MORE OF THIS PLEASE: Sometimes I swear there are more stories like this out there and I think we all benefit from seeing them all damn day. Also, I have found that this place can help readjust my outlook on life. What’s that? Yeah, I thought so. So anyway, this is pretty cool too. THAT ONE CONSPIRACY, FROM, LIKE, FOREVER AGO: Go ahead. Share this one with your folks. They’ll think you’re swell. THE MORE YOU KNOW (COMET RAINBOW SPLOOSH): I’m thinking that I might be taking a look at my cleaning supplies. And I guess I’m not really surprised by some of this.  DO YOU LIKE AVOCADOS? Y    o    u      c   a   n     t   h   a   n   k     t   h   e   s   e     g   u   y   s. SADDEST. MONKEY. EVER. (thank you) P.T. BARNUM WAS RIGHT: Only these days, the number of suckers born every minute has gone exponential. Extreme exponential. Then there’s this. And if you must have more, here you go. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT: Bwahahahahaha. Riiiight. IN THE FUTURE NEXT WEEK: Some hacker will be able to lock you out of your own house. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ: How America sleeps, with thanks to Fitbit. PUZZLE OF THE WEEK: Eric and I side with the 1st grader. KICKSTARTER OF THE WEEK: The original video game. Here’s more on this 3D version of the game. TRIPPY HIPPY MAGICIAN DUDE OF NOTE:  (thank you) HOUSTON’S FAVORITE METEOROLOGIST: And that’s not even his main gig. Seriously. Houston loves this guy. INCOMING! Actually, uh, it’s here. On the small screen. And as Eric helpfully notes: “Oh and they have accents and great swearing.” That is always a closer for me. Then there’s this. I CAN’T TELL…if this is a good thing or not? WHEN THE SERVICE INDUSTRY IS THE ECONOMY…this kind of thing makes perfect sense. Also, it’s not new. But it is totally new to me. THE OTHER SEX (BAD ASS WOMEN): You might remember her from Pitch Perfect, The 40 Year Old Virgin, or 30 Rock, but these days she’s making things happen behind the scenes. | After reading about this amazing woman, I feel like crawling into a hole. | Pour a 40 for Rosie. WÜRST. THING. EVER. A linguistic sausage fest.  An entirely different kind of sausage fest. THE TORMENT OF ANIMAL: (thank you) PFFFFT: Honestly, I’ve got nothing to add to this. DAMN! MOTHER NATURE! Keep on surprising us in ways like this. IT’S THE REAL THING: Sometimes I love people so much I’d like to build the world a home and furnish it with love, grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves. This is one of those times. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS: If you have had it up to HERE with bad news about the environment, then just move along. Otherwise, sad trombone. LIVE! FROM IRAN! IT’S… Let Them Eat Cake 2, the 21st century take. THE SHAPE OF NIGHTMARES? (thank you) SHENANIGANS: I’m sure this is all above board and stuff. Totes legit. SPEAKING OF LEGIT: This is something you may have some familiarity with. I hope it isn’t. But if you haven’t yourself, you might know someone who has. SOUTHERN FRIED SCAM MASTER J: Actually, you might have run into this guy before. Also, bwahahahaha! AN UNPOPULAR OPINION: I’m just going to leave this here. It might cheese you off or, alternately, it could come as a huge relief. Not sure if there is a middle ground here. STFU: Every year I look forward to this list. Yes, there are a few which are screamingly obvious. And, some are a couple that are groan inducing. #cofveve INCOMING! With thanks to Eric H. Hey. If Marvel won’t make a Black Widow movie…Oh wait. This just in! Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He doesn’t really hate people. Mostly.
Steal Alert: Filson Goods on sale + extra 25% off
11-01-2018 17:37:12
Brooks Brothers: Filson Sale + Extra 25% off Good luck trying to beat these price points. “Might as well have the best” is the Filson mantra, and they nail it on the classic, tough, American (and American made) good looks front. But they can understandably run pretty spendy. Now? At Brooks Brothers, a bunch of their accessories/luggage is sneaking up on almost half off. They’re part of the Brooks Brothers clearance section, and for the next 5 days (through Monday) they’re knocking an extra 25% off select fall/winter goods. And these all happen to fit that bill.   Orig. Brief in Navy, Tan, Black, or Green – $182.81 ($325) Honestly can’t recall the last time Filson’s original briefcase (in any color, let alone ALL the colors) dipped under $200. Made in the USA from rugged twill and hearty leather accents. Head here for the earth-tones, here for black, and here for navy.   Medium Duffel – $222.18 ($395) A personal favorite. Not a lot of structure to this thing, but that can be good when you’ve packed light, and thus, can smash it into a small overhead bin on an airline. Not tiny though when packed to the gills.  21″ x 14″ x 13.” Also available in brown or tan. Made in the USA as well.   Filson Tin Cloth Briefcase – $223.87 ($398) A Brooks Brothers exclusive, thanks to the plaid lining. Same as their original brief, except that this uses their waxed, water-resistant tin-cloth material.   Twill Padded Computer Bag in Black, Navy, or Tan – $239.06 ($425) A little extra space, a little extra protection. 16½” x 14″ x 7½” would be the dimensions of this thing.   Filson Large Duffel in Tan or Olive – $239.06 ($425) Very much does NOT meet carry on requirements. These things are huge. 30″ x 14″ x 13″ – Almost 5500 cubic inches of space. So, for the heavy packers. Made in the USA like the rest. This extra 25% off select fall/winter goods at Brooks Brothers event ends on Monday, 1/15/17.