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2016-09-05 11:36:36

Quick cruelty-free makeup guide: the best brands and products on the market

Composit Cruelty FreeYou may have noticed a little bunny design on the packaging of some of your favorite beauty products. Sweet, right? It’s not just decoration actually, but a logo that precisely points out that your makeup product is a cruelty-free one. The design changes depending on your location – the Leaping Bunny is the international logo, while Australia and the US have their own logos instead – but the concept doesn’t change, and it points at the fact that animal research was not involved in any part of the process related to making your mascara or foundation, be it research or development. If the topic matters to you, then make sure you look for the bunny logo next time you go shopping. Here is another good piece of news: more and more brands are following the standard, and they are allowed to mark their products as cruelty-free: want to know which our favorite brands are? Just look at the gallery!