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2016-01-15 14:30:11

Detoxing Your Skin

Welcome to 2016! With the holidays over and the new year finally here, one thing that’s probably on everyone’s mind is ‘I need a good detox’. Well here are some ideas on how to give your skin the best kick start to looking its best for the year ahead!


EYE: First Aid Beauty (FAB) Detox Eye RollerThis intensive repair for the eye area has a roller-ball feature to alleviate under eye puffiness and dark circles by gently distributing lymphatic build-up from underneath the eyes, resulting in less baggy looking skin. Ideal for any concerns like puffiness, dark circles due to ageing, genetics or short-term factors like sleep or dehydration. The roll on serum contains caffeine, which helps to diminish visible skin redness by shrinking blood vessels that causes dark circles, Hyaluronate and advanced peptides recapture lost volume and increase collagen production to reduce fine lines, Witch Hazel protects and soothes the very delicate under eye area. Free from parabens, harsh chemicals and colourants and is safe for sensitive skin. Perfect eye treat!


DAY: ELEMIS Maximum Moisture Day Cream: Contains unique desert plants Myrothamnus and Taramind which are known for their adaptation to extreme climatic fluctuations whilst being rich in Anti-Oxidant power. Combined with moisturizing virtues of African Baobab Tree, Saw Palmetto Berries and Black Poplar Bud, rich in trace elements and vitamins. This light weight formula adjusts to the skin’s individual needs leaving it perfectly hydrated and energized throughout the day.


NIGHT: NUXE Nuxellence Detox: An innovative anti-ageing that uses 10 patents to recharge the skin and detoxify cells overnight. Suitable for all skin types and ages, the nightly detox helps promote cell renewal leaving your skin looking refreshed, youthful and glowing in the morning. Packed with natural ingredients (including; passionflower, poppy and silk tree). Helps smooth wrinkles, plump skin and brighten your complexion. It’s secret power lies in repairing the skin’s mitochondrial DNA, the DNA that’s responsible for the energy supply in the cells. To be used at night on its own or before a moisturizer.

HOME DETOX JUICE: Cucumber, celery & broccoli: These three green vegetables combine to make an extremely powerful detoxifier. The ascorbic and caffeic acids in cucumber prevent water retention, yet at the same time its high water content rehydrates the system. Raw celery juice works wonders at reducing puffiness and cancelling out the fermentation process of the alcohol in the system, while broccoli cleanses the intestines and stimulates the liver. Recipe: 1 cucumber, chopped into chunks, 3 celery sticks including tops, chopped into chunks and 2 medium broccoli florets chopped into chunks. Press alternate chunks of vegetables through the juicer, stir and drink immediately.