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Befashionvictim is being launched

You have never been good to dress. You usually don't know how to with what to combine a cloth or that shoes. You are willing to contact someone having experience in the fashion field or you are looking for new ideas to refresh your closet then befashionvictim is for you.

This website is not design like a blog but more like a social network where photos and albums can be posted, messages and comments can be sent and blogs can be submitted for tracking.

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Online Advisors

The primary objective of befashionvictim is to help people who have hard time finding outfits because they are not used to chose the right clothes from stores, they have an unconventional body shape or simply because they are inexperienced picking clothes and are too embarassed to ask to their friends or family for advise.

Search pics by tags or by brand (# or @)

One of the coolest features of befashionvictim is that you can sort and search by hashtags or by brands.

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Pics can be anonymous

In Bfv physical appearance does not matter, only your style and attitude does, as a consequence you can post photos of your clothes only. Showing your face is not required. This website is intended to be more focused on clothes rather on the individuals. Eventhough best contributors will be rewarded.

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Befashionvictim is for boys as much as it is for girls. Filters allow you to select photo, albums and blogs for each gender.

Blog tracker

Check your favourites blogs from one single website and discover new blogs every day.
Read articles from those blogs, randomly or firlter them with a specific search.

Olivia Palermo, well known blogger

Olivia Palermo

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The fashion guitar

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