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2017-03-06 14:17:50

Man Crush Monday: Ashton Sanders

Best supporting actor, best original screenplay and, of course, the most coveted prize of all: best film. These were the Oscars won by the surprise Academy winner feature of the year, Moonlight. And one of the actors starring in Moonlight, Ashton Sanders, is our Man Crush of the week. In the film, he stars in the role of a teenage gay boy, who becomes a favorite target of intimidation in the district he lives in, surrounded by violence and bullying. Ashton is only 21 years old and this was his most important experience to date, despite already having been the main character in the drama The Retrieval. The Oscar, and the public attention it granted him, will definitely be a springboard to greatness for this young Californian actor.
And of course, fashion, has already set its eye on today’s It-boy, as is often the case. During NY Fashion Week, designer Raf Simons had Ashton in first row at his very first show as new Calvin Klein creative director, and that should have told us something. We found out what that something is over the last few days: the brand announced that Ashton will be the face, or the body, to be more precise, of the new Calvin Klein Underwear campaign, together with the other actors who played Chiron in Moonlight. There is something to celebrate for his cinema career, too: when Ashton wasn’t even done taking in the news about the Oscars yet, he was offered a main role in Inner City, alongside an all-star cast that includes Denzel Washington and Colin Farrel among others. If he played a character with a shy, more introverted nature as Chiron, his actual nature is actually right at the other end of the spectrum.
The media spotlight does not intimidate him at all, actually it might possibly be a source of fun for him, as can be seen in the multiple editorials in which he shows off his charm and his decisive character. If you look at his official profile, you will watch him have fun with his friends, striking funny poses and showing his style in the meantime! Without a doubt, the man has all it takes to make it big!

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All the photos are taken from Ahston Sanders Instagram profile