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2017-06-09 10:56:03

If you want to follow makeup trends in Summer 2017, you’ll need a black eyeliner pencil

If you were in high school during the year 2000s, what you are going to read will definitely ring a bell. It’s about the most en vogue makeup look ever, which is making a powerful comeback on the Spring Summer 2017 catwalks. The good news is, it’s one of the easiest makeup trends to replicate, and it looks good on everyone. The first thing you need to do is to get a black eyeliner pencil, possibly a soft kohl one. Good, after you did that, just trace the contour of your eye, especially focusing on the lower rim, and make sure you color the waterline too – also make sure you don’t lose your eyesight in the process. If you are pretty skilled with makeup, you can also try to color the upper eye rim, only on the inside, proceeding to do what professionals call “tightlining“: this technique allows you to fill the lashes at the root, simulating a very thin and very natural-looking eyeliner line. This was the look chosen by Rebecca Minkoff and 3.1 Philip Lim, and it is perfect for going for drinks straight from the office, without having to change your look. If you are feeling bolder, you can also intensify your makeup by choosing to trace a thicker line, like at the the Giorgio Armani and Baja East shows, or by adding a touch of color in the lower part of the eye, as we were shown by Olympia Le Tan and Arthur Arbesser. This trend is so easy to copy that there are no excuses… Grab a pencil, and get to work!

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