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2016-08-17 15:39:08

3 Questions Every Successful Blogger Asks Before a Collaboration

When you get to a certain level in your blogging career, things may become so hectic that you’ll actually have to hire someone (like a project manager) to handle all your collaboration inquiries. This person will be able to cut the fluff and get down to partnerships that are “on brand”, but you won’t be eliminated from the equation completely, and why would you want to be?

You’ll still be forced to make hard decisions about what is best for you and your blog, which usually includes saying no more than yes. What you’re about to read are 3 questions every successful blogger asks before a collaboration that helps make the decision-making process much easier.

Does it make me happy?

First and foremost, you only want to agree to do things that make you happy. Once you stop having fun and being happy, that’s when you realize your work is no longer serving you and it’s time to move on. Plus if you’re not happy the quality of your work will suffer. As the old saying goes…

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

questions every successful blogger asksThink back to the days of high school – how many projects did you get that actually made you happy? Probably not too many. Now think about the school projects that did make you happy… Didn’t you put in more time, effort, and get a good grade?

Happiness is what drives us to do our best. So before the brand, the pay, and the criteria, comes a blogger’s happiness.

Does it challenge me?

When you stop being challenged, you stop learning and when you stop learning, you stop growing. And we all know that when you stop growing, you pretty much fade out of the blogging business. In my opinion, the best part about blogging is challenging yourself and being able to explore new strategies, trends, etc. Half, if not all, the fun is the climb to the top.

Imagine if blogging was easy and followers just flocked to you and brands approached you constantly. You’d get bored and people would get bored of you. If there’s one family this is the case for, it’s the Kardashians, and even they challenge themselves constantly.

Because blogging is challenging, you appreciate the features, the gifts, the collaborations, and the followers that much more than if they were just handed to you. If you’re lucky enough where gaining followers and brand collaborations is easy, you may want to up your game.

I love bloggers that shake things up by coming out with a new approach or business model completely. There are only so many outfit pics we can look at before we start to yawn, which is why many debut clothing lines, shoe lines, jewelry lines, etc.

A blogger’s work is never done; there is always room for growth.

Does it meet my financial needs?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…bloggers have needs, financial needs that need to be met if they want to make blogging their full-time career. The tricky part is finding that sweet spot between brands wanting to save money and you wanting to make money.

You may have a luxury brand approach you about a collaboration for 50% less than your rate. Ughhhh…

You have a few choices in this case: 1. you say no outright and hope they send a counter offer, 2. you try and negotiate, 3. you say yes because it makes you happy and challenges you, and you think it’s a great opportunity. The last thing you want to happen is be left high and dry after an attempted collaboration.

When all is said and done money is one of the last questions every successful blogger asks before a collaboration, but it is still asked! Because without money coming in, you won’t have money going out to invest in your blogging business.

Key takeaways: happiness first, growth second, money third.

What questions do you ask yourself before a collaboration? Tell us in the comments!


xx Britt

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