2015-11-26 14:56:22

Travel outfit: 30 comfy and cute pieces for Fall Winter 2015-2016

travel lookThe time to pack for the holidays has come and the only question is…What should we wear during the trip? If every time you find yourself on a train or on a plane all you think is how wrong your choice of outfit is, this post is for you. We know, in fact, that finding a balance between comfort and beauty is not easy, but there is a rule that, if followed correctly, will never make you go wrong again: keep it simple! Choosing a basic outfit doesn’t necessarily mean overlooking your appearance, doing it well it’s actually quite hard. Jeans+T-shirt and a sweater are the perfect combination…You are not convinced yet? Add a pair of sneakers or flat booties that will add the cool look you were looking for! Check out our gallery and get inspired for your next travel outfit… Bon voyage! P.S. Don’t forget to click on the names of the brand for more info!