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2016-09-27 16:23:11

5 eateries for Paris fashion week

Paris, finally! Like always, when we talk about the city of love, it is very hard to find words to really describe it. And that is why we won’t even try talking about the wonders of the French capital, we will write about French cooking skills instead… And how not to starve during fashion week, lol. There are tons of restaurants, as you surely imagine. We picked 5 among them, drawing on our experience and on the tips of friends and coworkers, so here we go, here are the 5 eateries you shouldn’t miss during fashion week. Go try them out, and let us know!

Chez Janou (2 rue Roger Verlomme)
This is everything you need if you wanted to eat in Paris, in our opinion: French food, and interiors with lots of character. They specialize in meat, although the menu also features excellent fish, and sweets are their special touch. Make sure you keep some space for dessert, and have a generous serving of their chocolate mousse.

Candelaria (52 rue de Saintonge)
Ok, let’s be honest: we really care about the ambiance around us, as much as about the quality of the dishes served. Candelaria is just the perfect example of a place that does it all right. No large furniture, no paintings: this room, with a direct view on the kitchen, is simple, welcoming and super cool. We recommend the weekend brunch, or if you’re in a rush, try their cocktails and their Mexican tapas. They are masters.

Nanashi Marais (57 rue Charlot)
Whether it is for lunch or dinner, this little place near the city centre is always a guarantee, for tourists as well as for locals. We recommend it for those who want to have a light meal, or for anyone who would like to try vegetarian, organic food. Have your dish with a cold-pressed juice, and remember, you can also go for an Asian dish!

Derrière (69 Rue des Gravilliers)
Who goes to Paris and doesn’t visit Notre Dame and the area around it? Nobody, that’s right. And that area is exactly where this wonderful restaurant is. When talking interiors, it is definitely our favorite on this list. It looks like a 1960s house, it is a little vintage, with a bohemian touch. Make sure you reserve a table before showing up, and don’t miss foie gras. You will love everything about this place!

QG PARIS (4 rue Nicolo)
You probably know by now, we love recommending a wide range of places. That’s why we decided to also include a hamburger place, one of the best in Paris, in our opinion. Fries are a treat you must have here… Even if it is fashion week!

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