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2017-02-20 17:38:07

Trend: bellybutton-high fishnets

We already realized that fishnets seem to be one of the strongest accessories last season, ad two weeks ago, we told you about them as a trendy accessory to be worn with dresses, skirts and jeans. Among all the options, Instagram already has a clear winner, though, and the winner is… Jeans! The small detail that will make this combination cool is to let your fishnets peek out of your jeans, over your bellybutton.

Whether you like it or not, the hip hop touch has become essential, and even the more traditional maisons had to find a way to keep up with the times. Have you noticed that? If you are still having doubts, worry not, you can still be chic while wearing bellybutton-high fishnets – all you have to do is wear them with simple clothing.

If you don’t feel confident enough to show your bellybutton, or you just don’t like crop tops, that doesn’t mean you have to entirely give up on this trend! You can still wear your fishnets with a T-shirt or with a loose shirt that you can make into an almost-crop top by tying it up however high you wish. If you choose a lower knot, it will be very comfortable and the fishnets will be visible while you are walking. Don’t forget, less is more! Otherwise, you can also wear the T-shirt underneath with your fishnets on top. If you choose a bright T-shirt it will create a very cool contrast with your black tights, it will look great!

Do you like the idea? If you need a bit of inspiration, we collected some ideas inspired by our favorite It girls and celebrities in the gallery — they couldn’t say no to the trend! Who is your favorite?

Chiara Ferragni


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