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2016-07-19 17:00:21

In Review: The Banana Republic Dean Leather Oxford

B.R. Dean Burgundy Leather Oxford – $148.00

NOTE: These were just on sale for 40% off, which dips them down to $88.80. So, might wanna hang out for a code.

These are gonna be seen by most as another hit by BR’s leather goods department. And they’ve even gone an extra step this time, with a leather that’s a bit more grained than their other offerings. The burgundy shade is easy on the eyes too, and while they’re not super dressy, they’re going to be wheelhouse shoes for guys who spend most of their time in smart-casual stuff. Jeans with sportcoats, chinos with polos, that kind of stuff.

In Review: The Banana Republic Dean Leather Oxford |

A basic blucher with very nice, burgundy, grain leather uppers.

There is one catch. It’s a small catch. And while most probably won’t care, it may be a deal breaker for some. It’s the sole. Instead of a basic tan/toasted oak/brown sole, they went with something more seasonal. Maybe a little artsy. It’s light. And along the edges, there are even some… teal accents?

In Review: The Banana Republic Dean Leather Oxford |

The greyish/teal bits in the sole. Also easy to see in the image at the top of the post.

I mean, it’s super subtle. Just not expected. And for those with more conservative tastes, it might be a bit of a turnoff. Seems like a year-round upper (deep burgundy looks awesome in the fall and winter) on a spring/summer leaning (in color) sole.

In Review: The Banana Republic Dean Leather Oxford |

Nice color variations in the uppers depending on the light. Soles are lighter than most.

But other than that, and admittedly, that’s a small “that” to pick on… they’re another surprisingly nice shoe that can be had under $90 with codes and sales. Fit seems just fine and they’re comfortable out of the box. Leather is pliable with a nice shine that doesn’t look artificial. And again, they did a real nice job sourcing the leather.

Regular price is $148 and at post time, aren’t categorized as a “BR Pick” (which usually means they’d be excluded from promos). The current 40% off BR40 code drops them to $88.80.

They’ll be a win for most thanks to the leather used on the uppers. And if they use that same leather on other shoe designs for the fall? Say, a chelsea boot even? As long as they tone the sole down a bit to something quieter, then there will be fits of TAKE MY MONEY coming from many more corners.

In Review: The Banana Republic Dean Leather Oxford |