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2016-03-07 12:00:22

40% off Banana Republic & GAP + 35% off Old Navy

SPRINGIT = 40% off at Banana Republic & GAP | 35% off at Old Navy

Been a while since GAP inc. did one of these cross brands sales. And while there are some of the usual exclusions here (BR Picks, BR Monogram, Gap’s Leather and Suede Apparel and Accessories, Old Navy’s everyday steals/hot deals and clearance), there’s plenty to pick from. Plus, all three brands share the same shopping cart. That means it’s pretty darn easy to trip the free shipping at $50 threshold. Also note that this SPRINGIT code is actually good for 40% off ONE item at Old Navy (then 35% off the rest of your ON purchase). Complicated, right? Prices on the Old Navy stuff below reflect the 35% off discount (just in case you buy more than one thing.) Also know that this code expires today, Monday 3/7/16. Off we go…


Banana Republic Italian Leather Briefcase – $118.80 ($198)

Banana Republic Italian Leather Briefcase |

Exxxxxxcellent. Honestly didn’t think this thing would really be up for a 40% off discount, but here it is. Full review here. Has to be the best $100ish briefcase on the market.


GAP Vintage Washed Slim Fit Khakis- $35.97 ($59.95)

GAP Vintage Washed Slim Fit Khakis

Check out that green. Wearing bright green pants is kinda like wearing bright red pants, with much less classic preppy/clam bake connotations. They’re fun, they’re laid back, and you can wear em with a t-shirt if you want. A staple of GAP’s khakis rotation, and often excluded from codes and sales. Not this time. Tons of other colors to pick from too.


Old Navy Summer-weight Slim Fit Oxfords – $19.46 ($29.94)

Old Navy Summer-weight Slim Fit Oxfords

‘kay. So. That one review is less than kind. It’s a one star job that just kills these shirts. But for twenty bucks, can they really be that bad? Maybe they are. But it’s a risk some might be willing to take. Especially on that “above the clouds” greenish greyish tealish big check which is spot on. Also available in a few other patterns as well as the standard white and blue.


Banana Republic Tipped Luxe-Touch Polos – $29.70 ($49.50)

Banana Republic Tipped Luxe-Touch Polos |

Quite possibly the best polo of spring 2016. The fabric is shockingly smooth for being all cotton. You’d swear there was silk or some kind of polyester blended in. Nope. All cotton. And their tipped collar & sleeve version is a perfect, slightly retro addition to their Luxe Touch polo line up. Size shown above is a medium on 5’10” / 190.


Banana Republic Luxe Touch Solid Polo – $29.70 ($49.50)

Banana Republic Luxe Touch Solid Polo

Annnnnnnnnnnnd the non-tipped, solids for those who prefer their polos dead simple. Kudos to BR for keeping their logo off of these.


Banana Republic “Jeremy” Italian Leather Lace-up – $100.80 ($168)

Banana Republic "Jeremy" Italian Leather Lace-up

A basic blucher style lace-up in BR’s terrific Italian Leather. Not a bad shoe for a hundred bucks. Adds some eye-catching color to a basic dark wash jeans / sportcoat getup now, and should do great with a summer suit for that upcoming warm-weather wedding you’re headed to in a few months.


GAP Cotton Slub or Twill Blazer – $53.97 ($89.97)

GAP Cotton Blazers

The good news? Both of these are all cotton with partial linings. The bad news is that GAP almost always suffers from the dreaded combo of functional sleeve buttons and a short, if not chopped tail. And that combination makes it hard to find a good fit for anyone (short dudes would have to spend tons of cash to get the sleeves altered, tall and average height guys might not like the tail length). But? Worth a shot at this price since it ships free and all returns are free too. Efforting an in person with these.


Banana Republic “Ben” Waxed Suede Lace-Up – $88.80 ($148)

Banana Republic "Ben" Waxed Suede Lace-Up |

For those who might want to venture away from the usual brown or black shades for shoes. Yes, they’re grey, but the waxed, matte suede uppers help keep them in the balk-park of normalcy. A really good way to mix it up with footwear without getting weird. Also available in navy, and that waxed finish should keep the navy option more subtle, and less Elvis “blue-suede shoes”.


Old Navy Jersey Polos – $11.66 ($17.94)

Old Navy Jersey Polos

Dirt Friggin’ Cheap. And the key word here is “jersey”. Nothing worse than a scratchy, cheap pique polo. These are more like a t-shirt than a spongy golf polo. Big fan of the stripes, especially that subtle, red stripe on the chest of the white polo.


Banana Republic Aiden Slim Herringbone Pant – $47.70 ($79.50)

Banana Republic Aiden Slim Herringbone Pant

More color with a subtle, herringbone pattern. Most of us are gonna gravitate towards that light, summery grey shade… instead of the mustard yellow.


GAP Broken Twill Jeans – $35.97 ($59.95)

GAP Broken Twill Jeans |

These new Broken Twill jeans are sorta like a (much) less expensive alternative to the Bonobos Travel jean (not to be confused with BR’s Traveler Denim, which is much, much more stretchy). These GAP “Broken Twill’ jeans also don’t seem to wrinkle like the Bonobos Travel jean, and the 2% spandex does provide a noticeable bit of stretch. Size shown above is 33×30 on 5’10” / 190.



B.R. Double Breasted Trench in Khaki or Navy – $150 ($250)

B.R. Double Breasted Trench in Khaki or Navy

2016’s version of BR’s classic trench offering. Looks to be a bit cropped this year. Mid thigh to above the knee is ideal. Maybe their shots on the website make it look a little shorter? Nice of them to make one in navy this year too.


Old Navy Built-In Flex Athletic Fit Jean – $25.96 ($39.94)

Old Navy Built-In Flex Athletic Fit Jean |

Kinda a silly low price for a decent feeling, great looking dark-wash pair of jeans. 96% cotton, with 3% poly and 1% spandex in there for stretch. And while they’re not as stretchy as BR’s traveler jeans, they do have noticeably more spring to them than standard, all cotton jeans. Color shown above is the “rinse” option and the size is 33″x30″ on 5’10″/190. They seem a little long. Maybe they’ll shrink up a bit in the wash?


GAP Striped “Everyday” Shorts – $26.97 ($44.95)

GAP Striped "Everyday" Shorts

Kinda looks like something a chain gang in O Brother, Where Art Thou would have worn on the hottest of days. But still, kinda liking those stripes. Decent price with the 40% off.


Old Navy Cotton/Spandex Mac – $45.46 ($69.94)

Old Navy Cotton/Spandex Mac

As simple as can be, and that’s a good thing. Trench inspired tabs at the cuffs, but that’s it. Hidden placket. 3% spandex gives it a little stretch. Perfect for those who want a longer jacket to cover a suit coat or blazer tails, but don’t like the look of a full blown double breasted trench. Pretty much totally unlined, so it’s good to keep the rain off you in those warmer months that are approaching.


Banana Republic Striped Shawl Sweater – $84.00 ($140)

Banana Republic Striped Shawl Sweater |

Is eighty four friggin’ dollars pretty pricey for a cotton sweater? Yes. Is this thing noticeably good quality, soft but not spongy, and super comfortable all while sportin’ a couple of pretty slick stripes? Also, that’s a yes. It’s not cheap, but it’s a winner.


GAP OCBD – $29.97 ($49.95)


Even before UNIQLO upset many of its customers by monkeying with their OCBDs, plenty were claiming that GAP actually had the best OCBD on the market. Can’t imagine that these things are as slim as the old UNIQLO slims, but the price is solid, plus buying two = free shipping. Six different shades to pick from, plus that classic oxford weave and button down collar.


Banana Republic “Paul” Penny Loafer – $88.80 ($148)

Banana Republic "Paul" Penny Loafer

Haven’t caught these in person yet, but they look like they have huge potential to be a go-to, slim & sleek penny loafer for the warmer months. Here’s some suggested outfits for this type of shoe.


GAP “Clean” Chambray Button Down Shirt – $35.97 ($59.95)

GAP "Clean” Chambray Button Down Shirt |

Shown here in the super versatile “slate grey”. Lightweight, doesn’t have the stiffness of a traditional chambray shirt, and it’s easy to wear with denim (it doesn’t look like you’re going for the Canadian Tuxedo look). Also should be a nice way to mix it up in the warmer weather with chinos and a lightweight blazer. Button down collar that has a nice crispness to it. Chest pocket. Trim through the sides and arms. Something you could wear with a knit tie under a summer chino suit.


Banana Republic Emerson Vintage Straight Chino – $41.70 ($69.50)

Banana Republic Emerson Vintage Straight Chino

The well-loved (despite that branding tag on the arse) BR straight fit “Emerson” chino… but in a couple of unexpected colors.


Banana Republic “Wyatt” Italian Leather Monks – $100.80 ($168)

Banana Republic "Wyatt" Italian Leather Monks |

A favorite around these parts, and for good reason. Yes, they have gone for lower prices during sales and stackable codes, but a hundred bucks seems awfully fair. Available in the burgundy shown here, chestnut, black, or the newly released (and kinda too fashiony for most of us) grey.

The 40% off BR & GAP + 35% off Old Navy code SPRINGIT expires today, 3/7/16.