2016-07-26 17:42:58

How to dress like… Alexa Chung

alexa chungHailing from England, of Chinese heritage, Alexa Chung is It-girl, model and contributing editor at British vogue, as well as our style inspiration this week. She’s chic without even trying, she looks über cool in jeans (are you silently thinking that it looks like a rather simple style? Trust us, it’s not easy to pull it off), she’s feminine, yet not overly uptight. She really won our hearts, basically! And not just ours: she’s constantly on a magazine cover somewhere, she’s always sitting first row at several important fashion shows, and she’s among the 10 best dressed people at almost every event she attends. We came up with 3 outfits, inspired by her style, which often resembles that of famous 1960s icons. We really like it, how about you?