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Gal Meets Glam

Why I Love These Floral Pants
28-02-2018 09:00:40
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Wayf Top (under $70), Rebecca Taylor Pants (shorts version here), Alexandre Birman Heels, Vintage Ferragamo Bag (similar here), Oscar de la Renta Earrings   Today is the last day of February, which means that there’s light at the end of this winter tunnel. Spring is just around the corner, even for those who live in cooler climates (well, hopefully!). Usually my spring style evolves entirely around dresses and skirts, but I can’t get enough of these new floral pants I bought recently and wore right before we left Charleston last week. The print is so sweet and also comes in a top version, a blazer and even shorts (which make me crave a getaway and summer sunshine!).   Yesterday I talked about spring travel and following the blooming flowers. We hope to travel to even more incredible places this year and right now, we are planning lots of getaways for spring and summertime. If you’re like me and have a fun trip around the corner, take a look at the Nordstrom Vacation Destination page, which has lots of great selections for spring.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Last year I bought my first pair of high waisted cropped pants (this pair) and was surprised by how much my skinny-jean-loving self was into them. I’d recommend going down a size or two, as the wide leg and slightly oversized fit makes them run a tad big. If you’re looking for more of a classic pair of cropped pants for this season, this white pair from Nordstrom is perfect and has a similar style and shape to the floral ones I’m wearing.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I was also recently searching for some pretty new spring tops and surprisingly came across a handful of ones that I loved that also happened to be under $100 like this pink and white striped bow one (that I’m wearing), this blue and white striped one, this cream wrap one and also this off the shoulder tiered one. They’re simple and easy, whether I’m pairing them with jeans or a skirt or dressing up or down.     Thank you to Nordstrom and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post Why I Love These Floral Pants appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Spring Travels: Following The Flowers
27-02-2018 09:00:13
Gal Meets Glam
Flowers have a transformative effect to scenery and even my mood. As we transition from winter to spring we are reminded of the beautiful potential of our environment. Very few things put a smile on my face more than discovering flowers blooming, which is why ‘following the flowers’ is one of my favorite reasons to travel. I’ve put together a list of my top places in the world to find blooming flowers during spring. After you’ve read my list, I’d love to hear what special bloom locations are on your list.     Charleston- Spring comes a bit earlier to Charleston than most places. Just the past few weeks we’ve already seen new flowers in bloom including Camelias and Japanese Magnolias. Azaleas are just starting to peek through and should be in full bloom soon, followed by Confederate Jasmine which has the loveliest scent.   Oregon- A couple years ago, Thomas made a trip with a friend to Oregon. He kept sending me photos of the incredible tulips and I was definitely jealous of all the gorgeous scenery. His favorite spots were the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival and Hood River for beautiful blooming Apple and Pear orchards.   Washington DC- Last year we thought we had a perfectly timed trip to visit Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom bloom. An unexpected cold front rolled through much of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic just about the time the blossoms had just started to open. This severely impacted the bloom which left little to see. While we don’t have plans to return this year, we are crossing our fingers for all of you making the trip. This website is great for tracking peak bloom. Wisteria in London- Wisteria is an impressive plant. It’s an aggressive climbing vine that seems to have a mind of its own in a uniquely wonderful way. Some of the most impressive Wisteria can actually rip apart rod iron fences! When well trained, it’s a spectacular decoration to the front or side of a house, especially when it’s purple blooms come to life. One of my favorite places to see Wisteria are along some of the incredible homes in London. You can follow my friend, @rosielondoner, as she’s famous for her London Wisteria obsession in the spring.   Bluebells in English Countryside- Because Bluebells are wildflowers that grow in wooded areas in the shade of trees, I often get the feeling that I’m about to spot fairies. When touring the English Countryside a few years ago, we stumbled on some incredible bluebell forests. I can’t wait to return again this spring! Daffodil Hill in California- When my mom lived in the foothills near Sacramento we were not too far from a fun farm that takes their Daffodils very seriously. They have an estimated 300,000 bulbs planted! When they all come to bloom in the springtime, this well manicured property comes to life with rolling hills of white and yellow Daffodils. If you decide to check it out, make sure to arrive earlier in the day to avoid crowds during their peak time. The post Spring Travels: Following The Flowers appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
This White Jumpsuit Is So Fresh For Spring
26-02-2018 09:00:04
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Club Monaco Jumpsuit, Nicola Bathie Earrings, Club Monaco Heels (old, similar here for under $60), Pamela Munson Clutch   This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at Create & Cultivate in LA. We flew out just for the event and then flew right back to the East Coast (NYC), which is where we are for the next few days (I’m hosting an event with Vionic tomorrow with Elle Magazine at Lord & Taylor from 6-8pm and would love for you to come!). Getting to spend time around such a positive, uplifting and powerful group of women is always inspiring. The wonderful thing about events like Create & Cultivate is that is allows so many likeminded women to come together in one room and communicate and talk about many of the same topics- both good and bad- on owning our own businesses and being entrepreneurs. There is no one-way path to success, and everyone has their own learning experiences and stories to share. I’m so happy I was able to participate and also meet so many lovely, sweet and kind readers! It’s always a joy to get to talk to some of you one on one, because I’ve always wanted this platform to be a two way street where we both have a relationship with each other. Hearing from you all, talking with you and especially meeting you, makes it really feel that way.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I ended up wearing this white jumpsuit I bought recently to Create and Cultivate on Saturday. I knew I wanted something simple, chic and comfortable, as I would be sitting on stage in a chair (a dress can be tricky for that sometimes). A jumpsuit is usually my next best option and I love this one from Club Monaco. They also have a beautiful selection of jumpsuits, like this navy bow one, this blush one and this classic black one. The crepe fabric drapes beautifully and the tie around the waist makes it extra flattering.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   The pieces that I’ve been buying for spring have mainly centered around accessories, like these Nicola Bathie earrings and this Pamela Munson clutch. I’ve talked about my love of statement earrings and Nicola’s pieces have quickly become a favorite of mine- they’re so beautiful and unique. And this clutch is one of Pamela’s newest pieces this season. Last year I bought this tote from her lovely straw line and am excited she expanded into hats this year, too!   The post This White Jumpsuit Is So Fresh For Spring appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Adding Polka Dots Back Into Your Closet
15-01-2018 09:00:00
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Milly Dress, J.Crew Jacket (old), Paul Andrew Pumps, Simon Miller Bag  I’m not that crazy into prints, with a majority of my closet revolving around solids and florals, but I do love polka dots when done right. I saw this Milly dress come out recently and loved how simple yet elegant the design was. It also comes in a reverse color, with white as the background and a dark navy as the polka dots. What I love about a dress like this is that I can wear it year round, for work, weekend, or date night and travel with it, too (the fabric makes it ideal for packing). I know it’s only the middle of January, but I’m already ready for spring and taking any moment when the sun is out and the weather isn’t freezing, to wear a dress.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Layering a print with another print is always easier when you stick to the same print but in different size variations. I had this J.Crew jacket in my closet from a few winters ago and love how the two sized dots compliment each other. If you’re into dots like I am right now, I found a few pieces from Nordstrom that’ll satisfy your love- this Topshop blouse that has the best sleeves, this tie waist dress that’s under $50, this larger dotted wrap dress, this flirty mini that has a smaller print and these kitten heel pumps (that I’m wearing).   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Thank you to Nordstrom and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. The post Adding Polka Dots Back Into Your Closet appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunday Series Vol. 9
14-01-2018 15:48:18
Gal Meets Glam
Happy Sunday! We’re happy to be back this week sharing what’s on our minds and currently interesting us. It’s fun to see the variety from each post and today, we all have something different, from books to beauty picks, a conference and experimentation. As always, we hope you’ll join in by leaving a comment letting us know of anything you’ve recently discovered or things that have been inspiring you.   Julia – I love reading. There really is no show or movie that’s better than the one you visualize while reading a book. It’s my own world and imagination and no matter what, I’m always a little disappointed in book-to-movie remake. That’s why at the end of a long day, if I’m wanting to wind down with something, I try and choose a book over tv. I’ve had a list that I’ve been trying to get to for months, and with a few books started, I haven’t been able to finish any. On a recent flight however, I started Caraval, recommended by my friend Rose, who always has the best book recommendations. It’s been one of those books that I can’t put down and want any chance to pull back up when I’m not working. While I’m only halfway through, I already love it and wanted to share. If you’re looking for a book that’s an enjoyable escape and a quick page turner, add this one to your list!   Thomas – I believe that too often, people accept the status quo. It might be with our careers, our relationships, our health, or our knowledge, just to name a few important areas of our life, but once we reach a satisfaction level that meets our standards, it’s normally easiest for us to turn on autopilot. It makes sense why this happens, we experience something called the law of diminishing returns, which states that at a certain point, each unit of expenditure leads to decreasing levels of improvement. We naturally reach points in life where we decide, consciously or unconsciously, that it’s no longer worth pursuing improvement. We accept that our performance is high enough and that working much, much harder for the same incremental level of improvement is something we don’t want to do because we know increasing the commitment could lead to the detriment of somewhere else in our life.     For me, I’ve been obsessed with improvement for as long as I can remember. Maybe it was the athlete in me, I played two sports, baseball and golf. Like all sports, expertise requires repetition and golf especially is a repetition heavy sport. Around the age of 10, I became very familiar with diminishing returns. Everyday I spent golfing led to smaller and smaller improvements in my skill. Despite this, I wanted to get better all the time. So I started creating experiments. I remember I’d often hit hundreds of golf balls per day, and every few swings I’d make one slight adjustment and witness the results. As I got older, I’ve tried to apply experimentation to the rest of my life and I encourage you to try and do so as well.   It’s not as daunting a task as it seems. First start with areas of your life that you’d like to improve. Write down as best you can what your current performance is. Let’s say your goal is to be more productive. You could use average # of tasks done per day as a measure of performance or you could even self rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 how productive you felt throughout the whole day. Whatever you choose, it’s important that you don’t just take one data point and then start experimenting from there. Spend 5 days, 7 days, 10 days or more in your current routine, recording your performance level each day. Once you feel that you have enough data points to find your baseline, then it’s time to start experimenting. Make a list of things you can test, sticking with the productivity theme. You could try waking up earlier, you could adjust your diet or workout schedule, you could adjust your calendar, you could try a new productivity tool. Once you have this list, pick the one item you think will have the biggest impact and then integrate it into your daily routine. It’s important that you only test one thing at a time and you try and keep the rest of your routine exactly the same as before. Each day, continue to track your performance and after a few days of experimenting, compare that to your initial average. Let’s say you were 33% more productive, before declaring victory and stamping in your mind that “X makes me a significantly more productive person” try to think of anything that could have impacted the reliability of your results, maybe one day your car broke down on the way to work or a huge project was handed to you to work on last minute. If you have true outliers like this, you can throw them out of your data set and work to collect more days of data. When running experiments on your life, it can be hard to balance time and reliability of results. As we know from statistics, the larger your sample size, the more statistically significant your results will be. But it’s often not practical to run the same experiment for months. That’s why I always try to experiment with what I think will be the lowest hanging fruit, the thing that has the potential to make the biggest impact with the least amount of incremental work. I do this because obviously I want to get better with lower effort but also the bigger the potential improvement, the sooner I can be certain my test results indicate the new way was better than the old way.   What areas of your life can you apply experimentation to?   Laura – Sharing a quick and fun find I bought last week! I found this makeup brush cleaning mat through a friend of mine. Before discovering this I used to clean my makeup brushes in the palm of my hand with baby shampoo. I never felt like it was the best method, but had never looked for alternatives either. This mat is way more efficient and cleaner than having to get suds of makeup in my hands. I still use baby shampoo as a my cleaning product and now with this mat I’ll be more diligent about cleaning my brushes once a week!   Margaret – This past Tuesday I was gathered amongst a group of creatives at PechaKucha Charleston listening to eight speeches from leaders within their disciplines. Each were limited to six minute and forty second speeches, consisting of their creative insight with a common red thread: fear less. It left me feeling very inspired within my field. Here are a few key takeaways I’ll continue to remind myself in my work:   “Play like jazz” – Jazz takes guts. Jazz musicians are open to new ideas and phrases. They may combine two ideas to create something completely new. It takes a level of fearlessness that we can all use as a metaphor for our work. For a deeper dive into how to apply the principles of jazz, this Organization Science article is a compelling read.   Be careful of the “shoulds” – Stepping out of fear means leaving the “shoulds” behind. “We are a lot less self conscious as kids than we are as adults” – Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. This provides room to embrace change. The post The Sunday Series Vol. 9 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
My Favorite Products For Luscious Winter Locks
12-01-2018 09:00:57
Gal Meets Glam
As I write this post, I am reminded that I’m long overdue for a hair trim. It’s been quite some time since I last saw my hair stylist (errr…I think I’m going on 6 months or more!). As much as I love skincare and nails and hair and makeup, it’s not something that I spend a lot of time on. Aside from what I do at home (which is pretty minimal), I don’t do much else. Life is busy and hectic, and like many of you, it’s hard to find the time for a 2 hour hair appointment (sometimes 3-5 hours if I’m getting highlights- there’s a lot of hair involved over here!). In order to go so long between appointments and not let my hair turn into a rat’s nest, I rely on a handful of products that keep my hair looking healthy.   Hair Products: Alterna Kendi Oil, Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray, Moroccanoil Hairspray, Moroccanoil Shampoo & Conditioner, Alterna CC Cream, Moroccanoil Treatment, Cuyana Bag   Over the past few years, I’ve really found the brands of hair products that I trust and rely on- Moroccanoil, Alterna, Kerastase and Living Proof. These are the brands I use on a daily or weekly basis to keep my hair looking its best. I’ll start with shampoo and conditioner first since that’s a frequently asked question I receive. I’m constantly switching them up since I seem to run out so quickly, but my favorites right now are a mix of different Moroccanoil ones. At home, Thomas and I both use their Moisture & Shine shampoo and conditioner and while on the road we use their Hydration travel sized ones.   I love oils and use them every single day on both my skin and hair. My number one favorite haircare product is Moroccanoil Treatment followed by Alterna’s Kendi Oil. Both are amazing and will seriously change your hair for the better. I’ll use them on my damp hair after I get out of the shower, as well as on days when my hair is looking and feeling dull and dry. A small amount goes a long way, so a single bottle lasts me for a while. I always bring both wherever I go, with a travel size always ready in my beauty bag. Even if I haven’t had my hair done in ages (like now), I can still get away with silky smooth looking hair because of these oils.   I’ve also used Alterna’s CC Cream for years when I need a deep conditioning treatment at home. I use it about 2x a month, give or take depending on how my hair is looking. And Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray has been a life saver for frizz and all that comes with the humidity of living in the south.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post My Favorite Products For Luscious Winter Locks appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Resort Wear For A Warm Weather Getaway
10-01-2018 09:00:36
Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12   Ahhh…a warm weather getaway sounds pretty fantastic right about now. It’s always in the middle of winter, when the novelty of the cold weather starts to wear off, that a tropical destination sounds like the most wonderful idea. After yesterday’s travel post talking about all the places we want to go this year, I’m on a wanderlust buzz that I can’t kick. Last year we visited Harbour Island for the first time at the end of January and it was the perfect time to get away. Luckily, it’s already starting to warm up in Charleston, and to be honest, the weather here in SC feels like a vacation 90% of the time, so I can’t really complain. But, I’d still love to add a warm, sunshine filled trip to our calendar.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   If I were heading off on a beach vacation right now, I’d love to fill my suitcase with all blue and white pieces I could mix and match with each other, like these white denim shorts with this gingham top, or these gingham pants with this white swimsuit, or this eyelet dress with these scalloped sandals. I’d make sure to bring some cute sunglasses, like this white pair, to wear every day, along with a straw tote as a catch-all. And I couldn’t forget a few breezy beach coverups like this one, this one and this one.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Resort Wear For A Warm Weather Getaway appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Our 2018 Dream Travel Destinations
9-01-2018 09:00:11
Gal Meets Glam
Every January we start with a big dream list of travel destinations for the year. Travel brings a new energy to us, so it’s fun to take the time to dream up future adventures. There’s something magical about experiencing a place for the first time. Our typical list is pretty ambitious and we rarely come close to even half of our it, but that’s ok, we can’t see the whole world in a year. In 2017, some highlights were fall in Scotland, Paris for my birthday, Provence during summer, Nantucket for 4th of July, Tulum in May, Harbour Island for a winter beach getaway and Quebec for fall foliage. You can see some of those images in our recap post from two weeks back. Last year, we learned to be more strategic with our traveling, reducing the total number of locations in favor of spending more time per destination. When you take the time to slow down in a location or visit for another time, you start to notice some of the smaller details.     This year’s list includes places from all corners of the globe. Now that we’ve announced the launch of Gal Meets Glam Collection coming in April, it’s giving us even more excitement about traveling in the future. As I designed the dresses, I dreamt of the all of the place that I’d wear them. As you read this list I’d love to know, have you been to any of these places? If so, what did you think? What tips can you share or do you have any can’t miss favorites? Finally, I’d love to know what’s on your 2018 dream travel list.   Spain- My sister spent a year in Spain and had nothing but great things to say about it. Now that she lives in Europe, maybe I can convince her to play tour guide.   More of Italy- I could visit Italy every year and we already have plans to return this summer. Pizza, pasta, vino……here we come!   South East Asia- Making a trip all the way to SEA is a little bit daunting which means that if we go, we will want to spend at least two weeks. Top on our list are Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.   Japan- For the past couple of years Thomas and I have continuously said “Ok, this is the year to go to Japan.”. But it still hasn’t happened. So we are repeating ourselves and hoping to make it there this year.   New Zealand- Thomas and I love amazing landscapes and New Zealand is full of them. Plus, Thomas loves Lord of the Rings which was filmed in NZ.   Argentina- Thomas and I love an outdoor adventure and Patagonia has been near the top of our list. Plus, Argentina is also known for their wine country which could be a great option for a trip in November for my birthday. Relaxation or adventure or maybe a bit of both?   India- It’s very easy to come up with travel locations when you are following your taste buds. Because of that, India has been on our travel list for years.   Colombia- Another location that my sister spent a few months in. Specifically, Cartagena is a location we are dying to go to.   Maine- Our only USA location left on our bucket list. We’ve talked about visiting the coast in the summer time or exploring the forests in fall.   The post Our 2018 Dream Travel Destinations appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Snow In Charleston
8-01-2018 09:00:40
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Coat (old, last seen here and similar here), J.Crew Sweater, J.Crew Jeans, Sorel Boots   Last week we arrived home to a snowy Charleston. A snowy Charleston! I couldn’t believe it! It was equal parts strange and beautiful to see. Palm trees dripping in icicles, live oaks lined with snow and empty icy streets. We missed the epic snow day on Wednesday and thinking it would have all melted by Friday, we hadn’t expected to wake up to the winter wonderland before our eyes. We woke up early Friday morning, still on Dublin time, got all bundled up and headed out for coffee, only to turn back around, add a few more layers and try again. Downtown is beautiful in every season, but it’s been really magical to see it in the snow.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Most of our heavy-duty winter gear was packed away and assumed to be there through the season, but nature had other plans for us. We pulled out a few of our snowy essentials from past winters to get us through the weekend. I bought my Sorel boots years ago before a trip to Colorado. I ended up wearing them every single day in the snow and now they’ve become my number one most recommended item for winter (if you live or a visiting somewhere with snow). They’ll keep your feet warm and dry all day long.   I bought this big J.Crew parka for our trip to Iceland last year and it’s one of the warmest coats I own. You might remember it from this post, which was the last time I actually wore it.I was regretting not bringing it to Ireland with me, as it was much colder than I expected. Now that I have it out, I think I’ll be bringing it to NYC with me this week since it’s brutally cold there right now as well. This particular coat isn’t available anymore, but I found a few similar options here, here and here.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Snow In Charleston appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunday Series Vol. 8
7-01-2018 09:00:03
Gal Meets Glam
Happy Sunday! It’s been a while since we’ve shared our weekly favorites, having taking some time off for the holidays. We’re happy to be back this week, with a series of small inspirations and new finds that have caught our attention recently. Keep reading to see what we all loved discovering these past few weeks…   Julia– We got home late on Thursday night and the first thing I wanted to do on Friday morning was check on the house progress that happened while we were away. We’re inching close to the finish line with our completion date at the end of next month, so all the fun stuff (like tiles, cabinetry, paint, fixtures…) are happening now. While we’re not decorating 100% of the house right away, we’ll have all of the rooms that we use on a daily basis mostly decorated, aside from layering details like art, books, small objects, etc. These are the pieces that I believe you can’t just buy, they are things that are slowly collected over time. And since we’re still young, we have many years ahead to layer them up to create a house that feels lived-in with stories and treasures. We have slowly started to buy art, but only pieces that we fall head over heels for, and we always know right away. A few weeks ago when my sister was in town, she wanted to stop by a local art gallery, Corrigan, so we tagged along with her. I immediately fell in love with a collection of pieces by Meg Page. We left and I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so later that day, Thomas surprised me and took me back to get them. I’m so excited to get them framed and hang them in our house (I’m thinking in our master bedroom). They are four original botanical watercolors (the watercolor is layered over and over, that’s why they don’t look like a typical watercolor). I love botanicals, and over Christmas, Thomas’s parents showed us a collection of antique Japanese botanical prints that his great grandfather had collected while in Japan years ago. They let us pick our favorites from the collection to hang in our house as well. They are so special and beautiful. Needless to say, I’ve been on a bit of a botanical kick. I recently found this Etsy site that has the loveliest (and affordable) botanical prints. My favorites are this set of roses, these camelias and these herbs, which would all make for a beautiful collection on a gallery wall.   Thomas– With a bunch of holiday travel over the last couple of weeks, I had run out of pretty much every airplane movie that I’d wanted to see, so I turned my attention to podcasts. I first started listening to podcasts years ago when I was into home brewing beer, but I hadn’t started listening to them again until a few months ago. We started with Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, which Julia and I both enjoyed a lot. But after we finished, I failed to find another podcast that I could listen to more than one episode. I stumbled on Freakonomics Radio and I was super excited to listen. I’d read their book, watched the documentary under the same name and I’d read another one of their books which was a compilation of their blogposts called When To Rob a Bank. Needless to say, I’m a fan of their work. They notice and cover topics that are out of the ordinary from everyday life by having conversations with experts, especially academics. They aren’t afraid to go against conventional wisdom or play devil’s advocate to even some of the most brilliant minds in the world. Below are five of my favorite episodes that serve as a great starting point for anyone interested.   The Demonization of Gluten– Details the history of Gluten intolerance and the more current craze over Gluten-Free Diets. Why Is My Life So Hard– As human beings we have lots of biases. This details our bias about how we feel about the obstacles that make our life harder and the aids we have that make our life easier. Are We Running Out Of Ideas– Breakthrough innovations are becoming harder and harder to come by, costing more and more for each improvement. The No-Tipping Point– Some restaurants are moving to a no-tipping policy as the current system of 15-20% tipping, rewards front of house restaurant staff instead of back of house staff, like cooks. This episode discusses the potential of no-tipping policy gaining wider acceptance. Is America Ready for a “No-Lose Lottery”?– Americans waste billions of dollars every year with the dream of getting rich by winning the lottery. This episode details rewards based savings bank accounts which pay out the collective interest earned of all bank accounts held at a bank to a handful of winners. That way people have the thrill of playing the lottery while saving for the future.   Laura– Happy New Year! I hope you had a great time with family over the holidays. I don’t know about you, but while the thought of a New Year can be so exciting, it’s a little overwhelming at the same time. On the first day of 2018, I experienced a mental and emotional imbalance as my gut was trying to tell me something. However, I couldn’t pinpoint what it was, and as a result, I had a minor anxiety attack late that evening. It was kind of scary and sent my body into a shock. After a full night’s sleep and some reflection, I was able to identify what those feelings were: one of them being fear of the unknown. This is the first year where I haven’t made a resolution. I’m such a planner (hello, type A personality) that I usually have a rough idea of what I want the first six months to look like based on my goals. To be honest, the reason I didn’t make any resolutions is because 2017 was a HUGE year for me – I crossed almost everything off my list. So I guess a part of me just feels content with where my life stands right now and perhaps I just went into a bit of shock that I didn’t have things mapped out per usual. A full year ahead, a clean slate, and for some reason I can’t mentally envision what life looks like past February. An Instagram follower recommended a great podcast for me to listen to, The Lively Show, and this episode in particular really resonated with me. One of the many realizations I had after listening to it is that I don’t have to start new goals just because of a new calendar year, and I should simply focus on making personal strides day-by-day, one month at a time to slow my mind down.   To successfully do this, I came up with a personal exercise to do each weeknight. I’m calling it “word vomit.” At the end of each weeknight, I’ll pull up a new entry in my Evernote, and for one minute or less I will type out every feeling/thought/emotion that remains in my mind from that day. After one minute, I’ll return to the top of that list and assess each feeling as necessary confronting these emotions with the who, what, why, and how. I will ask myself what made me feel this way, how it affected me, and how did I can handle the feeling. I prefer typing this exercise vs. writing it because sometimes my mind is moving so fast that it’s not actually forming full sentences or I have trouble verbalizing what it is I’m feeling. Therefore, a word vomit approach to getting it all out there may work best for me. I’m hoping this exercise will put my mind at ease so I can actually destress, shutdown for the night and start fresh the next day. And if I’m able to pinpoint the root cause of these feelings then perhaps I’ll be able to make a sound decision or take a different approach when I encounter them again.   Margaret– This Christmas and New Year, I visited my family in Atlanta. For those of you who haven’t explored the city beyond the airport, Atlanta boasts incredible shopping and an awesome ever-expanding restaurant scene. I thought I’d share a few of the places where I chose to either shop, eat, or enjoy, for those of you who plan to visit in the near future. My sister, mom, and I spent time shopping in the relatively new Westside Provisions District, making a point to stop in the Ann + Sid Mashburn shops to pick up one of Ann’s coveted shirts. The husband & wife designer team is inspiring and their story is a fun one to follow. We had fun sifting through the signature classic, yet modern styles of the newest collection. I also stopped in the creatively curated Warby Parker Atlanta store around the corner. We completed last minute Christmas shopping at Perimeter Mall & Phipps Plaza. My dad and I practically ran through these malls looking for the perfect gift for my sister. The Tavern at Phipps was a must-stop for dining before shopping. For brunch I always try to make it to West Egg Café in the Westside. It’s one of my favorite brunch spots in the city. After hearing great reviews, I was looking forward to trying St. Cecilia in Buckhead, and I loved the experience. I ordered their cacio e pepe and savored every minute of it.   One of the highlights of my time in Atlanta was visiting the High Museum of Art in Midtown. The fashion works displayed were my favorite part of the showcased exhibit, Making Africa. A couple of fascinating supporting exhibits were Amy Elkins’ Black is the Day, Black is the Night, and the modern art collection. I loved spending quality time at these places with family and dear friends during the holidays. I’m proud to have grown up in Atlanta, and I’m excited to follow how the city evolves. The post The Sunday Series Vol. 8 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
A New Favorite Activewear Brand
5-01-2018 09:00:28
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Line & Dot Jacket, Velvet Sweater, Outdoor Voices Top, Outdoor Voices Pants, APL Sneakers   One of the most beautiful hiking spots in the Carmel area is Point Lobos. It’s a state park that has spectacular views of the coastline and many trails that go along with it. On Christmas Eve afternoon we all felt like we needed to get out of the house and get our bodies moving, so we put on some workout gear and headed out. It was an overcast day, but that didn’t take away from the natural beauty that Point Lobos has. We followed the trail to three main viewing points- Gibson Beach, China Cove and Hidden Beach.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’ve been refreshing my workout clothes recently and finally picked up a few pieces from Outdoor Voices after hearing many wonderful things about the brand. I’d been browsing their online selection and when I saw this pink set (I’m wearing the blush color), I ordered it immediately. I also bought this grey pullover hoodie that’s the softest thing ever. The color is so fun and nice alternative to the mostly black workout pants I have.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   My APL sneakers are another recent buy before the holidays and I haven’t stopped wearing them. At one point during our trip to California, Thomas asked me “are you ever going to change your shoes again?”. They’re just so comfortable and the light neutral color makes them so easy to pair with everything. They come in other really pretty colors like pink, blush, mint, blue and white.   The post A New Favorite Activewear Brand appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Christmas In California
4-01-2018 09:00:12
Gal Meets Glam
We love living in Charleston and haven’t felt for a single moment like it wasn’t the right move for us, but it sure did feel good to be back in California for Christmas. Thomas and I both spent our entire lives there, so it will always hold a special place in our hearts, especially with so much family still there. We flew into San Francisco late at night and drove down to Monterey the following day to spend the holidays with Thomas’s family. The drive along the coast is so unbelievably beautiful and makes me so appreciative of the time that we had there. We didn’t have any crazy plans and with most of our meals at home, we didn’t eat out much either. Instead, we spent most of our time catching up with family and getting outdoors.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We spent most of our time in between Carmel, Monterey and Pacific Grove. It’s all pretty close together, making it easy to get around and explore. Thomas and I both have been to Carmel and Monterey many times before, but we actually had never made it over to Pacific Grove, surprisingly. There’s an area called ‘Lovers Point’ (see above on the left) that makes a great spot for sunrise, which we ended up doing multiple times. We also had a really yummy Mexican food breakfast at Bay Cafe (which is right nearby) that included lots of huevos rancheros and chilaquiles.   Outfit Details: Alice + Olivia Coat (old, last seen here, similar here, less expensive version here), Vince Sweater, Everlane Jeans, APL Sneakers   Carmel-by-the-Sea is so picturesque. The downtown shopping area is beautiful and filled with lots of good restaurants and small boutiques. We love La Bicyclette, one of our favorite places to eat when down there, along with the local boutique, GBG. You  also can’t miss Carmel Beach and the surrounding neighborhood. After a leisurely Christmas morning, we all headed over to take a long walk on the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunny day.   Outfit Details: Max Mara Coat (old, similar here), Demylee Sweater, Rachel Comey Jeans, Thelma Loafers, Mulberry Bag, RMS Lipstick in “RMS Red” Outfit Details: Penfield Jacket (old, similar here), Bop Basics Sweater, Frame Jeans, Ray Ban Sunglasses   Asilomar Beach (above on the right) is another beach we spent a lot of time at. It’s my mother in law’s favorite beach for it’s epic sunsets. We stopped by at least a handful of times during our trip.   Outfit Details: Penfield Jacket (old, similar here), Patagonia Sweater, Frame Jeans, Converse Sneakers !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: Tory Burch Coat, Max Mara Turtleneck (old, similar here), Frame Pants, Lanvin Sneakers (last seen here), Ray Ban Sunglasses   It had been a while since we woke up for a sunrise, but we couldn’t not miss some of the pink morning skies that a clear day brings. The spot above on the right was in Pacific Grove along one of the small beaches, where we ended up heading a few times. It’s always easier to do sunrise in the winter when the sun rises later, too!   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: Cuyana Sweater, Frame Pants, Thelma Loafers The post Christmas In California appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Coats To Bundle Up In This Winter
3-01-2018 09:00:14
Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9   Happy New Year, friends! I can’t start today’s blog post without thanking you all for your warm and wonderful responses to Monday’s announcement about Gal Meets Glam Collection. It was truly one of the best ways to kick off the new year! It feels so good to finally be able to share the news with all of you and have you be a bigger part of this new journey. April can’t get here soon enough, but luckily we have many sneak peeks and announcements coming your way over the next few months!   We’ve been in Ireland for the past few days spending some time with my sister and her fiance, but before that we were with family in California for Christmas. We had such a great time and it was nice to lay low and get some downtime. Even though we still worked the whole time, it was nice to shut off from our computers (mostly) and focus on some bigger things that we haven’t had time to get to. We also hardly got back to California at all last year, so it made us really appreciate all of the time we had. They say you’re never as appreciative of something until you no longer have it, and while I thought we were pretty great about always taking advantage of our surroundings while living in SF, there was definitely a feeling of gratitude being back. We drove from SF to Monterey along the coast and it’s like we were looking at it from new eyes. It truly is such a beautiful and special place.   Outfit Details: Cuyana Coat, Vince Turtleneck (old, similar here), Frame Pants, Chanel Pumps (similar here), Vintage Ferragamo Bag !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We spent most of our time at the beach, going on hikes or relaxing at the house with family and cooking in the kitchen, but we did take a trip into Carmel for some last minute Christmas shopping and stocking stuffers. We ordered most of our gifts online and shipped them to California, but we wanted to pick some up while we were home, too. I stopped into the Cuyana store while we were in SF and bought some of my favorite pieces as presents and couldn’t leave without this coat for myself (Merry Christmas to me!). With winter in full swing, it’s easy to layer under but still nice to throw on over a dress- that perfect third piece. I’ve been wearing it a lot on our trip to Ireland as well and seeing how cold it is back in Charleston right now, I know it’ll come handy when we’re back this weekend.   The post Coats To Bundle Up In This Winter appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
What’s To Come This Year
1-01-2018 09:00:36
Gal Meets Glam
I have been waiting for this year. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Sometimes it felt like it would never really happen, but after years of persistence and dedication, it’s finally arrived! You might’ve wondered why we’ve been spending so much time in NYC this past year. We’ve practically spent half of every month there! For the past 3+ years, we’ve been building a new brand and I am so excited to finally be able to announce it to you all! This coming April we’re launching Gal Meets Glam Collection, a modern line of dresses that pushes past trendy to celebrate classic sophistication, feminine elegance and romantic details. It’s thoughtfully designed with the hope that you will want to wear dresses daily.   This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and back in 2014, I decided to make it a reality. Dreams do come true, but only if you’re willing to put in the hard work, endless hours and push yourself beyond what you think you’re capable of. There were many ups and downs during this process, but nothing worth having comes easy. I’m also not one to rush things, which can be really hard in this fast-paced world we live in. There’s something new and noteworthy happening everyday and so much noise constantly going on. With time came many learning lessons and experience to get us to this point. I still can’t believe this is happening and I’m finally able to share this exciting news with you all! Seeing my dresses come to life over the past year has without a doubt, been one of the most amazing experiences. I cried tears of pure joy and pride when I saw our samples as a whole collection for the first time. It was a feeling I’ve never felt before. The dresses have turned out better than I could have ever imagined and seeing them in person is so rewarding.   While we aren’t launching until April 20th, we have pre-launched the website today with a glimpse into the branding, a look at one of the dresses from the collection and a sign-up for exclusive email sneak peeks leading up to the launch. Our first email will go out right after you sign up via email today! Also be sure and follow along on the new Instagram account @galmeetsglam to see more of the collection over the next couple of months.   I am forever grateful for the love and support you guys have given and I can’t wait to share this new chapter with you all!   x  Julia The post What’s To Come This Year appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
2017 Year End Review
29-12-2017 09:00:35
Gal Meets Glam
2017 feels a bit like a blur. This was one of our most challenging years, both personally and professionally and while we had many wonderful moments throughout, I think it’s safe to say that this year was…a lot! Sometimes it’s hard to get past what’s going on in the world with something terrible happening every single day. It definitely put our own struggles and issues into perspective and made me so grateful for the life we have together and the health of our loved ones and ourselves. I am thankful for being able to have a career that I am so passionate about and being able to wake up each day excited and willing to work hard. I am even more thankful for the connection and relationship that I’ve been able to build with the readers here on GMG. To be able to bring a tiny bit of joy into your daily lives through fashion, photography, writing and travels is always an honor.   We traveled to quite a few places, starting the year off in Paris then Harbour Island, Tulum, Provence and the South of France, Nantucket for the first time, Quebec, London, Scotland, Paris again and many, many trips to NYC. Traveling fuels my soul and is my one of my biggest forms of inspiration. Exploring somewhere new puts me on a creative high like nothing else. I feel so fortunate to have it be such an integral part of my business. Like past years, I pulled some of my favorite images from 2017 to look back on top highlights and moments.   Thank you again for being a part of this journey with us. We are so incredibly grateful for you and your support. We are looking forward to seeing you all in 2018 with the most exciting announcement we’ve had to date!   January February March April May June July August September October November December The post 2017 Year End Review appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
6 Ideas for Reflecting on a Full Year
28-12-2017 09:00:04
Gal Meets Glam
It’s almost time to say goodbye to another trip around the sun and welcome a fresh start for a new calendar year. It’s typically the time when we hear a lot about New Year’s resolutions, and while making new goals for personal growth is important it’s also great to reflect on all of the efforts you’ve put forth into the past year so you can approach the new year with a clean slate. I want to share some ideas for reflecting on a full year so you feel inspired to start 2018 with a clear mind, positive thoughts, and gratitude.   Write down 5 accomplishments you were most proud of this year and how you took the steps to achieve these pivotal moments. Add 5 more goals you’re looking forward to tackling/accomplishing in the new year. Jot down a few notes or keywords beside each goal with initial steps for getting these plans started. I.e. new travel destinations, hobbies you’d like to try, or changes to your daily routine etc. Write down the names of 5 people (or 10 if you’d like!) who were the best supporters during your hardest and happiest times this year. Send them a ‘Thank You’ card or kind e-mail reminding them of what their presence this year meant to you. It’s always important to remember the relationships that have strengthened over time and express gratitude to the person(s) who contributed to your personal growth. You know those moments when you run into someone you know and quickly say “We should grab coffee soon!”, but then days/weeks/months fly by and next thing you know it’s NYE and you never had that coffee date? It happens, and these encounters just need a little follow through. Try taking the initiative now and write down 5 names of people who you want to reconnect with or start a connection with in the new year! For example, if there is someone within your professional network who you admire and have been wanting to get to know better, set a deadline for reaching out to them to grab a coffee and solidify a date as soon as you start the conversation. Make sure you follow through by checking-in with them 1 week or 1 day before the scheduled date to confirm the meetup. Take a scroll through your camera roll in your phone or on your computer and find the top 5 moments/pictures that make you happiest when reminiscing on that memory. Make it a goal to print those photos, frame them (if possible) or display them in a place you’ll see often throughout the week and use those photos as a reminder of the moments you want to continue to create in 2018! The New Year usually means starting a fresh new journal or planner and here’s what you can put on the first few pages: Write a letter to yourself talking about where you currently are in life (mentally, emotionally, and professionally) and what you hope to achieve in 2018. Every now and then flip back to these beginning pages and read through this letter. It will serve as a reminder for the progress you’ve made and how much further you can take yourself. What is also pretty neat about it is it’s like writing your own prologue for the 2018 chapter of your life. :) The post 6 Ideas for Reflecting on a Full Year appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Winter Loungewear
27-12-2017 09:00:12
Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 This past weekend was so nice. After months and months of non-stop work, we actually took some time off to relax. It felt wonderful and weird all at once. We’ve been waking up for sunrise every morning, going on long beach walks everyday, spending lots of time in the kitchen and falling asleep early. We got back into the swing of things yesterday, and I have to say, some r&r is always good for both work and personal. My mind feels recharged and excited- ready for the new year, which is just days away. Since we’ve been taking it easy around here, I’ve been spending lots of time in comfy clothes and loungewear. On Christmas morning I didn’t even change out of my pjs until 2pm. There’s also just something about the wintertime and cold weather that makes a cozy outfit so appealing.   Outfit Details: Bop Basics Sweater, Eberjey Pants !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   It wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually bought myself some nice at-home loungewear. Before that, it was only pajamas, workout clothes and regular clothes. There were always times or even days when I wanted something in-between, something that looked nice and put together but felt like something I would want to sleep in. I’ve recently got a few things from Lou & Grey, which has a really cute selection of relaxed pieces- I want to live in this sweater and these pants. Eberjey is another favorite brand of mine for similar pieces (I also love their pajamas). I brought these ivory quilted pants and this grey set with me to California for our holiday- both have been exceptionally perfect for both lounging and sleeping in.   Outfit Details: Eberjey Top & Pants !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Winter Loungewear appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
My Most-Used Items of 2017
26-12-2017 09:00:15
Gal Meets Glam
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! We’re now days away from the end of the year and all of 2017 feels like a blur. Where did the time go? How did it go by so fast? Regardless, I’m excited to welcome a new year full of fresh opportunities and changes. But before we jump ahead and start talking about 2018, I want to look back on this past year a bit. Later this week we’ll be doing a recap post with some of the highlights from 2017, but I also wanted to share some of my most-loved (and used) items of the year. I can’t even keep track of how many products I use daily, but there are definitely a handful of items that stick out to me as daily or weekly essentials- things I use more than everything else. Keep reading to see what my most-used items of 2017 were…   Steamer– We love our steamer and have recommended it to so many people. I can’t think of the last time we ironed something- we steam everything! We use it every day at home and travel with it as well.   Cuyana Laptop Bag– I mentioned in this post about how often I use my laptop sleeve and it’s without a doubt, one of the most-used items of the year. It also made for one of my favorite gifts to give this holiday season, too.   Steamline Luggage– I can’t think of a single trip where I didn’t bring my Steamline carry-on. Regardless if we’re going on a quick weekend escape or a long, overseas adventure, I always have it with me. It surprisingly carries a lot more than you think, it’s held up exceptionally well and gets lots of compliments along the way. It’s definitely the cutest piece of travel gear I own.    Giant Mophie– This sort of speaks for itself. Shoutout to Thomas who always makes sure my backup charger is fully charged and ready to go, especially while traveling. With being on my phone 24/7, this always comes in handy.   Moroccanoil Treatment– This was my #1 hair product of the year and I’ll be going into 2018 with it. My hair is the longest it’s ever been and healthiest, too. I saw a drastic difference when I started using the oil consistently after washing my hair. I also love that it helps it dry faster because I never have the time (or patience) to spend hours on my crazy thick mane.    Curling Iron– This has been my most-used item for a few years running now. Switching up my drug-store bought curling iron for this GHD one was a huge upgrade. Not only did I see my curls lasting longer, but my hair has less heat damage from the ceramic barrel.   Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara– I’ve been using this mascara for a while now and love, love it. I used to hop around from different brands, but now I’m pretty loyal to this Bobbi Brown one. This could easily top the whole list for the most-used item!   Ray Ban Clubmaster– Although I don’t wear sunglasses often on the blog, I always have a pair with me. If you were to search in my bag on any given day of this past year, 99% of the time you would find my Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.    Mark Cross Bag– I eyed Mark Cross bags for a long time before buying one last year. It was right around the time when I was realizing I didn’t need to carry such large totes and handbags anymore and really preferred something smaller, but that still held all of my day to day things. I still love this bag (and all Mark Cross bags) and think this was my most worn one of the year.   Chloe scalloped Flats– I’ve said it for years, but my Chloe scalloped flats are easily my favorite pair of shoes. There’s nothing more comfortable, simple or easy to wear. They somehow work with everything, which is probably why they are making the list, yet again.   Lake Pajamas– I got my first pair of Lake Pajamas last year as a gift and since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve bought myself (and friends and family) more pairs and love slipping them on the minute I get home.   Yeti Coffee Mug– Thomas got this for me towards the end of the year, so it didn’t really have a fair chance at a full 12 month analysis like all of the other products on this list. But, I’ve used it every single day since he bought it for me and it’s proven to be a must-have for my day to day, so I definitely think it deserves a spot!   B&O Headphones– A few years ago someone told me about these headphones after I complimented and asked them about their own (they had this same pair on). A few months later my mother in law bought them for me for my birthday and I’ve traveled with them everywhere since. They’re noise cancelling, incredibly comfortable and super chic- a win-win!   The post My Most-Used Items of 2017 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Activities To Do With The Whole Family Over The Holidays
22-12-2017 09:00:31
Gal Meets Glam
Last year was the first year that Thomas and I hosted Christmas. My family flew out to Charleston to spend the holidays with us in our new house in our new city. We were so excited and a little bit overwhelmed even though I knew my family had put zero pressure or expectations on us. They are the easiest, low-key bunch of people and were just excited we would all be under one roof (a hard feat since we literally live in different corners of the country). But, that didn’t mean it would be a seamless breeze of a week. I know my family and I know that if nothing is planned, it’s much harder to all figure it out together. So Thomas and I spent some time planning an “itinerary” of things to do- from outdoor activities to fun classes and dinners out. Nothing was set in stone, so anything could be changed if we weren’t up for it in the moment, but it was nice to have our days at least somewhat planned out. Instead of sitting around all morning trying to figure out what we were going to do, we already had something on the day’s agenda. Let’s just say it lead to a few less arguments and a lot more fun. So I thought it would be nice if I shared some of the plans we had and the activities we did, with hopes it will give you some ideas of things to do with your families while you’re together this upcoming weekend. One thing that’s important to remember is that it’s not as much about the activity, but more about how you’re spending it and who it’s with!   Rent Bikes: We love riding our bikes and knew it would be an activity that we could do with the whole family. Since we didn’t have enough for everybody, the day before my family arrived, we went and rented a few more bikes for the week. The weather ended up being beautiful in Charleston and we rode them to coffee in the morning, to the beach during the day and around the neighborhood to watch sunset in the evening. It was definitely one of the best decisions we made! Take A Class: I’d heard of a candle making class in Charleston at Candlefish and thought it would be a fun activity to do with the whole family. We all went before dinner one night and had the best time. It was a nice switch-up to our typical evening plans and got us all involved in something we weren’t familiar with. Previously, Thomas and I had taken a byow (bring your own wine) painting class with one of my best friends who was visiting us and we loved the experience of learning something new all together. Try looking up local classes around your area (maybe a cooking class?) to see if any are open and available around the holidays. Outdoor Activities: Since we live in a city that’s pretty much beautiful outside all year long, it only makes sense to want to be outdoors. My family is pretty active, so we wanted to have a few ideas organized. Some were easy and could be done at any time on any day, like a walk to a park and going to the beach, while others were more planned out, like kayaking on Shem Creek and taking a boat out fly fishing. The kayaking trip ended up being the group favorite of the week, too! Plan Dinners Out: While most of our meals occur at-home, we wanted at least a few options that had us getting out of the house (and pressure off the chef – aka Thomas!). One night we had a more low-key dinner at an Italian restaurant, while another evening we all got dressed up and went somewhere a little bit fancier. It was nice to switch things up! Have Games Ready: Our family loves to play games- from monopoly to charades to heads up, cards against humanity, left right center and dominos. We play them all, so we always make sure to have a few around the house to pull out at any time. Even just having a set of playing cards is nice, especially around cocktail hour or after dinner. Make A List of Movies: Instead of playing the game “let’s have 8 people try and decide on a movie”, Thomas and I made a list of Christmas classics ready to go. These are crowd pleasers- movies that make you all want to cuddle up on the couch together with hot chocolate and cookies. And that’s exactly what we did. Plan Dinners In: To say Thomas is a prepared chef would be an understatement. He is over prepared. A few days before everyone arrived, he planned out all of the “full meals” he would be making. By “full meals”, I mean the ones that were proper dinner or lunches, not casual “eat anything in the kitchen” meals (which are much more common). This was especially helpful in making sure he didn’t spend half of his time going back and forth to the grocery store. It also gave him a chance to tell people what he was planning on making and then adjusting in case anyone was opposed. Again, much easier than starting from scratch and asking everyone “what do you feel like eating?”   What are some of your upcoming plans with your family for the holidays? I’d love to know! We currently have lots of hikes, beach trips and baking on the agenda. The post Activities To Do With The Whole Family Over The Holidays appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Joie Dress & Boots
20-12-2017 09:00:37
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Joie Dress & Boots, Line & Dot Jacket, Mark Cross Bag   We’re gearing up to have a cozy few days back in California later this week and I’ve got a suitcase packed with all of my favorite sweaters and knits. Nothing says home for the holidays like something soft and warm to relax in. I’d love to curl up next to a fire in this pair of loungewear or this oversized sweater while we prepare for the holidays next week. So when I finished my packing late Monday night, I realized that’s pretty much all I brought, and I’m very much looking forward to it.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I have sweaters galore in my closet, but the one thing I had yet to find was a sweater dress. Truth be told, I’ve actually been on the hunt for one for years. I always found them to be one of the most unflattering things to wear- either being too boxy and looking like a potato sack, or too tight and not comfortable. But I finally found the happy medium in this Joie one. It’s light enough to layer over, perfect to pair with tights, and also equally as cute with some knee-high boots like I’m wearing here.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I added this teddy bear-like bomber jacket over the top and plan on wearing it this coming weekend with a tee and jeans, too. There’s not much stock left of the one I have, but there’s some other similar styles like this one, this one and this one. They all make for the ideal cozy Christmas outfit to wear next week.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Thank you to Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. The post Joie Dress & Boots appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Holidays Together: A Q&A About How We Spend Christmases Together
19-12-2017 09:00:23
Gal Meets Glam
With Christmas right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to go down memory lane and reminisce about our past Christmases together. You might remember when we did this Q&A for our 5 year wedding anniversary earlier this year and we wanted to do it again, but focused around the holidays this time. In this Q&A we touch on who is the better gift giver and receiver, our all-time favorite gifts from each other and our favorite thing to eat on Christmas, spoiler alert, we both love cinnamon rolls. I hope you enjoy today’s post, if you have any Christmas related questions you’re curious to know about, leave us a comment!   For your first Christmas together, where did you spend it? Was there any one detail or moment from that day that you’ll continue to remember for all Christmases together?   Julia: Our first Christmas was spent together when we were dating in college. Thomas asked me to join him and his family in their Christmas tradition of spending it on Little St. Simons Island. I remember being so nervous and excited to be with him for the holidays. Luckily I knew most of his family, so that was comforting going into it. We spent most of the days doing outdoor activities and I remember just loving seeing Thomas in his element- from helping me perfect my fishing skills (and teaching me how to flyfish) to going on long hikes and identifying/informing me of all the different species of birds on the island.   Thomas: We spent our first Christmas together with my family in coastal Georgia. On that particular day I just remember Julia’s amazement when she saw her stocking overflowing with gifts. The santas that year, me, my mom and my grandma were so excited to have Julia be part of the family that we all overcompensated with extra presents. When we were children both of our grandmother’s made us custom stockings, I remember our first Christmas together of having our stockings sitting side by side on Christmas morning.   Do you remember what you gifted each other?   Julia: I usually remember every gift I give someone, but for some reason I cannot! It must have been small, as we were both in college and didn’t have a lot of money. I’m sure I got him something around home brewing, which he was passionate about at the time.   Thomas: One year, I remember getting her a J.Crew sweater, I think it was gray, that had a skier, skiing downhill on it. I’m almost certain that was our first Christmas together.   Who is the better gift giver?   Julia: I am! I love gifting and I’m always thinking of something unique and special for the ones I love. There is honestly no better feeling than giving and I love the look on my family & friends faces when I know I got them something they are excited about. When I was little, I used to spend all my birthday money (which would be like, $50) to get everyone that would be attending my birthday party a gift as a thank you. I would spend hours in Target selecting a unique gift for each guest. I genuinely loved being able to give them something in return. My mom has always said that gifting is one of my love languages.   Thomas: Julia for sure. She loves giving gifts, she says it’s her love language and how she shows people how much they mean to her. She either doesn’t stop until she finds the perfect gift or all throughout the year, if something catches her eye, she’ll buy it. Come Christmas time, she’ll then gift it to the person it made her think of. Lately, she’s been spoiling our niece with presents every time we see her.   Who is the better gift receiver?   Julia: I would have to go with me, again. To me, any gift is precious. The fact that someone, or anyone, thought of me and went out of their way to get me something is always touching. My favorite things I own are the ones I have a personal connection with, and most of those are gifts. Whenever I use them, I’m reminded of the person that gave it to me, along with the thoughts and feelings from that moment of time. Thomas thinks gifts are rather frivolous and should always be practical, so if I get him something he doesn’t need, he will return it!   Thomas: Definitely, Julia. It’s sad to say and it completely ruins the gifting spirit but compared to cash, I think most gifts are frivolous and pointless. I appreciate the thought of a gift but I would hate for people to waste their money getting me something I don’t like, when I could have bought something I like more with the same amount they spent.    For Thomas- What categories of gifting do you usually stick to when shopping for Julia? For Julia- What types of presents do you usually stick to when shopping for Thomas?   Julia: Something tech-related, kitchen-related, camera-related or very practical is usually a win. It can be hard because most of those topics (like tech and camera) Thomas is the expert in. I’ve had to reach out to friends or online resources in the past to make sure I’m getting the right product or item, since typically I would just ask Thomas (but that would spoil the surprise!).   Thomas: I typically stick to bags, shoes or jewelry in her favorite colors. If I get her clothing it will either be a dress I know she will wear all the time or a fun winter sweater.   What is, hands down, the best present you’ve ever received from each other?   Julia: Oh, that is hard because I love everything Thomas has gifted me! I love seeing what he thinks I like, through his eyes. He’s always so proud to have found something, which I think is my favorite part of the whole thing. One year he got me a pink piggy bank. I broke my favorite one when I was little because I thought it would “bounce” on the floor, but instead it shattered. He remembered, found one and said that it was going to be the start of saving for our first home.   Thomas: A couple years ago for Christmas, Julia got me my watch. I had been talking about how I had been wanting to wear a watch but only wanted a digital one. Somehow she found one that both looked great and was digital. I wear it everyday so it always reminds me of her being so thoughtful in finding it for me.   What’s your favorite family activity or game to play during the holidays? Is anyone an undefeated champion?   Julia: We love playing Left Right Center- a game that’s simple enough for the whole family to enjoy together. One year, Thomas won three times in a row. All the kids under the age of 15 were up in arms and demanded that he couldn’t play anymore. We also love dominos, a game I picked up after meeting Thomas (his grandpa’s favorite game).   Thomas: The holidays are maybe the only time of the year where we can fit in a whole game of Monopoly. It wasn’t until Julia and I started dating, that I found my match as far as Monopoly competition. While I’m more strategic (using dice probabilities to factor into my decisions), she’s a vicious negotiator that preys on the weaker family members and she may or may not follow every rule. Anyways, I need to reclaim my title this year as she’s beat me the last few times we’ve played.   Do you have any Christmas morning traditions?   Julia: The first thing we do in the morning is heat up hot chocolate and cider on the stove and make cinnamon rolls. We then all head to the family room in our pjs and open up our stockings, going one by one so we can all see what each other got. Lots of candy and chocolate is usually devoured around this time, too.   Thomas: Normally we will wake up at a normal time, start some coffee, light a fire and put out baked goods like coffee cake or cinnamon rolls. Then once everyone is awake and ready, we will start opening stockings. Afterwards I’ll start on making a larger brunch for the family. To complete the morning after we are all nice and full, we will do something active like go for a walk or bike ride. Returning back home a little later to open gifts.   Do you have a favorite food dish to cook and eat at Christmas? One that can never be missing from the table.   Julia: The one item we never go without on Christmas are cinnamon rolls. Growing up, my parents made them every Christmas morning. I know Thomas’s family is the same, too, except they have “deadly buns”, which tastes just as amazing as it sounds. Basically sugar is our favorite dish on Christmas.   Thomas: I would say that cinnamon rolls or sticky buns are a staple for Christmas morning. Last year, we baked the biggest cinnamon rolls in my Big Green Egg along with a frittata. As far as the rest of the day, there’s nothing that I have to have. Last year I made pizzas. I wouldn’t argue against solidifying that tradition again this year. The post Holidays Together: A Q&A About How We Spend Christmases Together appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Boots I Wear All Fall & Winter
18-12-2017 09:00:23
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Topshop Coat, Madewell Turtleneck, Sandro Skirt, Stuart Weitzman Boots, Mulberry Bag, Bobbie Brown Lipstick in “Imperial Red”   The one week til Christmas countdown is on! We’re spending the day in the office finishing up the last bit of projects we have to complete before we fly to NYC first thing tomorrow morning. I’m anxiously waiting until we get back to California and have some downtime with family later this week. We’re going to be gone for a few weeks, so we’ve had to pack quite a bit, but I’ve stuck to sort of a neutral palette to mix and match for a low-key holiday. I’ve included pieces like this checked coat, simple turtlenecks in black and cream, my favorite jeans and my over the knee boots. Comfort is going to be key.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I love menswear inspired pieces like this Topshop coat, especially when paired with something more feminine, but it also looks really good with jeans and a white shirt. This one is a bit oversized so I can really layer thick knit sweaters under it. I know it’ll come in handy on those cool California coast nights. I paired it here with this Sandro skirt, which is almost in the exact same houndstooth print, but smaller.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’ve had these Stuart Weitzman boots for a few years now and they’ve proven to be such a great buy. The 50/50 is probably my most-used style since I love how easy they slip on and off and a flat boot is just more practical than a tall one. There are a few styles on sale right now at Nordstrom, like this pair of Stuart Weitzman boots, this pair and this pair. These make a really great gift, too! I’ve bought both my sister and my mom a pair for past birthdays and Christmases. And if you’re looking for something a bit more budget friendly, there are some great options for under $150 here, here and here.   Thank you to Nordstrom & Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. The post The Boots I Wear All Fall & Winter appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunday Series Vol. 7
17-12-2017 09:00:36
Gal Meets Glam
Happy Sunday, friends! This weekend was filled with holiday celebrations- from small get togethers to big parties and everything in between. Today we’re taking it easy with a good workout and home cooked meal in preparation for Monday. Last week was a busy one, and we each did something different that lead to new discoveries and entertaining moments. Keep reading to find out what brought a bit of joy to each of us…   Julia – Last week I attended a beauty event at one of our local boutiques, Ooh Beautiful, where Rose Marie Swift, the founder of RMS Beauty, was giving beauty advice and makeup tutorials using her products. I was familiar with the brand since a few of my friends here use and love her products, but I had yet to really try them or learn more about the line. Right away, I was blown away by Rose Marie. Not only was she completely inspiring, but she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to organic makeup and why it makes such a huge difference. I happily sat down, had her take off my makeup, and work from the base up, giving me step by step instructions along the way. Right away, I could actually feel the difference in how my skin felt with the new makeup on, and looking in the mirror afterwards, it was clear that I was going to make a switch. I mentioned my experience on Instagram stories later that night and I got an overwhelming amount of responses from readers who either use the products already (all of which said they are obsessed) and others who wanted to learn more. It’s honestly fascinating and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover this world. Quite a few readers even introduced me to sites like Credo Beauty who only carry clean skincare and makeup products. While I still have a lot to learn, I’m excited about switching up the same makeup routine I’ve been doing since high school. My skin needs a refresh. I’ve been playing around with the different products I bought, and so far, my favorites are the RMS Beauty Oil, Un-Coverup, Magic Luminizer and Coconut Makeup Wipes. I plan on posting more once I’m settled into a new routine- I have lots of tips from Rose Marie that I can’t wait to share!   Thomas – On Thursday night my favorite stand up comedian, Mike Birbiglia, performed in Charleston and it was even better than I could have hoped for. I had high expectations as I’ve seen everything he has on Netflix. He’s a master storyteller and at times, I forget that I’m watching a standup comedian, not because it isn’t funny but because I become so invested into the story. My face actually hurt from laughing.   It sounds weird to say but comedy is a passion of mine. If its intention is to make me laugh, then chances are I’ll love it, as long as it’s good. I’ve always had a special respect for stand up comedians, they are up there on stage with a blank canvas and when the lights come on, the audience expects one thing from them, “Be Funny!”. I love trying to be funny. For me it’s a challenge- understand the audience, use something from the situation or conversation and then try to twist that into a joke, all with a quick response time. But standup comedians don’t know their audience and they have to create relatable situations and then twist those to make jokes about. If they don’t pick the right topics or don’t have funny enough jokes about those topics, they won’t be funny, and you’ll turn off that comedy 5 minutes in. And that’s just the words on the paper, I could go on and on about what makes standup comedians funny, but I won’t do that to you guys. Instead, I’ve added a short list of some of my favorite comedy shows and standups that you may like too: Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) Mike Birbiglia – Thank God For Jokes (Netflix) Crashing (HBO) Jerry Before Seinfeld (Netflix) Best in Show Judd Apatow’s Sick in the Head   Laura – This past week’s moment of inspiration comes from the SoHo House gallery wall I spotted on Instagram. They’ve taken gallery walls to a whole new level by adding lots of levels, actually. I’m in love with the built-in sections to include more than just framed art; from sconces, to accent pieces, beautiful books, collectibles and so on. This is definitely on my future home checklist. I imagine something like this might be a pain to dust every now and then, but it’s fun to dream about! I also love the idea of keeping some of the built-ins completely empty to create some negative space between decor and that way my composition of pieces within the sections come together as one work of art entirely.   Last week I attended a Holiday Trunk Show at Zero George Street where local creatives and entrepreneurs came to share and sell some of their beautifully made products. I found this gorgeous embroidered clutch from The Celadon that was handmade in India and immediately knew I had to have it. It’s a jewel tone shade of golden yellow and it is currently sitting pretty in my bookcase until I take it for a night out on the town. It inspired me to potentially start a collection of handmade or vintage clutches to showcase on a similar gallery wall (or in my closet shelves someday)! I’ve never started a collection of items before, probably because I don’t like having extra things, but I’ve convinced myself that clutches are the best start for this.   Have you ever grown a special collection of something over the years? I’d love to hear what’s in your library and how you showcase it in your home or life!   Margaret – Every once in awhile I’ll be passed along a Youtube video from a friend that’s too funny/ cute not to share. I’ve shown pretty much everyone these videos of “Mila’s thoughts,” so it’s time to take this sharing to the next level, and introduce her to you on Sunday Series. Her sass is at a level well beyond her age (I think she’s three). I’m impressed. Maybe it’s her facial expressions, hand motions, or mix of both to convey her message, but she gets all of us and says what we’ve all thought at some point. Everything is funnier coming from a toddler. Please notice the eye rolls and how she holds her hand up to get her point across. Here’s what Mila has to say about Santa, the gym, and the joys of football season. The post The Sunday Series Vol. 7 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Hanging Up Our Stockings
16-12-2017 09:00:29
Gal Meets Glam
With Christmas right around the corner, I’ve been on a mad hunt to finish my shopping before we fly back to California. We’ve been able to enjoy a bit of the holiday early here in Charleston, going to parties with friends, celebrating in the office and enjoying the seasonal decor that everyone goes all out with. This is what make this my favorite time of year! We even added a small amount of decor to our rental to make things feel festive at home. We got lucky with a real wood burning fireplace that we love to curl up next to after work, and it’s sort of the main statement in our cozy living room. So that’s what we looked to when we wanted to add a touch of holiday to our space. Plus, we celebrated the holidays a little early with my mom, filling up our stockings and exchanging a few gifts.     One of the gifts that I’m tucking into the stocking of all the ladies in my family is the new Tiffany & Co. fragrance. I fell in love with the scent after discovering it in NYC earlier this fall (you might remember this post). The dreamy iris scent has become one of my favorites and I’m excited to gift it to my mom, sisters and grandma to enjoy. Plus, seeing the Tiffany & Co. blue box at Christmas will always cause eyes to light up (hint hint: Thomas). The color actually inspired a bit of our holiday decor, too!     Opening stockings has always been my favorite part of Christmas morning. It’s our tradition to open them first, right after we all have coffee, hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls. We all sprawl across the living room and one by one open one small item. Though our stockings are usually filled with a mix of everything from candy and lipstick to gift cards and little trinkets, it’s always a luxury to get a bigger item inside like a new perfume or piece of jewelry. I’m excited to surprise the ladies in my life with their new Tiffany & Co. scent (and I’ve banned them from reading holiday posts so they don’t know about this!).   Thank you to Tiffany & Co. for sponsoring this post. The post Hanging Up Our Stockings appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Meet Our Newest GMG Team Member
15-12-2017 09:00:42
Gal Meets Glam
Meet our newest GMG team member, Alexa! She’s sure great at making life easier at home and in the office! Our Amazon Echo has been a mainstay in our kitchen since Thomas became a beta user before it launched in 2015. We mostly use it for music, kitchen timers and conversions of cooking units, but it can do so much more. Alexa, the brain and voice behind the Echo, has helped us settle debates (she’s great at fact checking), in addition to making sure we don’t burn the frozen pizza. Recently, Amazon launched the Echo Plus which looks exactly like the original model, but specifically packs two new upgrades we are most excited about. Our Echo is the most frequently used music device in our house, so the improved speakers on the Echo Plus are a welcome addition. The other major addition is the ability to act as a smart home hub to turn on and off lights, control smart outlets, smart thermostats and so much more.     We set up our new Echo Plus between our desks in our office and use it throughout the day in various ways. We replaced all of the lights, including the overhead lights in the room, with Philips Hue smart light bulbs, which are Alexa compatible. In addition, we plugged in a couple of smart outlets to control our Christmas tree lights, hot water kettle and standing fan. We have an Echo in each room of our office, and with the drop-in feature, we can use the devices as intercoms. We are currently leasing our office space where we installed the Echo Plus, so we chose not to install smart devices we couldn’t take with us, should we decide to move offices. However, in our new house, we are installing Nest Thermostats and Sonos speakers, so we look forward to turning it into a smart home as well! Smart home setup can be tough, so we were pleasantly surprised about how easy all of the smart devices were to setup. As long as they are turned on and in range, all you have to do is say “Alexa, discover my devices,” and in less than a minute, they are added to your system. Within the Alexa app, you can simply change the names on those new devices to easily communicate your directions. After editing the names of your devices, sort them by groups that make sense to you, such as by room. For example, you could group all your kitchen lights together and say “Alexa, turn on the lights” rather than trying to remember a specific name like “Alexa, turn on the kitchen overhead lamp.”     One of the coolest features is the ability to set routines. With routines, Alexa triggers actions that cater to that routine, such as when you get back home, go to bed or start your day. In the routines Alexa can turn on and off smart home devices, read flash news briefings, and report the weather or traffic, among other additional settings. For example, you could say “Alexa, good morning,” and Alexa will turn on the kitchen lights, start your tea kettle and read you the weather and your flash briefing.   Alexa becomes smarter over time and consistently has new feature updates. When Thomas first purchased our Echo, he wrote in a product recommendation, and within one week it was launched live to all Echo owners. Additionally, with Amazon’s interest in the smart home market, I can imagine more companies will focus on launching products compliant with Alexa in addition to the more than 1,000 that already do.     Echo and Alexa are popular, so chances are you may already have one. If that’s the case, you may still want to be in the market for the new Echo Plus, and consider shifting your previous Echo to another room. Thank you to Amazon for sponsoring this post. The post Meet Our Newest GMG Team Member appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Workout Clothes To Buy For The New Year
14-12-2017 09:00:32
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Nike Sweatshirt, Pants & Sneakers c/o   Recently I’ve been on a complete re-vamp of my workout/loungewear. It’s always been one category that I’ve ignored over the past few years and I decided to change that. It all started with a bit of Christmas shopping. My youngest sister wanted workout clothes for Christmas and my other sister wanted some loungewear, and I somehow ended up with something for the both of them and myself! You might remember this outfit I got from Nike, but I also picked up this look, too. I knew if I found some things that I would actually want to wear, then I would be that much closer to making the effort to workout that day. I know that like me, so many others (maybe yourself or a friend or a sibling) would like new workout clothes, but it just somehow always gets put on the back-burner. So today I’m sharing my favorite pieces to treat yourself (or gift to a loved one) to kick-start the upcoming new year.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I have at least three pairs of these Nike training capris. They are by far one of the most comfortable pairs of workout pants I own, and I’ve been wearing some variation of the style for years. The stretch, texture and fit is exactly what I want whether I’m doing an intense Orange Theory class or I’m just lounging about the house. I highly recommend them if you’re on the hunt for a new pair of workout pants. My Nike Roshe sneakers have been another favorite for years. They are so incredibly lightweight and one of my favorite pairs of sneakers to travel with since they’re versatile and easy to wear. They also come in a variety of color ways (I love this nude/blush color) and are only $75.     I also asked Thomas to share a few of his favorite workout pieces in case you might be searching for something for a man in your life. His favorite go-to combo is this short sleeved training top paired with these running shorts and these sneakers– all versatile enough to wear for a variety of different activities. He also loves his Nike Duckboots, which he calls his “photography shoes” because the water repellent texture makes them great for exploring landscapes. He has this zip-up jacket on his Christmas list along with these fleece joggers. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Thank you to Nike for sponsoring this post. The post Workout Clothes To Buy For The New Year appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
My Winter Skincare Routine, Morning & Night
13-12-2017 09:00:29
Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Morning- Philosophy Cleansing Wipes, Fresh Rose Toner, Korres Pomegranate Moisturizer, Clarins Eye Cream, Herbivore Rose Face Mist Night- Glamglow Supercleanser, SKII Facial Essence, Origins Rose Clay Mask, Fresh Rose Toner, Korres Pomegranate Moisturizer, Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream, Caudalie Lip Conditioner   After I did this post and video on my daily makeup routine, I got lots of requests to do a similar one with the skincare products I use. The winter months can be difficult and harsh on the skin, so I’m always a bit more rigorous with my process. The main thing I always try to focus on is hydration, especially since my skin runs on the dry side. I love skincare products, but I’m not one to spend half an hour applying different creams and treatments in the morning before I start my day. And with a constant busy travel schedule, I’ve really narrowed down the products I use to the most important categories like a toner, moisturizer and eye cream.   Wearing: Lake Pajamas, Slip Eye Mask, Bloomingdales Bathrobe (old, similar here) !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); A lot of the products I use in the morning are re-used at night, with an addition of a few more, like my rose clay face mask and lip conditioner. The three products I always have on me at all times when traveling though are my Glamglow Supercleanser (my favorite face wash right now), Korres Pomegranate Moisturizer and SKII Facial Essence. Even if I’m being lazy at the end of the day, I always use these products. Overall though, I’ve found that the best thing I can possible do for my skin are these three things: always, always wash my face before bed (and make sure all my makeup is off- this is where cleansing cloths come in handy), be consistent with my skincare routine morning and night, and drink lots of water.   The post My Winter Skincare Routine, Morning & Night appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Prepping For A Holiday Destination: Tropical, Snow, City & Home
12-12-2017 09:00:15
Gal Meets Glam
We’ve spent our previous holidays in a mix of locations, from the warm beaches of Hawaii, to the winter whites of Lake Tahoe, the bright lights of NYC and the coziness of home. Regardless of where you’re heading this holiday season, we have you covered on what to pack. This year we’re spending our Christmas in Monterey in California, with a brief trip to SF, so I’ll be packing a mix of the city and staycation lists. But putting together the island getaway products definitely has me craving some sand and sunshine! Keep reading to see my my favorite pieces for each destination…   1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 Last February we went to Harbour Island in search of some sunshine in the midst of winter. With all of the bright resort wear coming out, I’d love to book another beach or tropical getaway soon. Although our schedule doesn’t look like we’ll be able to fit one in any time soon, I’ve picked up a few pieces anyway, hoping we’ll see some warm weather again in Charleston (which isn’t that unlikely since we were on the beach last year on Christmas Eve!). !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 There is nothing more picturesque than a snow filled Christmas morning. The last time we enjoyed the snow was during our trip to Iceland last year. My Instagram feed is currently filled with snowy pics from up north and I’ve been dreaming of finding a small cabin to get some r&r in a winter wonderland. I’d love to bundle up in this dusty rose puffer coat from Madewell and cozy up next to a fire in this cableknit sweater. If there is one item I recommend packing though, it’s these Sorel boots– I never travel to the snow without them! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 A city getaway always makes for the most fun during the winter season! From seeing shows, going ice skating, shopping, getting extra dressed up for a fancy dinner and walking around exploring all afternoon- there is no shortage of things to do. Last year we rang in the New Year in Paris with my best friends and we had the time of our lives! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 Last but not least, there really is no place like home during the holidays. We spent last Christmas hosting my whole family in our home here in Charleston (pre-renovations). I can’t wait until next year when we’re back in our house and we’re able to start some new Christmas traditions in our home, ones we’ll hope to carry on for years and years! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Prepping For A Holiday Destination: Tropical, Snow, City & Home appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Best Party Dresses For NYE
11-12-2017 09:00:29
Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10   It feels like we just started getting ready for the holidays and now I’m already talking about New Years! What! Can you believe we’re only 3 weeks away from 2018?! We’ll be ringing in the new year in Ireland with my sister and her fiance (where they live) and I’m already counting down the days. We have a bit of a full travel schedule before, flying first to NYC for work, and then from NYC to California to spend Christmas with my inlaws, so we’re trying to get as much done now (work, packing, gifts, outfit planning/prepping) as possible. I’ve already been thinking about what I’m going to wear to celebrate and since many of you have been asking me about my favorite party dresses, I put together my top ten and ended up buying one of my favorites from the list.   Outfit Details: Nili Lotan Dress (more sizes here), Tyler Boe Faux Fur Jacket, Tory Burch Bag, Jennifer Behr Earrings, Gianvito Rossi Pumps !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Getting dressed up this time of year is my absolute favorite. Even if it’s going a little extra for just dinner and drinks. I did that this past weekend with this faux fur jacket, these earrings and my new favorite fluffy bag. Because, why not? This week we have a handful of parties and I couldn’t resist getting this gorgeous gold Nili Lotan dress that I bought at Hampden, my favorite Charleston store, for upcoming holiday events. I went with a vintage vibe, twisting my hair back and adding these Jennifer Behr statement stud earrings. I love that the dress itself is quite simple and understated, but with the gold and slight shimmer, can easily be transformed into the ultimate party dress.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post The Best Party Dresses For NYE appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunday Series Vol. 6
10-12-2017 09:00:52
Gal Meets Glam
The weeks seem to come and go so quickly, especially around the holidays, but we’re all about savoring our Sundays. This week we have a wide variety of topics- from jewelry brands to a new favorite menswear line, a great soup recipe and tips on how to make a big move easier. We hope you enjoy today’s post and feel free to let us know about something you discovered/found interesting/learned this week in the comments below!   Julia– I’ve been under the weather (with sinus/ear infections and bronchitis) over the past week and I know I’m not alone in the misery of being sick. I got so many messages from readers saying they were in the same sad boat and we all sort of commiserated together. It’s not a fun time to get sick and there are definitely a mix of things going around knocking a lot of people down. Aside from the help of some prescription meds (which have made me feel 100x better), the one thing that has got me through the week is soup! It’s really the only thing that felt good on my throat/I had an appetite for. And Thomas just so happens to have the best tomato soup recipe (not his own though)…it’s really, really, really good! We’ve been making it for years and it’s still the first thing I ask for when I’m not feeling well. He made a big bowl this week that I kept re-heating and I thought it would be the perfect thing to share since so many others seem to being getting sick, too. Thomas’s favorite cookbook of all time is America’s Test Kitchen and that’s where the recipe for the Creamless Creamy Tomato Soup is from. I love it because like its name states, it’s sans cream, but still tastes like it has cream in it! The secret? You cook bread into it! It helps give that slightly thicker texture rather than a watery canned tomato soup. It’s finally starting to get really cold, so cooking up a fresh pot of homemade soup on a Sunday afternoon sounds like the best plan!   Thomas– Without a doubt, Julia’s love for fashion has rubbed off on me. Though I don’t have nearly the wardrobe she has, I’ve steadily built out my closet over time. Adding higher quality staples that I can keep for years instead of buying budget-friendly styles that I’d most likely dispose of at the end of the season. Though you still have to pull my ear to get me to spend money on myself, I find that I am increasingly spending more money per item on fashion. That has little to do with changes in circumstance but simply because I can get more quality for my buck, even on things that are over $500. This transition has accelerated because unfortunately, some of the brands I used to wear no longer work for me, most notably J. Crew, which made up about 50% of my closet. Sadly their quality (and other brands caught in between fast fashion and contemporary) has receded significantly year over year, to a point where I won’t even try on things anymore.   Mr. Porter has become by far my favorite place to shop for clothing. Ignoring price for a moment, their product mix of an optimal blend of closet staples and statement pieces, outfit styling, supporting content and imagery can’t be beaten for men’s fashion in my opinion. But since price is a factor in every buying decision, Mr. Porter’s luxury price point has always given me this feeling that any purchase I made there was a special treat that I could afford only a couple times per year. I’d still browse expensive items, but then I’d change to Sort By – Price Low, finally ending up buying none other than, you guessed it, a J. Crew Shirt. My guess is I wasn’t the only shopper that did this. Mr. Porter’s luxury selection and impeccable curation on higher priced items create a halo effect on lower-priced items, generating a perception that the lower priced items are of higher quality. Luxury Brands use this strategy all of the time to mess with our value perception calculations, which always take place in our head when shopping. Their big money makers aren’t their apparel but their higher usage items like Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Makeup, and Fragrances.   So when I saw that Mr. Porter launched their own collection called, Mr. P, I was excited to check it out. My excitement continued to build when I saw the price and the mix of product I could see myself wearing day in and day out. I ordered a button down shirt to see if it lived up to the picture, and when I received my shirt in the mail I was ecstatic. It seems they took all of their learnings from selling the best men’s clothing, the customer data and shopping behavior on their site and combined that to create a fantastic collection of closet staples. All while doing it at an unmatched value level. The shirt I got, a white oxford button down, is a shirt I’d live in, fantastic fabric, perfectly cut, I’ve actually slept in it twice, and it’s $160. Comparable shirts would very easily be over $250 (or $450 if you’re Thom Browne) on Mr. Porter. With that, I can’t wait to see what else they roll out with coming seasons of Mr. P. Below are the top items on my wish list, hint Julia, in case there’s a man in your life that might appreciate something from my new favorite clothing brand. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Laura– December 7th marked five months since I packed up my tiny bedroom in my 4-person apartment in Boston and headed South to Charleston! Since I moved here I’ve been asked a lot by new faces or friends from home “How are you liking Charleston? Do you feel settled? How did you make the leap by yourself? I admire your courage!” I’ve loved meeting new people in this charming city and it isn’t until I’m asked these questions that I stop to reflect on this life change. It was just go, go, go from the second I said yes to this unique opportunity and when I have my mind set on something I don’t let anything get in my way. However, in the following months after the move it slowly sunk in that I’m living far from the familiar and I started to feel homesick. This is also my first time living alone (it feels glorious though) so I don’t have a roommate to hang out with and distract me from my homesickness. This feeling would come and go, but then one day I grew tired of it and needed to conquer it. Why am I sharing this? Because I know there may be some people out there who hesitate to make a big life change exactly like this. One thing I dislike is fear being the only reason someone is missing out on an amazing opportunity that will ultimately fulfill him/her. So I want to share three beginner tips that make taking leaps like this completely doable: Learn to love being alone: Do as many activities/exploring/dining/sightseeing alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually an extrovert, but there is honestly nothing better than having a slow morning/day to yourself. Last weekend I grabbed a latte and scone from my favorite coffee shop and savored every bite while seated on an outdoor bench. I can’t tell you the last time I ever did that. And over the last few months when the weather was beautiful I frequented my nearby beach for solo strolls up and down the shoreline. It’s so serene and my favorite spot to relax and just be. Decorate your space for you: There were a lot of home decor pieces I brought from Boston with me, but not enough to complete my apartment. I kept thinking “Oh, I’ll just wait to buy something for that corner/wall/area when I actually own a home”, but then everytime I walked into those aforementioned areas it would bug me that it was incomplete. So last month I finally pulled the trigger and bought an accent chair, framed large photos for my walls, added hints of greenery, and even bought my very first Christmas tree. Now I love walking into my home everyday. Find local tastemakers through Instagram: Take what you like and find local creators who showcase/share that passion. Instagram is all about community and chances are that once you find the one person you admire you’ll be able to find others who share similarities too! Look through the comments section on their posts or the person’s “Following” list to then see who’s in their network that you can also follow. It sounds creepy but it’s not because this platform is about discovery and these other artists want to be discovered, so follow along. Bottom line is, once you find this local group chances are they will advertise events or pop-up shops in their feed/Instastory that you can attend to meet other like minded people! And it’s always nice to support small businesses too. :) Those are just a few of my tips for settling in. I hope you find them helpful! I’d love to know, have you found yourself hesitant to take the leap because of these things? Or if you have taken the leap, what are some tips you did to settle into your new home?   Margaret– I’ve attended a couple of holiday pop up shops recently, and I find I’m always the most drawn to jewelry lines at these shows. I’m not one to wear a ton of jewelry, but I usually pair a ring and set of earrings with my outfits daily. When it comes to dressing up for events, I love to wear either a creative statement necklace or earrings. I thought I would share my favorite lines, ranging from local Charleston artists to those based elsewhere, to help you find the perfect jewelry gift. Delicate, gold rings one can layer are beautiful, but hard to find. Both Jane Pope Jewelry and Christina Jervey Jewelry have wonderful collections of thin-band jewels. Jane Pope’s recent collaboration with Sally King Benedict boasts unique pieces through a collaboration of fine art and metal work. For vintage pieces, I turn to Croghan’s Jewel Box. This is also one of my favorite shops to bring friends and family to when they visit during the holidays. For creative/ statement pieces, a few of my favorites are Theodosia Jewelry, Lizzie Fortunato , Abby Kent Flythe Fine Art, and Lika Behar. Lizzie Fortunato earrings are on my wish list this year. I love her creative designs that surpass trends. Abby Kent Flythe is my aunt, and she has one of the most incredible collections of vintage and contemporary turquoise jewelry in the country. I wear one of her turquoise rings daily, and each one of her pieces has a unique personality. The post The Sunday Series Vol. 6 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Two Outfits I’m Packing For The Holidays
8-12-2017 09:00:46
Gal Meets Glam
In just a few short weeks we’ll be packing up and heading to California to spend the holidays with Thomas’s family. The first week of December has already flown by so quickly and I know these next ones will go even faster. I’ve been trying to be extra on top of our to-do list this year since our schedule is crazier than ever before (all good things though!). I spent a day last weekend knocking out all of the holiday presents for everyone on our list and even started pre-packing what I’m planning on bringing for our Christmas in Monterey. It’s not very like me to plan that far in advance, but I know when the next two weeks fly by and I haven’t given it any thought, I’ll be very grateful for one less thing to think about.   Outfit Details: Tuckernuck Cape, Shirt, Jeans & Weekender Bag c/o, Sezane Loafers   A cozy cape is always a great piece to pack for the holidays. Whether you’re going to be lounging around at home or taking off on festive activities with the fam, it’s easy to grab and layer over anything. This plaid one from Tuckernuck (that’s actually reversible to the camel side, too) is lightweight and only $75- it also comes in a red or green version. I added it over a crisp blue shirt and a comfy pair of jeans that work for a travel day outfit, too! And this Chloe & Neely weekender bag is my favorite for short (or long!) getaways.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: Tuckernuck Coat, Sweater & Jeans c/o, Chloe Pumps, Ferragamo Bag   The second look I’m packing for the holidays starts with this amazing leopard print coat from Tuckernuck. I love that it’s actually a heavyweight linen fabric instead of the typical faux fur I usually see done. I’m already planning on wearing this over most of my day and night looks (it’ll be perfect over this lbd!). I layered it here over this striped sweater that is the coziest piece I’m bringing with me. I’m already looking forward to cuddling up next to the fire and finally being able to read one of the many books that I’ve been wanting to start.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Thank you to Tuckernuck & Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. The post Two Outfits I’m Packing For The Holidays appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Seeing Stars: 10 Star Print Pieces To Buy Now
7-12-2017 09:00:32
Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 I’m currently under the weather over here in Charleston, but hoping to get better soon since all of the holiday activities we have on our calendar are starting to happen! Along with those come the fun part of getting dressed up for each event. Last week I did a post and video on the four different holiday looks I’m planning on wearing this season, while today’s post highlights one of my favorite details to include in a festive outfit. I’ve been seeing stars everywhere…on dresses, sweaters, skirts, tops, shoes, scarves, bags, jewelry and more. J.Crew just came out with a handful of pieces covered in the print, my favorite being this dress and these tartan and star embellished pumps. Kate Spade did an entire collection around stars that were inspired by the Northern Lights- I actually ended up buying this skirt in black that I last wore here. I was also reminded of the star printed Old Navy pajamas I bought last year (image below on the right) and found this similar option for less than $30, as well as this Needle & Thread star embellished dress (image below in the left) I wore earlier in the fall season that I brought back out in this recent post– you can still find some sizes of the dress available here and here. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Seeing Stars: 10 Star Print Pieces To Buy Now appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Thomas’ Photography Guide For Beginners
6-12-2017 09:00:37
Gal Meets Glam
Howdy! It’s your favorite contributor, Thomas or Tom for short or T for even shorter. I’ve put together a great post that I hope you find helpful. It’s a long one, so you might have to let your 10am meeting know you’ll be cancelling. I’ve wanted to talk about this topic of entry level photography for a while now but seeing as I have a writing problem, like a modern Alexander Hamilton, I write like I’m running out of time, putting every thought on paper. So a short post turned to a long one and kept getting longer, my editor (Julia) finally put a date on the calendar for me to commit to, so here it is.   My most recommended camera surprises or even disappoints almost everyone that I tell it to. Phone cameras in the newest Apple, Samsung and Google devices are now better than most entry level cameras. Not only that but you can’t beat the portability or the ease of use. That being said, I understand why this answer might disappoint someone wanting to buy a “real” camera. They have a mental picture of themselves as this sexy photographer, traveling the world with a professional or hipster looking camera capturing images that are magazine print worthy. Or they might be a new parent or grandparent trying to capture timeless memories of their newest family member. Whatever your imaginary photographer self looks like, this dream of becoming a “real” photographer is not uncommon. After all, the biggest advantages of having a real camera can all lead to creating better photos. These are exposure control (how light or dark the image is), increased image quality with bigger sensors and better lenses and images are easier to be manipulated when editing. With these advantages come frustrations of learning something that’s not easy, so if you are willing to put up with years of challenges learning this craft, I have created this guide to start you from scratch.   Without further adieu, here is my guide to getting started with “Real” photography. In order to do so, you will need two things: the necessary gear and the most effective tips to accelerate your improvement as a photographer. And since the holidays are a great time to ask for a new camera or gear, this could be a great getting started guide for someone just starting out or as a way to fill in your essential gear.   What you will need A Budget A $1000 total budget is generally the “break even” point where the quality of camera surpasses the ones found in the top models of phones. At $1,500 for a camera and lens, you should be able to get something very good that will last you for a couple of years on your photography journey. Camera This is it, your big chance to become the photographer you’ve always wanted to be. A good piece of advice when buying a camera is to make sure you are looking at the most recent version of the camera. With new cameras launching all the time, even a model that’s 1 year younger than another could have much better technology. Here are the other important factors to consider: Type: Mirrorless, Point and Shoot, DSLR- these are all terms you might have heard but know nothing about. Mirrorless cameras are my preferred camera type. They are smaller than DSLRs but still big enough to feel solid in your hands. Size: Your usage is going to help dictate the size of the camera you will want to use. If you are going to travel with this camera, a small to medium sized camera is probably best. Sensor Resolution: At this price point you should be looking at 20-24 megapixel cameras. RAW files are typically around 24 mb. Compared to top phones which have 12 megapixel cameras. Sensor Type: Most cameras in this price range will be APS-C sensors. Due to the size of the sensor, it actually changes the effective focal length of the lens, something called crop factor. Make sure to know your sensor type and crop factor when picking a lens. Focus Points: A couple years ago, cameras had 10 focus points, now top cameras can have 200-400. That means faster, more accurate focusing, so check this before buying.   Lens If I had $1500 to spend total, I’d spend at least half on my lens if possible (if you have even more to spend, $800-$1,000 lenses are significantly better than those at $200-$300). In my experience the biggest improvements we’ve made in our photography as a result of buying new equipment has come from upgrading lenses. Additionally, lenses aren’t updated nearly as often as cameras are, so if you think you will fall in love with photography, invest in a better lens now. When buying a lens look at: Size: Some lenses can be big and bulky which means you’ll want to carry it around less. Aperture: As a general rule of thumb, the lower the f/ is on a lens the better, such as f/2 vs. f/3.5. So try to get the lowest f/ your budget will allow. Focal length: Most new photographers gravitate toward zoom lenses because they’re typically sold in kits. I’d highly recommend a prime lens (single focal length) because quality is normally better and the lenses are smaller in size with faster apertures (low f/, more light, more background blur). I love the 35mm effective focal length, as it’s a great all around lens. On a cropped sensor, you’ll have to buy around a 23mm lens for an effective 35mm.   Recommended Camera + Lens Combos Fuji and Sony are two of the best camera companies right now. With a $1,500 budget in mind these cameras are great options: Sony- Camera + prime lens OR zoom lens Fuji- Camera  + prime lens OR zoom lens   Editing Software Since you’ll be shooting in RAW format, you will need an editing software to process your photos. The industry standard editing software is Adobe Lightroom, you can get the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Subscription which includes Lightroom and Photoshop for $9.99 per month. If you are new to editing, make sure to pickup a book to help you out or watch the tutorials on Adobe’s site. A little secret of mine, I hate editing, so I use VSCO presets for Lightroom, which get me about 95% of the way there. After a few more tweaks, the images are ready to use (Julia does the same, as she edits almost all of the photos on GMG).   SD Cards In my opinion, you can never have too many SD Cards. Nowadays the price per gigabyte of storage is super low, so you’re better off buying multiple SD cards so that you don’t risk deleting any images you haven’t used yet. Make sure you are buying SD cards with fast enough write speeds for your camera. I use 95 mbps write speed cards. I recommend these cards and you should have a nice case too.   Backup Drives Too many photographers (and people that take pictures on their phones) do not think enough about their backup strategy. If you aren’t shooting much, you can save everything in the Cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive), but if you are buying a camera you need a solid strategy in place. My tip, think about this, “What is the minimum worst case scenario that can happen to you that would cause you to lose photos?” If your answer is zombie apocalypse or the world ending, then you are properly backed up. If you’re answer is your car or house broken into or a drive crashing, you are not backed up properly. This is a huge topic in itself that often gets overlooked, so make sure to research as you build your plan. Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung and LaCie are all trusted brands for hard drives.   Learning Resources I get asked all of the time, “What’s a great way to learn photography?”. Since I was self taught, I’m not the best person to ask. It’s like asking a French person how to learn French. There’s no substitute for real world practice, but not everyone can shoot everyday, so learning resources are important for growing your understanding, even on days off. I couldn’t leave you hanging, so I asked a couple of family members that have recently picked up photography for their recommendations on what has helped the most. They thought How Do I Do That In Lightroom, B&H Explora,  Kelby One  and The Define School were all helpful sources. I would also recommend making friends with other photographers, having conversations about photography has proved to be a very effective way for me to learn. Even trying to teach someone else that has less knowledge than you can help you realize where you might be lacking knowledge.   Getting Started Tips Now that you have your gear, it’s time to get out and shoot. Every time you go out to shoot make an effort to work on improving your skills. When we first started we always spent the end of every shoot with an extra 15 minutes of trying new things. New angles, lenses, poses, lighting, even if we thought the idea was terrible, we tried it. After all, it only costs you a short amount of time and who knows what you can pick up or learn when trying something different. We’ve never regretted taking too many images (except maybe when it comes time to editing), but we have regretted not taking enough. My goal is for the below tips to help accelerate your learning and have you taking great pictures sooner.     Be one with your camera: When you are just learning to shoot a camera, it can feel like a foreign object with too many buttons that make no sense. If you can learn to adjust 5 things, let them be master aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation.   Study the exposure triangle: Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO- each of these settings will have an effect on your lighting. Additionally, each of these have an artistic effect too. Balancing artistic desires with lighting will help you figure out how to make the necessary adjustment. Here is an extra resource on the topic.   Work on your eye for composition: With every image, ask yourself what your subject is. Then look what’s behind, around and in front of your subject. How does your subject fit into the scene and how can you utilize the scene to tell a better story? As you start to shoot, move around your subject to find the composition that feels the most right. The first spot that you and your subject setup in is rarely ever the best one. When we shoot, we keep asking ourselves, “What if…” questions. “What if you were sitting here?”, “What if we angled this way?” or “What if I changed my focal length?”.   Take more pictures than you need: Time should be your only excuse for not taking more pictures, not battery or storage….maybe weather. Ok, Time and Weather are your only possible excuses for not taking more pictures in a given photoshoot. As a photographer, it’s so upsetting to start reviewing the images you’ve shot and realize that you actually didn’t capture as many pictures as you remembered. Even worse if there are issues with the ones you did get such as people blinking. This is especially true when you are traveling, because most likely you won’t have that opportunity again.   Take time to review what you could have done better: Current editing software and RAW files sizes can make someone adept at editing slower to progress as a photographer because they can “fix it in post”. One of my pet peeves is hearing photographers say, “I can always photoshop that.”, instead of figuring out a solution. I look at everything in life, especially my photography, as something that can improve. So when I review photos, it’s always with ideas for next time. You might have noticed I just started shooting film. One of the things I like most about film is it’s a lot easier to figure out what you did wrong because each image costs money and taking bad pictures with film is costly.   I know, it’s been a lot. You are probably thinking, “Where did my day go? One minute I was checking on Gal Meets Glam and an hour later I’ve just read everything Thomas knows on the topic of photography!”. I thank you for that! My departing note for you is to remember that photography should be fun. It can be frustrating sometimes, but stick with it. I’ve been shooting for 7 years now and it took me 2 full years before the joys surpassed the frustrations. Even now I still meet situations where I’m not getting the results I had hoped for, so don’t expect to become a pro overnight. The post Thomas’ Photography Guide For Beginners appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
What To Do In Charleston This Holiday Season
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Vest, McGuire Sweater, Frame Jeans, Converse Sneakers, Prada Bag (old, similar here)   It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. The temperature hasn’t quite dropped, though the city is fully dressed and twinkling for the season. Charleston has so much to offer during the holidays. We’re less than a week into December, and I feel as though we’ve already had a taste of Charleston’s holiday charm. This past weekend, we attended the Garden & Gun Jubilee, an annual December event, and a Christmas party in our neighborhood. Doors are decorated with Poinsettia laced wreaths, garland and bows are draped on picket fences, and streetlights are wrapped with string lights. Last weekend, Thomas and I took a stroll around South of Broad right before sunset to checkout all of the decorations. It’s a magical time to be in Charleston, and with all of the festive excitement, I thought I would share a list of the activities and events that make a Charleston Christmas so special.     Recurring Events:   Holiday Market at Marion Square- Saturdays and Sundays throughout December Charleston’s official 60 ft. holiday tree is located at Marion Square between Meeting, King, and Calhoun streets. During the weekend, visitors can enjoy the holiday market where local farmers and artisans offer an assortment of holiday baked goods, craft items, and gifts. During the evening, the Christmas tree in the center of Marion square and surrounding decorated palm trees are beautifully decorated with lights.   James Island Holiday Festival of Lights- Every evening until Jan 1 Boasts a phenomenal tour of 2 million lights followed by a marshmallow roast and old-fashioned carousel   Open Daily:   Christmas at Boone Hall Plantation Christmas display at Belmond Charleston Place Marion Square Christmas Decor College of Charleston Christmas decor in the Cistern Yard   Performances: December 1-17 Annie by the Footlight Players – family friendly   December 9-23 Charleston Christmas Special at Charleston Music Hall   Today through December 20th A Christmas Carol at the Charleston Stage – A favorite holiday tradition is to enjoy a holiday show at America’s first theatre     One Time Events: December 5-6 The Terrace Theater has a special screening of White Christmas on Tuesday and Wednesday. This old fashioned, independent theater is one of the last of its kind.   Wednesday, December 6 5-8pm, 0 George Zero George Holiday Trunk Show Holiday trunk show featuring goods from the Goldbug Collection, Celadon, Indigo + Cotton, Hart Studio, Proud Mary, Mac + Murphy, and more.   Friday, December 8 Cannonborough/ Elliotborough Holiday Sip n’ Shop Candy Shop Vintage, Mac & Murphy, to name a few. A night of holiday shopping.   Saturday Dec. 9 36th annual Holiday Parade of Boats Decorated in festive decor and twinkling lights, boats parade through the Charleston Harbor during this fun event. View the parade at the Battery, the Mount Pleasant Pier, or attend the official viewing party at the Charleston Maritime Center 5-8pm.   December 9, December 16 Candlelight Tours at Nathaniel Russell House Museum The house-turned-museum is decorated in holiday greenery   Sunday Dec. 10 22nd Annual Christmas Lights Parade in Mt. Pleasant The parade begins at 5:30pm with a fireworks show. The parade runs through Mill Street and ends at the intersection of Coleman and Patriots Point Road.     The post What To Do In Charleston This Holiday Season appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Four Cuyana Items I’ll Be Gifting This Year
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Gal Meets Glam
Every year when I’m searching for gifts for loved ones, I often look at the things I use most. What do I love that I think others in my life will find useful, too? It’s usually those items that prove to be the best gifts because I have firsthand experience knowing just how wonderful they are. One of the brands that I continually go to when looking to find the perfect gift is Cuyana. They’re one of my personal favorite brands (you’ve seen them here on the blog many times), and every single person who I’ve gifted an item from Cuyana ends up loving it (and buying themselves even more goodies from the brand). Instead of listing out my “wish-list” from Cuyana, which is basically their whole site, I wanted to share the four items from them that I use every single week (with most of them being used every day), which would all make for a perfect gift this year.     Cuyana has the best scarves. A scarf was actually my first piece from the brand, as well as the first item I also gifted (to my mother). Since then, it’s become one of my favorite items to buy for others. They have a small selection of scarves, ranging from alpaca to cashmere and silk. Each one will become your new favorite! I almost always have mine (this soft pink alpaca one) with me- it’s great to keep around the office if I get cold and nice to have when traveling for an extra light layer. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I use my Cuyana laptop sleeve every single day. Thomas bought it for me for Christmas one year after being horrified how I carried my laptop everywhere without any protection. Since then, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have it with me. I love how you can personalize each one to make it that much more special and unique, which is so nice when gifting. It also comes in black, stone and a beautiful wine color. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’ve given and received more Cuyana items than I can remember. Another gift I got from the brand was my tassel keychain that my friend Carly bought me for my birthday. She had it engraved with my initials, too. It was right after we had moved to Charleston, when we bought our first house, so it happily held the keys to our new home. This is another item that I use every single day, and I must also mention how nice the tassel is because I can always find it right away in my bag! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   The last item is actually a set- these two travel bags that come together. I have two sets of these, one I bought for myself and the other was a gift. I use one set as my makeup/beauty bags and another set to carry accessories and other items when traveling. As I look over at my bathroom, I actually have three sitting atop my counter…one big one with my makeup in it, a small one filled with jewelry that I always travel with and another small one filled with my favorite lipsticks. They come in a variety of pretty colors, like red, burgundy, olive and navy. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Thank you to Cuyana for sponsoring this post. The post The Four Cuyana Items I’ll Be Gifting This Year appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Olay 28 Day Challenge
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Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream, Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream   A little less than a month ago, I posted an Instagram announcing that I was participating in Olay’s 28 Day Challenge. Well, it’s been 28 days and I’m here to share the end result with you! I have to be honest, while I love so many different skincare products, I hardly ever use the same ones 28 days in a row, but I was fully committed to testing this out, especially after hearing raving reviews. The two products that I used were Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream and Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. I started it in the middle of a hectic travel schedule and during one of the busiest times of year for us, so my skin was very happy to get a little extra love and attention.     Every morning I applied the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream all over my face. I love this stuff and I keep telling everyone about it. Not only does it make my skin feel hydrated, soft and dewy, it looks like it, too (plus it smells amazing). Traveling definitely takes its toll on my skin. I’m not as regimented with sticking to a routine, but after consistently using the Micro Sculpting Cream every day for almost a month, my skin is showing the results. When I look in the mirror, I feel like it’s brighter, clearer and more hydrated looking than before.     I have to say though that my favorite product was the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. Over the course of the 28 days, I actually, actually noticed a small difference in my under eye dark circles. Trust me when I say that I am long gone in believing that there’s a miracle cream for dark circles, because I’ve tried everything and yet, they still remain. And while I still have them at the end of the 28 days, they are less pigmented and brighter. The cream has a slight tint to it, so when I would apply it along my eye socket in the morning, it added a bit of coverage. Each passing year I become a little bit more conscious of taking good care of the skin around my eyes. The easiest way to look tired is through dry, dehydrated skin. When I’m consistently drinking a lot of water and apply eye cream stick to my skincare routine, I see the difference.   Taking the extra step is always worth it and I really do encourage all of you to try the Olay 28 Day challenge for yourselves. Because I know you won’t be disappointed, I’m helping you kick start your journey! I want you to check out Olay Skin Advisor, an online tool that tells you your skin age and provides a personalized regimen just by uploading a selfie. It’s super simple and easy to use and to give you an extra boost, the first 28 of you that use my code, 28DAYS9862, will receive $40 off of your purchase.   Thank you to Olay for sponsoring this post. The post Olay 28 Day Challenge appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunday Series Vol. 5
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Gal Meets Glam
Happy Sunday! We took a break from our Sunday Series last week because of the holiday, but we’re back today with a new list of things we learned or were inspired by this week. As always, please feel free to share your Sunday thoughts in the comments, too!   Julia – Last week I had the honor of attending a lunch for Good Friends of the Lowcountry, a non profit organization in Charleston that raises money to help local low-income families who are in need. During the lunch, they had a few people come and speak who had been directly impacted by the organization. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room after they finished telling their stories and how they’ve been able to overcome some of their hardships with a little help. During one of the speeches, there was a quote that really stuck with me, and this is not word for word, but my takeaway of it- “It all starts with one woman. Many of us can look at our successes in life and pinpoint at least one woman that was there for us, believed in us or helped us.” Often times I think we can feel that as a single person, there isn’t much we can do to make a difference. When we look at all of the hurting and illness and violence in the world, it feels overwhelming to the point of not knowing what to do. This lunch was a great reminder that a single person can make a difference. Whether it’s a monetary donation, or a donation of time and support, there are ways we can directly impact those around us who are in need. Even if we’re only able to help one person, that one person can end up making a difference, too, creating a ripple effect to even more good. It was incredibly touching and moving afternoon and made me want to find out ways I can connect and help with the community even more.   Thomas – Poor Snapchat, their “little” app only has 178 million daily users, an audience level that other companies would kill for, yet due to extreme competition from Instagram Stories, they are in desperation mode. This week they announced a major redesign of their app, the biggest ever, they claim. So the big question is, will this change propel Snapchat back in place to be an even more serious competitor to Facebook and Instagram?   Instagram Stories now has nearly double the daily users of Snapchat Stories at 300 million vs. 178 million. Now with Snapchat’s redesign, which they are claiming separates the social from the media, they emphasize having friends on the left and media (brands, publishers, influencers) on the right. Snapchat is making a big bet with the hopes of capturing more and more of their current user’s time and getting back to the user growth rate that their investors expect. They believe that our private conversations between friends should co-exist as neighbors with professional content creators instead of having them compete for attention in the same feed.   My guess is that this strategy will pay off in the short term, and it will bring back people willing to give Snapchat another try. But I believe the key to sustained success will be the right side, the media, part of the equation. There will have to be enough incentives for professional creators to care enough to figure out novel ways of participating on Snapchat in ways that they aren’t the same as Instagram Stories. Big publishers like magazines, television networks, and large content sites, will easily participate, hiring teams to support these efforts but the key will be if influencers most with no teams at all will come back.   Despite being the foundation of what Snapchat is built on, they can’t just rely on more messages being shared among friends. That’s because a significant factor in revenue growth is how long users spend in the app, which allows them to serve more ads. New messages between friends will serve as the notifications on people’s phone that bring them back onto Snapchat continuously throughout the day, but people don’t talk to hundreds of friends at once, so the right side, the media side will have to keep people engaged on the app longer.   If this strategy pays off for Snapchat, don’t be surprised if Facebook and IG follow. In smaller countries, Facebook has already experimented with placing content into a separate Explore Feed for Business pages vs. the standard feed for friends you follow.   We spend a lot of time on our phones, so social media is not necessarily a winner take all space. But there’s not much room at the top and Facebook has no interest in sharing. Best of luck to Snapchat, who knows if they will succeed, but at least they are making things interesting for those watching. I might even go back to using it as an audience member and maybe eventually as a contributor. What do you think about Snapchat?   Laura – I recently found out from two of my closest friends that they’re each expecting their first baby! Ah! They’re friends from different periods of my life so they don’t know each other but they each delivered their news to me around the same time. One of them has decided to not find out the sex of the baby until the day she goes into labor and the other friend hasn’t figured out what she’s having yet. However, I want to jump on the chance to get each of them gender neutral congratulatory gifts that are unique, cozy, cute, and fun for either a boy or girl! So I thought I’d share two pointers I keep in mind when looking for the right find; tips you can use if you have any pregnant friends too! First off, I don’t want to take the neutral part too literally especially when it comes to the color of the gift because it may feel a little boring if all the items are a muted tone. Instead, I look for fun patterns mixed with soft textures.   You can’t go wrong with polka dots especially in the cozy form of this darling baby blanket (in flax) and this dreamsack in silver (the babies in this picture melt my heart). I love the stripes on on this bodysuit and this baby gown in a grapefruit color that is so different from the usual neutral and works for a boy or girl! And lastly, you have to keep the little ones extra warm with wool in this burnt orange cardigan (another great new neutral!) and this adorable bobbled sweater!   I’d love to know if you have any favorite go-to shops or accessories for gender neutral gifts! I have a feeling I will need to be shopping for lots more of these with the size of my friend group.   Margaret – This Sunday, I don’t have a new find or update in a certain area of interest, but I do want to share a few reminders for the holiday season. I tend to grow overwhelmed with the planning, gifting, and events and forget to enjoy the simple wonders of the day-to-day. In a season that is meant to bring joy, all of the good things can quickly lead to anxiety (not finding the perfect gift, outfit, feeling as if you’re not doing enough). In the midst of the rush, I want to slow down and be mindful of how I am exerting my energy. This is a special time that sets the tone for the upcoming year. Here are a few thoughts that shed light on the meaning behind words often found on Hallmark cards this time of year:   Peace: A way I often find peace is by journaling, beginning or ending the day with time to reflect. By writing down fears and uncertainties, I am better able to face them. One way we can extend peace to others is by mending broken relationships. There’s a reason why the last scene in Home Alone, when the elderly neighbor reconnects with his family, is so heart warming.   Joy: The holiday season is meant to bring joy, and the world needs a bit more of it. There are most likely areas in your life where you’ve been a bit half-hearted or apathetic. There’s no better time to identify those areas and fill them with the joy of the season.   Hope: Many traditions center around ‘belief’ and ‘hope’. Childlike belief in your dreams, that you can make waves, conquer fear – I think we can all rally around that kind of belief. We can share hope by serving others as well, The Salvation Army Angel Program is one I love.   Love: There are simple ways to love others this time of year. Here are a few ideas: Celebrate a neighbor with an easy homemade gift, reconnect with loved ones and old friends through a Christmas card so they know they’re on your mind, share a smile and word of encouragement to those working long hours. Sometimes, the perfect gift is a simple action to show you care. The post The Sunday Series Vol. 5 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
10 Cozy Christmas Morning Pajamas
1-12-2017 09:00:23
Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 I live for a pair of cozy pajamas and I’m notorious for slipping into mine the minute we get home. And if I get the chance, I have everyone around me wear matching pajama sets, too (ha!). Last year I bought my whole family matching J.Crew plaid pajamas to wear on Christmas morning and I also bought my girlfriends and I these pink pajamas to wear in Paris for NYE. Oh, and there was that time that I bought Carly and I banana leaf print pjs to wear together in Palm Beach. (I’m beginning to see that I sort of have a problem…) Anytime is a good time for a fun new set of cozy pajamas!   Since the holidays are here, whether I’m gifting or buying for myself, pajamas are always at the top of my list. I know I’ll wear and use them, and same goes for whoever I may be giving them to. What we sleep in is so often overlooked and I think there is something to be said about having a lovely set of pajamas as a little treat for yourself at the end of a long workday. A silky pair of pjs to slip into feels so luxurious, even on the most mundane days. I made a list above of my current favorite pairs, ranging from sleep shirts to flannels to thermal pajamas and satin sets. This Rails pair I recently bought for myself is so incredibly soft and comfortable- I’m wearing them again as I type this! Plus, I love the mix of soft blush and blue in the plaid print.   Outfit Details: Rails Pajamas, Ugg Slippers, Yeti Mug  !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post 10 Cozy Christmas Morning Pajamas appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Holiday Beauty Gift Boxes
30-11-2017 09:00:19
Gal Meets Glam
My first introduction to L’Occitane was the first Christmas that I spent with Thomas’ family. That also marked the first Christmas that I’d ever spent without my family, which was definitely a little sad for me, but I was excited to join his family Christmas tradition. On Christmas morning, my stocking was filled with so many wonderful little gifts, with some of those being L’Occitane face cream and the shea butter hand creme. It started my love affair with the products, and my own gifting tradition with them.      You might have seen this Instagram post I did a few weeks ago highlighting L’Occitane’s Advent calendar. As a child, we always looked forward to the start of our Christmas countdown and the mini chocolates that came with this. This year, I’m switching out the candy for another treat, beauty goods, as L’Occitane has theirs filled with minis of their most-loved products. It’s the perfect gift for any of the beauty lovers in your life, or even yourself! They also have an assortment of gift boxes that can ease the pressure of coming up with a special gift. I personally love to sample different beauty products all the time, so I think this makes a great gift because each box comes with a collection of different products.     The Lavender gift set is Thomas’ personal favorite. Not only does it remind him of the summers we have spent in Provence, but the aroma helps set a mood of tranquility and calm (and I have to agree!). Perfect for the person in your life that’s needed a little break from their busy life this holiday season. Some other great gift sets are the Shea for nourishing your skin, Almond for smooth skin, Terre de Lumiére for the fragrance lover and Best of L’Occitane for those that want to try a variety of products.     Thank you to L’Occitane for sponsoring this post. The post Holiday Beauty Gift Boxes appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
4 Holiday Party Styles
29-11-2017 09:00:23
Gal Meets Glam
The holiday season is officially upon us with the first of December just days away! We already have a few holiday parties on the calendar, which has had me searching for the perfect looks this year. From work events, to cocktails with the girls, weekend celebrations and family gatherings, there seems to always be an occasion to get dressed up for. In honor of this year’s party season, I put together four holiday styles- the classic gal, the girly gal, the sophisticated gal and the glam gal- for those of you looking for some inspiration! Which Gal are you?   Outfit Details: Jill Stuart Dress (also in burgundy and cream), Louboutin Pumps, Bobbi Brown Lipstick in “Plum Rose” !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: BHLDN Dress, BHLDN Wrap, Kate Spade Pumps, J.Crew Hair Bow !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: Black Halo Jumpsuit (I’m wearing a petite size), Louboutin Pumps, Bobbi Brown Lipstick in “Retro Red“ !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: BHLDN Dress, Hart Earrings, Manolo Blahnik Pumps (more sizes here) !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post 4 Holiday Party Styles appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Office Holiday Prep
28-11-2017 09:00:04
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: BHLDN Dress, PANDORA Rings (Blue & Green), Earrings & Necklace c/o, Kate Spade Heels   I can’t believe in just a few short days we’ll be embracing December in all its glory. It feels like just yesterday we moved into our very first GMG office space when it was really just five months ago! The second half of this year has been a whirlwind for Thomas and me, but it has left us with so much to be grateful for. Some of you may or may not know that this past Summer we hired two new full-time employees to help us keep up with the trajectory of our business, which is why having this new office was necessary. Having our first team has taught us a lot about fostering personal growth for our employees and ourselves, which means we make extra time for team bonding, fun outings around Charleston or team dinners at a local hotspot. As part of this intention we wanted to take advantage of our new workspace and get everyone in the holiday spirit by going full on festive in the office with the sweetest decorations we could find around town. But, of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays, without a little gift giving for our new team members.      Aside from the holidays being the coziest season of the year, the Christmas decorations, along with some of my favorite accessories from PANDORA, acts a reminder for me to appreciate the gift of time. Most days Thomas and I come into the office with a long to-do list and sometimes I feel as though the second I’m able to take a break from the day’s work, I notice hours have passed and the day flew by. So, I’m hoping that by getting the office into the spirit of Christmas, all the decor from the twinkling lights, darling ornaments, and a little holiday shopping to pick out gifts from PANDORA under the tree will serve as a reminder when I walk in everyday to savor time rather than race through it.     One of the reasons why I love PANDORA jewelry so much, aside from the beautiful, dainty designs, is their mission. They’re always focused on encouraging women to take the time to see the wonderful and stop and celebrate the little joys in life. I love that. Especially around this time of year, when the craziness ensues, we forget to actually stop and enjoy it. That’s why I’ll be gifting PANDORA jewelry this year to encourage the women in my life to follow suit.     Here I’m wearing a mix of a few pieces from PANDORA’s new Holiday Collection– the Green Timeless Elegance Ring, Blue Timeless Elegance Ring, Blue Timeless Elegance Stud Earrings and Classic Elegance Necklace in PANDORA Rose. The bold jewel tones against my holiday sparkles really got me feeling festive and excited for all to come with the season. I have to say that the two rings are my favorite and I switch from stacking them on one finger, to wearing each on either hand. Both ways look so simple and refined, which is how I like my jewelry. Whenever I wear these pieces, I’m hoping it sets as a reminder to focus on how far we’ve come this year and to take the time to celebrate that! I hope when I gift these presents people feel the same way I do!    Thank you to PANDORA for sponsoring this post. The post Office Holiday Prep appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Faux Fur Jacket I Can’t Get Enough Of
27-11-2017 09:00:28
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Topshop Faux Fur Jacket (pink version here), Gap Sweater (old, similar here), Everlane Jeans, Mansur Gavriel Loafers, J.Crew Hair Bow, Pure Cycles Bike    After weeks of coming and going, I’m looking forward to being home for more than just a few days. It’s been a busy fall season, and with the upcoming holidays, things are only going to pick up even more. Luckily we had some r&r with family over the long weekend and I’m feeling refreshed and excited for a new week! The weather has finally started to cool down in Charleston and we’ve been wanting to spend every moment outside. Yesterday we pulled our bikes out of storage and rode around our neighborhood downtown, my favorite weekend activity. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   This faux fur jacket might look familiar because I also have it in blush (seen here and here). I loved it so much that I bought it in this sage color, too (and it also comes in a brighter pink version here)! They make for the perfect layer of warmth over any party look, but I personally love them worn with something a bit more casual. I love anything fluffy and colorful this time of year to add a little extra glam to a simple look, like a sweater and jeans. And speaking of jeans, I’m really loving Everlane’s new denim line. The fit is amazing and they’re only $68! I have this pair in the ‘bone’ color.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’ve been adding a lot of bows to my hair recently (like here) and have been styling this little pink velvet one from J.Crew a few different ways (more coming later this week). I also have this slightly larger black one that looks beautiful in a ponytail or half-up hairstyle as well as this embellished J.Crew one. They make for the sweetest touch to any look, especially when paired with something that’s not as feminine.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post The Faux Fur Jacket I Can’t Get Enough Of appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
My New Plan For Sticking To A Consistent Workout Schedule
25-11-2017 09:00:36
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Nike Jacket, Top, Pants & Sneakers    I have a love/hate relationship with working out. Sometimes (like earlier this spring) I get into a great groove where I’m consistent with my weekly workouts and look forward to them at the beginning or end of each day. But then other times, our schedule gets so busy that the thought of working out (or even the drive for it) just doesn’t come, and I go weeks, sometimes even months without doing anything. I think to myself “I just don’t have time”, but the truth is that some of the busiest people still make time for it, so I know that I can, too.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I love working out. I’ve never done a workout and thought afterwards, “I wish I didn’t do that”. It’s my favorite way to start or end my day and can completely turn around a bad mood I’m in. I can feel my body craving a good workout, especially after we’ve been traveling and eating not so great. These past few months, I’ve found it really hard to get motivated enough to take the time each week to break a sweat. I think of everything else I have to do and put that first, even though I consider taking care of my body just as important. It’s something I used to look forward to and I want to find that again! So, I’m putting together a little plan to get myself excited and back in the groove…     I’ve come up with a small list of actions that I’m planning on taking in order to get back into the workout routine I used to love…   Set a schedule of days to workout no matter what. I’m planning on picking three days a week where I find at least 30 minutes to get active (and walking doesn’t count!). Try a new workout once a month. Typically, I find one or two workouts and then have those be my “thing”, but I think having something new to look forward to will help switch things up and keep my workouts interesting. There are so many workouts that I’ve never tried (for fear of being terrible), but each time I’ve tried something new (like boxing), I’ve really enjoyed it. Include outdoor activities in my list. I used to love tennis and I really want to get back out and play again. I’ve never been much of a runner (I have bad knees), but I love the idea of doing something that gets me moving outdoors. Any recommendations here? Set a goal that’s measurable. Such as weight, max treadmill speed, or minutes worked out per week. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy Orange Theory so much- each class I have at least one goal for myself, to get my heart rate into the orange zone for over 12 minutes. I’m hoping to find a similar type of goal in each workout I do. Do classes that are actually fun and that I enjoy. There have been a few times when I’ve “made” myself continually go to a specific workout because I thought it would get me in shape, but I was miserable each time. There was absolutely nothing that I enjoyed about it, and each time I loathed going. Eventually I was like “why am I doing this?”, there are so many other activities I actually like and enjoy going to. Not everything is for everyone. I know it’s silly, but having cute workout clothes always gets me excited to go to a class. I recently bought a few new pieces at Nike and I’m so looking forward to wearing them them! If I have a workout in the morning, I’m planning on setting out my clothes and sneakers the night before or bringing them with me to work if I’m going at the end of the day.   Nike has always been my favorite brand for workout clothes. When we lived in San Francisco, there was a Nike women’s store right next to Soul Cycle and Equinox. It felt like each time I went to workout, I would come home with something new. My sneaker collection is a little ridiculous. I recently ordered a few new things, like these sneakers, this jacket and these pants I’m wearing above. I love the purple grey hue, a nice switch up from an all black workout outfit. Nike is having a 25% off sale this weekend, with many of the pieces I recently got now marked down, like this zip-up hoodie I’ve had for a while, these sneakers I have in black and these cozy sweatpants. Below I’ve listed some of my favorites from the sale that would also make some great gifts this holiday season. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Thank you to Nike & Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. The post My New Plan For Sticking To A Consistent Workout Schedule appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
All Black For Black Friday
24-11-2017 09:00:48
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Gucci Blazer, Ferragamo Bag, Lanvin Sneakers via LUISAVIAROMA   It’s pretty rare that you’ll find me in head to toe all black (well, mostly). It’s probably the color that I wear the least, but it’s not that I’m opposed to it, it’s just that I love color. My personality craves color. But every so often I find a few pieces that draw me back to the simplicity of the classic combination. It’s the little details, like a small bow, a ruffle or a pearl button that bring personality to something simple and make me love it.     I was browsing LUISAVIAROMA’s womens section when I first stumbled upon these Lanvin sneakers, which inspired this whole look. A few years ago, Thomas bought me a blush pair for Christmas that were the first pair of sneakers that I actually wore outside of workout gear. I love that they still have feminine elements to them, like ribbon laces and a tweed texture. They’ve become a staple in my footwear and I wear them with everything from leather pants or jeans to dresses and skirts.     I’ve said it time and time again, but a great blazer will always remain a mvp of anyone’s closet. LUISAVIAROMA just launched their Black Friday Sale, with 20% off all sale items (with code BF20), and they have so many amazing designer blazers that are now on sale, like this classic black Isabel Marant one and this amazing cream one. On top of that, they have tons of other amazing pieces like this Self Portrait Dress, this pink faux fur coat and these gorgeous blush Jimmy Choo pumps (that also come in navy). !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   The last few times I’ve been to Florence, I’ve actually visited the LUISAVIAROMA store, which is where the family owned business is based. They’re always known for their unique selection of high end and emerging designers, and I’ve always looked to them to buy pieces that I can’t find anywhere else. If you’re planning on doing some black Friday Shopping today, don’t pass up their sale because all of these pieces are nearly 50% off starting today (plus they off free express shipping!). !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Thank you to Luisaviaroma for sponsoring this post. The post All Black For Black Friday appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
What To Buy From The Best Fall Sales
22-11-2017 18:00:12
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Veda Jacket (30% off here), J.Crew Turtleneck (old, similar on sale here), Frame Skirt, Aquazzura Boots (30% off here, more sizes here), Tory Burch Bag (30% off here), Max Mara Scarf (old, similar here)   This week is always the start of some of the best shopping of the year. Thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many of the sales have started even earlier now, with quite a few already in action. I know a lot of you have been asking for me to share my favorite picks around the web, so I wanted to put together a quick post with both my favorite sales, along with the best products from each one. It can be a little overwhelming, but if you start with a small list of what you’re looking for (holiday gifts are always good!), then it becomes a little easier. Keep reading to find out where to shop for the best deals for the holidays…     Shopbop– They just launched their ‘buy more, save more’ sale with up to 30% off your order. I have a few things that I’ve worn recently that are now on sale, like this Veda jacket in the most gorgeous rust color that I’m wearing here, these burgundy AG velvet jeans (that I last wore here and here), my favorite Stuart Weitzman boots that I wear with everything, this Bop Basics cashmere sweatsuit that’s my favorite thing to lounge around in and my Frame leather pants that I wear year after year.   Tory Burch– This season I bought this Tory Burch bag in navy and these over the knee boots in green, which were both a welcomed changed in the typical black combo. Both are now 30% off during Tory Burch’s ‘Holiday Event’ Sale. And the one item I jumped on immediately when it launched? These velvet bow flats! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   J.Crew– Last year I stocked up on quite a few basics from J.Crew that definitely came in handy this year, like these lightweight cashmere turtlenecks (I’m wearing a cream one above). They just launched their ‘40% your entire order’ sale, so it’s the perfect time to buy some of those wardrobe staples, like this perfect plaid shirt, this cozy cardigan, this camel sweater, and this classic coat.   Matches Fashion– Matches has always been one of my favorite retailers because of their incredible selection of designer items, so you always know when they launch a sale that it’s going to be a good one. Their ‘Winter Sale’ now has current items up to 50% off, like these camel Aquazzura booties, this Roksanda midi skirt, this pink Tibi Blazer, these pink velvet pumps and this red party dress I currently have my eye on. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Kate Spade– This holiday collection has been one of my most favorite (I bought this top, this skirt, this pearl sweater and this dress), and Kate Spade just launched 30% off everything on their site! So now is the perfect time to pick up some pieces. I love these pearl pumps (that I also have in pink), this star sweater, this pink star embellished dress, and this tweed coat that I’m head over heels for.   Net-A-Porter– They only have a few sales a year, which makes each one an event when it happens! Their winter sale just started and it’s so good that I did a GMG Now post about it here sharing all of my favorite picks from brands like Max Mara, Mark Cross, Chloe, Burberry and more. The post What To Buy From The Best Fall Sales appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
What Our Team Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving
22-11-2017 14:21:13
Gal Meets Glam
With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, we wanted to take the day to reflect on some of the biggest things we are thankful for this year. There’s always so much to be appreciative of and grateful for, from family and friends to love and happiness, having a roof over our heads, food on the table and jobs that we are passionate about. There will always be ups and downs throughout life, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had our fair share of them, but focusing on the things we do have instead of the things we don’t, makes us realize how lucky we really are. While each of our lists could be a mile long, we narrowed down to three things that we’re feeling extra thankful for this year.   Julia – Our Team: Our team goes beyond just the four us and I’m so thankful for each and every one of them. From our managers in LA, to our business partners in NYC, our dev team in London and few more sprinkled around. I wouldn’t be able to grow Gal Meets Glam and take our business to new heights without this group of people. This has been one of the most rewarding and challenging years for me, learning how to let go of complete control and trust the team we have built. Surrounding myself with people who are kind and thoughtful and hard working was the best decision I could have made.   Our Readers: There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how grateful I am to have such an incredible group of supportive readers. It’s because of you that I’ve been able to turn a side hobby into a business and it’s something I don’t take lightly. When I get to connect with people in real life, or even just have conversations via email or direct messages on Instagram, it makes everything feel very real and incredibly rewarding. A majority of the time, it’s mostly me sharing, so I love when I get to hear from you. I’m so thankful for all of you who have been on this crazy journey us with, regardless if you’ve been here from the beginning or you just found GMG a week ago. You’ve been able to help me turn my dreams into reality and I will forever be grateful for your support.   Health: My grandpa was dealing with some serious medical problems over the past year, which was really scary. He’s doing much better now, but it’s always a big eye opening experience. He’s constantly reminding us that health is the number one thing we can focus on. It doesn’t matter if our business is thriving or we’re getting to travel, because if we don’t have our health, then many of those things aren’t possible. I feel so lucky to be healthy and active and have a family who’s the same, because I know that at any moment something can change.   Thomas- Opportunity: I’m extremely thankful for the opportunities that Julia and I have every day in our lives. I never overlook the fact of how lucky we are to have great opportunities coming our way. While most of these opportunities have come of as a result of hard, smart work, I know that luck is partially at play. No matter where we are at I think it’s important to learn to appreciate every choice we get to make because not everyone gets to decide on where their path takes them in life.     Julia: It sounds overly expected of me but one of the things I’m most thankful for is Julia. Considering we spend probably 22 hours a day or more in the same room as each other, she’s an influence on me in every single part of my life. You probably already know how great Julia is but I’ve seen her at her highest highs and her lowests lows and everything she does makes me love her more. I’m thankful that I’m married to someone that I can’t get enough of.   Good Food: I love good food, it doesn’t even have to be fancy or look pretty, I just love delicious food. Food is a necessity, it’s fuel to keep us alive. It could very much be something that’s like gasoline to a car, but it’s not. Each ingredient is filled with complexities unique to itself and these enhance life. I’m also thankful for the power that food has to bring us together, to share time, conversations and happy moments.   Laura – Fear: Anytime I’m faced with making a big life changing decision I always remember the quote “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”. This year was all about taking big leaps in my life from changing jobs (twice), forming new relationships, and moving to Charleston on my own I’ve had some good and bad but incredibly valuable experiences in every situation. So far every scary opportunity I jumped on this year has been hugely rewarding and fear was the driving force that kept me motivated to follow through in every aspect.   Support: I’m the youngest of four kids in my family and I’ve always been the one to walk to the beat of my own drum. I was the only child to leave the tri-state area for college, the first to ditch my career path in healthcare for one in fashion/creative marketing, and the first to move solo 1k+ miles away from home. As crazy as I may have driven my parents with all the unknown for my distant future, my family never tried to convince me otherwise in any of my decisions. They’ve been a constant support system and the best cheerleaders around! I feel so humbled and grateful for their love.   Charleston: After almost four years in Boston I was in desperate need of change and new surroundings to be inspired by and moving to Charleston was the answer to that need. My exposure to all that is historic and creative here has been incredible and it’s only been five months. The art scene is astounding and I am in complete awe by all of the local artists I learn about or get the lucky chance to meet. Not only that but I feel so fortunate every time I step outside to explore Charleston’s culture through architecture, nature, and people – I’m inspired by it all a little more each day.   Margaret – Community : This has been a year of transition and exciting changes. I’m thankful for the ever-growing community I have here in Charleston. It’s been so fun to cheer each other on during this season of our lives and introduce new friends to old ones. I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by a host of incredible friends here, people of all ages and in all walks of life.   Home: The house a few of my friends and I are renting has a great kitchen, with a big table in it. Often times you’ll find us around that table, enjoying a homemade meal inspired by our stacks of cookbooks. My roommates are awesome cooks, and I’m picking up a few new skills myself, with a few burnt and overly cooked meals along the way.   Charleston: The proximity to the water, the short distance to wherever you need to go, and the exciting arts and food & bev scene… I’m glad to call this city home.   The post What Our Team Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
One Bag, Four Ways
21-11-2017 09:00:24
Gal Meets Glam
A few months ago, I featured a new-to-me brand, Senreve, which you might remember from this post, as well as pop-ups on many daily looks. The San Francisco based handbag line has quickly become one of my go-to brands for amazing quality bags that are classic and timeless. I have the Senreve Maestra bag in “Ice” that’s my favorite travel bag because of all the space and storage for everything from a laptop sleeve, to my in-flight beauty products, snacks and all the other odds and ends I always have on me. I recently got the Mini Maestra, and I have to say, I’m obsessed! I haven’t stopped using it since it arrived. It’s the perfect everyday mini size, with just enough room to store my daily essentials. To show its versatility, I wore it four different ways over four days- from work to an event and everything in between.     Heading to work in the AM: I love the backpack feature of the bag- I use it way more than I would have initially thought. I love my regular sized Maestra, but there’s something about the mini backpack that is so cute and chic.     I picked the blush color of the Mini Maestra bag, but it also comes in a variety of other shades (the Cream and Marine are my other two favorite options). It makes for the perfect upcoming holiday gift, especially if you know that someone is looking for a designer bag that’s not at a designer price. All of the other bags I have with the same quality cost over $1000, and while $695 is still a lot of money, you’re paying for the quality and craftsmanship and not so much a designer label. I love that.     Afternoon Coffee Stop: By the late morning/early afternoon, I’m usually in need of a pick-me-up jolt of caffeine. Luckily, our office is located near King St, so we have a plethora of spots to stop by. Here, I wore my Mini Maestra as a satchel, which is the way I usually wear it most.     Out Shooting Around Downtown: The late afternoon golden light is my favorite, so we usually head out to shoot downtown around this time. I’ll switch my bag to the cross-body style so that way I have my hands free to shoot and move about.     Out For Drinks & A Show: At the end of a long week, Thomas and I try and make plans. When we’re home, we really love seeking out a variety of local activities to switch up our Friday nights. We love heading to the Dock St. Theatre to see what’s playing and grabbing a drink at a wine bar ahead of time. I switch my Senreve Mini Maestra to the tote style, as I always feel that it creates more of an evening look. That’s another plus about the Mini, too – it’s ideal for a night out!     Thank you to Senreve for sponsoring this post. The post One Bag, Four Ways appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Holiday Hairstyles: From Day To Night
20-11-2017 09:00:00
Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Moroccanoil Treatment, Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray   The holidays are my favorite time of year, when the city streets and neighborhoods shine so bright and festive, it gives me a new found energy to celebrate. Our calendar fills up like crazy and sometimes holiday parties aren’t just reserved for the weekends (as there aren’t enough of those during the season anyways!) and they trickle into the weeknights. When this happens, I like to make a few changes that are quick and easy, and can be done from the office. Sometimes the easiest, but most drastic change I can do to make the same outfit look brand new, is adding a new hairstyle. So I want to share with you some tips for transforming your holiday hair from work to a weeknight party!   I started out with one of my favorite hairstyles, and it’s so easy to create. The overall look is really just loose curls with the front pieces of hair twisted back from your face. The second look is more elegant with a low bun, and takes mere minutes to do in the evening. I don’t like adding a lot of product in my hair, but I love using Moroccanoil products because they really help with styling, hold and shine. I use the Moroccanoil Treatment almost every single day. It has so many different benefits (like helping my hair dry quicker and conditions my hair), but I really love to use it when my hair is looking dry because it has shine-boosting vitamins that help my hair look a little happier. I also use the Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream after I’m done curling to help flyaways and give my hair extra shine. And lastly, I always finish off any look with some Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray. For the step by step of each hairstyles, watch the video tutorial below.   Thank you to Moroccanoil for sponsoring this post. The post Holiday Hairstyles: From Day To Night appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunday Series Vol. 4
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Gal Meets Glam
This week’s Sunday Series is centered around the upcoming holiday, filled with everything from a guide to cooking on the big day, ways to give back during this thankful time, documentaries to watch with your loved ones and a family recipe to make. We hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and feel free to share what made you feel inspired/brought you joy this week!   Julia- This past week we planned out what we’ll be contributing and bringing for Thanksgiving on Thursday. We’re celebrating this year with my mom’s side of the family that lives here in Edisto Beach. While Thomas loves to cook, I really wanted to bake something. I mentioned it to my mom and she suggested I make a family favorite, “Auntie Alice’s Pumpkin Pie (Alice was my Great Grandfather’s Sister who lived to be 102!). I’ve only ever tried to bake a pie once before and it was sort of an epic fail that my family won’t let me live down. It was a vegan/gluten free pumpkin pie that didn’t hold its consistency and ended up as more of a pumpkin soup once we cut it. This time around, I’m going fool-proof with a recipe I know will be a hit. Since I’m guessing many of you are currently seeking out recipes and planning your meals, I wanted to share this family gem in hopes it can make its way onto your Thanksgiving table this year, too! Auntie Alice’s Pumpkin Pie: ¾ cup sugar 1 teaspoon ginger ½ teaspoon salt 1 ½ cup pumpkin (canned) 1 ½ teaspoon Allspice 1 cup cream, whipped 1 ½ Tablespoon melted butter 3 eggs beaten separately Blend together in order and pour into ready made pie crust (or make your own ahead of time) Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour   Thomas- The Very Serious Guide To Cooking A Thanksgiving Feast: For me, cooking for a crowd, especially for a crowd on Thanksgiving is no joke. I take it very seriously. Julia’s family can attest to that as a couple of years ago I kicked everyone out of the kitchen because they were in my way. While you don’t have to be as serious as Gordon Ramsey (or me) in the kitchen, I have some tips to make sure your meal goes off without a hitch. Here are my tips:   Start your prep today- Yes, it’s Sunday and Thanksgiving is on Thursday but in my opinion there’s no place I’d rather not be than the grocery store buying everything I need on Wednesday. Write your list tonight and plan on getting as much as possible tomorrow (Monday). Tuesday is when I start brining the Turkey (a method I do everytime I cook the turkey). If you forget anything you can always pick up forgotten items on Tuesday or Wednesday. Wednesday night I spend planning out the timing of all of the dishes and the prep time for each. I even print out a schedule for the day. I cut and prep whatever ingredients I can on Wednesday night too so that Thursday is less panic mode and more execution.   If you are bringing a dish don’t assume you’ll show up in someone else’s house and be able to reheat your dish to whichever temperature you need. You most likely won’t be able to pop it on the stove or throw it in the oven with the turkey. If you are bringing something hot, think about how you are going to keep it warm without being in the way once you are there. Maybe offer to make the salad or bring your own slow cooker. This year, we are driving an hour to spend Thanksgiving with family so I’ll be packing up our dishes in our Yeti cooler which I’ll fill with hot packs. If you are hosting, make sure you know what others are bringing and ask those dish carrying guests to think ahead about whichever constraints you may have in your kitchen.   Don’t let dishes stack up- If anyone offers help, or if you are the one offering to help the chef, just point to the dishes. That’s one of the reasons I start Wednesday night with prepping ingredients, that’s one more load of dishes I can wash before going to bed.   Plan an appetizer and put drinks in a cooler outside of the kitchen- This trick keeps people from wandering around the kitchen looking for food. This is important when hosting anyone for dinner but especially Thanksgiving because of the hour you eat at, we eat around 3 or 4pm every year, so most people skip lunch.   Have a helping hand that you can count on- I typically enlist Julia as my helping hand especially as we get closer to serving. She’s the one that helps set up the serving station and she’s always a reliable taste tester. Make sure this person knows you are counting on them so they don’t wander off for a few hours.   Have a trusty kitchen timer- I love our Amazon Echo and 75% of what I use it for is kitchen timers.   Laura- This past Friday night I attended the Heroes of Hope Gala for a non-profit organization here in Charleston called Camp Happy Days. It was my first event to get dressed up for since moving here this past summer and I loved that it was for such a good cause. Camp Happy Days benefits children battling cancer and provides support for their families in South Carolina. This is the 28th annual gala and having the event this close to Thanksgiving was a pleasant reminder that life is all about giving and sharing in any way possible. By giving thanks, spreading love, and sharing kindness and support, I  am reminded to be grateful for my ability to donate my time or money to those less fortunate. Thanksgiving is the time of year when counting life’s blessings is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and it certainly is also the time to remember to share what we have been blessed with. Whether it’s sharing words of affirmation, a thoughtful gift, or a helping hand, it is the intention behind a good deed that will have us and others feeling a little more fulfilled in this life. If I could clone myself, volunteering with non-profits is something I would do more often, but since I can’t be in two places at once I do what I can by donating to these organizations online. Here’s a list of some of my favorite charities: Camp Happy Days, ASPCA, Caring Unlimited, St. Jude Children’s, Pencils of Promise, Feeding America.   Margaret- This week I watched Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry for the first time on Netflix. Directed by Laura Dunn and Jeff Sewell and screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the film invites the viewer to see the world through Wendell Berry’s unique and compelling perspective. A poet, environmental activist and farmers’ advocate among many other titles, Berry is a champion of the organic and locally grown food movement. Berry uses his life on the farm as the lens through which he sees the world. I couldn’t help but to write down phrases I heard throughout the documentary. It’s a great film to watch with family and discuss around the Thanksgiving table, as his perspective on modern farming is subject to constructive debate. On the opposite end of the spectrum, though the two are not too distant in age, is Iris Apfel’s documentary, aptly named Iris. You’ve most likely heard her name or seen her iconic glasses painted in a storefront window. This film takes the viewer into the day-to-day life of a fashion legend, and her frank opinions about fashion and style are worth quoting. Her current popularity proves her over-the-top style and quick wit resonates with women of all ages. The post The Sunday Series Vol. 4 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Paris For My Birthday Part 2
17-11-2017 09:00:58
Gal Meets Glam
Today I’m taking you back to Paris for our final couple of days of our trip. At the beginning of our trip (Part 1 here), we received a book called “Don’t be a Tourist in Paris” written by a blogger, Messy Nessy Chic, based in Paris (which would also make a great gift this holiday season for anyone you know with plans to visit Paris). It’s a fantastic resource to have for finding things to do and places to eat with the emphasis on a local’s perspective. While we didn’t use the book for everything, it helped us fill in a few gaps in our schedule and find places we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. So, thank you Nessy for the wonderful gift!.   Outfit Details: Paule Ka Jacket & Skirt (black version here), Club Monaco Top (old, last seen here), Manolo Blahnik Pumps, Oscar de la Renta Clutch (similar here)   I last left off on the day of my birthday, which you might remember from this post. We spent the day indulging on hot chocolate and going to museums while it rained outside and it was absolutely wonderful. In the evening, we got all dressed up and had cocktails at the hotel bar before heading to our dinner reservations that Rose and her fiance made at Monsieur Bleu, which has the most wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower! We ended up staying long after our meal, fully enjoying our table with a view, and ordering another round of drinks while we chatted about everything and anything.     On the Sunday morning after my birthday, T and I put on our walking shoes (lol- I wore heeled boots that actually walked in ALL DAY LONG). We set off to walk from our hotel to Musee d’Orsay. There was a cold nip in the air, a few big puffy clouds, blue skies and light that was crystal clear. As photographers, we probably notice light a little bit different than most people do, but I’m sure you’ve experienced one of these days. The days where the light is so pure that everything it touches takes on a lot more character, almost like comparing standard definition television to 4k. As soon as we got to Musee d’Orsay we recognized it was free to all guests, so there was a queue, even at the opening time, so we kept on moving.   Outfit Details: Club Monaco Coat (old, last seen here, similar here), Bop Basics Turtleneck, Michael Kors Skirt (similar here), Aquazzura Boots, Mark Cross Bag, Max Mara Scarf (old, similar here)   So we put Île Saint-Louis into Google Maps, and we set off to walk there. Our route took us through St. Germain, Île de la Cité, Notre Dame and finally Île Saint-Louis. Completely famished at this point, we planned to stop for breakfast somewhere, but we couldn’t find a spot that was open and looked good. So we stopped at a small bakery for a muffin and carried on.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We crossed yet another bridge into Le Marais, and we stopped in at a cafe we recognized to get breakfast. It was a cute spot, but I wouldn’t recommend eating here (above). Neither of us liked our food, but we were so hungry we finished almost everything.      Rose had finished up a meeting back at the hotel, so we planned a spot for lunch. She suggested Cafe des Musees in Le Marais, which was great with us as we had been there once before. We initially discovered this spot during a night we spent with friends a few years back in a seemingly endless search for a simple plate of french fries. Every restaurant we stopped at refused to serve french fries unless we also bought a steak, so we spent at least 45 minutes on this quest. We pulled up Yelp and we discovered Cafe des Musees and headed off on a 20-minute cab ride to get a basket of fries and red wine. I think we ordered three baskets of french fries that night. Anyways, we were glad to be back with Rose and this time to eat some real food, and everything we ordered for lunch at this spot was delicious.     We ended the day with hot chocolate from Angelina’s while walking around Luxembourg gardens at golden hour. We were all exhausted from walking around Paris all day, so we decided to have room service for dinner.   Outfit Details: Rebecca Taylor Jacket, Kate Spade Pants, Lanvin Sneakers (last seen here, similar here), Chanel Bag, Gucci Scarf (last seen here)   On our last full day, Thomas and I decided to take it easy and stop by a few shops that had been on our list, with one of those being Buly 1803. Like I mentioned in last week’s Sunday Series, our hotel was fully stocked with all Buly 1803 products, so we were hooked. The store is located in Saint Germain and it’s a wonderful little treat, with a mix of perfumes, candles, beauty products and other apothecary goods.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We stopped by Cafe L’Etincelle for a late brunch, and ended up walking along the Seine for an hour. It was another beautiful, but crisp fall day, and after a while we got so cold that we ended up going back to the hotel to get warm and start packing, as we were leaving the following morning.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: Dior Coat (old, last seen here, similar here and here, under $100 here, under $150 here), J.Crew Sweater (last seen here), Mother Denim (old, similar here), Chanel Flats, Valextra Bag, Hair Bow    One of the locations that we found in the book was Musée Gustave Moreau. On our last morning we had a bit of time, so we googled the museum to see if it was open and decided to pop over. A small but lovely spot with a really cool spiral staircase, definitely worth the trip to go visit.  The post Paris For My Birthday Part 2 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
5 Thoughtful Actions For Thanksgiving
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Gal Meets Glam
Thanksgiving always holds a special place in my heart. It’s the holiday that gives me those warm and fuzzy feelings, brings back so many wonderful memories and sets a tone for the season ahead. For us, it usually marks the start of getting to see our families more frequently, spending more time with friends, slowing down our pace a bit (even if it’s just for a day or two!) and truly just enjoying being in the moment. It’s not that we’re not thankful throughout the year, because I can’t think of a day that goes by that I’m not thankful, but there’s a sense of love and gratefulness that shines much brighter on this day. Instead of posting our Thanksgiving table or what we’ll be cooking this year, I wanted to share five thoughtful actions you can do with family or friends when getting together. Each of them are simple and easy to do (even last minute), but add a personal touch to the day.     1. For the hostess to try: Take the term “hostess with the mostest” to the next level and let each of your guests know what exactly it is about them that you’re thankful for. Use blank ‘Thank You’ cards as seating cards and write one reason why you appreciate the person sitting in that seat.     2. Pick a new holiday tradition! Have everyone write down on a piece of paper an idea for a new holiday tradition. Put all suggestions into a bowl and have the hostess pick out 3 ideas. Then let everyone vote on their favorite one among the 3. Traditions are the most fun and hilarious ways to make memories with the family.   3. Share a favorite recipe! There’s nothing better than a no-fail recipe to share with family or friends that will bring everyone together for years to come. Pass on the love and attach a recipe card to a plate of leftovers to send home with guests. Include a festive recipe for them to try between now and Christmas, and if they love it enough they may even make it a regular dish of theirs beyond the holidays.     4. Let your guests pass on the love too! Put a blank piece of paper and pen on top of each place setting and have that person write down one thing they’re thankful for about the person sitting to their right. Whether it’s a new face at the table or a cousin you rarely get to see throughout the year, each guest has a lovely note to take home and leaves with a happier heart knowing they’re appreciated and welcomed.   5. Have games ready to play! Since the time leading up to the meal can sometimes be hectic with cooks cooking and people coming and going, we love the time together after the meal. Every year, without fail, once everyone in our family is stuffed with food (and some drinks have been had), we pull out the games. From Monopoly, to Heads Up, to Left Right Center and Cards Against Humanity (for once the kids go to bed!)- we play them all. We can play for hours, laughing and smiling and of course going back for round two of dessert or for leftovers. The post 5 Thoughtful Actions For Thanksgiving appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Holiday Dress I’m Wearing All Year Long
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Topshop Faux Fur Jacket, Cinq A Sept Dress, Louboutin Pumps, Edie Parker Clutch (similar here)   I love a good holiday party, but what I love even more is getting dressed up for a good holiday party. We’re still a few weeks away from the festivities that come with the season, but I’ve already been getting lots of requests to share my favorite looks to wear for various occasions. There’s something about the holidays that always makes me want to get a little bit more dressed up than usual, whether that’s with a touch of sequins, faux fur or an amazing fitted dress. Today’s post is with the last one and I’m loving the soft hue mixed with other festive colors.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   This soft blush Cinq A Sept dress immediately stood out to me when I was online shopping for a holiday dress this season. In a sea of over the top sequins and simple black dresses, this one was the perfect happy medium. Classic and simple, but no where near boring. And yet again, this light pink color proves to be a year-round neutral that I can’t get enough of. The fitted silhouette is so incredibly flattering, with a slight flare and satin bow detail. I also love this velvet ruffled one in the same blush color.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   This pink Topshop faux fur coat was an impulse purchase before our trip to Paris, but I’m so happy I bought it. It’s a little bit over the top, but in the best way possible. I last wore it here and here and love the way it looks over a holiday party dress. Even if you’re not one for dressing up, it’ll make any outfit look festive without even trying. It also comes in this gorgeous green sage color, which would look beautiful over this dress.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   And lastly, the one pair of heels that get me through any and every dressed-up occasion are my nude pumps. It’s fun to have a killer pair of heels that make a statement, but you’ll really get the most wear out of a simple classic pair like this. Although I do have my eye on these sequin pumps or these velvet bow heels…     Thank you to Nordstrom & Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. The post The Holiday Dress I’m Wearing All Year Long appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Paris For My Birthday Part 1.
14-11-2017 09:00:44
Gal Meets Glam
It was such a special treat to spend my birthday in Paris this year. What I love about Paris, especially after my first trip, is that there’s so much to do and see. Even a walk around a neighborhood is a fun thing to do. We’ve finally been enough times now that we feel like we have a good sense of where everything is, and we have favorite places that we like to visit every time we’re there. On this trip, we had almost no formal plans aside from a birthday dinner scheduled. So we went with how we were feeling and what we were near, and decided to explore that way.   Outfit Details: Sezane Jacket (old, last seen here, similar here), Club Monaco Sweater (old, last seen here, similar here), Club Monaco Skirt, Stuart Weitzman Boots, Mansur Gavriel Clutch, Topshop Beret, Red Sunglasses    Prior to leaving for Paris we were watching The Collection, which I talked about in this Sunday Series. Thomas was feeling inspired by the photographer in the show that was shooting all around Paris (and if you’ve seen the show, you’ll get why I was inspired to wear this all red outfit!). So he convinced me we should rent a medium format film camera for our Paris trip. We rented a Hasselblad 203fe. Despite lugging this heavy camera all over Paris, we only shot 5 rolls of film (60 total shots) as there’s a much higher learning curve than we anticipated. It was fun to play around with and we are glad we brought it, but we still have much to learn about it. We had 4 of the rolls developed and received the low resolution digital scans yesterday (Thomas posted a picture of one), but sadly half of them were out of focus. They are still beautiful photos though! I’ll make sure to call out any film shots, if I post any.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   For lunch on our first full day, I asked T to make a reservation wherever he would like. After some research, he found Carbon in Le Marais. We knew we would be in for a lot of decadent French food on the trip, so Carbon was the perfect detox from that. Most of the dishes that are served are cooked over an open fire in someway. Even though most of the small menu had meat, they were more than accommodating to our pescatarian palettes. Our favorite dish were the carrots, which were glazed and grilled and tasted so sweet they could have substituted our dessert. If you are new to Paris, make sure to have a few meals in Le Marais. One of the reasons why we love the area so much is because of the incredible diversity in food.   Outfit Details: Chloe Coat (last seen here), Rebecca Taylor Sweater (last seen here and here), Theory Pants (on sale), Miu Miu Flats, Dior Bag   We had initially arrived in Paris in the late morning. We always like taking an evening flight to Europe, that way we can sleep on the plane, land and have a full day ahead. It’s always a little tiring though, as we never know how much sleep we’re going to get on the plane, but we usually have so much adrenaline from our excitement that we head out and explore right away. A little drowsy, but not enough so to stay back, we got dressed up and headed out to walk around Saint Germain. This is my favorite neighborhood. You can also reference this post we put together last winter of all of our favorite neighborhoods in Paris.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: Topshop Jacket ( more sizes here) Joseph Top (last seen here), Kate Spade Skirt (on sale), Gianvito Rossi Pumps (old, last seen here, similar here& also here under $50), Oscar de la Renta Clutch (last seen here, similar here)   If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw Stories or Instagrams of our beautiful hotel in Paris, Hotel de Crillon. After spending 4 years under renovations they finally reopened this hotel in July and they did such an impeccable job with it. The service at the hotel was one of the best experiences we’ve had traveling. The staff were so sweet. Also, I got a kick out of the employee uniforms which for the men included Hotel de Crillon monogrammed smoking slippers. Thomas and I got dressed up and headed for a wine at Le Bonaparte in Saint Germain, followed by some live jazz at Chez Papa (so fun! I LOVED every minute of it). Afterwards we met up with Rosie and her man for a late dinner at our favorite, Brasserie Lipp. Then had just arrived via train from London and I was so so so excited to have them in Paris with us. At midnight they had the waiter bring out cake and sang me happy birthday!   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   On my actual birthday, I had THE BEST day! I told Thomas that I didn’t want any gifts because being on the trip was more than enough. We ordered room service and had it delivered to our room, and Rosie and her man came over too. As we waited for our breakfast feast, a knock came from the door, and Thomas quickly went to go answer it. He then rounded the corner with the biggest bouquet of blush pink roses for me!     After our champagne filled breakfast we decided an art museum sounded like the perfect activity since it was raining. Thomas spoke with concierge and he came back very excited about a portrait photography exhibition at Grand Palais. The exhibition displayed the work of Irving Penn, one of the most famous portrait photographers of his time. He shot for Vogue for years and shot with lots of celebrities. I can almost assure you that you’ve seen an image of his somewhere. We love going to art museums whenever we can as they leave us feeling inspired for the creative work that we do. This is especially true after seeing photography exhibitions.   Outfit Details: Topshop Jacket (last seen here, more sizes here) J.Crew Sweater (old, similar here), Frame Pants, Miu Miu Flats (last seen here), Topshop Beret, Chanel Bag   We had lunch at Cafe le Jardin Du Petit Palais, which was right around the corner from the exhibition and followed that by a stroll through the Tulieries Garden. After getting stuck in the rain and stopping for a quick espresso at a cafe, we headed back to the hotel for some tea and hot chocolate. We took it easy for the rest of the afternoon, as we knew we were going to have a fun night out!   The post Paris For My Birthday Part 1. appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunday Series Vol. 3
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Gal Meets Glam
Happy Sunday Everyone! We’re back with our 3rd edition of our Sunday Series and touching on everything from AR/VR, to personalization to an inspiring podcast and a new apothecary discovery. In case you’ve missed the last two posts, our Sunday Series is where our team shares one thing we discovered/were inspired by/or enjoyed during the week. I loved hearing your responses to last week’s post and hope you continue to share what inspired you during the week in the comments section below.   Julia- On this last trip to Paris, we stayed at the absolutely beautiful Rosewood Hotel de Crillon. After being closed for renovations for over 4 years, they finally re-opened this past July with much anticipation. We’ve stayed at our fair share of Paris hotels in the past, but this was, without a doubt, one of the best hotel experiences we’ve ever had. I keep raving about it to everyone, because honestly, it was exceptional. The staff was so kind, everything about the hotel was dreamy and my favorite part, the Buly products they use throughout. I had quite a few readers reach out when they saw that we were in Paris, telling me to go to the Buly 1803 store in Saint Germain. And once I put two and two together, I added it as a must-stop on our trip. After smelling all of the mini samples that were in our hotel room bathroom, and asking the staff at the hotel which scents were used in the lobby (the alabaster in “woody”), I headed out to the shop. The store was lined with old, intricate wood cabinets filled with everything from candles and incense, to perfumes and beauty products, with each one bursting with aroma. My treasure I took home with me? Their “Rose” perfume. Unlike a typical alcohol based perfume, Buly’s are water based, which actually makes it last longer. Each one slightly changes when applied, making it unique to your own personal scent. While I wanted to take every single candle home with me, the heavy marble and glass made it a little impossible. Instead, I made sure to stock up on all of the goodies that were in our bathroom at the hotel, with plans to savor every last drop. Once our house in finished next year, Thomas and I said we would treat ourselves to some of our favorite Buly 1803 scents to bring back the wonderful memories we had in Paris.   Thomas- My discussion this Sunday is about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and what I think their future is in our lives. Last Christmas, we bought Julia’s brother an HTC Vive, which according to her Computer Science majoring brother, was the bee’s knees of VR systems. We had a ton of fun playing games on our holiday break, but I haven’t thought much on the topic since then. AR/VR mostly have entertainment functions now, think about Pokemon Go (catching virtual Pokemon while out in the real world) or IG and Snapchat face filters. Besides a few laughs and some fun, they haven’t made much of an impact on our life; they don’t make our life easier or make us more productive.   I believe the next most significant opportunity for AR, specifically, will be with shopping applications. Maybe you’ve seen AR features popping up in stores for the past couple of years. These novel applications are fun, but I’m not sure they make a significant impact. I think the next major adoption of AR will come via our phones that allow even more substitutions for shopping in person, driving higher e-commerce sales. For instance, Warby Parker launched an app that utilizes the iPhone X selfie camera to analyze a person’s face to suggest eyeglasses.   Amazon just launched an AR feature on their iOS app that lets you place thousands of virtual products into real life to see how they look before buying. Amazon is notorious for launching big ideas, giving them massive exposure on their site and then waiting to see how they perform. While most fail (by Amazon’s standards) the enormous successes like Prime, Prime Video and Alexa have been responsible for insane growth. AR may or may not be a big hit for Amazon shoppers but seeing as Alexa helped grow Amazon’s US ecommerce sales market share from 38.1% in 2016 to an estimated 43.5% (a jump of $50 billion in sales) in 2017, each product announcement Amazon makes is worth paying attention to. If AR ends up working for in home items like furniture, televisions and cooking appliances you can bet that Amazon will put everything they have into creating AR experiences for apparel, a market that they are determined to takeover and that they currently account for 6.6% of US Sales.   Laura – Ever feel like a robot when it comes to your morning routine? As of recently, I did. When I wake up I turn on my Spotify playlist to listen to as I get ready thinking some of my favorite tunes would get me in the right mood to start my day. I would listen to the playlist all the way into my car, on my drive to work, and again on my way home. After a while it started to feel like the movie Groundhog Day – doing some of the same things over and over, and lately I began to feel really blah about it. The time change with an earlier sunset didn’t help my weird mood either! Thomas had showed me a website of a successful career/life coach name Marie Forleo, we were simply admiring her website but while doing so I found her amazing self-help podcast. Don’t be deterred by the words “self-help”, this is a podcast geared towards business minded individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit working towards living a productive, meaningful, and more fulfilling life. Marie’s voice is so captivating and she is wildly entertaining to listen to (she was even recognized by Oprah)! She keeps almost all episodes short, sweet, and straight to the point – no extra fluff. Some great topics included are “How to Keep Stress From Shriveling Your Brain into a Raisin”, “Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy, Profits and Prosperity”, “How to Make a Big Career Change When You’re Afraid You’ll Fail”, and so many more valuable topics. Now every morning as I’m getting ready I listen to a few episodes and her positive attitude has been the best motivation for the start of my day. My favorite thing about her advice is that it’s applicable to anyone’s daily life. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to implement her tips. If you ever find yourself in a creative rut or are often contemplating wanting more out of life, take a listen to Marie. She is the definition of optimism and empowerment and it will certainly rub off on you!   Margaret – From media sites to beauty products, a growing trend is the ability for consumers to customize company service offerings and products to meet unique preferences. There is a broader cultural movement toward personalization. Media is catered to consumers via personal preferences and unique interests, and new beauty products are designed to add a personal touch. Product recommendations based on recent online behavior can be delivered straight to an inbox or appear within a retailer’s site after purchase. Ads are served based on behavioral data on social platforms. We’ve never been served on such a personal level so fast. Whether this is a good, bad, or necessary trend is up for debate, but nevertheless it’s important to be aware of what services and products we can personalize. Here are a few companies I’ve recently noticed are taking hold of this trend: Glossier You Perfume : A personalized perfume for your unique scent Amazon : Scroll down the Amazon home page to find related items to the one’s you’ve purchased and ‘more items to consider.’ Eater : Subscribe to your city’s Eater newsletter and receive new places to check out near you Netflix: You can customize your experience and recommendations in a variety of ways Cuyana : Create a personalized Cuyana leather piece Medium: Identify the topics you’re interested in, and Medium will serve you those kinds of articles and identify more articles you may be interested in based on your activity Gmail: Customize your inbox for a productivity system that suits your needs The post The Sunday Series Vol. 3 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Tips For Staying Motivated With A New Season & Time Change
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Gal Meets Glam
Now that the clocks have fallen back and the sun sets really early, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Maybe it’s a creative rut or an overall lack of energy. It’s important to not let yourself go into “hibernation” mode, so I’ve put together a list of my top tips for staying motivated for fall and winter so you can beat those Winter blues and and feel great these next couple of months.   Wear your “power” outfits- Temperature and weather can make life more difficult and sometimes we just have to put on whatever we have. As the temperature dips I love to add new items that keep me warm, dry and looking great. It’s so easy when buying jackets and coats to focus on neutrals but I love bold colors to standout from the crowd (like here and here).   Control food cravings- There’s a reason why that PSL and muffin hit the spot in the cold weather months. While there’s a debate of exactly why it happens, most people increase caloric consumption during this time of the year. One theory is that we crave carbs which raise body temperature during digestion. Just being mindful of our increased desire to eat can help us make smarter choices by what we consume (i.e. lots of sugar)   Keep up or pick up your workout routine- Since weather won’t allow us to spend as much time as we want outside it’s important to maintain enough physical activity. To help motivate yourself to workout enough you can bring a friend to an exercise class with you. Working out with a buddy is way more fun and then you have another person to hold you accountable to your plans.   Meet up with friends more often- Social interaction is a great way to recharge your batteries, even if you are feeling overwhelmed everywhere else in your life. Sometimes, when I’m super busy getting together with friends, being social can seem like the last thing I’d want to do, but I’m always reminded how great it is to catch up and have fun.   Going out for meals and drinks can get expensive so instead, how about you host a themed potluck dinner party with friends. This way you won’t be required to cook everything on your own and then all your guests get to taste test lots of new dishes. Plus, get togethers often result in making more fun future plans with friends for weekend trips or social events throughout the season.   Look into any community and social events going on in your city/town on the weeknights so you have something to look forward to after work.   Spend time outside when possible- Take advantage of great weather and spend time outside whenever possible. Book an “appointment” for yourself to get outside during your workday or go for an extra long walk for lunch. And when the weather turns really bad, look on the bright side. Learn how to love the outdoors wherever you live during every season.   Start a new passion project- Having something to look forward to always helps get through a day much faster. Whether that’s taking a new class after work or an activity on the weekends. Choose to do something simply because you love it, rather than trying to get some sort of return from it. In our top lessons from female entrepreneurs post a few of our contributors mentioned the importance of working on something you are passionate about. Treat yourself and make plans that you can’t wait to do!   Write out your to-do list for the next day before you go to bed- Short days can throw off my perception of how productive I am, even if I’m working the same amount of hours. Additionally, the sinking sun can distract me and remind me of everything I still have left on my plate. That’s why it’s important to start with writing a great to-do list the night before my next work day. That way I can start with the most important items first.   Change up your routine- Possibly the quickest way to give you more motivation is to shock your body with change. You can change up your morning music for an inspirational podcast. Try finding a podcast that provides a practical and positive action plan or daily insights that will inspire you to take on your day with excitement.   Try to learn how to meditate and once you can, try out a midday meditation session at your desk for 10 minutes. You’ll feel really refreshed. A great app for this is Headspace (which my friend Carly got me on) or Calm. The post Tips For Staying Motivated With A New Season & Time Change appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
My Favorite Classic Combination
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Joseph Top, Helmut Lang Pants (on sale, last seen here), Gianvito Rossi Pumps, Mark Cross Bag (love this new color for fall)   I’ll always love a great monochromatic look. I think there is nothing more chic than an all white or cream outfit, especially when heading into the colder seasons when clothes and outfits start to become darker and heavier. Last year, I wore this winter white look that’s always been a staple of mine, especially when I want something that feels bright and fresh. Often times I think this simple combination is overlooked, but yet, it’s so easy to create. Many of us already have some type of white/cream pants (whether it’s jeans, trousers or even a skirt) and some type of white/cream top (a blouse, a sweater or even a tee) to pair together.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   While we shot this look a while ago in NYC, it’s sort of a timeless combination. Now, I would just add a cream coat over the top to make it more seasonally appropriate, or switch out my blouse for a cream turtleneck. A pair of cream trousers will always come in handy. I bought this Helmut Lang pair a few years ago, and luckily, they are still available and on sale here. They’re probably one of the most comfortable pairs of pants I own, and oh so flattering.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post My Favorite Classic Combination appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Our Scotland Adventure Part 4
8-11-2017 09:00:22
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Chloe Cape, J.Crew Turtleneck, Old Navy Jeans (old, last seen here, similar here and here), Gucci Loafers, Mansur Gavriel Bag, Beret (last seen here, similar here), Scarf (bought in Ireland, last seen here, similar here)   This is our last and final post from Scotland, and probably one of my favorite days there. And just in case you missed them, here are Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Like I mentioned in this post, we ended the trip staying at Ardanaiseig Hotel on Loch Awe. The day before, we arrived in the early evening and spent the rest of the day exploring the property, relaxing for tea and having a delicious dinner there. So the next day we were ready to get out see the surroundings. We had one destination in mind, the town of Oban, but of course we stopped a few times along the way when we found any gorgeous scenic spots.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Along the way, in the Scottish countryside, we say thatched roofs, endless hills covered in autumnal tones of heather, and lots of animals. It was exactly what I pictured when I envisioned Scotland and it did not disappoint. After a few stops, we arrived to Oban. Before heading into town we made a slight detour to visit Dunollie, where we toured the castle and grounds and stopped by their cafe for some hot chai lattes. Not only are the grounds beautiful, with a great outlook point looking at Oban, but it’s also rich in history. Some of the castle ruins date back to the 15th century.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I couldn’t not create a gif out of these pictures (ha!). Thomas kept telling me that I looked like a flying squirrel in my cape.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Next, we headed into town to get some fresh seafood, as Oban is known as the “seafood capitol of Scotland”. Rose found a place called the Oban Seafood Hut, which is a small green shack along the pier. Apparently, this is the spot to get seafood. We saw the fisherman coming right up from their boats and bringing the fresh catch of the day. I’m a little bit picky with my seafood (I wish I wasn’t! – it’s a texture thing), but the other three had eyes wide open for everything on the menu, so naturally they ordered the mixed platter. Out came a huge display of oysters, clams, scallops, mussels, smoked salmon (which I did have!), crab, shrimp and langoustines. One of the men working at the hut saw us taking pictures and brought live lobster over for us to hold, and I went into full-on panic mode, which he thought was the funniest thing ever. I’m actually getting anxious just thinking about it! Something about touching live sea creatures just really freaks me out. Side story: whenever Thomas and I go fishing, if I catch something, I have to have Thomas help me get it off the hook, as I won’t touch the fish. Again, it’s a texture thing.     After lunch, we made our way across the street to the Oban Distillery, which dates back to 1794. As both Rose and Thomas said, you can’t go to Scotland and not taste some whiskey. I’m not really a whiskey fan (or hard alcohol in general), but it’s all about the experience. I took a nice whiff and let the boys do the real tasting, which they loved.     Afterwards, we headed back out on the road, headed for home. We spent the car ride reminiscing about the trip and already planning our next one (hi, Paris!). I’m so glad last minute we decided to add on this short trip to Scotland since we were going to be in London for work. After our trip to Ireland last year, it’d been at the top of our list and it was everything we’d imagined it would be. If you get the chance, go!   The post Our Scotland Adventure Part 4 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Travel Series: Once You Are There
7-11-2017 09:00:41
Gal Meets Glam
As the last entry to our travel planning series, we are covering those final moments of planning that take place once you arrive. You can spend months planning for a trip, booking activities, restaurants reservations, you name it, but there’s a certain amount that’s not possible to schedule in advance. In fact, we recommend not booking too much in advance. Instead, we suggest looking for opportunities once you arrive to your destination. As they always say, it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in trying to plan out every single detail of a trip that we don’t give ourselves room to breathe, relax, take it all in and just explore. Some of our favorite travel memories have happened that way…when we had no plans, no expectations and just let ourselves wander. Here are some of our top tips on figuring out what to do once you’re there…     Make sure you have Google Maps saved for offline – We’ve talked about it before but we highly recommend you have Google Maps saved for offline so that you don’t run into issues with connectivity preventing you from getting from one spot to another. Especially when you’re traveling internationally.   Hit the ground running – When visiting a new place for the first time, go out and explore, with no particular agenda, as soon as you arrive. Even better if you can do it on foot. This is a great way to get a feel for a new area without the pressure of feeling like you have to hit every site. We find this especially true when traveling on long flights and dealing with new time zones. Your body is thrown off so much that getting out and walking helps you feel refreshed. Chances are you are also starving or at least hungry for something that’s better than airport food. Even if you don’t like planning meals in advance, I’d recommend you at least have one decent place picked out ahead of the trip. That saves you from letting hangry-ness get the best of you. Another thing when traveling internationally is to make sure to stop by an ATM for cash, especially when in another country.     Take a scenic route – I’m all for sticking to GPS to get from point A to point B in the quickest amount of time, but if you’re open to it, try and get ‘lost’. Drive or walk a route that looks more interesting and maybe a little more challenging. Use your eyes and intuition rather than a computer to decide what destinations to visit. If you’re a little scared about taking this approach, remember that you can always use GPS to get you back on track.     Ask for recommendations, but take them with a grain of salt – Locals and travel industry professionals (hotel concierge, travel tour operators, etc.) are often happy to offer suggestions of things to do and places to see and eat at. Instead of jumping straight onboard, take their suggestions as guidance and do more of your own research. Even we’re staying at a really nice hotel and ask the concierge for recommendations, we always look it up and check it out on Instagram. Often times, they’re catered to a specific type of clientele/are very touristy “well known” spots, so it’s best to get your own opinion once you know the name. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone somewhere based on someone’s recommendation, not checking before, only to have majorly regretted it later. We’ve found that the best recommendations come from food bloggers who actually live in the city we’re visiting.     When searching for restaurants and activities use blogs or Instagram– We like to use the time in our hotel after dinner to try and book the rest of our next day. To help do that, we use a mix of Pinterest, Instagram and Blogs. Let Google do the work in helping you find these more reliable sources for information. While Yelp, Google Maps and TripAdvisor can give you a general idea of how something is, you never know who that particular traveler is/what their expectations are and their opinions or pictures might not be a true representation of the experience you will have. Another method of ours for scoping out things to do, see, or eat is through Instagram hashtags and explore pages. Most destinations have a hashtag or Instagram handle where visitors have contributed their outtakes from their trips. For instance when we traveled to Scotland, we researched #exploreScotland in search of the best locations for breathtaking views and specific geotags to help us find the exact spot on the map. You can read countless reviews online, but the visuals from an Instagram discovery feed are much more helpful so you have a better idea of what you’ll be getting yourself into. This has been our #1 way to find amazing spots when traveling. We like Instagram because it’s so visual, but it’s always a bonus when a person we found has a website so we can read up more on their recommendations.     And in case you missed them, be sure to check out “Finding Inspiration”, ‘The Planning Process” and “Top Trip Booking Tips”. The post Travel Series: Once You Are There appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Fall Boot Guide
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Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12   We’ve had our first taste of cold weather here in Paris, and for the first time this season, I pulled out all the layers- coat, scarf, gloves and boots. I love it though, and I was hoping we’d get to bundle up while here. When I was packing for this trip and going through my boots, it got me thinking as to which ones I’m always wearing or traveling with. There are definitely some MVPs that I bought this season, along with some old favorites, too. I have a few pairs of ankle booties, with varying heel heights, but my most worn pairs are these I bought from Sezane this year (seen here), this pair I bought from Nordstrom (seen here) last year and these heeled booties I bought years ago (similar pair here).   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Without a doubt though, my favorite boots are my knee-high ones. I have this Sezane pair and this Aquazzura pair that I’ve been wearing with everything from dresses to skirts and pants. They’re definitely the most versatile boots to wear and the camel color in both the leather and suede goes with just about everything. I found a few similar styles (and some less expensive options, too) here, here and here.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post The Fall Boot Guide appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunday Series Vol. 2
5-11-2017 08:00:16
Gal Meets Glam
Last week was our first edition of our new ‘Sunday Series’, where our team shares one favorite find/highlight/moment of the week, and I’m excited to bring our second one today! This one has a bit of holiday spirit, an interesting article on internet trends, new makeup products and a good book. And in case you missed last week’s post, you can check it out here!   Julia- Last week on Instagram Stories, I got a little pre-excited for the upcoming holiday season and shared one of my newest (and most favorite) Christmas albums by Leslie Odom Jr. You probably recognize the name if you are a Hamilton or Broadway fan, as he played Aaron Burr in the hit musical. We are huge fans of his, so when Thomas shared that his new holiday album came out just a week ago, I had to go listen…and I haven’t stopped since. It’s maybe the best remake of some of the most popular songs of the season. I got chills when I listened to “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”, particularly at 2:17 when the beat changes. It’s so good and will instantly put you in the best holiday spirit and lift your mood! I loved that many of you shared with me that you, too, like to listen to Christmas music waaay before the season starts. A few people even sent me pictures of their living rooms fully decorated and presents already wrapped. Now that’s preparation! Since Halloween is officially over, I feel like I can fully embrace my holiday-loving self. Bring on all the festive songs and decorations! To celebrate, I wanted to share my ultimate Holiday Playlist on Spotify. These are the songs I’m going to be listening to on repeat for the next two months. And feel free to share any of your favorites that I might be missing in the comments below. I’ll be adding more over the next couple of weeks.   Thomas- I do most of my reading on Medium, I love that it’s become a platform for people to share their well thought out opinions, advice and stories. I read a lot of great articles but every once in awhile I read an article that opens my mind to something I’ve completely overlooked. This article did that for me. To summarize, the author, Nat Eliason, covers how ~10 years ago, the most popular websites were mostly searched based, but now they are mostly made up of social or entertainment sites. While it’s been a steady transition for anyone that’s lived during this period of time, basically everyone reading this, he points out that we’ve essentially gone through a rewiring of our brains because of this. The rewiring has been caused by what he calls the emergence of “junk food” media, media that gives quick dopamine hits, that have become the standard across these top sites. I personally think that it’s interesting to think about the fact that we got here all by market forces. These top sites are experts to say the least in data analysis, they know what content is and isn’t working and they have the power to make sure the most engaging content gets the most eyeballs on their platform. I’d love to know what you think about the article, make sure to read the whole thing (10 years ago I probably wouldn’t have had to tell you this) as he makes some of his best points and asks his best questions towards the end.   Laura- If you’re anything like me, you love a good routine, especially for skincare or makeup. But lately I’ve been a little more intrigued by makeup than normal, which has sparked a craving for changing out some products. I think my problem with never trying out new beauty pieces before was a) my usual lineup worked well for me and b) I feel lost when figuring out how to incorporate new products into my current process. So here’s where I start small. This by Terry 3-in-1 eye pencil in Copper Crush – I stopped wearing eyeliner a few years ago because I never applied it well enough to really enlarge the look of my eyes. I recently tried this eye pencil as a liner (only on the top lid) right before I apply my mascara and it’s really brought a lot more attention to my eyes in the most subtle way. This Make Up For Ever matte highlighter in Ivory Highlight – was fairly inexpensive compared to the other options out there and my favorite part about it versus the competitors is the matte finish rather than a shimmery finish. I greatly dislike shimmer in my makeup because I want everyday wearability that works for the office, events, or date night. Lastly, my newest obsession is this RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Illusive. I love that it’s the perfect amount of color for any occasion, you can even add a little gloss to it if you want more glam, but the best part is it’s versatility. At the end of the work day my blush from the morning has already rubbed off and I don’t like having to carry my blush palette AND brush in my bag if I have impromptu plans. So this is perfectly small, easy to apply, and you knock out 2 birds with 1 stone – lip 2 cheek! I’d love to know some easy makeup additions you’ve been incorporating and loving too!   Margaret- One of my favorite ways to unplug is to read a hard copy of a book on a Sunday afternoon. I love reading all sorts of genres and varieties of storytelling. However, my favorite books are those that bring a fresh perspective. One book I’ve re-read many times is Love Does, by Bob Goff. Goff has lived a life of adventure and whimsy. His storytelling will first make you laugh, then make you think. Perhaps this snippet from the description gives the best glimpse of the read, “Light and fun, unique and profound, the lessons drawn from Bob’s life and attitude just might inspire you to be secretly incredible, too.” I recently found out his wife, Maria Goff, wrote her own book, and I’m looking forward to reading her story. Another great read is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, which is a thought provoking book that combines hard data and strong narratives. Backed with case studies and a scientific approach to analyzing habit, Duhigg shares key insights I’ve personally applied to my life. If you have a great Sunday read to add to the list, I’d love to hear. As the holiday season approaches, it’s the best time to gift an inspiring book or add one to a holiday wish-list. The post The Sunday Series Vol. 2 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Our Scotland Adventure Part 3
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: A.P.C. Coat (old, last seen here and here, similar here and here), Draper James Shirt (last seen here), Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater, Old Navy Jeans (old, last seen here, similar here and here), Madewell Loafers When we originally planned our Scotland trip, we only had a small window open in our schedule, so the plan was to just do Gleneagles. But when one of our projects got delayed, we decided to add on a few extra days. Luckily, Rose was game to extend her trip too, and she found a promising looking B&B in another part of Scotland. So we loaded up our cars and headed towards our next hotel, Ardanaiseig. While it rained a good portion of this beautiful drive, the weather cleared enough for us to stop at a few of the incredibly picturesque scenes along the way. It was actually a good thing that we had rain along the drive, as I don’t think we would have arrived until dinner time, despite it only being a 2 hour drive without stopping.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We had planned to visit Kilchurn Castle later in the afternoon after arriving to our hotel, but as we passed right by it along the route, we figured we’d save ourselves some driving time and check it out earlier rather than later. We had all of our luggage, so we pulled out our wellies and walked out to this vantage point across the loch from the castle. It reminded Thomas and me of a setting straight out of Outlander.     Honestly, I can’t think of the last time I didn’t pack my Hunter boots “just in case” while traveling. I’ve mentioned it before, and I think it’s worth mentioning again (because I get a lot of questions), that the ‘Tour’ boot is the one you want to travel with. They’re not only lighter, but also more flexible and easier to pack. I’m always finding myself super happy that I packed them last minute!     Next, we got back on our route and we immediately came across this church called St. Conan’s Kirk. It’s situated up on a cliff overlooking Loch Awe, the same lake as the castle down along the water. It was a quick pitstop to check out the view and then back on the road, but if you have more time, they have a little cafe attached and some walking paths along the water.     Finally we made it to Ardanaiseig Hotel. An old q9th century manor house situated along a beautiful lake, it had a cozy but possibly haunted feeling. Maybe it’s the fact that you have to drive a good 10 minutes before reentering civilization or it could be the stone facade covered in ivy. Haunted or not, it was a nice location to base our final full day of exploring in Scotland, which I’ll cover in the final Scotland post.   Outfit Details: J.Crew Blazer (old, similar here and here), J.Crew Turtleneck (old, similar here), Frame Jeans, J.Crew Belt, Gucci Scarf, Hunter Boots  The post Our Scotland Adventure Part 3 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Our Scotland Adventure Part 2
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Gal Meets Glam
We started our final full day at Gleneagles with breakfast in bed, Rosie’s bed to be more specific. We called ahead to have everything delivered to their room early in the morning, because breakfast with all four of us is more fun! We ordered a little bit of everything, as we always do, and chowed down before getting ready for a day full of activities. Much coffee was needed as I was having a hard time sleeping (I think it was from jumping to California from Charleston, then NYC, London and finally Scotland), my body was so tired, but my mind would be wide awake at night. It could also be that I was just so excited to be in Scotland!   Outfit Details: Bop Basics Cashmere Sweater & Pants (also comes in more colors) We started the morning with a carriage ride through the countryside. We all bundled up with blankets in the backseat and set off through the beautiful landscape. The carriage ride was a great way to see the property immediately surrounding Gleneagles, and since it was morning time, it was incredibly peaceful out. And the horses! There are actually stables of horses on the property that you can ride, take lessons, or even learn to play polo with!   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: Burberry Coat (similar less expensive version here), Vince Turtleneck (old, last seen here, similar here), Max Mara Scarf (old, similar here), L’Agence Pants, Mulberry Boots, Ray Ban Sunglasses    In Monday’s post I mentioned that a hike was towards the top of our list of activities to do at Gleneagles, but the number one activity that we were most excited for was the off-road driving course! As you can tell from these pictures, these vehicles can handle pretty much anything. They were a blast to drive in and I wish we had longer than an hour on the course because it felt like 5 minutes. We drove over pretty much everything and took on any hill, boulder or stream without a blink of an eye. I was in the back giggling away and bouncing all around, loving every minute of it. And I still can’t get over this gorgeous landscape!     That’s me driving, BTW! Rose was a pro and I was so nervous to drive (as I’ve never driven stick), but the group encouraged me to give it a go, so I did. It ended up being much easier than I thought, but I definitely opted out of the steep hills and driving through streams. The large puddles were more my speed.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: Barbour Jacket, Demylee Sweater (old, similar here), J.Crew Pants(last seen here), Hunter Boots, Scarf (bought in Ireland, similar here)   Next came the grand finale of the off-road course, the creek. I was a little skeptical when our guide told us to drive straight down the creek when we had the option of an easily navigable road, but I guess that’s what we signed up for! I had my head out the window the whole time, laughing in disbelief that we were driving through a creek!   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   After our two full days of adventure at Gleneagles, we cleaned up out of our dirty clothes and got dressed up for a fancy dinner at their restaurant, The Strathearn. Before dinner, we sipped on Moscow Mules as we watched the sunset from the comfy bar area and talked about Rosie and her man’s upcoming nuptials! To say I’m excited is a major understatement!   Outfit Details: Zimmermann Dress (similar less expensive here), Sezane Boots (less expensive version here)   The post Our Scotland Adventure Part 2 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
10 Key Lessons On Starting Your Own Business From Women Entrepreneurs Who’ve Inspired Me
1-11-2017 08:00:49
Gal Meets Glam
Starting and running a business is one of the most rewarding things that I believe one can do with their life. That’s why I try to seize every opportunity I get to help promote entrepreneurial spirit. I’m especially passionate about helping female entrepreneurs. Now more than ever, women are being encouraged to start businesses and there’s never been a better time in history to do so. But there’s still a long way to go for us, along with obstacles that we have to face that our male counterparts don’t necessarily have to deal with. I wanted to put together a post about some of my top tips for starting and running a business, but as I set off to create that post I thought, “I’m just one woman starting a particular type of business. I wonder what the female entrepreneurs that I admire would have to say about what they’ve learned along their journey?”. So I reached out to a few of the women that I look up to and asked them to share a crucial lesson that they’ve learned from starting and running their own businesses. Some of these women you might recognize, and some you may not have heard of yet, but each of them has shared what they feel the number one lesson they’ve learned and how they believe that has contributed to their success as entrepreneurs.   Lela Rose, Designer– “The importance of building a great team has been my greatest lesson. The people that you surround yourself and your business with are extremely vital to success. In addition, these are people that you spend a majority of your time with and creating a community/ family like atmosphere makes work feel like fun.”    Karen Behnke, Founder of Juice Beauty and Serial Wellness Entrepreneur– “Follow your passion and that will get you through all the ups and downs of running a business. Becoming an entrepreneur is incredibly rewarding and amazing, but at times it can be lonely and a bit scary. If you are working in your area of passion that passionate energy will fuel and allow you to overcome the hurdles that inevitably happen in an entrepreneurial life. My lifetime passion is wellness and organic living with Juice Beauty being my third business in this area. Starting an organic beauty company TWELVE years ago was pretty crazy given that, in 2005, not many consumers were thinking about their beauty product ingredients! My zest for organic living and changing an industry has fueled me and our company’s growth beautifully. I think the main downside of being a driven entrepreneur can be lack of sleep; however, there are so many benefits of running your own business including creating an interesting life, completing your sense of purpose and meaning in life, and having some control over your destiny.”   Reese Witherspoon, Founder of Hello Sunshine & Draper James, Actress- “Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know something. Ask questions. When I first started Draper James, people were talking so fast and I didn’t understand half the terms they were using. So I would turn to the person on my right and say, I’m so sorry, can you please explain? Now after 2 years of being in retail, I know all the terms. But it was really beneficial to ask a lot of questions in the beginning.”   Chloé Adelia Watts, Founder and CEO of chloédigital– “Find people who share your vision. From the very beginning I set out to work with people who felt the same as me about the industry we are in. Whether they be my team, CD members or friends. It’s so important to keep you motivated through all the ups and downs that come from being in business. They feed your soul and help you stay focused on the dream you are building.”   Alli Webb, Founder of Drybar– “One lesson I learned early on was how critical it is to remove “toxic” employees, regardless of how skilled they might be. For example, in one of our first shops we had a stylist that was such a major ring leader of negativity. She brought morale down for the entire shop and create an uncomfortable work environment. I was reluctant to fire her for a long time, however, because she was such a talented and requested stylist. When I finally reached a boiling point and let her go, I couldn’t believe how dramatically the vibe atmosphere in that shop improved. And my fear that it would impact our business proved to be unfounded. It taught me that the most important part of hiring employees is finding people with the right attitude, not just the right skills. My brother Michael (and Drybar business partner) and I always say, “You can train people to do almost anything, but you can’t teach them to be nice!”   Aimee Song, Founder of Song of Style– “My #1 biggest lesson I’ve learned was to hire people for the things I’m not good at. It was only two years ago I started hiring people to work with me. Hiring people meant I could focus on the creative parts that I enjoyed and work more efficiently. Also, another lesson I’ve learned recently is that being busy doesn’t always equate to success and the power of saying no.”   Lisa Sugar, Founder, President & EIC of POPSUGAR– “There are so many lessons I’ve learned as each year brings on new challenges but I think the most valuable lesson is to think about the long game. There are distractions left and right and new shiny objects that set companies off course. Its great to experiment, adapt and try new things but the core of what you create with your voice, vision and values should remain the same. That and the need to work hard and play nice which I wrote about in Power Your Happy. Starting a business is not easy and it can be very stressful. It’s important to give it your all while also being positive, respectful and a team player as you hire people to help you create something epic.”   Natasha Oakley, Founder of A Bikini A Day & Monday Swimwear “The most valuable lesson I have learned in running my own businesses is the importance of passion within your work. Running a business, especially when it’s one you own means working long days, 365 days of the year which can take a huge toll if you don’t genuinely love what you’re working on. You can easily get burnt out, lose interest and you will take natural challenges and obstacles much harder. If you’re passionate no goal is too big because you will do whatever it takes to reach it.”   Jillian Bremer, Founder Sweet & Spark– “One of the biggest things I’ve learned along this entrepreneurial journey is that nothing changes overnight. You have to be willing to put in unwavering dedication and patience to let your ideas and business evolve organically. It takes a lot of trial and error to find your unique voice in the marketplace and the right business partners to help strategize and then execute your ideas from a creative standpoint. Nobody is an expert in everything! I never could have told you five years ago that today, in addition to our vintage jewelry collection, we would also be offering feminine clothing from some of our favorite designers. My biggest piece of advice is to let go of your expectations, trust your gut and time will always tell.”   Annie Lawless- Founder of Suja Juice & Lawless Beauty– “My most valuable lesson learned from starting and running my own businesses is to trust your inner voice and ignore anyone who tells you your idea is a bad one, or that what you are doing will never work out. I have had naysayers doubt my ideas, vision, and choices. It’s ok, you can’t please everyone and usually those in opposition are uncomfortable with your confidence. In the end, I am always right when I follow my inner voice and do what feels right to me. As women, sometimes it can be very easy to allow other’s opinions or input shake our belief in ourselves, our direction, and our decisions. Understanding the difference between valuable constructive criticism and unnecessary noise is incredibly important when selecting which advice to take and leave behind. Additionally, age is irrelevant. I was very young when we launched Suja. It is easy for people to make you feel too young to do something or doubt you because you don’t have “experience.” I quickly learned, I was willing to push harder and try things some people twice my age weren’t. Being young can be an incredibly valuable asset because your hand is on the pulse of social media and up and coming trends that can be really helpful in your marketing efforts.”   The post 10 Key Lessons On Starting Your Own Business From Women Entrepreneurs Who’ve Inspired Me appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Our Scotland Adventure Part 1.
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Coat (bought in Ireland last year at Kevin & Howlin, last seen here, similar here and here), Mulberry Sweater, Frame Shirt, Current Elliott Pants (last seen here), Hunter Boots, Scarf (similar here)   Every time we travel, we have certain expectations for how the trip will play out. Luckily, every one is full of splendid surprises that we could have never expected to stumble on. When we were booking out our itinerary for our 3 night stay at Gleneagles, we added a hike as one of our highest priorities. Thinking back, this hike was everything we imagined and more. After some breakfast at the hotel, we set off in the morning with our guide, ready to see our first glimpse of the Scottish countryside. Rosie and I were suited up in our tweeds and hunter boots, ready to take on our first day in Scotland. Luckily, the guide had the perfect hike in mind, and he knew the groundskeeper of the estate that let us in through the gate, bypassing at least 2/3 of the hike (you see why we enjoyed this hike so much- ha!).   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We made it as far as the road went up the hill, parked the Land Rover and got out. A light rain shower misted when we arrived so we decided to delay our ascent to the top of the mountain waiting to see if the weather improved or deteriorated. Luckily we were prepared with a thermos each of warm sloe gin and coffee. This was my first time having sloe gin (sloe are a type of berry, like blueberries). It was so delicious and very appropriately timed. I can see why it’s such a delicacy during the colder months- it’s the type of drink you want to sip on next to a warm fire.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   In Scotland, the weather can be completely unpredictable. We were very fortunate that the rain cloud blew off and the sky above our heads opened up, so we decided to commence our hike. Along the hike the sun played hide and seek with the mix of clouds casting a dramatic looking scene in the glen below. The lack of trees at the highest elevations made for incredible views, too! During the summer, the hills turn purple with the blooming heather, and warmer than normal temperatures for this time of year led us to find a few heather bushes with purple remnants still remaining. The four of us were in awe of the natural autumnal colors that literally covered every inch of the landscape.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I wouldn’t really count this excursion as a hike, but more of an uphill walk. Still, it was so worth it because of the incredible views and landscape. The groundskeeper brought some binoculars along with him, so he could point out and show us some of the highlights and history of the area. I also complimented him on his amazing attire, because how could I not!? He told me I needed to get matching pants to my tweed coat (and a hat, too!). Bring on all the tweed!     We finished our excursion with a picnic along the shores of a small Loch that was owned by Gleneagles. Fishing season had ended the day before, otherwise Thomas would have loved to make a few casts. We perched up along the side of the lake, setting out all of our pre-made treats in front of us. Our picnic consisted of smoked salmon and crackers, truffle chicken sandwiches, scotch eggs, cheese, brownies, shortbread (my favorite!) and more sloe gin, of course. Not a bad way to end a very strenuous hike!   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Our Scotland Adventure Part 1. appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
London In October
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Look 1- Chloe Coat (similar less expensive version here), Co Dress (more sizes here), Aquazzura Boots (similar less expensive here), Fendi Bag Look 2- Max Mara Coat (old, similar here), Co Sweater, Gabriella Hearst Skirt,Aquazzura Boots (similar less expensive here), Fendi Bag   A few weeks ago we flew to London for a few days with the American Express team for Frieze, an annual art fair in Regent’s Park. I love London in October. The air is crisp and the color in the parks look like a painting. Coming straight from back to back trips from California and NYC where the weather hadn’t quite caught up to the fall season, it felt good to arrive to some coat weather. We only had about 40 hours in the city, but we made sure to make the most of it. When we weren’t checking out art galleries, we were out exploring our favorite neighborhoods (Notting Hill and South Kensington), strolling through parks and checking out restaurants for some good eats with the rest of the crew.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   London has always been one of the cities I love most, so I jump at any chance or opportunity to visit. Whether it’s in the spring, summer, fall or winter- I’ve loved every trip we’ve had. You can see some of my personal favorite posts from previous visits here, here, here, here, here, here and here. But I have to say, there’s something really special about the fall. I think it’s because London has so many cozy spots to curl up and enjoy the change of the season.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Years ago, on our first trip to London together, Thomas and I visited Sketch. Chances are you’ve heard and/or seen this place dozens of times. It’s famous for its incredible pink decor, out of this world bathrooms (seriously) and delicious afternoon teas. You might remember this post from our time there in 2014. The Amex team planned a lovely afternoon for us all here and I was so happy to be back (and getting major home decor inspo again). This was actually one of the main inspirations for our pink couch!     On this trip we stayed at the beautiful Rosewood London (where we actually stayed on our trip in 2014, too!). It’s such a gorgeous hotel, and so glamorous. If you happen to stay there, be sure to check out the Library Bar, too! It reminds me of something from Harry Potter. Just reminiscing from these photos makes me want to go back, but with more time to spare!   The post London In October appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunday Series Vol. 1
29-10-2017 08:00:28
Gal Meets Glam
Today we’re introducing a new series to GMG, The Sunday Series, which you can now expect every Sunday morning! What’s it all about? Each of us over here at Gal Meets Glam like to enjoy our Sundays, which usually involve trying out a fresh recipe, catching up on new shows, reading a good book or trying a fun activity. We’re always looking to find ways to make the most of the end of the week, and kick off the start of a new one. Each week, the four of us will be posting one thing that caught our attention that we think you’d like to know about. Basically, it’s a compilation of things that we really love/are excited about! And feel free to share something that caught your eye this past week- we’d love to know and I’m sure other readers would, too!   Julia-  I’m a huge fan of Masterpiece Classics on PBS, with Downton Abbey being one of my favorite shows of all time. So when I saw they were coming out with a new show, and one centered around fashion, I knew it would be right up my alley. The Collection takes place in Paris, post WWII, and is about a designer trying to bring back couture after the war. Of course, true to any tv drama, there’s a shady past and some unsuspecting characters to keep you going from episode to episode. But what really draws me in? The clothes and wardrobe of the characters! The late 40s has always been my favorite time period for clothing, so I love seeing the elegant designs that the women are always wearing (and so dressed up!). Plus, I’m obsessed with Mamie Gummer, who also happens to be Meryl Streep’s daughter!   Thomas- This week Sony announced the Sony a7r III camera and it has some extremely impressive features. It was only 2 years ago, when Sony released the a7r II. The a7r II was really the first mirrorless camera (good article on mirrorless vs. DSLR) that could compete on some levels and surpass on other levels with top of the line DSLRs and Medium Format cameras from Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad and other top manufacturers. I’ve used the a7r II extensively and we are renting the a9 right now. This camera is basically a hybrid between the two of them, high performing sensor with super fast focus speed and tracking, so needless to say I’m excited to eventually test one in the wild. My anticipation is that this camera will be hands down better than the competing professional cameras as far as overall performance. I’ll report back when I do test it out. Also this week, Apple’s iPhone X became available for preorder with some impressive improvements in imaging, especially with the software involved. Samsung and Google stole some of the thunder of the announcement of the iPhone X with big announcements of their own with the Galaxy Note8 and the Pixel 2 XL. The quality of images from phones now surpasses most entry level and mid range mirrorless and dslr cameras. The way I see it, there are now two ends of the camera market, professional cameras and smartphones. The number one question I get from readers is what camera they should get, my answer more and more is “the newest iPhone” only recommending higher end cameras for professionals and people with enough budget. That’s because the combo of quality and portability (you always have your phone on you) cannot be beat.   Laura- I love treating Sundays as the one day of the week that is just for me. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I’m most relaxed and happy when I’m cooking. It’s not a task I stress about and to keep it that way, I always look for new recipes to meal prep that will get me excited for the start of a new week. Now that it’s Fall, making a big batch of soup is the easiest meal to last me from Monday-Friday. Let’s face it, I’m way too tired after work to have to whip up something new any other weeknight. It’s easier for me to cook up potatoes or oven roast fish to complement the soup of the week rather than starting an entire meal from scratch. This week I discovered this Lentils & Greens Soup and I’m super excited to cook it up tonight! I’m not heavily into spicy foods so I may ditch the chili flakes, but other than that this sounds like the best dish to make sure I’m getting a fair dose of protein, carbs, and vegetables, especially kale. The greener, the better. Check back here on ‘The Sunday Series’ next week and I’ll make sure to give a follow-up review of the outcome!   Margaret- There’s nothing like a word from Reese Witherspoon to motivate everyone to make the most of the week ahead. Witherspoon’s closing question in her speech at Glamour’s 2015 Women of the Year Awards resonates with me now, as it did in 2015 with the entire audience: “What would happen if we were all brave enough to believe in our own ability?” Let’s start today. It takes one. It only takes one woman to believe in her ambitions to make waves in her sphere of influence, or industry, and inspire others to do the same. Last week, I attended the Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Summit. Four incredible women who are Charleston-based entrepreneurs spoke about leading their own companies. I loved being in that room, a room that was filled with passion and an eagerness to learn and share. Reese’s words and last week’s summit could not have come together at a better time. Locally and internationally, we are joining together to support and lift one another up. Fueled with ambition and inspired by the women I’m surrounded by who have paved the way, I’m already excited for Monday.   And in case you missed the intro of our two new GMG employees, you can read it over here! The post The Sunday Series Vol. 1 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
How I Do My Makeup For Special Occasions
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Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in “Beige”, Shimmer Brick in “Bronze”, Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powders, Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colors Lipstick in “Hibiscus”, Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara (outfit details over here!)   When it comes to makeup, I know what I like. There are a handful of brands that I trust and love and always go to for both refills of my favorite staples (like my mascara) and also with trying new products. At the forefront of that makeup list lies Bobbi Brown. You guys know that I love my Bobbi Brown makeup. I’ve talked about their products since the beginning of my blog, and to this day, they’re still my number one. I love how natural their makeup looks, I love the coverage it gives me and I love their colors. From start to finish, almost every step of my makeup routine incorporates something from Bobbi Brown, and with the holiday season coming up, I have four products that are key to creating a natural, glowy look.     I first start with the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in “Beige”. I’ve been using this a lot lately because it really gives my skin that velvety soft look without feeling like I have any makeup on. I used to wear powder foundation a lot, but I’ve found myself changing up my routine recently with this one instead. I love how natural it looks. I apply the stick directly to my skin in the areas I want coverage, like my forehead, nose and chin, and then blend the foundation in with my fingers. I’ll also apply a small amount with my fingers under my eyes and on my eyelids.     I’ve always used Bobbi Brown’s bronzers and glow products, specifically the Shimmer Brick in “Bronze”, and recently started using the Highlighting Powders, too. These add such a beautiful glow to wherever you apply them. I like to add just a small amount to my cheekbones, forehead and inner eye. Here I’m using the ‘Golden Bronze’ shade from their limited edition Highlighting Trio. During the day I like to use the ‘Pink Gold’ shade along with my blush.     Lipstick is, without a doubt, my favorite way to switch up my makeup routine. If I’m feeling sort of “blah” in the morning and need a pick-me-up, I’ll add some lipstick and instantly feel more colorful. Fall and holiday colors are always my favorite, with their rich hues and deeper undertones. With burgundy being my go-to color right now, this Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Lipstick in “Hibiscus” is such a pretty complementary shade. It’s much darker than the colors I typically wear day to day, so I feel more elevated and dressed up when I do wear it.     Last weekend Thomas and I headed over to the Dewberry Hotel in Charleston to get dressed up and have a cocktail before we headed out on a date night at the Dock Street Theatre. After weeks of traveling for work and with both family and friends, it felt nice to come home and have a night with just the two of us. The Dewberry makes for the perfect location to start out the evening with their gorgeous lounge and bar area- doesn’t it feel straight out of Mad Men? It’s always a favorite spot of ours.     Playing off the colors from my makeup, I added this satin-like oversized suite in a deep, red wine color. I’m definitely planning on wearing this color into the holiday season. And of course, I have my small clutch filled with the most important things- my lipstick and foundation for any touch-ups throughout the night. Thankfully Thomas always has pockets to carry my massive phone (7+ problems).   Thank you to Bobbi Brown for sponsoring this post. The post How I Do My Makeup For Special Occasions appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
An October Day In New England
24-10-2017 09:00:58
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Coat, Rebecca Taylor Sweater (last seen here), J.Crew Skirt (I also have this one, worn here), Tory Burch Boots (last seen here), Tory Burch Bag (last seen here)   Our weekend getaway in Connecticut was wonderful. We rented a house for three nights and brought my sister and mom along to enjoy the New England fall weather with us. We didn’t make any particular plans, but really wanted to explore some of the charming towns in the area, fall foliage, lakes and anything else we could find. My mom had been to this area the summer before on a road trip with my grandma and so she had a list of places she wanted to show us (like all of the Gilmore Girl spots!). This particular day in Connecticut was truly a day of exploring. We simply set off in a direction we hoped would be fruitful, pausing along the way to reorient ourselves on the map and pick a new location to drive to. This is always our preferred method of traveling, especially as photographers. We first start with a rough destination, normally it’s a town or a particular spot to eat, those are important when exploring, and try and find the most scenic route.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   One of the prettiest spots we stumbled upon when exploring was Kent Falls State Park. We of course, had to stop and check it out. Since it was a Sunday, there were a lot of people out having picnics near and around the waterfall. If we would have known, we’d have packed our own lunches to bring with us to enjoy here. It’s a beautiful spot to take a break and enjoy some fresh air. A lot of the trees were already losing their leaves, so as the wind blew, the leaves would twirl and twist around the park.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Another spot we stopped by was Lake Waramaug. Our friends who live in Joshua Tree texted us when they saw that we were in Connecticut and told us to go visit the lake, as that’s where they both had grown up. We actually went out here one morning for sunrise, too, but unfortunately it was a really really cloudy morning, so we couldn’t actually see the sunrise. I still do love waking up that early though (even more so if I have a large coffee in hand). There’s something so peaceful about waking up before everyone else, when the noise and distractions are still sleeping. I love it. But back to the lake…we stopped here for a while as my sister, Lauren, was inspired and wanted to paint the scene. The colors along the water were so vibrant and beautiful.     I’ve been wearing this Rebecca Taylor sweater ever since I bought it before our trip to Quebec City last month. It’s such a great staple for a fall wardrobe. This time around, I added a little J.Crew scarf and layered my new J.Crew green coat I picked up from Nordstrom recently. I also love this Kate Spade one, along with this oversized and reversible Vince one, both in beautiful shades of green. The color has really been my go-to this season along with burgundy.     Our last stop for the day was Averill Apple Farm in Washington (the town that Gilmore Girls is based off of!) for some apple cider donuts. These were, without a doubt, the best apple cider donuts I have ever had. They were amazing! We were regretting our choice of half a dozen immediately when we got back in the car when they had somehow all disappeared. Nothing beats a hot apple cider donut on a cold fall day.   Thank you to Shopstyle and Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. The post An October Day In New England appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Gal Meets Glam x Frye Boots
23-10-2017 09:00:02
Gal Meets Glam
In case you missed it, on Saturday I announced the launch of the boot I designed with Frye over on Instagram along with a GMG Now post! This has been such an incredibly fun project and I’m so thrilled to be able to share the final result with you all! The whole creative process of bringing the boot to life was completely new to me, but also felt so natural. From the very get-go I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and I was so happy when the Frye team (who is amazing!!!) were just as excited about it as I was. Blending our two brands together was so seamless and all of the details and designs turned out even better than I had ever hoped.   The boot comes in two colors, this dusty rose and a beautiful taupe shade. Like I mentioned over on GMG Now, we were initially only set to do one color, but both turned out so gorgeous that we knew we had to do both! The quality and craftsmanship of the boot is incredible, like all Frye products, and I’m so proud and honored to align Gal Meets Glam with such a wonderful, long lasting brand. The boots will be available to purchase this Thursday, October 26th on Frye’s website, along with their store in NYC where I’ll also be celebrating the launch! I’d love for you to come and join me on Thursday from 7-9pm at the Frye store on 144 5th Ave (see more details here), where you can shop the boots for the first time! Feel free to RSVP to And keep reading to see a bit more of the boots!     The post Gal Meets Glam x Frye Boots appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Tiffany’s New Perfume
21-10-2017 09:00:56
Gal Meets Glam
Scents are like mini memories. I’ve always connected special moments in life with aromas from that day, whether it was the candles burning on a particular Christmas morning, the smells of a favorite dish my mom would make growing up, or the perfume I wore on my wedding day. Every fragrance has something attached to it, which makes it that much more special. I’ve always been one of those people that love perfume. I don’t have a particular scent I always wear, but instead, have a handful that I switch between depending on my mood or where I am. Each one brings its own unique happiness after I spritz it on, it always marks the start of a new day.     Last month I got to celebrate the launch of the new Tiffany & Co. perfume in NYC, you might remember from this post. Tiffany & Co. has long been a brand that I’ve admired and loved, ever since I was a little girl. To be able to go into their flagship store on 5th Ave and play dress up in their incredible jewels for the event was a dream! Thomas said my eyes lit up so big the moment we walked in- it will always be a NYC institution. It was also my first time wearing their new fragrance, and now, that memory will always be connected. Whenever I wear the new scent, I’ll remember that wonderful experience.     The perfume itself is best described as dreamy, with iris being the heart of the scent and vert de mandarine and patchouli as the other two complimentary notes. The result is light and fresh, something you would want to wear every single day. I’ve been traveling with this one over the past month and have been asked so many times what perfume I was wearing, as its soft aroma lightly floats around my pulse points. I lightly spritz just a small about on my wrists, then lightly tap on to my collar bone for a subtle scent.     Inspired by the diamonds that are the brand’s staple, the bottles silhouette is elegant and timeless. The kind that you want to have sitting pretty on your dresser or vanity along with other jewels, fresh flowers and accessories.     In partnership with Tiffany & Co. The post Tiffany’s New Perfume appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Gal Meets Glam x Lulu & Georgia Garden Party Rug
19-10-2017 09:00:45
Gal Meets Glam
It’s here!!! The Gal Meets Glam ‘Garden Party’ rug I designed with Lulu & Georgia is now available to purchase! I gave a few sneak peeks over the past few months showing some details of the rug, but I’m thrilled to finally share the whole thing! To say I’m obsessed is a major understatement and it actually became the entire inspiration for our whole office decor. When Lulu & Georgia came to me at the beginning of last year wanting me to co-design a rug with them, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. As someone who has spent hours and hours searching for the perfect rug, I know how hard it can be to find exactly what you’re looking for. A rug can make or break a room, and I wanted to create something that would be the focal point. Stemmed from my love of pastels and chinoiserie, we created the Gal Meets Glam ‘Garden Party’ Rug.     I wanted to create something that felt feminine and luxurious, but was still easy to incorporate into a home. We took the floral and bird elements from a typical chinoiserie print and did an all-over pattern in a beautiful mix of soft pastel shades. Every detail was stressed over to get the colors right and the perfect texture for the final rug. I really wanted a luxurious texture and sheen, and I’m so thrilled with the result! I’m a firm believer in having a rug that not only looks great, but feels great too and this one makes me want to cozy up on it. Thomas couldn’t get over how amazing it felt on his feet (ha!). As I mentioned, our rug has been sitting in our office for the last couple of months and every time I walk in, it brings the biggest smile to my face. It’s been such a rewarding experience seeing an idea come to life and develop into a real product. I couldn’t be more proud with how the final result turned out!     While I have the Garden Party Rug styled in our office, my first instinct was to put it in a bedroom. The timing however wasn’t right since most of our furniture is being stored during our home renovation. It all worked out in the end though, as we ended up finding our office space, which has plenty of room to fit the 8’x10′ size. It’s been fun having it in the office because the first thing people ask when they walk in is “Where did you get your rug?!”.     The rug comes in three different sizes, 3’x5′, 5’x8′ and 8’x10′, making it the perfect fit for any room- whether that be a bedroom, home office, children’s room, living room or dining room. My home decor style has always been so connected to my personal style, so it was such a natural decision to go with softer, pastel shades. I love walking in my home and seeing a reflection of the colors and patterns that bring me joy and happiness, which is how a home should feel. It’s the space where we spend the most time and I think that’s why so many people feel such a connection to interiors. When I’m in a room that I feel inspired by, I never want to leave!     I hope you all love the rug as much as I do! If you are considering buying this rug, I know it can be a big decision so I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, just leave them in the comments section. The post Gal Meets Glam x Lulu & Georgia Garden Party Rug appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Fall Colors In New England
18-10-2017 09:00:28
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.O.A. Sweater, AG Jeans, Aquazzura Boots, Dragon Diffusion Tote   After a few days of work in NYC last week, my sister, mom, Thomas and I drove out to Connecticut on Saturday morning. We rented a house for an extended weekend trip to enjoy the best of New England’s beautiful fall colors and weather. Ever since moving to Charleston last year, we’ve had months go by where we didn’t see any family. A mix of being in a new state plus our busy travel schedule makes it tricky to see friends and family as often as we’d like to. This mini trip was fuel for my soul and it felt so good to spend some uninterrupted time with my mom and sister (who lives in Ireland with her fiance).   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We found a cozy rental near the Litchfield area, and after arriving in the later afternoon, decided to head into the town of Litchfield for an early dinner. Last year was the first time that I’d experienced New England in the fall and I absolutely fell in love. Between the lush forests filled with color and incredibly charming historical towns, it’s quite the picturesque spot to enjoy this time of year. Most of the towns we visited were quite small, but loaded with character.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I did a post on all things burgundy this season and fueled my love for the color even more with these velvet jeans from Shopbop. I love the luxe texture, especially when paired with a chunky knit like this J.O.A. one I’m wearing here. This dusty rose sweater (which is under $80) is technically an off-the-shoulder style, but I loved it more slightly draped over one shoulder instead. The colors paired together might be my favorite combo for the season. And lastly, these Aquazzura boots have been my go-to for everything lately- from dresses and skirts to jeans.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Thank you to ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post Fall Colors In New England appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
One Of My Favorite Dresses Just Went On Sale
17-10-2017 09:00:39
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Dress (on sale for under $68), Cuyana Belt, Alaia Heels (similar version under $200), Dior Bag (similar here)   A few months ago I bought this tiered bow dress and wore it out in NYC for Carly’s birthday dinner. I love taking the opportunity of being in New York to get a little dressed up and go out in the evening, even if it’s just for a date night with Thomas. We had plans of meeting for drinks at Cafe Clover followed by dinner at King (which is amazing!) and decided to walk over to the West Village beforehand to grab some snaps and catch the last bits of daylight. At the end of a long work day, pulling my hair back and putting on a pretty dress was just the thing I needed!   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   This is probably one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever bought from J.Crew. They’ve really been stepping up their dress game recently with this other bow one, this bow one and this polka dot one. The one I’m wearing recently went on sale for under $68 in both cream and navy and looks extra flattering when paired with a belt to accentuate the waist (which can get lost in the tiers if you’re not super tall, like me). I wear my Cuyana belts (I have both the black and natural) with so many different dresses and skirts. I love that they’re simple and understated.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’ve found a handful of other black and white bow dresses online, all perfect for the upcoming party season, like this one, this one and this one that’s under $40. And as the weather gets cooler, I’m planning on bringing my leather jacket or a black coat to pair over.   The post One Of My Favorite Dresses Just Went On Sale appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
A Week In NYC
16-10-2017 09:00:47
Gal Meets Glam
When putting this post together, I realized that I’ve never done a proper NYC Guide on GMG. While I’ve posted about some of our favorite spots here and there, I’ve never put it together in one place that’s easy to find. The truth is that I still feel like there is so much to learn about NYC. Even though we’ve been dozens of times over the past couple of years, many of the trips have been for work, meaning that they’re fast and most or all of our meals are either Sweet Green or room service. But over the past couple of months, we’ve been spending a lot more time in the city, and at longer periods of time. It’s allowed us to really explore, try new things and enjoy New York as a tourist, too. While I have a NYC Guide in the works, I thought it would be fun to roundup a week in the city- sharing what I wore, where we ate, what we did and where we stayed.     Usually when we come to NYC, our favorite place to stay is The Greenwich Hotel. More often than not, we’re here. On this trip however, we stayed in two spots- the first few days at The NYC Edition (which I also love) and 11 Howard (which I didn’t love). We’ve jumped around and tried at least ten or more hotels in the city and by far, our favorite places are downtown. While The Greenwich Hotel will always be our number one, last weekend we stayed at the SoHo Grand Hotel and really enjoyed it, too.   We love being able to walk in the Tribeca, West Village, Greenwich Village, Soho area, it’s our favorite and they’re all gorgeous in their own right. A friend of ours in Charleston recently suggested that we try out Via Carota and we couldn’t believe we’d never been to this gem. First off, the space is incredibly charming and cozy. The type of spot you want to spend an entire Saturday afternoon, sipping wine and eating decadent Italian food. And that’s exactly what we did when we went. This was some of the best pasta I’ve ever had!   Outfit Details: Rebecca Taylor Sweater & Top, Current Elliott Jeans, Chloe Flats, Valextra Bag !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: Marc Jacobs Sweater (also love this one), Philosophy Skirt, Valextra Bag, J.Crew Loafers !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Thomas and I both couldn’t believe that it had taken us this long to visit Brooklyn. We headed out in search of brunch at Maison Premiere, another friend’s suggestion and one that we were very much looking forward to. We’d heard such wonderful things about this place and were excited to finally try it out. We over-ordered, naturally, and ended up stuffing ourselves with pastries, french toast and truffle toast. Another very decadent brunch, but well worth the treat! Afterwards, we headed over to Park Slope and walked around, watching all of the weekenders lounging about the park in the sunshine.   Outfit Details: Roksanda Top, Zimmermann Pants, Gianvito Rossi Pumps, Valextra Bag !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   On this day, we started off our morning with breakfast at Le CouCou (the best part of 11 Madison, besides the hotel location). We’d been here for brunch with friends earlier in the year and were excited it was attached to where we were staying. The food is delicious and the restaurant itself is incredibly gorgeous. Afterwards, we headed to Washington Square Park for the Lela Rose show, which was in the middle of the park (so fun!).   Outfit Details: Iro Jacket, Gold Hawk Tank, Ganni Skirt, Manolo Blahnik Pumps, Valextra Bag !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   The next day we had all day meetings and were looking forward to some cocktails and a bite to eat at this new-to-us spot, Sel Rrose. Neither one of us was up for a big meal, so we each ordered a drink and some “light” bites, which included the truffle risotto croquettes, cucumber and avocado gazpacho and chickpea fries- all amazing!   The post A Week In NYC appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Visiting Eastern Townships Apple Orchard & Winery
13-10-2017 09:00:53
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Sweater & Chinos, Madewell Loafers, Mulberry Bag (similar here), W.Kleinberg Belt    A few weeks back when we were visiting Eastern Townships and stayed at the beautiful Manoir Hovey, we spent a day driving around the scenic countryside, stopping into an apple orchard and a beautiful winery. The leaves were just starting to change, giving us our first taste of the fall season. Leaf peeping this time of year is my favorite, especially after our proper road trip through New England last year. We’re heading back out this weekend and I’m hoping to share the same experience with my mom and sister this time around.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Every year since I was a little girl, we’ve gone apple picking at the start of fall. I know it’s sort of a cliche thing to do now, but I still enjoy it so much! In the past, we’d drive up to Apple Hill to visit some of the u-pick farms and buy way too many apple cider donuts, hot cider and pumpkins. It’s the best way to get excited and festive for the season. It comes and goes so quickly- I can’t believe we’re already almost halfway through October (I need to start working on our Halloween costumes ASAP). We found a small orchard along our journey in Quebec and stopped by to pick a few apples for our car ride.     A bit of research on the area told us that Eastern Townships was known for some of their wineries, so of course we wanted to stop by one. We found Vignoble Domaine Bresee online and realized it was only a short drive from where we were, so we added it to our plans for the day. We arrived to a gorgeous property, lined with fall colored trees and rolling hills of ripe vineyards, just days away from harvest. Plump, juicy grapes sat on nearly every vine, just waiting to be plucked and creating a delicious aroma in the warm air. The visit made us miss our favorite Napa Valley, which we used to frequent almost every other weekend (and I’m so saddened and heartbroken to hear of the horrible fires that have been destroying the areas recently – if you do feel inclined, you can find out ways to help and donate here).   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Visiting Eastern Townships Apple Orchard & Winery appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Wearing Summer Dresses Into Fall
12-10-2017 09:00:22
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Iro Jacket (similar here under $100), Co Dress (more sizes here and here, similar here under $100), Chanel Flats (similar here), Need Supply Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses    We arrived back to NYC yesterday, straight from Scotland. We met my sister and my mom (it’s her first trip to NYC!) and we’re mixing a bit of work and pleasure over the next few days, which I’m really looking forward to. I still have so much to share from both London and Scotland – coming soon, I promise! We arrived to NYC bundled up in our sweaters, coats and scarves from the cold Scottish weather to what feels like lingering summer air. We quickly peeled off our layers and realized we didn’t quite need all of the fall clothes we had packed just yet. Many places (like Charleston) are still quite warm this time of year, which can make for some “I have no idea what to wear” mornings. We all want to wear fall stuff, but can’t quite transition just yet. I have one key ingredient that I’ve been adding to all my summer dresses that I wear in NYC and that’s my leather jacket.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Co is one of my favorite designers and I picked up this dress from Hampden a few months ago. I love a full skirt, and usually it’s not the most day-time appropriate, but the shirtdress style of this dress makes it work. Most of us have at least one white summer dress still lingering around in our closets, not quite sure if they’re ready to be packed away. I’ve kept mine out because I love mixing them with different jackets or blazers and boots as the weather starts to slowly cool off.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   This is the first leather jacket that I’ve bought in years. I used to wear mine all the time in San Francisco, but after moving to Charleston, there hasn’t been too many times I’ve needed one. Now that we’re spending a lot of time in New York, I’ve been bringing this one with me every time we go. It’s been my favorite to add over silk dresses (like this one) or more summery dresses like the Co one I’m wearing here. If you’re looking for a similar leather jacket but at a lower price point, this one is a great alternative for under $100. The post Wearing Summer Dresses Into Fall appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Best of Burgundy For Fall
11-10-2017 09:00:22
Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10   When we were in NYC a few weeks ago, I wore a head to toe burgundy look and realized that the color was my version of an all black outfit. The tones were deeper than the usual palette I gravitate towards, but it still felt refreshing and colorful compared to all black everything. Green and burgundy have been my favorite go-to colors this fall season. I brought all the burgundy pieces I’ve bought so far this season with me on our travels, including this A.P.C. coat and pumps and this Burberry quilted jacket (more sizes here). The neutral, not quite brown, not quite red shade with a hint of pink makes it easy to pair with traditional basics like black, navy, beige, camel and cream. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: A.P.C. Coat, A.L.C. Dress, Future Glory Bag, A.P.C. Pumps  !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The subtle button sleeve details on this A.L.C. mini dress immediately caught my eye. Even though the burgundy shade is darker than the coat, bag and shoes, the monochromatic variations in color and texture seem to compliment each another. The warm, romantic tones set the perfect mood for date night, yet are also day-time appropriate. I’ve definitely found my new version of the LBD (little burgundy dress!). As we head back to New York City this week, I know I’ll be wearing this autumnal color more than once, even adding a pop of it in fun accessories like a hat, scarf or earrings.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Best of Burgundy For Fall appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
You Will Fall In Love With This Cape I Wore In Scotland
9-10-2017 09:00:00
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Draper James Cape, Shirt & Jeans c/o, Max Mara Scarf, Dragon Diffusion Tote, Frye Boots (old)   Last Friday evening we hopped on a short flight from London to Edinburgh, Scotland for some time in the Scottish countryside. I’ve long dreamt of coming to Scotland, with images in my mind of bundled up outfits, warm drinks, comforting food and vast landscapes. We decided to stay at Gleneagles, which has plenty of activities for guests, beautiful grounds and wonderful dining options. It really is a great spot for the outdoor lover/sportsman or sportswoman who also wants an air of sophistication at the same time.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   As we had hoped, the fall weather has been wonderful and ever changing. There have been overcast moments with wind, requiring many layers and we’ve also had (surprisingly) quite a bit of clear, blue skies. This particular afternoon couldn’t have been better. It was bright, sunny and cool with a slight breeze. Gleneagles is a large property with walking paths, short and long, so after lunch on our first full day, Thomas and I went to explore the grounds. The leaves have already changed here, with bright oranges, reds and yellows popping against the greens. Set against the Scotland moors, it makes for an epic burst of fall colors. Later in the day, Thomas convinced me to play golf! It was only a pitch and putt course, but it was still my first time playing golf other than the driving range. I actually really enjoyed it (!) and am hoping this will inspire a new love for the sport (at least Thomas is hoping it will).     I packed a lot of my favorite fall staples from past trips, like these Frye boots, this Dragon Diffusion tote and my cashmere scarf, along with a few new pieces like this Draper James cape. I’ve been a big fan of Draper James since they launched and have a few pieces from different seasons. When I saw this cape, I got so excited and knew it would be perfect for Scotland – I started outfit planning right then and there. I wore it with this simple Draper James chambray shirt with little ruffle details and jeans. I’ve always loved capes – they give everything a vintage feel, plus you can layer as much as you want under them.    !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Thank you to Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. The post You Will Fall In Love With This Cape I Wore In Scotland appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
1 Year In Charleston
6-10-2017 09:00:14
Gal Meets Glam
It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since our big move – time sure has flown by! One year ago Thomas and I packed up our apartment and our life in California and flew across country to our new home in Charleston, South Carolina. So much has changed for us and we couldn’t be more excited for our future. The year has been full of ups and a downs and I’m happy to say we’ve survived them all.Back in February, I shared a four month report about living in Charleston. As you’d expect, it was filled with positive, optimistic reviews. Four months is just long enough to get a sense of a new place, but short enough to still be in the “honeymoon phase” where everything  still seems fresh and exciting. Now that we’ve lived here for a full year, we can give a proper report. To top it off, as I wrote this, I was flying back to California, so what better time to reflect on our new life in our new state as we make a return to visit our old one.    The good news is that we really love living in Charleston. At this point in our life, I can’t see ourselves being anywhere else. This is despite the fact that we barely survived the summer (saved by the AC and traveling elsewhere). While the weather is nearly perfect for most months, summer, which seems to be May -September, is quite hot and humid. We’ve been threatened by two hurricanes in the past twelve months. A truly eerie experience of knowing something potentially harmful is coming and not being able to do anything to prevent it. We were spared both times, but I can only imagine how devastating it has been for those impacted. Our favorite months in Charleston so far have been February and March when flowers start to bloom everywhere and the weather is truly perfect. Almost every day we were home we’d make lunch and sit on our front porch steps. When summer rolled around, I often dreamt of these moments when heat and humidity were at their highest. Our transition to becoming Charlestonians was about as smooth as we could have ever hoped for. While we may be the only people in our neighborhood without children, we’ve been welcomed by the friendliest neighbors. A funny side note: We were actually asked once if our parents were home when a door to door salesman (apparently they still have them) came by. Our favorite moment from the neighborhood was on the day of the Solar Eclipse, which we spent in our neighbor’s backyard party overlooking the water. It was an unforgettable experience. We’ve also been fortunate to meet many great new friends, which we know isn’t always the case for people moving to a new city. Some of our best nights in Charleston have been dinner parties we’ve had with friends, the best ones turning into epic dance parties lasting late into the night. Another positive benefit of our move has been growing our Gal Meets Glam team since moving to Charleston. It’s proven to be a wonderful city to grow our small team, which is great because it’s only a matter of time before we’ll be expanding even more (make sure to keep an eye out for future announcements). Living in Charleston is definitely a lifestyle choice, as career opportunities may be limited. Because of this, we’ve found that many people we’ve met have moved here because they want to (like us), seeking a more balanced, fulfilling life in a beautiful setting filled with things to do. We knew going into it that leaving our families behind in California would be the hardest part, and it has been. We live a busy, hectic life and when we lived near family, it was easy to squeeze in a lunch or visit back home for important events. Now we have to rely on scheduled trips to get family time, which can be difficult.Aside from family and friends, the biggest adjustment has probably been with food. While Charleston is famous for being a great food city, the restaurant scene tends to be more tailored to tourists. Which means less variety, especially in Asian and Hispanic food, which happens to be our favorites. We do love all the fresh seafood options and the many traditional southern dishes, but it’s been challenging to maintain our usual healthy eating habits, especially on busy weeknights since living downtown, far from Whole Foods. We do have a few spots though where we know we can get something healthy, fresh and fast!Regardless of a few minor inconveniences (flying is a bit longer now, as we usually have to have at least one layover, usually in Atlanta), we’re still so inspired by this city we get to call home. Yes, the newness has worn off a bit, but the feeling of living in a city filled with so much history and charm, beautiful parks, waterways and beaches, not to mention true southern hospitality, is hard to beat. We’re still finding new things to do and places to go. I can go for a walk downtown, in our neighborhood or on the beach and immediately feel refreshed, which I love. We are anxious for our house to be finished in spring 2018, but progress has definitely been made. Most recently new windows were installed! The extra light they bring in has opened our minds even more to the possibilities of what lies ahead. We feel especially fortunate that we’re able to create the home of our dreams. It’s funny how physically being somewhere, like inside our renovation project, makes it easier to envision what our life will be like one day, which is really motivating.The good news about our families is that they love Charleston too. My mom plans to move to Charleston in the coming months (!!!!!) and my little sister is already here attending college at The Citadel (PROUD SISTER). Thomas’ parents love it here as well, having visited us a few times, and plan on spending even more time here once we begin having children someday.   Charleston is a wonderful place to call home and moving here has definitely been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We don’t know what the future holds for us, but we’re looking ahead with smiles on our faces. We thank you for being part of our journey too. Living in Charleston has made a big impact on our lives and our business and we hope this is reflected in a better experience for you in some way. I hope that you enjoyed this reflection back on our one year anniversary in Charleston –  I’d love to hear your questions, whether they are about moving to a new city or Charleston in particular! The post 1 Year In Charleston appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Wide Leg Culotte
13-09-2017 09:00:26
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details:  Club Monaco Top & Pants, Mark Cross Bag, Chanel Loafers (similar here under $20)   It’s not that often that I find a pair of pants I love and fit just right. Because of that, combined with my feminine style, I’ve always gravitated towards wearing dresses. Recently however, I’ve discovered my love for a wide leg cropped pant/culotte. It’s a fit and style that I’ve found both flattering and comfortable, along with easy to style. This navy sailor style from Club Monaco is my current favorite pair along with these pink cropped pants I also have that just went on sale.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I pulled out this outfit during our trip to NYC a few weeks ago. We had a day full of meetings and while I initially was planning on wearing heels with these pants, I knew flats shoes would be a lot more practical. These blush loafers have been one of my favorite purchases they year- I wear them time and time again because of how easy they are to mix with everything. I’ve found quite a few similar styles online, that are also budget friends (under $60!) here, here and here.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’ve never regretted buying a striped shirt or sweater. While this particular one from Club Monaco, when paired with these sailor-style pants, creates more of a nautical vibe, it transitions easily to a classic look when worn with white jeans or a navy skirt. I also love this long sleeve version from J.Crew and this navy and white knit sweater that’ll look so chic and effortless when worn with a pair of jeans and ballet flats over the weekend.   The post The Wide Leg Culotte appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
5 Favorite Spots For Fall Foliage
12-09-2017 09:00:46
Gal Meets Glam
There’s nothing quite like the explosion of color that crisp autumn weather brings to forests across North America. The greens, yellows, oranges and reds are worth taking the time to enjoy each fall. Unless you live nearby, it can be hard to plan a trip around peak foliage. Our recommendation is to play it safe and go slightly before leaves are suppose to peak. Luckily, we aren’t the only people interested in leaf peeping! There are many websites that closely track foliage changes and offer forecasts for optimal times to help you with your planning. At the beginning of last October, we headed to New England for the first time and visited Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts for some gorgeous fall foliage (as seen in this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post and this post). Since that time of year is just around the corner, I wanted to share a list of my 5 favorite spots for fall colors for those of you looking to plan a trip!     Apple Hill, CA   Back when we will still lived in San Francisco, we used to drive up to the foothills to visit my parents. During the fall, the leaves would change to different shades of gold, red and green, and apples and pumpkins would be ready for harvesting. We’d take our annual tour of the many farms and orchards in Apple Hill. I still haven’t had a better apple cider donut, which we always made sure to get first thing in the morning to beat the crowds. I actually grew up visiting Apple Hill from when I was a little girl, picking apples in the fall and our Christmas tree in the winter, so this area holds a special place in my heart.     Vermont   Our trip to New England last fall was nothing short of magical, so we’ve decided to get our yearly fix by returning again. We stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast called The Pitcher Inn in Warren, VT. It was a prime location for exploring to the north and south. We made our way as far north as Smuggler’s Notch, just past the town of Stowe. We went west to Shelburne and the banks of Lake Champlain. We strolled the streets of Woodstock in central Vermont and went apple picking near Brattleboro. We eventually spent our last two nights in an Airbnb in southern Vermont on an old farm, steps from Massachusetts. Covered with fall colors and blanketed with leaves, it was quintessential fall viewing at its best.     White Mountains, New Hampshire   We only spent one day exploring the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but it was a stunning day! While we arrived a little beyond peak foliage, we still saw some amazing scenery. The elevation changes in this area leads to plenty of opportunities to pull over and enjoy the view with nothing but fall colors as far as the eye can see. Spots that stood out were Bear Notch and Crawford Notch.     Asheville, NC   We visited Asheville for only a short amount of time this past July and we were amazed by the dense forests and rich green leaves. They reminded us of the trees we had seen up in Vermont and New Hampshire, so we can’t wait to go back up and explore this area when the leaves change this fall. Another benefit of Asheville being further south is that the leaves don’t start turning colors as quickly as they do up north. That means we can get our final fall fix closer to home.     Colorado   The aspen trees of the Rocky Mountains are a sight that I’m dying to see in all their fall splendor. We only witnessed a few glimpses of them when we visited southwestern Colorado in November a few years ago, but are hoping to change that this season with a trip to visit during peak color change.     What are your favorite spots for catching the beauty of fall foliage? The post 5 Favorite Spots For Fall Foliage appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Silk Dress & Sneakers
11-09-2017 09:00:17
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Joseph Dress (white version here, similar less expensive version here), Lanvin Sneakers (old, last seen here, similar here and less expensive version here and here), Cuyana Bag   Last week we arrived to NYC and hit the ground running. I’ve mentioned that we’ll be back and forth to and from the city as we work on a handful of projects that I can’t quite tell you about (soon, soon!). I love New York. I love the energy and the endless amounts of things to do, places to eat and people to see. While most of our time has been spent inside working, we’ve been able to fit in some delicious dinners and weekend activities to enjoy what the city has to offer. It’s been almost a year now since we moved from SF to Charleston, and while we love our “smaller” city, it’s been fun to spend more time in New York.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   The tunic silhouette of this dress isn’t the typical style that I gravitate towards, but the color and fabric were what caught my eye. It’s one of those pieces that doesn’t look like much until you try it on, and then you realize how incredibly flattering it is. The combination of the midi style and tie waist make the result a simple, elegant combination. This has been my go-to dress for meetings lately- I’ve packed it for all of our trips to NYC. It also comes in a white version here and a black version here. And if you’re looking for something similar at a more budget-friendly price point, this one and this one are great options too.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Thomas got me these Lanvin sneakers (last seen here and here) as a gift for Christmas a few years ago (they’re also his favorite style!). I love them because they’re the only sneaker that I actually wear with nice dresses, trousers, etc. While my Nike sneakers are great, they definitely create more of an athleisure look, which I usually stick to for casual clothes and traveling. While this particular nude pair is no longer available, they did come out in this blush color here this season. And if you’re looking for more sneaker styles that’ll pair nicely with feminine looks, these, these and these all come in the blush hues I love.   The post Silk Dress & Sneakers appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
These Are My Top 7 Picks For Transitional Fall Coats
8-09-2017 09:00:30
Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7   Now that Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, the unofficial start to Fall has begun. I can’t wait for the Charleston weather to cool down, but with my upcoming frequent travels to NYC it looks like I’ll be dressing for both Northern and Southern temps. I’ve learned that, like San Francisco, NYC weather can be a bit unpredictable so some of my lightweight coats for the chillier days have been essential for my travels. They’re not too bulky for packing and are easy to layer underneath as we get further into the Fall season. I love the idea of wearing a soft short sleeve t-shirt underneath my transitional options now and pairing the same coat over a lightweight cashmere sweater later.   Keep reading to see some of my go-to ways to layer and style Fall coats…     My biggest tip when packing coats for travel is to stick to neutral colors so you can pair and layer them with almost anything you bring on the trip. There are lots of ways to make the same neutral coat look different when throwing it over a new outfit – try cuffing the sleeves to show a peek of your blouse underneath, add a printed scarf around the neck, or pin a fun brooch on the collar for a little character.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I also try to buy coats that can be dressed up or down, which is important for when I’m heading to a full afternoon of business meetings or when I want to wear that same third piece for a weekend of fall festivities with friends. I’d love to know, what are some of your favorite coat styles for this time of year? The post These Are My Top 7 Picks For Transitional Fall Coats appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
My Daily Makeup Routine
6-09-2017 14:29:40
Gal Meets Glam
Makeup Products Used: bareMinerals bareskin concealer in “light”, bareMinerals Original Foundation, Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara in “black”, bareMinerals bronzer in “warmth”, Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in “steel pink”, Marc Jacobs Blush in “Kink & Kiss”, Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in “rose”, Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in “petal”, bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush (for foundation), (pajama set by Rebecca Taylor)   As promised, I have another video for you guys today! I’m going to keep them coming! Last time I posted my tutorial for the ‘vintage curls’ I always do, and this time around, my daily makeup routine. I’m not one of those people who spends a lot of time on their makeup. I do mine in under 10 minutes flat and it’s pretty much the same every time. I have my products that I love and have used for years, like my bareMinerals Original Foundation and Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara. My eyes are always a little puffy in the morning, so if I know we’re going to be shooting, I use these gel eye patches to help cool them down. The eye area is usually what I focus on most as the skin around my eyes get a little pink and I have dark circles (but, hey, who doesn’t? and if you don’t, please tell me your secrets). I’ve found that my bareskin concealer is great at brightening up the eyes. And if any of you guys have recommendations for products (makeup or skincare) for this, please share! I’m always open to trying new things. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post My Daily Makeup Routine appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
5-09-2017 09:00:22
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Needle & Thread Dress (long version here, black version here), Gianvito Rossi Pumps, Oscar de la Renta Clutch (on sale)    I’ve been on the hunt for a dress for my cousin’s wedding at the end of the month and immediately looked towards one of my go-to brands for occasion wear, Needle & Thread. When I saw this dress hit the Net-A-Porter site, I ordered it immediately. Hello, star sequins and perfect nude/blush tulle! While I don’t think I’ll be wearing it to the wedding (I think the color is too close for comfort for a wedding), I decided it was too pretty to return. I always find an excuse to get dressed up, even if it’s making a reservation for a fancy dinner or heading to see a show the next time we’re in NYC. You can never go wrong with too many party dresses.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I have a little bit of an obsession with Needle & Thread’s beautiful embellished dresses. You might have seen me wear them on the blog before here, or here and even here. I’m always game for a little sparkle and sequins now and then, especially when it’s done in such a romantic way. I say it time and time again, but this blush/nude one I’m wearing might be my favorite yet! It reminds me of these Valentino star embellished and tulle dresses from a few seasons ago that I’ve had saved on my Pinterest boards.     I bought this ODLR satin bow clutch around the holiday season last year and just found it still available and on sale here! I don’t use this one often, only for special or dressed-up occasions because of how dainty and delicate it is. But I’ll most likely be pairing it with whatever I do end up wearing to the wedding, as the nude shade pairs with almost everything.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Every woman should have one great pair of nude pumps. They’re always what I reach for first when looking to dress something up. They’re elongating and classic and you can wear them with everything in your wardrobe. I love this Gianvito Rossi pair, they’re so comfortable and the nude is a really nice muted shade. If you’re looking for something more budget friendly, these are an amazing option that are under $100.   The post Dressed appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Blazers For Fall
4-09-2017 09:00:45
Gal Meets Glam
With the start of September and Labor Day officially here, it means that Fall is not too far off. This summer was good one, and one that was very new to us with it being our first in Charleston. Mix that in with renovating our house, getting an office, hiring new employees and starting some very exciting projects, this summer flew by. And as much as I don’t want to say bye to it, I’m beginning to get really excited for fall. When it comes to styling this time of year, layers are always key, with blazers being my go-to. From classic camel, to nautical navy, plaid and tweed, there’s something for everyone and one to meet each occasion’s needs.     Look 1 / Look 2   I love the look of a plaid blazer for fall. Instead of a plaid dress or shirt, try pairing a similar printed blazer over a crisp white button down and jeans. The look is effortless and classic. Last year I wore this Smythe one while we were in the English countryside and this season, I’m looking forward to pairing it over this denim dress. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Look 1 / Look 2   A classic solid color blazer will be one of those items that you’ll have in your closet for forever. I have a navy J.Crew blazer I got years and years ago, that I still wear to this day. I also love the look of a camel blazer. Last year I got this Max Mara one and I can’t wait to pull it out again this season. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Look 1 / Look 2   One of my favorite souvenirs from our trip to Ireland was the tweed blazer I brought home. Last fall I brought it out while we were on our New England adventure through the fall leaves and I’m looking forward to re-wearing and reworking it into my outfits this season too. See below for more gorgeous tweed blazers out now. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Blazers For Fall appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Luxe Fabrics For Fall
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Top, J.Crew Pants, J.Crew Loafers, Straw Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses   If there is one thing I’m excited about for this upcoming fall season, it’s the abundance of luxe fabrics coming out. From the soft velvets, to the smooth satins, and the sheen of the silks, the textures are a lot more romantic than the cotton and linens I’ve been wearing all summer long. Since the season hasn’t officially started, I’m still wearing most of my lightweight pieces, but mixing in those fabrics that add a touch of luxe.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   These silk pants from J.Crew were one of the first pieces I bought this season. The muted dusty rose shade is one of my favorite colors, especially going into cooler months. Unlike other silk pants I have, these are a bit more structured and heavier in fabric (but not stiff), similar to a suit. They also come in a few other colors like cream, navy and green.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   And speaking of textures, I couldn’t resist these leopard loafers that J.Crew just came out with. I love that the undertone and details are chocolate brown instead of black, making them softer to pair with all of the lighter shades I wear. When it comes to putting together an outfit, I really like mixing the fabrics and textures, so to top of this look, I added my straw bag. I know some of you were asking if I would wear all of my wicker and straw totes into fall and the answer is yes. I’m already envisioning lots of knit sweaters and denim paired with them.   The post Luxe Fabrics For Fall appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
These Are The 7 Things I Stock Up On Throughout The Year
31-08-2017 09:00:59
Gal Meets Glam
While I purchase many things throughout the year, often times, there are those products that I love so much, I make sure I’m always stocked up on them. It could be a beauty product that is so game-changing my skin relies on it, or an undergarment that’s key to wearing my favorite dress or makeup product I feel nude without. While I’m sure everyone’s list looks vastly different, mine is centered around a mix of beauty and skincare products, along with items I wear under my clothes. These are the 7 things I stock up on throughout the year.     Arcona Triad Pads– I’ve talked about my love for these toner pads on GMG a lot. Arcona has been one of my favorite skincare brands for years, with the Triad Pads being the one product that you’ll never see me without. How I use them? After I wash my face, I use one pad all over my skin afterwards. Years ago, I started getting a lot of little bumps around my jawline and when I went to a facialist to see why, she said it was probably from not washing off all of my makeup at night (even if I thought I was). These help keep my skin clear and fresh, so I always have a least one tub on me.   Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara– This is my all-time favorite mascara. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they are now obsessed with this mascara after hearing me talk about it. While I do sometimes use a lash growth serum (I use NeuLash every few months or so), this mascara really does give you longer, fuller lashes. I’m not into eyeshadow palettes, contouring or lots of makeup, but I do love my big lashes!     Hanky Panky Lace Thong– One thing my mom taught me, that my grandmother taught her, was that having nice undergarments (and continually refreshing them throughout the year), goes a long way. I love Hank Panky and their lace underwear are my go-to.   Invisibobble Hair Ring– These were a huge game-changer for me. For all of you thick-hair girls out there, you’ll understand the frustration when it comes to hair ties and nothing being able to hold the weight of your hair for a long period of time (especially while working out!). The design and texture of these hair rings make sure that your hair stays in place and doesn’t move. And best part? They also are gentler on your hair, resulting in less breakage and headaches. from constant ponytails and buns.     Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment– Another product that you’ll never see me without. I probably sound like a broken record when I say that I love these tinted lip balms, but it wouldn’t be an accurate list if they weren’t on it. The two I always have on me are the “rose” and “petal” colors.     Glam Glow YouthMud Mask– This is one of mine (and Thomas’s!) favorite face masks. The reason why we love it and always stock up on throughout the year? Whenever we feel like we might be on the verge of breaking out (eating bad food, traveling a lot…), we use it and our skin is clear the next day. This stuff is no joke and that’s why I love it.   Bristols 6 Nippie Skin Covers– These are my secret weapon for all of those low-cut, backless, small strap tops and dresses. I love that they’re really lightweight and thin and don’t add extra padding or unnecessary weight. I bring these everywhere I go, just in case I have a dress or a top I need to wear them with. The post These Are The 7 Things I Stock Up On Throughout The Year appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Styling A Slip Skirt
30-08-2017 09:00:03
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Sweater, Emerson Thorpe Skirt (similar here under $80), Tory Burch Sandals (last seen here), Gucci Bag    I’ve had my eye on a few slip skirts for a while and finally found one that I felt would fit really well into my style. While I love the look of a slip dress, I’ve always been a little hesitant about wearing one. I love the look, texture and luxe fabric that the satin adds to an outfit, especially for fall when paired with sweaters and chunky knits. Last year Vince had an array of slip skirts with corresponding oversized sweaters in similar colors- I loved the effortless look it created. This year, there are even more slip skirts coming out, like this cream satin one by Emerson Thorpe that I’m wearing, along with new colors by Vince, ones in beautiful fall colors like green and navy and other ones under $100, like here and here.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I initially was planning on wearing this skirt with a matching cream sweater, but ended up loving the contrast this navy sweater from J.Crew added. I love the balance of textures and the sweet touch of the bow detail to the look. Another outfit I want to create with this skirt is pairing it with a simple satin tank and adding a chunky cashmere cardigan over the top with boots for fall. And for an even more casual look, I’ll wear it with a plain white tee and my favorite blush sneakers.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I finished it off with these pearl embellished Tory Burch sandals that I last wore here. I still can’t get enough of pearl details for fall (see more of my favorite picks here) and have these waiting in my cart.   The post Styling A Slip Skirt appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Answering Frequently Asked “What to Pack” Questions
29-08-2017 09:00:36
Gal Meets Glam
I hope you’ve been enjoying our Travel Series so far! If you read my last post, you’ll remember that I only covered half of the topic on packing. Last time I discussed how to pack for common tough packing situations, and in this post I’ll be answering our top  “what to pack” questions that I’ve received from readers. I’ve broken down essentials I bring with me on long trips, the items I always have ready to throw in a bag and go, the luggage I travel with and how much I bring, my favorite travel shoes and more!   What are the things you always pack?   My carry-on is pretty much always ready to go at a moment’s notice. Since we travel so often, there are definitely items that I always have on my packing list regardless of season, destination or length of trip. Those items are: the obvious underwear and socks, a white tee, a light layer (cashmere cardigan or striped pullover), a scarf, sneakers (great for those traveling days, hours of walking and just in case I want to workout) and a pair of jeans. I always want to have at least one comfy outfit to wear home (so this is where the jeans and a tee always come in handy). !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’m headed on a long trip, what should I pack?   One of our favorite tricks for a long trip is to book an Airbnb that has a washer and dryer right around the halfway point. Unless you don’t mind an adventure to the laundromat. I’m notorious for overpacking for long trips, but it’s much different for us since we’re shooting content and campaigns for the blog when we travel. If we don’t travel for work, I’m much more aware of packing items that can be reworn many ways. Mixing and matching pieces is key to getting the best use out of your limited space. It always helps me to go through what the activities are that we plan on doing so that I can be prepped and ready and not have to go out and buy last minute stuff when we’re at our destination.     How do you decide on what handbags to bring?   The destination and what we’ll be doing at said destination really determine what I’m going to need. For example, if we’re going to be outdoors exploring the whole time, bringing a handbag and clutch is completely unnecessary. For our trip to Alaska, I brought one backpack and used that the whole time. For other trips, when I want to be dressed up and we’re going to nice dinners and events, I bring a few neutral bags that can be worn with all of the clothes that I’m packing. I usually bring one bag for activities, one tote bag for daytime and one evening bag.     How much luggage do you travel with?   An honest answer is, a lot more than normal travelers. For long trips that I have lots of time to prep for, I try to plan as many of my outfits ahead of time as possible, that way I don’t bring items I’m not going to wear. As I mentioned above, I pack way more than the average traveler because when we travel, it’s an opportunity to create content for Gal Meets Glam. If this trip is longer than 10 days, I usually have my Hartmann set along with a duffle packed away for items picked up during the trip.     What tools do you always travel with?   Our travel steamer and my curling iron are two items that make every single trip. Camera gear is always a must for us. Electrical items like a large portable backup charger and car phone charger are always on our packing list too. If we are going to another country we will bring outlet adapters. We used to travel with a GPS for driving but we’ve found them to be unreliable, it’s worked best if we use Google Maps and use the “Save for offline” feature.   I’m going to another country, what should I do about electrical appliances?   Get a few quality electrical outlet adapters. We’ve had nothing but bad luck with power converters and decided they’re not worth using. A few weeks before your trip, check your appliances to see if they are dual voltage. Computers and phone chargers are typically dual voltage already, but you’ll want to triple check your steamers, straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers. If you are someone that has to have your straightener, curling iron or steamer it might be worth it to go buy one as soon as you arrive or see if you can order a new dual voltage one ahead of time. My curling iron is dual voltage.     What should I pack for a tropical vacation?   I have a mental checklist that I repeatedly use every time we go somewhere tropical. It’s fool-proof and never lets me down. I used to always pack way more than I needed to for tropical trips. At the end of the day, I spend much more time in a swimsuit and coverup than I do in a full-on outfit, so light pieces to throw on and go are key. I try to make items that I wear to the beach work for afternoon or night activities, too. For example, I always bring a white button down with me. I throw it on open over a swimsuit (like here) to the beach, but then I’ll tie it to wear with denim shorts for lunch and then wear it buttoned up with a skirt and wedges to dinner. It’s effortless and simple – the kind of ease I want on vacation.   I’m going on a trip where I’ll be walking a lot, what shoes do you recommend?   My absolute favorite travel shoes are my Nike Air Max sneakers. This is the exact pair that I have. I bought them in grey a few years ago, then bought a pink pair and most recently this blue pair. You could say I’m obsessed. They’re my favorite for actual travel days, but then I’ll wear them throughout our trip, whether we’re go on a walk in the morning, grabbing coffee in something comfy, working out or on our feet all day. I always bring a pair of flats with me, too. My Chloe flats are my favorite because they’re buttery soft and are so comfortable to spend the entire day in. They are pricey, so if you’re looking for a similar, more affordable option, this pair is almost identical. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Answering Frequently Asked “What to Pack” Questions appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Use This Skincare Product For Deep Hydration
28-08-2017 09:00:05
Gal Meets Glam
In June, you may have noticed that I started my SK-II #OneBottleAwayFrom journey. With a summer full of sun, heat, humidity and lots of traveling, I knew my skin was starting to feel the consequences, so I decided to start to use SK-II Facial Treatment Essence twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night, both, after washing my face. I’m familiar with the SK-II brand, having used a few products in the past in the past- I normally pickup an SK-II mask at the Duty Free airport shops to apply during long flights. This summer, I made a commitment to make their iconic Facial Treatment Essence a consistent member in my beauty routine and it’s really paid off! Typically, I would categorize my skin as dry, so I’m always seeking ways to keep it hydrated and looking its best. With the heat and humidity of summer, more than ever, I realized I needed to let my skin breathe. This meant less makeup, more bare skin. Feeling confident and good about going sans makeup has always been a goal of mine, so I set out with this in mind.      Unlike other beauty products, this one started working for me instantly. Most noticeably with my skin’s hydration and firmness. And applying the Facial Treatment Essence couldn’t be easier. First start with a fresh, clean face. Sprinkle about 1 teaspoon, or a couple of shakes, onto a cotton pad. Then tap gently around your face, making sure to coat evenly, including your neck. You can apply a moisturizer afterwards, although you don’t need to, especially when applying in the morning. During my evening routine, I’ll finish off with one of my favorite night time moisturizers or masks for extra hydration.      My skin is feeling more radiant than ever which is one of the reasons why I feel comfortable having more days where I don’t wear makeup. I honestly can’t think of the last time my skin has not only looked this good, but also felt this good. It’s silky smooth, dewy and happy- just the way I like it!     Thank you to SKII for sponsoring this post. The post Use This Skincare Product For Deep Hydration appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
3 Key Pieces To Pack For Labor Day Weekend
25-08-2017 09:00:44
Gal Meets Glam
Product Details: Denim Jacket, Pink Linen Dress, Striped Bow Top, Raffia Sandals, Weekender Bag, White Jeans, Pink Gingham Shirt, Denim Skirt, Espadrilles   Labor Day Weekend is a week away and I’m already so looking forward to it. Tomorrow marks the start of many back and forth trips to NYC over the next few months, but we’ll be back to Charleston right before the holiday weekend. While we won’t be packing up our bags and traveling anywhere this year, I’ve got lots of inspiration for those of you heading on a quick getaway (and for those of you enjoying time at home- like us!). It’s always one of the best weekends of the year, as everyone is trying to savor the last bits of summer, spending lots of time outdoors and bringing out the best from summer wardrobes. I broke down my three key pieces to make packing for Labor Day Weekend a breeze.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Wearing: J.Crew Denim Jacket, Joie Tank, La Vie Jeans, MDS Stripes Scarf, Neely & Chloe Tote, Carrie Forbes Sandals   A denim jacket is one of the few items I actually wear year round. Like my favorite pair of jeans, it just gets better over time. This is one item I always add into my weekender bag, just in case I need an easy extra layer. Whether I’m wearing it with a pair of white jeans or over a mini dress, it always adds the perfect relaxed touch to any look.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Wearing: The Shirt, GRLFRND Skirt, Castaner Espadrilles, Straw Bag   These Castander espadrilles have come everywhere with me this past spring/summer, as you can probably tell from the many times I’ve worn them on the blog. They’re a great daytime to nighttime shoe and work with everything and anything, which makes them so ideal to travel with.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Wearing: Reformation Dress, J.Crew Denim Jacket, Straw Bag, Castaner Espadrilles, Rebecca Taylor Sunglasses   It goes without saying that I always pack at least one dress with me. Since it’s still hot during this time of year, linen or cotton is my fabric of choice. I plan on wearing these linen dresses I bought from Reformation this summer as much as possible while the weather is still suited for them. Plus, many of them are on sale right now! The post 3 Key Pieces To Pack For Labor Day Weekend appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Gal Meets Glam
24-08-2017 09:00:09
Gal Meets Glam
Even though I’ve been sharing my life online for over 6.5 years, there is so much that goes unpublished. There’s only a fraction of what goes on in my day to day that I post about. I’m just not a natural over-sharer. Lately I’ve been pushing myself to step outside of my comfort zone a bit and open up more. I’ve learned that I don’t have to spill my guts to connect, or be talking into a screen all day. I’ve really enjoyed getting some of my feelings out and communicating and connecting with all of you, beyond just fluff stuff (I do love fluff stuff, though!). To continue with these weekly posts I’ve been sharing, I wanted to make a list of things you probably didn’t know about Gal Meets Glam.     The question I get all the time is: what does the “H” stand for? Is it Engel? Or Hengel? The reason why my Instagram handle is @juliahengel, not @galmeetsglam was back in the day when I got on Instagram, I thought it was just a filter app. When I signed up, @juliaengel was already taken, so I added the ‘H’ initial for my middle name, not knowing that it would become such a big platform for Gal Meets Glam. I can’t even count how many times I’ve received emails addressed to Julia Hengel, PR packages in the mail or even readers coming up to me saying “Excuse me, are you Julia Hengel?”. Each time, I quietly giggle inside, but know that it’s an easy mistake to make.   When I first started Gal Meets Glam, Thomas and I knew nothing about photography. We began with a tiny, inexpensive point and shoot camera. After a while, I quickly realized that we needed to upgrade (the iPhone cameras were nowhere near the quality they are now). After doing a bunch of research and testing out different DSLRs at a camera store, my grandpa helped me buy a Canon 60D. It was huge investment and lot of money, so I spent that summer giving half of my paycheck to him, slowly paying it off. He always jokes now that he was the first “investor” in our business!   I’ve met readers in the most unsuspecting places- from the top of Machu Picchu Mountain to the middle of Alaska. It’s amazing to look at our analytics and see readers from almost every country across the world. The internet is an incredible place. To date, we’ve had over 6.3 million readers visit our site! I can’t even wrap my head around that number!   We have received thousands of requests for more video content, and it’s not that I’m not listening to you (because I am!), it’s that I have ‘video stage fright’. After 6.5 years, I’ve become really comfortable in front of a camera, but the moment we start recording a video, I freeze up. I find it really unnatural and have to talk myself through the whole process. I hate the feeling of being “on” for a video, I want to come across as myself and as natural as possible, but it’s just not something that comes easy for me. We have backlogs of half-finished videos, which is so unlike me and just goes to show how scared I get. BUT I am working on it and we have more video content coming soon!   You probably know that Thomas and I have worked together for the entirety of Gal Meet Glam’s existence. What you might not know is that working together isn’t always the easiest. I’m tad opinionated and he also holds his own opinion in high regard. So when differences come up there’s rarely a winner, although we both like to think we won. Truth be told, the final result is usually better than if we had just done it my way. Pushing each other’s boundaries always leads to some great ideas…even if there is some bickering in between. Sure I’ve “fired” him a few times, and rehired him minutes later (don’t tell our HR department), but we’ve learned we’re actually really good at working together. Luckily, we’re comfortable enough with both being able to share our opinions without taking offense, while also realizing what our strengths and weaknesses are so we know what our main focuses should be.   Outfit Details: Elizabeth & James Top, Philosophy Skirt, Cuyana Bag, Chloe Flats, Rebecca Taylor Sunglasses The post 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Gal Meets Glam appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Jumpsuit
23-08-2017 09:00:34
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Club Monaco Jumpsuit (navy version on sale here), Joie Heels (on sale in 5 colors here), Chanel Bag (similar here and here)   I love a good jumpsuit and am completely in love with this blush one I recently picked up from Club Monaco. It didn’t look like much online, but my mom urged my to try it on in store and I knew I couldn’t leave without it. It’s so incredibly flattering and I’m all about the wide-leg cropped pant style right now. The key for pulling it off is a pair of heels and something fitted on the top. Luckily, the jumpsuit has a wrap tie waste (with a small cut-out in the back) to bring in some shape. Plus, this nude/blush color is my absolute favorite and works year round. I plan on bringing this with me to NYC for meetings over the next couple of weeks, but will be adding a blazer over the top to make it a little more professional.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Club Monaco has a few other jumpsuits, like this other blush one, this white one and this blue toile one, that are all gorgeous and would make the perfect one-piece outfit. The navy version of the one I’m wearing is also on sale over here. And if you’re looking for a few budget friendly options, this one, this one, this one, this one and this one are all under $100.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post The Jumpsuit appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Provence & French Riviera Itinerary
22-08-2017 09:00:00
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This summer we went on an incredible three-week-long trip to Provence and the French Riviera. Provence is filled with incredible views and spectacular aesthetic. Lavender fields stretch as far as the eyes can see, hillside towns and villages boast an uninterrupted charm, rocky beaches bring feelings of tranquility, and quaint farmhouses offer simple, yet stunning beauty. As much as I love visiting a city, it’s the countryside where I feel most at home and at ease with life. The French Riviera is another beautiful and special place to experience as well. From the pastels of St. Tropez and bougainvillea of Grimaud, to the blue shades of Nice and the rainbow town of Villefrance-sur-Mer, there’s something around every corner waiting to be discovered. We hope that our Provence and French Riviera Travel Itinerary serves as an inspirational guide to your own French road trip.     Provence We set out to see and experience as much as we possibly could during our time in Provence. We explored the most stunning villages, tasted the recipes of some of the finest restaurants, including ones topping the Michelin star list, perused the local markets for goods to bring back home, and took countless pictures of the brightly colored surroundings that inspired us. Below you will find highlights from our trip (aka what we found to be the can’t-miss moments), including essential travel tips and links to all the wonderful places we stayed to assist you with turning our special trip into your own.   Provence Highlights   We loved exploring markets on market days. Our favorite market was in Apt, the largest town in the Luberon region. Visiting hilltop towns in the Luberon area is something not to be missed. Gordes is probably the most striking and most famous, but these other towns were some of our favorites as well: Oppede, Menerbes, and Lacoste. At the end of the day after exploring the Saturday market in Apt, Provence, we made reservations and had dinner at Auberge la Feniere, a wonderful Michelin star restaurant located near Lourmarin. All I can say is ‘truffle risotto!’ Amazing! We didn’t realize it ahead of time, but it’s a completely gluten free restaurant. Our first week in Provence was spent exploring the areas around the house we rented in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt. One early evening we decided to have a sunset picnic. We grabbed a basket from the house, filled it with cheeses, bread and wine, and found a scenic spot to watch the sunset. There are an abundance of poppy fields in Provence. We kept driving by these beautiful fields, and we eventually decided we couldn’t pass up the incredible photo opportunity. After exploring the towns of Oppede, Menerbes, & Bonnieux, we went to Bastide de Capelongue in Bonnieux. We had previously made reservations at their gourmet restaurant, Edouard Loubet, and we enjoyed an incredible lunch there. Be prepared to give yourself a few hours here – it’s a wonderful experience. First, small aperitifs were served outside in the garden with a view over the town. My favorite was a thin crusted truffle pizza. Next, they escorted us inside, where we began with an amuse-bouche and a salad course. Both of us ordered the fish for our main dish and loved every bite. Though, I have to say, our favorite part of the experience was the cheese cart (that is rolled out right before dessert), which had just about every kind of cheese (over 30 varieties!) you could ever want. We loved antique shopping in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, and after working up an appetite walking through all the shops, we went to Le Jardin du Quai for lunch. We had heard many people rave about it, and the restaurant lived up to all the incredible reviews. We highly suggest making reservations ahead of time, as this is a popular destination. Also, before heading home, we stopped in Gordes for drinks at La Bastide de Gordes. It’s definitely one of my favorite and probably one of the most scenic spots in all of Provence. Our last full day in the countryside of Provence, we visited the charming village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Moustiers-Sainte-Marie was another town that Thomas had found on the ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages’ list and one of the towns we were most excited to visit. We bought china from the most adorable shop and had it shipped home. It just arrived and it’s even more beautiful than we remember, a special collection that we can cherish and reflect back on. On our way back from Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, we visited the lavender fields in Valensole. The Valensole Plateau is the world’s premier location for growing lavender. Despite our early arrival (we were probably 3 weeks early from peak bloom and vibrancy), some of the fields we found were already impressive spectacles and the scents of lavender and buzzing of bees were just as impressive. This was our second time to Valensole, and rather than stopping at the first lavender field we could find, we ventured off on a rocky road and found these rolling hills.   Provence Essential Tips:   Best way to combat jet-lag: Unlike in the past when we just flew to Paris, flying from Charleston to Marseille was an all day affair. We were exhausted when we arrived, but it was 9am and we were not about to go to bed. What we like to do when we first arrive to a new destination is get acclimated to the new time zone right away. Instead of sleeping when we arrived (which is what our bodies wanted to do since it was the middle of the night back home), we kept ourselves awake until that evening. It wasn’t hard *in the beginning* because we were so excited to be there! When to travel to Provence: The wonderful thing about coming to Provence in June is that it isn’t unbearably hot just yet (a nice mix of 75-90 degree weather) and the days are long. The sun doesn’t set until well after 9pm, so we didn’t feel rushed on how much we could fit in before sunset. We also timed the blooming of roses and hydrangeas especially well, and though the lavender wasn’t quite at peak bloom, it was definitely worth seeing. Planning day trips: We typically find and save on the map way more than we can possibly visit in a single trip. That way when planning out our day, we can take a slightly modified route to add an extra spot we wouldn’t normally have seen. Before we left the States, we did a lot of research to find small towns to visit during our stay, which we added to our Google Maps. That way we could reference them while traveling. Most of the time when we take day trips while traveling, we’ll decide on our final destination and then fill our day with things that are along the way. When to go to the markets: Towns will host markets on different days, so if you know you want to go to a market or a particular town, make sure to do some research first. The information is easily discoverable. It is best to arrive at the markets early when they first open to beat the crowds. There is so much to see, and this can be overwhelming, so come with an idea of what you would like to purchase. Where to stay: Consider having a “home base” rental home on your trip instead of spending time checking in and out of hotels. Our first time visiting Provence we made this mistake, staying only one or two nights at four different hotels. We had a wonderful time calling Villa St Saturnin via Haven In home during this visit. How to antique shop: When we were antique shopping, we wondered how we would manage to transport our newly-found treasures to the states. Luckily, many of the vendors have shippers ready on-hand to give a quote based on size and weight. And if buying larger items, it’s much more cost-effective to buy a few pieces to fill a crate, that way you’re making it worthwhile. Something to consider when negotiating prices is that summertime is the height of tourist season, therefore it is the most expensive time to buy antiques in places like L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. If you’re looking for a guide to antique shops around Provence, our friend Vicky has a wonderful guide here.   Where We Stayed:   Bastide de Marie – You know those hotels that look nice online but really blow you away in person? Well, Bastide de Marie is one of those places. I knew it was going to be pretty, but what we arrived to was a complete dream! It’s quintessential Provence, made from stone, with French blue shutters and roses climbing everywhere. It sits on 23 acres of vineyards, with everything from olive trees to lavender to rose gardens. Also, The gastronomic restaurant at Bastide de Marie is wonderful! If you get a chance and are in the area (even if you’re not staying at the hotel), head there for dinner or have lunch and set-up a wine tasting at their winery next door. They serve aperitifs and appetizers on the back patio, whiles candles and bistro lights flicker all around. Once your table is ready, they bring you inside, where the all-glass dining room looks out at the vineyard with the sun setting right behind. It’s the most picturesque spot! Provence House  – We were so happy to have a “home base” during our time in Provence. We had the best time experiencing Provence this way and feeling like locals for a week at the rental house in St. Saturnin Les Apt. The house has a lovely pool and courtyard area, and as you will find in this post, we took full advantage of it. Going back and forth to markets, preparing our own french al fresco spreads, and exploring different villages with a home to come back to truly made the trip a special one.     French Riviera Key Highlights:   St. Tropez has incredible shopping. Had we been there longer, I would have stopped in more shops. In this post, I’m wearing a dress I bought at one of the lovely boutiques there. We loved our time at the Plage Beau Rivage Beach Club. The seemingly endless sea of blue and white umbrellas was quite a sight to see. We visited the incredible Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, a gorgeous pink villa from the early 1900s. Long before we even mapped out where we would be staying, I had this on my list of must-do activities. While not as popular as nearby St. Tropez or Port Grimaud, the town of Grimaud is a wonderful stop for a few hours. We had never witnessed such incredible hydrangeas and bougainvillea. Our day in Villefranche-sur-Mer was one of our favorite from the entire trip. We spent the morning at the beach, explored the colorful town and then had a wonderful lunch on the shores of the water. Wearing a lemon print dress, while sipping a fresh frozen lemonade in Menton, a city famous for it’s lemons. We had a wonderful dinner at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, one of the most famous luxury hotels on the French Riviera. The food was fantastic, but the sunset we witnessed was one of the most incredible sunsets we’ve ever seen, with the sky and calm blue waters turning a cotton candy pink hue.   Essential Tips:   Tips for day trips: In the French Riviera, all of the towns and roads are built on cliffs and peninsulas, so if you are driving somewhere it’s rarely a quick trip. We learned this on our way to Villa Ephrussi during our time in Nice, it took so much longer in fact, that we arrived after they allowed the last visitors to enter. How to make the most out of your beach trip: Get a head start to the beach so you can claim your spot, as the beaches get crowded quickly. Our longest beach day was in  Villefranche-sur-Mer. There, the beach is long but narrow, so we tried to get there before 10am. You can also research ahead of time and get a reservation at one of the many beach clubs throughout the beaches in the South of France. We had a great time in St. Tropez at Le Club 55. What to wear: Make sure your outfit is suitable for walking around towns for hours – this means comfortable shoes, such as flats and sandals with soft leather, and linen dresses to stay cool. Also, wear closed-toed shoes when exploring hilltops. Another tip we wish we were aware of before traveling, is to bring along swimsuits, cover ups, and towels in your travel bag. When you visit a beautiful coastal town, you may want to jump right in the water. If driving, have plenty of change ready: Compared to the countryside of Provence where we spent most of our time on country roads, there are numerous toll roads along the French Riviera, and they are pretty much unavoidable; therefore, make sure you have plenty of Euro coins in your car.   Where we stayed: Our hotel, Chateau le Cagnard, was near Nice (about a 30 min. drive), in a medieval village called Cagnes-sur-Mer. This was a smaller boutique hotel that sat in the middle of a beautiful town with views of Nice and the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. While we enjoyed our room, hotel and town, access to the hotel was difficult as only very compact cars can drive all the way to the hotel. Parking is at the bottom of the village and a good 15 minute walk. The first few days in the French Riviera, we stayed at a friend’s house near Grimaud. After our week along the French Riviera, we ended our France trip with a peaceful two days at L’Escale du Ciel, a small bed and breakfast in the Alpes-Maritimes. We made great use of the pool and all of the lounging areas, eating breakfast on the patio and sipping wine in the evening. The post Provence & French Riviera Itinerary appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Lace Mini Dress & My Favorite Bag For Fall
21-08-2017 09:00:42
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Wayf Dress (back in stock here & on sale!), Gianvito Rossi Pumps, Cuyana Bag   As we quickly approach the end of August, it’s not too crazy to be thinking of the upcoming season change. It’s also has me thinking about what to keep out and what to pack away. This is our first time living somewhere where we’re not pulling out coats right away, but rather the opposite. Even though there’s not huge shift in wardrobe, I like the idea of slowly transitioning a color palette, moving into slightly deeper, moodier hues.     This lace blue mini dress was sort of an impulse buy that I was pleasantly surprised about when it arrived in the mail. At under $100, it has the cutest details, like the bows on the sleeves, a cut-out back and ruffled hem line. The blue shade is one that I love for fall. It’s not as bright or light as the blues I’ve worn this summer, it’s more of a lovely slate blue. I paired with pumps for work, but it also works with a pair of ballet flats to keep it a bit less dressed-up.     Earlier in the year, I got this Cuyana bag and it’s become one that I keep reaching for again and again (last seen here, here, here, here, here and here). It’s in between a nude, blush and tan color, making it easy to wear with most of my wardrobe. It’s also the perfect medium size, so it’s big enough for work, but not too big to tote around on the weekend. It’s definitely my favorite bag going into fall.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Lace Mini Dress & My Favorite Bag For Fall appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Overcoming That Failing Feeling
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Gal Meets Glam
I’d say almost everyday I experience this panic. A panic that I’m failing at life and failing with my business. While I know I’ve achieved some success with both so far, something happens during the day that triggers this panic. I’d say most of the time it’s when I’m reminded of how little time there is in a day, or the risks we’re taking with growing our business. It’s when I’m reminded of another thing that I have to add to my already full to-do list. A list where everything is marked as urgent or top priority. Sometimes I experience that failing feeling when I’m reminded that I could have done better on something. And even when I’m feeling happy in the present, I’m normally forecasting my failures through self doubt, thinking I’m not good enough to do something in the future.   The two triggers that have been getting to me lately are fears about the risks and unchartered territory we’re entering with our business. We pride ourselves on our efforts and willingness to separate ourselves from our past successes in order to make changes for the future. But that doesn’t mean these decisions are easy. Every time we make a big decision, I worry about the effect that it could have on our business. The other one is a fear that we aren’t achieving balance with our business. When we travel we’re able to create amazing content, but the cost is that we fall behind on the business side. When we’re home, we’re more focused on the business, but I feel more limited in my creativity. Thomas and I actually both experience panic at separate times. I feel like I’m failing if I’m not out creating and sharing, while Thomas feels like he’s failing if he’s not at a desk working on building our business for the future. One thing we have to constantly remind ourselves is that it’s nearly impossible to produce high quality content and run an efficient, successful business with just the two of us.   Have you had these feelings? Like you aren’t good enough? And you don’t actually know what you are doing? It’s incredible how our minds can play tricks on our beliefs despite any previous success.   While no one wants to constantly feel like they’re failing, many times failure leads to great success. If I was willing to submit subpar work, and didn’t care about pushing myself beyond what I think I can do, I know that I wouldn’t have as big of a fear of failing. So it’s good to experience failing feeling sometimes, as long as the standard for achievement is high. But dwelling on that failing feeling or letting it overcome me and stop me from doing things is what I need to avoid. My goal now is to find a way to feel good about my efforts and success more often.   I mentioned that I think a lot of my fears of failing come from wanting to do too many things. If time was infinite, I’d get everything done at the highest quality possible. But that’s not reality. Everyday I’m not only deciding what to do, but through trial and error, I’m learning what not to do. In life, we have different areas where we can spend our time: family, friends, mental and physical health, work and spirituality. These are big areas in most people’s lives. Everyone has their own ideal balance. Lately mine has been heavily skewed towards work, which has led to significant compromises everywhere else, which turns into guilt. What I think overwhelms me even more is the fact that I feel guilty that I don’t put in even more work hours, as there are still things I’d like to accomplish when I close my computer every night. It’s a vicious cycle that I’m always trying to jump ahead of.   In an effort to improve, I think it’s really important to try and not let the fear of failing take over my mind. I’ve talked about fear before and how it can become so big that it’s paralyzing, stopping me from stepping outside my comfort zone. But I refuse to let that happen and let it stop me from achieving my dreams. Now, whenever I start to get that panic feeling, I try to stop and ask myself questions to get to the core of it. Often times I’m able to give myself a little pep talk, and remind myself of all of the positivity and possibilities that can come with taking risks. While I know that failure is always possible, success is also always possible.   Have you felt this too? How do you try to overcome it? The post Overcoming That Failing Feeling appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
These 3 Easy Packing Tips Will Have You Traveling Like A Pro
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Express Top, Citizens of Humanity Jeans   After a long break from the Travel Series, we are back with the next part: packing. Once your trip is all booked, it’s time to pack…well hopefully not immediately! I wanted to share some of the top packing tips that we’ve learned from all of our travels, specifically covering some of the harder situations to deal with. When I originally started putting this post together, the plan was to cram everything into one post, but I quickly realized that all this content actually needs two posts, How to Pack for a Trip and What to Pack for a Trip. Packing isn’t my strong suit, as my instinct is to try and bring as much as I can (aka everything) with me. I get packing anxiety (slight joke, but not really), and end up packing waaay more than I need. After years of trying to get better (and Thomas getting annoyed with me), I’ve finally got my system down…sort of. You might be wondering why I’m covering how to pack before what to pack? Often times how I pack for my trip will most likely dictate what I can bring.     Common Packing Problem #1: You have delicate handbags, shoes and hats that you want to pack.   Solution: We’ve received many questions about how to pack hats and other delicate items. While you could wear 3 hats on your head while walking through the airport, we’ve found a few simpler ways to pack these accessories without ruining them.   Hats – If I’m packing 1 or 2 hats, I’ll try and pack them in a big tote that is my preferred personal item (the other bag you can bring with you along with your carry-on). On our trip to Tulum I packed 5 hats. In order to do this, I packed the hats inside each other, according to size. In the bottom hat I added some scarves, a shirt or two, or a few pairs of socks to prevent the hat from caving in. I then laid the hats on the flat side of the bag and packed clothes around the crowns. As simple as that.   Handbags – I always try to pack my handbags inside their dust bags. I’ll place small bags inside larger bags to protect them. This way I also don’t have to worry about big bags losing their shape.   Shoes – For the most part, shoes are pretty durable, but for delicate shoes like my flats, I like to pack them in their shoe bags. Rainboots get filled with socks or other shoes inside their shoe bags.   Electronics – Never check your valuable electronics. That means things like cameras, computers and hard drives should be in your carry on. If you constantly travel with cameras, we recommend ONA bags, as they protect cameras and electronics and look great. Also, Thomas tries to pack as much as possible into his personal item (ONA backpack for long trips), that way he never has an issue if overhead space is small or gets too full.   Jewelry & Sunglasses – I have a handful of Cuyana and Truffle pouches in various sizes that are great for small, delicate items like these. It also keeps them organized. These almost always fit inside my carry on and I always carry any fine jewelry with me.       Common Packing Problem #2: You constantly pack your bags too heavy, costing you a fortune in luggage fees.   Solution: I have to admit, packing under the 50lb limit is not exactly my strongest suit but after years of Thomas weighing my suitcases after I’ve thought I was done packing, I’ve learned a few tricks that keeps me on target almost every time.   Tip #1– Balance item volume vs. weight. When we pack, we often just fill the volume of the bag without taking too much consideration of the weight of the items we are adding. With each item, consider how much space it’s going to take up vs. its weight. Things like heels or jewelry might not take up a lot of space, but they are heavy for their size. Items that are small and heavy might be best packed in your carry on. (Note: Most US airlines won’t weigh carry on luggage, but it’s a pretty common practice amongst international airlines that they actually enforce).   Tip #2 – Weigh your bag empty. It’s a simple equation: Amount you can pack = 50 lb – weight of your bag empty. Yet you see the people at the airport every time, off to the side, bag wide open, frantically re-packing things to reduce weight. Most of the time their bags are massive and outdated. Luckily, nowadays you can get a large hard sided suitcase that’s durable and lightweight. But even our largest bag is still 10lbs empty.     Tip #3 – Always carry an extra duffel for the trip home, especially if you plan on shopping on your trip. The biggest mistake you can make is to pack an overweight bag instead of separating into two bags. On Delta, your second checked bag on domestic flights is $35 compared to $100 for a bag weighing between 51-70 pounds. The simple, money saving solution is to buy this amazing Tote Bag. It’s durable, lightweight and only 1 lb empty. We pack an empty one on nearly every single trip we go on.   Tip #4 – During winter, carry your largest coat, even if you don’t plan on wearing it. Winter is one of the hardest times to pack since everything simply takes up more space. You’d be surprised by how much space you can save in your bag by just wearing your largest jacket to the airport.     Common Packing Problem #3: You are in need of a luggage upgrade but don’t know where to start.   Solution: Chances are you have a hodgepodge of suitcases sitting in your closet at home but every time you go to pack it never seems like you have the right bag. If I were buying one or two new pieces of luggage, I’d start with a large rolling suitcase and a trusty carry on. But if you already have these or are are looking to replace everything, these are my favorite categories:   Large Roller Suitcase We’ve been super happy with our Hartmann Innovaire luggage. We have both the Extended Journey size and the Long Journey. The top features we look for in a large suitcase are durability, lightweight and a 4 wheel upright roll. We prefer to have hardsided luggage and the Innovaire’s are the only ones that have lasted years without damage. We’ve gone through our fair share of luggage that’s fallen apart, so we have some experience in this department. Before buying luggage, check the empty weight of the bag. I’d try and stay away from any bag that’s over 10 lbs empty.   Carry-On A great carry on will easily be one of your most used pieces of luggage. You’ve probably noticed that I love my Steamline carry-on. Not only are they great looking (I get asked almost every single flight what brand makes them), but I’ve found that it fits all my needs and keeps everything protected. Thomas prefers his 4 wheeled Hartmann Innovaire, as he can wheel both his carry on and checked back with one arm.     Personal Item If you are trying to maximize your packing space, the right personal item can make a huge difference. I love to use one of my large totes, like my Goyard tote or a big beach bag for summer travels. If you are a photographer, Thomas carries his ONA Backpack for long trips and his ONA Messenger bag for shorter trips. If you want to squeeze even more space out of your personal item, Thomas adds a carabiner to a loop on his bag and attaches his headphones or water bottle to it.   Weekender Weekenders are such a great size for a variety of tasks. Compared to a tote, weekenders zip up for extra security and privacy. You can’t go wrong with a classic leather weekender, a striped canvas one or my new favorite Neely & Chloe weekender bag. Even when we aren’t using them for shorter trips, we load up our extra weekender bags when hauling things back and forth between the office, or you can use them for groceries.   Packable Extra Duffel An extra super lightweight duffel bag has come in handy countless times on our travels. We have nothing but great things to say about the Samsonite Tote-a-ton, which can fit 50 pounds of extra clothing and items, yet roll up into a small square for packing. We also love them for long road trips because their soft construction helps them fit into more crevices.   The post These 3 Easy Packing Tips Will Have You Traveling Like A Pro appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Silk Top & Denim Skirt
15-08-2017 09:00:44
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Intermix Top, GRLFRND Skirt (also similar here, last seen here and here), Valentino Pumps (on sale, last seen here and here), Chanel Bag (similar here and here), Rebecca Taylor Sunglasses, J.Crew Earrings (last seen here)   I forgot how hot summers can be. That’s a silly thing to say, but living in San Francisco for 6 years really kept me in a little bubble. I do love having an actual summer though, even if the humidity in the south makes me feel like I need to shower 3x a day. With the heat comes the daily question of: what can I wear that will make me feel like I have the least amount of clothing on without being completely naked? I’ve been living in short skirts and lightweight tops, switching up the fabrics and styles depending on what we’re doing or where we’re going.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’ve been really drawn to silk and satin pieces recently. I was on the hunt for a slip dress when I found this satin top in the prettiest mink/purple color. The details on the sleeves are my favorite part, along with the cold shoulder, which is pretty nice for this heat. I have plans on styling it with a pair of black crepe trousers or jeans as it gets cooler later this fall, but in the meantime, I’ll be wearing it with shorts and skirts, like this Club Monaco one, for upcoming date nights.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   This denim skirt has also been one of my favorite things to wear lately, last worn in a few of my daily looks here, here and here. I’ve worn it dressed up, like here with a silk top and pumps, and also dressed down with flats and a white tee. It’s like a great pair of jeans, it goes with everything. Frame also just came out with this version that’s a very similar style, along with this Levi’s one under $80.   The post Silk Top & Denim Skirt appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Vintage Curls Hair Tutorial
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Gal Meets Glam
Products Used: GHD Curling Iron & Alterna Hairspray   As promised, I finally filmed a video tutorial on the ‘vintage curls’ that I always do. This has been a go-to hairstyle of mine for as long as I can remember…I even did a similar style on my wedding day. It’s timeless and elegant and so easy to create. If I’m not wearing my hair in a middle part with loose waves (I did a tutorial for that one here) or leaving my hair au-natural (aka straight), then I’m wearing my hair in these curls, as seen here, here, here, here, here and here to share a few.   For those of you looking for a great curling iron, I can’t say enough amazing things about the GHD Soft Curl Iron. I’ve had this one for years and it’s traveled with me just about everywhere. I love the look that the 1 1/4 inch gives- tight enough to give a full curl, but loose enough to look effortless. For product, I always add in my Alterna Kendi Oil while my hair is still damp- this helps with humidity and frizz. I also finish off the look with my Alterna Hairspray. I love this stuff because it helps hold my curls really well, but doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or sticky- my biggest pet peeve with hairspray. And if you’re looking for a great heat protectant, I do love Kérastase Nectar Thermique (when I remember to put it in!). I also wrote this GMG Now post last week sharing the five hair tools I can’t live without. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Vintage Curls Hair Tutorial appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
These Are The 10 Beauty Products I Buy From Whole Foods
11-08-2017 09:00:52
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Beauty Products: Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk, Andalou Naturals Sheet Masks, Acure Coconut + Argan Oil Cleaning Towelettes, Deep Steep Sugar Scrub, Deep Steep Body Butter, Avalon Organics Moisturizing Cream Shave, Jason Body Wash, Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner, Alba Botanica “Fast Fix” for Puffy Eyes and Under Eye Circles, Alive! B Complex Gummies   One thing that has stuck with me and Thomas from city living has been the way we buy our groceries. When we lived in San Francisco, we would only buy as much as we could carry home. We still find ourselves doing the same here in Charleston. We probably frequent Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Harris Teeter 2-3x a week. We only buy food for a few days at a time, since we never know when we’re going to be traveling next and to eliminate the chances of wasted food. And since a lot of the foods that we buy are perishable (we hardly buy any packaged goods), we go through them much quicker since they don’t last forever (which is how it should be!). We love Whole Foods and no, this is not a sponsored post. When we’re tired after work, we’ll go and get a plate of dinner from their hot bar. Even though it’s not the most amazing meal we’ll ever have, it’s so convenient and fast- we do this more often than I would like to admit. So it’s safe to say we’re there quite often. Because of this, also out of convenience, we’ve grabbed a few of their beauty products when we were running low at home and needed body wash, shampoo, face wash, etc. What was initially meant as a “place holder” until we stocked up on our department store favorites, quickly turned into reoccurring purchases. It’s also lead us to want to try even more beauty products from Whole Foods. Now, we have a whole list of items that we love for various reasons and continue to buy and love.     Acure Coconut + Argan Oil Cleaning Towelettes- I run through cleansing wipes so quickly, so I’m always stocking up on these. They’re really gentle and the coconut + argan oil leaves my skin hydrated and dewy.   Alive! B Complex Gummies- I am not making any claims that these have made my hair grow longer but I really do think that they’ve helped. When I started taking these on a daily basis, I started to notice a difference and so did others around me. I know nothing about vitamins, but I’m also the person who wants to believe in all the powders and dusts, so I like to think it works. Try it out and let me know!     Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner- These are the first products that we tried from Whole Foods. While I prefer my Kérastase and MOROCCANOIL shampoos and conditioners, if I’m running low (especially because I run through conditioner so quickly!), these are my go-to. My hair responds really well to them- it always feels really clean, shiny and soft. Do you know what I mean by clean? I hate when I wash my hair and it feels like residue is left over even though I’ve thoroughly washed everything out. Give these a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.   Jason Body Wash- Thomas has really sensitive skin and this is the first body wash that doesn’t irritate it. I also love that it comes in such a large size and smells amazing because we go through it really quickly. We buy both the Rosewater scent and Lavender.     Deep Steep Sugar Scrub- I love using a body scrub, especially because I get keratosis pilaris on my arms, and continually exfoliating them really helps clear it up. It also makes my skin incredibly soft. Deep Steep Body Butter- After buying the sugar scrub and becoming obsessed with the lavender chamomile scent, I bought the matching body butter. The smell is incredible and so calming. Andalou Naturals Sheet Masks- I’m game for trying any new sheet mask. I have a whole bank of them because I use them weekly, especially when we’re traveling often. The ‘lift and firm’ one is my favorite to use, especially in the morning to wake everything up.     Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk- Karen Benke, the founder of Juice Beauty, is a family friend, so I’ve been using their products here and there for years. Everyone in my family loves them- especially my mom and grandma. While I’ve never fully got into the whole organic beauty thing (I know I should, but I haven’t educated myself enough just yet to convince a full organic highjack to my beauty routine), I do know that my skin always feels and looks amazing after I’ve used them. The cleansing milk is my favorite.   Avalon Organics Moisturizing Cream Shave- Having thick hair that grows quickly is definitely a perk. But only when it comes to the hair on my head. Not a perk? Having to shave my legs every single day. (And if you’re going to recommend laser hair removal- I’ve tried it multiple times and everything grew back). So, shaving it is. My hair follicles are really sensitive, so I have to use a really nice razor and shave cream to get the best results.     Alba Botanica “Fast Fix” for Puffy Eyes and Under Eye Circles- These are the newest products that I’ve tried. I actually really love them. They recommend keeping them in the fridge for best results and I love the cooling sensation that they give in the morning to wake up my eyes. The post These Are The 10 Beauty Products I Buy From Whole Foods appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
What My Nightly Routine Should Be vs…What It Really Is
10-08-2017 09:00:46
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I have a problem. It’s a problem that appears to be repeating itself every night of the week. The problem is that I stay up way past my bedtime. In an ideal world, I would end my night at 10pm, having started winding down sometime around 9pm to drink hot mint tea, with a face mask on, reading a good book. In reality…I do make the tea, I just forget to drink it and by the time I remember I made it, it’s cold. I then chug my lukewarm tea (or toss it), mindlessly watch pointless TV while working and distract myself on Instagram. Somehow, I go to bed around 2am. And every single night, around that time, I ask myself “how did I get here, again?!”   The vicious cycle of my nightly routine repeats itself over and over again, and each morning, when I wake up groggy (and miss my workout), I vow to go to bed earlier. The problem is though…that our days are full and busy and often times, there’s leftover work that needs to be done. To cope with the fact that I’m still on my computer at 11pm, I turn the tv on to feel like I am “relaxing” at the end of the day, which prolongs my night even more.   In an effort to try and break my bad nighttime habits, I’m creating a list of goals and self reminders to help me be able to decompress, relax and get a good night’s sleep. After all, how are we suppose to perform our best if we’re not taking care of ourselves? It’s one thing to make a list, but it’s another to actually act on it and put it into motion. Keep reading to see the steps I’m taking to get to bed on time…     Get my most important work done at the beginning of the day. I believe this is step number one. Because if there’s still deadlines to be met and work that can’t wait, I won’t be able to sleep until it’s done. Hopefully, if there’s work leftover at the end of the workday, it won’t be as pressing and can trickle over to the next day. Start my routine at least an hour before bed. I’m hoping to use heating up my tea and washing my face as the first steps to trigger my nightly routine. Routines creates consistency and consistency is what I’m looking for. Put my computer, phone and any technology away during this last hour before bed. I don’t need to take one last scroll through Instagram or watch one more episode of Friends or write one more email. Those all can wait. Write all my thoughts out in a journal before bed. I usually use the notes section on my phone, but in an effort to put away technology, I’m going to start using an old school pen and paper. Writing down my to-do list always helps me feel less anxious/more prepared for the next day. Read more. I love reading and I don’t do it enough. I’m hoping that by getting technology out of the picture in my routine, it’ll allow more time for a good book. It’s also always helps me decompress, relax and fall asleep faster. Breathing exercises or meditating. Being cognizant and mindful of taking time to yourself is important. I always feel like I could be doing more, even when I’m capped out, so I have a hard time not stopping. I want to be okay/not feel guilty about taking an hour to relax before bed. Don’t just put my phone away, but put it far from the bed. This not only helps get rid of the bad habit of constantly reaching for it, but it also forces me out of bed in the morning when my alarm goes off. Obviously there’s a lot on this list and if I can start by checking off one or two, I’ll be happy. The goal is to try and just be more aware of the actions and decisions I’m making so that I can be more in control of my routine. But I would love to know- do any of you have tried and true methods that get you to bed on time so you feel fully rested in the morning? I’d love to hear what tips you might have. Good news, it’s only 12am and I’m finishing up..   (wearing these gingham pajamas)   The post What My Nightly Routine Should Be vs…What It Really Is appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Pearly Whites
9-08-2017 09:00:41
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Outfit Details: Keepsake Top (last seen here, also similar here and here), J.Crew Pants (matching top), Tory Burch Sandals, Rebecca Taylor Sunglasses, J.Crew Earrings, Mark Cross Bag   Pearls will always hold a special place in my heart. My first ‘fine’ piece of jewelry I ever received was a pearl bracelet with a gold plate engraved with my name on it. My mother gave one to me and one to my sister the day she married my stepdad when I was five. I still have that bracelet and it’s one of my most treasured items. After that, as I got older, my mother gave me a pair of pearl studs that I wore every single day (and still do), and then a pearl necklace that she was given when she was young. I still love looking at all of the pearl pieces that my great-grandmother passed down to my grandma, and so on and so-forth. They have a timeless beauty to them- they will never go out of style. So naturally, pearls have been one of my favorite details when it comes to accessorizing. One of my favorite trends right now is the abundance of pearls popping up on shoes- from sandals to heels to flats, boots and loafers. They are everywhere and I’m all for it!   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’d been eyeing these Tory Burch pearl sandals for quite some time until they sold out everywhere in my size. Luckily, they came back in stock over here and this time I didn’t miss out. The sandal is covered in a gorgeous tweed fabric, with the pearl beads taking center stage. I’m already planning lots of outfits with them, with everything from a simple white tee and jeans to a white eyelet dress. Stuart Weitzman’s fall collection is also filled with pearl details. Everything from knee-high boots and booties, to loafers and oxfords, to sandals and heels and more. And if you’re looking for some budget friendly options, this pair, this pair and this pair are all gorgeous and under $100 (but don’t look like it)!   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Want even more pearls? Check out this GMG Now post highlighting more of my favorite pearl shoes this season! The post Pearly Whites appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
This Flower Farm Will Make You Want To Become A Flower Farmer
8-08-2017 09:00:27
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Madewell Overalls (last seen here, also similar here), ALC Tee, Hunter Boots, Hat from Lily Charleston (similar here)   A few weeks ago we headed up to Asheville, NC to visit Flourish Flower Farm. I had been researching flower farms near us and discovered their beautiful property, located just a few hours from Charleston. With the lush, green mountains as a backdrop against the bursting rows of whatever’s in season, it’s a sight to see! I reached out to Niki and William, the husband and wife duo that own the farm, to see about visiting. I was excited when I heard right back from them, both of us eager to meet! Niki suggested sometime in late July to visit, as many of the dahlias would be flourishing, so that’s exactly what we did. We drove up the night before, since our day would start first thing in the morning.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We arrived to Flourish first thing in the morning at 7am. Niki and some of her team were already there getting the day started and harvesting for a delivery that they had coming up. She welcomed us with a warm smile, a big hug and started showing us around the property and telling us more about their story. I love meeting people who have followed their passions in life. This is the case with Niki! You can read more about how she became a flower farmer over here, where she shares what led her to find her calling. I’ve always been a huge flower lover, too. To me, they bring so much joy, and I loved getting to see and experience what Niki has built from the ground up. It’s pretty incredible and so, so beautiful.     The weather in Asheville was a welcomed change to our hot humidity in Charleston. While it definitely warmed up towards noon, the morning was crisp and cool. When we arrived, the sun was still low and rising, creating the soft golden glow that’s my absolute favorite for photography. The flowers all still had their morning dew, dripping as we walked by eyeing their color and size. Some of the dahlias were the size of dinner plates! There were rows and rows of all different varieties.   Niki suggested that we start harvesting some. Right away, she handed me a pair of shears and taught me the proper way of clipping the stem- where and how. Many of the dahlias continue to bloom, so cutting the stem at the right spot allows it to grow back and continue to provide more buds. From there, we started collecting buckets and buckets of dahlias, eventually moving onto sunflowers and some wildflowers.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   This was honestly one of my favorite activities we’ve done all summer. I’ve always had an appreciation for flowers and I try to buy locally and what’s in season, so it’s really amazing to get to experience where some of them come from. Many of Niki and William’s flowers are sold in local Earth Fare stores and farmer’s markets, along with creating beautiful floral designs for weddings and event. On top of that, they also host a few workshops and private sessions. If you’re not near, I encourage you to seek out a flower farm near you and see if they allow visitors or provide classes to come and learn about the process. Even though we won’t be starting our own flower farm (at least not any time soon!), we definitely picked up some tips for our own amateur garden that we continue to grow.   The post This Flower Farm Will Make You Want To Become A Flower Farmer appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
From Day to Date Night
7-08-2017 09:00:48
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Self Portrait Dress (more sizes here), Steve Madden Sandals, Prada Bag (old, similar here), Second look: Alaia Heels, Mark Cross Bag (similar here)   I’ve never been one to shy away from wearing a dress daily, even if it’s a little overdressed. Often times I hear people saying, “I love that dress, I just wish I had somewhere to wear it”. My answer? Just wear it! I fully believe in making your own reasons to wear something. Maybe you work from home, or maybe no one around you at work prefers to dress up, or maybe you’re just a little intimated about sticking out. Don’t let that stop you from getting ready in the morning. Whenever I find myself dulling my look down because I don’t want to be ‘overdressed’, I end up wishing I had just gone with what I wanted to wear. Whenever I see someone else looks amazing, totally rocking whatever outfit that they clearly feel confident in, it inspires me and reminds me to do the same! That’s what’s so special and fun about fashion after all.     I recently bought this Self Portrait dress, and instead of waiting for an event or dinner to wear it to, I pulled it out last Monday for work. While I know that not everyone has the same ability to wear whatever they want to work, we all have those dresses or certain items that we’re always ‘saving for a special occasion’. I’m all for making any day a reason to wear something great, and I felt amazing the moment I slipped this dress on.   Daytime SandalsDuring the day, I paired my dress with these Steve Madden sandals. The pearl heel detail is my favorite part, plus they’re under $80! Scroll through my selects below to see more of my favorite pearl embellished sandals… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');
This Is What We Had To Say When We Answered 10 Questions About Each Other In Celebration Of Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary
4-08-2017 09:00:13
Gal Meets Glam
Today marks our fifth wedding anniversary! Man, does time fly by! To celebrate, we thought it would be fun to do a Q&A to share a little bit more about the two of us (from the other’s perspective!), so we had a neutral third party come up with the questions and we both answered them separately. I was giggling when I finally read Thomas’s answers last night because in a few of the questions, we mentioned the same or opposite things. I swear we had no idea what the other person was writing! We’re celebrating this evening with a date night after work, but in the meantime, here’s what we had to say about each other after five years of marriage…   Wedding Anniversary Q&A:   What is one quality in Julia/Thomas that you discovered during marriage and grew to love?   Thomas: I didn’t know how much of a “Boss Lady” Julia would become. When we were dating in college, I was the one who was always focused on school and business — I used to tutor her in business and math classes. Since getting married and growing our business together, I’m amazed everyday by the ways that she’s grown as a “Boss Lady”. Julia knows what she wants and she stops at nothing to get there.   Julia: One of my favorite qualities of his, and one that I really admire, is his passion for teaching others. He really finds so much joy in sharing what he’s learned or what he knows to help others understand it too. And it’s not just a one-word answer or a brief explanation, he’ll go out of his way to make it a priority- whether that be for family, friends or strangers.   What is your biggest pet peeve about Julia/Thomas?   Thomas: Julia is a neat freak (her answer to this question is probably that I’m a slob) which typically there’s nothing wrong with, but most times she’s cleaned up the kitchen while I’m still in the middle of cooking. Somehow, she gets set in a cleaning autopilot mode and she doesn’t even notice I’m still cooking.   Julia: He is THE messiest chef (but he makes up for it with some pretty damn good food!). I try and clean up after him while he’s cooking, which really annoys him. I’ve learned to just let him do his thing in the kitchen, but it does drive me nuts that he leaves every door and cabinet open in the process, along with all of the ingredients spilled out everywhere. He’s always said that if he were to start a cooking blog it would be called, A Delicious Mess.   What is one skill Julia/Thomas has that you don’t excel in?   Thomas: Julia is a finisher. When Julia sets her mind to do something, it gets done. It doesn’t matter if takes until 2 or 3 am, she won’t leave something 50% completed. It’s a skill I’ve always admired about her.   Julia: He remembers everything. He’s a wealth of knowledge and random facts, hence why he loves Jeopardy. I think he remembers every single thing he’s learned in Science, Math and History from pre-k to college. I’m pretty much the opposite. I get 99% of facts wrong in the stories I tell or repeat.   What does Julia/Thomas do that makes you feel better after a bad day?   Thomas: Well she doesn’t cook but she always encourages me to order “pancakes for the table” as we like to call it.   Julia: Thomas is the best at calming me down and making me feel good. He does my absolute favorite thing which is “tickle” me- either my back or arm or leg. I go into a trance state, like a bunny on its back.   What is something only you know about Julia/Thomas?   Thomas: You probably know already that Julia loves tickles. Tickle her back, her feet, give her tickles and she’ll love you for it. What you probably didn’t know is that she’s a self sleep tickler. Some nights she’ll be dead asleep and she’ll raise one arm straight up in the air as she tickles her own arm with the biggest smile on her face — if only she would tickle herself when awake.   Julia: He makes amazing nicknames for everyone. I think every single person we’re friends with has some sort of strange nickname that he’s made up. He probably has 10 for me…that I won’t even get into!   What is one of your funniest travel moments together?   Thomas: Julia doesn’t take no for an answer and she’s pretty great at finding a solution to our problems. Getting into a full restaurant without a reservation? Easy. Bad weather spoil our plans for the day? No problem, she’ll make new ones. But there’s one instance during our travels that comes to mind where she tried every trick in the book and still got told no. We were at Ashford Castle in Ireland, a gorgeous estate that has two separate areas for lodging: the castle or the lodge. We had to book the lodge as there were no more rooms available in the castle. As guests, we were allowed anywhere on the property except for inside the castle. That’s ok, we would just show ourselves in and act like we were meant to be there. The only thing stopping us? The kindest 80ish year old man you’ll ever meet standing guard making sure no one entered that wasn’t allowed to. As Julia tries to walk into the castle: 80 year old guard: “Excuse me only guests are allowed inside. Are you staying at the castle?” Julia: “We are staying at the lodge. Can we come in and look at the castle?” Guard: “No I’m afraid not.” J: “We can’t even take a look?” Guard: “Em, No.” J: “Is there a restaurant?” Guard: “Yes.” J: “Well then we will go have tea in the restaurant.” Guard: “No, I’m afraid you can’t do that.” J: “I can’t even take a little peak inside?” Guard: “Em……….No.” J: “So there’s not a single scenario in which I can go inside?” Guard: “No, I’m sorry.” J: “What if I just run passed you?” She tried every trick in the book with no luck.   Julia: In hindsight it’s funny and one that we always laugh about now, but in the moment…let’s just say we weren’t laughing (well, I was but Thomas was not!). We were visiting Avignon for the first time a few summers ago, and since it’s a walled city, the driving can be really confusing and difficult, as many of the streets you can’t drive down. But on top of that, the month of July is an annual arts festival, so you’re technically not allowed to drive into the city. But regardless of that fact, before arriving, our hotel (La Mirande), repeatedly told us that we actually could drive into the city to get to the hotel, but we had to follow the exact path from a pdf they emailed us. The moment we arrived to the city is when it all started to fall apart. We drove in at the wrong entrance and right away realized we were definitely not in the right spot, as we were driving down the main street where ALL of the festival was happening. We were the only car and people were looking at us like we were nuts. Immediately Thomas started profusely sweating and panicking. There were a lot of “f” bombs dropped, as we slowly inched our car behind a crowd of hundreds of people. We literally had no idea what to do. We were driving a Volvo station wagon, which was really long and difficult to maneuver through the tiny narrow streets. After about 30 minutes of pure melt-down, we found an alley to drive down (I’m pretty sure we were going the wrong way) and got to a spot to pull the car over. On a map, the hotel wasn’t far, but because of the small one way streets, it was impossible to get the car there. At that point, I got out of the car and ran to the hotel to ask them for help. When they saw where the car was, they couldn’t believe how we got there! We all started laughing hysterically when we were telling them the process that we took. Needless to say, we both needed a strong cocktail when we got back to the hotel. When we visited Avignon last month, Thomas was having serious PTSD and refused to drive into the city.   What is one thing Julia/Thomas can do that always makes you laugh?   Thomas: She can tell a story or try to, at least. While we spend almost all of our time together, our versions of the same story often diverge far away from each other’s. The problem is we have different recollections of the past. I tend to remember the exact facts, while Julia remembers “loose details” and the feelings of the moment. Anytime Julia tells a story it almost always ends in laughs.   Julia: He’s always making me laugh because he’s such a goof and cracks jokes all day long. But anytime he does a Kramer impersonation, I die laughing. Or anytime he dances!   What movie best sums up Julia/Thomas? If you had to pick one actress to play her/him in a movie who would that be?   Thomas: Under the Tuscan Sun comes to mind, aside from the life change in the movie that triggers her trip to Tuscany, I can definitely see Julia (and myself) finding a diamond in the rough of a house in Tuscany and turning it around. All while traveling around Italy and cooking delicious food. The obvious choice to play Julia would be Emma Watson, but I think only Diane Keaton can capture Julia’s character.   Julia: Paul Rudd would definitely play him in a movie! The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, just because they are his favorite movies of all time and make me think of him (he made me watch all of them in one day when we were first dating!).   What does Julia’s/Thomas’s dream day look like?   Thomas: It all starts with waking up in Paris at the Ritz Paris in the Windsor Suite where I surprise her with breakfast in bed and a few gifts, including a gorgeous dress to enjoy the day in — maybe this Valentino or this Lela Rose for dinner. The day would be spent walking around the city followed by a casual lunch outside at a cafe as we enjoy our meal, sip rosé and people watch. In the evening, we’d find a rooftop bar to enjoy a bellini (her favorite drink) and watch the sunset immediately followed by a romantic dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower.   Julia: He would want to be somewhere with beautiful landscapes, like Alaska or Ireland (let’s pick Ireland since the golf is good) with his best friends. He would start the day off with breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros, then play a round of golf. In this dream scenario, I would be really good at golf, too (he’s been trying to teach me for years), and we would be killing it together. Mexican food and beer for lunch followed by another round of golf. Some sort of physical activity, like hiking, where he could also watch wildlife. The day would end with more Mexican food, some scotch and cigars.   What is a story Julia/Thomas shares with a new person and you never want to hear them tell it again?   Thomas: You haven’t met Julia unless she’s told you about when she was in 4H as a kid and she entered her pet store bought bunny, Roxy, into the rabbit competition. Roxy was disqualified because she didn’t have a tail and she wasn’t a purebred. Julia was devastated, but her spirits did pick up when she and Roxy won first place in the costume competition where she dressed Roxy in one of her American Girl Doll outfits. She tells the story so often that I’ll get direct messages from followers (or friends) anytime they find a cute bunny.   Julia: Thomas LOVES to tell people that I’m really bad at tennis. Which in fact, I am NOT! There were a couple of times we played in SF where I wasn’t on my A-game and he is solely basing his opinion on those few times. We finally started playing here and there when we’re on vacation or traveling somewhere warm, in which he could barely keep up with me. He’s is just now admitting to people that he might have been wrong… The post This Is What We Had To Say When We Answered 10 Questions About Each Other In Celebration Of Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
A Classic Black & White Blazer
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Rag & Bone Blazer (on sale until August 6th), A.L.C. Sweater, J.Crew Skirt (old, last seen here and similar here), Louboutin Pumps, Ray Ban Sunglasses   Hello, August! I feel like I blinked and all of a sudden we’re getting ready for fall in a month. It was around this time last year that we announced that we were moving to Charleston, so that means we’ve almost been here for an entire year! Time sure does fly by… Life is weird like that. One minute you’re making a huge life change and before you know it, the newness of that change feels completely normal. I always forget to stop and just take it all in, all the changes, but life just seems to be going by so quickly!   Living in Charleston has really changed my wardrobe. Unlike SF where it’s on the cooler side for most of the year, it’s pretty much the exact opposite here. We moved at the beginning of fall last year, so we kind of know what to expect this time around. Although it’s not as hot as summer, it’s still warm, so a full-on change from summer wear to fall styles isn’t that drastic. Many of the changes in my wardrobe reflect this change in weather- I can now wear a lot more dresses and a lot less layers. And while I’m not reaching for a jacket or coat anytime soon, I do find myself still loving (and being able) to wear a blazer.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Since we’re now working from an office that’s not at home, I’ve found myself excited in a new way when getting ready every morning. Even though there’s not an expected “dress code”, I love feeling put together (well, most days!). We’re also going to be traveling to NYC a few times a month over the next few months (and possibly longer!) for work, so I’ve been really trying to polish up some of my workwear. Since I have so many dresses and skirts that I want to wear, the easiest way for me to refresh them and make them more professional is by adding a blazer or jacket. I bought this black and white Rag & Bone one from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale recently and love the way it brings together a simple white skirt and nude sweater.   A lot of pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale have been picked over, with not a ton of pieces left in many sizes, but somehow this blazer didn’t fly off the shelf. I was hesitant at first, because, you know, I don’t wear black that often (ha!), but I think times are changing. Don’t get me wrong, I love color and soft pastels, but there’s something about a neutral look with some black detailing that really just does it for me. It’s so classic and timeless. Anyways, back to this blazer…if you’ve been waiting to find something really, really good from the sale, this blazer is it! There’s also this navy J.Crew blazer, this navy blazer under $70 and this tailored cream one, which are all on sale too. And don’t forget, the last day of the sale is this Sunday, so everything will go back to full-price come Monday.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   And if you’re looking for more of my favorite pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, don’t miss out on this post!   Thank you to ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post A Classic Black & White Blazer appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
A Week On Nantucket Part 1
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Look 1-HVN Dress (same print different style here, different print same style here), Urban Outfitter Sunglasses (sold out, similar here for under $10), Carrie Forbes (old, similar here), Market Tote (similar here) Look 2- DVF Top (last seen here), Miguelina Skirt (on sale), Castaner Espadrilles, Dragon Diffusion Tote Look 3-Delfina Swimsuit (similar here), Piamita Skirt (old, last seen here, similar here), Bow Hat (under $60), Red Sunglasses (last seen here, similar here)   At the beginning of the year, Thomas and I had two trips that were at the top of our travel list for summer- Provence and Nantucket. We checked off the first at the beginning of June, and just a few weeks later, headed to the latter for Fourth of July weekend. This was our first trip to Nantucket. Everyone kept telling us how much we would love it, and truth be told, we fell in love right away. It’s kind of hard not to though. Everything is picture perfect and it’s almost as though the roses and hydrangeas are being fed some crazy plant growth hormone, because they are out-of-this-world beautiful! I have a ridiculous amount of rose/hydrangea photos on my phone from the trip and I just can’t seem to make myself delete any, even though no human needs that many photos of flowers on their phone. I’ll save them for a rainy day!   We spent a full week on the island, one Saturday to the next. We knew that wanting to visit during one of the busiest times of the year was probably a little crazy, but it was so much fun! We loved how lively and festive everything felt. Although downtown was a bit of a mad house at times (coming off the ferry!), where we stayed in ‘Sconset was pretty quiet. I found this house back in January, crossing my fingers that it would be available for our dates, and as luck would have it, it was! We got a fun group together and started planning out our trip. Carly was the only one that had been to Nantucket before, so we used her as our ‘guide’ to figure out our plans.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   For the first half of our trip, we were joined by our friends Carly, Chassity and Gray. First thing we did was make a big haul at Stop & Shop for food for the week. The house we rented had a great kitchen and an outdoor grill, so more than half of our meals were ate at home. I miss waking up in the mornings to fresh coffee brewing and everyone chatting away in their pjs in the kitchen. The weather was also a lot warmer than I had thought it would be. I packed quite a handful of sweaters and jeans, but we ended up only having two foggy mornings and one rainy day during the whole trip. I do love a moody misty morning though…   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details360 Sweater (on sale, last seen here), Madewell Jeans (last seen here), Hermes Scarf (last seen here), Carolina Santo Domingo Bag   We spent our first day exploring the ‘Sconset area. It’s incredibly charming and just all around beautiful. The climbing roses are so perfect that they don’t even look real, and don’t even get me started on the colors of the hydrangeas! In the morning, Carly, Thomas and I walked out to Sankaty Head Lighthouse, which wasn’t far from the house. We took a long way home, checking out all of the homes in the neighborhood before heading back to the house to wait for the arrival of the rest of the crew.     Once we were all together, we headed into town to do some light shopping and grab a bite to eat. We stopped by Handlebar Cafe for some coffees, followed by a late lunch of lobster rolls at Cru. When I asked for recommendations for Nantucket on Instagram, pretty much every single person who wrote me had Cru on their list, so we knew it had to be good. We all ended up sharing a bunch of appetizers and snacks, since our dinner reservation wasn’t much later. But one of our favorite things to do when we’re in a new place for the first time is eat, so we weren’t going to pass up a meal!     For dinner that evening we went to Summerhouse, which is also in ‘Sconset. It was really nice having good options close to the house. We all got dressed up and headed out, only to wish that we would have brought more layers. It gets quite a bit colder in the evenings, even if it is hot during the day (very similar to SF!). After dinner every night, we would come back to the house, change into our pjs, pour ourselves an extra glass of wine and play Heads Up. I’ll never get tired of that game!     All four of us girls brought our Lake pajamas. They are seriously the softest pjs in the whole world. Get a pair and you’ll see! I think I have four pairs now. I love pajamas. Some of my favorite moments from Nantucket were spent right here on the front porch of the house. It was so quiet and peaceful. Carly and Thomas would grab muffins and coffee at Sconset Market every morning and we’d sit right here and enjoy them as the sun got warmer.     One of the reasons why we rented a Jeep for the week was so that we could drive it on the beach. I think we all agreed that this was all of our favorite day. It was so much fun! We made plans to have a beach day at Great Point Light, bringing a picnic lunch along with us. We picked up sandwiches from Claudette’s (they were so good that we went back multiple times) and filled coolers with snacks and drinks from Sconset Market. On our way out there, we had the windows down and music on loud, letting the wind whip through our hair as the Jeep bounced around in the sand. We picked a spot towards the end to set up our gear, making a very patriotic “camp”.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   What we thought would be a quick jaunt to the lighthouse, turned into a two hour excursion. It was much further than we had thought! By the time we got back, we were all chugging water and digging into the watermelon that was waiting for us in the cooler. It was definitely worth the trek though, as the beach is extraordinary and we saw a handful of seals along the way!     Stay tuned for Part 2 coming on Thursday! The post A Week On Nantucket Part 1 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Refreshing Our Kitchen Basics
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Gal Meets Glam
Product Details: Hotel Collection Dinnerware Set, Lenox Napkins, Bormioli Rocco Glasses, Nambé Mugs, Cambridge Flatware, Artland Placemats, Artland Tray, Artland Carryall, Martha Stewart Pitcher, Smeg Hot Water Kettle   When we got married, it was our first opportunity to pick out everything for our home, including all of our kitchen pieces. At the time, we felt that solid white dinnerware, basic silverware and standard clear glassware would suit our needs for a long time. As Thomas and I mature and further define our home style together, we are finding that we are more and more attracted to color and pieces with more character. While the simplicity of all white is timeless and classic, easy to replace and useful throughout the year, we realized that more often than not, when entertaining, we want everything but white. It can be hard and a little scary when you gravitate away from neutral colors, that’s why we selected the task of refreshing our kitchen basics as an opportunity where we could take some risks and add color and more detail to the kitchen items we use the most.      A great set of dishes is where it all starts in my opinion. These get used every single day. We recently tossed some of the basic white dishes we got as the white coating on the top started to wear down (has this ever happened to any of you? the sheen became dull and eventually turned grey, so weird!). When we saw this light blush dinnerware set, we knew they would be the perfect addition to our kitchen – easy to mix with our other white plates or our blue and white ones. The blush is light enough that it works as a neutral, but feels really updated compared to what we used to have.   Right now Macy’s Home has a big sale (Save 30-50% + an Extra 15% off Home items or Extra 10% off Electronics, Furniture, Mattresses, Rugs) going on so what better time to add some new items? And Macy’s Home has so many options to pick from so I’m sure you’ll find something you like – we found all of these new pieces there! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Next up was streamlining our glassware. We have such a random mix of pieces at home, mostly the clear glass ones we got as wedding gifts, but lots of random colors and styles – usually a single one of each. I finally bought a set of these pink glasses from Macy’s. Plus they’re on sale for under $20 for the set of 4 and come in a variety of colors. I love these! We also got a set of these mugs in this blue shade. We tossed a lot of our random mugs when we packed up our house for renovations, so these came at a perfect time. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I make tea everyday, so last year we bought a hot water kettle that sits on our counter. I kept telling Thomas how badly I wanted one that wasn’t such an eye sore. It was pointless to put it away after every use since I use it multiple times a day, so I was majorly excited when I found this Smeg one in cream. I love it so much that I’m going to buy it in another color for the office, too. Right now it’s on sale at Macy’s and also has a matching toaster. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I love adding different textures within our kitchen basics like seagrass and rattan. I bought a mix of Artland pieces from Macy’s, like these round placemats, this tray and carryall for our flatware. I know we’ll use these all throughout the year. And don’t forget you can get 30-50% off home goods at Macy’s right now! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Thank you to Macy’s & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post Refreshing Our Kitchen Basics appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
L’Escale du Ciel, France
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Look 1- Ambas Coverup (bought in France, similar here), Iodus Swimsuit (bought in France), Illesteva Sunglasses Look 2- Samantha Sung Dress, K. Jacques Sandals, Cuyana Hat, Cult Gaia Bag Look 3- Club Monaco Dress c/o (no longer available, similar here and here), Carolina Santo Domingo Bag (last seen here), Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here), Hermes Scarf   After our week along the French Riviera, we ended our France trip with a peaceful two days at L’Escale du Ciel, a small bed and breakfast in the Alpes-Maritimes. This place is a hidden gem! The owner, Judith, opened it last year after she had dreamed of doing so for many years. She’s an interior designer from Germany, so her taste is impeccable, as you can see throughout the property. Right when we arrived, we felt a sense of calm. The buzz and noise from where we came was replaced with the serenity and quietness of being somewhere more remote, with 180 degree views of mountains and rolling hills. The dogs on the property were so sweet and followed us around the whole time. They wouldn’t leave our sides when we were by the pool or when we were taking pictures, so you’ll see them pop up quite a few times throughout the post!     By the end of our long trip, one of the things we cherished the most was not having to rush around. We laid by the pool, made lunch after picking up food from the market, walked to dinner in town and sipped wine on the terrace as candles flickered in the evening light. We were both so glad we decided to end our trip this way!   We are always on the hunt for unique places to stay. This discovery aspect of travel keeps us excited every time we plan our next trip and when we actually go on it. The idea that we can stumble upon something great at any moment fuels us to keep exploring. Our favorite places to stay are the small boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts or vacation rentals- the places that have character and charm and make you feel as though you might be a local.     The property is covered with wild flowers, olive trees, different fruit trees and more. In the summer heat, the smells of lavender and lemon wafted through the warm air while we laid out by the pool with the dogs. The humidity of the coast was gone and replaced with a dry heat that reminded us of summers back home in California. Every 30 minutes or so, we would jump back into the pool to cool off, which sounds pretty good right about now, too…     After spending the morning and early afternoon poolside, we decided to get dressed and head into the nearby hilltop towns, Le Bar-sur-Loup and Gourdon, to pick up some stuff for lunch to make back at the house. We stopped by a few of the shops, picking up some souvenirs, like scented soaps and candy to bring back home.     Back at the house, we prepped our lunch in the kitchen and set it up outside on the terrace. That’s one of the things we loved about staying at the b&b, Judith would prepare a beautiful breakfast in the morning for all the guests and then we could all use the kitchen to make lunches and dinners. Everyone (and by everyone, I mean the other two couples that were there) would be sitting around different areas of the property eating their meals. Judith would set up candles throughout, making it glow as the sun went down in the evening.     We made a big salad with lots of vegetables and fresh lemon with olive oil, sliced up a sandwich from a local bakery and had a few cheeses to nibble on the side.     On our last evening, we headed into town and ate at a wonderful restaurant called Bistro le Donjon, per recommendation of Judith. She said it was one of the best restaurants in the area and books up really quick, so she made a call and got us a table for two. We showered off that day’s sweat and sun and got dressed up for our last evening in France, and quite a lovely one! We kept trying to savor every last minute- watching the sun set before we left for dinner.     We are almost finished posting all of our Provence, France Summer Travel photos. Have you had a chance to check them all out? Take a look here, to find ones you may have missed. The post L’Escale du Ciel, France appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Zimmermann Dress (last seen here, short version here), Castaner Wedges (last seen here), Mark Cross Bag (last seen here, similar here), Preston & Olivia Hat   The French Riviera is a special place. This was really our first time getting to experience it and we were in awe of the beauty we saw. From the pastels of St. Tropez, to the bougainvillea of Grimaud, the blues of Nice and the rainbow town of Villefrance-sur-Mer, there’s something around every corner. The people watching is fantastic, the seafood is delicious and the shopping is out of this world! But my favorite part? All of the architecture. One sight, located in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, is Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, an incredible pink villa from the early 1900s. Long before we even mapped out where we would be staying, I had this on my list of must activities. A giant pink palace surrounded by a sea of gardens? Count me in!     As a popular tourist destination, we knew this was a hot spot during June. Thomas and I planned ahead and decided to arrive towards the end of the day. We figured people would be trickling out, tired from the sun and heat. And we were right! The villa closes at 6, but they stop letting people in at 5:30, so we arrived around 4:30. That gave us just enough time to explore the eight garden and tour the main home. This was definitely an ideal time to visit, especially with the golden glow of the afternoon sun setting down over the water- a magical sight!     Having just inherited her father’s considerable wealth, Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild purchased the property in 1905 and got right to work building the gardens, an endeavor that would take 7 years in total. In 1907, they began construction on the villa, and in 1912, main areas of the garden were finally landscaped. This was the same year she finally moved in, making it her winter home. Prior to her death in 1934, Béatrice donated the villa, its art collection, and the land to Académie des Beaux-Arts. During World War II the property was abandoned, and after the war, the gardens were returned to their former glory and the house was renovated. This is when it was painted pink. The ground are absolutely breathtaking with gardens ranging from French to Spanish to Stone, Japanese, Exotic, Rose and more!     Thomas and I were heading into Cap-Ferrat for dinner later in the evening, so since our hotel was a bit out of the way, we got dressed up before we came to the villa. This Zimmermann dress is made from a lightweight linen fabric and has the most beautiful floral and bird print on it- probably one of my favorite dress prints I own. It also comes in a shorter version here that’s also available in a blue shade here. The last time I wore this dress was when we were dining at Noma in Tulum. I rarely wear heels when traveling, as you can see from most of my posts, but I made an exception for all of my Castaner wedges. They’re seriously the most comfortable shoes around- I can spend a whole day walking around in them.     The view from the villa is magnificent! It looks out over some of the incredible homes in Cap-Ferrat that sit along the water, which is littered with yachts and sailboats. Later we headed down to the town for drinks and dinner at Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat.   The post Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
26-07-2017 09:00:14
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Solid & Striped Swimsuit, Reformation Top & Pants, MDS Scarf (worn in hair), Raen Sunglasses, Carrie Forbes Sandals, Serena & Lily Yellow Striped Towels & Blue Towels   While we stayed in a town called Cagnes-sur-Mer during the end of our France trip, we discovered the coastal town of Villefrance-sur-Mer while driving along the coast between Nice and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (remember from this post?). We were instantly in love with the brightly color seaside town, so we made plans to return the next morning to enjoy the beach, explore the town and have lunch along the water. It turned out to be one of our favorite days from the entire trip!     This spot was about 40 minutes from where we were staying, so we decided to get an early start and be one of the first to the beach so that we could claim our spot. As we had noticed the day before, the beach in Villefranche sur mer, Plage des Marinieres, is pretty narrow, so we wanted to be there before 10am. Upon arriving, we discovered a beach shop, with a prime location, which was perfect because we had no options for shade. With plenty of cheap umbrellas to choose from, I picked out the one that matched the towels we had brought with us on the trip. And at 15 euros, how could I not?!      The town of Villefranche-sur-Mer was one of my favorite we visited in France. It’s everything you want to discover on a vacation- colorful, charming and relaxed, but with still enough to explore and things to do. We loved walking through the town, passing cafes with lively French music with people excitedly talking amongst themselves, happy beach-goers lining up for ice cream and vacationers trickling off their boats in the harbor. And all of this happening amongst this stunning backdrop of a town that sits along the prettiest turquoise blue water. If you’re visited the French Riviera, put this on your must-stop list!     We brought along our own towels on this trip because a few of the place we stayed weren’t hotels, and we knew we would be visiting some sort of body of water often. Turns out, we’re sure glad we packed them along! After spending most of our days in France touring around from morning til night, it was a nice break to chill at the beach for half a day. Thomas was excited to jump right in, while I much prefer to sit on the beach and read a good book.     These linen pants ended up being worn as pajamas for half the trip! They’re that comfy. They’re the perfect beach pants- easy to pull on over a swimsuit, but can still transition into a regular outfit with the switch of a top. When we went into town, I changed out of my yellow gingham one-piece and slipped this Reformation top on and pulled my sweaty hair into a ponytail with this scarf.     We could have laid on that beach all day, but we were getting hungry and itching to explore the town after 2pm rolled around. So we packed up our beach gear and walked along the water to find a restaurant to eat at. We settled in at Restaurant La Mère Germaine, which was right on the water, and under shade. We started off with a glass of rosé each and then both ordered the quinoa salad and tuna. After many decadent lunches and dinners in France, we were happy to eat some fresh seafood and vegetables after a morning in the sun.    The post Villefranche-sur-Mer, France appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Sunflowers & Fruit Stands of Summer
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Express Top & Jeans c/o, Carrie Forbes Sandals, Mar Y Sol Tote   One of my favorite things about summer is the abundance of goods mother nature gives us. From the overflowing fruits and vegetable stands to the rolling flower fields and more. I try to take time to appreciate these moments when we get to enjoy them. The world is such a beautiful place, and often times we forget about the unique and specials things around us. When we were in Asheville last week, we found a few different sunflower fields with sunflowers towering a few feet above us. We stopped for a little while to bask (but more like sweat) in the sun next to them and relish their beauty. They sure are a burst of happiness!     I think this is the first time I’ve worn jeans in a while. The weather up in Asheville was a bit cooler, with almost no humidity, which we were grateful for. This high waisted, slightly relaxed pair of denim from Express will be your favorite jeans from now and into Fall. I cuffed them a bit and added this wrap blouse from Express, too. Back to the basics on this day. My updated version of a white tee and jeans!     It sure is beautiful in Asheville. We kept saying how lush and green everything was- so many trees! We only went up for one night, but we have plans of heading back soon for a long weekend and definitely another trip in the Fall. We stayed at this darling bed & breakfast called Bunn House– I highly recommend it! On our way back home, we stopped by some fruit stands to grab some local goods to make for dinner later that night. I grabbed a bucket of white peaches to enjoy in the car and Thomas picked up some sweet potatoes, tomatoes and zucchini to grill.     Thank you to Express for sponsoring this post. The post The Sunflowers & Fruit Stands of Summer appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Healthy Skin From Morning To Night
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Beauty Products: Perricone MD Hydrating Booster Serum, Perricone MD Hydrating Cloud Cream, Perricone MD De-Puffing Eye Gel, Perricone MD Firming Foam Mask   I’ve always believed that healthy skin starts from within. There is no one-step process that will magically transform your skin. Rather, it’s a series of choices- from eating habits to the products you use – that have the greatest impact. For me, it was adding small but subtle changes to my everyday that created the biggest difference. It was changing my diet, switching from carbonated/sugary drinks to water, and putting a big focus on sticking to a skincare routine consistently. Consistency is key! I’m always open to trying new products to nourish my skin and help it look its best. Keep reading to find out what my routine is for achieving healthy skin from morning to night…     This summer in Charleston I’ve found that my skin can take a beating from the intense heat and humidity. It’s so strong that we’ve actually had to rely on air conditioners way more. In fact, we didn’t have air conditioning in San Francisco (we never needed one!). Running the AC all day creates a more comfortable environment, but it’s also a dry air that can leave my skin dull. Throughout the day, I make a conscious effort to keep hydrated with lots of water and always have some fruits on hand that have high water content, too.      Whether I’m working from home or in our new office, I generally start with a nice and light breakfast while I’m easing into the workday. Throughout the day, I prefer to eat healthy snacks rather than a big lunch. That way I keep my energy up. Things like a bowl of fruit salad or trail mix are quick solutions for me. Sometimes I crave greens, so for lunch on this particular day I had a healthy green salad. One of the best things I ever did for my skin was when I really started focusing on putting nutrient rich foods first.     At the end of a long day at the office and after a walk back home in the mid-Summer heat and humidity, I’m ready to get home and start my evening routine.     I start by slipping into my favorite silk pajamas and with a clean, fresh face I first apply Perricone MD’s H2EE Firming Foam Mask. This mask is especially refreshing after a long hot day due to the cooling sensation when you rub it into your face. The texture is really amazing- it starts out as more gel-like and turns into more of a foam once you start applying it to your skin. It’s so light and incredibly hydrating, it’s like giving your skin a big gulp of water.    One of the neat things about the brand is that they share the same beliefs as me that great skin can be achieved through a healthy diet (including dietary supplements) and a solid and consistent routine utilizing scientifically proven skincare products. While I’m no scientist (T did get an A in college Chemistry), I was intrigued by their new H2 Elemental Energy Collection, which is powered by Hydrogen, the smallest molecule, creating formulas that help penetrate your skin to provide hydration and reenergize tired skin. I was really excited to try their products and I hope you are too, as an extra incentive, Perricone MD is offering GMG readers 20% off with the code: Julia20     Secondly, I will apply the Hydrating Booster Serum. The humidity from living in the city again has put some extra stress on my skin, so this is the perfect serum for reviving it back to it’s natural glow. I love serums, especially at night, and always apply one before my moisturizer. This one leaves your skin plump and dewy, and only gets better by morning.      Next, I apply the Hydrating Cloud Cream Moisturizer. When layering this cream on top of the serum, it ensures that my skin will be cared for during the nights of (sometimes) short hours of sleep. I always know that my skin will thank me in the morning for this extra layer of hydration.      My number one struggle with beauty is in the morning when I wake up. I’m constantly fighting puffiness, which is worst the earlier in the day it is. So my final skincare product I’ll use is the De-Puffing Eye Gel. I love the lightweight application of this gel. In addition to using it at night, it’s also great for addressing puffiness right after I wake up. Actually, all of these Perricone products (which are 20% off with the code: Julia20) have such a light, airy texture that you can use them in the morning and at night.     The last thing I do in my routine is I cap off my night finishing up some work while sipping a hot cup of mint tea with almond milk- my favorite night time ritual!     Thank you to Perricone for sponsoring this post. The post Healthy Skin From Morning To Night appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
What I Bought From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Vince Sweater (on sale), Cuyana Tee (similar here on sale), Vince Jeans (on sale), Vince Loafers (on sale), TopShop Cardigan (on sale)   I’ve already done a few posts sharing my favorite pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (as seen here and here), but I also wanted to share what I ended up buying from the sale, too. I really feel like I scored this year, especially with quite a few pieces coming in my favorite colors, like blush, blue and cream. Even though it’s not even remotely cool right now, I’ve already started wearing many of the pieces, like these jeans I bought along with these loafers. Keep reading to see what else I picked up early for Fall…     This cashmere tan cardigan from Vince is like a buttery soft blanket on your skin. I’m keeping this one in the office, so I can slip it on over anything when I get cold. It’s the perfect layer to pair with a simple tee and jeans and I know it’ll be a favorite (to actually wear outside) when the weather cools down. There’s also this similar one on sale under $80, along with this cashmere one also on sale. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Denim FavoritesThis relaxed pair of Vince jeans is one of my favorite purchases. You can never go wrong with a casual, cropped pair of denim to wear throughout the year. Keep scrolling to see all of my denim picks from the sale… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Fall FootwearThese velvet Vince loafers were another one of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale finds. The dusty rose color is one of my favorite shades. Keep scrolling to see all of my picks from the sale, like these Stuart Weitzman booties… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   This lavender ruffled sleeved cardigan was a great budget find from the sale. I definitely can’t get enough of bold sleeves, like this top (also on sale) that I wore here. I also love this pullover version, similar to the one I’m wearing, that comes in black and grey.   1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10   And if you’re looking for even more pieces to get on sale before the Fall season starts, here are 10 items I love. I can’t get over how gorgeous this blue wrap coat is– if the weather was different in Charleston (i.e. got really cold more often), then I would be all over it!   Thank you to Nordstrom & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post What I Bought From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Blue & White in Nice, France
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Kate Spade NY Dress (on sale, more sizes here), Castaner Espadrilles, Raen Sunglasses   After our time in St. Tropez, we headed further along the coast to Nice. We had stayed in Nice for only an evening when we visited for the first time two years ago. While we didn’t see much on the first visit (we were only there to catch a train back to Paris), we remembered Plage Beau Rivage Beach Club. I love a great striped umbrella, we have one in our own patio, and the blue and white ones here are a sight to see, even if you aren’t stopping at the beach club, you’ll be sure to walk past as you stroll along the beaches. We settled for a late lunch snack and couldn’t help but snap a few pictures.     Afterwards, we set our sights on Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild deciding to take a longer scenic route to get there. One thing about driving the French Riviera is that despite the relatively short distances, as the crow flies, all of the towns and roads are built on cliffs and peninsulas, so if you are driving somewhere, it’s rarely a quick trip. So if it’s going to take a while to get there, you might as well pick the option with the best view. We were amazed when we rounded the corner and peered out on the town of Villefrance-sur-Mer. We stopped and took in the view from high up on the cliffside road. Beachgoers, hundreds of feet down sunned themselves on the beach, boats cruised in and out of the marinas and the sun glistened on the crystal blue water. We immediately decided this spot would be our destination for the following day.     We actually got so caught up with the scenic drive that we arrived too late to tour Villa Ephrussi, so our only option was to come back the next day. I believe no plans can be ruined, just altered, so we decided to head back to our hotel early, relax and have dinner out on the restaurant terrace. We didn’t stay in Nice, but our hotel, Chateau le Cagnard, was near (about a 30 min drive), in a medieval village called Cagnes-sur-Mer. This was a smaller, boutique hotel that sat in the middle of a beautiful town with views of Nice and the Mediterranean Sea in the distance.   The post Blue & White in Nice, France appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Gal On A Budget: 10 Tops Under $60
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Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10   Now that we’re back home in Charleston, we’ve been working non-stop on everything that gets delayed while we’re traveling. We moved into our new office space (our first non at-home one!), we’re growing our team, and finalizing some big things that we have been working on for so long. There’s always so much that goes on in our day to day that I don’t share, mostly because our heads are down and we’re working, but I’m excited to see it finally come to fruition!   Even though it’s mid-summer in Charleston, which means super hot weather, I’ve actually found myself reaching for a mix of different blouses and tops with jeans or pants. I think it’s a combination of being in an air-conditioned office space most of the day and also being under the weather for the past week. I don’t even want to mention fall, it’s way too soon, so lets not go there just yet, although most of these tops will transition perfectly even as the temps dip a little. The best part? They’re all under $60!   Outfit Details: Chelsea28 Top, Emerson Thorpe Pants, Chanel Flats (last seen here),Vintage Ferragamo Bag c/o Treasures of NYC   This ruffle-sleeved top was one of my favorite purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Early Access – I love anything with a bold sleeve. I bought the blue and white stripe print, but it also comes in a classic white, which would look great paired with some jeans or even these high waisted pink pants I’m wearing (that I’m obsessed with- they also come in white, too!). !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); Outfit Details: BP Top, Helmut Lang Pants (last seen here), Loeffler Randall Sandals, 31Bits Bag c/o   I also found this tie-front top for under $35. I bought the blush shade, but it also comes in white and blue, too. If you’re looking for more blush tops under $60, scroll through my top selects below… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Gal On A Budget: 10 Tops Under $60 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Grimaud & St. Tropez, France
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Look 1- Lisa Marie Fernandez Dress, Mark Cross Bag (sold out, similar here), K. Jacques Sandals, Raen Sunglasses Look 2- Positano Couture Dress (similar here and here), Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here), Carolina Santo Domingo Bag   After a week in the countryside in Provence, Thomas and I headed towards the coast. Our next destination was Grimaud, a small village near St. Tropez. We were staying at our friend’s house for two nights, and were excited to explore this region that we’d never been to. I’d heard a lot of things about the area, but didn’t really know what to expect. We arrived to bright colors and a buzzing atmosphere, with huge bougainvillea blooming everywhere and a new humidity in the air.     On our first day, we headed into the actual village of Grimaud to explore. It was a Sunday, so the town itself was pretty quiet, with just a few restaurants and a bakery open for tourists passing through. Our eyes lit up when we arrived and saw the colorful winding streets literally littered with bright climbing flowers everywhere.     We spent most of the late morning and afternoon strolling through, just wandering about the town. It’s my favorite thing to do when we arrive somewhere new. Thomas and I always get on a ‘photography high’, where we just want to keep exploring and find every nook and cranny, anxious to not miss something good. Every turn here developed into another picture perfect scene!     I brought this very pink off the shoulder Lisa Marie Fernandez dress with me, waiting for the perfect time to bring it out. It mixed in perfectly with the colorful hues of Grimaud. It also comes in this similar style along with a skirt version here and a shirtdress version here. If you’re looking for something in a similar pink shade, this off the shoulder dress and this one are both under $30!     These white sunglasses by Raen have been one of my favorite accessories for Summer. Jackie O inspired them! You might have seen me wear them over on Insta here, here, here, here and here.     Later in the evening, after a relaxing afternoon, we changed and got dressed up to head into St. Tropez for dinner. I wish we would have had more time to spend in St. Tropez because it was amazing. One word: shopping. It was incredible! Although, I only popped into one small boutique the day before (I had to use some serious self control), which is where I bought this lavender crochet dress.     The streets of St. Tropez literally glow in the evening light. The way the sun bounces off the pastel buildings it truly magical!   The post Grimaud & St. Tropez, France appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Three Shades That Are Basically My Neutral
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Gal Meets Glam
There’s always certain details or elements that I’m uniquely drawn to that make up my personal style. What are the things that catch your eye immediately when shopping online or in a store? For me, it’s a color palette. Anytime I see something in a particular shade, I gravitate towards it first. Over the years, I stopped listening to trends and started focusing on what I really love and what makes me feel good. There are so many pretty pieces out right now in the colors that I love that I would gladly add into my wardrobe. Keep reading to see what they are…   1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 I’ve always been friendly with pretty much any shade from the pink family. Can you tell? ;) Nowadays, it seems like just about every brand out there is making all of us pink lovers happy by introducing new styles in variations of the color. I consider light pink/blush to be one of my core neutrals! I recently bought these pink pants (that I’m obsessed with – paired them with this simple white tee) and love these new blush slides from Ann Taylor. On my wish list? This MiuMiu blush bow bag and these MiuMiu pearl flats. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 Another not-so-neutral that’s become a neutral for me? Light blue. Since most of my wardrobe is either blush or white, some variation of a soft blue works with almost everything I own. A few of my favorite pieces from this summer were in shades of blue, like this eyelet set from J.Crew, this striped dress I wore in Provence and this floral Rebecca Taylor dress. If you’re looking for more items in this color palette, try this chambray jumpsuit that’s under $40, this bell-sleeved sweater in the prettiest baby blue or this weekender bag. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 And last, the third shade that will always, always remain a forever color in my wardrobe is white. I love that over the years, we’ve come to embrace the shade all year long. An all-white looks always feels fresh, crisp and chic- even if it’s just a pair of white jeans with a white tee. I recently added this J.Crew eyelet top to my closet (it has the prettiest bow-tied shoulders), along with this dress from H&M that I picked up for under $80. Two other white pieces I’m currently eyeing? These Tory Burch pearl sandals and my favorite Cult Gaia bag in a mother-of-pearl color. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Three Shades That Are Basically My Neutral appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, Gorges Du Verdon & Lavender Fields
14-07-2017 09:00:12
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: LoveShackFancy Dress (last seen here), Frye Flats, Cuyana Hat, Carolina Santo Domingo Bag   Each day in Provence brought excitement and new beauty. I could hardly sleep at night because I was so excited to wake up and see what the following day had in store. There were places that we wanted to visit again, like the turquoise waters of Gorges du Verdon and the endless lavender fields in Valensole, and new places like the charming village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. This was our last full day in the countryside of Provence (we headed to the coast the next day), so we wanted to fit in as much as we could.     Moustiers-Sainte-Marie was another town that Thomas had found on the ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages’ list and one of the towns we were most excited to visit. Originally our plan was to stop for lunch in town but we got a little side tracked when we stopped by the insane spray roses we drove by in a town called Céreste. We also couldn’t help but pull over when we spotted the lavender fields in Valensole (which we decided to visit again later in the afternoon for golden hour). So instead of arriving at 1, we arrived at 230. Moustiers-Sainte-Marie was one of our favorite spots on the whole trip, the town is built into the mountains with a stream and multiple waterfalls running right through the center. We also discovered an incredible pottery shop while there. According to the shop owner, this town and area were rich with history in fine china. She told us that for years and years, Europeans had been obsessed with china from China and Europeans weren’t able to replicate it back home, not until the craft was perfected near Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Today, this shop called, Bondil, employs local potters to make this traditional china. We must have spent 45 minutes in the shop, having already committed ourselves to the rest of our luggage, we ordered a beautiful blue and white set to be shipped back home to us.     Not too far from Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is Lac St. Croix, which is a reservoir that damns the Verdon river, which flows from the Gorges du Verdon. It’s a large lake with 4-5 towns along its shores. On this day the lake was filled with activity. We watched paddleboat after paddleboat cruise around the area where the river meets the lake. Kids climbed the rocks along the cliff and jumped in one after another. The color of the water has a vibrant green hue, which during the middle of a summer day made the water look even more appealing. Had we brought swimsuits, we would have jumped right in. Two years ago, on our way to Valensole, we passed this same lake and remembered hearing music and seeing this quaint town on the water. So we decided if we ever returned to the lake, we’d stop for a meal in that town. With our stomachs empty from skipping lunch, we decided to have an early dinner of crepes at that same town (Bauduen) from our memories.     T and I both love lavender, but what’s not to love- purple hues, bees buzzing, beautifully manicured rows of plants and maybe the greatest smell in the world. I read somewhere that the scent of lavender is scientifically proven to make people happier. I don’t know who said it, but you won’t find me arguing against them. The Valensole Plateau is the world’s premier location for growing lavender. Despite our early arrival, were were probably 3 weeks early from peak bloom and vibrancy. Some of the fields we found, like the ones above and below, were already impressive spectacles. Two years ago, we visited Valensole and we happened to arrive right as the final fields were being harvested. We knew we wouldn’t time the lavender perfectly, but we both decided that a little too early is better than a little to late.   The post Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, Gorges Du Verdon & Lavender Fields appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Venasque & Avignon, Provence
13-07-2017 09:00:03
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Day- Rejina Pyo Dress (similar less expensive version here and here), Aquazzura x DeGournay Loafers, Mark Cross Bag (no longer available, similar here) Night- Lela Rose Dress c/o (similar here and here), Mansur Gavriel Sandals, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Chanel Bag   Most of the time when we take day trips while traveling, we’ll decide on our final destination and then fill our day with things that are along the way. On this day, one of our last in this area of Provence, we had received an invitation to have lunch in Avignon. It was a special invitation, which we couldn’t pass up, as you’ll see further down in this post, so we worked it into our schedule and planned a whole day around it. Our first stop was the hilltop town of Venasque, about a 45 minute total detour. Afterwards we headed to Avignon, for our lunch invitation. Finally, we spent the rest of the day wandering through Avignon, capped off with meeting my dear friend, Rose and her fiance for dinner at La Mirande.     Before arriving in Venasque we knew only that it had received ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages’ designation, which is an accolade given to small villages in France that are known for their beauty. There are around 150 villages in France that are part of this association and each of the villages that we visited all lived up to their reputation. In fact, that’s how we discovered a few of the great small villages we visited. Venasque sits on a point of a cliff, so both sides look down at the valley. At one point we stumbled onto a bed and breakfast, which we thought was a cafe, the owners, seeing our confusion, were quite happy to invite us in to come see their impressive view. Unfortunately we didn’t get the espresso and croissant we were looking for, but did snag a few photos and made note of the darling Inn for our next trip.     As we were walking through the town, we noticed one pottery shop, and then another, and then another. It was clear that there was a theme going on. We searched through a few shops until we discovered one called Atelier de Camille that had a lot of designs we wanted to take home with us. With only so much space in our bags, we bought two blue and white bowls, (which I’ve used everyday that we’ve been home) and a gorgeous blue and white pitcher (that I’ve been using as a vase). After finally finding that croissant and espresso we were looking for, we got in the car and headed towards Avignon.     At the beginning of our trip, I had received an invitation from a reader to come visit and have lunch at their home just outside of Avignon. They gave a little bit of a backstory, sharing that they bought the 18th century farmhouse a few years ago and have been restoring and renovating it ever since. After looking at some of the images, Thomas and I couldn’t wait to see it in person. The home owners generously invited us over for a wonderful lunch and we got a tour of the exquisite property- it is an absolutely dream. Every inch of the place is beautifully decorated- I was in love from the moment I walked in! You can also follow along their Provence journey on Instagram over here.     After our lunch, we made our way into Avignon for an afternoon of exploring. Two years ago, we spent one night in Avignon at La Mirande, but it was during their summer festival, a time when the city is flooded with people, so we felt like we hadn’t actually seen the city. It was one of the warmest days of the trip, so we made sure to take an ice cream break. In fact it was so warm that my ice cream in this photo didn’t last much longer, leaving pistachio ice cream all over my hands, a very sweet shop owner noticed my struggles and he invited me into his restaurant to let me wash my hands (it was so sweet and I was so grateful!). A little later we met up with Rose and her fiance for a relaxing dinner at La Mirande. Like always when we get together with them, we have the best time and were for sure the loudest group at the restaurant!   The post Venasque & Avignon, Provence appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
12-07-2017 09:00:10
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Day – Cuyana Tank, Novella Royale Skirt (also love this dress version), Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here), Cuyana Hat (back in stock), Mar Y Sol Tote Night- Club Monaco Dress (on sale) c/o, Cuyana Scarf   Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is probably one of the most well known villages in Provence and one that is buzzing all summer long. Van Gogh actually lived there for a short period of time and painted a few of his most famous works, like Starry Night. Our friend Vicki has a home in the area and we were set to have lunch at her house, so we headed into town a bit early to explore as we had never actually been into the village. On our last trip to Provence two years ago, a mutual friend connected us and we ended up spending a whole afternoon getting to know Vicki and her family at their 17th century farmhouse that they’ve restored. We’ve stayed in touch over the years, meeting up when we’re in the same city, so we were excited to head back!     We just so happened to be in Saint Remy on market day, which falls on every Wednesday. The streets are filled with vendors that have everything from fresh produce to clothing to home goods and more. It pretty much takes over the whole village and is a really fun morning activity if you’re in the area. It only goes until noon, so try and get there early to beat the crowds in the late morning. We casually strolled through different stalls, stopping to pick up some fresh berries as we went.     We found a small wine and cheese shop that we stopped into to grab a bottle of rosé to bring to Vicki’s house. They also had some of the prettiest cheeses topped with herbs and flowers- we wanted them all!     When we arrived to Vicki’s house, it was just as magical as I remembered it. Flowers blooming all around, cicadas buzzing in the background, a slight breeze blowing through the courtyard and the smells of a delicious lunch ready to be brought out. The hostess immediately brought out some champagne to toast our reunion, followed by an amazing spread that she whipped up that morning. We devoured everything, especially the tomato and cheese tart, which Thomas said was one of the best things he’s ever had.     Like our last visit, we ended up staying hours past our lunch, with so much to catch up on and talk about. If you don’t know Vicki’s story, you should head on over here to read a little bit more- it’s quite inspiring! In short, over 15 years ago, while on vacation in Saint Remy from Australia, she and her family fell in love with an abandoned 17th century farmhouse that sat on an old fruit farm. They bought it and decided to move from Australia to London and spent the next handful of years restoring and renovating the house and land to bring it back to life. She’s also written all about it in her book, My French Life. It’s now the most dreamy oasis- as a guest, you never want to leave!     After our long, wonderful afternoon, Thomas and I changed and headed off to a romantic evening with just the two of us at La Cabro d’Or at Baumanière Les Baux de Provence, a beautiful hotel not far from Saint Remy that has two restaurants that came highly recommended. Definitely a spot to add to your list if you’re visiting Provence!   The post Saint-Rémy-de-Provence appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Summer Sangria Picnic
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Top, Anthropologie Skirt, Tabitha Simmons Flats   We have quickly realized that summertime in the South can be pretty extreme, so we’ve discovered that the most ideal time to be outside is in early mornings and late afternoons/evenings. Since moving to Charleston, our intake of chilled wines, compared to other alcoholic beverages has definitely increased. With the hot days and warm evenings, who wouldn’t want a refreshing drink at the end of a long day?! For this evening picnic, having a chilled drink and keeping it that way were our goals. Being out in the garden constantly, there’s something to be said about not having to run back in the house to continuously grab things.     We made this delightful Summer Sangria utilizing local, fresh, in-season fruit and Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio. For our fruit, we selected watermelon, peaches, lime and strawberries, then muddled those with some mint. Instead of ice cubes, we blended some watermelon in our Vitamix and poured the juice into large ice cube trays and froze over night. As a fun summer surprise, we are also giving away a *Vitamix blender and the bee glasses used in the post to a lucky winner (read the entire post for details on how to enter!!!). On its own, the Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio has a light fruity flavor to it without being too sweet or acidic, so we selected these fruits to enhance the flavors of the wine. The large frozen watermelon cubes not only keep the sangria colder longer, but as the cubes melt the flavor changes, making sure it’s not too sweet or watered down. It’s important since we didn’t add any sparkling water, which some sangria recipes call for. For full details on how we made the sangria, you can visit Ecco Domani’s website.     We knew that our guests might not want to have only sangria, so we created our own DIY outdoor cooler and filled it with ice and extra bottles of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio. Before letting you know how we made the cooler, I wanted to first mention how cool the new special edition Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio label is. Designed by Christian Siriano, I just love how the shades of pink and green work together. We felt inspired by the colors of the bottle, so we painted pink stripes around a terracotta pot which we had previously painted white. Believe it or not, Thomas came up with the idea of turning a terracotta pot into a cooler, after painting over 20 pots earlier in the year for our garden! It’s really a simple process, which you can get all of the details on right here.     How cute are these matching bee glasses & pitcher? The house we rented in Provence had everything from this collection, so when we got back we bought some for ourselves. I love everyday items that are also unique enough to use for special occasions. Lucky for you, you have the chance to win this set of the glasses and pitcher as well as a Vitamix blender, a kitchen staple, which is perfect for making summer concoctions. In order to enter, visit this page and complete the form. (Giveaway starts at 9am PST on 7/11 and ends at 12am PST on 7/14) One winner will be selected in 3 days from this post date!     Thank you to Ecco Domani for sponsoring this post. *Vitamix is not associated with nor a sponsor of this giveaway. The post Summer Sangria Picnic appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Fontaine-de-Vaucluse & Gordes, Provence
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Mes Demoiselles Dress, Gucci Scarf (last worn here and here, similar less expensive here), Preston & Olivia Hat (last seen here), Mint & Rose Slides (also love this striped pair), Market Tote (bought in France, similar here)   One of my favorite days in Provence was one that was filled with last minute and unexpected plans. Thomas and I stumbled upon L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue after doing some research on antique shopping in the area and were intrigued by this canal filled town, also nicknamed the “Venice of France”. It was about a 40 minute drive from our place in Saint-Saturnin-le-Apt, and we read that it could get pretty packed, especially on Sundays when a food and flea market also correspond with the antique market (which of course was the day that we were going), so we left early in the morning to *try* and beat the crowds.     We were about half way through our drive when we passed by Gordes, one of the towns we visited on our last Provence trip. Our directions had us driving right passed it, and along the way we found these seemingly endless rows of roses. We pulled the car over to snap some photos and followed the trail of roses that led to the most unbelievable Provence farmhouse! We kept peeking behind the big, white gates covered in more pink roses to catch a glimpse of the tranquil escape, wondering who it might belong to (All of the roses basically circled their property line!). We didn’t waste too much time though, as we were on a mission to get to our destination, so off we went.     When we read that L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue had an antique market, I pictured an area of the market dedicated to some vintage furniture and small goods. What we arrived to was a full-on antique city! Half of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue itself is basically dedicated to this. It’s quite unbelievable and absolutely amazing. It also makes for a really overwhelming experience. We didn’t go into it searching for anything specific, so we just let ourselves get lost in the maze of treasures. We could have spent the entire day there and still have only seen 5% of the shops and stores that were open. We would turn down one small alley that would open up into a whole new section, that would then house 5-10 different vendors. This would go on and on as we kept walking!     While we were at the market, my friend Vicki texted me and was giving Thomas and I advice on what to do if we found something we loved. How would we get it home? Is shipping to the US crazy expensive? Is the process difficult? Luckily, many of the vendors have shippers ready on-hand to give you a quote based on size and weight. And if you’re buying larger items, it’s much more cost-effective to buy a few pieces to fill a crate, that way you’re making it worth-while. We fell in love with a few items, but ended up not buying them immediately and instead letting ourselves think on it. We got all the proper into to move forward in case we ‘had-to-have’. Also, if you’re in search of more antique markets in the Provence area, Vicki has a wonderful guide here (she’s lived in the area for 15+ years).     One of my favorite aspects of the antique market was how many of the shops had hidden cafes and restaurants. We would be heading to the back of a store only to find a string of tables lined up along the water. We had read amazing things about Le Jardin du Quai and made reservations ahead of time for lunch. After getting a little lost (you have to walk through a beautiful gallery to arrive to the courtyard of the restaurant), we finally made it with grumbling bellies. We worked up quite the appetite after walking for hours through the shops. You know a restaurant is good when they have one fixed menu for the day and that’s all. Trusting the chef, we waited for what was to come- a first course made of delicious market vegetables, a second course of fish and a delicious peach tart for dessert.     Since we had a late lunch ending well after 3, we made our way back to the car to head to our second stop of the day, Fontaine-de-Vaucluse. This medieval village is a sight to see with emerald green waters running through it. We saw lots of tourists renting kayaks to head out on the river in the summer heat, which we would have loved to do, too, if we would have been dressed properly for the activity. Next time! We did end up hiking up to the ruins of the castle, Bishop of Cavaillon, which provided a great vantage point overlooking the town (see below).     After a long day, we hopped back in the car and headed home, but not before stopping back into Gordes to meet up with some friends for a drink at La Bastide de Gordes (which has breathtaking views of the valley!). It’s definitely one of my favorite and probably one of the most scenic spots in all of Provence.   The post L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Fontaine-de-Vaucluse & Gordes, Provence appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Provence House
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Joie Top (old, similar here and here), Club Monaco Pants (on sale), Margaux x MDS Stripes Espadrilles, Cuyana Hat, Market Bag bought in France (similar here)   When we decided we wanted to visit Provence again this summer, we knew we wanted to have a “home base”. Last time we visited, we jumped around to different hotels in a mix of areas. While that was a great way to switch things up, we got a little tired of checking in and out with only a day or two in between. This time, we wanted to feel settled in a particular area and do day trips out to other towns and villages. After doing a bunch of research and inquiring on a few different properties, we booked Villa St Saturnin via Haven In.     Most days we ate a quick breakfast at the house, would venture off to explore during the day, then come back home in the early evening for dinner. So when we woke up one morning and saw a light drizzle outside, we decided to spend the day at the house. We came up with a delicious menu for brunch and once the rain came to a halt, we headed out to the market to grab all the ingredients.     We headed to Apt where we stopped by the Fromagerie for fresh cheese and an outdoor farmer’s market for vegetables and fruit and eggs. Afterwards, we went into Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt (which is only a few minutes away), to pick up some bread and pastries from the bakery that had quickly become our favorite. After having all of the necessary ingredients, we headed back to the house to do some cooking.     Thomas has always been the chef in our family, so he’s the one that usually does the meal planning. When he suggested making a vegetarian croque madame, I was all in. We used a mix of cheeses, as calls the typical recipe, but instead of ham, we opted for asparagus, squash, peppers and onion. He sautéed them before adding to the bread with lots and lots cheese and then put the slices in the oven to cook under the broiler. The last and final touch was a fried egg on top of each.     Once we were done cooking we were happy to see that the sun had fully come out, so we set up a table outside. We filled it with all of our market goods, like ripe strawberries, homemade jam, cherries, croissants and fresh juice, along with our croque madame sandwiches. It ended up being quite the spread for two people, but since we skipped breakfast and it was nearing lunch, we were quite hungry. We also ended up nibbling on the leftovers throughout the day, and ended up having it for dinner, too.     This old Joie top is one I always pack with me when traveling. A light blue or chambray shirt just always seems to come in handy. I’ll throw it on over a swimsuit, pair it with a skirt or wear it with jeans. On this day, I added it to these Club Monaco pants I bought last year that are still available and now on sale. I took off the bow tie for a simpler look and added these striped Margaux x MDS Stripes Espadrilles. Although this particular light blue shirt is no longer available, I found a few similar styles available here, here and here.     After our big brunch, we headed back into the house and changed into our swimsuits and sat out by the pool reading and working.   The post Provence House appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Oppede, Menerbes & Bonnieux, Provence
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Privacy Please Dress, Cuyana Hat, Sezane Flats, Carolina Santo Domingo Bag   Even though we’ve been home for a few weeks, I still have so much from France to share! I’ll also be putting together a post on our full France itinerary, so stay tuned- it’s going to be a big one. In the meantime, I’m following up from my last post with today’s, which was the following day. What was so nice about staying in the Luberon region was that we were able to get around and visit many villages in a single day. With some of them only a few minutes apart, we would hop around from morning til dusk. Before we left the States, we did a lot of research to find small towns to visit during our stay, which we added to our Google Maps, that way we could reference them while traveling.     We left the house early in the morning so that we could fit in multiple stops before our lunch reservation later in the day. The first village we stopped by, Oppède, was one of the smallest and most charming we visited. We had initially been planning on getting breakfast at Le Petit Cafe (online it said it was open for breakfast), but after discovering it was only serving drinks and coffee, we decided to grab something in the next town. Since our stomachs were grumbling, we only spent about an hour walking around Oppède, which we quickly realized was enough time to see most of the village.     Next, we headed to Ménerbes, which was a village near the hotel we stayed in at the very beginning of our trip. The first thing we did was stop into the nearest bakery we could find to get some croissants. Oh, croissants! They are my weakness when we are in France. The best and most delicious way to start the day and these were really, really good. Flaky, buttery with just the slightest crunch, just the way we like them.     It was the late morning and Ménerbes was still coming to life. Unlike some of the other towns we visited that were bustling with tourists in the morning, we were happy to find that this one was on the sleepy side. Stores were starting to trickle open, with many of the restaurants closed until noon. We did find one cafe, Cafe du Progress, that was serving breakfast and had an amazing view from their back terrace. We strolled in and happily found a table in the back corner where we could look out over the valley. We ordered coffee and omelets and were quite content with our spur of the moment find!     French blue was definitely the color we saw all around the village. It’s one of my favorite shades of blue- we’re actually considering painting our front door and shutters a similar color (if we decide to paint our house white). So I was taking pictures of every variety I saw, for inspiration, of course! I wore this similar color striped wrap dress, which is the comfiest thing to travel in. It also comes in this shorter version and this tie-shoulder version, along with a version in the same style but a floral pattern instead of stripes.     After a few hours of exploring, we headed off to our last stop of the afternoon, lunch at Bastide de Capelongue in Bonnieux. We had made reservations at their gourmet restaurant, Edouard Loubet. We usually opt for very casual lunches, and even dinners, while traveling, but after reading wonderful things about this spot, we thought we would switch things up and indulge on a leisurely lunch. Be prepared to give yourself a few hours here- it’s a wonderful experience. They start you off with aperitifs in the garden, along with small appetizers (my favorite was a tiny thin crusted truffle pizza!). Next, they move you inside, where you begin with an amuse bouche followed by a salad course. We both ordered the fish for our main dish and loved every bite. But, I have to say, our favorite thing was the cheese cart (that comes before dessert), which had just about every kind of cheese you could ever want. Heaven! I definitely recommend this place if you’re in the area or visiting nearby. It was incredible. The grounds are also stunning, and a nice reason to get up and moving after a very filling meal.   The post Oppede, Menerbes & Bonnieux, Provence appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Garden Prep
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Express Dress c/o, Stubbs & Wootton Loafers   Growing up, we spent a lot of our time in my grandmother’s many gardens. Our summers were filled with picking berries and nuts, climbing trees and trying not to get stung by the many bees buzzing around the flowers. When I think of roses, I think of my grandma. She’s still known as the rose queen (she’s even had stationery made with pictures of her roses on it- how cute is that?!). I’ve always loved flowers and gardens for this reason. One of the first things we talked about after we bought our house was where we would want to put our garden. Where will we put it? What plants and trees will it have? How big? How many? Luckily, Thomas has as big of a passion for it as I do, so we’ve both sort of come up with our dream list of what we want it to be- both are pretty similar. At the beginning of the year, we made our first trip out to the garden store to start on some smaller potted plants. That one trip quickly escalated to three, and then four, and then five. We were hooked! We’ve since created quite the mini (potted) garden at our place.     Our two favorite garden centers in Charleston are Abide-A-While in Mt Pleasant and Hyams on James Island. We’ve made many trips to both! We love going and perusing through what’s in season and learning/reading about the different types of greenery, flowers, trees and more. The beautiful part of living in the South is that there is always something blooming. Right now it’s the crepe myrtles, and they are beautiful! We really go in with an open mind. Thomas is more practical than I am, planning out what will go where based on the necessities it needs (sun, shade, extra water, etc.), while I pick up what catches my eye, usually based on color, texture and size. It’s always a compromise with what we go home with!     After we got home from our France trip, a few of our flowers didn’t survive our two and a half weeks away. Although we set up a watering system before left, we don’t think it evenly dispersed the water, so back to Hyams we went. We arrived first thing in the morning, and it was hot and raining, so we were one of the only people there. That meant we got the best pick! Aside from pulling some smaller plants to replace the ones that passed, I couldn’t resist these mini baskets they pre-made, filled with an array of different flowers.     Visiting a garden store has become one of our favorite summer activities. Even if you don’t have a full yard or garden to fill with plants, it’s still fun to go and learn and see what’s in season and what you like. You can even start out with buying a few small pots and see where that takes you!   And speaking of summer- I’m loving Express’s summer collection this year. It’s so good! Remember this gingham dress I wore last month? Well I recently found this striped shirtdress there, too. It’s so flattering and lightweight and easy- such an ideal piece for summer. It also comes in a classic light blue version here and a slightly different white version here. And if you’re looking for a few more affordable dress options for the season, I also love this lace-up gingham dress from Express as well as this white eyelet tie shoulder dress.      Thank you to Express for sponsoring this post. The post Garden Prep appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Blue & White Courtyard
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Gal Meets Glam
Home Details: Table, Bistro Chairs, Umbrella, Loveseat, Garden Stool, Planters, Pillows c/o Frontgate   A few months back we moved out of our home that’s currently being renovated and into a temporary rental house. We had initially planned on staying in the house during renovations, but after deciding to do the whole thing at once, we took everyone’s advice and moved out (and after a few check-ups on the house, we’re sure glad we did!). Our realtor helped us find an adorable carriage house downtown that sits on a beautiful historic garden. We got even luckier with the owner of the property/landlord being incredibly kind and gracious, and allowing us to use the garden. But one of the reasons we love this space so much, even though it was smaller than we had planned for, is the private courtyard that it came with. Outdoor space, even just a little bit, is so important to me. After living in San Francisco for six years and having zero outdoor space, I treasure even the slightest bit of green we can have. So I was sold once I saw this space and knew we could do something really fun with it for the year that we would be living here.     We didn’t bring too much stuff with us to the rental house (we put most of it in storage) because of space. But one thing we did bring with us were our plants. Before we had moved out, Thomas and I (but mostly Thomas) had spent a few weekends planting a sea of different flowers- from hydrangeas to roses, herbs and lots of perennials. We kept them all in pots so we could transport them with us and bring a little bit of our home to our temporary ‘home’. We knew they would bring some life to the small brick courtyard and create the feel of a garden. So we decided to partner with Frontgate to add some outdoor furniture and accessories to our courtyard so that we could create a space to relax outdoors. Before telling you all about the pieces we picked out, I have to tell you about the great deal Frontgate has going on now – 25% off plus free shipping with code HAPPY4TH on select items from now until 7/4 (11:59 PM ET). See below for Offer Terms.   The first thing we picked out were these larger blue and white pots from Frontgate, as soon as they arrived we made a second round to the garden center and picked up even more seasonal flowers to plant. These blue and white planters come as individuals but we decided to get all three sizes. What I love particularly about these planters is that they are great for adding height. Their large width and depth also allow you to plant larger plants, like small trees, adding even more height. We could have a full-on garden party over here! Quick note for anyone that buys the larger planter sizes, you can fill the planters halfway or more, depending on what you are planting, with non-biodegradable packing peanuts, then cover with gardening fabric and soil, otherwise these planters will be too heavy to move around.     Since we use this space so much, we really wanted to make it functional and practical and get pieces we could also bring back to the house with us. It all started when I fell in love with these blue and white bistro chairs from Frontgate. They remind me of all the Parisian cafes in Paris and I knew the “capri blue” color would be perfect. They also come in five other colors, like red, navy and black, as well as an armchair version. After measuring the size of the space, we decided to go with this small round table from Frontgate to not overcrowd the area, but it’s still big enough to have four people dine outside. We also added this fringed umbrella to add a bit of shade from the summer heat for both ourselves and our hydrangeas. And my favorite piece we got is this blue and white striped loveseat that’s my new favorite spot to curl up and work from.     Lastly, some accessories like this blue and white garden stool and some outdoor throw pillows add the finishing touches. It’s amazing how a space can come together with just a few pieces and lots of greenery. Even though this is only our temporary home, we feel settled and adjusted to this weird in-between. We’re using this time to enjoy life downtown, which comes with many perks of its own. Like getting to walk and explore the beautiful South of Broad neighborhood, easy access to King St, lots of food options right near by…!     Terms: Offer valid on orders placed through 11:59pm ET on 7/4/2017. Discount is shown in cart. 25% Off excludes Experience Frontgate products, Outdoor Furniture Sets, fire chat sets, monogramming, charitable donations, taxes and postage and handling charges. Free Shipping applies to standard ground, in-home, and truck charges within the contiguous U.S. Excludes expedited delivery and oversized handling fees. Other exclusions apply, visit for more details. Offer cannot be combined with any other special offers or incentives; not valid on gift cards, gift certificates, previous purchases, or replacement orders. Offer valid in the U.S. only.   Thank you to Frontgate for sponsoring this post. The post Blue & White Courtyard appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Contributor Series: Three Desserts for the Fourth of July
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Gal Meets Glam
Fourth of July calls for red, white and blueberries . . . or sprinkles of course! Our Cooking Contributor, Elisabeth & Butter, guides us through her top three dessert recipes to share with friends and family at your Fourth of July gathering next week. These desserts taste even better than they look! We could not resist taking a bite of each one after this photoshoot was complete.   From Elisabeth: Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays to spend with my family and friends because it is centered around food. I can’t remember a Fourth of July where we didn’t have some type of patriotic dessert and I plan to keep that tradition going. When asked to share some recipes for this fun holiday, I thought back to some of my family favorites and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. These three recipes are simple, delicious, and will make your Fourth of July celebration even sweeter!     Layered Pound Cake with Whipped Cream and Berries   My grandmother, born and raised in South Carolina, was the epitome of the perfect hostess. She made everyone feel loved and welcomed and her cooking was phenomenal. This pound cake recipe was hers and was typed out on an old-fashioned typewriter. To take this recipe up to the next level, I added homemade whipped cream and berries. Trust me, this recipe is tried and true! It is simple to make and easy to assemble given that you can leave the sides bare. I think this is the perfect 4th of July dessert that every guest will love!   Yields a 3 layered, 8 inch cake   Ingredients:For the Cake:3 cups sugar2 sticks salted butter, softened5 large eggs 3 cups cake flour ⅛  teaspoon baking powder 1 cup heavy whipping cream 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Zest of 1 lemon For the Whipped Cream: 2 ½ cups heavy whipping cream 1 ¼ cups confectioners sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Fresh Strawberries Fresh Blueberries Fresh Blackberries Directions: For the Cake: Preheat oven to 325°F and grease 3, 8 inch cake pans. In a mixing bowl fitted with a paddle attachment, beat sugar and butter together for 2-3 minutes on medium high speed until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating after each addition. Stir flour and baking powder together, then add to the mixer alternating with the heavy cream, beginning and ending with flour until just combined. Do not overmix. Stir in vanilla and lemon zest. Bake for 20-35 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean and it springs back when you touch it. For the whipped cream: In a mixing bowl, beat the whipping cream and confectioners sugar on medium speed until soft peaks form and it is thickened. Do not overmix the cream or it will curdle. Stir in vanilla extract. Layer the cake with whipped cream and place sliced strawberries between each layer. Top with the remaining whipped cream and lots of berries!     Mini Blueberry Hand Pies   In my opinion, mini pies are the cutest desserts and the easiest to make. These little pies leave a lasting impression when served and guests will love the fresh taste of the blueberries. When looking for a dessert to make last minute, the store bought pie crust and short list of ingredients make for a delicious treat that your friends will think you spent hours making. Simply cut circles out of the sheets of dough and place the blueberry mixture in the center. Fold the dough over, press with a fork, bake and enjoy a bit of blueberry heaven. You can also substitute other fruits in this recipe and get creative with your pies. These are best served warm with a scoop of ice cream!   Yields 12-14 pies   Ingredients: 1 box refrigerated store bought pie crust2 cups fresh blueberriesZest of 1 lemonJuice of half a lemon (1 tablespoon) ⅓ cup sugar Pinch of salt 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 large egg + 1 tablespoon water Sugar for sprinkling Directions: Preheat oven to 375°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Unroll pie dough and using a round cookie cutter or glass, cut 3-4 inch circles out of one sheet of dough. Gently roll up the remaining scraps of dough and roll it out again to make more rounds. Place rounds on the baking sheet. In a bowl, mix together the blueberries, lemon zest and juice, sugar, salt and cornstarch. Stir to combine. Scoop about a tablespoon of the blueberry mixture on the center of each round of dough. Fold dough over so the two edges meet and press with your fingers to seal. Grab a fork and press the back of it down on the edges to create a ripple and to seal the dough once more. Whisk egg with water and brush the tops of the pies and sprinkle with sugar. Using a sharp knife, cut two small slices on the tops of each pie. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until golden brown on top. Serve warm with ice cream!     Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches   The best way to beat the summer heat is with these ice cream sandwiches. Two perfect chocolate chip cookies paired with creamy vanilla ice cream – it doesn’t get much better that that. This chocolate chip cookie recipe is from my sister who knows what it takes to make a good cookie. I had such a fun time making these sandwiches. Like most tangible goals we work toward in life, it’s important to enjoy the process while looking ahead to the result. This recipe is easy to prepare with friends, so don’t be afraid to bring some friends into the process with you. Red, white and blue sprinkles make these cookies the highlight of any party and make the perfect dessert for kids or for a casual gathering with friends. Luckily, they are easy to make ahead of time. Based on our sticky experience preparing these ice cream sandwiches for an outdoor shoot in the sun, I suggest keeping these treats in the freezer until they are served. If you want to serve the ice cream sandwiches outside, the best way is on a chilled ice tray.   Yields 18-20 sandwich cookies   Ingredients: 2 sticks salted butter, softened 1 cup brown sugar, firmly packed 3/4 cup granulated sugar 2 large eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 tsp salt 3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips Vanilla Ice Cream Sprinkles Directions: For the Cookies: Preheat oven to 375°F and line your baking sheets with parchment paper. In a mixing bowl fitted with a paddle attachment, cream the softened butter, brown sugar and granulated sugar together until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating after each addition. Then add vanilla extract. With your mixer on low, add in flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt and beat until just combined. Stir in chocolate chips. Either refrigerate the dough for up to three days or bake immediately. Using a medium sized ice cream scoop or spoon, drop dough a few inches apart on the baking sheet. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. For assembling the ice cream sandwiches: Once the cookies are cooled, use a large ice cream scoop and place a generous amount of vanilla ice cream in the center of one cookie, then smash the other cookie on top. Roll in sprinkles or mini chocolate and store in the freezer until ready to serve. *Freezing the cookies before filling them with ice cream helps them hold up and not melt.   When you host family and friends on the Fourth of July, one of the most difficult tasks is the preparation of food and desserts to satisfy a large group. Each of Elisabeth’s recipes are flexible enough to suit any size gathering. If you’re one that gets nervous about baking, these recipes are perfect for you because they are simple to make and assemble. These desserts will be the highlight of any party and will be sure to satisfy all your guests!   We hope you enjoy these desserts as much as we did. Have a Happy Fourth! The post Contributor Series: Three Desserts for the Fourth of July appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Poppy Fields in France
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Outfit Details: Urban Outfitters Dress, Red Sunglasses (no longer available, similar here and here), Bag   One of the first things we saw when we arrived in Provence was the abundance of blooming poppy fields all around. On our drive from the airport to our hotel, we kept seeing flashes of red in the distance and quickly figured out what they were. We kept saving the locations of different fields, but eventually stopped when we realized that they were pretty much everywhere. That’s one of the things I love most about the countryside in Provence, there’s always something to be discovered around every corner, with constant newness coming into season or bloom. Along with the poppy fields, there were cherry trees all over the Luberon region that we stayed in.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I bought this little red polka dot mini dress before our trip and knew it was perfect when we headed out to stop by some poppy fields before dinner one evening. It’s a steal at under $60 and also comes in a blue and white striped version here. Both of them would be perfect for the 4th of July next week! I also love this red and white gingham version (that has a similar style/shape to mine) along with this solid red one, both under $60. And if you’re looking for more mini dress ideas for summer,  this cherry print one and this off the shoulder one are great options, too!   A Pop of RedWith the fourth of July just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pick up something bright and fun. I’m all for finding pieces that feel festive without being too cliche for the holiday. Swipe through my favorite red picks below… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Poppy Fields in France appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Contributor Series: A Chic Fourth of July Table
27-06-2017 09:00:50
Gal Meets Glam
Table Details: Aerin x William Sonoma Salad Plates & Dinner Plates, Juliska Napkins, Aerin x William Sonoma Chargers, Blue Tumbler Glasses, (My Dress & Lucy’s Dress)   The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays- it’s at the start of summertime, filled with backyard bbqs, lots of stripes and fireworks. We always end up having the most relaxing, fun day no matter where we are (last year we celebrated in Idaho with Thomas’s family). This year we’ll be in Nantucket with friends and I already know we’re going to have a blast. Since the Fourth is already only a week away, it’s time to start planning the tables and decor! Lucy, our tablescape contributor (and my dear friend!) and I wanted to do something around the holiday. I mentioned to her that the Fourth of July always seems to be so casual and it would be fun to create a table that felt a little more dressed up than usual, but still simple and easy to throw together. It all started with these blue and white plates I bought from the Aerin x William Sonoma collection, from there, we built the rest of the table with items we already had. Keep reading to see what else we came up with…     From Lucy:   For me, the Fourth of July will always be about extended family getting together. It is about gathering loved ones at the very height of summer and taking advantage of the long days.  I remember as a child that wonderful feeling that everyone was now together and that months of summer adventures lie ahead.   For such a universal American holiday, Julia and I wanted this table to be family friendly and to feel a bit more elevated than a backyard BBQ but still very easy to replicate at home. Everything we used is widely available and this table does not require special skills to assemble! Keep scrolling to read my simple steps on dressing up a family table to make this year’s celebration one to remember.   Simple flowers. Hydrangeas are a crowd-pleaser. In season everywhere, inexpensive and bulky, they will add a touch of sophistication to any table. Helpfully, they can be found at most grocery stores in the colors red, white and blue. I often grab ours from Trader Joe’s. Cut the stems at an angle (you can even quickly seal the stems in boiling water) and change their water often. Keep them cool in the AC until they are needed, and spritz regularly for maximum longevity in the summer sun. Hydrangeas love water!   Pretty plates. Julia and I have fallen hard for these plates from the new Aerin collection for Williams-Sonoma. They are classic, beautiful quality and the shade of blue is so pretty. They could dress up any table and could be used over and over for entertaining, especially fitting for the summer months. I am always on the lookout for blue and white plates and vases to collect, estate sales and antique stores are often a good place to hunt.   White table cloth. The one in this shoot was rented very affordably from a local event company (no need for cleaning and folding and storing!). This is the easiest way to breathe life into an old outdoor table that is past its heyday.  If you have children at your celebration, it’s fun and elegant to dress the “grown up” table with a white linen and the children’s table with a paper cover.  You can use the same flower arrangements down the table or across tables to unify the look.  It’s also fun to put crayons on the children’s table so that they can express themselves.    For larger groups, throwing a tablecloth over plywood boards on saw horses will allow you to accommodate the largest gatherings; rental companies also have collapsible tables that fit these linens perfectly.   Dress up for dinner. It would be so fun and easy to freshen up this table and make it into a more formal dinner table for guests that are staying longer. After a quick tidy up and sweep I would add these votives, and add taper candles like these to extend the party spirit into the evening hours.   Have a wonderful upcoming long weekend!   The post Contributor Series: A Chic Fourth of July Table appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Sunset Picnic in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt
26-06-2017 09:00:54
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Reformation Dress, Frye Flats, Market Backpack   Our first week in Provence was spent exploring the areas around the house we rented in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt. We would start almost every morning with breakfast at home, followed by a trip out to a nearby hilltop town. We’d keep venturing out during the day, seeing what else we could find- whether that be new villages, restaurants, shops, gardens or any other activity. Usually by the time we got back to the house in the evening, it would be dark and almost time for bed. With the sun setting after 9pm, we’d want to be out to savor every last bit of light over the countryside. One early evening we decided to grab a basket from the house, fill it with cheeses, bread and wine, and find a scenic spot to watch the sunset.     The house we rented was just outside of Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt, so it was the easiest and closest village (besides Apt) to head into. It’s a quiet town with a morning and evening buzz of people, lots of charm and a very beautiful view of the valley. Thomas suggested we head back over and climb up to the medieval chateau that sits high up on a hilltop. It has a breathtaking, unobstructed view overlooking both the village and the surrounding area. There’s a gravel path the goes up to the top, and while it’s not a difficult one, I was definitely glad I worn closed toed shoes.     We found an area in between some olive trees and tall grass that was the perfect spot to stop and set up our spread. Pretty much every evening in France, we would have some bread, cheese and rosé we bought locally from the market. It’s honestly our favorite thing! This evening was really special because after shooting some pictures, we just sat there, watching the day coming to an end, the lights slowly turn on in all the houses across the village, with the pink sky glowing in front of us, and we stopped. It’s not that often that we stop. Everything can always feel so rushed. Once we’re done with one thing, we’re on to the next. Are we ever content with what we just did? Or are we always ready to jump ahead, get back home and back to our computers. This time we let ourselves be and we just talked and sat there in the still evening light. I can still feel the feeling that I had in that moment- a feeling of complete peace.   The post Sunset Picnic in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
White Shirtdress in St. Paul de Vence
22-06-2017 09:00:02
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: DVF Dress, Jack Roger Sandals, Mark Cross Bag, Preston & Olivia Hat   During the planning stage for all of our trips we spend a good amount of time scouting special spots to visit. We typically find, and save on the map, way more than we can possibly visit in a single trip. That way when planning out our day we can take a slightly modified route to add an extra spot we wouldn’t normally have seen. What we’ve found is that it’s the added on spots that often turn out to be the highlight of the day. One of these discovered gems, was St. Paul de Vence, about a 30 minute drive from Nice Center. We just happened to be staying nearby in a town called Cagnes-sur-Mer, so we decided to add this spot onto the end of a travel day before checking into a new hotel. *Jumped forward slightly in today’s post, but still have more coming from our time in the countryside!     Like many of the towns we visited in France, St Paul de Vence is a hilltop town. It has a medieval feel to it being a walled city. Throughout the town there are art galleries everywhere (along with small boutiques and cafes), which we ended up popping into as we went. We noticed as we visited some small towns in France, a few had clear specialties- some were known for pottery, some art, some antiques and some, particular types of food. St Paul de Vence is definitely an art town, particularly known for their modern art. We loved strolling into all of the different galleries, particularly that of Christian Choisy and a few others that I can’t remember off the top of my head. It’s an incredibly charming village, with bougainvillea draped along the stone walls and far-off views of the coastline.      I bought this white DVF shirtdress from Nordstrom before we left for France- it’s the perfect dress to spend long days walking and exploring while traveling. Plus, a classic shirtdress like this can be worn long after you come home from a trip. It’s one of my favorite styles to wear and this one is cut to perfection. It ties at the waist, flattering the figure and of course, has pockets! The lining along the neck, buttons and tie is a beautiful blush/nude color that adds such a sweet touch. Nordstrom also has a few other shirtdress styles ideal for summer days like this striped one, this floral print one, this blue and white one and this white midi one. And remember, Nordstrom always has Free Shipping and Free Returns.     These blush Jack Rogers sandals have been another favorite of mine this season. They’re sold out pretty much everywhere in the main sizes, but Nordstrom just got them in stock in this color! The leather is so soft and buttery and they’re incredibly comfortable to spend the day walking around in. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a good traveling sandal. Plus, this blush is basically a neutral, so they go with everything.     At the end of the afternoon, we stopped by the cutest bistro, Le Tilleul, for a glass of wine and a small bite to eat before heading out to our hotel. With little tables outside sitting along the cobblestone streets, it’s an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.     Sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle The post White Shirtdress in St. Paul de Vence appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Saturday Market in Apt, Provence
20-06-2017 09:00:30
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Day- Gul Hurgel Dress (blue version and red version), Urban Outfitters Sunglasses, Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here), Market Backpack (last seen here) Night- Club Monaco Dress (on sale, last seen here), Mark Cross Bag, Tabitha Simmons Flats (old, similar here), Cuyana Scarf   Our first day in Provence was pretty amazing, but after a well-rested night, we were ready to have an even better one (at least more alert and alive!). It was Saturday and we were checking out of our hotel and into the house we rented for the week. Since we were staying at a house, we wanted to take advantage of the kitchen and grill and cook a lot of our meals there. The house was in Saint Saturnin Les Apt and one of the best Saturday markets around was in Apt, so we decided to head there.     We initially had ambitious plans of getting to the market first thing in the morning after reading that it gets pretty crowded, but we decided to take our time and have some breakfast at the hotel first. I’m glad we did because their eggs and croissants were amazing. I think we were out the door by 10am and off to the market, which was only about a 20 minute drive.     The Provencal markets are incredible! Unlike the typical farmer’s markets we have back home, with fresh produce, some meats, cheeses, flowers, local products and goods, these are filled with everything from fabrics to hats to clothes and shoes, accessories, blankets and basket bags, jewelry, street food, vegetables, fruits, fresh honey and jams and much more! They are so much fun to explore and seem to just keep going and going. The Apt market is in the middle of the town and winds through little alleys and streets, with new vendors and booths every which way you turn. It can be a little overwhelming at first, especially for me since I want to take in everything, so it’s nice to have an idea of what you’re wanting to buy.     Our first stop was for some flowers for the house. I saw these beautiful pink peonies and couldn’t resist buying a few bushels of them. They are my weakness! Right across the street was a table with the most beautiful linens and quilts. I fell in love with a blue and pink floral one (if you scroll down, you’ll see it in Thomas’s backpack) and couldn’t pass up the crazy inexpensive price. Luckily we packed an empty duffel bag with us so we could bring back any goods we found on our trip!     We planned for quick breakfasts to whip up, easy salads to make and simple dinners to grill at the house. So we bought a bunch of fresh produce, like lettuce, tomato, onion, carrots, asparagus, along with different fruits, from cherries to apricots, strawberries, raspberries and melon. We also picked up baguettes and croissants and a variety of cheeses. We didn’t know what condiments the house would have, so we bought some lavender honey (after having it on our last trip we were obsessed!) and some local jam to add to toast in the morning.     It’s hard not to get completely distracted at the markets. I find myself wandering into local shops and bookstores, wanting to get a sense of everything around me. It’s the most fun to discover and explore this way! Since we didn’t arrive until 10:30, the time quickly flew and before we knew it, the vendors were closing down their tables. The market only stays open til around 12:30, which worked in our favor since we were checking into the house at 1. If they didn’t start packing up, I could have kept going for hours!     I’d been wanting to purchase a Gul Hurgel dress for so long and after I wrote this post on my love for color yellow this season, I ended up buying this yellow linen maxi dress. It’s all the things I love this season in one- shirtdress, linen, yellow and striped. I got stopped about every 10 minutes at the market with people asking me where it was from. Thomas made me giggle on the way home when he told me that he saw lots of woman “oh-la-la-ing with their eyes at my dress all morning”. Ha! It also comes in a blue version, a red version and a pink version here.     After the market, we headed back to the house to drop off our luggage. It wasn’t quite ready with the house cleaners still tidying up after the previous guests had left, so we ventured out to the village we were staying in, Saint Saturnin Les Apt. This is an incredibly charming spot to stop by if you’re in the area (especially if you’re visiting the market in Apt). It has fantastic views (see above left photo), colorful buildings and streets and cute little restaurants and shops, although most of them were closed when we arrived around 2:30. Still, we enjoyed walking around the quiet village, with hardly anyone else around during that time, except one small cafe where everyone in the town seemed to be!     After finally settling in at the house, we relaxed a bit, snacked on some of our market goods and sat by the pool. Later in the day, we changed and got ready for dinner (I wore this Club Monaco dress that’s now on sale). We made reservations at Auberge la Feniere, a fantastic Michel star restaurant located near Lourmarin. All I can say is truffle risotto! Amazing! We did’t realize it ahead of time, but it’s a completely gluten free restaurant and they have the most incredible gf bread. I mean, I would buy loaves of this stuff and ship it home. It’s that good!   The post Saturday Market in Apt, Provence appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Bastide De Marie & Lacoste, Provence
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Day- Sea Dress (on sale, more sizes here and here), Castaner Espadrilles (last seen here, also love this denim pair), Kayu Bag Night- Reformation Dress, Castaner Espadrilles, Laura Mercier Lipstick in “Boudoir”   A little over two weeks ago, we flew off on an adventure through the South of France. This was a trip that we’d been planning since late last year, and one I was incredibly excited for! We’d visited this region a few years ago, but only briefly after we spent time in the Loire Valley and then back to Paris for a wedding. I’ve always felt that Provence held a special place in my heart, and coming back really reinforced that feeling! This time around, we rented a house for a full week, that way we could have a “home” base and really explore the surrounding areas without jumping around from hotel to hotel. We left Charleston on a late Thursday afternoon and arrived in France the following day at 8am. We were a little delirious and jet-lagged as neither of us slept on the plane, but once we arrived, our adrenaline rush of excitement kept us going!  Since the house we rented wasn’t available until Saturday, we had booked a one night stay at Bastide de Marie after hearing wonderful things about it.     When traveling, Thomas and I have found that the best way to combat jet-lag is by trying to get acclimated to the new time zone you’re in right away. So, instead of sleeping when we arrived (which is what our bodies wanted to do since it was the middle of the night back home), we kept ourselves awake until that evening. It wasn’t hard *in the beginning* because we were so excited to be there! We flew into the Marseille airport (Charleston to NYC, NYC to Paris, Paris to Marseille- for those interested in the details!) and had an hour drive to the hotel, which was in Ménerbes in the Luberon region. Before we even got to the hotel, we probably pulled over five or six times to get out and snap photos of the landscape. I kept telling Thomas “I could cry I’m so happy!!!”. It is BEAUTIFUL! So beautiful, I can’t even describe it and pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s lush and green, with vineyards and roses, hilltop villages and quiet, windy roads. The homes are old and filled with character, some crumbling, some in pristine condition, but all uniquely stunning in their own right.     You know those hotels that look nice online but really blow you away in person? Well, Bastide de Marie is one of those places. I knew it was going to be pretty, but what we arrived to was a complete dream! After forcing ourselves to stop pulling over the car to take in the landscape, we had finally arrived at the hotel. Passed a big wrought iron gate and cypress lined driveway lies a magical 18th century restored farmhouse. It’s quintessential Provence, made from stone, with French blue shutters and roses climbing everywhere. It sits on 23 acres of vineyards, with everything from olive trees to lavender to rose gardens.     Our room wasn’t ready quite yet since it was still early in the morning, but the friendly hotel staff let us freshen up and change in the spa. We dug in our suitcases and pulled out some fresh clothes, eager to get the day started, but not wanting to feel sloppy and gross after traveling for 24 hours. It’s amazing what a quick rinse, some moisturizer, makeup and a pretty dress will do! I slipped into this denim Sea dress that I bought on sale right before we left and added my favorite Castaner espadrilles. It felt very Belle from Beauty & The Beast, so I couldn’t not get it!     After roaming the property and getting our bearings, we ate an al fresco lunch on the patio of the restaurant. I opted for the chicken, while Thomas got the grilled fish, and we both shared an heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad with delicious olive bread on the side. And of course, no lunch is complete in Provence without some rosé!     The wonderful thing about coming to Provence in June is that it isn’t unbearably hot just yet (a nice mix of 75-85 degree weather) and the days are long. The sun doesn’t set until well after 9, so we didn’t feel rushed on how much we could fit in before sunset. With the afternoon still ahead of us, we looked at our list of towns we wanted to visit and realized that Lacoste was quite near to where we were, so we headed off on our first expedition. We arrived just as the sun was starting to get glowy, lighting up the village, and making it look golden in the afternoon light.     If you walk up to the top of the town, where Château de Lacoste sits, you get an amazing view looking out at the nearby town of Bonnieux and the Luberon Mountains. I could have sat there for hours just staring out. I love seeing all of the different villas and farmhouses out in the distance, wondering who might live there and what their story is. There is also a SCAD school in Lacoste, which is how we heard of the town in the first place. A friend in Charleston that went to SCAD in Savannah studied abroad in Lacoste and said that we had to visit and the views couldn’t be beat. He was right!     After walking through the whole town, we were really starting to feel our jet-lag. By now, we had been awake for more than 30 hours. Every time I blinked, I swear that I would have fallen asleep if I eye closed my eyes for just a millisecond longer. Still, we refused to fall asleep before it got dark because we wanted to get our bodies adjusted to the time. I also wanted to stay up for our first sunset in Provence!     After getting back to the hotel and checking into our room, we got dressed and ready for dinner. The gastronomic restaurant at Bastide de Marie is wonderful! If you get a chance and are in the area (even if you’re not staying at the hotel), head there for dinner. They serve aperitifs and appetizers on the back patio, with candles and bistro lights all around. Once your table is ready, they bring you inside, where the all-glass dining room looks out at the vineyard with the sun setting right behind. It’s the most picturesque spot!     Just before we went to dinner, we headed back to the rose-lined walkway to the vineyard. This was my favorite spot on the property. Roses in all colors and sizes and types were intertwined on the trellis that sits between the winery and the hotel. Perfectly matching my Reformation dress for dinner, we snapped a few shots next to the garden roses, took a moment to smell the Yves Piaget (my favorite rose and THE most incredible smelling one- you could bottle it up and wear as a perfume) and headed to dinner. It was the perfect start to the trip!   The post Bastide De Marie & Lacoste, Provence appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Contributor Series: Market Breakfast Table In France
16-06-2017 09:00:26
Gal Meets Glam
After a week in the countryside of Provence, we met up with our Charleston friends on the coast. While the sun got hotter and the colors brighter, our craving for a market filled morning and full days outdoors didn’t change. My friend Lucy’s family has had a home here for years, and we were lucky enough to be invited down for a few days. It was pure bliss! She’s been coming since childhood, so this is like home to her, and we got a peek into the relaxing abode they’ve created- filled with antique treasures her grandmother collected and special treasures each of the family members have added. Lucy, as our contributor on tablescapes, and I wanted to create something here that has a sense of French ease, using items found around the house and filled with delicious goodies from the market.     From Lucy: We absolutely love having guests come to visit.  We often stay up late into the night chatting after dinner and encourage guests to sleep in as late as they want the next morning.  With guests rising at different times, we’ve found it convenient  to lay out an inviting breakfast table with lots of options so that everybody can help themselves at their leisure.  We always try to set the table the night before, in order to avoid having to wake-up early the next morning to do it.   It’s easy to set a simple, but elegant table with attractive plates, glasses, mugs, colored napkins and cutlery, and then add cereals, jams, and other dry goods the evening prior. Milk, butter, and fresh pastries, fruits and other perishables from the market are added in the morning. At home, we also leave fresh scrambled eggs on the stove, and hold crispy bacon warm in the oven for those who’d prefer a hot breakfast. Guests love waking up to delicious smells with everything ready when they are.     Life in France is very similar, though we seem to live off of pastries and fruit. It’s such a luxury to have bread hot and fresh from the oven, and, of course, croissants and pain au chocolate are always a must! Julia and I were inspired by the French open market, and we thought it would be a nice touch to pick up some fresh flowers — in this case, lavender and peonies which are both in season here — to decorate the table. We think it’s particularly fun in the summertime, whether it’s just for yourself or for guests. There’s usually so much in season, and you often don’t even have to leave your own garden.     Strawberry season just ended here and now the raspberries and melons are ripe and delicious.  We admire how much the French respect eating locally and we’ve tried to do the same during our stay. We’ve also enjoyed picking up some savory quiches to share with late risers who prefer more of a brunch, and we couldn’t resist the fresh raspberry tarts which were quickly devoured.  We like to set-out water and fresh juices in prettier containers and carafes and do the same with the sugar, butter and milk. These little touches dress up a table ever so slightly,  making everyone feel more appreciated and well looked after when they come down a little groggy in the morning.     If you’re wanting to create a similar look at home, try starting with this bordered tablecloth, then add these blue plates, these etched glasses, white linen napkins, and just add some fresh lavender and white peonies!     Outfit Details for those that are going to ask: I’m wearing this white tee, this skirt and these sandals. The post Contributor Series: Market Breakfast Table In France appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
5 Summer Accessories To Buy This Season
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Gal Meets Glam
1 : 1 / 2 : 2 / 3 : 3 / 4 : 4 / 5 : 5   The official start of summer is right around the corner (next week, to be exact!) and it feels as though we are in the thick of it here in France. It’s hot and sunny and beautiful, with huge bougainvillea in all the bright colors popping up everywhere. Since we’ve been on two trips that have essentially required a summer wardrobe (Tulum and France), that’s what my suitcase is filled with. I’ve got wide brim hats to keep the sun off my face on the long days we spend out exploring, silk scarves to add a little French touch to my summer dresses, basket bags and totes to use everyday and also wonderful to have for the market, my favorite espadrilles to get dressed up in the evening and of course, a great pair of sunglasses.     If I’m wearing a pair of sunglasses, they’re usually my Ray Ban Clubmaster or my white cat eye. But before we left on our trip, I picked up a few inexpensive oval sunglasses in fun shades like red and yellow. Similar to the cat eye sunglasses, I love the vintage touch they add to a look- very Jackie O! I found a handful of my favorite styles below… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I love the addition of a silk scarf to a cotton summer dress- either simply draped or tied around the neck. If you’re wanting more ways to wear a scarf, I did this post on 8 different looks to create with them. Below are some pretty silk scarves to get you inspired… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   By now you all must know my obsession with basket bags and totes- wicker, rattan, seagrass, straw– you name it, I have it! From big to small, there’s one to fit just about all of your needs. I love a mini one for a night out look, while a larger one is great for a carry-all, especially here in France where we frequent the market often. Scroll through my selects below to find my favorite ones online right now… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   A big wide-brim hat is an accessory I bring on almost every warm-weather trip. This Cuyana Summer Hat is usually the first one in my bag along with one of my Preston & Olivia hats, usually The Evelyn (they make the most beautiful hats around). I think I’ve worn one or the other almost every single day here in France. Scroll through below to see more of my favorite hats (with many of them on sale now!)… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   A great pair of espadrilles are a must for summer- whether they’re the slip-on kind or something with a wedge, you’ll wear them constantly. I have this Castaner pair that I’ve worn and loved so much, I convinced myself that I also needed this blush pair. I’ve rounded up more great espadrille selects below… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post 5 Summer Accessories To Buy This Season appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Vintage Inspired
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Outfit Details: Saloni Dress (on sale, blue version, red version, black version), Gucci Sunglasses (similar less expensive here), Joie Heels, Gucci Scarf (similar less expensive here)   A few weeks ago we rented a vintage Mustang in Charleston for a shoot we were doing for a brand. We ended up having so much fun with it that we rode around in the car all afternoon and kept shooting this vintage-inspired look. I always love when just a few accessories transform an outfit, like a scarf wrapped around my head and vintage sunglasses, to make the retro-feel come even more to life. There’s an effortless glamour from time’s past that has slowly been forgotten over the years, and although I love jeans and a tee as much as the next girl, a bit of old school elegance is what I really love.     A white summer dress is a must have, especially now that the official start of the season is next week! This white Saloni dress that I’m wearing also went on sale recently over here, along with the other colors it comes in- blue, red, black. The fit is amazing and there is a small cut-out in the back, too. And if you’re looking for a similar less expensive option, this one is under $80 (and has the same button details!).     I’ve worn this scarf with just about every kind of outfit you can imagine ever since picking it up in Florence last fall (a friend we were with got a discount at Gucci, so I scored it half off!). I last wore it in France here, on the blog here and also with this look. I fell in love with the chinoiserie print on it and it’s one of my favorite things I own. This print, this one and this one are also gorgeous and could be worn so many different ways. And I also found this scarf that has a beautiful, similar floral print but is under $40.   The post Vintage Inspired appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Interior Design Contributor Series: Talking Antiques
9-06-2017 09:00:14
Gal Meets Glam
Our friend and interior designer, Olivia Brock is back again and this time she’s discussing Antiques. Antiques are something that I love and will be incorporating in our house. There’s nothing quite like discovering one-of-a-kind finds while in the middle of an antique hunt. But I’m sure that you can agree, as a non-expert on the topic of antiques, the thrill of finding something that initially catches your eye can quickly be replaced by doubt. Is this piece as special as I think it is? Is it worth the price? Is the price negotiable? Does it match my current décor? This time Olivia invited another expert in the field of antiques, John Pope. He’s welcomed us into his shop in Charleston, to take a look around at what he currently has and to discuss some of the many special pieces on display. What we’ve learned so far is that a little bit of knowledge can go a long way, and will be instrumental in fueling our next antique hunt. As with every post we do, we’d love your feedback and questions. We always try to address questions in the comments section whether in a direct answer or as inspiration for future posts!     From Olivia:   “The Past is a Foreign Country,” or so says the title of a textbook that was required reading for my M.S. in Historic Preservation. Well, if the past is a foreign country, then it is certainly one where I fantasize about vacationing, the preparation for which I do by living in Charleston, and surrounding myself with antiques.  “Antique” has become a bit of a dirty word as of late. Our desire for clean lines and convenience has diminished interest in the furniture of the so-called “foreign country.” I am here to say that the past is in fact not a foreign country, but quite accessible, through the furniture and decorative objects that remain.   To tackle this topic with me, I brought along my dear friend, and antiques dealer, John Pope @johnpopeantiques, who’s eponymous shop, John Pope Antiques, is one of the “must visits” on a stroll down Charleston’s famed King Street. The shop is an expression of John’s eclectic taste, which runs the gamut from 18th century mahogany to 20th century faux bamboo – and everything in between. Below, a little “shop talk”.   The greatest interiors have a timeless quality, and there are certain pieces of antique furniture that you will never regret buying.     OMB: There are so many things happening here that I love – gourd vases, an un-lacquered brass light fixture, and a mahogany chest of drawers.   JMP: I love mixing styles and periods in the shop, the same way one might do in a home.   OMB: Despite the age of all these pieces, the scene feels so modern, so fresh.   JMP: Totally – and at over 200+ years old, a piece like this chest of drawers has definitely withstood the test of time. Antiques provide one with a quality of materials and construction that are not easily found in today’s throwaway culture.   OMB: Boom!     OMB: I love a caned chair. Caning is the weaving in the of rattan vine that results in a pattern of circles and diamonds – often used in the seats and backs of chairs.   JMP: It’s a material that retained popularity throughout periods and styles – you can have a Bauhaus caned chair, or early 19th century English chairs like these.   OMB: During a South Carolina summer, a caned chair is a welcome place to sit because of its breathability, and durability, which explains why the technique was so popular in island cultures.   If you fall in love with something while on the hunt, don’t be afraid to use it in a way that wasn’t originally intended. Often the most interesting interiors incorporate items such as these.     OMB: I’m holding a turtle!   JMP: In fact, you’re holding a 19th century French silver dinner bell. Often practical items from the past become unique decorative objects today.   OMB: So when I press his tail …   JMP: No, Olivia, I’m not bringing you dinner.   OMB: I was sort of hoping some oysters would magically appear – looks like you have plenty of plates! I actually would love to arrange these pink pretties on a wall, thus perpetuating the reuse of practical items from the past as decorative objects.     OMB: I think the line between what is for indoors and what is for outdoors has been a bit blurred in the design world lately for the better(!) – I often encourage clients to bring garden elements inside, like you’ve done here. Love that you brought the garden with the elements … aren’t these branches from a tree behind the shop?   JMP: Yes! – they are banana leaves. They have such a modern and architectural quality to them, and they look super chic in the more ornate urn – a common occurrence in a Charleston garden.   OMB: The urn coordinates fabulously with the red faux bamboo pagoda mirror – a fun midcentury piece.   JMP: Completely coincidental that the two reds ended up together. And now that you mention it, the 18th century Roman engravings depict public fountains, which brings us right back to the indoor/outdoor theme in this vignette. Collections of engravings are a great way to add an element of the antique to a room, without breaking the bank.   When it comes to shopping for antiques, you have to keep your eyes peeled for things where you least expect them … even if it’s at the bottom of a bottle of vino.     OMB: Ooooh! The fish!   JMP: Sometimes finding antiques can be a bit of an adventure! On a recent trip to Italy, after too much vino, I stumbled (literally) upon a shop where a woman was selling engravings. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the fish were printed atop 18th century handwritten documents. Needless to say I scooped them up and brought them back to Charleston.   OMB: The word serendipitous comes to mind …     OMB: A piece of antique furniture, like an historic building, offers clues to its story – you just have to look closely.   JMP: Exactly – take for example this Chinese stool, which when flipped over reveals that it was at some point covered in a black lacquer, and has now been stripped of its paint to reveal the raw wood underneath.   OMB: What’s so great about this stool is that I see it as one of the more contemporary pieces in the shop, however, what’s interesting is that so often we are lacquering antiques to make them modern, instead of the reverse. Hello Lacquered Life.   In case you missed Olivia’s previous Interior Design contributor post, you can read it here and don’t skip our Q&A with her from last post. What topics would you love to see covered on future GMG Interior Design series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The post Interior Design Contributor Series: Talking Antiques appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Girl On A Budget: 7 Summer Sandals Under $100
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Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7   I hope you’re enjoying some warm weather by now, and are able to start pulling-out some favorite summer styles to wear, including all of your favorite sandals. Since many of you have shared that you’re searching for comfortable, stylish and versatile sandals, I selected 7 different styles under $100 that are both cute and affordable. Flat sandals look great with maxis, midis or mini dresses, shorts or cropped pants, and are a summer essential for keeping cool and making an outfit relaxed and effortless for the season. Most take up very little space, making it easy to throw a pair in a purse, tote or carry-on to switch into when heels become uncomfortable, sneakers become too warm, or you want to dress down an otherwise more formal look. It also means that you can fit multiple pairs in even the smallest closet, so beware, because you may want one of each! I get a lot of questions about which shoes I recommend for travel during the summer, and I have to say that 80% of the time, I’m wearing sandals. When it’s hot out and I’m walking around all day, the last thing I want to do is have a pair of sneakers on. I brought a few pairs with me to France, including these that are also on sale over here. And if you love the raffia Carrie Forbes sandals I’m always wearing, but want something a little bit more afforadable, this pair is similar but under $90! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Girl On A Budget: 7 Summer Sandals Under $100 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Lilac Season
5-06-2017 09:00:09
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Reformation Dress (also love this blue & white one), Market Backpack, Sezane Flats, Hat from Lily Charleston (similar here)   Bonjour! I’m currently writing this from France, where we arrived last Friday morning. We’ve been fully embracing the Provence lifestyle with daily trips to the market, antique shopping, exploring the hilltop towns, sipping on lots of rosé, and eating way too much bread and cheese. Oh, and the roses. I can’t get enough of them! I’ve been posting our days on Instagram and Instagram stories, so head on over if you want to travel along with us! In the meantime, I’m sharing this post from a few weeks ago when we were in Idaho at our family’s ranch (you might remember last summer when we were there). We were driving to the ranch from the airport with Thomas’s grandma and we kept seeing bushes and bushes of purple everywhere. We asked her what it was and she said it was lilac blooming all around! Of course we got all excited and started plotting a trip to find the biggest tree of them.     It didn’t take us very long to find this monster of a lilac tree- they were everywhere! The colors are so naturally bold and the smell is so fragrant. I had brought along this market backpack that I had found at Out of Hand in Mt. Pleasant and luckily, Terrain has the same one available online. We picked a few bunches of the fresh lilac, filling up the backpack as much as we could and brought them back to the house for the dining room table.     I’ve also been loving everything Reformation has been coming out with this Spring/Summer. So many pretty, lightweight linen dresses. I’m wearing this green and white striped one here, but I also have this white one I wore here, this pink floral one and this neutral linen one I brought with me to France. I also think this blue and white one is so darling and it also comes in a buttery yellow color. They’re the kind of dresses that you’ll want to live in all season long.   The post Lilac Season appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Gingham Mini Dress
2-06-2017 09:00:10
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Express Dress c/o, Yellow Sunglasses, Mansur Gavriel Sandals, Sea & Grass Bag   Sweet, sweet summertime is just around the corner! I can feel it. No really, it’s incredibly hot in Charleston already, so I’ve got my whole summer wardrobe out. We left for France yesterday (arriving today!) and in my suitcase sits this little gingham dress from Express. Is it not the cutest cotton dress for the season? I love the bow details on the shoulders and of course, the pockets. I can see so many picnics and bbqs in its future…     I wanna be sipping on some lemonade in the sunshine in this mini. Did I mention that it also comes in a white denim version, striped chambray version and white eyelet version? I went with the gingham since it feeds my love for vintage vibes, plus it’s on sale for under $40! (fyi- it runs a bit large, I’m wearing an xs for reference). With a little basket bag and a sandal in a fun pop of color, you’re set for any and all summer outings this season.     And if you’re in the mood for some more gingham, these high waisted shorts from Express are also perfect for summer. Pair them with a simple white tee or tank, or a matching gingham shirt like this button back or this one shoulder for a casual, low-key look. They’ve also got the cutest bow around the waist, similar to the ties on the dress.     Thank you to Express for sponsoring this post. The post Gingham Mini Dress appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Cooking Contributor Series: 3 Healthy & Easy Summer Salads
1-06-2017 09:00:22
Gal Meets Glam
Summer calls for breaking old cooking habits with new ingredients and new recipes. Bring out the peaches, cucumbers, lemon, and feta to add a little zest and flavor to your light appetizer or entree. This week on the Contributor Series, Elisabeth is back bringing you all fresh summer salads that will surely fit your summer tastebuds. We can’t wait to invite guests over to our new place and offer these delicious salads. When the temperature gets warmer, it’s nice to have a flavorful dish that is both light and refreshing and doesn’t weigh you down. Last time we shared three delicious dessert ideas back in April, so this time around we wanted to do something a little healthier. Salads are great for a dinner for two and easy to adapt for a large crowd. Plus, there are so many wonderful ingredients only available in the summer. We’ve collaborated with our Cooking Contributor, Elisabeth, to share three salad recipes you can prepare for a delicious lunch or as a perfect dish to share at backyard barbecues during the summer.     Mediterranean Couscous Salad Serves 4-6 A bright and colorful salad that is easy to throw together for a summer party. Fresh summer tomatoes paired with tangy feta will please everyone’s pallet. Everyone loves a juicy, ripe tomato in the summertime and this one is filled with them. It’s also nice to have some couscous on hand to be able to throw this together during the week.    Ingredients Directions 2 cups Israeli Couscous, cooked according to box or package 1 ½ cups cherry tomatoes, halved 1 large cucumber, sliced and quartered 1 cup feta cheese, crumbled 1 cup red onion, roughly chopped or diced Dressing: 2 garlic gloves, minced 1 tsp Italian herbs ½ tsp Dijon mustard ¼ cup red wine vinegar ½ tsp salt ½ tsp pepper ½ cup olive oil To prepare the vinaigrette, whisk together minced garlic, herbs, dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, and salt and pepper. Slowly whisk in olive oil until combined and store in the refrigerator until ready to use. Cook couscous according to box or package. Slice tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion and crumbled feta. In a large bowl, add couscous and all other vegetables and cheese in separate quadrants, then pour vinaigrette over and toss to combine.   Peach and Tomato Caprese Salad Serves 4-6 An exciting twist on a classic Italian dish. The peaches pair perfectly with the tomato, mozzarella and basil, feeling like summer with each bite. You can serve this on a cutting board or cheese board for a fun way to impress your guests while keeping the presentation casual and rustic. Peach season is my favorite, so I’m always looking for more ways to incorporate them.   Ingredients Directions 5-6 peaches5-6 vine tomatoes2 (8oz) packs mozzarella Fresh basil leavesBalsamic Glaze 1. Slice the peaches, tomatoes and mozzarella, and layer onto a dish or plate with basil. Layer on top of each other so each slice is overlapping slightly. Drizzle with Balsamic Glaze before serving.     Farro and Arugula Salad with Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette Serves 4-6 This salad is light, simple, with a burst of flavor from the fresh lemon juice. The perfect salad to pair with grilled chicken on a summer night. It might not look like much, but you’ll be wanting to re-create this dish throughout the season. The farro adds a delicious graininess to the salad and pairs perfectly with a kick from the lemon dijon vinaigrette.    Ingredients: Directions 1½ cups farro, cooked according to package 5 cups arugula ½ cup walnuts 2 tablespoons sugar ¼ cup goat cheeseLemon Dijon Vinaigrette: 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (1 whole lemon) 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard 6 tablespoons olive oil ½ tsp salt ½ tsp pepper Cook farro according to box or bag. To prepare the dressing, whisk together lemon juice, dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Slowly whisk in olive oil until combined. Store in the refrigerator until ready to use. In a saucepan, combine walnuts and sugar. Cook on medium heat until sugar is melting, then toss to combine. Stir until nuts are lightly browned but not burned. Lay on a sheet of parchment paper to cool. To assemble, add the arugula to a large bowl, then add the farro, walnuts and goat cheese. Drizzle Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette dressing on top and toss to combine (you don’t have to use all the dressing).   Which one of these summer salads are you most excited to make? Let us know in the comments section. Also, if you have any favorite recipes of your own (or someone else’s that you love to make), we’d love to hear from you. The post Cooking Contributor Series: 3 Healthy & Easy Summer Salads appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
A Cotton Dress For Summer
31-05-2017 09:00:51
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: LoveShackFancy Dress (similar here under $50), Aquazzura x de Gournay Loafers, Mark Cross Bag   We just got home, but we’re already unpacking and re-packing our suitcases to head off to Europe tomorrow. At the start of the year, we decided to do one big trip back to France this summer since our house would be mid-construction. Plus, we wanted to give ourselves a creative vacation, allowing us to explore and shoot and create somewhere new. Although we’ve been to the Provence region before, we’re excited to head back with fresh eyes, new places to see and friends to meet up with. I’ve got my suitcase all packed up already and this cotton dress is most definitely coming with me…     When I saw that Aquazzura was doing a collection with de Gournay launching exclusively on Matches Fashion, I added the launch date immediately to my calendar. I’ve long been a fan of both brands and their collaborative effort is so incredibly stunning!  I wanted to order every pair, the pumps, the sandals, the lace-up flats and the heels, but I decided that the loafers would get the most wear in my wardrobe. I squealed with excitement when they finally arrived and couldn’t wait to slip them on. Light pink with an intricate stitching of parrots, monkeys, butterflies and botanicals- they are a dream!     This LoveShackFancy dress makes me crave summer. Slightly oversized with the lightest cotton fabric and beautiful blue detailing makes it perfect for hot days and warm nights. It’s already up in the 90s here in Charleston, so I brought it out for a busy day yesterday and already have many more plans for it. There’s also this white version and this one too, that’s also on sale, as well as a blush maxi dress (that I also have- both coming with me on our trip!). And if you’re looking for something a bit more budget friendly, I found this similar style under $50!   The post A Cotton Dress For Summer appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Our Full 5 Day Tulum Travel Guide
30-05-2017 09:00:15
Gal Meets Glam
When we were offered the one of a kind opportunity of dining at noma Tulum with American Express, we knew we couldn’t pass it up. We had heard such great things about Tulum, the incredible beach, the cenotes, the Mayan ruins and most importantly, the food. So we decided to add on a few extra days before the event in order to really experience Tulum. As soon as we arrived, we hit the ground running, more like, we hit the ground bicycling. We cruised up and down the hotel strip along the beach that’s filled with restaurants, shops and hotels that range from luxury clean aesthetics to open aired beach huts and everything in between. Since I’m cramming an entire trip into one blogpost, I’ve document each day with where we stayed, what we ate, the activities we did and what I wore.   DAY 1. Wearing: Free People Top, Joie Pants (old similar here), Cuyana Hat, Mar Y Sol Tote, Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here)   We stayed at Sanara which had come recommended by a friend of ours. We arrived into Tulum around 2pm. I actually had no idea that our flight from Atlanta would be so short (another reason to head back down soon). I guess I’m used to flying to Europe where the flights are so long and you lose hours. The drive from Cancun Airport to Tulum is around 1:45.   Arriving at lunchtime we were quite hungry. We’d avoided airplane snacking in order to hold out for the guacamole at the end of the Mexican rainbow.  After checking into our room, we made our way to have lunch at the restaurant at Sanara, called The Real Coconut. Everything on the menu has some kind of coconut in it and it’s all incredibly healthy and delicious. A great start to our first afternoon and was followed by some sun on the beach and bodysurfing in the warm, blue ocean.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We weren’t too hungry for dinner, so we rode our bicycles to Nomade and had margaritas and mojitos on a beach swing while we watched the sunset. Finally, when it was pitch black, we rode back to our hotel and sat down to make plans for the rest of the trip. When we are on trips, we like to use the first day to get a taste of what the possibilities are. While we could research more about activities and restaurants before arriving to our locations, there’s no substitute for actually being there.     DAY 2. Wearing: Day- J.Crew Swimsuit (worn as top), Miguelina Skirt (old, last seen here, similar here and here), Indego Africa Bag, Cuyana Hat, Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here) Night- Reformation Dress, Jack Rogers Sandals, Preston & Olivia Hat, Kayu Bag   We woke up early for sunrise. Even though we were pretty tired from staying up late working, we always get that excitement of being somewhere new that gets us out of bed at the crack of dawn…   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   After the sun was fully up and the restaurants started trickling open, we got back on our bikes to head to breakfast at RawLove. Thomas and I both went for their bowls- I ordered one with papaya, ginger, turmeric, passionfruit and banana, while Thomas got the classic acai. The star of the show, in my opinion, was the matcha green tea latte with coconut milk! One of the things we liked the most about Tulum, which is hard to say the same thing about when traveling elsewhere, is the large variety of healthier food options. Even if you aren’t a health nut that only eats raw food, you’ll still appreciate not feeling weighed down by every meal.      After doing some exploring around the shops in the area, we hit the beach at our hotel. I’m not very good at relaxing on the beach, although I wish I was. After about 15 minutes of reading, I’m ready to get up and do something. Thomas loves being in the water, so we spent a good hour body surfing, which felt so amazing in the warm water of Tulum. We worked up quite the appetite and ordered some smoothies and guacamole while we dried off.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   For a late(ish) lunch, we headed to Posada Margherita. You might be thinking, ‘Why would you eat Italian food in Mexico?’. We were thinking the same thing when we followed a million recommendations to go here, but we totally get why now. The fresh pasta was incredible and the snapper (which was the catch of the day) was absolutely delicious. Totally worth the break from Mexican food (which is not something we say lightly). The space is also really beautiful and sits looking out at the ocean.     We ended the evening with dinner at Gitano. Originally recommended for drinks, we wound up here after discovering we’d have no chance of getting into Hartwood, everyone’s hands down favorite dinner spot in Tulum (but requires a few hours wait before opening to put your name on reservation list, which we did not do). Gitano turned out to be wonderful. We ordered the full fish with taco sides (fresh tortillas, salsa trio and cabbage) and sides of sweet potatoes and cauliflower in mole sauce. The meal was unforgettable and one that Thomas swears he will try and recreate someday.   DAY 3. Outfit Details: Day- Miguelina Top & Skirt, Bosom Buddy Bag (similar here), Carrie Forbes Sandals, Ray Ban Sunglasses Beach- Karla Coletto Swimsuit, Frame Shorts, Crochet Kimono (old, similar here), Cuyana Hat Night- Rixo London Dress (on sale), Indego Africa Bag   We’ve said it before and we will say it again, the best time to see the most touristy places are as soon as they opened. We woke up early to a few rain showers but decided to hop in a taxi in order to arrive at the Tulum Mayan Ruins right at opening time (8am). Luckily, as soon as we arrived, the rain clouds departed and we had the ruins nearly all to ourselves. In fact, we spent about an hour at the ruins, and when we left, people were coming in by the hundreds via buses. The ruins are definitely an impressive site, every time we visit these ancient cities we can’t help but wonder what life would have been like back then, with a little bit of imagination it’s fun to picture these ruins during the height of the Mayan civilization.     Hungry from our walk around the ruins, we set course for breakfast at Nomade. The decor at Nomade was probably my favorite of any hotel that we wandered onto. I loved the Moroccan vibes with the rugs, low tables and bean bags for sitting in the restaurant. Our breakfast did not disappoint, there’s nothing quite like a fruit platter when visiting somewhere tropical like Mexico.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Having made our way back and forth to Nomade a few times we noticed a drink stand called Matcha Mama. Later that day we slipped into our swimsuits and headed back out for a couple cold Matcha concoctions in order to cool off from the heat and humidity before heading back to the beach for the afternoon.   While enjoying our teas, we asked for lunch recommendations. The lovely woman working there mentioned Casa Violeta as her favorite spot by far. Feeling not too hungry, but unwilling to skip a meal in this culinary wonderland, we took a chance on her recommendation. We walked along the beach to Casa Violeta, not far from Sanara and perched up at the best seat in the house, our own little cabana on the beach. With too many options to choose from, we did what anyone would do, we ordered way too much food. We got chips and guac, ceviche, two orders of fish tacos, quesadillas and margaritas. Let’s just say, this time our eyes were exactly the same size as our stomachs…we polished everything off and wished there was room for more!     Later that evening we got dressed up and grabbed drinks at Be Tulum. We got lucky because they had a fabulous jazz singer performing on the beach at sunset. It was such a peaceful way to end the day. Afterwards we decided to end the night early and order room service instead of going out. Sometimes that’s the best option! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   DAY 4. Wearing: Day- J.Crew Swimsuit, Levi’s Shorts, Preston & Olivia Hat, Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here) Night- Figue Dress (old, similar here and white version on sale here)   We woke up early with plans to do some cenote swimming. After scouting some locations the night before, we asked if the front desk could help us pick between Gran Cenote, Dos Ojos Cenote and Cenote Cristal. After confirming our #1, Cenote Cristal, we jumped in a cab and set off. It was 8:15 when we arrived at Cenote Cristal, the sign read “Abierto” and the opening hour said 8, yet the gate remained locked, with no one in sight. We decided to wait, at around 8:30 we grew discouraged and were ready to head to another cenote on our list. Luckily, our taxi driver jumped on the phone to a friend that informed us that it actually opens at 9, so we waited even more. Just as we were getting ready to call it off, the operators arrived at 9:05 to open the gates. And boy are we glad we waited! The cenote was like an oasis in a desert. Palm trees and tropical plants grew along the water’s edge, with clear blue water. On the opposite end of the cenote was the main attraction, a wooden diving platform. Standing up on the platform you could see clear through to the bottom of the cenote, with fish about the size of a shoe swimming around in small schools. Thomas braved the jump first, starting with a pencil dive, then graduating to flips. I worked up the courage, and went with the crowd-pleasing cannonball, met with 5s and 6s from the judges and a sore butt. (Thomas told me to say that FYI! ha!)   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We ended up spending about an hour and at half at the cenote and only saw one other couple that came for about ten minutes and then a group of guys who showed up just as we were leaving. It was a treat to have the whole place to ourselves that morning (and luckily the mornings are hot enough to want to get in the water!). Afterwards we jumped back in the taxi and we headed back to Raw Love for round two of smoothie bowls and matcha lattes.     After washing off back at Sanara, we spent the rest of the morning/afternoon shopping in the town, which I shared in this post. We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and hung out with the Amex team, eating fish tacos on the beach and getting excited for the upcoming activities we had planned with them.    !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We ended the day with drinks at Casa Jaguar followed by a delicious vegan dinner at Restaurare, where we ate…..more tacos!   DAY 5. Wearing: Day- Zimmermann Dress Night- LoveShackFancy Dress (white version on sale here), Laura Mercier Lipstick in “French Kiss”   Our final full day was the grand finale of what had been an incredible trip so far. In case you missed my Instagram’s and IG Stories, we spent the entire day with the team from noma. noma, in case you don’t know, is a restaurant based in Copenhagen, Denmark, that is consistently ranked in the top 5 in the world. Having won the top spot in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014. Their restaurant in Copenhagen was closed as they prepare to open in an all new space, so it’s chef, René Redzepi, decided to open a 7 week pop-up restaurant in Tulum. What seems like only a 2 month commitment, is actually a lot more than that. They spent over 9 months searching Mexico for the greatest ingredients they could find, sourcing things like wild fruit that’s too rare to be commercially cultivated or mezcal that’s made in such small quantities that it isn’t for sale! They built everything in the restaurant, tables, chairs, utensils, cups, you name it, they thought about it.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   We started off the day with an amazing brunch, which was followed by René sharing the story of noma Tulum. We had read all of the accolades the restaurant had received and spoken with a few people that dined nights before us, but it wasn’t until listening to René that I realized we were in for a real treat. Even if I didn’t like a single dish from the whole day, (which was not the case) it’s so rare to be in the presence of collective expertise that I knew I had to soak up as much as possible.     After the speech, we met at the restaurant for what turned out to be my favorite part of the whole day.  We spent about an hour sampling mezcal and tasting the long list of unique ingredients that noma chefs would be using later that evening. The back stories behind each of the ingredients were fascinating. Naturally, my favorite was the chocolate made only from white cacao beans, which come from a variety of cacao, that produces a very small percentage of white beans. The final course during the dinner was a chile pepper filled with chocolate ice cream made with that special chocolate.   After the ingredient tasting we met for tacos, because you have to have at least one meal with tacos per day in Mexico, and then we had a few hours to chill and relax before our dining experience that evening.    !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Finally, it was time for dinner and apparently, time for the thunderstorm to start. It poured rain but of course, noma had a back up plan. They sat us in the kitchen at the chef’s table. It was the perfect vantage point to enjoy our amazing 15 course dinner. I won’t go into detail of each dish and what we ate, because that could be a whole blog post on its own, but the entire experience was incredible. Actually seeing the chefs prepare and make each dish, with the tedious amounts of effort that go into the smallest of things, it made us sit in awe. It was a true art form. As lovers of Chefs Table, we felt like we were living in a real-life episode (if you’ve seen them, then you know what I mean!).      Sadly the next morning we were packed up and off to the airport. But alas, we already have another Mexico trip in the works….! The post Our Full 5 Day Tulum Travel Guide appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Packing For Provence
29-05-2017 09:00:05
Gal Meets Glam
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14   Thomas and I fell in love with Provence two summers ago when we visited for the first time. It’s remained one of my favorite places I’ve ever traveled. The lavender fields, the hillside towns and villages, the rocky beaches, the charming farmhouses… As much as I love visiting a city, it’s the countryside where I feel the most at home and at ease with life. It always brings back memories from my childhood of growing up on my grandparent’s ranch, where all of the best memories were made. Fishing on the lake, picking berries, the fragrant scents from my grandma’s roses and the setting sun against the old oak trees and vineyard lined roads. Those feelings are some that I treasure the most and hope to pass down to my children some day. There’s a freeness, an ease, a sense of calm and peacefulness when being surrounded by nature. Thomas and I both share this love for the simplicity of the countryside. We can’t wait to return!   In honor of our upcoming trip, I put together a packing list- some of which I have and some of which I wish I had- all inspired by the French countryside. My suitcase is filled with light cottons and linens in an array of neutral shades, and of course, lots of blue and white. And if you’re searching for more French Blue, check out this post I did here. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Packing For Provence appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Summer Beauty: All-Around Humidity Protection
27-05-2017 09:00:54
Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens,  Living Proof Humidity Shield, Ole Henriksen Fountain of Truth Facial Water, R+Co Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray (Wearing this denim dress, last seen here)   Humidity is the beauty-battle we fight during the summer. And after having moved to the South, which is a whole new territory for me, I’ve really had to step up my beauty game to handle the weather woes thrown my way. I’ve had my share of days when I thought I was ready to go, only to step outdoors and seconds later, appear as though I never got ready in the first place! So long perfectly curled hair….or so I thought. Luckily, I found some amazing secret weapons for keeping my hair and skin happy both indoors and out, no matter the weather!   Living Proof Humidity Shield This finishing hairspray is the last step to your hairstyling routine during the summer. After spending time straightening or curling your hair, you don’t want to lose your look to frizz. Quickly spray this over your hair, and the formula will block humidity, reduce frizz, and smooth your hair. The reason I love this hairspray is because it works time after time and does not leave my hair feeling greasy or sticky, as other products have in the past.   R+Co Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray For years I have turned to R+Co to treat my hair (after being introduced to the line by my hairstylist back in SF). This spray is great for eliminating fly-away and controlling those annoying “baby” hairs. It is also a heat-protectant when you use various irons to style your hair. I use this + the Living Proof Humidity Shield when the humidity and weather is not in my favor.   Ole Henriksen Fountain of Truth Facial Water I love the way my skin feels after I use this product. I apply Ole Henriksen after I cleanse my face, and prior to applying moisturizer. It preps the skin for long hours of wearing makeup and gives my face a natural glow. I’ve also used this facial waters at different times of the day when I am in need of a little revival. Keeping my dry skin hydrated, especially in hot weather temps, is key to keeping it happy.    Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens While blotting linens are a must-have all year long, they are especially useful in the summer. Long summer days spent outside in humid weather often result in sweat and excess oil on your skin, which leaves a not-so-charming shine. To get rid of unwanted shine, just pull a blotting linen out of your bag and dab your face once or twice. This is such a quick fix. The blotting linens take the excess oil right off your skin. I’ve found these useful for touch-ups, especially when traveling in hot climates and not having time to head back to our room to freshen up. What’s great about these blotting wipes is that they reduce unnecessary shine without altering your makeup and they’re compact enough to carry around with you everywhere.    If you enjoyed learning about my favorite humidity protection products, sign up for our Summer Beauty Week Giveaway, where one lucky reader and two friends will win a Summer Beauty Basket filled to the brim with products, like these, featured throughout the week! We will announce the winner at the end of the week! To enter, sign up for our suite of newsletters that will make sure you stay on top of all things Gal Meets Glam. Current subscribers are automatically entered to win. The post Summer Beauty: All-Around Humidity Protection appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Summertime Blues
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Gal Meets Glam
On My Nails: essie nail polish in “blue-la-la” c/o (and wearing this blue dress with these blue sunglasses & this blue lace top/skirt)   Oh the summertime blues! There’s so much inspiration found in the soft blue shades of summer – a solid blue sky, calm ocean waters, a crystal clear mountain lake, or a sparkling swimming pool. Blue is one of my favorite colors that I include throughout both my personal style and around my home. No matter the variation, from light and subtle to bold and strong, there’s always a perfect navy, royal, cobalt, periwinkle, denim, blueberry, baby or ice blue shade.     essie’s blue-la-la from the new essie summer 2017 collection is my go-to shade for summer manis and pedis. It’s like wearing a soft puff of sky on your nails. So serene and simple, whether relaxing at the beach, sightseeing abroad, or dressing-up for an evening summer wedding. Not too bold, but always inspiring, blue hues are the cool choice for the perfect pop of color to compliment your summer style.      Inspired by the shade of essie’s “blue-la-la” nail color, I looked to my surroundings to play off the color. From the ombré blues of the happy hydrangeas to the pastel doors of Charleston to the crisp blue hues of the pool, I found a little bit of it everywhere I went. Color makes me happy and I hope it can inspire you to look at your surroundings in a new way this summer. And maybe start with something as simple as the color on your nails…     Thank you to essie for sponsoring this post. The post Summertime Blues appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Fresh Summer Makeup With My Favorite 5 Products
24-05-2017 09:00:00
Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in “Tulip”, Laura Mercier ‘Mosaic’ Shimmer Bloc “Golden Mosaic”, Bobbi Brown Cheek Glow Palette in “Pearl”, Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Stick, Clé de Peau Beauté UV protective cream tinted spf 50+ (& I’m wearing this Top & Pant Set with this Cuyana Hat)   Every season I make a few tweaks to my beauty regime, with both skincare and makeup. With the heat and humidity getting stronger by the day, it only felt natural to hit refresh on my daily beauty products. Unlike in the past when I ended up covering my skin in powder or too heavy makeup, I’m focused on letting my skin breathe, even with makeup on. I’m striving for that perfect barely-there, dewy glow and I think I’ve found the makeup products to get it just right. You may notice I like to stick to my tried and true brands like Fresh, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Clé de Peau, while taking the opportunity to select new fresh summertime colors.     Let’s start with one of my newest obsessions, Bobbi Brown Cheek Glow Palette in “Pearl”. This might be the most perfect combo for a rosy-cheek glow. This creamy combo glides on the skin so smooth, adding just the right amount of color to the apples of my cheeks and a hint of illuminator on my cheek bones.     No shocker here that I have one of Fresh’s Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments on my list, but this time around it’s the Tulip shade. This one has a bit more pigment than my everyday “Rose” one, with a slightly brighter pink color to it. I’ve said it before, but I always have one of these on me- they even look great with completely bare skin. I swear that a little color on the lips goes a long way. All of my friends and family are now just as addicted as I am!     Last week I talked about my love for Clé de Peau Beauté tinted cream with SPF. It’s a trifecta made up of a concealer, moisturizer and spf, all in one, with added age-defying benefits, too! This is my first step in the makeup routine and I just add a tiny bit all over my skin, or in certain areas where I want a little bit of coverage.     I use just a tiny amount of Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Stick to my nose, chin and forehead to limit any shininess that comes with the territory of living somewhere hot. This stuff is great because it lasts all day long and is incredibly moisturizing and smooth, so it keeps the dewy look of the skin that we want.     The last and final product is Laura Mercier ‘Mosaic’ Shimmer Bloc “Golden Mosaic”. This gives the ultimate sun-kissed gleam to the face, blending in golden shades to make it look like you spent a few hours at the beach and walked away with the perfect tan. I lightly dust on my forehead, cheeks and chin to give an all-over glow.     Often in the past, I would use too much makeup when trying to create a no-makeup makeup look. Seems like it should be pretty simple right? But it’s all about getting the products right, and with just a few, you should be able to get the minimal look that’s much easier said than done. The key is to not focus too much on covering everything. We all have impurities in our skin, but we’re the only ones picking them apart. I never notice the things my girlfriends say they dislike about their skin, and vice versa. Once you can get over that it’s not about being “perfect” or creating a flawless complexion, you’ll start to notice how beautiful you are with what you naturally have. The post Fresh Summer Makeup With My Favorite 5 Products appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
7 Products For Glowing Summer Skin
23-05-2017 09:00:35
Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Supergoop Sunscreen Mousse, Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, Fresh Rose Cleansing Foam, Ole Henricksen Truth On The Glow Cleansing Cloths, Sunday Riley CEO Moisturizer, Farmacy Honey Potion (Wearing this top & these shorts)   During the summer, the best skincare products are those that moisturize, conceal, and illuminate. Not to mention, skincare products that won’t melt right off like the ice cream cone you’re holding in the heat. And an added perk is when UV protection is included in those products. With all of this in mind, I’ve rounded up my summer go-to products and methods to share the best skincare goods on the market this summer. Clean, fresh out of the shower skin is one of the best feelings, so that’s where we’re starting today, straight out of the shower with bare skin and damp hair…     After I cleanse my face in the morning and at night, the next step my beauty routine calls for is applying moisturizer. I switch moisturizers every few months, but one brand I continually go back to is Sunday Riley. Their CEO Moisturizer is perfect for all skin types and keeps your skin dewy, hydrated and glowing throughout the day. I have dry skin and this works wonders on keeping it moisturized.      Often times when I am traveling, when I need a little pick-me-up or need to cleanse my face, I carry a small package of cleansing cloths in my purse. When I’m on-the-go, it is hard to find the time to cleanse my face with a foam or liquid cleanser, so I turn to cleansing cloths. Ole Henriksen Truth On The Glow Cleansing Cloths are one of my favorites (I’m also a big fan of their Truth Serum). This is a product I always like to have in my purse, because even mid-day I can use one to refresh. The citrus smell wakes me up after a long plane ride or day of traveling. The buildup of makeup even after only a couple of hours can have negative effects on the complexion, so it’s important to always have a cleanser on-hand.     Often times I use a mousse or a lotion for protecting my body from the sun, but when it comes to applying sunscreen to my lips and face, I prefer a stick with no-smear results and complete coverage. The Fresh brand is no stranger to GMG. I’m hooked on their sugar tinted lip treatment w spf, so when I saw their Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment when I was browsing beauty products, I knew I had to try it out. It goes on clear, and is great for quick applications throughout the day if you notice a particular area is starting to get a little more sun than other areas, such as the cheeks or nose. Thomas kept this on him at all times in Tulum and would whip it out immediately anytime he saw my face getting a little red.     The last thing you want to do when it is hot outside is apply sticky sunscreen. I’ve always sought sunscreen that will dry just as quickly and easily as the time it takes to apply. That’s the reason I love using the Supergoop Sunscreen Mousse. It dries quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft. Compared to a spray, which can easily miss spots or a lotion, which is more difficult to spread, this mousse is the happy medium and the easiest to use sunscreen. After my mom and I got bad burns last summer in Hawaii using a not-so-great sunscreen, we switched it up mid-trip using Supergoop and it saved our skin. We’re both big fans to say the least.     As I mentioned in this post, daily moisturizing leads to healthy and wrinkle-free skin. While maintaining a moisturized complexion is an essential skincare habit, cleansing your face every night after wearing makeup for many hours throughout the day is equally important. That’s why I look for products that can both cleanse and leave my skin moisturized. The Fresh Rose Cleansing Foam, amongst a host of Fresh products that I have entrusted my skin to over the years, is one of my favorites. You’ll look forward to cleansing your face with this foam and love the fresh fragrance of rosewater it leaves behind.     Aging and sun damage results in larger pores, but luckily there are certain products prepared to firm skin and thus make pores less noticeable. Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir has been a favorite of mine for years and has proven to tighten my skin. Caudalie has incredible products that always provide wonderful results. I spray the elixir onto my face after I apply my moisturizer and makeup to set my makeup for the day.     I love to treat my skin to a hydration mask a couple days a week. While this honey potion mask by Farmacy comes in an adorable little jar, it has a big impact on the skin. This is a new brand that I recently discovered and I’ve been really loving their products, especially this mask (and I’m all about a good mask a few times a week!). The warm feeling soothes your skin as you massage the honey potion on your face and you’ll notice a difference in your skin after only using this product two or three times!     If you apply these products, or similar ones, to your daily beauty routine, you will feel and see the results for healthier skin (as I did). Keep in mind the ‘why’ behind the products, instead of concentrating on the ‘what’. You may find better products for your specific skin type, but the impact of cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating, and protecting your skin is important and universal for all skin types. If you know you want the results cleansers and moisturizers provide, the first thing to do is analyze your beauty routine. The hardest part is altering your routine. Habits can only be changed by changing the routine. When I arrive home, the first thing I do is remove my makeup. My cue for cleansing my face is stepping back through my front door. At what point do you wash your face every night? If it’s normally a last-minute thought before you go to sleep (and therefore doesn’t happen regularly), try switching it up by making it the first thing you do when you get home and are still energized. By becoming more self-aware, we can improve our beauty regimen and take the best care of our skin for a long-lasting healthy complexion.   If you enjoyed learning about my favorite summer skincare products, sign up for our Summer Beauty Week Giveaway, where one lucky reader and two friends will win a Summer Beauty Basket filled to the brim with products, like these, featured throughout the week. We will announce the winner at the end of the week! To enter, sign up for our suite of newsletters that will make sure you stay on top of all things Gal Meets Glam. Current subscribers are automatically entered to win. The post 7 Products For Glowing Summer Skin appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Summer Hair Care
22-05-2017 09:00:52
Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral   Though it’s not officially summer yet, it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about ways to refresh our beauty routines to adapt to changes in the season. And while many, myself included, focus on how to keep their skin looking healthy and glowing, not everyone remembers the importance of taking care of their hair as well. I’ve always been one to wash and air-dry my hair as often as possible, especially in the warm-weather months, believing that the less additional heat I use, the less dry and damaged my hair will be. But now that we live in the South, there’s a whole new set of haircare obstacles to overcome, including added humidity and heat, which I’ve found creates annoying, unwanted frizz and dryness. After exploring different options, I came upon the realization that I really needed to switch-up my basic daily hair routine to add more moisture. But this left me worried about ending up with strands too slick to hold a curl or style.     I decided to revisit some past favorite haircare products and found the Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral to really stand-out. This hair Masque left my hair comfortably soft, while not stripping away shine, or leaving my hair feeling too fine, which can really get in the way when I want to wear my very heavy, straight hair in an updo. I’ve been using it now once a week and must say that, between heat styling, spending time outdoors and in the pool and ocean, I’m really impressed by the way the Masque seals in the perfect balance of added nutrients and moisture to help prevent dryness without weighing my hair down. So now I can create sleek low ponies, twisted knots or braids without fly-aways and without having to worry whether my style will hold all day. An added plus is that I’ve noticed that my hair still looks great, whether curled or air-dried straight, after wearing one of my favorite hats all day. Really, no flattening, matting or static. Loving these new summertime beauty routines!     Thank you to Kérastase for sponsoring this post. The post Summer Hair Care appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
When the sunshine calls…
20-05-2017 09:00:54
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: La Vie Dress, Mansur Gavriel Loafers(similar here under $100), Doen Basket Bag   When the sunshine calls, a beautiful dress is in order. I’ve talked about how Rebecca Taylor’s Spring/Summer collection has been one of my favorite to date, and this dress just proves it again (remember this blue and white one I wore here, too?) With summer just around the corner, I can’t wait to pull these out for all of our upcoming travels- Idaho, California, France, Nantucket, the Hamptons… An effortless dress is always my secret weapon for easy travel style.     Over the years, as I’ve really figured out my own style, I’ve realized that while I like to be dressed up, I want my style to feel relaxed as well. What I wear here on the blog is what I wear in real life. I’m not dressing up for photos or putting together elaborate looks. I’m also never being told what to wear or how to style something. This is 100% me and what I love. And I’ve always loved dresses, ever since I was a little girl. I’ve also always been a bit of a dreamer, constantly letting an outfit take me to another place. That’s one of the reasons why I love fashion so much, it can transport you. Even if you’re not heading anywhere. A dress like this or this can can make you feel as though you’re somewhere new.     And if you are heading on any travels, I have you covered! Some of the best pieces for summer are coming out right now, like this off the shoulder dress or this denim mini dress (that I wore here). I’ve been prepping for our summer travels with Nordstrom’s ultimate Vacation Destination. They’ve rounded everything up by trip type and destination, making it easy to shop and narrow down what you’re looking for.     Also, PSA: the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is launching next week on the 24th- mark your calendars! It means they’ll have 40% off select styles until June 4th (plus free shipping & free returns!), so keep your eyes peeled on some of your favorite styles you’ve been thinking about. I like to fill my cart up and wait to see if any of picks go on sale, that way I’m ready to go if they are. And stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing my favorites from the sale for you guys!     Thank you to Nordstrom & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post When the sunshine calls… appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Healthy Skincare For The Beach
19-05-2017 09:00:18
Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Clé de Peau Beauté UV protective cream tinted spf 50+, Clé de Peau Beauté protective emulsion for body spf 50+, Clé de Peau Beauté protective emulsion for body SPF 30, Clé de Peau Beauté protective emulsion broad spectrum spf 22   As much as I love the sun and a sun-kissed glow, I also care about my skin. I care about the health of it, its longevity and protecting it from harmful uv rays. I wasn’t always great about wearing sunscreen. I used to care more about having a tan than what would happen to my skin years down the road. But now that I’m much more aware of all the preventative measures I can take to not only keep my skin looking fresh, but also free of things like brown spots and skin cancer, I go out of my way to always apply sunscreen and carry a hat with me whenever I’m on the beach.     I’ve used Clé de Peau Beauté for years. Their protective fortifying emulsion spf 22 is one of my favorite moisturizers. I love their products because they work on more than just the surface level of my skin. Not only does it make my skin feel soft but their products have a focus on anti-aging, reducing damage caused by environmental stress and they always include spf to protect. After all, their name does mean “Key To Skin”. That’s also why I love their sunscreen and uv protected tinted cream– they go beyond just ‘suncare’ and focuses on skincare, too.     A tinted moisturizer is one of my favorite beauty products. I love it in the warmer months because it’s the only makeup I’ll wear on my face. I’ve been using Clé de Peau Beauté UV protective cream tinted spf 50+ as part of my daily beauty routine, and especially when we were in Tulum. It’s so much more than just a sunscreen- it’s filled with anti-aging, moisturizing and retexturing benefits, all while providing just the right amount of coverage to give the skin a healthy glow. With thick humidity there (and back home), I really don’t want anything heavy on my face- I want to feel as though there’s nothing there and I don’t have to worry about touching up or looking like my makeup is melting off.     In addition to the tinted SPF cream I use on my face, I also lather my whole body in Clé de Peau Beauté UV protective emulsion for body spf 50+. This sunscreen is so light and feels incredible on the skin, hydrating it while protecting at the same time. It’s also water resistant (up to 80 minutes). And there’s also this spf 30 that’s a great alternative for everyday.   Remember that sun protection isn’t just for when you are at the beach or by the pool. Make sure to guard your skin against the sun by incorporating these products into your daily beauty routine. Thank you to Clé de Peau Beauté for sponsoring this post. The post Healthy Skincare For The Beach appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
MDS Stripes
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Madewell Tee, MDS Stripes Skirt (dress version here and here), Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here and here), Sea & Grass Bag, CH Carolina Herrera Scarf, Ray Ban Sunglasses   Stripes are forever. Am I right? It goes without saying that they’re a closet staple for many of us. I can’t count how many times I’ve reached for a simple striped tee when I want something easy and casual to wear. And nobody does stripes better than Mark D. Sikes and his line, MDS Stripes. Born from his love of blue and white stripes, each piece celebrates the classic stripe and all of its variety. Last year I bought this blue and white maxi skirt from the line and this season, I went with this bright and bold version.     Back when we were visiting Amelia Island, I brought this playful piece along with me. Something about the simplicity of the beach with the bright colors of the skirt really had me excited. Instead of dressing it up with a wrap top or silk cami, I kept the look effortless with a white tee. Sometimes I forget how great something as simple as a white tee can be when paired with the right things.     This maxi skirt also comes in a maxi dress version here and a mini dress version here. And if you’re wanting more stripes in your life (because who doesn’t?!), this dress, this dress and this top are all amazing (and perfect for the upcoming summer months!).   The post MDS Stripes appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Shopping In Tulum
17-05-2017 09:00:35
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Reformation Dress, Carrie Forbes Sandals (old, similar here and here), Kayu Bag, Mapache by James Hat   Last Wednesday we flew to Mexico for a trip with American Express. We were down there for an incredible event with Noma that happened on Saturday and Sunday. Since we’d never been to Tulum before, we decided to fly down a few days earlier to get to experience more of the town. I’ve only ever heard wonderful things about Tulum and was excited to finally get the chance to visit. And I have to say, I finally understand why this is such favorite getaway for so many. Between the bright blue water, fantastic food, laid back atmosphere, cool hotels and abundance of activities from visiting Myan ruins, cenotes, fishing and amazing spas, it has a little bit of something for everyone. I’ll get into a lot more detail on where we stayed, ate and what we did, but before that, I’m jumping forward to one of my favorite days. While most people stay on the Tulum beach strip (where a majority of the hotels are), the actual town of Tulum is just a few minutes away. Pretty much everyone gets around by walking or bike, but there’s also plenty of taxis if you want a quicker route (or you don’t want to be drenched in sweat upon arrival at your destination).     Tulum city is a great way to spend a few hours, especially if you need an excuse to put something on other than a swimsuit. There’s one main stretch of shopping and restaurants that are pretty hard to miss. Everything is bright and colorful and each store seems small at first, but keeps going and going with more undiscovered treasures to be found. When we travel, walking into shops like these is one of our favorite things to do. While we mostly expect to find tourist junk, we make it a challenge to try and find special pieces. Something that really caught my eye was all of the great blue and white pottery. I thought about bringing a few of these tiles back with us as samples for our home but decided against it as sourcing more of the tiles might pose a problem, but I did bring back a few dishes and trays!     I wore this white linen Reformation dress that’s honestly the most wonderful piece for beating the summer heat. It was hot in Tulum, and not just that, there was almost 100% humidity. With that kind of heat, I decided to leave my makeup in my suitcase and let my hair do it’s own thing (or twist it up in a bun/braid it to keep it off my back). Along with that, I was so glad I brought a few linen dresses and tops with me as they’re so breathable and light for high temps. I can’t get enough of this one with it’s button down front and slightly off the shoulder top. I’m definitely planning on wearing it all throughout the end of spring and into summer, especially with our upcoming trip to France. Reformation also has a few other white linen dresses like this one, this one and this one that you’ll want to live in, too.     In Tulum, there are hammocks everywhere and most of the hotels have them all over their properties. Thomas and I decided it was the perfect place to pick one up for our backyard since we were on the hunt for a hammock. Now that we own a home, we are trying to accumulate mementos from our travels that we can incorporate into our decor. We think it’s so special to find things that we care about or that have unique value because they remind us of fond memories and all of the amazing places we’ve had the opportunity to visit. Sadly we ended up being so overwhelmed with the options that we left empty handed, but we did spend a good while searching through so many. Luckily we have some time before we’ll use it, so maybe on our next trip we can find the perfect one.     The one downside about being in town in the middle of the afternoon was there was no ocean breeze, aka it was hot! (Maybe you saw the IG Story of T sweating). The upside of being in town was that we walked past this delicious ice cream spot. I got a scoop of mango and a scoop of papaya, which was so incredibly delicious and refreshing. There’s nothing like a good ice cream cone on a hot day!     Contemplating between lunch in town or on the beach, we decided that the ocean was calling our name, so we took a taxi to have lunch at Nomade. It ended up being a great choice as there was a refreshing breeze and our friends happened to be sitting down for lunch at the same time, so we joined them and ordered lots and lots of fish tacos and chips and guac, which was pretty much what we ordered every day for lunch! The post Shopping In Tulum appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
My Three Favorite Swimwear Brands
16-05-2017 09:00:58
Gal Meets Glam
With Summer just around the corner and having spent a few days at the beach, I’ve been pulling out all of my favorite swimwear for the season. And it got me thinking how most of my swimsuits are from the same three brands. After years of trying different styles, from bikinis to one pieces to high waisted and more, I’ve finally figured out what works for me, what I feel comfortable in and what I think flatters my figure.   The White One PieceA white one piece is one of my most worn swimsuits. I have this Karla Colletto one that I last wore in Mexico (but seen here in Hawaii last year). Click through below to see more white one piece suits for summer… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Solid & Striped has quickly become one of my go-to brands for swimwear after buying this hot pink one piece a few years ago. Since then, I’ve added this high waisted gingham swimsuit (seen here) along with this pink and blue striped one piece (seen here) to my collection. They have a pretty big variety of colors and styles that their striped swimsuits come in, with some of my favorite picks below… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Marysia Swim is also a favorite of mine for both swimsuits and chic beachwear. Known for her scalloped edge suits, she focuses on a fantastic fit with one of the most comfortable swimsuit fabrics I’ve worn. I have a handful of her suits in a range of colors, from blush to white to yellow and blue. One of my favorite styles is this one shoulder bikini in white along with this maillot that I’m wearing from this post.   !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Mara Hoffman is another swim brand favorite of mine. Last summer I bought a mix-printed one piece (above and last seen here) and bought this high waisted two piece (seen below) at the beginning of this year (last seen here). I also love this checkered one piece along with this floral print one.   High Waisted SwimsuitThe high waisted swimsuit is my personal favorite style. The retro fit and flattering shape make it the one I gravitate towards the most. I’m wearing this Mara Hoffman one here, but included more of my top picks below… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post My Three Favorite Swimwear Brands appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Light Spring Sleepwear
15-05-2017 09:00:42
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Natori Sleepshirt, Natori Robe, Natori Bralette c/o Bloomingdale’s   Good sleepwear is my second love next to dresses. At the end of a long day, after I take a shower, I love slipping into something that feels good. In the cooler months, it’s one of my lighter pajama sets and in the warmer months, it’s something light, cotton and airy. Last Wednesday we came out here to Tulum (where we are right now!), but before we left, I picked up some new pajamas as I knew it was going to be hot. And boy was I right. With almost 100% humidity, you don’t want anything heavy or that clings to your skin.     Natori has always been one of my favorite brands for pajamas. I have this blush pajama set that I’ve worn so many times that I should probably retire them soon. But recently I found this dreamy sleepshirt at Bloomingdale’s that’s made of the lightest cotton and has the prettiest embroidery on it. It fits a little oversized, leaving room to breathe. It’s the kind of piece that I’ll end up changing into the minute I get home on a hot day to relax and unwind.     I also pretty much exclusively wear lace bralettes. I don’t like anything with padding or underwire and this is the most comfortable one I’ve found. I have it in a few neutral colors, but couldn’t resist this sweet yellow shade for summer. Bloomingdale’s has so many great styles of intimates right now, you can shop more styles over here.     I also slip into one of my robes almost just as often as I wear my comfy pajamas. Sometimes it’s the first thing I grab as I’m getting out of the shower, or it’s what I lounge around the house in as I’m getting ready or I’ll even tie it over a pair of pjs for some extra coverage in the morning. I’ve been reaching for this short Natori robe while we’ve been here, as it’s the perfect thing to wear after I rinse off from a day at the beach.   Thank you to Bloomingdale’s & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post Light Spring Sleepwear appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Jasmine Season
10-05-2017 09:00:14
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Needle & Thread Dress (more sizes here, maxi version here & top version here), Isa Tapia Sandals, Sea & Grass Bag   Watching Charleston come into bloom this Spring has been such a treat. Living somewhere that’s pretty much always warm and always has something blossoming makes me want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Our friends live over by Hampton Park, which has new flowers and colors changing month to month. Last time it was azaleas, the time before that was camellias and this time it was jasmine. The jasmine has been blooming all over the city, bringing the most fragrant sweet scent with it. We have it lining the fence in front of our house and all over our backyard.     Now that it’s almost mid-May, wedding season is in full swing. I’ve been getting lots of requests for wedding guest dresses and one of my most favorite brands for occasion dresses is Needle & Thread. Last year I bought this blush embellished dress and this year I couldn’t pass on this dusty blue one. And unlike the embellished dresses that they’re known for, this one is much lighter and less dressy with it’s embroidered and mesh detailing. This one also comes in a beautiful maxi version here and a top version here that pairs with this tulle skirt. Also, my girlfriend Lucy is wearing this white maxi dress.     For more wedding guest dress inspo (and for you brides, too), BHLDN has always been one of my favorite sites. They actually have a whole selection of ‘party dresses‘, so even if you’re not looking for a wedding, it still makes a great destination for pretty dresses. They also have a great selection of Needle & Thread dresses, so exclusive to the site, like this blush dream of a dress, this green one, this pink maxi one and this whimsical rainbow one.   The post Jasmine Season appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Travel Series: Top Trip Booking Tips
9-05-2017 09:00:49
Gal Meets Glam
Now that you’ve found your trip inspiration and sketched out the perfect itinerary for a wonderful vacation, it’s time to lock it down. It takes a lot of work to go from travel idea to flights booked, accommodations arranged, ground transportation organized, restaurants reserved and activities confirmed. Here are our top tips for finalizing your travel plans…   Book hotels first Unless you are booking many, many months in advance, it’s not always easy to book the exact trip you planned. Sometimes things aren’t available or they fall out of budget. As soon as we confirm that all of our accommodations are available on desired dates, we book all hotels in one sitting before booking anything else. After that we book travel, and then everything else. Book online for speed but don’t be afraid to call We try to book as much online as possible, but because we often book pretty late, we sometimes have to call or email to check on availability (if we plan something more than two months in advance we are way ahead.) When we find somewhere that’s so amazing that we have to stay there, it can be hard to find out online that they don’t have rooms available for our desired dates. Calling and offering to be flexible can often mean the difference between getting into our number 1 choice versus having to settle for second best. It’s not uncommon for us to even offer to change rooms when staying for longer periods of time. While you have them on the phone, another thing you can try is negotiating for extra benefits at the hotel during your stay. A complimentary breakfast or a spa voucher isn’t out of the question. Think about it – by calling and offering to be flexible you are helping them fill room inventory that might otherwise have been difficult to fill. More importantly, you are booking directly with them which means they don’t have to pay a commission (often 20%) to companies like or Everyone loves to save a dollar when possible, so here are some of our favorite tips to save some money when booking: Travel dates and times can impact costs significantly Tuesdays and Wednesdays are traditionally the least expensive days to fly. We’ve also found that flights before 8am are typically less expensive too. An added bonus is that you’ll have less of a chance of a flight delay due to a late arriving plane. That’s because these early flights are the first of the day, meaning the plane most likely spent the night at your departure location.   Compare all in costs rather than advertised prices Staying at hotels can be luxurious but you definitely end up paying a premium. After you factor in hotel taxes, overpriced meals at the hotel and tips for hotel staff, you’ll be paying way over the list price. More and more often we are finding ourselves staying in airbnb’s and b&b’s as we find the experience to save us money and offer a more unique trip.   When we first started traveling frequently we would book the cheapest flight that we could find on booking sites like Kayak. Now airlines use the cheapest rate as a marketing tool to get you onto their site, while they nickel and dime you for baggage, more legroom, priority boarding, meals and so many more items. You should even consider travel costs to and from the airport. Loyalty has it’s benefits After a while we found we were flying the same 1 or 2 airlines all of the time so we decided to commit to Delta by getting a Delta Credit Card. The minimum benefits for airline credit cards often make up the difference in price, most typically include a free bag per person on the booking ($100 roundtrip value on Delta for the two of us) and earlier boarding. At the highest level of benefits you can get free upgrades to premium economy and first class, as well as free lounge access (which we use a lot when traveling).   When considering making yourself loyal to an airline, think about where you will be flying from and to most often. Big city dwellers like those in NYC and LA have a bunch of options, while others should have a pretty clear choice. We picked Delta because it’s one of the biggest airlines in the world and it’s the biggest in Charleston, so we knew we’d be flying it often.   Outside of airline credit cards, the list of rewards programs in travel are endless. At a minimum you should signup for free mileage plans with airlines. Even if you don’t fly often you might earn enough miles to upgrade a seat every once in awhile. If you do want to explore a travel card but can’t commit to any single airline, American Express Platinum is a great card for travelers which offers access to lounges, amazing perks at Fine Hotels & Resorts and 5X points on travel and a lot more. ITA Matrix is great One of our favorite booking tools is ITA Matrix. While you can’t book directly through ITA Matrix (you have to then find the same flights on the airline’s website), it’s a great visual tool with lots of filter options. It’s especially useful when planning multi-city flights.   Non US traveling is a whole other beast When traveling to and from Europe or in Europe, be wary of the potential for strikes. Europeans are famous for going on strike. One week it’s pilots, another week it’s train conductors, the next week it’s air traffic controllers and then there’s always the question mark of how “legal” Uber is any particular city. There are certain things you can’t avoid but when flying between Europe, we will book a flight on a U.S. airline, if possible.   We’ve found American Express Travel to be extremely helpful for booking rental cars, especially in Europe because you can specify automatic transmission. We used it pretty much on every trip (Ireland, Iceland, Hawaii, Europe and more).   Europe has an amazing network of trains so when traveling in Europe make sure to consider this awesome way to get around. Three of our favorite things about train travel are: train stations are normally found in city centers compared to airports which are much further away, no cost for luggage, and you can show up 10-15 minutes before a departing train compared to 1-2 hours before a flight. If you are new to booking trains, checkout (formerly Captain Train) it’s what we use every time to book trains in Europe.   So that’s it, these are all of our booking secrets. Now that you have your trip all confirmed you should be all set for a little while. The next step is to start thinking about what and how you are going to pack? Tune in next time for the next article in the travel series. The post Travel Series: Top Trip Booking Tips appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Eyelet Set
8-03-2017 09:00:04
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Carven Cardigan (last seen here and here, similar here), J.Crew Top (last seen here) & Skirt (last seen here), Castaner Espadrilles (last seen here), Doen Bag (last seen here)   Earlier last month J.Crew launched their new party collection and it was so good that many of the pieces sold out within days (I mean, how fun is this tulle skirt?!). I snagged up this light blue eyelet top and skirt combo that I’ve been re-wearing all sorts of ways since it arrived on my doorstep (like here and here). It also comes in a white and navy version that would look really great mixed together (paired with this striped sweater, perhaps?). I also ordered this pink off the shoulder seersucker dress, but am patiently waiting for it to come as it was backordered almost immediately.     A few more of my favorites from the collection include this blush eyelet midi dress, this gingham maxi dress and this floral ruffle-hem dress. J.Crew’s definitely making sure that everyone is stocked up for spring parties, weddings and events. ASOS also recently launched their new Salon pieces for this season and they’ll definitely want to make you have a reason to go out! My two favorites are this pink and green floral one and this colorful lace midi dress.     This Doen bag was the best $38 I’ve ever spent. It’s my newest addition to my basket/raffia bag obsession. I’ve found a handful of other ones online, like this J.McLaughlin one, this pink clutch one and this round one. And even some of my favorite designers have come out with their own versions like this Mark Cross one (that I’ve been lusting after since last spring), this rainbow Edie Parker one and this Prada wicker tote.   The post Eyelet Set appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Ultimate 48 Hour Charleston Itinerary
7-03-2017 09:00:04
Gal Meets Glam
Our FULL Charleston Itinerary is finally live! Be sure to check it out over here (right under the ‘Travel’ section in the nav bar) and browse through all of the content- restaurants, activities and places to stay. Each one is broken up into categories. Best food & drink has coffee shops, breakfast, lunch, cocktails, dinner and sweet treats. Things to do in Charleston has outdoor activities, tours, indoor activities, shops to visit and day trips. Hotels are broken up into small & intimate vs larger hotel options. Additionally, we’ve linked to more Charleston posts that we’ve done over the past few months of living here and will continue to add as we explore and try more things!   Heading somewhere new can always be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re limited on time. We’ve taken some of our favorite bits from the guide, narrowed it down and made this ultimate 48 hour Charleston Itinerary. It has you covered for every meal (because let’s be real, most of us plan our weekend getaways around the best restaurants!) and things to do, along with a recommendation for a new favorite Charleston gem to stay at. And if you’re here for a few additional days or recommendations, just check our full guide for more!     Friday 86 Cannon is a brand-new, beautiful Charleston Inn that’s actually a restored home from the 1860s. It’s an intimate space, with only five rooms, so it’ll feel like your own private escape in the city. You may have arrived just before check-in, but don’t fret! After traveling to Charleston, you are probably hungry for a bite to eat. A couple blocks down from 86 Cannon, Xiao Bao Biscuit awaits your arrival. This is one of our favorite restaurants downtown because of its unique menu options that leave you more than satisfied. Try up to four of their dishes if you are splitting between two, or more if you have a larger party. We recommend their Cabbage pancake and suggest you order all of the toppings for it.     After lunch, there are a couple of little shops you can pop into before heading back to the hotel. Take the time to check out these shops in the lovely Cannonborough/ Elliotborough neighborhood that you will be staying in for the weekend. Just down the street, there is an adorable little card shop, Mac + Murphy, where you’ll find all of the Charleston postcards you can imagine. A couple doors down from Mac + Murphy is Sugar Bakeshop. There is nothing better to jump-start your trip than a touch of sugar from their wonderful cupcakes.     After you get back to 86 Cannon and explore the beautiful house you will dwell in for the next few days, you might want to refresh and relax before jumping into all the activities Charleston has to offer. Take a break on 86 Cannon’s beautiful porch and gear up for your night ahead!     The Darling Oyster Bar is the perfect location for cocktails. We love sitting at the Raw Bar and drinking their Paloma cocktails or a glass of Rosé. The Darling has a wonderful atmosphere and the appetizers are delicious. We recommend the shrimp and their oysters, of course. After you’ve enjoyed your time at The Darling Oyster Bar, get ready for a slightly more romantic dinner setting at Chez Nous. Chez Nous is a French boutique restaurant close to 86 Cannon, and they are all about the details. You will swoon over the handwritten menu, fresh bread, and quaint interior.  After your delicious dinner, enjoy the night in one of 86 Cannon’s gathering areas: out on the piazza or in The Salon.     Saturday It’s Saturday morning, and you are well-rested and ready to take advantage of all of the sights, food, and activities Charleston has to offer. In the mornings, we love to either walk or ride bikes around South of Broad. We especially recommend this if you’re visiting during the summer, as temperatures haven’t reached their peak. The best way to see the city is by foot or by bike! So, pick from the variety of bikes 86 Cannon offers and enjoy the beautiful Charleston landscape. You can bike down to Black Tap Coffee for our favorite coffee in Charleston. The Iced Lavender Latte is our favorite. Next you can head to Colonial Lake, a beautiful public park, and from there, take Rutledge Ave to the South of Broad neighborhood. A wonderful place to end your biking/ walking tour of the city is under the shade of the trees at White Point Garden on The Battery.      We’re sure you are hungry after this tour, so head to one of our favorite brunch spots on the peninsula: Leon’s Oyster Shop..  Leon’s is definitely on the heartier side, as far as brunch options go, so if you don’t feel like one of their delicious fried options, such as their signature Fried Chicken, we also loved the Siam Salad.     After you enjoy Charleston brunch hour at Leon’s, we suggest going on a historical home tour at the Aiken Rhett House. This is one of the first tours we took when visiting and we learned so much about the history of the area through the self-guided walking tour of the property. Afterwards, you might want to head on over to King St for some shopping. A few of my favorites include Hampden Clothing and Lily. Hampden Clothing has an incredible list of designers like Sea, Ulla Johnson, Tibi, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Zimmermann, Marni and more thanks to the owner, Stacy, and her carefully curated selections. It’s hard to walk out empty handed and the newly renovated space is gorgeous. Lily is a charming boutique inspired by French culture. They carry perfumes, scarves, jewelry, and deluxe home goods. It’s also fun to explore some of the art galleries in this area, including the beautiful Meyer Vogl Gallery.     We know Charleston’s humidity may be catching up to you by now, especially if you are visiting during the summer months. Don’t worry, we have just the fix! After shopping on Lower King, walk up (or bike) to Upper King Street, where you will find Jeni’s Ice Cream. Jeni’s is one of our favorite dive-ins for a cold sweet treat. We try a different flavor every time we come in.      From there, take an uber or bike back to 86 Cannon for a glass of wine on the porch. Take some time to relax before you cap off this perfect day with an incredible dinner experience at Husk. You’ll want to make sure you have made your reservation in advance for Husk as they are known for being booked even a month in advance during busy travel seasons. (If you can’t get into Husk, see our Charleston Guide for more suggestions.) They have a bar in the carriage house next door where you can enjoy a cocktail before you are seated. After your meal, you might enjoy walking down the cobblestone roads off Queen Street. Take in the romantic spectacle of porches lit with gas lanterns before you head back to the hotel.     Sunday You have a couple different options for breakfast Sunday morning depending on your travel schedule. If you are short of time, stop by The Daily or Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit for a bite before you have to leave town. If you have a little bit more time to kill, Hominy Grill is a great breakfast/ brunch spot whose menu is the epitome of a Southern meal (see above!).      The post Ultimate 48 Hour Charleston Itinerary appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
3 Frequently Asked Photography Questions, Answered
3-03-2017 09:00:15
Gal Meets Glam
Some of the most frequently asked questions we get emailed about are around cameras. As photographers, we shoot every single day, so we’ve acquired quite the amount of gear and learned a lot along the way. Thomas initially picked up photography to help me with the blog back when we started in 2011, but since then, we’ve both fallen in love with it. It was frustrating at first, but with any new skill, it takes a lot of time and practice. Not a day goes by when we don’t shoot something, whether it’s for work or play. Here we’re sharing our three most frequently asked questions that range from what cameras we use to how we edit.     What kind of cameras and lenses do you use? When do you use each? We have two types of cameras that we use 95% of the time-  a Leica MP 240 and a Sony RXRII. The Leica MP 240 is a manual focus rangefinder camera, which is what we use for all of our outfit shots and many of our travel photos. We use these because we believe that the Leica M cameras give our images a special feel. We have two camera bodies and 4 different lenses. Most of our shots are shot on our Leica 35mm f/1.4 lens, which is an incredible lens that is extremely versatile for everything we shoot. Our next most used lens is our new Leica 28mm f/1.4, which is great for landscapes. We have two different 50mm lenses that we use for different purposes. Our Leica 50mm f/2.0 APO we use for closer portraits, product shots, architecture shots and some landscapes. Our Leica 50mm f/0.95 is a specialty lens with a super wide aperture, that means that it’s specially tailored for low light photography and it has an extremely narrow depth of field. We use this lens at night and when we want a very blurry background. For flatlays, details shots and some travel shots, I shoot on a Sony RXRII, which is a professional level point and shoot. This is a great camera which actually uses the same sensor as the popular Sony a7RII. The 35mm f/2.0 lens is great for all picture types. And having a point and shoot means I can fit it in my purse and it’s much easier to use compared to the Leicas. I’m also taking more and more photos just on my iPhone, including all of the Daily Look pictures. The quality of the images just keep getting better, there’s no easier camera to use and I always have it on me.     How do you edit your photos for the blog and for Instagram? I edit all of my blog photos on my computer using Lightroom. I use mostly VSCO pre-sets for Lightroom and I’ve been using Kodak Portra 400 VC- most lately. After adding the film preset, the images don’t need much tweaking because it’s always our goal to capture the best possible image in camera. I’ll make slight adjustments to Exposure, Highlights and Shadows to get the light just right. I’ll up the Black just a bit to give it an extra pop. As far as color, I’ll balance out the Tint more towards the pink, our camera normally has a slight green tint anyways so this counteracts it. White Balance is normally pretty accurate, but I often make a slight adjustment depending on whether I think the photo should be warmer (more orange/yellow) or cooler (more blue). Depending on the scene, I often bump up Vibrance just a bit. If the photo needs it, I’ll rotate it. Sometimes I’ll edit an Instagram photo in Lightroom vs VSCO if I’m pulling the image from my camera rather than my iPhone. For Instagram, I edit all of my photos using the VSCO app. I use about 3-4 different filters (my favorites include A5, A6, E5 and T3), that all cohesively pair well together, so the photos flow when they’re laying next to each other. I really don’t spend much time editing, sometimes I’ll adjust the exposure, up the contrast, add some saturation or bring the pink hues out in the tint. I love the app Planoly to help layout my feed so I can see what will make the most sense for the next image I’m posting.     What camera would you recommend for under $1000? Under $2000? Over $2000? The first thing worth mentioning is that buying a new camera or major piece of equipment isn’t always the solution for you to improve your photography. In our opinion, you should look to upgrade camera gear only once you feel like you’ve hit the absolute limits of your equipment. Another note is that you should try renting gear before buying, we’ve made lots of mistakes in the past, so this year we decided to use Parachut, which is a monthly subscription camera rental service which lets us swap gear for a special project or if we are considering purchasing a new lens or body. This is not sponsored at all, Thomas actually found an article about them and was probably one of the first people to sign up for it because he loves testing out new gear before committing. With that being said, we often tell people to get the newest iPhone if their budget is under $1000. The cameras on these phones just keep getting better and better and you’ll always have your phone on you. The larger iPhone 7+ has two lenses with one being a telephoto that’s great for those things a bit further away. If you are willing to spend over $1500 the Sony a7II and the Fujifilm Xt2 come highly recommended. If you are looking for a professional level camera and have a budget over $2000 we’d be happy to provide further advice, feel free to email us at   Outfit Details over here. The post 3 Frequently Asked Photography Questions, Answered appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Double Eyelet
2-03-2017 09:00:19
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Top (last seen here paired with the matching skirt), Tory Burch Skirt (up to 25% off), Isa Tapia Sandals (also love this pair), Mar Y Sol Bag   Ever since I picked up this J.Crew matching eyelet top & skirt a few weeks ago, I’ve been wearing them with everything. I wore the skirt with a different blouse, I wore them paired together and now here, where I’m wearing just the top with a different eyelet skirt. I’m almost convinced to get the top in another color because it’s the perfect length to pair with most of the midi/mini skirts I wear so often. I white version paired with my white skirt here would create the perfect white ensemble for summer. They did also get a similar midi dress version of the eyelet set in a beautiful blush shade.     In case you missed it, Shopbop also just launched their ‘Buy More, Save More’ Sale, with up to 25% off your order. I picked up this white eyelet Tory Burch skirt, Isa Tapia sandals and Mar Y Sol tote that had been sitting in my cart and I obviously put them to good use right away. The blue and white sandals are definitely my favorite, but I also love this white and tan version or this scalloped nude pair, too. I put together a post over on GMG Now with more of my favorite picks from the sale, along with pieces I already own that you can now get at a discount, like this Rebecca Taylor dress, these Madewell overalls, this one shoulder striped dress or anything by Needle & Thread.     A lot of what I’ve been drawn to lately has been blue and white (maybe because we’re doing a lot of that in our home decor…), so naturally many of my picks from the sale are in those shades. Some of my top picks include this Joie dress, this Ulla Johnson jumpsuit, this embroidered blue and white top (that I bought, too!), this striped midi dress that’s under $100 and this chambray skirt. And of course I had a couple of favorite pink picks like these scalloped sandals or these wedges, this Needle & Thread dress, this tie front dress or this plaid one and this one under $90.   The post Double Eyelet appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Cuyana Spring
1-03-2017 09:00:17
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Cuyana Trench c/o, Cuyana Top, Piamita Skirt, Cuyana Bag c/o, Steve Madden Sandals   My favorite brand for beautiful, timeless pieces is always Cuyana. I’ve been a fan of the San Francisco brand for years and love their mission of buying “fewer, better” pieces. It’s true. They focus on classic styles and silhouettes made in luxe textures and fabrics with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. I have quite a few things from the brand including silk tops, scarves, travel bags and hats. Each one I’ve continued to love and use since I bought them. They recently launched their Spring Collection and it’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite…maybe this striped blouse…or this silk scarf…or this buttery yellow bag…or their new classic trench!     This gorgeous new Cuyana bag just launched on their site yesterday and has already become my new favorite. The structured style is made feminine with its simple gold details and perfect neutral shade. I love how crisp and clean it looks when paired with a simple white cotton skirt and my silk blush top. It’s a fresh and simple combination for spring- I could wear this look all day everyday.     The classic trench coat is another new piece from Cuyana’s Spring Collection. The detailing is what really makes this piece unique. Aside from having a perfect cut that’s all around flattering, it’s the small bits of gold, in the edges of the belt and a push stud in the back, that I really love. And true to Cuyana’s consistency of being able to add a personalized touch to each of their pieces, you have the option of monogramming a small leather patch on the inside. I can’t wait to get more use out of this beauty- it’s definitely a forever piece.     Thank you to Cuyana for sponsoring this post. The post Cuyana Spring appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Pretty Pajamas
28-02-2017 09:00:07
Gal Meets Glam
Sleepwear: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8   Thomas always jokes that the minute we get home, I’m in my pjs in the blink of an eye. I can’t help it, I love to get comfy at the end of a long day. And there are not too many things comfier than a pair of cozy pajamas. Pajamas sets are kinda my thing- they just make me happy! For my birthday, Thomas got me a monogrammed pair of Sleeper pjs along with a matching pair for himself because he knew how happy it would make me. Some of my favorites include my striped short set by Lake (they are the softest ever!), anything and everything by Eberjey, my silk pair from Sleepy Jones and this cotton set from J.Crew. I recently spotted this silk shortset for under $60 that I just ordered along with this pretty pair from Anthropologie.  NightshirtsThis blue & white Marigot PJs nightshirt is the comfiest cotton piece to slip on before bedtime. I’ve been wearing this one on repeat ever since picking it up in a store in Harbour Island. A few more of my favorite nightshirts (like this gingham one under $60) … !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');  Pajama SetsI have quite the obsession with pajama sets. I have a whole drawer filled with satin, cotton, silk and flannel pairs. This is an older pair from Neiman Marcus (similar here!), but I’ve found a handful of options that are just as dreamy… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Pretty Pajamas appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Floral Wrap Dress
27-02-2017 09:00:19
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Dress (on sale, also love this one), Maryam Nassir Zadeh Sandals (last seen here), Doen Bag (last seen here)   One of my most loved dresses from last spring was this Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply floral maxi dress. So when I saw it come out in this blue and cream short version this season, and on sale under $75, I picked it up immediately. The gauzy fabric mixed with the wrapped style makes it ultra flattering and super comfortable to wear. This maxi version came back out this season in a beautiful blue and white color and if I didn’t already have the exact style from last year, I’d buy it in a heart beat!     This little basket bag from Doen has been my go-to accessory lately. You may have noticed my obsession with basket bags lately- between my Cult Gaia bag and this SeagrassTotes one, they’re all I’ve been using. Not only are they easy to pair with basically everything, but they’re afforable, too. My Doen one is under $40, while this SeagrassTotes one is under $100. I also love this little cross-body one with pompoms and this fringed tote.   Wrap Floral DressesThis gauzy wrap floral dress comes in a short or long version, both in shades of blue and white and both on sale! !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Charleston from readers who will be visiting this Spring/Summer and I actually have a guide that we’ve been working on coming soon (March 7th!). In the meantime, I did a shorter post on 6 things to do on a short trip to Charleston over here. It’s definitely a condensed version, but we’re going to be including a lot more of our favorites- from restaurants, hotels, shops and activities- in our full guide. It’s been absolutely beautiful lately and I still pinch myself everyday that we actually live here now!   The post Floral Wrap Dress appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Hampton Park Picnic
23-02-2017 09:00:09
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Isabel Marant Top (old, similar here, less expensive version here), MDS Stripes Skirt (less expensive version here and here, also love this similar dress), Tabitha Simmons Flats, SeagrassTotes Bag   As the days continue to warm up, we’re spending more and more time outdoors. This is one of the things we were looking forward to when moving and I love that we’re actually taking the opportunities to do it. A few weeks back, our friends Lucy & Will suggested we head to Hampton Park for an early dinner outside (a la cheese, bread and rosé). I hadn’t spent much time in the park over there, only a quick browse after a breakfast at The Park Cafe (a delicious spot nearby). We definitely need to make more of an effort to get out over there because it’s beautiful! The setting sun created a golden glow through the trees and Spanish moss while the camellias and Japanese magnolias bloomed in big pink patches that couldn’t be ignored.     Our friends picked up some cheese and goodies from one of our local favorites, Goat Sheep Cow, while we brought the drinks. A good team effort! Sometimes a “light” mix of a few cheeses, meats, fruits, crackers and bread is my favorite way to do dinner. I was also in love with my friend Lucy’s blue and white blanket, which is actually a quilt from Target. It also comes in this pink version that I think I’m going to go and buy as another excuse for more picnics!     I keep forgetting that it’s actually mid February as these warm spring-like afternoons are more reminiscent of early summer months. It’s honestly making me so excited for our own backyard to be completed so we can do more of these at home.  This MDS Stripes pink midi skirt is a piece that I know I’ll continue to wear even as it gets extra hot outside. The cotton fabric is lightweight enough to not feel suffocating even though it’s a maxi skirt. I also found these two similar options here and here that are both under $70 and can’t help but love this blush midi dress that has a similar feel to my skirt.     And with the temperatures reaching near the 80s this weekend, I think we’re going to fill our picnic basket back up and head out to Sullivan’s Island for a beach afternoon, with a good book of course. The post Hampton Park Picnic appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Bahama House, Harbour Island
22-02-2017 09:00:39
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Look 1- Athena Procopiou Dress c/o (more sizes here, maxi skirt version here), Preston & Olivia Hat, Castaner Espadrilles, Poolside Tote Look 2- Roberta Roller Rabbit Coverup (similar here and here), Suboo Bikini, Preston & Olivia Hat Look 3- Athena Procopiou Dress c/o, Mara Hoffman Swimsuit (also love the one piece version), Preston & Olivia Hat, ZanZan Sunglasses Look 4- JOA Dress, Tabitha Simmons Flats Look 5- Zimmermann Dress, Cult Gaia Bag   We spent the second half of our time at Harbour Island at the Bahama House (the first half was spent here). We heard about the newly opened property while we were staying at Deplar Farm in Iceland, which just so happens to be owned by the same group- The Eleven Experience. We were blown away by the hotel in Iceland, so when we decided on Harbour Island as our warm weather getaway, we knew we wanted at least a few days at their property there. Upon check-in, I realized that we had driven by the property in our golf cart earlier in the week. But hidden behind a large pink walled courtyard with big palm leaves and other vegetation, you don’t get a sense of the dreamland behind them. It leaves everything up to the imagination, yet they’re still able to exceed even your greatest expectations.     As photographers, we were in heaven capturing the beauty of this place. Every detail was thought out, from the Yeti coolers with our favorite drinks throughout the property, to the specialized menu that was tailored to us, to the music we were able to sync in each room through our phones to the incredibly wonderful staff. It was just the same at the property in Iceland, yet so very different as we were now in the Bahamas. We’ve had the opportunity to stay at some amazing hotels and places during our travels and I have say, these two definitely stand out to us (and this is not sponsored!). When you leave a place feeling like you’re family, you know you had more than a great time. And that’s how we felt in both locations, even though they’re thousands of miles apart. With the closeness of the Bahamas to our new home, we’ll definitely be going back here every year, if not more!  
11 Products For Glowing Skin
21-02-2017 09:00:43
Gal Meets Glam
Beauty Products: Arcona Triad Pads, Arcona White Tea Purifying Cleanser, Glossier Rosewater Spray, First Aid Beauty Moisturizer, Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, Sunday Riley Face Oil, Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer, La Mer Revitalizing Mask, Arcona Night Worker, Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser, First Aid Beauty Wake Up Wipes   It’s been a while since I last did a skincare post, so I thought it was about time I put it all together and share what I’m currently using. My skin hasn’t changed much since moving, but I have introduced a few new lines into my skincare routine. I’ve been using Arcona, First Aid Beauty and Korres for years, while a few new favorites are Ole Henriksen and Sunday Riley. My skin is definitely on the dry side, so I’m always looking for new products to bring more hydration and dewy-ness. And as much as I am loyal to my favorite lines that I re-stock up on every few months, I do like to switch it up and try new products to see what results I might get from them.     Let’s start with cleansers. I use a few, and I switch them up depending on my needs. Two of my favorites are Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser and Arcona White Tea Purifying Cleanser. Both are good for sensitive skin, which mine tends to lean more to. After doing a little bit of research for a new cleanser online, I decided on Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser after reading so many great reviews. I’ve loved it and have been using it since last spring. It’s gentle and effective and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry. And I have yet to try an Arcona product that I don’t love. This White Tea Purifying Cleanser is a new one to my routine (after I ran out of this) and I really like how refreshed it leaves my skin. I’ve also been using Arcona Triad Pads for a long time and can’t say enough great things about them. I use one after I wash my face as a toner and to remove any excess makeup. Another makeup remover/cleanser wipe that I’ve been using a lot is First Aid Beauty’s Wake Up Wipes. The reason why I really like these is they have a stimulating sensation from the matcha green tea that really wakes up my skin in the morning.  
Pineapple Fences
20-02-2017 09:00:15
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Anna October Dress (also love this one, black version here), Mansur Gavriel Sandals, Rebecca de Ravenel Earrings (less expensive version here), Seagrass Bag   Harbour Island is filled with color and character, but I think this pineapple fence takes the cake. Have you ever seen anything like it? And the pastel painted house behind it is pretty cute, too. It was just around the corner from where we were staying at Bahama House Inn, so we knew we had to head over and shoot in front of it before dinner one night. I’m already missing the island so much and can’t wait to go back later this year. A few of our friends are heading there this week and I’ve been trying to convince Thomas that we need to go too, but unfortunately he is all too practical.     This Anna October dress was love at first sight. The fit and flare style. The ricrac rainbow trim. It’s a little bit of everything I love and is one of those dresses that just makes you feel happy when you put it on. I love that many of her pieces from the spring collection have this rainbow ricrac trim, like this navy top and skirt, this off the shoulder dress, this wrap cotton top, this off the shoulder top and these pants. My dress also comes in a black version and another similar white version here.     I’ve also been carrying this Seagrasstotes bag everywhere with me. I originally found it on FiveStory, but have since discovered the brand’s website here and their Etsy site here. They have so many cute styles (like this one I also have) and all of them are under $100. Any one of them would make the perfect spring accessory to pair with flowy dresses and light cotton pieces as the days warm up.   The post Pineapple Fences appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Daily Look
17-02-2017 17:57:18
Gal Meets Glam
Looking for all of my Daily Looks? Click here.   (Look 1, Look 2, Look 3)   If you haven’t noticed, I started sharing my daily looks over on GMG Now a few weeks ago. My motivation for starting it was the fact that pretty much half of my outfits that I wear never make it to the blog because we don’t have time to do a shoot or we’re in the office all day. With Daily Look, we take a snap on my iPhone so that I can share it daily in a quick and easy way. In the past, I’ve shied away from sharing anything that I didn’t feel was high enough quality for the blog. We’ve spent so much effort and time creating beautiful imagery and I didn’t want to take that away. I have to say though, I’ve really enjoyed this new little feature. It’s been fun to show you guys more of what my day-to-day style looks like. I love getting dressed up, even if it’s just for a day in the office and now with Daily Look, it’s been getting me even more excited to make the extra effort. I hope it can inspire some of you to do the same!   Daily Look 2.16.17Last night I wore this Needle & Thread dress to a gala here in Charleston. Needle & Thread is one of my favorite brands for beautiful embellished pieces. I last wore one of their blush dresses here. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   Daily Look 2.8.17I’ve never been a big fan of overalls until I found this pair– they totally converted me! I think it’s the more fitted style that really sold me. As Thomas would say, overalls they were a great buy ;) See more of this look here. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   If you still haven’t discovered Daily Look checkout some of the top looks from the past: 2.5.17, 1.19.17, 2.8.17 Since launching, we’ve been hard at work building new features to help you shop and navigate to and around Daily Looks. If you have any ideas we’d love to know how to make your experience better. Right now we’re working on making it easier to explore and see them on a day to day basis. We love feedback, so feel free to share! Looking for all of my Daily Looks? Click here. The post Daily Look appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
What We Are Loving About Charleston So Far: Our 4 Month Update
16-02-2017 09:00:38
Gal Meets Glam
Wow, it’s already been almost four months since we moved to Charleston and we couldn’t love it anymore! Although it’s been a bit of time since we left California, some people still don’t know that we’ve moved or even for those that do know, they might have missed why we moved which we covered in this post. To be honest, even family and friends were a bit skeptical when we told them we were moving across the country. But both our families and friends that have already had the opportunity to come stay with us could see why we did and said that it made complete sense. While the natural beauty of the Lowcountry and the gorgeous architecture quickly caught our eye when we visited, we really fell in love with the more relaxed lifestyle we knew it would bring to our lives. Naturally, we miss a few things about the city (mostly family and friends), but overall, we are loving all the changes that this move has brought. To be honest, there has not been a single moment where I thought we made the wrong decision. For the first time in my adult life, I actually feel settled and can foresee our future here. It really is exciting, as I never felt that way in San Francisco. Owning our first home has been so rewarding in that it’s completely ours. I can’t wait to share more on what we’re doing with it! We actually decided to renovate the whole thing at once instead of doing it in two phases. We’ve spent the past four months working on the plans with our designer and architect and now that things are finalized, we’ll be moving out into a rental in the next month when we begin! I also thought it would be fun to share a bit on what’s made us feel the most settled and “at home” over the past four months…   Before moving out here, we only knew a few people. We wanted to make sure to set aside time for meeting new friends and being really open to getting together with new people. Luckily, Charleston is one of the friendliest places I’ve ever been and everybody has been so welcoming and kind. It’s been so nice to feel like we now have a little family here, with friends we get together and see weekly and lots more that we are still getting to know and love. I’ve been surprised by the amount of people I’ve met who moved to Charleston under similar circumstances to Thomas and me- they visited, fell in love, own their own businesses and picked up and moved. This is an area filled with creatives- artists, photographers, designers and more, so we’ve met many couples that we have a lot in common with, which makes it easy to bond quickly.   The food in Charleston is incredible. For the size of the city, there’s a remarkable amount of high quality places for food and drinks. Although we’ve become accustomed to eating at home a lot more, especially during the week, it’s so nice to have fantastic places to dine out. We go out at least 1-2x a week with friends to grab a drink or dinner.   Maybe it’s the programming we had from 5 years living in San Francisco, but there are still times here where we step out of our house expecting the weather to be much colder than it is. In the morning, we’ll bundle up in Patagonia gear to get coffee, only to walk out into 70 degree weather at 8am. No complaints here!   Easier Lifestyle- Big city living is not easy. Transportation and parking were always something we had to factor in almost everywhere we went in SF. Not to mention just the logistics of getting from one place to another. Some people thrive on the energy and liveliness a city holds, but I feel like it just ate me alive. Charleston and the surrounding area has a rapidly growing population which has brought some bottlenecks but nothing like we had been used to. The slightly slower pace of life has honestly been the best change for us.   Finally, figuring out some workout options. Aside from missing Mexican food (which we do miss greatly!), the thing we’ve struggled with the most since moving was finding a new workout routine. In SF, Barry’s Bootcamp, Soulcycle and Equinox were just a short walk from our place. And while the convenience is impossible to replace, we feel like we are finally getting in the swing of things again. We have an Orangetheory 15 minutes from us, which we are trying to do three times a week. We are doing the Kayla Itsines Sweat App workouts at the local park or at home and we are even doing 30 minute workout videos on Daily Burn. It feels good to be moving again and I already feel stronger even after a few weeks of sticking to it. The post What We Are Loving About Charleston So Far: Our 4 Month Update appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Floral Maxi Dress
15-02-2017 09:00:07
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Dress, Bandolino Heels, Global Goods Bag c/o Macy’s   It may be early in the season, but based on the amount of questions I’ve been receiving, weddings are on the brain. And more specifically, what to wear. I’ve touched on a few ideas in our email newsletter Q&A, but I thought I would continue here on the blog (with more coming over the next couple of months, too). Attire always starts with knowing the formality of the event, so today’s is definitely for something on the more casual side.     I love this maxi dress because it’s both dressy and casual at the same time. You could easily throw it on with sandals and a cross-body bag for a relaxed weekend or style it with a clutch and heels to dress it up. It also comes in an ivory color and black at Macy’s, but this mint shade with pops of yellow is pretty dreamy. The great thing is that even if you buy this dress for a specific wedding, I guarantee you’ll be wearing it for many more weekends to come. I styled mine with these brown heeled sandals and this weaved tote (my favorite bags to use right now!) that are both under $60.     Often times shopping can be quite overwhelming for many people, so if you’re in need of a little extra help, for anything from styling to gifts, be sure not to miss MyStylist at Macy’s. It’s a wonderful personalized service they offer and is extra helpful for those bigger moments in life, like weddings, work or celebrations. All you have to do is set up an appointment over here!     Thank you to Macy’s & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post Floral Maxi Dress appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Dunmore, Harbour Island
13-02-2017 09:00:05
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Look 1- Misa Dress, Clare V Bag, Carrie Forbes Sandals, ZanZan Sunglasses Look 2- Roberta Roller Rabbit Coverup (similar here and here), Marysia Swimsuit, Poolside Tote, ZanZan Sunglasses, Frame Denim Shorts, Preston + Olivia Hat, Carrie Forbes Sandals Look 3- James Perse Tank, Dodo Bar Or Skirt, Rebecca De Ravenel Earrings (less expensive here), Clare V Clutch Look 4- Solid & Striped Swimsuit, LemLem Top and Skirt, Poolside Tote, Preston + Olivia Hat   I honestly can’t wait for our next trip to Harbour Island. We fell in love with everything about it while we were there! I mentioned a few things in my last two posts here and here, but there’s still so much more to share. We spent our first few days at The Dunmore, which had been on my list of hotels to visit for quite a while. Every time I got online to book, they were completely full, so when we spotted a couple of nights open just weeks before we left, we hopped at the chance (and then switched hotels for the last half of our trip).     Everything about the resort was incredibly charming. It’s a stripe-lover’s paradise, with stripes around every corner and in every room. I loved it! Despite the emptiness of our photos, there were quite a few guests there (because they were sold out, but it’s still a small-ish hotel). We just usually shoot first thing in the morning or in areas where people aren’t necessarily hanging out during that time. The hotel sits right on Pink Sands Beach, so we spent most of our days heading down there, either working out at sunrise, boogey boarding, playing paddle ball or just taking long walks. It’s a beautiful beach that has the softest light pink sand. You can’t tell as much in photos, but in person it’s definitely pink!     I packed a few books with me, but with all of the activities we ended up doing, I only got half-way through one. I’m loving Sarah Sadler’s Southernmost. It takes place in Charleston and was recommended by a few readers. Definitely pick up or download a copy if you’re searching for something new!     I brought mostly dresses, coverups and swimsuits with me on this trip, as I naturally do for any tropical getaways. It’s also been such a fun/weird change to be able to wear many of my previous ‘vacation only’ clothes at home now. I would almost never be able to wear them in SF as it would never get warm enough, but even in the middle of February here in Charleston, I’ve already worn gauzy coverups and shorts. It only makes me more excited for summer! This Misa off the shoulder dress (more sizes here) is really fun with its tassel details and I love the mix of the neutral stripes. It also comes in a top/skirt version here and a pant version here.     If you’re visiting Harbour Island and not staying at The Dunmore, make sure to stop by for a cocktail or dinner. They have live music on Saturday nights, but of course we missed it this trip! We did two nights at their restaurant for dinner and their food is great (along with breakfast & lunch!). The ambiance is also really lovely with the outdoor tent strung with bistro lights and the tables littered with candles and more striped seating.     My mom got me this ‘Bisous’ tote by Poolside Bags from Calypso St. Barth for Christmas and I used it as my carry-on/carry-all the entire trip. They come in a variety of colors with a bunch of fun/hilarious quotes and words on them. I also love this ‘Rose All Day’ one and this ‘Woke Up Like This” one. I wore mine below with this Solid & Striped one piece swimsuit with my LemLem skirt as a coverup.     The beach at sunrise was so peaceful. It was almost impossible not to wake up at sunrise. We did every single morning we were there. We love keeping our curtains and shades open and rising with the sun. It’s my favorite part of the day, as long as I can find some strong coffee or green tea shortly after.   The post The Dunmore, Harbour Island appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Pink & Palm Print
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Show Me Your Mumu Dress, Mansur Gavriel Sandals, Poolside Tote, Illesteva Sunglasses, Preston & Olivia Hat   Harbour Island has a little bit of everything. Not only does it have beautiful beaches (did I mention that the sand is pink!?), bright turquoise water and delicious food, but it also happens to be completely adorable with brightly colored homes, shops and restaurants. Everyone gets around by foot, bike or golf cart and the vibe is so relaxed that you can’t help it but be relaxed, too. I first heard of the island from my girlfriend Chassity who has been going for years. She and her husband love it so much that they actually bought a historic home recently, The Coral House, and are doing a few renovations before it’s available for rent in April. We’re totally using this as an excuse to go back asap!     Of course we had to stop by the house and check it out while we were there! It’s right up my alley being all pink with lots of palms and greenery about. Chassity has such great taste, too and I can’t wait to see what she does with it (they’re putting in a pool)! We’re actually working with the same architect for our home renovations (Beau Clowney) that they’re using for The Coral House. He’s so amazing, so I know everything will be to perfection.     This pink and palm print dress fits with the scenery perfectly. It’s a great easy dress to throw on and go or wear as a beach coverup. It also comes in a romper version, top and shorts and maxi dress. I’m also loving these palm print swimsuits here, here and here if you’re looking for a little more of the tropical print. I also added my new Preston & Olivia wide brim fedora in a similar shade that will be coming out soon in mid-Feb.   The post Pink & Palm Print appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Island Blues
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Sea New York Dress (more sizes here– also love this version, this white version and the top version), Castaner Espadrilles, Seagrass Bag, Gucci Sunglasses (last seen here)   Harbour Island has been at the top of our list of places to travel to for quite some time. Now that we live in South Carolina, it’s a much shorter and easier trip to the Bahamas than when we lived on the West Coast, so we knew we wanted to visit sometime this year. We ended up booking this trip pretty last minute and we are both so glad we did! We’re now on our way back home, but I’m excited to re-live our experience as I share the posts from our week there.     I’ll be sharing a few more detailed posts of where we stayed, where we ate and what we did during our trip, but today’s post is focused on one of my favorite dresses of the season + color combinations. I can’t get enough of the color yellow right now, especially when paired with white and blue. These Castaner espadrilles were my go-to during the trip (also seen with this look) and are probably the most comfortable wedges you’ll ever own. While I initially wanted a neutral color, I’m glad I went with the canary yellow shade as a pop of color for all of my spring looks.     Sea’s spring collection has been one of my favorites I’ve seen this season. Most of the collection is a mix of eyelet, ruffles, blue and white with a few stripes and neutral pieces. This eyelet button-down cotton dress was the one item that hit the top of my list. I know as it gets warmer back home, I’ll be continually reaching for it throughout the coming months. It also comes in an all white version here, a ruffled mini version here, an off the shoulder top version here and a long-sleeved version here. The post Island Blues appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Valentine’s Day Date Night
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Express Sweater & Skirt c/o, Louboutin Pumps, Chanel Clutch   Valentine’s Day is just a little over a week away, so today’s post is centered around the theme of love. I’ve already covered a few things like some great gift ideas but what about on Valentine’s Day? What should you do with your significant other/girlfriends/family/self and what should you wear on that special night? I think by now, we’ve all come to the conclusion that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be for lovers. Little holidays always make a great excuse to treat yourself or others- through big or little ways- it’s totally up to you!  Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays as a couple. We spend almost every moment together, so it’s not like we don’t see each other but to us, Valentine’s Day is always a reminder to set aside distractions and just focus on the two of us. So this month, we’ve partnered with Express and put together a few ideas for date night with some we’ve already done and some we look forward to doing.     If we’re cooking at home for Valentine’s Day, you can probably find me in a comfy sweatshirt and jeans. But at the same time, it’s always fun to get dressed up. I know it can be a little cliche, but I still love it! I vividly remember being in third grade and so excited to wear my new heart printed Target dress to school and pass out Valentines. Clearly not much has changed. I love this ballet-inspired combo from Express. The light pink tulle skirt is so sweet and feminine and the black cropped wrap sweater pairs perfectly with it. This look is obviously better suited for a fancy night out but if you still want to wear something special for your date night, away from the crowds, here are some of my suggestions.     Naturally, you can go out to dinner. If possible, book now so that you can lock down a table. It’s best to know a bit about the restaurant before booking. One year, we spent Valentine’s Day in NYC. We went out to a fancy meal, but the restaurant was really tiny. The couples next to us clearly had no shame because they were pretty much all over each other the entire time, which made it awkward for us being 6 inches away. If you are less into crowds or aren’t much of a PDA person, you can always cook a meal together at home. Separate out the meal so that you can collaborate together. Just make sure that if one of you is a Gordon Ramsey (very particular and hot tempered- hey, Thomas!) in the kitchen, that you’re able to take the night off from seeking perfection. Unless, you’re attempting a chocolate molten lava cake….. :) When we were dating, this was how we spent our Valentine’s Day. Since Thomas is the one that’s usually in the kitchen, it was my gift to him to go all out and whip up a fancy dinner for the two of us, plus dessert. When Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, like it does this year, how about you celebrate the weekend before with a fully planned day or short trip together? This is always something that we love to do and there’s also less pressure on exchanging gifts or booking fancy dinners. And it ensures you get to spend more “us” time together. Thomas and I love live music, especially Jazz. One year in NYC (we’re usually in New York for VDay because of NYFW) we went and saw a Jazz show. I’m not sure how we snagged such great seats, but we were front row with a view of NYC in the background. It was the best. Book a last minute hotel stay-cation using deal sites (make sure to have a plan b) or find a valentine’s day package and book in advance. You never know what kind of deal you can find online on the day of or day before Valentine’s Day. If you live in a big city like NYC, LA or SF and you are open to it, this could be a fun option, especially if you want to check out a neighborhood you don’t spend much time in. See a movie. There are so many great movies out right now. We are still dying to go see La La Land. Every time we go to the theatre, it’s sold out. A tip from Thomas that your significant other might appreciate- make your dollars go a little further by trying to buy flowers from a wholesaler. The price of red roses nearly doubles on Valentine’s Day. You can save a lot of money by picking something other than roses.   Thank you to Express for sponsoring this post. The post Valentine’s Day Date Night appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Tied With A Bow
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Outfit Details: Nili Lotan Sweater (old, similar here), J.Crew Jeans (last seen here, make sure to size down), J.Crew Ribbon Belt (worn around neck), Jeffrey Campbell Flats (last seen here), Chanel Bag   This outfit is completely inspired by this top I spotted a few weeks ago. While I didn’t actually buy the top, it reminded me of a few things I already owned that I could mix together to create a similar look. It all started with the velvet bow detail- that’s the part that made me love the romantic blouse so much. I had forgotten about this pink ribbon belt that I had bought over the holidays from J.Crew that would work perfectly as an additional bow to any blouse, sweater or top that I paired it with. A really easy and inexpensive alternative is to head to your local craft store and pick out a few different velvet ribbons to wear- I often do this for all of the ones I wear in my hair.     I never got on board with the choker trend, it was just a little too 90s for me, but I did like the ribbon alternative- essentially just tying a ribbon into a bow around your neck. I love any bow blouse I can get my hands on, so this is just an easy way to turn all of your blouses into bow blouses. You can mix the textures, colors and sizes of the bows depending on the look you want to create. This time around, I paired mine with a simple white sweater and white jeans, making the pink velvet ribbon the sweet statement piece.     These white jeans are the same style as my favorite J.Crew jeans I wear on repeat. I love the button-up front and cropped style. I last wore them here and here, but if you’re ordering, make sure to size down- they run big! Also, J.Crew just got a few new pieces in for Valentine’s Day and I’m completely in love with this blush bow sweater. My girlfriend Carly texted it to me saying “you need this!!!”, and I have to agree!   The post Tied With A Bow appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
My Travel Uniform
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Max Mara Coat (also love this pink one, similar less expensive here and here), GAP Turtleneck (old, similar here), MOTHER Jeans (last seen here), Nike Sneakers, Chanel Bag, Cuyana Laptop Bag, Steamline Carry-On   It’s been a while since I last shared a post on my travel style. And to be completely honest, not much has changed! It really depends on where we’re going, but for the most part, I sort of have my go-to outfit nailed down. As you can see from this post and now this post, my look usually consists of a soft/cashmere sweater, jeans, sneakers, a coat if I’m heading somewhere cooler or a big cozy scarf to wrap up in. It’s really just a never-fail combo that feels put together enough but still comfortable. Plus, many of the items are things I’ll keep re-wearing wherever I’m heading to.     These Nike Air Max Thea sneakers are my favorite! I have them in grey and have worn them so, so much. When I saw them come out in this blush color, I ordered them immediately from my phone. I love them because they’re not only a great athletic shoe (I do workout in them!), but they were the first sneaker that I could actually style with real clothes. I never got into the whole athleisure thing, until I found these. I could also see this color and this color pairing really nicely with just some jeans and a white tee.     The other thing I never travel without is my Steamline carry-on. Before buying it, I didn’t know how often I would actually travel with it. I didn’t know if it would be durable enough and if it could carry all my stuff (most of the time we travel with much more luggage than this). Well, turns out, it’s not just a pretty face. It’s traveled with me almost everywhere and has been my favorite travel accessory, toting along all of my personal belongings I may or may not actually need for our trips.   The post My Travel Uniform appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
White and Blue
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Outfit Details: Club Monaco Dress (on sale + 30% off, I also have the top version in black), Max Mara Coat (old and last seen here, similar here and less expensive version here), Chloe Pumps (old, similar here and here), Chanel Bag   I can’t really believe we’re just a day away from February- this year is already flying by. It’s been so nice to be home most of this month (although we’re now in NYC), prepping for the year and planning a lot of new things we’ll be rolling out throughout the year. One of those is a new series on GMG Now called ‘Daily Look’. I mentioned in this post how many of my daily outfits go un-posted due to lack of time to go out and shoot. I asked you guys where you would want to see a quick snap of what I’m wearing day to day and the consensus was sharing it on GMG Now where it could live longer than Snapchat or Insta stories. You can check out my last two weeks of looks over here.     I bought this Club Monaco dress back at the end of November and have worn it so many times for dinners and nights out. I wore it when my family was visiting with a camel coat over, when we were in Paris (with black tights) and black coat and while we were in Palmetto Bluff with my floral Tabitha Simmons flats. I’ve always saved most of my white dresses for spring and summer, but after wearing this one consistently through winter, it’s made me change my mind on saving my others for only warmer months.   Little White DressesThis Club Monaco little white dress is mostly out of stock, but I’ve found a handful of others available right now that would be a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script');   This time of year is also the perfect time to score some great sale items- every store is now being filled with resort and pre-spring, so almost everything winter is on sale. I bought this blue Max Mara coat early last year, and although it’s no longer available, I’ve found a few similar options on sale here, here, here and here.     The post White and Blue appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
5 Best Products For Healthy Hair
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Gal Meets Glam
Hair Care Products: Alterna Kendi Oil, Living Proof Humidity Shield, R+Co Static Control Spray, Alterna CC Cream, Alterna Smooth Blowout Cream, Mason Pearson Comb   Over the past few years, my haircare routine has become as regimented as my skincare one. I still remember a time when I couldn’t get my hair to grow or look healthy once it passed my shoulders. I used to color it way too often, switching from blonde to brunette to blonde again, I used heat on it almost every day (blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron) and was way too aggressive with a cheap brush that left my hair broken and distressed. Eventually, I gave up on pursuing colors that were not close to my own and decided to focus on bringing back the healthy and soft hair I once had when I was young. For the most part, the biggest thing I did was just left my hair alone. I didn’t color it, I let it air dry and I switched from a brush to a wide-tooth comb. I’ve really switched around and never committed to a certain few products until recently when I discovered a line while browsing at Sephora (no, this is not sponsored). It started with this Alterna CC Cream (that I found after a bit of research), which then led me to try out a few more of their products, which I’m now completely addicted to. Keep reading to see my current five products for achieving healthy, shiny hair.     A bunch of people have asked me if my beauty routine has changed at all after moving from California to South Carolina. For the most part, my skincare and makeup products remain the same, but I’ve definitely added a few more things to my haircare routine. Humidity was something I rarely dealt with in San Francisco and as someone with naturally straight hair, I didn’t think affected me that much. Oh, was I wrong. In the beginning, there were many days when I would spend the time curling my hair, walk outside and it would completely fall out, frizz up and look like I didn’t do my hair at all. That’s when I started searching for a good humidity shield/frizz spray and found Living Proof’s Humidity Shield and R+Co’s Frizz and Static Control Spray. Both have become my new best friends.  
Safari Print
26-01-2017 09:00:35
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Vivetta Dress (black version), Paul Andrew Flats, Cult Gaia Bag   Back at the beginning of December we went on a trip with the Amex team to Miami and I brought along this safari print Vivetta dress with me (last seen here). I remember seeing pictures of it from the runway and thinking “I gotta have that!”, so I stalked it online until it was available for pre-order. Luckily it came earlier than expected and I got to bring it down to warm-weather Miami for a few days. And now that the weather is just heavenly here in Charleston, it was the perfect time to bring it back out again.     In the morning last week we stopped by one of our favorite bakeries in Charleston to pick up some sweets. We had discovered this spot when we were visiting last June and they have the best cupcakes and cookies. Another great spot if you’re looking for something sweet while you’re here is WildFlour Pastry. Both are equally as delicious in my book!     I’ve been wearing a lot of these maxi-style dresses lately, with this Rebecca Taylor being the previous one (seen in last week’s Daily Look). When it’s warm out and you just want to feel comfortable, these are the best. This Jill Stuart dress has the same ruffle sleeves and maxi style, but in an effortless light blue linen fabric. If you’re looking for something similar but at a less expensive price point, I’ve found a few here, here, here, here and here.   The post Safari Print appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
6 Things To Do On A Short Trip To Charleston
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Gal Meets Glam
Now that it’s been almost four months (I can’t believe it!) since we moved from San Francisco to Charleston, we’re really starting to feel settled at home. We’ve made a great group of friends, we’ve figured out our daily routine, we’re finally getting back on track with fitness (we just started Orange Theory and we love it), we’ve ridden our bikes all over town and we’ve definitely seen our fair share of brunches, lunches and dinners. Even though it’s a smaller city, it sure doesn’t feel that way. Charleston has so much to offer when it comes to activities, restaurants, arts, shopping and you can’t forget all of the history. While we’re currently working on a much more in-depth Guide to Charleston (coming soon!), we thought we would share our short list for those of you that may be coming for a long weekend or getaway. We’ve been getting lots of requests, so keep reading to see what topped our list…     Enjoy a Cocktail and Dinner at The Ordinary The Ordinary is our favorite all around dining experience in Charleston. We love sitting at the bar for one of their many delicious rum-based cocktails and whether it’s an appetizer or an entree, you won’t want to miss their seafood.     Rent Bikes and Cruise Around South of Broad We love a leisurely bicycle ride. If you’re lucky, your hotel will already have bicycles available for you to take out. If not, there are a number of options for rentals. Once you have your bicycle you can cruise through the pristine South of Broad neighborhood – just make sure you take notice of the many one way streets.     Tour a Historic House or Plantation Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, so naturally it’s full of history lessons to be learned. There are a few historic houses we’ve enjoyed visiting, including the Aiken-Rhett House and the Nathaniel Russell House in Charleston. Or you can visit a few of the historic plantations in the area, such as Magnolia Plantation, Middleton Place or Boone Hall.     Visit the Beach at Sullivan’s Island If you’re open to an early rise while on vacation, we highly recommend a sunrise stroll on the beach at Sullivan’s Island. If you prefer to stay in bed a little longer, lunch at Obstinate Daughter or Poe’s, followed by a walk on the beach may be an even better option.     Eat Brunch at Butcher & Bee To some, brunching is considered an important weekly event, often given as much dedication as going to church or watching football. That culture is definitely alive and well here in Charleston. While I normally don’t partake in one of the only forms of socially acceptable drinking before noon, I do love the food. If the toughest decision of the day is deciding between ordering savory or sweet, then you’re probably off to a great start. I always order “Pancakes for the table”, but it’s my way of getting a little bit of both. When craving brunch, more often than not, we find ourselves going to Butcher & Bee. I get the Brown Rice bowl filled with rice, veggies, egg and almond butter, which sounds like an odd addition, but it definitely makes the dish.     Shop on King Street The King Street fashion district is filled with wonderful little shops and restaurants. Two of my favorite boutiques on King are Hampden Clothing and Lily and two boutique mens shops Thomas likes are M. Dumas & Sons and Grady Ervin. Looking for a quick bite to eat? There is a wonderful dive-in lunch spot off King on George Street called Caviar & Bananas. On Upper King, you’ll find some of our favorites restaurants, bars and shops- Stars, The Darling Oyster Bar, Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, Monza, The Daily, Blue Bicycle Books, and Beckett Boutique. Just off Upper King in the Cannonborough/Elliotborough neighborhoods you can find some really fantastic spots more specifically on Cannon and Spring Streets. Make sure to checkout Xiao Bao Biscuit, Cannon Green, and Five Loaves Cafe. If you’re in the mood for sweets, Sugar Bakeshop always satisfies and across the street you will find an adorable paper shop called Mac & Murphy. The post 6 Things To Do On A Short Trip To Charleston appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Palmetto Bluff
23-01-2017 09:00:08
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Look 1- MDS Stripes Dress, FiveStory Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Tabitha Simmons Flats Look 2- Sea Dress, Jeffrey Campbell Flats, FiveStory Bag   As I mentioned in last week’s post, we spent MLK Jr. weekend down at Palmetto Bluff. On our original visit to South Carolina, we spent three nights in Charleston and two nights at Palmetto Bluff (remember here, here, here and here). It was this trip where we fell in love with Charleston and the surrounding area, which convinced us to make the big leap last year. We had been dying to revisit Palmetto Bluff so when our friends invited us, we seized the opportunity.     In between our first visit and this visit, the Montage had completed a new building called the Inn along with lots of other amenities. We stayed in the new Inn this time around, which was beautiful and in a new spot that we hadn’t explored on our prior trip. When we arrived, we met up with our friends for lunch in the sun out on the balcony of the new addition, followed by a bike ride and rosé by the pool.     I’ve been carrying my new basket bag with me everywhere lately. With the spring-like weather we’ve been having, it goes with just about every single thing and it’s also easy on the budget at $78. I did a roundup last week on my favorite basket bags this season, with many of them being under $100.     This MDS Stripes dress is a new addition that I couldn’t wait to wear. I love simple shirt dresses and this one is so feminine and classic. I know I’ll be wearing it over and over again. I pretty much want one of everything from MDS Stripes and just recently added this light pink maxi skirt to my collection as well and can’t wait to wear it with a crisp white shirt.  I’ve also found a few less expensive but similar options to my stripe dress here, here and here.     On this trip, we had been encouraged to take a bicycle ride out to the Moreland section of Palmetto Bluff. The bike ride through the forests and along the river out to a picnic area, treehouse and a dock reminded us of the trips that we used to make out to LSSI. If only we had decided to bring our picnic basket with us because it would have been the perfect spot. While the area around the hotel is developed with homes, guest rooms, restaurants, and other buildings, our adventure on our bicycles out to Moreland was a reminder that there’s still a lot of the 20,000 acres of Palmetto Bluff that have been left untouched.     We spent the rest of the evening out on the dock with a bottle of wine to catch the sunset before we headed back to freshen up for dinner. It was such a peaceful and relaxing weekend and we both agreed that we would be coming back soon. We would love to bring our families out here as there’s so much to do for everyone.   The post Palmetto Bluff appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Florals In Savannah
20-01-2017 09:00:02
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Smythe Blazer, Express Sweater (last seen here, similar here), Co Skirt (more sizes, last seen here), Everlane Oxfords (last seen here), FiveStory Bag   This past weekend our friends were heading to Palmetto Bluff and invited us to join them last minute. We had visited last summer and loved it, so we were excited to make a trip back. It ended up being the loveliest couple of days and we had such a fantastic time, I think it might become a regular weekend getaway. Similar to last time, we decided to drive the short distance to Savannah for the day on Monday and spend a few hours before driving home. I love Savannah- it’s such a beautiful and romantic city and it was quite a different experience this time around with it not being 100+ degrees.     The parks were much less crowded and I really, really wanted to spend the entire afternoon lying in the grass with a picnic and bottle of wine. There were pockets of pink blooms around every corner and it was a perfect 75 degrees. We ended up just walking around all of the spots we missed last time (we got so sweaty and called it quits after a few hours to go swimming back at the hotel). We did stop again at The Paris Market for some chai lattes before grabbing a quick bite to eat at Kayak Kafe.     This Co skirt is one of my favorite and most-worn pieces in my closet. I last wore it on the blog here, but I’ve worn it countless times since. It’s from their spring collection last year, but I found a few left (on sale) here and here. Their new collection is also gorgeous, with this cream dress being one of my favorite pieces. I paired it with an older Express sweater, my blue and white floral Smythe Blazer and nude Everlane oxfords for the day.   The post Florals In Savannah appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Charleston In January
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Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: RedValentino Dress (less expensive version here and here), J.Crew Jacket, Lanvin Bag c/o, Nicholas Kirkwood Flats   It took a few months, but last week we finally got a new 8 Eyes On the Pink Couch up on Snapchat (it’ll be posted on GMG Now later this week). One question that we kept seeing come through was “what are some of the things you love most about living in South Carolina now?”. Right off the bat, it’s the weather. We knew that moving out here would make us want to be a lot more active outside and so far, we’ve been right. We’ve spent so much more time outdoors – not just in our own space, but everywhere. We pretty much use any excuse to get outside, like walking to get coffee in the neighborhood in the morning, working out in the park, having lunch out in the sunshine, shopping on King Street or just exploring downtown. How did we go so long without having such consistently warm days?! It’s such a little thing, but one that’s been a big, positive change in our every day routine.     It was too gorgeous out last week to be stuck inside, but with lots of computer work recently, it was hard to get out before the sun set. We finally found a break and bee-lined to a new part of town that we hadn’t explored yet. I love that Charleston still has so much to offer and with each changing season, it becomes a different place. The holiday decor is no longer draping the historic houses, but with camellias and citrus in season, there seems to be something blooming around each corner. And with the spring-like weather, it was totally fine to be bare-legged in the middle of January.     This RedValentino bow neck dress has been in my closet for a while, but hadn’t made it up on the blog. There are so many every day looks that go unseen when we don’t have time to go out and shoot. I’ve been trying to brainstorm a few ways to be able to quickly snap and share, but I’m curious where you would want to see them…? Less about the photography and more about a quick way to share my every day outfit. This time around, I added this J.Crew polka dot jacket over my dress, but last time I just wore it simply by itself. And the last time I wore this jacket, I styled it with a black turtleneck, black mini skirt, black tights and knee-high black boots.   The post Charleston In January appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
8 Chic Bags Under $500
17-01-2017 09:00:31
Gal Meets Glam
Bags: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8   I get a lot of questions about bags. One of those questions that pops up often is something around the theme of “wanting to upgrade and spend a bit more money on a handbag that’s worth the quality, without completely breaking the bank just for a designer name”. Fortunately, there are some absolutely gorgeous options out there right now, that are both classic and unique and definitely worth the price. Over the past year, I’ve realized I hardly ever use large bags and always end up grabbing a small-medium size. I love anything that’s a bit different in shape or looks like it could be vintage. Lines like Mansur Gavriel, Clare V and Cuyana keep them coming in classic ways that I’ll continue to use for years to come and that only get better with age. Other brands like Kayu, Simon Miller and Manu Atelier are re-vamping the typical styles we always see, making a handbag more of a statement accessory. These bags range in various shapes and sizes, textures and patterns, but are all under $500 (with many being under $200 and even $100).   The Basket BagOne trend from last summer that’s still going strong into this year is the basket bag. I wore my Cult Gaia bag all throughout last spring and summer and have already brought it out again this year. It’s back in stock here and available in a few more styles and colors! And keep scrolling below to shop all of my favorite basket bags… !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState === 'complete') { window.__stp.init(); } }(document, 'script', 'shopthepost-script'); Turn on your JavaScript to view content The post 8 Chic Bags Under $500 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Clean Slate
13-01-2017 09:00:40
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Express Trench, Sweater & Jeans, Halogen Booties, Derek Lam Clutch (old, no longer available), Prada Glasses   A fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning- all ways to describe the feeling of the new year. I think it’s safe to say that we love a reason to put our goals back in motion, recharge and get excited about what’s to come. One thing that I always find therapeutic to do at the beginning of the year (and also need to do!) is clean out my closet. I actually love going through the whole entire house and getting rid of everything we don’t use/most likely won’t use ever again. It helps us realize what we have been wearing or using and what we might be missing.     Every time I clean out my closet, it reminds me of the pieces that I repeatedly buy and only wear once. It’s a goal of mine this year to try and stop this bad habit. I’ve realized that this usually happens when I get caught up in the excitement of a particular piece and don’t think about the practicality or versatility of it. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule, with some special occasion or unique items, but day-to-day clothes should be things that we want to and can wear again and again. Overall, it’s just being more mindful and making a conscious effort to look at each piece not as a single item, but as a whole with everything else in your wardrobe.     I broke this theory down when I partnered with Express this month. Express has continually been a place where I’ve found some great basics and staples in my closet over the years. I’ve definitely jumped on some trends, and some of those pieces ended up lasting beyond just that season, but mostly the items that were classic were the ones that remained. Case in point: a classic black trench coat and a great pair of cropped denim. These are two items that I know I’ll get so much use out of. I have a camel trench coat that I wear all the time, so I was glad to find this one at Express for a great price. Over the past few months, I introduced cropped jeans into my life and I hardly reach for my skinny jeans anymore. I just really love the fit and look of the style. This Express pair has a bit of a higher waist and comes in a great wash that’s not too dark or light.     Thank you to Express for sponsoring this post. The post Clean Slate appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Winter White & Cream
12-01-2017 09:00:23
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Coat (last seen here), J.Crew Turtleneck (old, similar here), J.Crew Jeans, Max Mara Scarf, Everlane Oxfords, Clare V Clutch (old, similar here)   As I’m typing this, it’s currently almost 70 degrees out, but just a few days ago, it was under 40…! It seems like our cold front came and left pretty quick and won’t be coming back anytime soon. Usually I’m all about the cooler temps during this time of year, but honestly, this South Carolina weather is the best thing ever. We sat on our front porch eating lunch yesterday in the warm sunshine with the birds singing- I almost got confused of what month it was. But back at the beginning of the week, we had some of the coldest days yet (I think it even flurried at one point).     Luckily, after living in San Francisco, I’ve become used to layering up. You never know what you’re going to get over there- it’s pretty much coat weather year round. Maybe that’s why I have so many? I got this cream J.Crew Regent Coat two years ago and still love it because it’s light enough to wear in mildish conditions, but also easy to layer up for colder temps, too. I brought it back out earlier in the week and layered it over an older J.Crew cable knit turtleneck and added a warm cashmere scarf for the cold day.     I got my mom these Everlane loafers for Christmas and when I was on their site, I spotted this nude/blush pair of oxfords. I couldn’t resist ordering them for myself. I’ve worn them so much already- you probably saw me wearing them in Paris and even more so at home. They’re the perfect neutral color and and the shape and style is so versatile.     Ever since I bought these J.Crew jeans, I’ve been wearing them non-stop. They might be one of the favorite pairs of jeans ever! I wear them a lot and I’m not typically a girl who wears jeans often. So when they came out in this off-white color, I ordered them immediately. I pretty much switch between the classic denim color and these off-white pair every other day. Just be prepared to size down- I sized down two sizes in both colors.   The post Winter White & Cream appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
A Parisian Look
10-01-2017 09:00:42
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: APC Coat, Vince Turtleneck, J.Crew Jeans, Max Mara Scarf, Gucci Loafers, Mark Cross Bag, Beret (bought at a random shop in Paris, similar here)   If there’s one place I could visit over and over, it’s Paris. Every time we visit, it feels like a new experience, even if we’re going to the same neighborhoods. Our last trip was in the middle of summer, so quite different than the winter conditions we had this time around. But both are equally as beautiful. I hadn’t quite prepared for just how cold it was going to be (i.e. bare ankles), but it worked out as we used the excuse of being cold to pop into one too many shops for sweets, coffee or both.     This was actually the coldest day we had. It was New Year’s morning and we all let ourselves sleep in a bit after a long night out. There wasn’t much open for breakfast, but after walking a few blocks from the apartment, we found a boulangerie and got croissants to-go. Our initial plans of visiting Musée d’Orsay were derailed a bit when we arrived and saw about a million other people outside in line. Later we realized that The Louvre was closed on New Years, so we guessed that everyone decided on Musée d’Orsay, which would be closed the following day (Monday). So off we went on our back-up plan…     Regardless of how touristy it gets, I still love Montmartre- the windy cobblestone streets, the sprawling views of Paris, the quaint cafes and shops. The key is to seek out the least crowded spots and just stroll around. Although, without a doubt, there will be lots of people in Place du Tertre and Square Louise Michel, but both are areas to at least check out, with the later having the best views. With it being so cold out, we didn’t linger in one place too long and after a stop for some crepes and hot chestnuts, we were on to the next thing.     When we had gotten ready and left the apartment earlier that morning, I was wearing everything except the beret. When we were searching for breakfast just around the corner, I spotted a small shop with an array of berets, picked up the navy one, paid my 8 euros for it and left the store with it happily on my head. Sometimes things just feel like they were meant to be!   The post A Parisian Look appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
9 Dresses Under $100
9-01-2017 09:00:19
Gal Meets Glam
Dresses : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9   It seems like there’s a cold front just about everywhere right now and it’s making me want warm weather more than ever. Luckily for us over here in low country, the weather will unexpectedly pop back up into the 70s within a few days, so it’s not that unrealistic to be thinking of dresses. I saw a countdown of days until spring and I think it was around 70…! I do have to say that it has been nice to be cuddled up inside working with a hot cup of tea, but I’m definitely looking forward to some Spring weather. There are so many cute warm weather pieces coming out right now, which is definitely not helping my craving for sunshine and sandals. I’ve put together my selection of favorite dresses that are all under $100, with many of them being far less than that. Some of these can be worn now (if you live in the right climate) and some can be saved for when the warmer temps hit, but you don’t want to miss them because the best stuff goes quickly before the season even hits.   Budget Friendly DressesI wore this affordable summer dress this past July while we were in Healdsburg (as seen in this post) and loved this romantic feel of it. It was also under $100 and while it’s no longer available, there are plenty of options that are just as sweet out right now. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post 9 Dresses Under $100 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
A Day in Charlotte With Lela Rose
6-01-2017 09:00:32
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Lela Rose Sweater & Skirt (dress version) c/o, Fendi Bag, Sam Edelman Boots (on sale here and here)   Thomas and I haven’t explored much of our new surroundings, as we haven’t had the time yet, but we did get to spend a day in Charlotte back in November. One of my favorite designers, Lela Rose, was hosting a luncheon at Tabor and trunkshow at Capitol along with Jane Scott Hodges from Leontine Linens. I jumped at the chance to go, as both women have impeccable taste and I was really excited to see Charlotte, which is about a three hour drive from us. I’d also heard wonderful things about Capitol, a luxurious boutique filled with the newest of Valentino, Celine, Rosie Assoulin, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and more (they also have Poole, which is the upstairs shop that carries designers like Sea, Isabel Marant, Zimmermann, Ulla Johnson and more).     We stayed at the beautiful Duke Mansion, which was just as grand and gorgeous as it looks. Our room had a sweeping covered porch, and the grounds were exquisitely kept with lots of roses and manicured gardens. Sadly, we could only stay for one night, but we’ll definitely come back soon as it’s not too far.     We met at Tabor, which is Capitol’s mens store. It is curated so well, I kept telling Thomas to shop, but alas, he’s never interested in doing so. I might need to head back there in the near future for gifts for him! A beautiful lunch was set up on their porch, with beautiful linens by Leontine Linens. The tables were lined with bright fall colors, which was so refreshing to what you would typically expect from a fall tablescape. After the lunch, we all gathered in the SOCO Gallery (housed with Tabor in a 1920s bungalow) to listen to both Lela and Jane speak about style and entertaining. Both women were so kind and had so many funny stories/ great tips on hosting (which I’m so excited to do more of once our house is complete!).     After the lunch, we headed over to Capitol, where both women were having a trunk show. Getting a sneak peek at Lela’s collection was such a treat. I could live in her dresses for the rest of my life. She is the epitome of grace and classic style, but she always knows when to add an element of fun or surprise. She’s also one of the sweetest and funniest people! We had such a wonderful time spending the day with her. I wore this sweater and skirt from the Pre-Spring 2017 Collection. If you haven’t seen her Spring 2017, you should check it out here– it’s one of my favorite yet!     Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for a glass of wine on the porch to finish off a lovely day. The post A Day in Charlotte With Lela Rose appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Winter in Paris
5-01-2017 09:00:35
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: RED Valentino Coat, Sezane Shirt, Demylee Sweater, MOTHER Jeans, Gucci Loafers, Mansur Gavriel Bag, Max Mara Scarf   Thomas and I just got back from our week in Paris spent with my best friends ringing in the New Year. It honestly couldn’t have been better! I’ve always wanted to celebrate NYE in Paris and this year, on a whim, we booked an apartment, called up my girlfriends and just made it happen. We didn’t go in with too many plans, just a few dinner reservations, and everything ended up falling into place perfectly. I also think because we didn’t put too much pressure on ourselves for something over-the-top, everything was so much more fun and enjoyable as it played out.     Thomas and I flew in a day prior to the girls arriving, so we were able to walk around the neighborhood a bit (Saint Germain) and get the apartment warm and cozy with fresh flowers and pastries for their arrival. After having visited Paris a few times, we’ve finally figured out which areas we love to stay in. For us, it’s all about a central location where we can walk to many different shops, restaurants and attractions that we’ll be visiting. I loved Saint-Germain-des-Prés because we walked almost everywhere every single day, which is much needed with all of the croissants, chocolate and french fries we consumed on a daily basis.     Thomas and I love to just wander, and that’s exactly what we did. We had our eyes open for any home decor shops or art galleries, as we are decorating our place. Sometimes we set out for a particular place, but I find in Paris, it’s best if you just let yourself explore. If you’re hopping in a taxi from one spot to another, you miss all the little hidden gems. There is no better shopping than in Paris, as you never know what you might find in an old vintage shop in a small alley.     I, of course, had to stop into Ladurée for some macarons for my little sister, as they’re her favorite. We picked a few up for ourselves to have around the apartment, too.     I know a lot of you have asked for our Paris recommendations, so next up I’ll be sharing our list of favorites- from restaurants, to neighborhoods, to shops and hotels. Stay tuned! The post Winter in Paris appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
New Year, New Goals
4-01-2017 09:00:10
Gal Meets Glam
Instead of setting resolutions this year, that always feel unattainable and never actually take flight, I’m setting a list of goals for both my professional and personal life. To tell yourself that you’re absolutely going to do or not do something is just plain unrealistic, as we never know what surprises may pop up throughout the year. Setting goals feels more like an ambition than a restriction, which is a lot healthier in my opinion. Thomas and I both always create goals throughout the year, but I’m starting off this month with my list of what I think are going to be the most important things for me to address in my life this year. Throughout the year, I’ll continue to reassess the relevance and progress of goals on this list. Some goals might be refined, removed or added. So here’s my list for right now:   Be open to meeting new people. Especially living in a new city, I think it’s important for both of us to set time aside for getting together with new people and dates with new friends. Address my anxiety. This is something that I’ve lived with for a long time, and I want to learn how to handle it better. Spend less time on less important things. This is sort of an obvious one, but a lot easier said than done. Put down my phone more often. This one is pretty much on every single list I have. It’s so important to disconnect, especially with a career that thrives on being present online. Give things my full attention until they are finished instead of getting distracted. Learn a new sport, such as tennis or golf. I used to play tennis when I was younger and I would love to pick it up again. Align myself and fight for a cause bigger than me. Thomas and I are both passionate about different causes and give back during the year, but I want to make an effort in doing more than just giving back and involve myself deeper. Spend one weeknight each week, doing something other than working. I would love to take a mixture of classes, try out new restaurants, or read more. Set aside more time to work on GMG vs work in GMG. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day demands of work, but it’s so important to spend more time doing things that will impact the business in the future.   What are some of your goals for this new year? I’d love to hear! The post New Year, New Goals appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
1-01-2017 09:00:51
Gal Meets Glam
Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017! The start of the new year is always an exciting time, as it feels like the beginning of a fresh start. I do love looking back at what we’ve accomplished, the highs and the lows and the changes that happened over the previous year. This was a big year for us personally, as we bought our first house and moved cross-country. We had amazing opportunities to travel new places for the first time, like Ireland, Dominican Republic and Iceland and re-visit other favorites, like Italy, England and France. We’ve added new features like GMG Now, but were delayed with many others, which can be a blessing and a curse. Every day there is work that goes on behind the scenes that never makes the light of day because it’s a slow process to roll out new things. Instead of getting frustrated, we remind ourselves that life is a marathon, not a race, and it’s better to take things slowly and do them right. Most of all though, I have so enjoyed getting to know many of you on a more personal level. I opened up a few times with our new Discussions posts and hope to do lots more this year, too. It had been years since we posted our last video, but we finally broke that down streak with our Iceland Vlog and hope to do more of those this year, too. As always, I love hearing what you’re enjoying, what you’re connecting with or what’s missing. You guys are the reason behind all of this and without you, we wouldn’t be here. I’m so appreciative to have such a wonderful, loving and supportive community of people here and hope that we can all inspire each other over this next year to be the best we possibly can. And here is a look at some of my favorite moments from each month in 2016…   JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER   The post 2016 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
29-12-2016 09:00:12
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Tibi Blazer, Joie Lace Top (old, similar here), Alice + Olivia Pants (on sale), Louboutin Pumps, Jimmy Choo Clutch (old, similar here), Rebecca de Ravenel Earrings (similar less expensive version here)   With NYE just a few days away, I wanted to share some inspiration on what to wear this year. I’ve featured numerous party dresses here on the blog, but one unexpected look that’s just as chic, is the lady tuxedo. This is my version, of course, that includes a bit of lace and satin, so not the typical structured style you’re used to seeing. I love a little androgyny in an outfit, something that’s both masculine and feminine, and this one definitely has a little bit of both.     It all started when I spotted this Tibi blazer. I’ve been on the hunt for a black and white tuxedo style blazer (I almost caved and got this all cream silk one), but held out until I found exactly what I was looking for. Bingo! The bow sleeves on the Tibi one sealed the deal for me. I pulled it out the weekend before last for a holiday party in the neighborhood, added a black silk cami underneath, faux fur stole on the top and paired with wide leg silk trousers. It was comfortable and refined, but still festive and fun, which is just what I wanted.     I got these Alice + Olivia black satin trousers a while ago and finally had them hemmed a bit so I could wear them. I still kept some of the length so that I can wear them with my most loved pumps (find more great heel options here), my Louboutin Pigalle, and give the illusion of long legs (when in fact, I’m only 5’5). Plus, they have an elastic waistband, which is oh so comfortable and appealing for all of those holiday desserts and long nights on the dance floor.     Thank you to Nordstrom & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post NYE Tux appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Blush Pink Dress & Red Coat
28-12-2016 09:00:38
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Maje Dress (on sale, navy version here), Vince Coat (old, similar here and here), Louboutin Pumps, Mansur Gavriel Bag   Christmas may be over, but I’m not giving up on my holiday style just yet. As we leave for Paris today (I’m probably still trying to pack as you read this…), I plan on bringing out some of my most festive pieces yet! It’s NYE after all, so anything goes. My girlfriends will be joining Thomas and me the day after we get there and I can hardly contain my excitement! We’ve always done the same thing for New Years,  this is our first one not in California and not with family, so it’s a little bittersweet.     I got this Maje dress back in October and have worn it so much since then, but never here on the blog. I pulled it back out again a few weeks ago and decided to make it a little more festive by pairing it with red. Previously, I’ve worn it with black OTK boots, nude pumps and pink ballet flats. I’ve always loved simple midi dresses like this one, as they’re effortlessly classic and feminine.     It’s also felt incredibly wonderful to spend more than a week at home. I think this is the longest period of time that we’ve been home since we moved. And you know what? It makes me 10000x more sure that we made the right decision. Things are really starting to fall into place and we’re finding our groove and routine here, meeting new people and just really feeling like we’re meant to be exactly where we are. I love heading downtown and finding little gems like this red Vespa paired with the pink building and a beautiful pink blooming bush of flowers. If anything, I sure do love this low country weather!   The Red CoatMixing pink and red has always been a favorite combination of mine, especially around the holidays. I’ve had this Maje dress for a while and threw over my old Vince coat for a new twist on this look that I’ve worn a handful of times. This coat is from a few seasons back, but I’ve found a few similar options you can shop below… !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p, cb; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) { e = doc.createElement(s); = id; cb = new Date().getTime().toString(); p = '//' + cb; e.src = p; doc.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.ss_shopsense === 'object'){ if(doc.readyState === 'complete'){ window.ss_shopsense.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'shopsensewidget-script'); The post Blush Pink Dress & Red Coat appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Winter Brights
26-12-2016 09:00:44
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Striped Sweater, J.Crew Jeans, Nicholas Kirkwood Flats, Mansur Gavriel Bag, ZanZan Sunglasses   And just like that, Christmas is over. The weekend came and went so quickly, but it was one of the best holidays we’ve had yet. We stayed in most of the day, baking and cooking, only to head out on a bike ride at sunset with a bottle of wine. It was a great day. Now we’re gearing up for our family to leave tomorrow and then the next day we’re off to Paris for NYE with my best friends! Lots to do and not a lot of time, but I can’t resist some of the sales going on right now with the end of the year in sight…     One of the best sales of the year is Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, which just started and goes until January 2nd. If you’re in need to still pick up some gifts for people, now’s the time to do it! They have everything from Nike sneakers to UGG slippers to Bobbi Brown makeup sets, party dresses and blush bags. A few items on sale that I have are these Sam Edelam boots, these cropped Frame jeans, this Bobbi Brown mascara and this J.Crew gingham popover.     We’ve been having the best weather over here- a mix of warm days with a cool breeze. I’ve already bought a few resort things and have ended up pulling them out early when it gets hot enough. This Rebecca Taylor striped sweater has been on repeat lately because it’s just so bright and cheerful. I’m wearing an xs, which is a bit cropped and goes perfectly with my favorite J.Crew jeans (that run really big- I sized down two sizes to a 24). I paired them with my new flats Thomas got me for Christmas for the perfect winter bright combination.     Thank you to Nordstrom & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post Winter Brights appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Star Print PJs
21-12-2016 09:00:20
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Old Navy Star Print PJs & Pink Slippers   You won’t ever find me in sweats, but you can most definitely find me around the house in my pjs. Thomas always jokes how quickly I slip into my pajamas once we’re home from a long day. I have a drawer stacked full of matching silk pajamas, cozy thermal pairs and warm flannels for the winter. I actually got my whole family matching pajamas for Christmas and have them sitting out on each of their beds for when they get here today!     Old Navy has some of the best matching thermal loungewear this season. I couldn’t leave without grabbing a few pairs like this star print and this pink stripe print. A lot of them are sold out online, but I found quite a lot of sizes still available in our Mount Pleasant store, so I suggest checking out the nearest Old Navy to you! They’re definitely worth it with a price tag of under $10! I ended up buying a few extra pairs to give to my sisters as they live in a much colder climate than we do, and can wear them under their snow gear!     Last time I was in Old Navy, I got these sueded sherpa-lined moccasins in a tan color, but when my mom came to visit, she totally stole them from me (perks of having the same shoe size- we’ve always shared!). When I was back in the store, I saw them in pink, so I got myself another pair to wear around the house, which is especially nice in the winter with hardwood floors throughout.   Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post. The post Star Print PJs appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
19-12-2016 09:00:22
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: J.Crew Cardigan & Shell via Nordstrom, Express Skirt (old, similar here), Mark Cross Bag, Chanel Flats (old, similar here)   T minus six days until Christmas! Can you believe this season flew by so quickly? My family arrives on Wednesday morning and Thomas and I have planned out some fun activities for the rest of the week. I’m looking forward to things slowing down a bit and having some quality time with family, showing them our new home. This is our first Christmas, and first holiday really, in our first home, so it’s definitely a memorable one. We also have lots of new stuff going on with the house that I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys in the new year (so weird to say that- it’s only weeks away!).     A while ago I got this J.Crew matching bow print cardigan and shell from Nordstrom and they’ve been two of my favorite pieces for the season. Even though it’s a classic combo, the bow print feels unexpectedly festive. Did you guys know that Nordstrom recently starting carrying J.Crew? It’s my spot for getting otherwise sold out items like this fair isle sweater, this pink ruffle sleeve top, this multistripe supersoft wool sweater, these silk pants or this oxford check coat that’s on sale! I definitely stocked up on a few last minute gifts for the holidays.     Another piece that’s always key in holiday dressing is a classic black skater skirt. I got this one a few years ago, but found two similar options from Nordstrom here and here. I’ve worn it in the summer and the spring, along with tights in the winter. The weather in Charleston has been up and down, with warmer temps on the horizon for this week, so I don’t think adding tights will be necessary anytime soon.      Thank you to Nordstrom & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post Bows appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Winter Bike Ride
16-12-2016 09:00:37
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Pure Cycle Pink Bike, Burberry Trench (last seen here, less expensive version here and here), J.Crew Sweater, J.Crew Jeans, Ferragamo Pumps, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Mansur Gavriel Bag, Pink Scarf (old, similar here)   Happy Friday! This has been one long week. It seems like everyone (including myself) has been rushing to finish up last minute things before the holidays with both work and pleasure. I’ve finally (!!!) finished my Christmas shopping, shipped out gifts to friends and family that we won’t be near, have been getting the house ready for my family coming and trying to finish up work so we can take a few days off next week. This past week’s posts were filled with holiday inspo, in both home decor and style (here and here) and the last part of our Iceland trip (don’t miss our video here!).     One of the things I wanted to do when we bought our house, was fill our shed with bikes. Thomas and I both love to ride our bikes everywhere, even more so now that we live in a much flatter (I don’t miss those SF hills!) area. We obviously wanted bikes for ourselves, but we wanted extras for friends and family that are visiting, so we can all ride together. It’s already proven to be a great idea, as both our families have ridden them along with friends that have come over, too. Thomas and I ride them almost everyday, whether we’re getting coffee in the morning, running errands or just exploring the neighborhood.     We got a few of these Pure Cycles beach cruisers that have been amazing. They come unassembled and are really easy to put together when they arrive. Today’s actually the last day to order to get free shipping at checkout (I’m not being paid to say any of this – I just really love them!) They’re also an incredibly reasonable price at under $300. We have both the Duxbury and the Sydney.     Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you all next week with our last bit of holiday posts! The post Winter Bike Ride appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Double Bows
15-12-2016 09:00:58
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Kate Spade New York Dress & Heels c/o Zappos Luxury   I can’t believe Christmas is a little over a week away (10 days!). We’ve been wrapping up a bunch of work, with our quick 12 hour trip to Atlanta being our last flight until we leave for New Years. I’m looking forward to these last few weeks at home, with my family flying out in a few days, and holiday events and parties to attend. I love this time of year! There’s no shortage of dress wearing and today’s is undoubtably a favorite of mine.     Do I sound like a broken record if I say that I love bows? Yes, I probably do, because it’s quite obvious by now. The one brand that always does it right is Kate Spade New York. I can always count on them to find a chic look that has just the right amount of fun. Example, this black and cream bow dress from Zappos Luxury. The front makes it look like a classic satin fit and flare dress, but the back is where the party’s at! If you’re looking for more party dresses for the holidays that have a bow detail, this pink one is also beautiful. And if you’re not looking for a party dress, but you love bows like me, these bow print pjs are for you. Naturally, I have them too and switch them out every other night with one of my silk pjs.     And what’s a party dress without a killer pair of party shoes?! These red Kate Spade New York heels from Zappos Luxury are similar to the dress in that they have the surprise bow in the back. I love this pair because I don’t have to save them for a party or always wear them with a dress. They’ll look just as cute with a pair of jeans and a tee. Another pair of shoes from Zappos Luxury that I have been wearing with jeans and a tee are these sparkly slides with a feather pom on the top. They are without a doubt the most fun pair of shoes I own! They feel like a little party on my feet. Also a bonus, Zappos Luxury has free shipping & returns!     Thank you to Zappos Luxury for sponsoring this post. The post Double Bows appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Iceland Itinerary Part 3
13-12-2016 09:00:53
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Look 1- Rains Raincoat, Geysir Sweater, J.Crew Turtleneck, Black Ski Pants, Zara Beanie, Sorel Boots Look 2- Whistles Faux Fur Coat, Patagonia Jacket, J.Crew Turtleneck, Frame Leather Pants, Moncler Boots Look 3- Abercrombie Shirt, Leggings, J.Crew Socks, Danner Boots, Plaid Blanket Look 4- Canada Goose Coat, J.Crew Sweater (old, similar here) & Turtleneck, Black Ski Pants, Danner Boots, Fjallraven Hat   The last and final part of our Iceland trip is here (Part 1 & Part 2 here), along with a video of it all at the end! By the time we left, we were already scheming with friends on when to head back- Spring? Summer? Winter, again? We always say that we want to head back somewhere, but I know that we’ll return to Iceland. Plus, the travel time is pretty quick and easy from NYC. Our last few days were spent at our final hotel, Deplar Farm. Getting to Deplar Farm wasn’t the easiest of adventures. As it turns out, the road that provides the quickest route from Akureyri was closed due to the first winter storm that rolled in a day or two before we arrived. The thick snow and the remoteness of the hotel meant that we had to be picked up at the main highway and transported in a larger truck. After 25 minutes of driving in the thick snow through a beautiful valley, we laid our eyes on Deplar Farm.     Thanks to a recommendation from Nine Worlds we found Deplar Farm. A luxury hotel this remote has to be special to convince people to come, and it did not disappoint! From the moment we saw it, we were wowed. While everything was incredible, the spa was unlike anything we’d ever seen and it was the perfect way to thaw out our frozen bodies. The trip up until that point had taken its toll and we were ready for a little relaxation, so we were ready to take full advantage of the indoor/outdoor heated pool, sauna and steam room. I could easily go back and just spend my entire trip in this little slice of heaven. It easily tops the list of our favorite hotels we’ve ever been to and the service, design, food, atmosphere and pretty much everything about it was beyond exceptional.     As I mentioned, the first snowstorm of the year had rolled through earlier that week, and it just kept snowing. In fact, it snowed for almost five straight days. We decided to make use of the fresh snow, so we canceled our plans for the day and decided to stay around the hotel. After a hearty breakfast, we tromped through the snow, throwing snowballs and making snow angels and taking the the 360 degree whiteout. The manager of the hotel mentioned that they had sleds, but they were in storage down the road. As they fetched the sleds for us, Thomas and I couldn’t wait, so he grabbed a snow shovel to improvise. It wasn’t a bad alternative, but as soon as the sleds arrived we were flying down the hill!     The next morning we woke up and unfortunately, had to say goodbye to Deplar. After an incredible brunch of Icelandic pancakes and huevos rancheros, we hopped in the car and headed back to Akureyri where we would be going dogsledding. This was an activity we were so looking forward to. We booked through Inspiration Iceland and had the nicest guide, who we loved. At first, I was a little intimidated by the dogs, as I’ve heard that they can be a little aggressive, but these were the sweetest most loving dogs- a mix of Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. Our guide was saying how they are all like family and to not be afraid because the dogs love cuddles and especially love running! As they got harnessed up, we could see they were getting antsy to run and get out in the snow. After a brief overview of how to work the sled, we were off!     After dogsledding, we headed to the airport where we had a flight back to Reykjavik for our final evening. We had mentioned to the manager at Deplar that we were bummed we hadn’t seen the Northern Lights on our trip. After a quick weather check, he came over to us and said that the odds might be in our favor for that evening! There were supposed to be clear skies all around Reykjavik. While you can see the lights from within the city, the darker the skies, the more visible they are. We’d considered getting a rental car for just the night (since we had already returned ours), but he insisted that he’d set up someone to take us out. After we checked into our new hotel (Hotel 101) and had dinner (at The Laudromat Cafe) we met up with our guide and drove a little over an hour outside the city. About 20 minutes outside, we pulled over and could start the seem the green swirls in the sky, but as we continued out, it got more intense. It was truly the perfect ending for an incredible and unforgettable trip!    The post Iceland Itinerary Part 3 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Silver & Blush
12-12-2016 18:00:44
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Express Sweater, Tank, Skirt & Heels c/o, L’Afshar Clutch   Satin, silks, velvet, sparkle and sequins… it’s all I want to wear right now and luckily, there is so much of it everywhere for the holidays. I’ve worn a few sequin looks on the blog along with velvet, but today I teamed up with Express for my personal favorite, satin. I recently got this blush satin tank from Express along with this slightly silver (I love that it’s not too metallic, but has more of a sheen) pleated skirt that pairs together beautifully.     If you’re looking for an affordable holiday look, this is it! Because the best part is that all of the pieces can be styled different ways to recreate more outfits throughout the season. Pair this tank with jeans and a leather jacket, or wear the skirt with a cashmere sweater and tights. To keep warm, I draped this cardigan, also from Express, over the outfit to add a different texture to all the silky fabric going on.     Express also has a mix of other pleated skirts, like this mini that comes in silver or bronze, or this high waisted one that comes in black and red. Pair them with any delicate blouse or cami and add a soft sweater over the top to recreate this look at home. I wore these glitter heeled sandals, but you could easily pair the outfit with flats to make it more day-time appropriate.     Thank you to Express for sponsoring this post. The post Silver & Blush appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Ladylike Red + Join Me in Atlanta!
11-12-2016 09:00:33
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Jill Stuart Dress c/o Neiman Marcus Last Call   I’m a pink lady at heart, but red has taken over me this season. The timeless color will always be a favorite of mine. I wore this red dress last week, a bit different than today’s ladylike style, but both are similar in the sense that they are classic. If you want to switch things up from your usual little black dress, this is the way to go, especially with the holiday season. I got this one from Neiman Marcus Last Call at over half off! They have a handful of other gorgeous red dresses that are at a fraction of their original retail price (see the end of the post for an event I’m hosting in Atlanta with Neiman Marcus Last Call at Lenox Marketplace!).     Charleston is filled with the cutest holiday decor right now. I love heading downtown, with my camera in hand, just strolling the streets right at sunset when all of the Christmas lights start to light up. Everyone has festive wreaths on their front doors, steps lined with poinsettias and garland-draped white picket fences. It makes me so excited for the upcoming holiday and also makes me feel like I need to step up our front door game!     I would gladly wear this red dress every single day. Sadly, no one really dresses up this much anymore, so I’ll just use any excuse of a holiday party or our trip to Paris for NYE!     As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’m heading out to Atlanta (my first time in the city!) this Wednesday, December 14th to host a shopping event with Neiman Marcus Last Call at Lenox Marketplace from 5-8pm. I hope you can make it out if you’re in the area! And I’m happy to help with any styling or shopping suggestions- it is the best time to pick up some designer things at a fraction of the price!   Thank you to Neiman Marcus Last Call for sponsoring this post. The post Ladylike Red + Join Me in Atlanta! appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Time At Home
10-12-2016 09:00:52
Gal Meets Glam
Thomas and I have really been savoring this past week at home. I’m so incredibly grateful for the opportunities to travel and see the world, but there really is no better feeling than being home. Plus, we’re still settling down in our new place and trying to get a rhythm and routine. My mom flew out last weekend and was initially only planning on staying for a few days but ended up extending her trip through the week to help us out. Moms truly are the best. We’ve spent our evenings decorating our Christmas tree (this is our first year getting a real one!), taking walks around the neighborhood and doing lots of cooking and baking.     I’m not a huge baker, but something about the change of weather and wanting to stay cozied up inside makes me want to whip up a batch of cookies. Is that nesting? It’s also so nice to have a huge kitchen that we actually want to spend time in. It’s definitely the room that we do spend the most time in and I can’t wait until the beginning of the year when we start our renovations (more on that later…)! But this past week, we put it to good use, rolled out a large thing of parchment paper and made the holiday cookies that I grew up making every year- sugar cookies with vanilla frosting, sprinkled with mashed up candy canes.     Taking the time to spend quality time with family has always been important to Thomas and me. I think that’s why we savor the holidays so much, because we get to see our families more often than normal (it’s especially hard now that we live across the country). It’s definitely comforting to bring any family traditions- big or small- into our new home.     While the cookies baked in the oven, we sipped on hot chocolate while the time passed. This month, I’m excited to be working with Timex and show you guys how I #TakeTime to spend with my loved ones. Nothing feels better than checking out, being present and enjoying each other’s company. Here, I’m wearing the Timex Originals Tonal in this dusty rose shade. Naturally, this goes with just about everything in my wardrobe.     How do you take time to enjoy the holidays with friends & family? I’d love to know!     Thank you to Timex for sponsoring this post. The post Time At Home appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Gifting Nespresso
9-12-2016 10:00:02
Gal Meets Glam
One of the things I love most about our new home in Charleston is the incredible neighborhood we find ourselves in. Being home this week means waking up every morning looking out at the Spanish moss-covered trees in our yard, listening to the soft sounds of our neighborhood coming alive, and feeling like I have to pinch myself that this is our place. I love getting cozy in comfy loungewear and curling up with my morning coffee with Thomas. Only, instead of Thomas making the coffee, I want to now because I get to use our new Nespresso Evoluo Machine, which we gifted to each other as an early Christmas present. We’ve had our Nespresso U for years, but it was time for a bit of an upgrade. The Evoluo is so incredibly easy to use – I just pop in one of the capsules, press one button and I’ve just created a full-size coffee, complete with nearly an inch of foamy cream. And I can add my almond milk to the Aeroccino4 milk frother for an additional creamy delight, while Thomas can simply enjoy his traditional espresso, sans any extras.     The Nespresso Limited Edition capsules include flavors reminiscent of my childhood holiday favorites – pumpkin bread, gingerbread and one we made ALL the time, (and my personal favorite) banana bread. Since we’re having family stay with us for the holidays, I decided to share the same memories by gifting a Nespresso Evoluo Machine and a set of limited edition capsules to my Dad, who is a die-hard coffee lover. Seriously, the smell of coffee in the morning instantly makes me think of him.      I plan on hosting a Christmas Eve dinner party with my family, and bringing back an old tradition by having each family member open just one gift. After dinner is served and we’re settled in for dessert, I’m hoping to suggest that my Dad open his gift from us first (mom is keeping him away from this post!), knowing that everyone will want to line up to make their own espressos and coffees. We will sit around drinking coffee, listening to stories about our family, maybe sharing funny gifts we’d received over the years (I actually received coal one year, from my darling older sister), and what we’re planning to do in the coming year. Cleaning up after our coffee and dessert will be a breeze thanks to Nespresso’s recycling program for their capsules. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the dishes!     Maybe you’re heading home for the holidays or to your in-laws. Get them something you know they’ll love and that you can enjoy, too. This is a gift they’re going to want to open first so that everyone can experience great tasting coffee while the family is all together for the holidays. You’ll end up wanting one for yourselves, just like we did! What’s something you love that you want to gift someone this year?   Thank you to Nespresso for sponsoring this post. The post Gifting Nespresso appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Iceland Itinerary Part 2
8-12-2016 10:00:03
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Day 1- J.Crew Coat (also similar here), Fusalp Pants, Sorel Boots Day 2- Abercrombie Coat (also similar here), Demylee Sweater (last seen here), J.Crew Jeans, Danner Boots, Max Mara Scarf, J.Crew Earmuffs, Brown Gloves   Part 2 of our Iceland trip started off with something we were very excited about. In fact, while planning our trip, we significantly altered our route to make sure we saw the Glacier Lagoon, located in Southeastern Iceland. We are so glad that we did because it was a sight unlike any other. I mentioned in the previous post (Part 1 of our Itinerary) that a road closure the night before, due to 50-60 mph winds, kept us from making it to our hotel which was 20 minutes from the Glacier Lagoon. So we woke up an hour early to get to the lagoon before sunrise, which luckily wasn’t until about 10am.      Incredibly strong winds remained from the night before but we wrapped up as best we could, and we got out of the car and explored. I wore this big & extra warm white coat from J.Crew (a few more similar styles here and here). We hiked to the highest hill we could find where we enjoyed expansive views of the lagoon, all the way to the glacier and mountains in the distance. Major icebergs floated in the water, unable to be carried out to sea. Seals swam calmly amongst the ice while we and the shorebirds nearly got blown away by the wind. Thomas left his tripod standing up for only a minute, it blew over and broke, luckily the camera wasn’t on it. T went into the small store at the lagoon to see if they knew of somewhere nearby we could get duct tape, the lady stared at us and said, the nearest town was 100km away, so that was a solid ‘No’. They did have clear shipping tape which we wrapped around enough times to salvage the tripod for the next few hours!     We had a tour scheduled to visit the Ice Caves of the glacier near the lagoon, but we had time to kill, so we headed 2 minutes away to the black sand beach near the lagoon. All over the black sand beach sat large ice chunks; I guess that’s why it’s called Diamond Beach. So many times during our trip we got the feeling that we were on another planet. This was one of those moments! How many times have you shared a sandy beach with some small icebergs?      Next, we met up for our Ice Cave tour, so we hopped in a van which took us to a giant, lifted Mercedes Van with the biggest wheels you’ve ever seen. We did some serious off-roading, the type most comparable to the settings of commercials for trucks and SUVS. Finally, we made it to the Ice Cave, which was packed with other people in it. In fact, there was a whole line of landscape photographers on their tripods. The Ice Cave was magical, the intense blue of the ice was mesmerizing. The caves are only safe to travel into in the winter. Actually, during the summer months, they are filled with water that’s runoff from the melting glacier. Then in the winter, the melting stops and the water can run out, creating an empty cave. For those of you interested, we booked the Crystal Ice Cave Tour through Glacier Guides.      After our tour, we hopped in the car with a long drive ahead of us. We made it to the town of Hofn right at sunset, but not before stopping for some beautiful Icelandic horses we saw off the side of the road (below). As we were looking for a spot to take photos, Thomas noticed a hardware store, what are the chances!? He was able to find a roll of duct tape to better fix his broken tripod that suffered earlier in the morning. We found a restaurant for dinner, Pakkhús, and it was completely empty. A stark contrast from what it must be like during the summer, where we read reviews that people had to wait a long time for a table. Our food was so good, and it couldn’t have come at a better time because we were so hungry and seriously craving something fresh. All of the food that we had throughout our entire trip, even at tiny little places in small towns, was delicious!      We got back in the car, and we headed to our hotel in Egilsstadir for the night, a drive that should have been less than 3 hours, had weather been ideal. We faced some crazy weather which forced us to drive at speeds anywhere from 45 km/h to 70 km/h instead of the listed speed limit of 90 km/h. At one point during the drive, we were hit by what seemed like a wall of flying rocks. Not the sand that had been blasting our car for hours, but actual rocks and pebbles as if they had been shot out of a canon, which resulted with a few cracks to our windshield. (Note to self: always get the window insurance in Iceland. We learned the hard way!). That brought us to a screeching halt and shook us up a bit. We carried on but then we discovered a major road was closed. This forced us to take a detour which added at least 1.5 hours to our drive. By the time, we arrived where our hotel was, it had taken us 5.5 hours, or double our original estimate.     Since the drive had taken us so long and we had another long drive scheduled early the next morning we would have essentially taken a nap for an hour or two at the hotel in Egilsstadir. Our adrenaline was pumping since the drive had been so intense, so there was no chance we were going to bed. We decided to try and make it as far to Akureyri, as we could. In ideal conditions, that would be another 3 ¼ hours. As soon as we exited the town limits of Egilsstadir, the snow just kept falling. At times it was a pure whiteout, and we had to slow to a crawl so that we could see in front of us. We had plans of stopping at the next town we saw along the way, but we just couldn’t force ourselves to quit going even if we had to go half the speed limit. We powered through deep into the night and further North where it just kept getting snowier and snowier. Eventually, we reached a mountain pass road. An hour earlier it had been open, but we discovered it was closed. We decided to proceed with serious caution, luckily other big cars like ours had recently traveled the road, so it wasn’t a problem for us. Once over the mountain, we could see the bright lights of Akureyri which put a smile on our faces. At 03:30 we pulled into the parking lot at our hotel in Akureyri. We had begun the previous day at 07:00 in South Iceland and finished 20.5 hours later in the biggest city in North Iceland. We were clearly exhausted from a long day of the most extreme driving of our lives, but it took us almost an hour to fall asleep due to excess adrenaline (and sugar high from the candy and junk food we ate to keep us awake!).      The next morning we woke up at 9:30, which was about as early as we could possibly do. We decided to explore as much of Akureyri as we could before heading even further north to our eventual destination, Deplar Farm. That meant visiting two cafes and doing a bit of shopping at a store called Geysir (I loved this place! They have locations in Reykjavik as well). First, we stopped at Bláa Kannan for some coffee to wake us up a bit. This is beautiful cafe (see below) that has the most yummy pastries and desserts.      After walking around for a bit, we found the most delicious waffles and scrambled eggs at a cafe atop a hill in the center of town called Kaffi Ilmur. As we sipped our coffee and ate our food, we watched as kids from the neighborhood sled down the hill which had been freshly covered in snow.     After our breakfast, we drove North to Deplar. On our way, we came across the town of Siglufjordur. Which we were told is the most northern major town in Iceland. It used to be a great fishery for herring but they overfished the species, and the industry crashed. A museum and some beautiful buildings still exist, which make this an attractive stop for anyone exploring Northern Iceland. The coastline there and along the way to Deplar Farm is breathtaking. We just kept pulling off to the side of the road in pure amazement!     Stay tuned for Part 3 (the last leg!) of our Iceland trip! And in case you missed the first one, head on over here… The post Iceland Itinerary Part 2 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Chocolate For Christmas
7-12-2016 09:00:12
Gal Meets Glam
With all of the entertaining and gifting around this time of year, I’m always looking for a new way to do things. Maybe that’s a different sort of cocktail to serve or unique small gift to pick up for friends and neighbors. Especially now that we bought our first house, I’ve been wanting to get in the holiday mood more than ever before. And Thomas and I are both excited to start traditions with our family in our new place.     It’s no secret that I love chocolate, and the darker the better. I’m pretty much always up for chocolate anything. When making a dessert, it’s usually my go-to base. I also always keep a dark chocolate bar or two around the house for a late night sweet tooth craving. But this season, I wanted to create a dessert that was simple and easy, would satisfy even those with savory preference and have a beautiful presentation. That’s when I came up with the idea of having a chocolate “bar”. Literally, having chocolate bars for dessert. The trick is that you make it look much fancier than it actually is by adding a mix of colorful fruits, nuts, spices and cheese to complement the different chocolates.     It’s easy to whip this up in less than 5 minutes. I started with a variety of GREEN & BLACK’S Pur Dark and Milk Chocolates in various flavors and a mix of dark and milk chocolate. I then made a list of the different ingredients in each bar- raspberry & hazelnut or almonds or sea salt- and elaborated on each of those notes by adding the corresponding larger portion. I also picked up whatever looked fruitful and in-season at the grocery store and bought some delicious cheese to balance the sweetness. The result was colorful and yummy and had me wanting to snack right away! It’s also fun to use extra chocolate bars or packaging (if it’s colorful and pretty) as decor. That way, when guests run through all the set-out chocolate, you have more for backup.     Aside from entertaining, I love using my sweet love for gifting. Chocolate gifting. Instead of buying or sending pre-made gift baskets, I chose to create my own this year. Again, it’s simple and easy and that way I can personalize each one to the people/person I’m giving it to. For this one, I started with a small seagrass basket and filled it with burlap. For the goodies inside, I added a mix of GREEN & BLACK’S chocolate bars in different flavors, a bottle of champagne, a candle and matches, a jar of homemade granola and topped it off with a monogram ornament. You can make it simpler by just having some chocolate and wine or even a tad fancier by throwing in some pretty champagne glasses or a beautiful throw. Checkout GREEN & BLACK’S great gift sets.     Thank you to GREEN & BLACK’S for sponsoring this post. The post Chocolate For Christmas appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Tablescape For The Holidays
6-12-2016 09:00:04
Gal Meets Glam
Table Decor: Dinnerware, Placemats, Napkins, Flatware, Centerpiece, Candles, Ornaments, White Pillar Candles, Throw, Topiaries (by front door) all c/o Frontgate   After a whirlwind of travel, we’re now home through Christmas, which means we can finally set up and get a little cozy over here. My whole family is flying out in a few weeks and I’m so incredibly excited to not only show them our new house, but show them around our new city. I spent this past weekend pulling out some of our Christmas decorations and trying to add a festive touch to the house. The one room that is officially complete, and the one that will get the most use, is our dining room. In our new place, we have a formal front/dining room that I’m really looking forward to entertaining in. We have the pink couch sitting pretty against a bookshelf (that needs renovating) and our vintage table that we had in SF fits perfectly in its new spot.     Since we already have so much color in the room through our art and our couch, I wanted to keep the palette simple and somewhat neutral for our holiday dining decor. It all started with this beautiful faux centerpiece I found from Frontgate. I usually opt for something real, but they always die quickly and then I have to replace or go without. This one is fresh and elegant with the gold details throughout the table and still feels festive without being red and green.     This big knit throw is definitely going to be getting lots of use. I’ve already been curling up with it in the evenings. It’s so soft and plush and I love an extra chunky knit. I draped it over one of the wingback chairs in our living room to add a cozy touch to the more feminine space. I also love these beautiful cashmere throws from Frontgate. There is always a use for a good throw blanket.     For the place settings, I started with these scalloped gold placemats and that’s when I decided it was going to be the theme of the table. I love gold, but only when it’s done through smaller details. These placemats look perfect under a white plate with the scallops just sticking out ever so slightly. I picked out these metallic linen napkins along with this beautiful gold flatware to blend it all together. The raw terra cotta edges of this Vietri Bianco dinnerware set always adds a small rustic touch that I really love when paired against the ranges of gold.     We added a fresh pine wreath to our front door, but got these faux boxwood topiaries from Frontgate (that light up) to add a bit more greenery. We have a lot of ideas for our front porch, that’s currently sitting empty, but this little touch really livened things up. It’s amazing what just a little green can do.     Lastly, I added an assortment of mixed white pillar candles and ornaments to our console table. It’s usually used as a serving station when we’re having dinner parties or a big meal with family, but needed a little something when it’s not. I’ve also been slowly buying ornaments for our tree, so I was really excited to get this big, beautiful collection that has a wide mix of colors, sizes and shapes to help fill our tree that’s coming soon!   Thank you to Frontgate for sponsoring this post. The post Tablescape For The Holidays appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Iceland Itinerary Part 1
5-12-2016 09:00:28
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Outfit Details: Day 1- Monday Swimwear One Piece, Moncler Coat, Frame Leather Pants, Moncler Boots, Brown Gloves Day 2- Canada Goose Coat, Patagonia Jacket, J.Crew Turtleneck, Black Ski Pants (the best buy- under $40), Sorel Boots, Moncler Beanie Day 3- YMC Duffle Coat, Petite Bateau Yellow Jacket, J.Crew Turtleneck, AG Jeans, Sorel Boots, Brown Gloves, J.Crew Socks, Striped Beanie   I’m so excited to finally start sharing posts from our incredible trip to Iceland. It was easily one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to, but also one of the most challenging. We went through just about every kind of weather difficulty you can imagine- rain, wind, hail, snow, sand and cold, but it was completely worth it in the end. One of the most difficult elements was the amount of sunlight, about 5.5 hours of sun above the horizon in the North and an hour more in the South. This was all a sacrifice we are glad that we made in order to experience the beauty of Iceland during this time of the year. The Northern Lights, waist deep snow, beautiful landscapes, amazing winter activities and delicious food, Iceland rewarded us with everything we wanted in this trip. We felt a bit spoiled to be honest.     Our very first activity in Iceland was the Blue Lagoon. We had a not too long flight (4.5 hours from JFK) but it was a red-eye. This was the perfect thing to do right after arriving in Iceland since it’s right next to the airport and it’s a nice way to relieve some of the jet lag. If you are planning on going to the Blue Lagoon, and most people do, make sure to buy your tickets in advance. We saw some people showing up and trying to buy tickets there and couldn’t get in. We booked ours in advance and got the ‘premium package’ that comes with a towel, slippers, robe and a few other amenities. It was worth it for just the robe and towels. It was still pitch black outside when we arrived around 8:30am. Once in, we changed and headed straight for the Lagoon. The short walk from inside to get to the water seemed like an eternity since it was 0 degrees with a strong wind and we were wearing nothing but swimsuits. The water was surprisingly not as hot (mind you, it was freezing out) than anticipated. But, in the lagoon there were pockets of warmer water, which we hovered around until deciding to explore the lagoon further.     During the almost two hours we were in the lagoon it rained, hailed and snowed, not in that order. Then crazy wind picked up and there were actual waves in the water, we took refuge behind the mask bar. Before we came to Iceland, I had received recommendations to skip the Blue Lagoon. I can see why some would say that as it definitely was crowded, even before sunrise. I’m sure it can get unbearably crowded, but as with any places that get super touristy, we always recommend visiting in off hours. It was definitely much quieter when we arrived vs the amount of people showing up as we were leaving. It was also really cool to arrive in complete darkness and watch the sunrise from the Lagoon. I’m so glad we did it though because it was such a relaxing way to ease into the trip! If you go, make sure to put up your hair and not get it wet, or rinse it multiple times with the provided conditioner. The silica (which turns the water blue) in the water also makes your hair stiff if you don’t wash it out. Of course, we learned the hard way and then found out that conditioner wasn’t in the first couple hotels we stayed in. (my hair felt like cardboard, luckily we found a gas station and I bought a giant thing of conditioner!)     After the Blue Lagoon, we made a stop in Reykjavik for lunch and a hot drink to warm us up. We had an awesome vegetarian meal at Gló, a recommendation we picked up from a few readers. Afterwards we strolled to the top of the hill where we found the towering Hallgrímskirkja church. We took the opportunity to take the elevator to the top to witness the 360 degree view over Iceland’s largest city. Before getting back in the car to head to our hotel, we stopped for one more coffee and some pastries at Reykjavik Roasters.   For our first two nights in Iceland we stayed at Ion. This seems to be a very popular hotel as I’ve seen it around on Instagram a lot. It was in a great location for the route we were taking around Iceland. Not too far out of Reykjavik and on the path to our next destination. The hotel itself feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere with just wide open space all around. It was a bit tricky getting there as the main road we were suppose to take was closed due to the snow storm (this seemed to be the theme of our trip!) but we somehow powered through it and warmed up with a cocktail in the beautiful Northern Lights Bar. The following day, we woke up and had a slow morning. Since the sun isn’t up until almost 10am, we slept in and had a longer breakfast. We had a bit of driving to do as we were heading to Gullfoss and then getting picked up to go snowmobiling. Gullfoss is one of the most visited waterfalls in Iceland due to its proximity to Reykjavik and is strikingly massive! We didn’t have much time to check it out as we were hopping on a bus to go up to a glacier for our activity, but we did get a chance to see a rainbow pop up over the waterfall.    One of the activities we were most excited to book was snowmobiling. While the actual 50 minutes we spent on a snowmobile was a blast it actually took up more than 6 hours of the day considering the distance the tour operator had to drive from the meeting point. They offer the snowmobiling all year round since the tour is at the top of a glacier, but only once the wintertime arrives with more snow are you able to explore more. We cruised around until we reached a point overlooking a glacier fed lake (which is the source of water for the Gullfoss waterfall). It was so much fun and we only wish it had been longer! (although I’m not sure our faces could have made it through- we were thoroughly frozen when we got back).      The next day we had big plans and a lot of driving ahead of us. We checked out of the hotel while it was still pitch black out and hit the road. We headed south toward the Ring Road which is the main highway circling Iceland. Along the way, we witnessed an incredible sunrise that looked like the sky was on fire. It was completely mesmerizing!      Our first stop was at Seljalandsfoss. This waterfall is famous because you can actually walk behind the waterfall. This was something we weren’t able to do since it was so cold that the ground was frozen anywhere near the waterfall and would have been really dangerous to walk because it was so slippery. People were falling left and right just walking on flat ground, so there was no way I was going to walk on a little ledge on the side of a waterfall. Even if you can’t see it from behind, the waterfall is magnificent from the front. Really, I’d never seen waterfalls like Iceland has. We climbed up to a ledge on the left side of it, where you can get a great vantage point from above.      Our second stop was at Skogafoss. This waterfall was our personal favorite of all of the waterfalls we visited in Iceland. It honestly took our breath away. It’s so beautiful that it doesn’t even look real! It was also crazy windy when we got there! So much so that people could barely open their car doors. If you’re visiting Iceland during this time of year, I definitely recommend having a great pair of snow boots. I wore my Sorel Caribou Boots pretty much every single day. They’re waterproof, lined with fleece and have a great grip on the sole. I also doubled up my socks underneath.      If there’s one thing that we learned while visiting Iceland, it’s that you have to be willing to be flexible. Weather can change and grow extremely intense. After visiting waterfalls, Vik (where we had a delicious meal at the restaurant above, Halldorskaffi) and driving all day, we were an hour away from our hotel near the Glacier Lagoon when the wind started picking up. Thomas said that driving was more similar to sailing, he had to steer into the wind in order to go straight. We approached a stopped Super Jeep with it’s hazard lights on. As we pulled up slowly we saw a road official attempting to walk towards our car but he nearly got swept away by the strong winds. We were forced to turn around as the winds were so strong that the road was closed. We found the first hotel we could and we booked a room for the night, luckily we got there right when the road was closed when they still had rooms available. We quickly learned to follow our path on about every hour to check for any updates on our route. It was super helpful so we could find backup routes or plan ahead if we knew a road would be closed. It was all an adventure and we little did we know that the amazing experiences had only just begun! Stay tuned for part 2 & 3 of our Itinerary…   The post Iceland Itinerary Part 1 appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
The Red Dress
2-12-2016 09:00:29
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Cinq A Sept Dress, Louboutin Pumps, Edie Parker Clutch (last seen here), Oscar De La Renta Earrings, Bobbi Brown Lipstick in “Red”   A few weeks ago, I posted my new favorite little black dress, that came just in time for the holiday season. And although I still stand behind the classic lbd, I think a red alternative is just as timeless. I’ve been looking for the perfect red dress, that’s both feminine and sexy, and found it in this Cinq A Sept one (same brand as the lbd I wore, too!). It really does blend the two personalities seamlessly, creating a dress I’ll re-wear time and time again. They also fit like a glove and hug in all the right places.     Since it’s the holiday season, I really went for the red. I added a red lip, with this Bobbi Brown shade in “Red” and a red tassel earring by ODLR. I added my nude Louboutin Pigalle Pumps, which go with everything from formal dresses to jeans and topped it off with my new sparkle Edie Parker clutch (that I just wore in this post, too). You really can’t go wrong with a few classic accessories that will pair with all of your holiday looks.     Cinq A Sept also has a few other red styles at Neiman Marcus that are just as gorgeous, like this strapless one with a fluted skirt, this off the shoulder one as well as this ruffled hem one. A few other notable red dresses include this A.L.C. scalloped one, this lace one, this Alice + Olivia one that’s on sale as well as this dreamy Valentino bow one. A red heel is just as beautiful for the holidays, like this suede Manolo Blahnik pair is on sale here, this embellished pair (I have the green version!), these bow pumps, or this bow pump along with the classic Pigalle or this suede Stuart Weitzman tie back pair.     Thank you to Neiman Marcus & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post The Red Dress appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Bows & Lace
1-12-2016 09:00:15
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Suno Top (less expensive version here), J.Crew Pants (last seen here), Gianvito Rossi Pumps (last seen here and on sale, love the boot version, the mule version & the sneaker version), Ray Ban Sunglasses, Chanel Bag, Hermes Watch   In this week’s email newsletter Q&A, I talked about dressing for yourself and not being afraid to pull out your chic pieces even if you aren’t necessarily doing something special. I really don’t believe in “saving” items for special occasions (although there are a few exceptions when an item is black tie, etc.). You bought them, so wear them! People ask me if I really get dressed up (i.e. actually wear the clothes I show on my blog) and of course I do! I love getting ready in the morning, even if my to-do list is filled with things that will only keep me at home on my computer.     I love this Suno blouse’s oversized bow, but also the fact that it’s just a simple chambray top other than that, making it really easy to pair with everything. I’ve worn it with boyfriend jeans and white jeans, but I really love it with these J.Crew lace pants. Last time I wore these pants, I wore them with the matching peplum top, but I wear them more often with other non-matching pieces.     These Gianvito Rossi heels were my favorite velvet purchase this year. I can’t get enough of velvet, especially for the holidays, and these pumps have been coming out a lot lately. They’re currently on sale here, but also available in this gorgeous deep burgundy color. And if you want more of the dusty rose velvet, these pumps come in a sneaker version, a loafer version, a boot version, a mule version, this ankle strap version and this bow version. I love them all! The post Bows & Lace appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Holiday Red
30-11-2016 09:00:09
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Look 1- Old Navy Sweater, Skirt, Scarf & Tights c/o, Halogen Booties Look 2- Old Navy Thermal Tee, Pants (in red/white plaid), Socks & Slippers c/o   Right when we got home from our Thanksgiving weekend in San Francisco, I started prepping the house for Christmas. New wreathes, greenery, throws, ornaments and fragrant holiday candles. Since this is our first Christmas in our new home, and we’re hosting my whole family, I’m excited to make it look extra festive and homey. In the meantime, I can’t help myself from wanting to wear all things red, plaid, knit and fair isle.     I stopped into Old Navy when we were back in San Francisco and was initially planning on getting some gifts for people- little stocking stuffers and sweaters, but sort of got distracted when I saw all of the cozy plaid and knits. I couldn’t resist a few “gifts” for myself, like this adorable buffalo check skirt, a cherry red scarf, soft slippers and these red ballet flats. These gold metallic flats, a perfect striped tee, a nude tote or velvet pants would also make perfect gifts for you or someone you love this season.     I couldn’t wait to slip into some of the holiday looks I found, especially these plaid pajamas and ultra soft slippers. Naturally, that’s exactly what I did when we got home. I paired them with a red thermal tee that’s under $15 and the pjs also come in a matching set available here. Lastly, I can never go without a pair of Christmas socks and love this fair isle pair, also from Old Navy.     Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post. The post Holiday Red appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Gold Sequin Blazer + Edie Parker Clutch Giveaway
28-11-2016 09:00:25
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Sequin Blazer (skirt version), Tibi Top, J.Crew Jeans, Valentino Pumps (last seen here), Edie Parker Clutch   I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! It was just what we needed to get us through this crazy month ahead. It’s not that often that we can check out and just be present, but it really felt like that this past weekend, which was incredibly nice. Now we’re back in Charleston and prepping all of the holiday content that’s to come over the next few weeks. We have more giveaways (like today! keep reading below to see more), holiday decor around the house and entertaining ideas, our winter travels to Iceland and lots of festive outfits for the season. Starting with this amazing gold sequin blazer…     Sometimes I cringe when I see sequins (like bows, it can be done very wrong) but sometimes it’s just so good that you want to live the sparkle life for eternity. This sequin blazer was exactly that for me. Yes, it’s a full-on sequin jacket, but there is something about the muted gold tone and smaller sequins that make it more subtle than most gold jackets you see. This gold Joie sequin top, this gold sequin midi skirt and this black sequin jumpsuit are all doing it right, too. Neiman Marcus also has their Cyber Monday deal going on right now where you can get up to a $750 gift card back when you shop, so it’s the perfect time for some holiday shopping. I added this Tibi satin top in navy under my sequin jacket and I also love the matching pants that go with it.     If going all out with a gold sequin blazer is a little too bold for you, try adding a touch of the metallic hue through your makeup or accessories. All of these items also work perfectly as gifts and are each under $100-  these pearl and gold Kate Spade studs, this pretty gold nail polish, this limited edition eyeshadow palette that has all of the best colors, these rose gold sneakers or a gold makeup bag.     GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED, Congrats to Carly Golliday! This week we have even more giveaways coming your way! For starters, today’s giveaway is this gorgeous Edie Parker Clutch from Neiman Marcus. The winner will be able to select the color of their choice– so many gorgeous shades to choose from. All you have to do to enter is sign up for our email newsletters here, if you’re already signed up, then you’re automatically entered! The giveaway will run until 11/29 at 12pm PST, after that a winner will be selected at random. And stay tuned this week for an exclusive giveaway for email newsletter subscribers only – it’s a good one & one of my FAVORITE things. In the meantime, let me know which color of the Edie Parker clutches you’d pick if you won!   Thank you to ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The post Gold Sequin Blazer + Edie Parker Clutch Giveaway appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Pink Sequin Skirt
26-11-2016 09:00:21
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Endless Rose Sweater, Tory Burch Skirt (currently 30% off until 11/28, similar version under $100 here), Louboutin Pumps, Rebecca de Ravenel Earrings (more colors here, less expensive version here), Rocio Clutch (also love this one, this one and this one)   The Christmas countdown has officially begun. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I have the holiday music on (not that I didn’t before, but I think it’s more socially acceptable now), we’ll be getting our tree next week and starting to decorate our house. I’ve also pulled out all of my festive looks for the season, including lots of sparkle and sequins because it’s my favorite way to add a little (or a lot of) glam. It wasn’t even a question when I saw this pink sequin skirt (that also comes in navy & is 30% off until Monday here!), it was the perfect outfit for holiday parties and all that comes with this time of year. Side note: it runs a little big, I’m wearing an xs.     I’m all for sequins and there are so many cute things out this year to add some sparkle to your holiday wardrobe. I found this other pink sequin midi skirt that’s similar to the one I’m wearing, but is under $100 along with this gorgeous onyx colored one, this striped sequin skirt, this black sequin one and this tulle one with sequin stars that are all 30% off at Anthropologie this weekend!     I also found my favorite white Rebecca de Ravenel Les BonBon Earrings in pink here. They also come in a variety of shades, like gold, silver, black or red sparkle. There are also numerous look-a-likes out there for a fraction of the price like this pink pair from BaubleBar (that also come in five different colors) or one of the many shades of this pair from Tuckernuck who is also having 15% off sitewide this weekend.   The post Pink Sequin Skirt appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.
Shopbop Black Friday Sale
25-11-2016 09:00:24
Gal Meets Glam
Outfit Details: Theory Sweater, The Great Tee, BB Dakota Suede Pants (under $100), Tory Burch Boots   This year, the Black Friday Sales started long before Black Friday, so naturally, I took advantage. All the good stuff has been selling out fast, because it’s not that often that you can get 25% off pretty much everything at Shopbop. I went for some holiday dresses, searching for a winning red one. I ordered a few and then picked my favorite, which happened to be this red one with a bow, but all the others came just as close. I had a few lace ones, like this one and this one, along with a few with ruffles like this one and this one, and although I didn’t order this one, I seriously considered because red sparkles.      All of the pieces I’m wearing are also up to 15-25% off with code GOBIG16 on Shopbop when you shop. This outfit is my cozy weekend wear- I wore this traveling to San Francisco earlier this week as these suede pants are so incredibly comfortable, as is this oversized cardigan. A slouchy tee is always a staple and I bought these Tory Burch boots earlier in the season and am kicking myself that I hadn’t got them on sale at the time! I’m glad I snagged my size though before they sold out. A few other sweaters on sale that make you want to curl up with a hot coffee and good book include this cashmere white cardigan, this cropped camel cardigan, the pullover version of my sweater along with this Tory Burch one that I also have.     One thing I’m also doing today is stocking up on Christmas gifts. I’m determined to get them all done by Monday so I can have them all ready and focus on our crazy work schedule over the next couple of weeks. Shopbop has all of their gift guides, like under $50 and under $100, for the home and even for him. My cart is filled with sweet notes, cute iPhone cases, little trinket dishes, my fave candies, pretty notebooks and striped mugs to slip my girlfriends and sisters this year.   Thank you to Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. The post Shopbop Black Friday Sale appeared first on Gal Meets Glam.