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2016-03-28 17:00:28

Style Scenario: The Big Music Festival

What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. If you live in a more populated area of the US, you likely have some kind of music festival on the horizon in the next few months. In this Style Scenario we’re tackling a music festival in an urban setting. There may not be mud on the ground, but temps will fluctuate from indoor to out, and there will likely be a lot of standing, making comfortable shoes key. Here’s an outfit to hopefully achieve those goals. (featured photo credit)

Style Scenario: The Urban Music Festival |

The Shirt: BR Camden-Fit Textured Print Linen Shirt – $79.50. It may seem early in the year to start in with the linen, but hear us out. Indoor performances at music festivals can be packed full of sweaty bodies. Linen feels cooler, and won’t cling to moisture as much as cotton. With that, linen might actually keep you warmer outdoors if nighttime temps are cool, since your shirt shouldn’t be too soaked by your own sweat. The long sleeves can easily be rolled up while inside, and let down when you head out into the night.

The Undershirt: Polo RL ‘Supreme Comfort’ Classic V-Neck – $39.95 (2 pack). Some guys to prefer an extra layer to catch sweat, so, these are for you if that’s your preference. Grey v-neck undershirts are a good bet because you can wear them under lighter dress or thinner casual shirts, without an outline showing. Ships and returns free from Nordstrom.

The Pants: Levi’s 514 Straight Motion Stretch Jean – $49.95. A dark denim made from a stretch jean that will provide not only clean lines on your bottom half, but will move with you if you’re feeling inspired to share some of your mad dance skillz

The Belt: Jolie People Handmade Leather Belt – $22.99-24.99 (plus shipping). A handmade belt, made to order by Jolie People in Indianapolis. The price is definitely right, and it stands to reason the quality of this belt would be at least as good as GAP’s Basic Leather Belt, which has seen much play here on Dappered. The stainless steel buckle looks fairly high shine, but time will take care of that if you prefer something more matte. And since this belt is sold by an Etsy shop, you might even  be able to ask the owner about a different buckle option.

The Shoes: K-SWISS  Court Pro II Sneaker – $60. Suggesting sneakers here to hopefully help stave off foot fatigue a little longer. These leather sneaks from k-Swiss have a cushioned sole for comfort. May want to wear them a few times just to get your foot imprinted on the insoles prior to putting them through their paces on an extra long night.

The Socks: Wigwam Merino Trailblaze Pro Socks – $12.49. As stated before on this site, wool really does wick better than cotton (which frankly doesn’t wick much if at all). And wool socks typically provide more cushion. These are hiking socks, but as per the usual at a festival, you’ll be up on your feet, hiking from stage to stage, venue to venue, so these should serve you well.

The Sunglasses: UNIQLO “Wellington”FOLD-ABLE Wayfarers – $9.90 ($14.90). Yep, you just saw these in another recent style scenario, but they work too well for this situation not to include them again. First, they’re cheap, so it won’t be a major disappointment should you set them down and forget to pick them back up. Second, folding sunglasses are perfect to tuck away if you’re going in and out of venues to catch different bands while the sun is still out, and keep on going into the night.

The Watch: Timex Expedition Scout – $35.83. Keeping it simple here. Yeah, you’ll have your phone that you could check time on, but if that cute concert-goer next to you asks for the time, you can hold your watch up for them and they may just grab your wrist to take a look. There’s no option of physical contact with a phone.

The Phone Case: tmbr. Leather iPhone 6 Case – $28. This is really just a word of caution to have a case on your phone, since you’ll likely have it out a lot to take photos, videos, connect on social, and text with friends about where to meet up. This particular case from the company tmbr., located in Salt Lake, is a handsome option. They also make cases for several iPhone, Samsung, and Nexus model phones. Sold through Etsy.

The Game Plan: Pace yourself. Heading out to take in great music for several hours can lead to a) not enough eating, b) not enough water, and c) too much alcohol. You may not plan to tear it up, but inebriation can sneak up on you, and before you know it you’re this guy. If you plan to party, just plan ahead. This can save you the headache of trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to do at the end of the evening.