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5 Steps to Turn Your Passion for Blogging into a Business
6-02-2018 00:30:42
Zanita Studio
Every time I think about the influencer industry, I feel so moved emotionally and mentally… How can something that so small and passion-driven turn into a fully scaled business? It seemed like yesterday that I was devising a plan to break into the business of blogging, but after SEVEN long years here I am… I still have fellow bloggers approach me time to time and ask how I do it… How do you pitch yourself? How are you able to get clients? I’ve spent some time evaluating myself these last few days – wondering if I’m doing anything particularly different from my peers. I’ve concluded that we can all learn something from one another, so I’m going to show you how to turn your passion for blogging into a business the way I did. Step 1: Get smart. So you had that thought (you wanna turn your passion for blogging into a business). Your next step should be taking action to get there. For me, it was practicing my writing skills, learning photography, learning photo-editing, and then blogging for myself. No one paid me any attention for a long ass time. Finally, one day, when I felt that I was capable and ready, I made my move. Remember that it’s not about instant gratification. It’s about patience and the work you’re willing to do when no one’s watching. Step 2: Gain experience. Gaining experience can mean various things – it could be working for yourself to achieve the results you want, and then using it to validate your credibility to brands or other bloggers. It could be interning under a mega-blogger to learn the ins and outs of the industry. However, I want to caution you that mega-bloggers are apprehensive about working with “aspiring bloggers” since your intentions can seem doubtful. In an industry that’s heavily dependent on connections and numbers, it makes perfect sense that a blogger would be hesitant to share their information with someone who could simply be after those things. When I worked exclusively with Zanita, it was never about what she can do for me or how she can help me grow. It was all about what I can do to elevate her and help her grow. That mentality has taken me far in my work today. Step 3: Achieve measurable results. Whatever you do, make sure you’re monitoring it because words mean nothing without measurable results. You can’t tell a brand you can deliver content across an engaged audience if you have 10k followers on Instagram with only 300 likes (nothing wrong with those numbers by the way). But think about how much more amazing it would look if you had 10k followers with 1200 likes consistently. There’s a big difference. If you can show proven growth or engagement over X period of time, sell it! Numbers get people talking. Step 4: Strategize. One of the things I’m struggling with right now is vision. I’m so focused on tasks that I never have time to strategize the direction I want to head in. Strategizing serves the same purpose as goals. You can’t scale without looking ahead. Make an effort every now and then to think about where you’re headed and where you want to be. Readjust every few steps of the way to make sure the two align. Step 5: Don’t give up. It’s only been five months but even I have normal conversations with myself if it’s time to just throw up the white flag and head back to the safe haven of corporate. Running a business is tough and there so many moving aspects involved that NEVER seem to stop moving. I know it seems like a glamorous life but on a regular basis, I feel like I have no life. That being said, the most important part of these steps is to never give up. What else would you guys like to hear about regarding this business?   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP You Should Also Read: Top Skills Big Bloggers Are Looking for Right Now 5 Great Reasons to Start a Blog This Year How to Make it As A Blogger in 2018 The post 5 Steps to Turn Your Passion for Blogging into a Business appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Important Things to Remember About Happiness
2-02-2018 00:28:32
Zanita Studio
What does it mean to be happy? In light of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to bring up the topic of happiness as it’s a day to celebrate the love between two people, but what about when you’re single? It doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate or be happy on Valentine’s Day. We all see happiness in a different light. Maybe to you, happiness is the comfort of another body. Maybe it’s money and status – or it could be family and friends. If you’re struggling to feel comfort as we inch closer to this revered holiday, here are 3 things to remember about happiness. #1 Being happy doesn’t require a significant other. Just now opening up about this, but I went through separation recently, and I’ll be the first to assure you that you do not need another person to feel happy. You are whole as a single individual – and in order to experience deep, profound happiness, you need to be content as you are. It always fails to rely on someone who may or may not be able to meet your standards or expectations. I always feel like this takes a bit of self-therapy especially if you’ve recently gone through separation. You’ve spent so much of your time with another person that they essentially become a part of your identity. When they’re gone, you no longer know how to spend  your time alone. I would encourage you to pick up a new hobby or do all the things you have been putting off. You’ll be in for a surprise. #2 Physical things don’t bring happiness. Indulgent gifts like roses, chocolates, and wine are great – but usually only in the moment. I consider alone time golden – this is time I can use for a nice, warm bubble bath or to get deep into a book. That being said, if you’re in need of a serious delicacy, you can always treat yourself to something pleasurable. Remember that gifts don’t always require giving from other people. You can give back to yourself. #3 Happiness doesn’t dwell in the past. We usually have a bag habit of dwelling in the past. We remember how amazing certain moments of a relationship felt and we long for those aspects. However, we’re usually more attached to the “idea” of was happening rather than the reality of it. If you never learn to let go of the past, you can never truly be happy with the future. Be done with it and get rid of the baggage. Many times, you’ll go back to the relationship only to find out that you never really wanted it. It’s a natural cycle for us as creatures of habit.   If you’re struggling with happiness this Valentine’s Day, I hope these three points brought some level of comfort! We’re in this together   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP You Should Also Read: 5 Things I’m Giving Up for a Happier Life Why We Should Stop Seeking Happiness 7 Ways To Dress For Happiness The post 3 Important Things to Remember About Happiness appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Essential Apps for Bloggers and Freelancers
1-02-2018 15:39:09
Zanita Studio
I’m going on Month 5 of freelancing… And it still feels surreal at times that I’m doing exactly what I set out to do. I learned real quick that even though I’m essentially doing the same thing I did before, it gets crazy when you try juggling it for multiple clients. The key to staying sane and creative while meeting your deadlines is staying organized. And my favorite, most effective way for doing that is through apps! Many of these apps I never used before just because I could remember whatever I needed to with handwritten lists. I tried that in my first month of freelancing and it was a complete mess! I learned quickly that apps are the way to go whether you need to create novel assets for social media or managing your to-dos. If you’re having the same problem, give these a go – 5 essential apps for bloggers and freelancers: #1 Trello I had heard of Trello many times before but never gave it a second thought because I though Google calendars was sufficient. Wrong. The beauty of Trello is that all changes and updates are done in real-time so that everyone who’s a part of the board sees it. My issue with Google calendars was that it was hard to fit everything in one little block without multiple, tedious clicks. Trello allows you to organize your tasks into lists, which can then be broken down into cards, and grouped into labels. It’s also super collaborative; you can leave comments for someone who would then receive a notification for it. This has been a game changer because you literally have everything in once place! #2 Wunderlist I was always using Notes on my iPhone to make lists of all the things I needed to do. The problem with that is that when I’m done with a task, I have to delete each line item. Sure, this doesn’t take a ton of time, but it’s tedious and I’d rather be doing something productive in those few minutes. I came across Wunderlist via NotJessFashion and it has been instrumental in keeping me in check! Basically, you create to-do lists and can easily check them off. Easy peasy! #3 Sketch So this is not an app for organization but rather creativity. Every major blogger has been stepping up their IG stories game lately, which means I need to too. I love using sketch to make doodles and handwritten words on images before uploading them to the Gram. It’s so much fun! #4 Venmo Everyone knows Venmo, right? It’s the easiest way to send money to and fro different accounts. I know it’s basically the same thing as PayPal, but I hate how PayPal takes a percentage of your invoice when you’re transacting as a business. Technically, I’m not an established business, so I’m not pleased with this because every few dollars add up! The workaround is Venmo because I can still manage cashflows and present it to my accountant when it’s tax time (i.e. now). # Shoeboxed I sometimes feel like my receipts are going to be the death of me! It’s insanely hard to stay organized when I’m traveling – all this paper trail ends up being a complete mess and I even lose some along the way! The solution? Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker. Expense reports have never been easier! I’ll be headed to NYC, London and Italy in about two weeks, so follow my journey HERE. This app couldn’t have come at a better time!!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP You Should Also Read: Branding Guide for Beginner Bloggers 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita The post 5 Essential Apps for Bloggers and Freelancers appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Bloggers
31-01-2018 03:48:56
Zanita Studio
One of the most difficult things about being in this industry is that everyone is really freakin good… You’re basically dealing with the cream of the crop and that makes it hard to keep your eyes in your lane. In my early days, I always found it difficult not to compare my work to those whose content I was engaging with. And at times, even found myself unintentionally copying. I strongly feel that this is a struggle most people combat in the early stages of any creative endeavor. Stay committed enough and you’ll eventually develop your own style. I wanted to bring this topic to light because I know the noise today makes it even harder to concentrate on yourself. So, I’m sharing a few things I did that might work for you – here’s how to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers: Get off the Internet Pay attention to your emotions. When the detrimental thief of happiness lurks its way in, you can usually tell because you’re mind is starting to wander off and question why you’re not good enough – and why someone else gets all these amazing experiences while you’re stuck with whatever banality you’re in. That’s cue to get off line and live in the present. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you get off. My favorite things to do are read books or write! Reflect on your journey When I really feel like crap, I find that physically seeing how far I’ve come is always an eye-opener because it’s proof that everyone has to find their way – and that I have made personal progress. I used to compare myself a ton in the realm of photography, but a quick glance at my 2013-2017 archives is a real pick-me-up and motivation to keep going. It also helps during this process to set goals about where you want to be… A silly thing I’ve started doing is drawing all the things I want to manifest in my life on my iPad Pro – yes, I know, silly but it works! Get off Instagram and Get on Pinterest I realize now that I get different vibes from different platforms. If I’m starting to compare myself to someone else, it’s usually because I’m looking at Instagram. So if I need real inspiration without the guilt, I get on Pinterest. For whatever reason, Pinterest feels more inspirational to look at. I’m a serial pinner… Feel free to tag along here! At the end of the day, remember that comparison is the end to all the good things you have going on in your life. Be cognizant of your mind and your heart and guard them so that you’re not selling your happy reality for someone else’s make-believe. These days, I’d much prefer to be happy for someone’s success – and use it as a catalyst to get myself there. How do you deal with comparison?   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP You Should Also Read: Branding Guide for Beginner Bloggers 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita The post How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Bloggers appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Make it As A Blogger in 2018
3-01-2018 15:18:03
Zanita Studio
So it’s 2018, and you still wanna be a blogger? It’s hard to believe that after all these years, bloggers are still relevant, which goes to prove that all this talk about the blogging bubble bursting is never actually going to happen. And it is still very worthwhile to start a blog. The landscape has changed tremendously these last few years with social media being a huge game changer. The Internet is also far flooded with blogs, fashion boutiques, AND blogging advice when compared to three years ago! You can’t approach blogging the way we did back in the day. But remember that new bloggers still sprout up daily, and several are capable of making a name for themselves. That means you can too. If you’re still interested in the blogging scene, read on to find out how to make it as a blogger in 2018. Identify what’s broken. If you want to start a blog, chances are you’ve been reading blogs. Identify what’s missing from the blogosphere that you’d love to see. Then use that to focus on content you want to create. Don’t waste time wondering why things are broken and don’t dramatize it. Instead, seize the opportunity to fill a possibility. For instance, blogging has become very commercialized in a sense, and as a result, everyone’s creating “high-end imagery” with a DSLR. If you’re sick of the carefully curated content, maybe it’s time to move back to iPhone images, barely edited. Content also seems to be either photo-driven or video. Nothing in between. Maybe it’s a good time to illustrate your life in GIFs. The prospects are endless. You just have to take something that’s been done and do it better or do it different. Get good at storytelling. Storytelling was such a buzzword at one point, and it should be because that’s how you get someone to BUY into you. It’s through telling stories that people connect and rationalize with you. Stories drive clarity and they get people motivated. If you can motivate someone, you best believe they sure as hell will pay attention to you. Unfortunately, this skill requires discipline and practice, so get practicing. Be committed to solving problems. Blogging is all about starting with an idea and finding ways to implement it. As your thoughts become more tangible, you’ll hit roadblocks. But don’t look at those bumps as a sign to quit. Instead, think more carefully about how to overcome them – and then seek solutions to induce them repeatedly. Having this desire to solve problems will drive you to your destination as long as you don’t quit. The biggest hurdles in blogging are typically time and a lack of resources. For instance, you need high quality photos, but you don’t have the money to hire a photographer or to buy a camera. Or if you have a camera, you don’t have time to learn how to use it. Your first step is to decide how you’re going to solve this problem… Be realistic and give yourself a full year. Don’t start a blog in 2018 unless you know that you can commit to it for at least a full year. Too many “potential bloggers” become disengaged within the first few months and end up quitting altogether. If you can’t handle disappointment and failure, then you probably shouldn’t start a blog because you’re going to feel all of it. I know how incredibly hard it is sticking to something that renders no instant results or gratification. But trust me when I say you need at least a full year to gauge how far you’ll go as a blogger. Have a boundless vision. Your initial idea will get you started, but be willing to listen to others in order to hone your idea into a long-lasting opportunity. Learn how to pay attention to indirect comments and connect them back to your blog early on. The faster you can change and adapt, the better off you’ll be as a blogger. Also, don’t just create a blog. Cultivate a strong, personal social network. You will engage and attract the right audience faster if you have a community-powered brand (think IntoTheGloss with Glossier).   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – LE JOLIE – Susan   You Should Also Read: Branding Guide for Beginner Bloggers 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita The post How to Make it As A Blogger in 2018 appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Great New Years Resolutions to Make in 2018
2-01-2018 02:37:13
Zanita Studio
Happy New Year everyone! 2017 took us for a deranged turn of events, and we’re both torn and excited that it’s finally come to a close. For the parts that broke you, remember to put away the past, let go of the failures, and quit the procrastination. And think of 2018 as an opportunity to transform into the best version of you. If you spent last night soaking up the final hours of 2017, you can spend New Year’s day actually thinking about what you want to achieve this year. We’re helping you get started by sharing 5 great New Year’s resolutions to make in 2018. How ever you view the new year, we hope it brings you plenty of peace, happiness, and success. Now onto the fun part (and our personal favorite): resolutions! 1. Do more of what you love Too often, we only focus on the things we’re supposed to do like work and errands, which end up becoming a repeat cycle of life. This year, we challenge you to do more of what you love whether that’s going out for quick morning runs, making MORE art, or reading more books. These things often times require scheduling and setting aside time to make happen. If that’s what you need to do, then utilize your calendar, reminders, and notes – whatever it takes – to make them a reality. 2. Stand up for what you believe There’s a lot of crap happening in the world right now – many of which several of us have polarizing opinions on. Instead of just talking the talk, why not walk the walk? If you truly believe in something, then do something about it instead of rant about it. We’re so passionate about inspiring you, adding value to your life, and empowering you to take charge. We fell off track a bit last year, but we strive to move back in the right direction by creating the type of content you like to read! Do share what you’d love to see below. 3. Stop comparing yourself Social media took us to new heights last year, and that was probably good and bad. We can either use social media to inspire and propel us, or destroy us. If you found yourself constantly envious of social influencers’ highlight reel, strive to make 2018 a year of action and creation. Stop comparing your success to those around you. Think about your own accomplishments, the things you have, and what you love about your life. Acknowledge your possessions and success, and then learn to be content with where you’re at. 4. Try more positive self-talk We know this sounds silly (and probably a little crazy), BUT it works. Since you’re probably already in constant conversation with yourself, you might as well attempt to turn that dialogue into positive self-talk. It takes a little practice but start with positive affirmations. For example: I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made because I know I’m human, and it’s ok. I know that I always have a choice, and I choose positive thoughts and feelings. 5. Learn a new skill Above all, attempt to learn a new skill and illustrate some form of mastery by the end of this year. The easiest way to do this is to break the skill into parts. For instance, if your goal is to learn photo editing, start with tweaking presets you might already own, then delve into skin retouching, and finally, custom creating filters. Don’t get too worried about getting everything right. Mastering the subcomponents will help you achieve the overall skill faster. What are your 2018 resolutions?   Image Source Credits – The Girl From Panama  You Should Also Read: Important Things We Forget About New Year’s Resolutions How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Realistic 4 Tips That Have Helped Me Let Go of the Past The post 5 Great New Years Resolutions to Make in 2018 appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills
30-12-2017 01:44:53
Zanita Studio
In an effort to be kinder (and happier) in the New Year, I wanted to touch on a topic rarely talked about these days… WORDS. The way you write and talk are usually the two most important factors in connecting with others. And in an era where filters are non-existent, do you actually think about what you say and how others might feel? One of the platitudes I’m trying to live by is, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” And these last few months, I’ve learned that the key to creating a happier environment and building authentic connections is learning how to  communicating clearly and effectively. If you’re looking to sharpen your interpersonal skills, here are 3 things to think about when it comes to words. #1 Consider your personal feelings. To some, words are just words and have no impact. However, words can be like blades grazing over skin; they have the power to wound and penetrate deep, and often leave a life-long impact. (Any writer knows this.) So before you speak, think about how you might feel if you were on the opposite end. If you’d be upset, it’s probably not worth speaking at all. And if you struggle to hold you tongue amid altercations, give yourself 10 seconds of silence. That’s usually enough time to realize that silence can be the best remedy. At the end of the day, having the last word or winning an argument benefits no one – and that’s your first step to maintaining friends and bringing up others. #2 Put compassion and empathy first (always). I 100% believe that you can be a better person by inspiring and empowering those around you – and in order to achieve that, you must be able to show compassion and empathize with others. You obviously know by that now that you won’t always agree with the decisions of those around you. You’ll be disappointed and want to cut people off, but stop to validate the other person’s actions for once. Accept that disagreements are perfectly fine and acknowledge them – then speak accordingly. When you put compassion and empathy first, you instantly become more relatable. And if you don’t know the person, shut those biases and prejudices out. They serve no place in authentic connections. #3 Listen intently & pay careful attention. Awareness is key if you want to sharpen your interpersonal kills – and you do that by talking less and listening more. Show that you’re curious by asking questions along the way. And as you listen, watch the other person’s body language; it’s been said that most communication occurs at the nonverbal level. That also means you should be aware of your own nonverbal cues… Consider your posture, facial expressions, and the distance between you and your subject. Don’t let distractions intercept your mind in the middle of a conversation. I’ve been guilty of this many times before – and I can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to have to go back and ask what you’ve already been told.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   You Should Also Read: Branding Guide for Beginner Bloggers 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita The post How to Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 Tips That Have Helped Me Let Go of the Past
29-12-2017 03:55:34
Zanita Studio
Do you feel like you’re always caught up in bad situations and you just can’t seem to stop thinking about them? I’ve had plenty of these issues before (and I still do now) – and I’ll be the first to say it sucks. If you’re like me, then you probably take most of your encounters personally and literally. When those encounters go sour, I always have a pretty hard time letting go of negative thoughts, the pain, and the situation itself. I know how badly it can weigh you down and disrupt your daily activities. But through the years, I’ve learned how to let go and channel that energy into something positive. You can do the same if you condition your mind to. Read on to get the four tips that have helped me let go of the past. – Drop the expectations Expectation is the root of all disappointment. If you feel like people are just upsetting you, lower your expectations and standards for those around you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expecting things from people especially when it’s a working relationship, but know that expectations become problematic when your bar gets higher. And if you’re a natural high-performer, then you’re probably guilty of this. Once you learn to drop the expectations regardless of your actions or efforts, you’ll become less disappointed and let go faster. – Stop the blame game I’ve realized that when I struggled to let something go in the past, it’s because I was too attached to who or what the cause was… Was it me? Was it them? Could I have done something better? The more you blame yourself, the harder it is to let go. You’ll end up mulling over it for days, weeks, and years. And the more you blame others, the more you dislike them. It never really matters whose fault it is in the end. What’s more important is moving forward regardless of the end result. – Let it hurt, then let it go. If something bothers you that much, give it time to soak in. Allow the pain to consume you for a while, then make the decision to let it go. Nothing ever disappears on its own. You need to make a conscious effort – and don’t forget that you ALWAYS have a choice. Yes, things will get worse before they get better, but it always gets better. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but I promise that if you focus on the present and do the things that bring you joy, you’ll eventually learn to let go of the past and the pain. – Take time to yourself. Last but not least, just take a moment to yourself and breathe (and do not associate alone time with loneliness). We’ve all been cursed with busy minds. With the massive amount of information we absorb daily, it’s important to slow down, marinate on it, and organize it. Having time to do exactly that helps you keep your mind clear while giving you a more accurate perspective of the situation. It’s pretty impressive what happens in your mental and emotional state when you finally gain perspective.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   You Should Also Read: Branding Guide for Beginner Bloggers 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita The post 4 Tips That Have Helped Me Let Go of the Past appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Important Things We Forget About New Year’s Resolutions
28-12-2017 14:00:49
Zanita Studio
With Christmas at an end, we have New Year’s coming up… And while some people find it cliché to create New Year’s resolutions, others find it to be a real long-term goal. But let’s be honest, everybody has one whether it’s cutting back on spending, starting that business venture, or losing a few pounds. For those of us who create resolutions, we know it doesn’t often go according to plan (especially if it’s a habit that you want to change) because you either lose interest or give up along the way when the obstacles get too hard. Regardless, it’s ultimately your choice as to whether you want to change for the better or continue living life in safe, comfortable way. Before taking the safe route, we wanted to share a few important things we forget about New Year’s resolutions. Taking these points into consideration will help you achieve your goals for 2018. It literally requires discipline and prioritizing… …henceforth, the phrase ‘long-term goals.’ Everyone’s dilemma in nailing those resolutions is “to do” or “not to do”. Here’s a scenario. You want to stop spending so much money, but you’re tempted with a covet-worthy object right in front of your face. We’ve all struggled with those extra 25% off sales, so do we buy or not buy? That’s the thing. You have to be able to differentiate between priorities and desires because once you cave in, you’re more likely to cave in again. And again. And again. The magic in achieving those resolutions happens when you develop the discipline to follow through. Reject once and watch how resistance unfolds into results.. The next thing that we definitely forget is that New Year’s Resolutions require commitment… All of this might sound repetitive and annoying, but in all seriousness, repetition is what generates tangible outcomes. Long-term commitment is the biggest battle when it comes to resolutions. Being dedicated requires commitment in the smallest tasks – it’s the little things that add up to bigger ones. So, get a planner, utilize a calendar, set up reminders on your phone – and commit! Looking to shed a few pounds? Maybe it’s going for a power walk everyday during lunch for 15 minutes and then turning those 15 minutes into 30 and so forth. When you commit to small changes, it’s easier to convert them into something bigger. Don’t expect miraculous results without the little actions. Finally, we’re all human… It’s in our nature to forget… We make promises and we flounder. But, that’s no signal to give up. You get up, try again, and repeat. Don’t let one or a few mistakes push your resolutions to the back burner. Build the mental stamina to keep pushing for the things that you want. Our main point today is that we’re all often guilty of setting New Year’s resolutions while overlooking the more important aspects of achieving goals: Discipline, Commitment, and Tenacity. Make those three traits priority and watch your 2018 resolutions turn into reality.   Image Source Credits – Not Jess Fashion  You Should Also Read: Getting Back on Track With Your Goals After They Fall Off Your Radar How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Realistic Tips to Keep Kicking Ass in 2017 The post Important Things We Forget About New Year’s Resolutions appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Top Hair Trends for the New Year
28-12-2017 04:10:02
Zanita Studio
A brand new year comes with a heap of brand new things… And for me, one of those new things happen to be hair! If 2017 took you through a roller coaster, you’re probably ready for 2018. Nothing makes me feel better than stepping into a new year with a ready-to-conquer attitude and a fierce new look to accompany. When I feel good, my self-confidence impels to the forefront. I’m in no place to change my brows or switch up my style (that’s a little too expensive), but hair is easy to play with (and it’s affordable). Getting a fresh cut or color and will instantly help you turn over a new leaf. Let’s talk top hair trends for the new year. First off, huge thanks to Sanctuary Salon for helping me achieve this color. If you’re ever in the NYC area, I recommend you check out this charming space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s super easy to access from the subway, and totally worth it because they handle hair with precision and care, plus extra bonus points for using cruelty-free and eco-friendly products. Now onto top hair trends for the new year… Hair Color… My biggest question was, “there’s been so much buzz around balayage these last few years, is it dead?” If many of you are wondering the same thing, Paige from Sanctuary assured that balayage is not going anywhere! What’s changing though is hair color! Expect to see a lot of gray and soft platinum hues. Although I wasn’t brave enough to edge towards this side of the color spectrum, I did try something drastically different. You can follow my transformation below. Paige applied Olaplex to prevent damage from coloring and then advised me to use purple shampoo to maintain the color and tone down gold, brassy tones. Hair Cuts… The last two years have been all about the lob… From shaggy ends to clean edges, I don’t think there was a cut more popular on Instagram. For 2018, short hair is here to stay! However, you can expect to see more fringe. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the hair game, try messy, choppy bangs with texturized hair. I opted out of a haircut as I’m trying to grow it out, but don’t be surprised to see some fringe in the next few months. To achieve the bed head texture that I’m crazy about, Paige applied Sachajuan Dry Powder Shampoo after blowing out sections of my hair with a round brush. I loved how piecey it made my hair look. Hair Styling… 2018 is all about full, shaggy texture. Pull it off with a deep side or center part while embracing your hair’s natural state. Whether that’s slick straight or curly, amp up the volume and play up the part. Looking for a fun style? Braids are going to be huge! Now’s a good time to flick on some YouTube tutorials and master a few tricks. Hair Accessories… Surprise, surprise…scrunchies are making a comeback! You can take on the trend by securing your hair into a loose, low ponytail using a plain-colored scrunchie. Be sure to pull some hair out into the front for an effortless, undone finish and create texture by backcombing random sections. Not on the scrunchie train yet? Pull your hair back with a velvet ribbon for a cute, classy look. Photos by Nhieu Tang What do you think about my new look? Love it, hate it? Share below. Don’t forget to check out Sanctuary Salon for your next hair needs! xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: Balayage Hair: Everything You Need to Know and More Essential Products for Keeping My Hair Light & Bright Hair Products That Helped Me Survive Winter & Beyond The post Top Hair Trends for the New Year appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Top Skills Big Bloggers Are Looking for Right Now
26-12-2017 22:24:03
Zanita Studio
Before I started blogging full-time, it was difficult to fathom what skills bloggers needed to run a successful business… Photography, photo editing, and writing skills were all high in demand years ago but as a slew of self-proclaimed photog enthusiasts and bloggers flooded the scene, the need for these specialized skills declined. Every major blogger has their go-to photog, writer, and editor. That can often leave you feeling like there’s no place for you. But wrong. Having done this for over two years now, I’m quick to notice when certain skills rise in demand. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to learn and refine these skills as I once did before, so consider yourself lucky if you can! I’ll be sharing the top skills big bloggers are looking for right now: Video Editing The space for visual stimulation through a consistent stream of unique imagery has already been fulfilled through Instagram and blogs today. What the market craves is video. They want real-time content and a behind the scenes reel, which is why vlogging and live sessions are so popular today. Bloggers understand the demand for this type of content and are now actively seeking out videographers and video editors. I can’t tell you how many bloggers have asked for this service. And not only are they asking for it but brands too! So, if you specialize in this area, you’re in major luck. Start reaching out. If not, maybe it’s time to scratch photography and pick up videography. Coding How I wish I studied coding in college… As bloggers rise up the ranks of the industry, so does their content. And eventually, that translates into their personal space: the blog. Bloggers eventually hit a point where they need their blog to not look like a template but a fully customized website. Knowing the ins and outs of WordPress or Squarespace from a coding perspective will put you in business! Again, great skill to learn if you’re looking for a way into the industry. Graphic Design I admit that at some point, I thought graphic design was an overrated skill but boy was I wrong! If you know Illustrator, InDesign, and/or Photoshop, you’re in luck! As bloggers scale their business and strive to move everything in-house, finding someone who has a strong understanding of graphics, typography, and space is essential for success. You’ll be able to formulate pitches, media kits, and put together shoppable collages that all contribute to the victory of being a blogger. Social Media Marketing Social media is time consuming to understand especially when you start to throw all the different platforms into the mix. Having a deep, strong foundation of how Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter works will tug you into the strategy aspect of running a blog with a blogger. Although bloggers are very protective of their Instagram, they tend to need a lot of help running their other platforms. Your expertise in this area will be a huge valuable asset. How do you feel about these skills? Ready to start pitching for yourself?   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   You Should Also Read: Branding Guide for Beginner Bloggers 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita The post Top Skills Big Bloggers Are Looking for Right Now appeared first on Zanita Studio.
We Can All Be Activists – Here’s How
18-12-2017 19:27:11
Zanita Studio
As the global populations continue to swell and we all live in a world saturated in media, so often it feels like the healthiest thing you can do for your mental state is to just tune out. I know I’ve experienced my share of anxiety from current events – especially as a resident of the USA and an avid follower of politics with liberal leanings, my heart weeps for the lower class, anyone in a minority group, women, teachers, nurses, anyone with health issues, anyone with a student loan…. The list is endless and the world feels divided. For most people, simply surviving the day with enough to eat, have the strength and self confidence to get out of bed, go to work and earn enough to get by and try to be a support to those you love – is more than enough. The most dangerous symptom of our changing world is complacency. We have ideas for positive change but we don’t act on them. Time Magazine recently named ‘The Silence Breakers’ Person of the Year. It’s not that women haven’t come forward to report assaults in the past, it’s that for the first time said accusations weren’t immediately met with doubt, that women raised one another voices and came forward together, that the heart of the problem was addressed by the wider media, highlighting how widespread this pervasive societal sickness and how devastating the overbearing effects of patriarchy are on 50 percent of the population.  We still have a long way to go on this – it’s easy to feel helpless – but we aren’t. It isn’t just on women’s issues where opinions on civil liberties and society views are askew. Racism, ablism, gender politics and class are all areas that need to be discussed – and while the topics are heated and divisive in the media, it’s actually at home where we can make the most powerful change. Your significant other may not even full grasp the challenges that society puts upon you or someone persecuted that you care about. It’s actually staggering how much is left unsaid between our friends – especially when these conversations have such clout and can reverberate through society. Sharing your perspective on the ails of society, whether it be with your immediate family, your friends, your co-workers or on facebook – is POWERFUL. Talking about the #MeToo movement with friends of all genders, discussing the ways that the patriarchy disfavours women (See Cheryl Sandberg’s Lean In if you want some real statistics!) can help open eyes to the systematic attitudes that imbalance our society. My own experience with this has been truly eye opening, some of the people I care most about have had little understanding of what being a woman in the workplace and in society at large is like, how intimidating it can be, the unacceptable behaviours just being brushed aside.  I’m going to be building some collaborative posts in the future to discuss the experiences of different minorities to help us all understand experiences beyond our own. I want to encourage conversation on a grass roots level to contribute a better understanding and a peaceful unity. You don’t need to be marching in the streets and donating hard won cash to causes (though these help too!) in order to be an activist for what is right, you just gotta be armed with facts and a composed approach so we can educate one another. One of the reasons I’m inspired by this is because I too, am unarmed with enough facts. I’m a white woman of lower/middle class upbringing, coming from a small rural town which is pretty much ethnically homogenous. I have much to learn when it comes to the experiences of minorities – even in my attempt to be an ally I have blundered, not understanding the appropriate language for the transgender community or perpetuating inappropriate jokes on race. Being human means we are going to make mistakes but we can also learn from the past and do better. Look forward to sharing more! In the meantime – I would love to hear about any areas you feel you could be lacking some understanding in the experiences of others. Thanks so much! Zanita x Little note: Shot these images as a little project post one of my advertorial shoots, snapped in a hotel room here in New York – inspired my beautiful backlight and this incredible silk dress by Aussie designer Lee Mathews. The post We Can All Be Activists – Here’s How appeared first on Zanita Studio.
6 Things I Wish I Knew in My 20s
8-12-2017 01:19:27
Zanita Studio
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m officially 30 as of yesterday… I started writing for Zanita when I was 27 and can hardly believe I’m here today still writing this type of content. It seems that some of my most popular posts come from my personal life lessons, so here I am starting a whole new chapter of my life. And I’ll be sharing all the things I wish I knew in my 20s. Cliché but true… My 20s were such a confusing, conflicting time – and I can’t express the wonderful feeling of taking true ownership of my life as I close that decade. Here are the 6 main things I wish I knew in my 20s… #1 Sometimes, it’s not worth fighting for; sometimes, it’s not worth fighting about… How far you get in life is invariably dependent on who you choose to be with. Sure, this applies to your friends, but it becomes even more significant when it comes to your life partner. If you’re pulling more than your weight to make something work, it’s probably not worth fighting for. And often times, I think many of us already know; we’re just scared to make that big move. But, trust your gut…it knows more than you do. That being said, not everything is worth fighting about, so learn to pick your battles carefully. If holding your ground means acting out in a way that damages a relationship, it probably isn’t worth fighting about.. #2 It’ll be ok… I spent so much of my 20s worrying – worrying about my goals, worrying about where I’m at in certain stages of my life, and worrying about the future. What a waste. I wish I took more time to just enjoy life as it was. When time is gone, it’s lost forever and you never get it back. Looking back, that decade of my life would have probably been so much easier if I had someone there to tell me that everything will be ok and life will work out exactly as it’s supposed to. If it’s been a while since you’ve heard those words, I’m happy to tell you, it’ll be ok. If you’re working hard, helping others along the way, and doing the things that you want to, you will be fine. Stop worrying. #3 Learn to refocus your energy… Difficult times have a way of feeling pervasive – and you will endure much of it throughout your 20s. However, don’t let the negativity drag you down so far that you lose yourself to drugs, the wrong people, or whatever bad company exists. I’ve learned that the best way to combat hard times is to redirect your energy into actions that can point you towards your goals. If you’re struggling in the job market, tweak your resume, send it out, and keep on tweaking and sending. If you just went through a nightmare break up, surround yourself with people who can support you! The pain eventually passes. You just have to learn how to pivot. #4 You can never be so sure… Life can be so deceitful, but you eventually realize that you can never be so sure about anything or anyone. There is no such thing as security or forever. What I mean is that everything in this world is temporary, so never get too obsessed or overly attached to your job, your finances, and people. That’s not to say you should live life with a fortress built so high and thick around you that you never get to experience the beauty of all those great things. It’s that you should be well-equipped for those uncontrived battles that infiltrate at a moment’s notice. #5 Not everyone is as happy as they seem… Everyone’s life looks so amazing and so magical. Everyone but me… I think we’ve all been there. Just remember that everyone has their own problems. Everyone is a little cray. And nothing is ever as perfect as it seems. I know it can be hard to believe in a world of perfectly curated Instagram lives, but you know that saying, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”… Yeah, marinate on that. Learn to be happy with what you have and you will receive more. #6 Learn your strengths and capitalize on them… Don’t waste your youth partying and drinking. In fact, take the little time you have in your 20s to build hobbies, refine skills, and figure out what you’re good at. You never know what those strengths might become. The earlier you navigate your strengths and cultivate them, the further you’ll ascend in life. And don’t stop until you find it. Everyone is good at something – it just takes more time for some of us.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   You Should Also Read: Top 10 Life Lessons From The Last 10 Years The Most Important Lessons I Learned in 2015 10 Lessons From My First Year of Fashion Merchandising The post 6 Things I Wish I Knew in My 20s appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Branding Guide for Beginner Bloggers
6-12-2017 23:31:05
Zanita Studio
Let’s talk branding. Branding is all the buzz in the blogging world lately. But why? For one thing, the payoff for effective branding is unmatched. Branding is how you’re noticed and how you continue to be recognized in your industry. Branding starts with your logo and trickles down to your fonts, colors, pictures, and voice. Yes, how you talk to your audience is part of your branding. Branding even goes as far as the companies you choose to work with. It makes sense for fashion bloggers to partner with fashion brands, food bloggers to partner with food brands, fitness bloggers to partner with fitness brands, etc. Things tend to get a little sticky when bloggers shy away from what’s expected of them and accept sponsorships from brands in every corner of the market. For example, if a fashion blogger were to partner with a tech app, it wouldn’t necessarily be the best move considering the blogger’s audience is geared toward fashion, not tech (unless of course, the app was a fashion-tech app). You don’t want to become too daring and go off track from why you started blogging in the first place, otherwise, you’ll lose the loyal following you’ve worked so hard to build. Your audience comes to you for a reason, don’t blow it with poor branding. Whether your branding is eh, or you don’t have branding at all, below is a branding guide for beginner bloggers today: Representative logo Your logo is the first thing to brand. If you’re serious about your brand, you should seriously invest in a unique logo. You may be using the header image that was provided in a blog template/theme you bought or you may have just randomly picked a pretty font and used it to type your blog name. Unfortunately, those two options just won’t cut it and here’s why: When you buy a premade template/theme, it’s likely there are a ton of other bloggers who bought the same one, using the same header for their blog name, which means your logo is not unique and can easily be mistaken for someone else’s. Picking a random “pretty” font most likely won’t have the longevity you need. You want something timeless that can be used for potential products, events, emails, etc. Choosing a trendy script logo may not work if you’re a minimalistic fashion blogger, but it would work for a DIY blogger. Perfecting your logo may seem obvious but there are a ton of bloggers who don’t even have one. Don’t be one of those bloggers. Think about the type of blogger you’ll be. Are you low key? Are you blunt and bold? Are you shy? Are you girly? You want a logo to capture the true essence of who you are. You also want to consider your niche and the topics you’ll be covering on your blog. If you’re strictly a health blogger you could go with a logo that is maybe green or incorporates a food stencil somehow. On the other hand, most fashion blogger logos tend to be very editorial, magazine-like channeling their inner Vogue. Many fashion bloggers go for a simple serif, black font logo. Look at We Wore What, Zanita, Something Navy, and The Chriselle Factor. They all have a very high fashion, clean, editorial vibe. So the best way to pick a logo that’s right for you is to start by creating a mood board on Pinterest of logos that stand out to you. Then hire a designer or try designing it on your own. And remember to take your time and play around with different fonts and sizes. Picking a logo won’t happen overnight. (Email me at if you need an affordable graphic designer.) Complementary fonts Like picking a logo, you want to pick fonts that suit you and your blog and go with your logo. You don’t want to choose fonts that overpower your logo. Your logo should be the main focus. Plus, people are going to be reading your blog at length so it might be best to go with fonts that are simple and easy on the eyes versus fancy script fonts with all kinds of swirls and twirls (this Curlz MT). In other words, you don’t want something too distracting. Typically staying within the serif or sans serif family is a good idea. You also want to keep your font choices to a minimum in order to maintain a fluid and consistent aesthetic.  So I don’t recommend more than 4 fonts for your brand/blog. (The 4 fonts do include those used for your logo.) Switching between a ton of different fonts will confuse your audience and your branding will become diluted. If you’re totally lost and have no idea where to find fonts that go really well together, ask Google. Google “best font pairs” or “best blog fonts” or “fashion blog fonts”. You will get a ton of results with examples to choose from which makes picking fonts so much easier (especially if you’re as indecisive as I am). Killer aesthetic An aesthetic is the feeling or vibe your readers/followers get when they visit your blog and any social media channel connected to your blog. Some bloggers have a colorful, bright aesthetic, others are more moody with a desaturated look (lots of black, white, and grey). Regardless what aesthetic you choose, you want it to fit with your personality. If you’re more reserved and “mysterious”, a more moody vibe might be a good fit for you. If you’re more bubbly and energetic a colorful, textured feed might work well. But whatever you end up going with, you want to make sure you’re consistent with it across your social media and blog. It wouldn’t make sense for you to have a super colorful blog and then a dark and muted Instagram. Your aesthetic goes beyond photo editing, it encompasses the colors you choose for your blog too. Your brand colors should be just as consistent with your fonts and no more than 5. For example, when you’re designing a graphic, customizing your blog layout, or posting a quote on Instagram you want the colors you use to be aligned with the 5 (or less) you chose for your brand. Authentic voice Last but certainly not least, what ties your branding all together is your brand voice. This is what really seals the deal for your readers. It’s whether they stay on your blog or go somewhere else. It’s how you form that true long, lasting connection. So how do you find a “voice”? You shouldn’t have to find it at all, it should just come naturally. Personally, for the most part, I write exactly how I talk. Of course, there is a certain emphasis missing but when you read what I write I hope it feels like I’m right in front of you talking directly to you. Depending on your brand and overall personality your voice could be more or less reserved. If your audience is a bunch of business professionals, you probably want your brand to communicate like one. If your brand is more laid back and casual, your voice can be more candid and less filtered. Some bloggers curse, talk about taboo subjects and go off script. Other bloggers are very private and only reveal certain aspects of them and their lives. Sincerely Jules is a perfect example of this; she’s mild-mannered, kind of quiet and reserved. You definitely won’t hear her lashing out about politics or any other controversial subjects because that’s not “on brand” for her. However, someone like Girl With No Job would have no problem talking about sex or something that some people might find inappropriate. Finding your voice takes time but once you perfect it, it’s the glue that holds your brand together. What’s your biggest branding struggle? Tell us in the comments below!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde You Should Also Read: The Best & Worst Part About Being a Blogger What I Learned During My First Major Photoshoot Monthly Blog Tip Q&A: August Edition The post Branding Guide for Beginner Bloggers appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Why You Should Work a Traditional Job Before Blogging
1-12-2017 16:00:38
Zanita Studio
The one thing I hear you guys saying most is that you’d love to blog full-time… Though I can confirm that leaving a traditional cubicle job has been one of the most liberating things I have ever done in my life, I will say the lessons I took from corporate life were INVALUABLE! Sure, it’s really amazing to be this creative person and work solely on creative projects, but I could never take for granted the structure and professionalism it taught me. Many of the skills I carry and value myself for today are exactly what I took from that confining, boring traditional work life. Wondering exactly what I’m talking about? Here are all the reasons you should work a traditional job before blogging… It teaches you STRUCTURE. There’s no secret about me working with various bloggers – and I’ll never name names, but I will say, the MOST successful bloggers are those who put a structure to their business. The ones who do that best are the ones who come from traditional corporate jobs. There are many many bloggers out there who have “made” it for their looks or creative skills, but they aren’t always the most professional to work with. Blogging is fun and games at times, but ultimately, it’s still a business and you should give it a structure in order to gain sustainable, long-term success. What I hated most about corporate was “structure”, but I do have to admit that I miss it at times The bloggers who value me most are the exact ones who have this “structure”. It teaches you to value timely COMMUNICATION. When I worked in corporate, I was at my desk all day which meant that if an email came through, I responded as soon as I could. If my supervisor or her boss sent an email, you can bet my response was instant. Business is business… However, it’s hard to “value” timely communication when it’s all done digitally, you don’t know the face of the person you’re communicating with, and there’s other things you’d rather invest your time in. Some days, I feel like I’m constantly chasing other people and it’s not fun. You would think if someone had the opportunity to do something as exclusive and special as fashion blogging, communication is everything, but nope… It teaches you PLANNING. One of the things my Planner back in Merchandising drilled into my head that has stuck till this day was setting goals and targets. You never know if you’re going to achieve that goal, but it gives you something to work towards. If there is no target, you’ll just be horsing around with little success at the end of the year. Again, the most successful bloggers are those with a long-term vision and then take corrective action to get there. Blogging can seem short-sighted but only if you act in tandem. Start your planning and long-term vision now, so you know what you’re working to get. Anyway, the point is that although your traditional job might not be what you want to do now, don’t underestimate the value you gain from it!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – Memorandum   You Should Also Read: The Biggest Myths About Starting a Blog DEBUNKED 4 Easy Tips to Create Great Content Every Time How to Find Clients When You Start Out Freelancing The post Why You Should Work a Traditional Job Before Blogging appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Books All Bloggers Need to Read
28-11-2017 15:25:00
Zanita Studio
In addition to being surrounded by total boss babes like Zanita, one thing that keeps me motivated and on my toes is books. When I’m not blogging, I’m reading about blogging, or business, or branding, or marketing; you name it, I’ll read it. How can you expect to get better at anything if you’re not doing anything to make yourself better? Aside from your parents (maybe), no one is going sit you down and tell you the secret to success. You have to go out and find it on your own, and the best way to do so is by learning from those who have already done it. You wouldn’t take parenting advice from someone who doesn’t have a kid would you? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you want what someone else has, do what they do. All of the books below are written by people who have achieved something I want to achieve and if you’re reading this post, you probably want to achieve it too. I’ve got 3 books all bloggers need to read today. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck A common theme throughout this book was having good values. Your values determine how you measure your worth and level of success. Money, fame, recognition, family, community, health… those are values. Now you need to ask yourself what yours are. Some bloggers measure their worth based on how many followers they have or how much money they make, and when they’re not gaining followers or making money they feel unfulfilled. And then there are bloggers who measure their success based on how many people they help. You can probably guess which one is the better value to have… Nothing good comes from bad values, so you want to ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing? Who is it serving? Something else Mark stressed is that you’re wrong about most things and you don’t know anything. Yep. You read that right. You don’t know a thing and neither do I. You only know so much until someone comes along and tells you something else. You don’t know what you don’t know, you know? Each passing day means we’re a little less wrong and we know a little more but we’re still wrong about something and I’ve never realized that before this book. Another crucial lesson for bloggers in this book was the art of saying no. Saying no is sometimes even more empowering than saying yes and it’s something bloggers should familiarize themselves with. Money is tempting, free gifts are tempting, attending events is also tempting but if it doesn’t make sense for you and your blog, you have to be able to say no. You create boundaries by saying no. By remaining exclusive with the brands you work and products you endorse, you establish a demand for your services (aka more brands will want to work with you because you only work with a select few). And when there’s a demand for you, you can turn your blog into a business. To learn more, and I highly recommend you do, read the book… now! (Get it HERE.) The Brand Gap The Brand Gap is a huge resource for bloggers looking to build a brand. It’s one thing to have a blog, it’s another to have an entire brand. Though this book doesn’t solely focus on bloggers, it focuses on brand building which ultimately is what you’re doing when you create a blog with hopes of turning it into a business. Something I found extremely useful was “the hand test”. The hand test is when you can put your hand over your brand’s logo and identify it as your own. You can do this with any brand or blog. For example, let’s say you just created a shoppable collage for your blog. You put your hand over your logo or any text saying it’s yours, and you see if the branding (the colors, the fonts, the overall design) is similar to past graphics you’ve had and on brand with your general vibe. If the answer is yes, then you’re in good shape but if each of your graphics looks completely different from one another then you may have to re-evaluate your branding. Some other key points the author touched on was that a strong brand is born when strategy and creativity meet (talent and strategy), the zig-zag theory (which we’re all familiar with by now), and your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what they say it is. They is your customer, consumer, reader, visitor, etc. I don’t want to be too much of a spoiler so pick up the book and find out for yourself. It’s a super quick read too, you just need a few hours and you’re done. (Get it HERE.) Contagious Contagious is based on the STEPPS theory. STEPPS stands for Social currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical value, and Storytelling. If you’re a blogger these STEPPS are total game changers. You can have a successful blog by using just one or a combination of a few of the STEPPS. But if you encompass all of them on your blog, you are guaranteed success. Yep. I promise you you’ll eventually blog full-time if you follow the STEPPS. Contagious breaks down each of the STEPPS in an easily digestible way plus examples. I love a biz book with examples because it helps me apply things to my own life. It may seem easy enough, but it’s not, which is probably why only 4% of bloggers actually “make it”. It’s no easy feat. That’s not to sound discouraging, it’s just a statistic. You are in control of your fate, but you have to be willing to put in the work. Most bloggers don’t have the patience, talent, or strategy to follow through with half of the things they read or learn which again, is why only 4% do. I only recommend this book to bloggers who are serious about growing their blogs or businesses and who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary for it to happen. I have this book highlighted from front to back because there are so many good gems in it. But if you’re still debating whether Contagious is right for you, stop. I don’t want to be too much of a #spoileralert so just buy the book and see how transformative it really is. (Get it HERE.) If you’ve read any of these books, tell me about it! Also feel free to ask any questions you have about blogging, branding, or business in the comments below for a special shout out in our Monthly Blog Tip Q&A series!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: The Best & Worst Part About Being a Blogger What I Learned During My First Major Photoshoot Monthly Blog Tip Q&A: August Edition The post 3 Books All Bloggers Need to Read appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Places I’ll DEFINITELY Be Shopping on Black Friday
23-11-2017 03:12:30
Zanita Studio
I haven’t had much time to share my latest beauty discoveries, but believe me, there have been so MANY wonderful things to try! I have been shopping on Black Friday for years now – since 2007 to be exact! I just believe in saving money when and where you can, so why not take take advantage of the sales and discounts? You might disagree and wonder if the the savings are really that big, but take 20-30% off here and there – and what do you get? SAVINGS. Don’t forget that I also come from the other side (retail merchandising), and I know these companies plan ALL YEAR for this event… The fact that they buy in bulk means they can provide you an amazing deal, so YES, you really do save! But first, don’t forget to give thanks – and then take the time give back by shopping for holiday gifts! I always always always shop for beauty products on Black Friday because it’s extremely rare that a luxury beauty brand like Giorgio Armani or Bobbi Brown will offer discounts on their ENTIRE line. I also make sure to stock up on my essentials like Antastasia’s Brow Wiz or Dr. Hauschka’s Quince Day Cream. So anyway, here are 5 places I’ll be shopping on Black Friday! Note that Most of my predictions are based off of last year’s promotions because if a brand did something last year, they’re likely to do it again this year… Glossier Last year, Glossier offered 20% off plus free shipping on Black Friday, so I anticipate the same again. I also encourage EVERYONE to take advantage of this sale. I shared my top picks here but there have been so many new launches since. I’d urge you to try out the new perfume, stock up on the boy brow and priming moisturizer rich – all are wonderful and you won’t have an ounce of regret. Dermstore Dermstore has done 30% off again and again the last three years and I always buy something from here. They have a wonderful selection of Peter Thomas Roth with tons of gift sets, and I’m eyeing a few brands like RMS and Kevyn Aucoin. I just love Dermstore and their humongous offerings. Birchbox Last year, Birchbox really pissed me off because they didn’t do anything novel, but they’ve totally made a comeback this year! I cannot wait to get my hands on some Dr. Jart+ goodies and totally thankful for Birchbox coming through! (Bravo guys!) Their promo has already started, so head there now to see what it’s all about! Shopbop Shopbop is having a really cool sale right now that will run through Sunday. The more you buy, the more you save. If there’s a pair of shoes or handbag you’ve been watching all season, now is the time to cave – and save some dollars while you’re at it! I’m diggin’ these white boots and this backpack. Nordstrom Does Nordstrom ever do wrong? I don’t think so. I’m loving their sale selects right now – and admit that I rely on Nordstrom for all my Topshop goodies, plus they’ve got some cool beauty deals going on. I’m def picking up a coat or two… So, as you can see, I keep it short, fast, and sweet! I hate crowds, I avoid the lines, and I still save Cheers to shopping and hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: From Day to Night in 5 Minutes with 5 Products I Tried Laser Skincare for the First Time – Here’s What Happened Getting Ready for a Girl’s Night Out on No Time The post 5 Places I’ll DEFINITELY Be Shopping on Black Friday appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 More Favorite Brunch Spots in New York
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Exactly a year ago, I wrote here on Zanita Studio my favorite brunch spots in New York City. Funny coincidence that I’m writing about this subject again today. Life in NYC goes by so fast that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. But one thing that I can always count on is for new places to pop up all over the city. I’m always keen on trying out new places – many of which have landed at the top of my favorites list. And while a few from this list remain up there, some have swept me completely off my feet. Here’s an updated list of 5 more favorite brunch spots in New York – no particular order: #1 De Maria From the renowned Chef Camille Becerra, De Maria is the most beautiful restaurant in Nolita, serving your typical brunch dishes with an elevated style. Even the avocado toast is a work of art. Make sure to drop by after rush hour because the wait might be up to an hour. But it’s worth it! #2 Sunday in Brooklyn This petit spot in Williamsburg opened up a few months ago. But it holds up to your expectations because the food is as amazing as the decor. I went bananas over their iced matcha and stash of pancakes. I dream about those pancakes all. the. time. List it as a must-go if you live in New York City or are planing to visit. Thank me later! #3 Dudley’s This cute and homey spot shows how the Aussie’s are king with food. I went there this summer after a bike ride through New York City for a late brunch. It was the perfect pit stop. Order the green salad farro! They also make this killer brussel sprout salad with quinoa! It explains why Zanita always says Aussies take their brunch seriously! They don’t play around here. #4 Maman I’m a bit suspicious of stating that Maman is currently one of my favorite places to brunch because it’s so close to my apartment. We’ve been going there quite a lot. Besides the decor being amazingly tasteful, the food is to drool for. I always love the croque maman and the white chocolate chip and pretzel cookie. Do not miss out on it. #5 Sauvage Sauvage is another must-go in Brooklyn, but this time, Greenpoint. Right across a beautiful park, Sauvage is the ultimate #frenchgoals restaurant. I’ve been there for brunch and dinner a few times and was never disappointed. The avocado toast is simply exquisite. Anyone tired of avocado toast yet? Not me when there are so many distinct ways to serve it. What are your favorite brunch spots in New York? Any new ones I should try? X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest YouTube You Should Also Read: The Ultimate Summer To Do List 5 Brunch Spots I’m Currently Drooling Over in NYC Hot In the City: The New Boho Is Chic AF The post 5 More Favorite Brunch Spots in New York appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Reignite Your Passion for Blogging
20-11-2017 14:00:51
Zanita Studio
Have you ever come across a blogger who goes through spurts of creating – and then radio silence? Have you, yourself, ever gotten the high to create only to watch it fade into the distance? Let me assure you that this is all very normal – and I think everyone, especially creatives, experience it from time to time. As someone who does this full-time, the pretense on Instagram, pressure to output content daily, and fast-paced environment (which yield no time to bask in the glory of what you create), can get tiring quick. I sometimes feel like a robot on an assembly line rather than a creative. When these emotions emerge, it’s an indication that you need to reignite your passion for blogging. Here’s how I do it. Compile all the wonderful messages/comments you’ve ever received… I often ask myself what I’m doing – and if I’m bringing any value into this world. In the last two years, I have gotten so many messages across the globe from many of you thanking and telling me how “inspiring” I have been. It’s stuff like this that brings me gratification, pushes me to keep going, and reminds me why I can’t stop. Lately, I’ve been feeling more discouraged than ever, but every time I reread a comment or message from a reader who expressed how I changed their lives, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. If you can empower one or two people out there, that should be enough to reignite your passion for blogging. Remember why you started… When you’re caught up in the daily bustle of blogging, it’s hard to stay aware of the bigger picture. Everything can feel tasky quick – even something as creative as the “photoshoot” aspect. In times like this, I always reference back to the time I first started. What brought me here to begin with? If your original intent has always been money, then this point probably won’t help you much. But for me, it was about having a voice – a perspective – and sharing that with the world whether it was five people or a hundred. Reflecting back on the burning desire to create something and put it online always helps me stay on track. Slow down… Sometimes, feelings of disinterest happen because you’ve taken on too much. This usually happens when you feel like your life revolves around work. Your schedule revolves around others. And your results are dictated by someone other than yourself. It’s best to just slow down and re-evaluate the situation sometimes. Maybe it’s dropping a client, outsourcing parts of your work, or taking a few days off. No matter what your solution is, you have to remember that it’s up to you. Have you ever felt like you lost your fire for creating content? I’d love to hear more about your experience below and what you did to reignite your passion for blogging!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   You Should Also Read: The Biggest Myths About Starting a Blog DEBUNKED 4 Easy Tips to Create Great Content Every Time How to Find Clients When You Start Out Freelancing The post How to Reignite Your Passion for Blogging appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How To: Meaningful Gifts for The Holiday Season
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Buying gifts isn’t easy. In fact, it can be a little on the awkward side, that moment when you hand over a present to a loved one and eye their expression as they unwrap it, hoping you’ve made the right choice. Even more so receiving! Attempting to express just the right amount of genuine surprise and gratitude while being watched with bated breath – if I’m honest, it really makes me a little nervous. The pressure!  Of course – when you’ve made the right decision, the pay off is heart warming – and you’re only going to get that if you put genuine thought into the gift you select. It really doesn’t have to be about amount you spend – in fact – it’s the opposite. There’s nothing like receiving a handmade or personalised gift from someone who truly knows you.  I’ve partnered with kikki.K to create this cute and festive video, sharing some of the ways I’m working to put a little something extra into presents this Christmas.  Hope you like! Of course – it doesn’t need to be just about Christmas! If you don’t partake in the holiday, you can still take away from these little tips for giving at any time of the year. While clichéd, it’s absolutely the thought that counts. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that my loved ones mentioned don’t catch this video before I have the chance to head all the way home to Australia to hand my presents over! In Partnership with kikki.K Check out this link right here to find my personal favourites from the collection! The post How To: Meaningful Gifts for The Holiday Season appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway Like a Pro
17-11-2017 01:40:07
Zanita Studio
There are days when we just need to get away… One of the funniest things I’ve learned since going freelance (and I mentioned this before) is that you really work your ass off. From acquiring clients to managing finances, I still haven’t learned to shut off completely. It’s hard to when your income is dependent on YOU – your productivity, your efforts, and your results. However, I started to notice that I was burning out… I was mean all the time, more impatient than ever, emotional and just swearing left and right. And that was a good indication that it was time to shut off and get away for the weekend. With travel ramping up these last two years, I have to say, the one thing I’ve truly mastered is packing light… I’ll be showing you how to pack for a weekend getaway like a pro. Wear comfy shoes, i.e. sneakers. When I first started traveling, I always made the big mistake of bringing a few different pairs of shoes because you just never know where you might go. I’ve learned that 98% of the time, nothing is pressing enough to warrant a change of shoes. I now only stick to one pair of sneakers especially for short weekend getaways because they’re easy to walk in and sensible. My favorite has been this fun hummingbird pair from Axel Arigato. The quality leather, minimalist feel, and unexpected embroidery make it a fun addition to any outfit no matter where you’re going. Snag yourself a pair for a luxe sneaker update! Pack lightweight pieces. Also, the lighter your clothing, the better off you’ll be. A duster, turtleneck, and trousers fit the formula – plus it’s so chic. I prefer something other than denim for the car ride and I don’t do “athleisure”, so trousers are perfect! Side note: I did bring jeans, but I didn’t wear them for the drive. I considered packing a few more coat options and more sweaters, but reminded myself to digress. After all, I was only leaving for two days hence weekend getaway. The lighter you pack, the better off you’ll be. Pack minimally when it comes to beauty. Beauty is the one department I still struggle desperately with. I’m not TSA-abiding at all. But for such a short excursion, there’s no need to pack the vanity. I decided that all I needed this time was some sunscreen, a bit of color (i.e. blush and bronzer), eyebrows, my skincare essentials, and nice spritz. You can even skip the perfume, but I’ve been super obsessed with Glossier’s You. I just couldn’t leave it. It’s not overly feminine or sweet – and super fitting for my style. I threw all my goodies in two Glossier pouches (you get one with every order and they’ve been the best things to pack for a weekend getaway in terms of beauty and toiletries). Do your research. Maybe you should have done this first, but figure out where you’re going and what the weather is like. North Carolina is pretty chilly now – nothing like New York but enough to require layers. I brought a light jacket but I made sure to wear a thicker knit top (like a turtleneck) and also brought the right accessories like a chunky scarf. This was enough to keep me warm for a full-day’s worth of wander. How do you pack for a weekend getaway?   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   You Should Also Read: 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful 4 Things to Know Before Going Full-Time Freelance Hard Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful The post How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway Like a Pro appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Fall Essentials You Need NOW
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Zanita Studio
Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since I last posted here. Summer has come and gone and my favorite season is already here. While most of us still haven’t experienced the thrill of fall, New York drastically changed temperatures and we can now enjoy the real-deal. I could not be more excited to pick up an actual coat and cozy up with my favorite almond-spiced-pumpkin drink. Sipping a bit right now. But because the season isn’t only about the coats, I gathered a list of fall essentials you need now. We can call them basics or in-between’s – they’re basically all we need to keep us stylish and true to ourselves. Dwelling on Instagram makes me realize the importance of a simple and balanced ensemble. The simpler the better so we can properly accessorize and embellish. I’m a sucker for a basic tee, jeans, and a good trench spruced up with stacked jewelry, a special bag and shoes. But during fall, there are a few rules I like to follow, respecting the needs of the weather. Let’s get into my fall essentials. #1 Skirt It Up. ‘Tis the season to fully enjoy a mid-length skirt. If you live in New York, like me, you know that winter is brutal and pants are non-negotiable. So I always enjoy the in-between seasons to show a little bit of leg. This season, pull out your favorite skirts and pair them with those cozy sweaters you’ve been keeping stashed away. Shop my favorite picks below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1622013681919384816")); #2 A Leather Jacket Is Your Best Friend. Not even lying. A leather jacket is your best friend this season. Too much for summer, too little for winter but just enough so you won’t get cold in fall. I just got one early in the summer and have been enjoying it to the fullest. Shop my favorite picks below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1622014353440905881")); #3 All You Can Plaid. Plaid is seriously e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Skirts, blazers, shirts, and every cool girl is sporting it. Don’t be shy and, even if you like it so much you have to mix and match, do it. No shame in wearing something you love so much all the freaking time. Shop my favorite picks below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1622014827603275616")); #4 Bootie To Match Your Bootay No shame in admitting that I’ve already adopted the kitten-mid-heeled-bootie. Can’t get enough of this elegant, chic and classic style of a shoe. I remember the last time I wore pointed toed-shoes was back in 2008. And I had all sorts of pointed shoes. Now that it’s back, I just want to take advantage and rock them before the snow comes. Shop my favorite picks below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1622015739971442758")); #5 The Perfect Pair Of Jeans Finally, the perfect pair of jeans is waiting for you to wear them. I believe that, besides being timeless, jeans are an all-year-round kind of piece. I never cease wearing them – with the exception of hot dang summer days. But come fall, you can’t take me out of them. And there are so many amazing pairs to choose from. Just gotta find the one that fits. Shop my favorite picks below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1622016102893236170")); What are you wearing this season? I’d love to know!   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest YouTube You Should Also Read: The Ultimate Summer To Do List Summer Essentials for the Fashion Girl Hot In the City: The New Boho Is Chic AF The post Fall Essentials You Need NOW appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 Easy Tips to Create Great Content Every Time
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Zanita Studio
With Instagram holding such high-value these days, it can be hard to decipher whether someone is actually reading anything… And even if they’re not, I still think you need to write! Maybe I’m old school, but writing is something I believe will never go away especially as content and influencer marketing grows! Writing is crucial to creating great content because it’s what conveys your message as you intend. People might interpret your photographs in a way that you didn’t mean for them to. So, add a few sentences that communicate your thoughts and everything suddenly changes. Not the best writer? No problem. Here are my top tips to create great content every time. Write what you know. The best thing to write about when you’re absolutely clueless is to write what you know… When you write about your personal experiences, you can truly express how you feel and articulate what you gained or loss from that experience. You never know what someone might take from your lessons and how it might change their lives. That’s the beauty in blogging… I often feel like I don’t lead a super exciting life and I spend a lot of my days at home, but the messages I receive on a weekly basis from readers around the world has been so unexpected and profound. It’s always a good feeling knowing I helped someone else do better or try harder. Writing what you know allows you to show a side that no one else would have seen or felt – and that’s what makes it so special. Write timely content. Writing about what you know makes a bigger impact when it’s relevant. Therefore, you should think about life events in your life that pertain to the time and season we’re in. For instance, Thanksgiving is coming up… While many people might be sharing recipes or outfits to wear when you meet the “family”, you can write about all the non-material things to be grateful for. Black Friday will be high on everyone’s list, so talk about why you don’t do participate in the frenzy. Think about what’s happening – current affairs – and add you voice to the choir in a way that hasn’t been talked about yet. Repurpose old content. When you’re creating content week after week, it can be exhausting to keep the momentum going. What are you supposed to write about when you run out of ideas? Look to old content that can be repurposed. Take a quick spin through your archives… Re-read posts from 3-4 years ago – or other bloggers’ posts from that time – and see how you can turn it into meaningful content today. Everything has already been done – we all know that, but you can always make old things new. Assume nothing. Often times, we assume too much… We think we know what people want, we know what we can offer, and we know everything – or almost everything. One of the things I’ve learned to do when creating content is assume nothing. When you assume nothing, you’re able to provide more value-added information that you may have missed otherwise. Don’t even assume that the reader has read countless other blogs before stumbling upon your own. You never know what light you might shed when you write as though the other person knows nothing… I’m not referring to being condescending either! It’s about enlightening in ways you didn’t think were possible. Have any tips to create great content every time? Please share them below!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   You Should Also Read: 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful 4 Things to Know Before Going Full-Time Freelance Hard Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful The post 4 Easy Tips to Create Great Content Every Time appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Biggest Myths About Starting a Blog DEBUNKED
9-11-2017 16:21:31
Zanita Studio
I always love reading what others have to say about blogging… Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t, but that’s the beauty of the Internet and having so many voices chime in… Everyone can share their perspective on what it means to be something or how to do something. Put everything together and you get all the different ways people do ONE thing – which means your chances of success become higher! At the same time, everyone who consumes that content has the same exact shot as you do. That’s where you come in. You’re the difference. It’s really up to you to decide what’s real, what’s valuable, and executable. To help you decipher that, I wanted to share my personal opinion on the biggest myths about starting a blog… You need a DEFINED TARGET MARKET/NICHE. I think having a clear idea about who your target market might be is NOT a bad idea at all. However, you have to be FLEXIBLE. Understanding what your audience might like, knowing their age group, and who they’re already following will help you hone in on a voice that speaks to that . This can get tricky when your target audience ends up not being your real audience… So, pay attention to the people who are interacting with your content – who’s commenting? What are they saying? You have to have a PURPOSE. I recently wrote about this on my personal blog, but wanted to share it here too in case you’re not following me there… Everyone talks about PURPOSE… knowing what makes you different and knowing what value you have to offer. *SURPRISE* You won’t always know and I explain more in the video below – but to recap, it’s OK if you don’t know your purpose from the start. However, you have to be doing something so that you can EVENTUALLY find that thing that makes you special. You’ll get reinforcement from your readers over time, but when you first start don’t stress out if you have no idea. Create content you’re “PASSIONATE” about. One of the other biggest myths about starting a blog is writing about something you’re passionate about! I think many of us have several passions in life… I’m passionate about beauty/skincare, fashion, personal development, entrepreneurship, photography, and creating content, BUT I can’t talk endlessly and tirelessly about ALL these things. However, there are a few key topics I can write about pervasively and never get sick of them… Things like blogging, photography, and growth – all of which have an overarching theme! So, don’t pick a passion. Pick something you can talk about for years and never run out of ideas! Remember, passion can burn out… Give yourself a certain timeframe Giving yourself a timeframe before you quit is totally unacceptable in my book. No one has the same blog story to tell. You NEVER know when success will come. It took me 5 years whereas it may have taken someone else 2 years… You just don’t know. So, if you start a blog with the intention of turning it into a full-blown business within one year, you will be disappointed. If you don’t have the stamina to create when no one is watching, how could you create when everyone is watching and you have a million other things to do?   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   You Should Also Read: 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful 4 Things to Know Before Going Full-Time Freelance Hard Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful The post The Biggest Myths About Starting a Blog DEBUNKED appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Resume Updates to Make Mid-Career
4-11-2017 22:50:19
Zanita Studio
Over two years ago, I shared my top resume tips on Zanita Studio… However, as I went back to update my resume a few weeks ago, I realized it was time for a revamped post. You might wonder why I needed to update my resume if I’m “working for myself” – and it’s basically because as I use it in my pitches to prospective clients. Plus, a freshly updated resume gives me clarity as I evolve in my career. I’ve always placed a lot of emphasis on my resume because it’s the ONLY thing that someone can judge me by when they have no idea who I am or what I look like. Since I’m now mid-career as many of you might be, I wanted to share the essential resume updates you can benefit from. – Add an objective summary. After at least 4 years of professional working experience, an objective no longer makes sense… You should have already developed some level of self-awareness and really understand what your strengths and weaknesses are up to this point. That means dropping the traditional one-liner objective and crafting a witty summary objective that describes who you are, what you’ve done, and what you’re looking to do. Think of this is your elevator pitch… How are you selling yourself? – Summarize irrelevant experience. I’ve held so many different jobs – a stock broker, demand planner, assistant merchandise planner, and content manager. What I’m looking to do today is completely unrelated to corporate America, which pretty much means my roles in finance and retail don’t make a lot of sense. I don’t need to highlight my accomplishments there. Instead, I’ll write three quick sentences summarizing my key contributions – and then heavily underscore my success as a content creator for Zanita and my personal blog. – Highlight major contributions. I also removed my old-school bullet points because I’m not in college anymore… Remember that at this point, you have so much more to sell and a greater story to tell. Write a snappy snippet on your story in that role and include 2-3 bullet points highlighting your top contributions. Did you increase sales by 25% over last year? Did you successfully launch a brand new email campaign that generated over 75% in click-thrus? Those are the things that need to stand out. – Two pages is ok. Mid-career is probably the only time it’s okay to have your resume over one page. Make great use of your first page by playing up the roles that matter and toning down the ones that don’t! – Drop the college fluff. Other resume updates to make are discarding the GPAs, fraternities/sororities, clubs, and Dean’s Lists that are no longer relevant… Real hands-on experience will outweigh that college fluff. So, if you weren’t a 4.0 student, you’re in luck Results and work ethic is what matters most – both of which will show in your experience. What resume updates have you made?   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   You Should Also Read: 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful 4 Things to Know Before Going Full-Time Freelance Hard Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful The post Resume Updates to Make Mid-Career appeared first on Zanita Studio.
What I Learnt From Rihanna (and more!) At the Vogue Forces of Fashion Conference
1-11-2017 22:30:34
Zanita Studio
It’s not everyday you have a chance to sit in a room with some of fashion’s biggest names – I’m talking Rihanna, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Virgil Abloh, Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour and so many more. It might go without saying, this was an exclusive experience and I am so grateful to HP for inviting me.  I was able to document the whole affair using their newly launched product – the HP Sprocket 2 in 1 – which is a camera that prints your photos in these cutest little sticker formats, like having a photobooth in your pocket.  I spent the day furiously take notes and snapping little memories, tangible pieces of what was to become one of the most rewarding and valuable learning experiences of my career. The venue was also filled with the most gorgeous HP prints of some of the most iconic Vogue imagery from recent years, as a somewhat fledgling photographer myself, taking in gallery was truly inspiring. So what did I take away from hearing these incredibly esteemed speakers discussing their careers?  Here are some of my most valuable and compelling learnings from the Forces of Fashion Conference – all taking place right here in New York at the famed Milk Studios. Stella McCartney is warm and generous… She spoke with Vogue’s own Tonne Goodman on the “The Ethical Future of Fashion”. This can be a prickly topic, something both myself and my peers have come under fire for in the past – and I’m sure can all agree that there’s a consumerist side to the fashion industry that’s pretty despicable. While we can feel intimated by the guilt of not doing everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to fashion – Stella assured us, it’s not all or nothing. Simply becoming aware of the facts is a great step to making changes. Just like we can all help this environment by simply consuming less beef, trying to use biodegradable cleaning products where possible, recycling – we can also apply small principles to the way we thinking about clothing and fashion. Did you know that the fashion industry is the number two most polluting industry behind OIL?? And that rayon, one of the most common fabrics used in the USA, requires over 150 million trees a year to be felled in its production. The future of fashion is technology – there’s now artificial ways to produce animal based materials that don’t hurt the enviroment. Stella inspired me to write a post in the future about resources and methods to help us all make our wardrobes more ethical and sustainable. It’s not about all or nothing! It’s simply that if we increase our use of products being made the right way bit by bit, we increase demand and lower the costs making it feasible for all to have access to them and make better choices for the future of the planet. Marc Jacobs once accidentally shared a picture of his butt on instagram… This might not be news to you – but it was certainly for me! Marc spoke on a panel called ‘Fashion in the Age of Instagram’ with CEO Kevin Systrom, hosted by Vogue’s Sally Singer. I hoped a little they would broach topics like the rise of the fashion influencer through the platform, commercial partnerships on Instagram and censorship – but that would have taken all day and there was so much to get through! The panel was asked about social media regrets – which is how Marc brought up the topic of his accidental post – but he said he didn’t regret it because it was just him being himself. “You can’t regret the things you do, You can only regret the things you DON’T do.” I found this really poignant because regrets really represent the denial of a learning experience – and we grow the furthest from our mistakes. My work with Instagram has been a story of trial and error – and sometimes I’m still baffled by the success of one post over another! High end content never works as well as something spontaneous and genuine. The panel discussed the partnership between fashion and technology, how the two industries are more co-dependent than ever. It was a reminder that once upon a time, bloggers and influencers were at the forefront of digital communication and now brands like Vogue are where the greatest lessons are too be found, adapting to the way we consume fashion media and constantly pushing the envelope of creativity in the digital space. Heron Preston is the coolest guy I never knew… So maybe I’ve been living under a rock but I didn’t know much about Heron prior to the conference. The conversation he shared with Virgil Abloh and Vogue’s own innately cool Chioma Nnadi was perhaps my favourite of the day. Heron told the story of how he was on holiday in Ibiza realised there was a ton of garbage in the water, which triggered his idea on the importance and under appreciation of sanitation departments. The Department of Sanitation of New York is described as ‘one of the most important uniformed forces in NYC’ which lead Heron on a long convoluted quest to connect and collaborate with the department. The result is a collection which debuted at NYFW, with a goal to raise awareness for 0x30 – the department’s initiative that aims to eliminate the need to send waste to landfills by 2030.  All pieces are recycled – and obviously incredibly cool. Fashion with a conscience! There was so much more to the story but my takeaway was really exploring Heron’s unconventional approach, something he had in common with his friend Virgil (Off-White) whereby building a career outside of the traditional high fashion trajectory really lent them to create brands that felt like something new. There are no rules!! I also loved Virgil’s quote – “Cool kids wanna be rich and rich kids wanna be cool.” –   on the topic of how street culture’s influence has an ever increasing impact in high fashion. Victoria Beckham never smiles in photographs – but she’s hilarious! She opened her conversation with the quip, “Oh no, now I’ve got this microphone – maybe you’ll get a two for one!” An obvious nod to her past life as a Spice Girl, something she was super warm and ready to chat about throughout her discussion, something that no doubt the entire audience was super thrilled about. Victoria has had a rare experience for a life, having known mega fame with her music career since 18 years old, being married to one of the most famous footballers in the world (if not the MOST famous) and being a mother of four while juggling a number of businesses. Though Victoria’s high flying lifestyle might give you impression her career would be hard to relate to, there’s still parallels in the lessons and her experiences that we can all gain from – namely – with her namesake fashion line, she began by mastering the art of dressmaking and waited until she gained enough experience before developing suiting, extolling the virtues of patience, perseverance and a job well done. She also had the ironic fortune of naivety and inexperience, which averted her gaze from myriad of pressures and criticism from the industry, allowed her to maintain a singular focus on perfecting details and getting things just right, trusting her own vision. Stay true to your own beliefs! Rihanna is everything. I couldn’t really make notes while Rihanna was speaking because I was so enthralled by her presence, it’s easy to see what makes her a mega star. While she touched on both her Fenty beauty and fashion lines, what stuck with me were personal anecdotes – specifically the story of her 2015 Met Gala Gown – the yellow and gold Guo Pei showstopper. The story of the dress began when she was implored by Anna Wintour to ‘go with the theme’ for the Gala, prompting research into Chinese couture houses. As someone who prides herself in seeking out the unique, Guo Pei’s collection became an obvious choice – but she almost began regret her decision to wear it when it took four people to lift the dress in place on her body at the fitting. She was so anxious to arrive at the event with such an ostentatious look she sent the limo (and it had to be a stretch to fit the garment inside!) around the block three times before exiting. Her position inside the limo had to choreographed in order for her to exit and it took a number of people to get up the stairs. She changed her look as soon as she entered the building into something more practical. My takeaway? Sometimes even real life can be a fantasy – but its worth it to make an impact! We can all appreciate a little theatrics. It’s thanks to my HP Sprocket I was able to capture memories in real time at the Vogue Forces of Fashion conference. I loved having a more tangible way to document moments, as opposed to the thousands and thousands of images we are saving on our phones to be forgotten or deleted. Can’t pretend I haven’t been pretty popular with friends when I head out in the evening and basically pull a photo booth out of my pocket! Thanks so much to the incredible team at HP for giving me an experience I’ll never forget. Post In Partnership with HP     The post What I Learnt From Rihanna (and more!) At the Vogue Forces of Fashion Conference appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Find Clients When You Start Out Freelancing
1-11-2017 14:19:15
Zanita Studio
I’ve decided to turn the questions I’m receiving into a series of blog posts, so if there’s anything you want to learn more about in the business of blogging, DM me on Instagram or leave them in the comments below. Today, I wanted to cover the topic of how to find clients when you start out freelancing. I’ve been fortunate that the majority of my clients have come from the Internet. Before you reach out to potential clients, I think it’s super important to have a certain level of confidence in your work and results that speak to your skills. It can be especially difficult to land clients online for a few reasons – people have no idea who you are, what you look like, or if what you’re saying is what you can actually do. While there’s amazing talent online, there’s also a lot of bullshit – we all know that. That being said, I’m going to share how you can find clients when you start out freelancing like I did… – Make a list of potential clients Before you start the outreach process, you need to know exactly who you’re targeting so that you strategically target your pitch and rework your resume to fit the needs and vision of that particular client. In my case, I work specifically with bloggers on content strategy and creation, occasionally photography, and planning and execution. The term bloggers alone is pretty general in itself so I even go further as to target fashion and lifestyle bloggers with a following of at least several thousands. I am very picky about who I work with, so if they’re not already an established blogger (like Zanita), I need to see that they have potential and are committed. – Reach out on Instagram. When reaching out on Instagram, I never make any business inquiries right off the bat. These are typically influencers I feel have potential and a point of view, so I want to develop a relationship with them. I most likely have already been following them for a while and will ask to do test shoots. A free photoshoot is always a great way to build a relationship while growing your portfolio – this has worked well for me. From the test shoot, I’ll send over high-res, fully-edited photos with a quick snippet of my services and what I do. That’s where the lead begins and flourishes. – Pitch via email. Two years ago, I would have never had the nerve to reach out to an influencer online and offer my services. Today, I’m comfortable enough with what I can offer that I’ll take the leap of faith. The one thing that has benefitted me most is my current client list. When one influencer sees that I’ve worked on content strategy, planning, and execution with a mega-blogger, they listen. I know many of you may not have had the luxury of working with a high-caliber influencer like Zanita, but that’s why I think it’s so important to have industry experience. Be willing to work for someone for a few years before branching out on your own. – Network & meet in person. Meeting someone in person is the best way to find clients when you start out freelancing. It’s extremely exhausting for me to be in a crowd of people – especially when everyone is super competitive (like in blogging). Moving from a full-time Content Manager to a freelancer has really pushed me out of my shell as I strive to be that socialite for the sake of my business. It has been extremely beneficial and a wonderful learning experience.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – LE JOLIE – Susan featuring Of Leather & Lace   You Should Also Read: 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful 4 Things to Know Before Going Full-Time Freelance Hard Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful The post How to Find Clients When You Start Out Freelancing appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 Things to Know Before Going Full-Time Freelance
27-10-2017 03:18:38
Zanita Studio
Going full-time freelance is probably the dream for many creatives out there… The freedom, self-directed schedule, and ability to work anywhere in the world at anytime are all compelling reasons to become self-employed. However, I think many of us don’t realize that it’s also far more strenuous than we think. I had wondered for a while if and when I would be ready going full-time freelance, but I never had the confidence that I could actually make it. Only recently, Zanita and Gustav gave me that push I needed, which I’m chronicling on my personal blog. Since I know this topic is of high interest, I wanted to enlighten you on what I’ve learned in my first month. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Going full-time freelance requires you to be comfortable with ambiguity. You never know when and if you’ll land that next client or when the income will roll in, but you have to be confident that it will. My biggest concern was always “how am I going to land this client”? My biggest surprise was that I could land even one – and your first one always gives you the confidence to go out and get more. The thing you need to realize is, if you’re doing great work, clients will come. It’s easy for people to recognize honest, sensible, and valuable work, so if you can showcase that, you have nothing to be concerned about. Be prepared to work even harder! If you feel like you’re busting ass for someone else, be prepared to bust your ass even more for yourself. Sure, you have all the flexibility in the world, but going full-time freelance is so much work. I’m in disbelief and I have no idea how people keep it together… I barely have any time for anything but work these days. From managing my finances and invoicing to creating content, I really over estimated my organizational skills. You have to put yourself out there constantly. I’m a true introvert. Work requires me to frequent NYC and events more than ever before, which really suck the life out of me. However, that face time is incredibly important. I understand now why so many bloggers feel the need to be in NYC. The face-to-face connection is the best way to acquire clients… You have to go out and introduce yourself so people take you seriously. This really pulls me out of my comfort zone, but it’s so necessary for success! You manage EVERYTHING. Be prepared to do all the things you love as well as everything you don’t love! My least favorite part of being self-employed is managing the financial aspect of it… It’s quite boring and time-consuming, but who else is going to do it? Constantly keeping track of the money flowing in and out is no fun, but it’s critical to sustaining a long-term business. I also hate negotiating and proposing rates – this is something I’m still working to figure out. However, it makes you much more well-rounded and will take you far in your career. It’s obvious that I haven’t gotten everything figured out, but learning along the way is a huge part of the process. If you have any specific questions or want to hear more on this topic, drop me a note in the comments below. I realize how lucky I am to be able to do what I do – and I’m always thrilled to share my learnings along the way.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – LE JOLIE – Susan   You Should Also Read: 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita Golden Time Management Tips as a Working Mom The post 4 Things to Know Before Going Full-Time Freelance appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Do Influencers Deserve Any Money?
27-10-2017 02:02:59
Zanita Studio
Bit of a delayed reaction post – I’ve been meaning to bring up this topic ever since I featured in an article on Refinery29 regarding strategy and streetstyle at fashion week. While for me it might seem plainly obvious, the fact that industry professionals attend shows and use fashion week to strategize media awareness feels like some kind of secret. The truth is, it IS very valuable (and alot of fun) to attend and be featured – to boost one’s profile through press features in magazines and online globally. This strategy is employed not just by influencers but by buyers and editors who indeed pioneered the methods – and who are also using those methods to gain the same attention and utilize their growing profiles as part of the in-demand personality trend. I’ve had the fortune of traveling to fashion weeks around the world – and while in the beginning I didn’t specifically strategize to gain awareness of my work, the fact that it happens work now shouldn’t be a taboo… and I certainly didn’t invent the system. If you’re not good at what you’re doing, you’re not going to benefit from attending because success requires the approval of the most premium photographers and editors. I’m still wearing whatever-the-f*ck I want, and like most of my peers, I’m pretty opinionated and stubborn about what clothes go on my body because that’s part of building an identifiable style brand…  it’s also probably why I’ve rocked some absolute doozies over the years too (cough, clogs, cough). No risk no reward! On an that, costs to take part can be astronomical. It’s why influencers trade in social content with hotels, car services and more to ease the financial burden. Even being very conservative, travelling to all four fashion cities – with meals, hotels, taxis/ubers (we’re often wearing heels cos lol, gotta be fabulous) and flights can cost upwards of 20-30k. I’ve certainly had seasons that left me out of pocket – but the press that trickles down in the following months can prove the payback. Today I won’t travel to a city unless I can work because it’s simply not the investment it once was, with so many photographers and attendees, competition is fierce. It’s a great chance to network but often I’ll have projects to do back home that are just as valuable. I’m a bit disappointed the article didn’t broach further the ecosystem that comes with the street style scene and the personal expression of style being valued by not only the designers and industry as a whole, but by the general public. It’s why we see exciting brands emerging through street-style coverage and new style personalities gaining traction, it’s purely democratic. I’m keen for the day when individuals in my field will finally be considered ‘Professionals’ and respected for their hard work by the wider public, progress that I can’t help feel is being held back and trivialized by an obvious fact, this is largely women-driven industry.  It’s so frustrating how influencers get thrown under the bus for the work we do – but then again – being advertised to certainly has an ugly side. I get it. The responsibility lies in these individuals working with clients in creative ways, making unique content and genuine alignments. When you take a birds eye view of the influencer landscape, you see a lot of people who are making money by working with brands, promoting them to huge audiences (yay so popular!) and painting their lives as a whole load of fun. Even I feel a little bitter as I consume the content in my feed, I spend most of my days behind a desk – but I also have a holistic view of the reality and business behind it all.  The day I had the opportunity to work with Louis Vuitton was a dream come true – since then I’ve been able to work on a whole load of incredible projects, working with anyone from huge global clients and smaller local brands to make imagery and content I’m really proud of. I don’t try to monetize everything I do and I’m disappointed if the article gives that impression.  I’m also certainly not saving the world – but I keep my morals in check and I don’t deviate from my genuine self. I do my best to share positivity and my learnings. I turned my hobby and passion into my career and I’m grateful for that everyday. So I was pretty brutally attacked in the comment section of this article most of which I take with a grain of salt – and I can almost guarantee a few are from a crazy woman who has been harrassing/stalking constantly me over the last six months, more on that coming soon… I’d love to address a few of the comments personally but there’s really no point, most are just resentment, hate and lies. Yes, plenty of money can be made from having a platform on social media – the payouts are correlated to quality of content, cool factor, reach and engagement – all factors where success is hard won and should be deservingly credited. When we consider how much each of us use these platforms it’s easy to see why brands are investing more and more of their marketing budgets on individual talents. You can be bitter about marketing, strategy, business and just capitalism in general – but you can’t hate on one aspect and enjoy and blindly consume another. Influencers are punished for commercialism when other celebrities in various fields get paid millions for campaigns with massive reach, supported by mega media corporations. I could be seeming overly sensitive – but I’m old school, I’ve had my blog for nine years and I still wear the moniker with pride. It’s given me the opportunity to make my dreams come true, refine my talents as a photographer, launch a start-up I believe in – and now – open up my own photo studio in NYC (Also coming soon! Can’t wait!). So do we deserve the money we’re paid? There’s no shame in admitting – we all resent… even just a little – the absurd amounts of money the Kardashian’s are getting to shill products, but that doesn’t mean the clients aren’t getting a return on their investment. To suggest that they should be paid less is really undervaluing the influence they have amalgamated and putting more profits into the hands of the corporations and big brands paying out, creating an imbalanced and unfair system. I hope that if my influence (and talent!) expanded, my income would deservedly correlate to my own value. It’s kinda gross, but we’re all being advertised to – and we always have been. Thank goodness for disclosure – so we aren’t swallowing so many of those damn blue pills (matrix reference fyi). Excited to hear your thoughts on all of this! It’s quite the brain dump. Thanks again for supporting me all along and making me feel ok about being open and myself. You guys rock. Wearing total looks by Ksenia Schnaider, boots by Tibi and sunglasses by Andy Wolf The post Do Influencers Deserve Any Money? appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Hard Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful
18-10-2017 03:56:58
Zanita Studio
Last week, I went over some of the soft skills I found essential for bloggers. This week, I wanted to dive in a little deeper and visit some of the most important hard skills I’ve seen across every major influencer I’ve met. I think most people look at blogging as a no-brainer, narcissistic hobby, but it requires keen entrepreneurial skills just like any small business. If you’re looking to take your blog to the next level, here are the most important hard skills every blogger needs to be successful. Writing/Editing Although many big bloggers have a moved away from writing long, valuable content, writing is still very much essential to blogging. Writing is how you engage with others, share your story, and deliver your voice. You don’t need to be a best-selling author, but you need to have substance and add value. This might sound like bad news to those of you dread writing; however, consider it a challenge and find resources to help you improve. If you’re not a great writer, maybe it means hiring someone else to write in which case you better be a badass editor. No one knows your voice better than yourself. You should be able to tweak anything to sound more and more like your. Analytics All mega-bloggers are watching their analytics in terms of the following: – What’s driving people to my blog? – Which content has been read the most? – What’s not performing? – What channels are my biggest source of traffic? – Where is there opportunity for growth? All successful bloggers are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their content. They use analytics to set goals, identify performance, and test new strategies for driving traffic, increasing engagement, reducing bounce, etc. We cover this info in our Content Strategy for Bloggers course on Azalle. I highly recommend you learn this skill now! SEO Top influencers don’t rely on SEO alone, but they know enough about SEO to optimize their content for search engines. That requires you to learn keywords, common image-naming conventions, and writing exciting titles that generate clicks. SEO matters because when someone finds your content through a Google search, they’re more likely to be converted into a loyal follower and stick around on your website when compared to referred traffic. Marketing Strategy One thing I’ve also seen running across mega-bloggers is the ability to sell – whether it’s making a product look enticing enough to convert followers into buyers or selling a lifestyle in such an alluring way that they convert by-passers into die-hard fans. They know how to connect and engage with others, promote their content, and gain exposure. As natural as it my look or feel, believe that there is much strategy behind it! Networking One of a blogger’s most-prized possessions is their network – industry contacts, other bloggers, and brand reps – it’s a huge part of how they get jobs. So, it’s no wonder bloggers become master networkers. The more you get around people, the better you become at presenting yourself and having meaningful conversations. I’ve learned that networking is a skill you learn overtime by putting yourself in situations that require you to speak to people. Even if you’re an introvert, there are always ways to network that won’t make you feel displaced. Learn this skill early on and you’ll be set.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – LE JOLIE – Susan   You Should Also Read: 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita Golden Time Management Tips as a Working Mom The post Hard Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful appeared first on Zanita Studio.
A Moment To Celebrate
18-10-2017 02:21:57
Zanita Studio
I haven’t been home to my parents farm in nearly two years. I can’t believe how the time has flown by – but when I really ponder the months gone past in the context of my family and my life growing up, my heart aches so deeply. Esperance isn’t the most convenient place – in fact – my journey back home takes a minimum of 30 hours of travel. It’s easy to forget how far away it is while I’m caught up with my life in New York, but it’s truly world’s away. I would never usually wait so long to return but I had a bit of a visa debacle which for a number of reasons, crippled my ability to return Down Under. My return was a joyous one. My darling younger sister Chloe and her boyfriend Sam gave birth to my nephew, Maverick Albert Frank Haberley. It’s why I chose this setting to shoot and share with you my latest project with my longterm Jansz – the most delicious Australian Sparkling wine – and the perfect accompaniment to celebrating what has become one of the happiest moments of my life. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the arrival of a new family member, walking into the room at the hospital I was overwhelmed with emotion, meeting this precious little guy and being able to share that moment with my parents was pure love. I’m just so proud of my sister for bringing Maverick into the world and into our lives, becoming a mother is truly the most bad ass thing – I don’t think I really learnt how much until this moment. Already loving being an Aunty too!   I often feel like my life is going a million miles an hour – which makes going home to Esperance is the best therapy and antidote to the chaos. You can’t hear a single car out on the farm (maybe the occasional mooing cow!) and the clear night sky is filled with a million stars. Travelling the world has really made me realise what a special and unique upbringing I had, one I am truly grateful for. Today I am realising my dreams, working in the fashion industry, many oceans beyond this place – but I know it’ll always be a piece of me and makes up a huge part of my personality. I love being able to go back, knowing some things will never change. It’s heartbreaking to be aware that I don’t get to share as much of my life with my family as I once did, thankfully technology makes it easier – but nothing compares to sitting down with my loved ones and sharing a glasses of Jansz, not saying a thing, just feeling love and knowing we are together. Miss them all everyday.   Cheers to family, in whatever shape they come. That’s what life is really about! …in partnership with Jansz Australia The post A Moment To Celebrate appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful
12-10-2017 14:00:36
Zanita Studio
Even with the pervasiveness of blogging as a career over the years, people still don’t give bloggers the credit they deserve… Everyone who’s dabbled in blogging knows how profoundly difficult and time consuming it is, yet the skill sets a successful blogger needs is typically undermined. I’ll be following up with the hard skills every blogger needs to be successful, but for today’s post, I’m sharing 4 key soft skills I’ve seen all successful bloggers have in common. #1 Self-Discipline Drive, excitement, and motivation eventually phase out when results are slow and your efforts begin feeling meaningless… This is where self-discipline comes into play. You create content because this is a business – and it’s a business you want to be in… You create content when you could be napping or watching TV. Self-discipline is all about controlling your emotions and behaviors – veering from instant pleasure and gratification in order to achieve more meaningful things (like your blogging goals). #2 Commitment You don’t always start out as an excellent writer, photographer, or content creator – no one starts out excelling in every part of blogging. However, with commitment to one or all of it, you will become good enough at it. There are so many skills to be learned in blogging – that even if you are an excellent writer and photographer, you might not be so great at other things like social media and networking. Commitment is sticking to something even when you’re not good at it – and not in the mood to do it. Commitment requires a high-level of self-discipline – it means not giving up when challenges arise and working around your schedule to make things happen. #3 Resourceful Successful bloggers don’t go around asking for free handouts and follow me’s… They become resourceful through their network and resources (like the Internet and books) – and they’re extremely open-minded in how to apply the knowledge that they gain. Being resourceful is a key skill because you have to readily be opportunistic, open-minded, and imaginative in order to fully maximize what you have to work with. It’s fuel for constant improvement! #4 Strong Work Ethic You can’t let attention and praise get to your head. You can’t allow a lack of results to frustrate you. You can’t be one to give up. You bust ass every chance you get because results require hard work and responsibility. You don’t talk about “it”, complain about “it”, or waver about “it” – you get to “it” and get “it” done. A strong work ethic means working towards and end goal and acting in accordance. If you have all the above, you seriously have a chance at this blogging thing!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – Fashion Gone Rogue   You Should Also Read: Habits to Break Before You’re 30 Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita 3 Tips to Overcome Shyness like a Pro Fashion Blogger The post 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Golden Time Management Tips as a Working Mom
10-10-2017 03:43:17
Zanita Studio
I don’t think anyone truly knows their multi-tasking abilities until they become a mom… Those skills are especially tested to full potential when you have not one but multiple kids and a job! Only then do you truly understand the depths and meaning of a “never-ending to-do list” and “not enough hours in a day”. I have to admit, it’s an ongoing mess that I’ve somehow learned to contain these last few months, so I thought I’d share my top time management tips: Get into a M-F routine Even though I hate routines and I believe they’re the culprit for complacency, kids need structure… Establishing a routine is more about helping your kids find a sense of familiarity in what they do. Between martial arts classes, dance practice, dinner, homework, and playtime, a weekly Monday – Friday routine has been key in managing my sanity. Use your weekends and holidays for spontaneity but your weekdays for structure. Plan way in advance The exception I make to the point above is if I have already planned other things in advance. With the line of work I am in, I travel occasionally and will be ramping it up in the next two weeks… My kids still need structure while I am away. Knowing those dates help me plan for everything else in between. This rule doesn’t apply only to my travel dates though. I don’t believe a mom should be confined to her home 24/7, which means you will need your occasional GNO or date night. Planning for those get-togethers in advance allows you to make arrangements for a sitter! Maximize your nights and weekends I’m one of those who can function on 4-6 hours of sleep and then crash after 2 weeks. Because of that, I see huge value in making good use of your nights and weekends. It’s not easy to run a blog, create content for others, and be a mom all at the same time. My nights (when the kids have finally KO’d) are typically spent catching up on emails, following up with teacher requests, signing forms, and checking homework. I spend my weekends shooting and editing for my personal blog so that it doesn’t interfere with the deadlines I set aside for my clients. Mom + blogging never sleeps… Don’t be so uptight I’ve learned that the more uptight and stressed I am, the worse everything becomes – basically your time management skills become nonexistent and you just lose all sense of coherence… To prevent that from happening, I advocate letting go what you can’t control. Do what you can and move on. Tomorrow is another day (and if it’s not, then it doesn’t matter anyway). Part of being a master multi-tasker is being flexible to the things life throws at you. It’s all in your attitude.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – Fashion Gone Rogue   You Should Also Read: Habits to Break Before You’re 30 Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita 3 Tips to Overcome Shyness like a Pro Fashion Blogger The post Golden Time Management Tips as a Working Mom appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Best Things About Being in Your Late 20s
6-10-2017 03:33:04
Zanita Studio
I feel like I say this every year, but I really can’t believe we’re already in Q4 of 2017! Two years with Zanita have truly flown by and I can’t even remember what I was carping about back in October 2015! Many things have changed since – most notably my age… I’ve gotten a little older, wiser, and more experienced. The one thing I’ve become less concerned about these days is getting older – and I think that’s one of the beauties about being in your late 20s… Sure, I’ve acquired more facial lines, a bunch of pigmentation, and bags under my eyes, but life is so much more than that. All these superficial things that mattered previously suddenly don’t matter anymore. Beyond that, there are so many other things to revel in – here are the best: Opinions matter less. Everyone talks about doing you and ignoring the rest, but I think executing this mindset in your early 20s is extremely hard – and even up to your mid 20s. Maybe a few of you do this terribly well; however, I was not one of you… It probably explains why I’m such a late bloomer in the industry. I can honestly say that it wasn’t exactly until this past summer that I just stopped caring about what everyone else had to say… And even if they chimed in, I let it in one ear and out the other… It takes talent and commitment to be able to drown out the chaos and negativity, but there is tremendous value in not letting opinions sway your decisions or actions. You recognize the value of commitment. In an era of instant gratification and immediate results, it’s hard not to be disappointed in a shortfall of overnight results. I have also been one of those…being terribly hard on myself because something I intensely desired didn’t manifest as quickly as I had hoped. That being said, I remained committed but still dreaded the moment and plunged in negative self-talk at any given moment. However, I can affirm with certainty that commitment pays off where talent doesn’t. Your time will come if you stay committed. The sad thing is very few people can commit to the process over a long period of time. Luckily, you still have time… Failing becomes ok… No one wants to fail ever, but hey it happens – and it’s necessary to keep you humble. You know that saying “never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart” – #truth! Rejection and failure – it’s all a part of the process that anyone who’s where they want to be now has experienced at one point or another. In your late 20s, you begin to value the notion of sometimes winning and sometimes losing… A loss is an opportunity to do better next time. The best part about failing is that you always do better. Success is the culmination of overcoming all your failures one by one. Action is everything. Sure, it’s great to have wonderful ideas all day long, but those ideas aren’t going to get you anywhere if they’re just fixated in your head… At some point, you have to start doing something. When you’re young, it’s easy to think, “I’ll wait til next week…” or “I have until I’m 25″… No. Action starts now. I was once told that people become less ambitious with age. That thought alone scared the shit out of me and I vowed to always make a conscious effort to take action even if I felt too old… Complacency kills! What are you waiting for?   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – LE JOLIE – Susan   You Should Also Read: Habits to Break Before You’re 30 Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita 3 Tips to Overcome Shyness like a Pro Fashion Blogger The post The Best Things About Being in Your Late 20s appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita
3-10-2017 14:00:36
Zanita Studio
Not many can say they worked under the intelligence of a pioneer in the blogging industry… So, I’ll thank my lucky stars and soak up all that I’ve learned these last two years and give back by sharing that knowledge with you all. I’ll start off by first saying that the business of blogging is incredibly complex and difficult – so in my two years with Zanita, I’ve really developed a whole new level of profound respect for anyone whose turned blogging into a full-time career. More importantly, the industry has become even more saturated than it was two years ago, but there is still room for newcomers! The amount that brands are willing to pour into influencer marketing is huge because it’s proven to be an effective outlet. So, if you have a unique voice (and vision) and you’re able to communicate that instantly, you might just surprise yourself! But just exactly how are you going to do that? That’s for you to figure out… We’re just here to help you out along the way. Here are my top 5 blog tips working under Zanita: #1 Keep a running list of ideas You’re bound to run out at some point so go ahead and start a document of post ideas and load it up anytime inspiration hits. This document is key in helping you maintain consistency. Blogging never starts out as a business for anyone – and only those that can keep up with it long enough will find success. Along with that list, maintain a Pinterest mood board and keep it updated. This is essential in helping you develop and refine your aesthetic. It’s all about focus – all of this might sound like unnecessary pre-work, but you’ll see the benefits in the long run. #2 Consume carefully and selectively The amount of blog content, tips, and “education” out there is plentiful but consume lightly because not everything that’s available will add value to your lives. If you find something dragging you down (and draining your energy) rather than uplifting you, cut it loose. It’s hard to make and see progress if you’re not laser focus on what’s in front of you and your end goal. #3 Apply what you learn There’s an abundance of great information out there (think Azalle), but are you applying what you learn? Sure, you may have been at this blogging game for a while now and you might feel like the material you come across is redundant, but no one ever really knows it all. There is always something new to learn – or a new way to look at something old. Put that ego away, buckle down, and apply the strategies you learn. Then watch how your results unfold. (I’m guilty…) #4 Always be forward looking As soon as you see or feel something becoming a trend, move forward – or find a way to do the next best thing! Content, styles, and color travel quick in this industry and you never want to be that person lagging behind. To be a real tastemaker, you must learn to be forward thinking! Zanita has modeled this so well for me and is always nudging me in that direction…I didn’t realize what she was doing until not too long ago, but glad to be finally catching on! #5 Unplug when you need to Blogging is work that NEVER ends, but sometimes, you really just have to unplug even if there are still things to be done! We have all seen Zanita take breaks as needed unapologetically and I think this is critical for our personal mental and emotional health. Times get tough – it’s a natural part of life so when it’s time to just lay low and chill, do it. You don’t owe anyone answers.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – LE JOLIE – Susan   You Should Also Read: How to Stand Out When Everyone is Doing the Same Thing When Growth Seems Impossible 5 Ways to Tell You’re Making the Wrong Decision The post Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Tips to Overcome Shyness like a Pro Fashion Blogger
29-09-2017 00:35:55
Zanita Studio
One of the most important things a blogger has to learn how to do is overcome shyness… Watching someone put photos of themselves everywhere online might lead you to think these people are extremely confident and extroverted, but most bloggers are super shy in real life. I think that has been one of the most surprising things I’ve learned working in this industry. Reality is, it’s much easier to put yourself in front of tons of people you’ll likely never run into. I also happen to be one of those… I can write for hours fluidly – and even do extremely well driving one-on-one conversations, but when it comes to a room full of people (or more than 3 people), I shut down. #introvertproblems It’s extremely hard to run a blog with this mentality… So, how do you overcome shyness? Do more things that scare you. I’m sure you can think of so many things that make you uncomfortable – and those things vary from person to person. A few weeks ago, I ran into a situation that took me far out of my comfort zone. I was in NYC when I stumbled upon THE Anh Co Tran and nearly had a heart attack! Most people lose their mind over bloggers and celebrities but I lose my mind over makeup artists, hair stylists, and photographers (the behind-the-scenes team). We were literally crammed back to back in a tiny Vietnamese restaurant. I was so nervous and excited I could barely bring myself to say “hi” – I was terrified! After what felt like an hour or so, I finally racked up the courage to turn around, tap him on the back, say “Hi” and ask for a photo. I was surprised at how startled, friendly and humble he was – and I think he was just as surprised that I knew who he was. Looking back at this moment sounds a little embarrassing… why was I so scared and uncomfortable? I don’t even know… but that one incident has taught me that if I want to approach someone, I just need to do it. Any opportunity you don’t take now is a potentially missed lifetime opportunity. Who knows if I’ll ever see him again! Play the power trick. Brittany spoke about the Lord & Taylor shoot we did over the summer with Zanita, but Zanita did teach us a really good trick. She instructed me to envision myself as a kick-ass lady boss going to a meeting and shaking other people’s hands – basically, visualize yourself dominating the world! It really helped (and worked) considering I had never done a photoshoot before! The saying is true… if you see yourself doing it, you will eventually do it! Rewire your brain. Figure out why something is making you uncomfortable and reframe it in your mind. For me, self-promotion is just something I cannot wrap my brain around. I don’t want to be that one person, but it’s not about being that person. I’ve learned to think of sharing my work as literally just sharing my work rather than looking at it as a way to brag about myself. The more people take interest in it, the more I’ve excited I’ve become about sharing frequently… Why bother making a big deal out of an issue that exists purely in your mind? If you have no negative intentions when doing something, don’t allow your mind to tell you that it’s wrong. How do you cope with shyness?   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube Facebook SHOP   Image Source Credits – Of Leather & Lace Blog   You Should Also Read: How to Stand Out When Everyone is Doing the Same Thing When Growth Seems Impossible 5 Ways to Tell You’re Making the Wrong Decision The post 3 Tips to Overcome Shyness like a Pro Fashion Blogger appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Optimize Your Blog for Fashion Week (Even If You’re Not Going)
26-09-2017 14:00:06
Zanita Studio
It’s no surprise that the bloggers who do go to fashion week are going to post about it. They’ll be creating content during fashion week on Instagram and Snapchat and creating content after fashion week on their blogs and YouTube. So with all that content, how will yours stand out if you’re not going to fashion week? First of all, you want to include tons of SEO related to fashion week, which means plugging in “fashion week”, “nyfw”, and “New York fashion week” into your blog posts as often as you can without being spammy. You also want to own your current situation and get creative with it. If you’re not attending fashion week, be honest with your readers and don’t pretend to be an insider if you’re not really. For example, you’ll never see me post about my favorite shows because, well, I didn’t go to any. And there’s nothing wrong with that so don’t ever feel ashamed for not getting invited or simply choosing not to go. Read on for more of my favorite ways to optimize your blog for fashion week especially when you’re not going… Post about what would happen Like I said above, you want to own your situation, whatever that may be. That doesn’t mean you should get angry and bash designers who didn’t invite you to their shows. Instead, it means being transparent about your stance on fashion week. Like, “Hey guys, I didn’t go to fashion week but if I did I would wear this…” Your readers who didn’t attend fashion week may relate to you even more since they didn’t go either (and let’s be honest, that’s probably the majority of your readers). Topics like what you would wear or what you would do or what would have happened are great, unique spins on fashion week versus sharing your favorite shows or top picks. Everyone does that. Get creative! If you’re a new blogger or a micro influencer, your readers might not care about a fashion week recap from someone who didn’t attend any shows. If they want to see what fashion week looks like they can follow a true insider like Danielle Bernstein for that or any other mega-blogger for that matter because they all have the behind the scenes content we crave! Post about what did happen You can also optimize your blog for fashion week by talking about what you did instead of going to shows. Arielle from SomethingNavy shared a small snippet of why she cut back this year on her Instastories and it actually made me feel less guilty about not being so involved in fashion week. That’s the good stuff right there! She talked about why she cut back and what she was going to do instead. That type of content helps form a deeper connection to your audience and it also goes against the grain and helps you stand out. Now, if you actually are attending fashion week, try to give your audience a different perspective than they’re used to. If you’re going to some cool event, share why it’s so cool and how we can benefit by following along. It’s important to remember to always bring value to your audience/readers/followers, etc. We see and hear about the same events and shows over and over again during fashion week so how can you give us something we don’t see? What can we learn from your experience in particular? Post about what you want to happen Something that never happens (at least I never see it happening) is bloggers talking about what they want to see happen during fashion week. It would be interesting to see bloggers predict trends, surprises, or what special guests will show up to shows and events. After all, bloggers are supposed to be the pulse of the market so why not share what you think will happen? Doing so shows you are super involved in the “movement” if you will, and you really do love fashion aka it shows you’re a true expert… especially if your predictions come true! You could also post about what you want to happen in terms of meeting people or attending certain shows. For example, if you record an Instastory saying how’d you’d love to meet so and so and then tag that person, that’s like social media flirting. You put it out there, the person may watch your story and reach out making arrangements to meet. How cool would that be?! But you never know unless you try. I’m a firm believer that no one can fault you for being a fan of them and if they do, you don’t want to both with that person anyway. Posting about what you want to happen in terms of your dreams and aspirations if you will, is a way to attract those things into your life. I’ve been talking about Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What for years now and I’ve had the pleasure of hanging with her a few times as of late. What you put out into the world, comes back to you. My point is, there’s no harm in talking about what you want to happen because if you do, it might just happen. What are your thoughts on fashion week? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments below!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – LE JOLIE – Susan   You Should Also Read: What I Learned During My First Major Photoshoot Monthly Blog Tip Q&A: August Edition 3 Ways New Bloggers Get In Over Their Heads The post How to Optimize Your Blog for Fashion Week (Even If You’re Not Going) appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Best & Worst Part About Being a Blogger
20-09-2017 14:00:36
Zanita Studio
If you’ve read any of my posts on Zanita, you’ll know I’ll be the first person to tell you blogging is incredible. It’s not only the future, it’s what’s happening right now and there’s enough to go around for everyone. But I’ll also be the first one to tell you blogging is hard, especially since the market is so saturated. There are no ifs ands or buts about it if you want to “make it” you better be ready to work your face off. Seriously. With that said I really wanted to go over some amazing perks that I’ve personally experienced along with some not so glamorous aspects of the job. So let’s start with the bad stuff, shall we? The worst part about being a blogger When you decide to blog you’re basically deciding to share your entire life to hundreds, thousands, and potentially millions of strangers. You are in the public eye and that’s just how it goes. With that comes some enormous pressure – pressure to be the best, pressure to please everyone. Pressure to say and do the “right” thing. It’s a lot. If you’re just starting to blog, I’ll give you the heads up now… Someone, if not multiple people, will get offended by what you say/do. You wear faux fur and some people still think it’s real. You’re honest about your feelings and some people judge you. You take a selfie and you’re narcissistic. Like really? Come on. Can we live? Regardless if you “offend” one or one hundred people, it still doesn’t feel good. No matter how out of line or ridiculous the other person is being. You still can’t help but think ‘Is it me?’ Not to mention when people watch your Snapchat or Instastory, they think you just prance around town all day and sip lattes. Remember social media is the perception people want you to see. There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears – real life stuff that goes on behind closed doors. I’ll say it again, can we live? And then you have the kicker: fear of being a failure. In my experience, the #1 thing that holds most bloggers back is fear of failure. So all these bloggers start blogs and then a few months in they stop, or they’re back and forth for a year all because they’re afraid of failing. They think by not doing anything it saves them from doing something and potentially failing. But let me ask you something… Isn’t not doing anything worse than if you try? If you at least try, you’ll know it’s for you or not for you but either way, you’ll know. Not trying = not knowing and not knowing can result in regret. And nobody wants regret. The best part about being a blogger As a blogger, you’ll most likely influence and/or help at least one person along the way. That’s incredible. Some people may disagree with me, but I genuinely believe bloggers have their hand in every aspect of the job market (fashion, health, beauty, lifestyle, etc.). Like, we’re it, people! So you better be blogging about something meaningful that will impact your audience for the greater good. Whether that’s helping curvy women become confident in their own skin or showing fitness gurus how to get past their plateaus, or helping bloggers grow their blogs and businesses (cough cough), there’s nothing more rewarding than someone telling you that you’ve changed their life. Once you find out how to blog with a purpose, the other perks fall into place like free gifts, paid for trips, getting paid to do what you love, etc. But I genuinely believe that you must first blog about something bigger than yourself. Something meaningful that has depth and not just the surface stuff. You can add meaning and value to fashion, health, travel, beauty, business, etc. For example, if you’re a fashion blogger, instead of just posting your OOTDs, show us how to style a certain piece or help women shop on a budget or how to know when to splurge and when to save. There are tons of ways to be a valuable fashion blogger and not just an #ootd #beachvibes kinda gal. Another great part about being a blogger is watching your blog baby grow. You’re essentially starting a business from scratch. Do you know how hard it is to start and continue to run a business? There’s something to be said for someone who can do that and be a mom and have a full-time job and take care of themselves physically on a daily basis. It’s a very very cool accomplishment in my opinion. And then last but not least the best part about blogging is it allows opportunities to open. Whether that’s the free stuff, discounted vacations, meeting experts in the industry, or making a living doing what you love. Like if you love to blog, you can 100% make a living doing it! How amazing is that? There’s always good and bad, yin and yang. You have to decide whether the good outweighs the bad or if the bad is worth tolerating. I can go up and down about how blogging is great and not great but it doesn’t matter. That’s something only you can decide, no one else.   What would you say are the best and worst parts about blogging? Tell us in the comments!  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – LE JOLIE – Susan   You Should Also Read: What I Learned During My First Major Photoshoot Monthly Blog Tip Q&A: August Edition 3 Ways New Bloggers Get in Over Their Heads The post The Best & Worst Part About Being a Blogger appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Major Investments to Make that Don’t Cost a Thing
5-09-2017 17:20:53
Zanita Studio
When you hear “investments”, you immediately think monetary goods, but there are other things in life worth investing in that don’t cost a thing – and they produce exponential returns… Investing in this sense comes in the form of time, effort, and money – but of course no money necessary if you’re on a serious budget. Here’s what’s worth investing in right now: YOURSELF The older we get, the more we limit ourselves… We know ourselves best – our strengths and our weaknesses – what we’re capable of and certainly what we’re incapable of. But the only limitations that exist are the ones you impose on yourself. It’s possible to be what you don’t think you are by investing time and energy into that thing you didn’t. And it’s never too late. Nothing is set in stone. I never thought I’d write blog articles for a living. I have never been a runner. I have never been a big risk taker. What I have been is someone who follows rules, fall into the conventional, seeks to make others happy, and searches for security. This is how I was raised. I know now that all of that is nonsense. In the last two years, I left a comfortable, secure corporate job for something completely unfixed. Trained hard to be able to run 5.5 miles nonstop. I’ve made more decisions that weigh heavier on the reckless side. How I got to this point? Investing time and energy into introspection, journaling, practicing, and being in touch with my feelings rather than sleeping, running a Netflix marathon, or surrounding myself with people and noise. It took a long time, but I’m finally here. Your RELATIONSHIPS Relationships aren’t something you plant and expect to grow on their own. They take nourishing and time – what you don’t water will eventually die. But, not all friendships are meant to last forever and not all of them hold the same level of quality. You won’t have the time and energy to invest in every single person – and not everyone is worth it. Pick your people carefully. Are you giving the energy and attention to the people who deserve it? If someone is enriching your life, bringing forth value, and lifting you up, that’s probably something worth investing in. GRATITUDE Spend time every single day being thankful to be who you are and grateful for the life that you have. I’ve been paying much attention to the Law of Attraction (more on this later) and this is the first step. You can’t receive more without appreciating what you already have. No matter how unideal your current circumstances are, make a conscious effort to be grateful as often as possible. Remember that what you think you become. What you are, you attract. Good vibes only. Start today!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: Habits to Break Before You’re 30 5 Things That DON’T Define Your Identity What 2017 Has Taught Me About Life So Far The post 3 Major Investments to Make that Don’t Cost a Thing appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Habits to Break Before You’re 30
29-08-2017 17:01:44
Zanita Studio
Adulting is the talk of the 20s… But really, your 20s are a time of experimentation… It’s prime time to develop your sense of self, figure out what you really don’t like (and like), and having fun in the process! Real adulting starts when you edge into your 30s – and it’s scary to me that I’m only a few months away. All our lives up to this point, the only thing hammered into our heads are all the habits we need to form, all the things we need to do by X, and all the goals that should be checked off. There’s not much to be said of all the things we shouldn’t be doing – and although most of that might seem like common sense, it always isn’t so conspicuous. Here are my top habits to break before 30: Procrastinating I’m still entirely guilty of procrastinating, but some days I actually get it right. I’ve learned that the best way to tackle procrastination is by doing things you want to do the least first. Responsibility grows with age, and you’ll only be given more responsibility if you’re showing full capacity of taking care of the things that need to be done even when you won’t want to do them. So, let’s deal with those inconvenient tasks first and let the rest of the day, week, and month sail. Impulsive Spending I understand that most of us were probably broke college students, so when you get that first job and start earning a bit of money in those early years, you’re going to want to spend. I’m guilty of frivolously spending on trendy clothes that went into the donation bin within a year and not really creating a strong budget. Looking back, it was a lot of money wasted! Saving is actually one of the best things you can do in your 20s because you don’t have the responsibility of a mortgage and possibly a car payment – the two biggest expenses in anyone’s life. The point is, break the habit of irresponsible spending and start saving as early as you can because it only gets harder down the road. Idolizing Others When I reflect back on how I spent my 20s, I found myself idolizing lots of people… What I’ve realized is, no one is you. Sure, we all need people to learn from and role models to look up to, but no one’s path to success is the same. You cannot follow someone else’s foot steps so quit watching everyone else’s world unfold and shift your focus to your own path. Harness your journey, embrace the mistakes, and move forward. Not Trying Excuses, excuses. Wishing doesn’t make things happen. Use whatever free time you have to do whatever you need to accomplish whatever you want. Stop making excuses… Get off the Internet. Quit sleeping. No more relaxing for just 5 more minutes. Get up, get out, and make things happen. You won’t feel the go-go-go momentum all the time, but the trick is to getting out off your bum and out of that furrow. Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different?   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: How to Stand Out When Everyone is Doing the Same Thing When Growth Seems Impossible 5 Ways to Tell You’re Making the Wrong Decision The post Habits to Break Before You’re 30 appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Top Lipstick Picks To Take You Into Fall
24-08-2017 20:14:38
Zanita Studio
Lipstick is one of those things I used to think I could live without until I recognized its ability to transform your look (and lips) with a swipe or two. Having said that, I’ve touched more lip products these last few months than in my entire lifetime combined. I’m still always on a time crunch, but I know now there’s nothing a good lipstick can’t fix – besides, changing your lip color is easier than flipping an entire wardrobe as we shift out of summer and straight into fall. So, here are my top fall lipstick picks… Tarte Quench Lip Rescue I found the Quench Lip Rescue from Tarte to be perfect for summer and for that reason, I know I’ll be loving them through early fall! The after-effect reminded me so much of the Dior Addict Lip Glows without the price point – and these are much more hydrating. You get tons of slip out of these and they melt against the lips when applied. I love how sheer yet visible the washes of colors are, but note that I don’t have very pigmented lips either. I used these all summer long and really appreciated the high-gloss, moisturizing features. Be careful not to press too hard because the product may break off (especially if it’s been sitting in hot weather). If you tend to get drier lips in the fall, you’ll really appreciate these. Butter London Satin Matte Lipstick I love the cushiony, luxurious texture of these lipsticks. I found them to be extremely pigmented, but my favorite part is how they dry to a lovely satin finish that feels and looks matte without the dryness. They don’t emphasize lip lines at all, which I was kind of expecting so that was great news – and they’re incredibly long lasting! I’m wearing Charmed (Berry) and Clever (Nude) below – both making perfect transitions into fall. Looks like I have my lips covered for the rest of the year! Butter London Plush Rush Lipstick I love the texture of this product – it’s incredibly moisturizing, weightless, glides on like butter, and the finish is flawless – in between glossy and matte. Butter London claims that these contain a plumping complex that makes the lips feel firmer and smoother, which I can attest to. I’m wearing Nostalgic here, and I’m loving how rich and fall appropriate it feels. Tarte The Lip Architect This is the perfect product for girls on the go – you get a two-in-one lip liner and lipstick! With the lighter shades, you don’t get as great of a color payoff, but the deeper ones work like a charm. Below, I’m wearing Diva, a deeper red berry color, and Cutie Pie, a mauve berry color – and you can tell how smooth and pigmented they look. The lipstick side features a slippery and light texture that offers a slight sheen while the pencil side has a dryer texture as expected. Be careful not to apply too much lip balm prior to applying these otherwise you’ll experience some feathering with the lipliner. I also caution that there’s a slight variation in how these apply… The deeper shades were definitely longer wearing than the lighter ones so if that matters to you, it might be worth sticking with the two I’m wearing here. What are your go-to lip products? Have you tried these – love em, hate em? Let me know!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: From Day to Night in 5 Minutes with 5 Products I Tried Laser Skincare for the First Time – Here’s What Happened Getting Ready for a Girl’s Night Out on No Time The post Top Lipstick Picks To Take You Into Fall appeared first on Zanita Studio.
What I Learned During My First Major Photoshoot
24-08-2017 00:16:43
Zanita Studio
Several weeks ago Zanita and the team had a photoshoot with Lord & Taylor. To Zanita this is the norm. To anyone else… not so much. Why I’m just talking about it now I don’t know but here we are! It was an exhilarating and nerve wracking experience to say the least. You’re excited because you’re hanging with the crew of Lord & Taylor, hello! But you’re also a nervous mess because you don’t want to blow it! At least that was how I felt… Despite my discomfort, I pushed through and gave it my all even though I had no idea what to expect. I spoke to every crew member and exchanged Instagram names and phone numbers with most of them because I wasn’t going to not network. I try to use every social event as a networking experience because you just never know! I also learned a lot in terms of modeling/the fashion biz which is what I want to talk about today. There’s a lot you don’t see When you’re working with a brand, in a case like this, you’re not likely to have as much creative direction as you are with your own content. So because we were working for Lord & Taylor, creating content for their campaign, they say jump and we say how high, which is pretty standard for any client regardless if it’s fashion or otherwise. Of course, you implement your own unique talent which is why they hired you in the first place, but you’re not sitting there directing the director if that makes sense. It’s basically like any other job in that you’re working for them so whatever needs to happen you make it happen! One thing to remember when working on campaigns is that it isn’t your blog. Any modeling gig is a legitimate freelance job and should be treated as such. Something that took me by surprise was that we didn’t get to choose what we were going to wear. Thinking back, it makes total sense. Campaigns = promotion of specific products, duh Britt. So the wardrobe was handpicked by Lord & Taylor and there was a stylist on set who nipped and tucked me in all the right places. There was also a hairstylist, makeup artist, assistant stylist, videographer, project manager, and… I’m forgetting people but it was definitely a full house. And with every gust of wind or smeared lipstick, someone was on set to the rescue (not the luxury you have when you’re shooting for your own blog). Because there was an entire staff on set, there was also an entire buffet of delicious food. So guys, hate to break it to you but all those model memes you see on Instagram aren’t true, brands actually do “feed the models”. You have to work your angles For me, because I was such a newb, the photographer was telling me “Look at me, look at me!” But in my head, I was thinking, ‘Ugh that’s a mistake – I don’t do great head on without sunglasses’. Yes, it’s true. It sounds so silly but everyone has their “good side” and everyone can take unflattering pictures. Mine happens to be when I look head on at the camera without sunglasses. My eyes never cooperate. I don’t have “bedroom eyes” if you will, so it’s very hard for me to achieve any sort of sultry model look. So after being photographed for 6 years now, I have my go-to poses: “ponder into the distance”, “look back at it”, and “watch your step” just to name a few. Since this was my first official shoot, I didn’t want to be too high maintenance or demanding so I would suggest my own poses here and there while trying to achieve what they wanted and they seemed to really like it. Overall, the “ponder into the distance” was the winner winner chicken dinner. So if you see me in a Lord & Taylor campaign, just know I wasn’t looking at anything and I was thinking ‘Don’t eff it up Britt!’ the whole time. Photography is your “frienemy” As I’ve mentioned before, Zanita is just a super sweet, goofy, down-to-earth girl. And she put my mind at ease by giving me little helpful hints for posing. She mentioned looking at shiny objects such as a car or glass on a building because it reflects in your eyes thus making them appear brighter. Who knew?! Zanita also said when you’re posing you want to think intelligent thoughts. So you want to think about how you’re going to kick a$$ in the world or dominate a big meeting. Basically, you want to think like a boss, and when you do it’ll show in your face. I don’t know what I was doing wrong but I just looked angry. Zanita however, looked stunning as usual. Before the shoot, the only thing I knew about modeling was what I’d seen on America’s Next Top Model which wasn’t much. But after the shoot, what I learned was that it’s important to remember photography is your friend when your thoughts are; meaning if you’re thinking crappy thoughts you’re going to look crappy. You have to get in the right mindset for whatever it is you’re trying to portray. And honestly, this goes beyond modeling… this is something to keep in mind for anything in life! Attitude is everything. Overall it was an amazing opportunity and I’m extremely grateful to have been a part of it. I realize every collaboration is going to be different but this was my experience and my experience only. As with any of my posts, take what you want and leave the rest. What questions do you have about brand collaborations? Share in the comments below!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Vogue   You Should Also Read: 3 Ways New Bloggers Get In Over Their Heads A Day in the Life of a Micro-Influencer Monthly Blog Tip Q&A: August Edition  The post What I Learned During My First Major Photoshoot appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Things That DON’T Define Your Identity
22-08-2017 18:54:10
Zanita Studio
I’m guilty of associating my self-worth with the most frivolous things in life like my career and education… What I’ve come to realize is that even when I became that thing I wanted to be, it was never enough… The chase and idea of being something was always more grand than actually being it. And a few years ago, I began to wonder what this insatiable desire was… What was I really looking for? Why was it that whenever I did what I wanted to do, it was never enough? What I’ve come to realize is that all these things are temporary and have no relevance in my identity. I think when you’re young, it’s easy to think the competition, the drive, and the comparison mold you into who are – or who you’re supposed to be. But let this be a reminder that these external factors do not at all define your identity. Your Career Your job will be ever changing. What you begin at 22 most likely won’t be the same at 30. Whether you’re a waitress for a hole in the wall restaurant or owner of a startup, these are most likely temporary things you’ll do in your life. Remember that the positions you hold don’t define the kind of person you are. For instance, someone who is CEO of a large corporation but steals from the company defines who he/she is more than the position they hold. And imagine if you land your “dream job” but end up realizing it was more a of a nightmare than a dream – how would you feel if someone associated that job with your identity? There’s no correlation. Your Education Were you a Straight A student throughout school? Do you have a bunch of degrees to show off and gloat about? Or did you struggle and maybe even drop out? It doesn’t really matter. Your education says nothing about how useful you are in society. As a matter of fact, several articles have popped up recently about how valedictorians rarely become successful… Let that be a reminder that your education and intellect don’t equate to success. One of my favorite quotes that expresses this strongly is, “intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings”… Your Past We all make mistakes… We screw up. We screw people over and we mess things up for ourselves constantly – and almost always unintentionally. The best thing you can do is forgive yourself, move on, and course correct along the way. Sure your past says a lot about who you were at the time, but that can always change. Almost everything in life is temporary. Your Appearance Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – this we know, but when everyone looks seemingly impeccable, it’s hard not to wonder why we didn’t hit the gene lottery. Fortunately, we all wrinkle and age. There will always be someone prettier and skinnier. I always joke that at this point in my life, I’m a raisin… and it doesn’t even matter because people will remember you more by the way you make them feel over how you look. A pretty face with a crap attitude is worse than a not so pretty face with a heart of gold. Your Hobbies & Interests So I think there are two parts to this depending on what your hobbies and interests are… For those of us in the fashion industry, we know that it often gets a bad rap for being superficial and unapproachable. Just because the industry may be crowded with people of that mentality, it doesn’t mean someone who takes a deep interest in it is guilty. I always give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise… While your hobbies and interests can define you, they don’t always… Can you relate? I’d love to hear your story!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   Image source credits – Margo & Me   You Should Also Read: 2 Hard Realities Every Blogger Has to Face The Brutal Truth About Working as a Creative What 2017 Has Taught Me About Life So Far The post 5 Things That DON’T Define Your Identity appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Summer All Time To Read Book List
18-08-2017 14:00:59
Zanita Studio
I’m an avid book reader. I might not have been the best at it lately with all the work I have going on, but I promise I am. My parents have always transfused that eternal thirst for books in me. My father even has an actual library at our place. And my mother says, one of the reasons she fell in love with him was because he was always carrying a pocket-sized book. How beautiful is that? So, every year, when the season turns, I gather a few books I definitely want to tackle, stack them, and carry them with me everywhere I go. Especially on those long beach days, I love curling beneath the shade, putting my sunglasses on, and reading an entire afternoon’s worth of novels – but only when I’m not playing volleyball or swimming in the ocean. Given that, that’s on my summer to-do list, here are my ultimate book list for this summer (in no particular order – and feel free to reserve them for fall or next summer!): Hatching Twitter This is what I’m reading right now. The story of Twitter written by Nick Bilton, a British-American journalist known for contributing to Vanity Fair. Hatching Twitter is a the story of Twitter and how it came to be. So far it’s been pretty interesting to know that one of the founders also founded Blogger! Just Kids Written by Patti Smith. This book, I borrowed from a friend and sounds very promising. She told me it’s one of her favorite books, so I can’t wait to finish the one I’m reading now and start on this one ASAP. It’s supposed to be a never-before-seen glimpse of the writers relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, in the late 60’s and 70’s. Oh Old New York! The Revenant The book that led Leo DiCaprio to win the Oscar for best actor is on my to-read list. I still haven’t watched the movie because I heard the book is oh so much better. So exciting. No spoilers in the comments please (winky face). 1984 1984 is a classic! Written by George Orwell in 1948, this book talks about the future and predicts how things are going to be 36 years later. It’s a timeless piece of literature that still focuses on a lot of problems we are facing in today’s modern society. Which makes it all that more of a must-read. Bloom Finally, to kick things down a notch, I want to read Bloom. Estée LaLonde’s book about navigating life and style. She’s a pretty famous blogger and YouTuber that I’ve been following for a few years now – probably since moving to New York. Her witty personality and perfect aesthetic sense are a source of grand inspiration. What’s on your reading list this summer? X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest YouTube   Image Source Credits – Inspired by This Blog   You Should Also Read: The Ultimate Summer To Do List Summer Essentials for the Fashion Girl Hot In the City: The New Boho Is Chic AF The post Summer All Time To Read Book List appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Stay Creative During Summer
17-08-2017 23:47:50
Zanita Studio
Summer is normally a slow season everywhere. People tend to take days off, mostly everything is quiet, and creativity hits an all time low. It’s just a season of feeling lethargic. Even at the studio, we’re guilty of a little down time – rooftop bars, endless beach days, and late summer nights leading into stagnant mornings… There’s just a higher inclination to just chill; however, there are certainly tricks we have to get and stay creative during summer – even if at a slower pace. If you’re going through a period of chronic relaxation, here’s what you need to do: #1 Disconnect First off, if you’re feeling that your creativity is taking a turn, slow down even more. Disconnect from what you’re doing. Focus on other activities you normally wouldn’t do like going to a museum to get inspired, shopping to treat yourself, trying a new workout, restaurant, or rooftop. Turn off your phone and computer and immerse yourself in something else. #2 Travel Last week, I went to Charleston with my husband because we were hitting up our limits. We packed our bags and just enjoyed each others company in a new city. I can’t tell you how happy and energized we both came back. Even if it’s just a weekend, trust me, it helps to escape your routine. #3 Try something new When we’re so deep into our daily lives, new experiences can just slip by. If you find yourself saying “yes” and “no” to the same things again and again, it’s probably time for a new activity – even it it means doing it on the weekends. Push yourself a little bit harder to break out of your norm. You never know what can come out of it – a new hobby and brand new creative juices. #4 Set goals It’s easier said than done. I know! I’m the same. I set myself up for failure sometimes. But you know what? I also thrive when I make a list of things to do because it keeps me focused. I know summer days tend to make people lazy – guilty as charged – but you can start small. For example, on my list now I have: edit content from my Charleston trip, learn a new software program, and do laundry. No big deal. But at the end of the day, you can see what’s been crossed off and what’s not… Just know yourself and what you’re capable of. And don’t come down on yourself if you don’t do it today. It’s okay! Do you have any tips or tricks to overcome the summer slow and laziness? I would love to know so I can try them out!   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest YouTube You Should Also Read: The Ultimate Summer To Do List Summer Essentials for the Fashion Girl Hot In the City: The New Boho Is Chic AF The post How to Stay Creative During Summer appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Brutal Truth About Working as a Creative
16-08-2017 18:31:19
Zanita Studio
Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything else… But, what you perceive on the outside isn’t always as prestigious as it seems. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times before – and yes we all know there’s good and bad, but I’m here to shed some very real perspective. Everyone is different so I can only speak to the struggles of working as a 50% creative, 50% non creative. Inspiration just doesn’t come sometimes. This is my biggest battle… When I’m writing thousands of words per day, I naturally go through periods where I just can’t write anymore. No matter how much I read, how many breaks I take, and how many photos I look at, my inspiration juices are dry. That’s a very scary place to be in especially when your career relies on it! Inspiration is random… I go through spurts where I can write all day and then spurts where I can barely write a word for an entire week… It drives me mad. Distraction is the enemy. Although I’ve gotten a million times better at dealing with distractions, but I can’t deny that they still happen… There are days I find myself wasting a lot of time doing things that aren’t so important, but that’s not to say I don’t get my work done… I think we can all be a little more efficient and productive. Unfortunately, the Internet and social networks are distractions in themselves albeit being a part of the job. Distraction from the job and because of the job are pretty equal in my case. Meaning if I’m working, I might stop to wash the dishes and throw some clothes in the laundry. However, during dinner, I’ll also stop eating to check some emails, post some Instagrams, or whatever… You just have to find the balance. Flexibility isn’t always so flexible. It’s funny how when your friends and family know you work from home and make your hours, everyone starts to think that you’re constantly available. Sure, I can be flexible, but remember the first point… Inspiration just doesn’t come knocking all the time, which takes away a lot of flexibility. When inspiration hits, it’s time to hit the ground running or else you risk throwing away that jolt of energy to create. The lines are blurred. The boundaries between work and home life can get so blurred that it gets hard to distinguish what’s what… Being in the same place all the time can feel like a dark cloud looming over especially when you have a stressful situation at home. I’m still working on taking lunch breaks or quick strolls outside for a breather. Not everything you do or touch interests you. Everyone assumes your job is so easy because you “love what you do”. Sure, if you take on projects that really interest you, then working as a creative is naturally easier. However, when running a business, it’s not always feasible to only select the tasks that you enjoy. There are things that still need to be done even when you don’t want to do it. As a writer, I am sometimes obligated to write about things I’m not necessarily interested in, or about topics I’ve written about dozens and dozens of time. However, I still have to write in the best possible way even if I’m not in the “mood”. These are the realities of my work I don’t often speak open up about, which I’m sure any other creative can relate to. Have you had similar experiences? Don’t forget to share below!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   Image source credits – Tommy Ton   You Should Also Read: How to Stand Out When Everyone is Doing the Same Thing When Growth Seems Impossible 5 Ways to Tell You’re Making the Wrong Decision The post The Brutal Truth About Working as a Creative appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Mental Health: My ADHD Story
10-08-2017 21:25:01
Zanita Studio
I’ve been talking about writing this post for a longer time than I care to admit. You could never accuse me of not being true to form. Name, Age:   Zanita Whittington, 31 City:   New York Diagnosis type: ADHD, Inattentive Age of ADHD Diagnosis: 29 THE BEGINNING: I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, but I’ve been aware of its effects on my life since childhood. I’d like to preface that this is not a ‘woe is me’ story, I am writing these words in the hope that sharing my experience, might be a small help to someone who is struggling. “Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurobehavioral disorder characterized by a combination of inattentiveness, distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior. Symptoms include difficulties with attention to tasks, being forgetful in daily activities, difficulties in organizing, and following through.” – Psychology Today It’s not at all common for females to be diagnosed with ADHD, in fact, as much as 50-75% go undiagnosed. The stereotype is the young male, playing up and causing distractions and failing at school. Now informed, I can see I was a pretty textbook case as a child. I would constantly get in to trouble by causing quiet distractions, chatting to other students during work times and day-dreaming out the window. Finishing every project or essay in the final hour was (still is!) my normal. Many falsely assume people with ADHD are unintelligent, or doomed to fail at school. Through school, I was almost always top of my class – but when it came to attending university, I failed at longer form projects – especially when it meant needing to focus on the same topic… Let’s just say that my Commerce degree couldn’t hold my attention. I dropped out after six months when the opportunity to model in Sydney came up. Yay, fashion!  I came to be diagnosed two years ago, after suffering from anxiety and depression and being compelled to seek therapy. It was very emotional. I characterized my life as a series of failures and letting down everyone I cared about.  I couldn’t see how any of my successes were attributed to talent or drive, rather believed they were one lucky accident after another, Hello, imposter syndrome! SYMPTOMS: ADHD manifests definitely for everyone. For me, there is a daily struggle to drive myself towards completion of daily tasks; each day is a tale of bumbling and forgetfulness. I often can’t follow a line of conversation – when someone talks to me at length – I find myself tuning out, focused out the window, and trying to NOT check my phone. I’ll be telling a story and half-way through, change my line, effectively interrupting myself. When tidying up my apartment, I’ll pick up an item, remember something in another room and leave what I was focused on half done, over and over. Procrastination, forgetfulness and disorganisation are my MO. After spending a week sitting at my computer I couldn’t recall anything I had effectively achieved, so I sought help. A typical day, would involve opening my laptop sitting there all day, feeling as though I was working, but constantly being drawn to anything and everything other than the task at hand. I was failing my team, and myself,  and my life felt wildly out of control. Post-diagnosis, I was able to increase my own productivity by 500 percent +, with the help of strategies and constant coaching from my Doctor. MEDICATION: There is a huge stigma around taking medication – and in some cases with valid reason; stimulants are a coveted recreational drug! I’d prefer not to go into the medication topic at length – there’s no perfect solution for ADHD and all the drugs available on the market have pretty serious side effects. Every person has a different experience using them and they can be abused. Thankfully I have found a few solutions that are right for me – but medication aside, the biggest help has simply been being aware of the way my brain works. PERCEPTION: I’ve often heard the dialogue that ADHD in kids is just an excuse for bad parenting. But in my adult life, I am also bombarded with lack of understanding. When I have confided in friends that I have ADHD they say, “Oh me too!” or laugh and dismiss it. Other standard/hurtful responses include but are not limited to, “Oh that’s heavily overdiagnosed.” or “You don’t have ADHD!” Everybody suffers from distraction, so I can see why it might seem like an absurd excuse and a made up ‘disorder’ from the outside. Dismissiveness of the disorder, is essentially the dismissiveness of my reality, and reinforces within myself, the idea I’m that making excuses, I’m lazy – or I’m just genuinely useless. In part all of these things are true, it’s why my self esteem is low, I feel like I’m choosing to fail. What’s required of me to achieve better things is constant tenacity, a practise of snapping my mind back to hourly goals, sometimes every ten – fifteen minutes. On the flipside, It’s also true that many people with ADHD have the ability to hyper-focus – meaning, you’re able to focus on something if it engages you – if it’s fun, you can do it! Which also makes ADHD sound like a total luxury. It’s for this reason that I’ve been fired or ‘let go’  from more casual jobs than I care to admit – and that I was been compelled to make a career from a hobby I fell in love with. I can say with certainty, that if I was stuck in a job I didn’t enjoy I wouldn’t be a model employee. THE BAD STUFF: So, while a lack of focus doesn’t seem like the most terrible of afflictions – ADHD is also associated with many co-morbid disorders. I was suffering from anxiety and depression because I was struggling to cope with the results of my inability achieve simple tasks on a day to day basis. OCD, Bipolar Disorder, learning disabilities and substance abuse are also common co-morbid disorders. Other traits include; insomnia, low self-esteem, self destructive behaviour, struggles in maintaining relationships and rejection sensitive dysphoria. I’m a people pleaser, will over compensate by constantly buying lunches and dinners, even gifts – all the while feeling guilty and paranoid that my friends all hate me – because I’m so unreliable, forgetful, a failure. Whenever I have a drink it’s kind of permission to let go of all the things that have misplaced, my worries over late deadlines, details I’ve almost certainly missed. If it weren’t for my diagnosis and developing strategies for managing my life, I dread to think where my own self destructive behaviors might have lead me. Plenty of ADHD’ers develop coping mechanisms just like anything else, when you lose a leg – you learn to walk in a new way. When you brain functions in a unique way, you adapt. THE GOOD SHIT: While all of this sounds incredibly dreary, having ADHD makes up a big part of my personality and while I’d love the ability to be a little more put together on a day-to- day basis – I can appreciate that there are certain things about my disorder that are assets. I’m SUPER adaptable! For example, if something goes wrong on a photoshoot and we need to change concept, I can pivot with ease. I can identify that this comes from constantly needing to quickstep as a consequence of being forgetful. I’m also pretty great in social surrounds, a creative conversationalist, someone who strives to find common ground and connect. I have a creative mind and a constant stream of ideas. I’m forgiving of the flaws of others (I hope they forgive mine!), encouraging, and optimistic. “If something goes wrong on a photoshoot and we need to change concept, I can pivot with ease. I can identify that this comes from constantly needing to quickstep as a consequence of being forgetful.” WE MADE IT: Now that I’ve finally got all of this out, I hope that my story might be able to help anyone else with ADHD to know that you’re absolutely not alone. OR perhaps help the friends and family of someone with ADHD better perceive their experience. I’ve learnt so much and been encouraged by the stories on The Kaleidoscope Society, a community for women with ADHD – especially when it comes to focusing on my achievements and talents, rather than my pitfalls and mistakes. I’d love to hear any stories you might have – and I’m so grateful you’ve made it to the end of this article, especially if you too do have ADHD. I would personally consider it an achievement. …And finally, to everyone ever, sorry I haven’t replied to your email. Zanita xx   You Should Also Read: How to Handle the Pressure of Being a Blogger Life Ahead: Going Left When Right Feels Wrong Take Back Control & Kick Anxiety to the Curb The post Mental Health: My ADHD Story appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Monthly Blog Tip Q&A: August Edition
10-08-2017 18:04:13
Zanita Studio
Q&A’s are quickly becoming my favorite thing to post about so keep the questions comin’ in hot! I figure we can do a massive blog tip Q&A once a month, what do you think? The reason I’m so obsessed with Q&As is that it helps us at Zanita Studio understand your wants and needs – that way we can continue to bring you the most value. It’s also extremely frustrating when you can’t find the exact answer you want on Google or the first person (bloggers especially) you asked doesn’t answer it. But that’s not what we’re about. We’re about simple, no BS tips, tricks, and advice that will take you to the next level in your blog whether that’s beauty, health, fitness, whatever it may be. We got your back! With that said, let’s jump right into the latest Qs from our lovely readers… Little Miss Mon Bon wants to know… Is it important to have a given niche – i.e. only beauty or only travel? I love so many different aspects of my life and my job, and I LOVE sharing it all with my audience but I feel like that hinders me. Great question Mon! Yes, it is extremely important to have a niche. In fact, I recently attended an event hosted by WhoWhatWear and Danielle from WeWoreWhat (tongue twister I know) said “Today everyone and their mother has a blog, literally, so it’s very important you find a niche”. I mean, it doesn’t get any more pro than her, right? But she’s right. You need a niche to stand out. I mean, you don’t need one but the odds will be in your favor if you get one and stick to it. I always compare niches to shopping. If you want a pair of quality jeans are you going to go to Forever21 or Paige? You’re most likely going to go to Paige because they specialize in jeans! They’ve been around for a thousand years (exaggerating) selling denim so they know what they’re doing at this point. I feel like if you want to expand to be more lifestyle, you need to be at the level of WeWoreWhat, Sincerely Jules, Zanita, The Blonde Salad, etc. They can blog about whatever they want now because they’re so big and they have their readers’ attention no matter what. However, I do believe you have to try your hand at different topics before you nail what works for you and your readers. When I first started blogging I was all over the place. I was blogging 5 days a week about all kinds of random topics but from those topics I was able to see what got the most clicks, shares, comments, etc. so I started to create more of that content thus my blog because more targeted. Now after 6ish years, I’m starting to incorporate different aspects like travel, but I still recommend staying pretty targeted for the most so you develop that tight, close knit readership. You want to become a master in your field! Gabrielle wants to know… As a marketer how do you balance marketing for your clients, and marketing for yourself and doing partnerships for your brand? Are there ever any conflicts? Another great question! With my NAB blog mentoring services, I treat every client’s blog as if it were my own so I implement the same strategies, techniques, and content ideas (to some level) that I would for myself. They come first then my own stuff comes second. I carve out time throughout the day that I give attention to certain things. For example, I market/blog for myself before work, after work, and on the weekends, unless I have a deadline for a client, then that client comes first. It’s a counterbalancing act in that I focus on the parts of my life that need TLC the most, then I switch off to something else that needs TLC. You won’t ever be completely in sync in all areas of your life, that just doesn’t happen. It’s impossible to actually balance everything. It’s more about prioritizing what needs to happen right now to get to that next step. So yes, of course, there are conflicts, I spend a lot of time commuting and I wish I could just teleport places because it would give me more time! But I can’t so I work with the time I do have.  There are also times where I can’t attend certain events or do certain things because of other obligations. So that’s a bummer but for the most part, I’d say I have this whole counterbalancing thing down and the drama is very minimal.  Pinja wants to know… I would like to know more about reaching out to brands, how do I do it? What is it that they’re usually looking for? I really struggle with ‘pushing’ myself and would love to hear how to do it without being annoying/obnoxious! Girl push yourself! What do you have to lose?! The easiest way to reach out to brands is to find them on Google or Instagram and get the contact info. There are so many other ways to do this but I prefer Google and IG. If you Google, you can search “::brand name:: pr” that way if the brand has a pr contact, it will automatically pop up. Otherwise, you can just search the brand name and then head to the contact page and either fill out a contact form or send a cold email to whatever email address is listed. I would try and get as specific as possible – really try and find a person to contact rather than “” – that way it’ll show the brand you did your homework and went the extra mile. Then when you send that cold email, mention something you love that the brand has been doing lately, say what you’ll do and how you’ll benefit the brand, and include your media kit. You never want to come off assuming and deserving, meaning something like “Hi! Love your brand, I have 5,000 followers and I’d love to promote this dress for $200!”, like no. That won’t fly. Baby steps. If you want to work with them, you need to play by their rules not your own. The Dressed Fork (in response to this post) wants to know… I’m curious: how do you write on the train, on your laptop? I actually write on my phone in the notes section. I don’t get service so writing on my laptop wouldn’t work and the notes section seems to be really effective thus far. Once I’m done writing a blog post or ideas or whatever I copy and paste it into an email to myself and then when I get home I turn it into a blog post. Easy peasy! Melody (in response to this post) wants to know… Are you ever not plugged in? No. I am always plugged in. I actually recently took a “social media break” that I Snapchatted about the whole time… some social media break, right? Anyway, I hated it.  I felt lazy and like I fell so far behind (which I did) so I prefer to stay plugged in at all times. If I’m doing something super amazing (like scaling a cliff along the Amalfi coast) or spending time with family and friends I try to give that my undivided attention but I also bring my experiences and my family into my little online world to keep it real. I think that’s huge. It’s not fun when you don’t see everything or you only see certain angles of a person’s life. I mean obviously I don’t show everything but for the most part, I’m pretty transparent about what’s going on in my life. And that works for me but it may not work for everyone. Ultimately you have to do what feels right for you.  Like I said before guys, I LOVE Q&As so be sure to submit your questions below for next month’s Q&A! And don’t forget to tag your URL or Instagram name for a special shout out.    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Scandinavia Standard  You Should Also Read: A Day in the Life of a Micro-Influencer 3 Ways New Bloggers Get in Over Their Heads The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Cheat Sheet   The post Monthly Blog Tip Q&A: August Edition appeared first on Zanita Studio.
What 2017 Has Taught Me About Life So Far
8-08-2017 21:25:26
Zanita Studio
I’m typically a fan of “lessons” posts at the end of the year, but I’ve encountered enough sticky situations that I’m starting early… Most of this may seem intuitive, but life is funny in what it throws at you and how it takes you for abrupt twists and turns – so much and so unexpectedly that what sounds intuitive doesn’t always feel so intuitive. If there’s any year I can deem a drastic time of change, 2017 is without a doubt the year. Change is imminent and ever-occurring – most of us can live with that, but when change is metamorphic, it can feel scary and lonely all at the same time. That’s where we start to have problems. Here are the few life lessons helping me outlast the wear and tear… A lot can happen in 3-6 months Just 6 months ago, I would have never imagined being in the situation I’m in today. How many of you can say the same? I know I’m being super vague here, but even though 3-6 months feel like a small chunk of time in the grand scheme of things, a lot can happen in that little window. Never think that you’re in a situation that can’t change – no matter how good or bad it is. Whatever you’re going through will change so go through it and let it go. Someone who claims to be a good friend won’t always be YOUR friend Friends can be the best and worst things that will ever happen to you. A true test of friendship comes when life heads south. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of friends or people in your life – only a few amazing people who are willing to go as far for you as you would for them. Find and pick those people carefully. Trust people until they give you good reasons not to – especially amid separation or a break up. It’s often difficult for mutual friends to “pick a side”, but watch those words and actions carefully. It becomes obvious when “neutrality” is really a covert bias. Having said that, recognize the toxic actions that warrant unwinding years of friendship and give people time to show themselves. Even the best fall Bad things to happen to good people. No matter how great someone may be in something and no matter how perfect their life looks, there will always be setbacks for everyone. We’re all human. If it can happen to them, it can happen to you. Never be so sure. Do what you don’t wanna do The best way to stop thinking about all the things you don’t want to do, is to do it and get it over with. Nothing gets better or easier over time – especially when you already don’t want to do it. It’s ok to feel alone Walking a path that aligns with your conviction, but against everyone else’s is hard. It often leaves you lonely – awake and feeling broke inside when everyone’s asleep. But remember, the most negative feedback comes from the people who care most. Embrace it even when it’s hard. And always remember your purpose – knowing that purpose and being reminded of it works wonders because it’s better to follow your heart than the crowd.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   Image source credits – Vienna Wedekind   You Should Also Read: How to Stand Out When Everyone is Doing the Same Thing When Growth Seems Impossible 5 Ways to Tell You’re Making the Wrong Decision The post What 2017 Has Taught Me About Life So Far appeared first on Zanita Studio.
When Growth Seems Impossible
3-08-2017 18:29:41
Zanita Studio
We hear from bloggers, writers, and photographers all the time that they’ve created something great, but can’t seem to grow a following. To everyone who has ever felt this way, here’s what we have to say: These things take time. Finding your formula takes time. Good things take time – and everything together takes years to unfold. The good news is there are now people, resources, and networks to help you. With years of first-rate industry experience shaping the playing field, we’ve witnessed the ebbs and flows of influencers and organizations. Through all the changes that manifested in the past decade, only a few networks have remained constant – and one that’s always been a proponent of bloggers is Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’s goal has always been to help influencers like you succeed. This is the same exact driving force behind Azalle. Gratefully, the two have joined forces to put you on a fast track to organic growth in Azalle’s latest course Growth: Bloglovin’! Whether you’re running a business, writing a blog, or building a career out of influencing, you’ll eventually feel overwhelmed by the countless functions a self-made career involves. You’ll look to everyone else – the mega-influencers, micro-influencers, and entrepreneurs – and wonder how they pull it together so seamlessly and perfectly. This course was devised to help you focus on the right things… It’s injected with industry forecasts and analyses from experts, straightforward yet feasible instructions and advice, and exclusive tips from your favorite influencers. We designed it to pull you out of the trenches so you can identify the essential and ignore the rest. Remember, when growth seems impossible, there’s Azalle. And there’s Bloglovin’. Growth: Bloglovin’ is a must-read course for anyone looking to start a blog with an impact or take an existing one up several notches. SIGN UP TODAY! The post When Growth Seems Impossible appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Ultimate Nighttime Beauty Routine
2-08-2017 21:47:34
Zanita Studio
Throughout my entire adult life, one thing that’s remained consistent with my skincare is a dedication to my nighttime beauty routine. It’s really as simple as this, if I don’t give my skin a good cleanse and re-nurturing with my favourite products, I won’t wake up with better skin. It’s rougher – more dull and likely to have blackheads or pimples. It’s overnight that your skin does it’s repair job, so it’s about giving that process a fighting chance and waking up with a clear, glowing visage. I’ve been using Estee Lauder’s famed ‘Advanced Night Repair’ serum for some time now – and more recently, had the chance to start using new products within the range to complement. I’m crazy about the newly launched ‘Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm’ – partly because I’m getting older and my skin just can not tolerate harsh soaps ripping all the natural goodness from my skin. I hate that feeling of tightness after cleansing. It’s like my skin is screaming. What comes next is an overproduction of oil to compensate generally rougher texture. The balm leaves my skin feeling very clean without being stripped (so important!) – and it’s also a stellar product to travel with as it’s not going to burst in your bag all over the place. As for the rest, I’ve worked together with Estee Lauder and #esteestories to create this video – to honk my own horn for a moment (Toot toot!). I feel like my skin is looking pretty great – and this might not be what you’ve experienced, but I genuinely feel like a consistent night time routine has been even more transformational than whatever I’m doing in the morning. Thanks so much to the Estee Lauder team for inviting me to share with ya’ll! You can see my full interview at Estee Stories HERE.   shirt by Poustovit   The post The Ultimate Nighttime Beauty Routine appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Stand Out When Everyone is Doing the Same Thing
31-07-2017 20:15:58
Zanita Studio
It seems that anytime you ask an influencer or industry expert on how to make it as a blogger – or a creative in general – everyone says the same thing… Have a unique perspective… Be yourself… Show the world something different… But what does all that even mean? If you scroll through Instagram daily, then you’ll easily find that everything has already been done – photography styles, aesthetics, and fashion sense. The reality of the digital space is that originality is hard to come by these days. You can do all kinds of things to be noticed – objectify and sexualize your image, show #nofilter, but not many of those things make a lasting impression. If you’re looking to make an impact and drive up your influence, consider this… Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing You’re learning via consumption constantly and you don’t even realize it. By consuming the same content all the time be it through looking at someone else’s Instagram feed or reading ONLY one person’s blog habitually, you’ll naturally start to desire what they’re doing… and eventually start copying what they’re doing… If you create as much as you consume, you’d be surprised at what you actually produce. The key lesson here is focus on what YOU’RE doing. Ignore the rest. Work on self-discipline It’s true that someone may be more talented than you, have better connections than you, and even be smarter than you. Whatever you are, someone will always be a step ahead. But your drive, work ethic, and commitment can take you further than talent, connections, and intelligence. Develop the self-discipline to commit to something and work on it until you perfect it. Most people will eventually give up at some point. Don’t be that person. Know your audience No one can be something for everyone, but anyone can be something for someone. The best way to stand out is to be visible to those who are looking for you – those who need that thing you have to offer. That means figure out who your audience is, where they’re at, and make some noise. Think about the tone you need to be communicating in versus how you’re delivering your message. All these little elements matter. Communicate with yourself The next time you catch yourself liking a certain image, a certain style, or a certain aesthetic, ask yourself why? Constantly ask why and how… The more you know and recognize your intention, the closer you move towards achieving it. The best work comes from within so start there. Use your resources I encourage you to join Azalle today – not because because I’m behind the scenes, but because these are the types of resources I wish were available to me five years ago. By using successful influencers as a case study for how to stand out, you’ll navigate the playing field much faster! Plus, it’s very unlikely you’ll accomplish everything alone. Consume and utilize the right resources to get you to the right place. With your first 7 days free, there’s no reason to wait.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: Taking Stunning Photos With No Photographer 3 Ways New Bloggers Get In Over Their Heads 5 Ways to Tell You’re Making the Wrong Decision The post How to Stand Out When Everyone is Doing the Same Thing appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Best Exfoliators for Smooth Skin
21-07-2017 14:00:33
Zanita Studio
Even if you’re lucky enough to have pretty smooth skin, you still need to exfoliate. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those, which means exfoliating remains paramount in my skincare routine. And I’ve been testing more scrubs than ever this summer. Lucky for you, we’re still in smooth-skin season and I’ve got the best exfoliators to get you there (and keep you there)! Let’s start with body scrubs. LaLicious Whipped Sugar Scrub These LaLicious body scrubs are made up of a concoction that comprises of cane sugar, cold-pressed coconut, and almond oil making it a calming souffle from heaven. It feels nonabrasive and just melts into the skin. The cane sugar buffs out any rough patches and sloughs away the excess. Coming out of the shower, my skin feels much softer and deeply nourished. I love how delicious they smell… The coffee scrub is my fave! Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish I’m almost out of this Herbivore Body Polish in case you can’t tell… I’ve been using it religiously these last 3-4 months because I love scent of coconut and rose petals, and also how gentle it feels on. A definite beach bag essential, and for everyone who loves coconut as much as I do (not to mention the chic packaging that’s completely IG worthy). REN Micro Polish Cleanser Though marketed as a 2-in-1 face wash for cleansing and exfoliating, I use this strictly for exfoliating. I love that it’s jam packed with lactic acid and vitamin C because that’s exactly what I need when my skin gets crazy hormonal. I use it two times a week and instantly notice how clean and decongested it makes my skin feel. If you’re dry and acne-prone, I highly recommend this product. Yon-Ka 305 Exfoliator If your skin is really sensitive, this one by Yon-Ka is a great option. It’s an ultra gentle enzyme exfoliator AND contains exfoliating, clarifying, hydrating, and balancing elements. You won’t feel the grittiness intrinsic in these products. I apply this product as a mask and then rinse off with a cloth – LOVE the results! How are you keeping your skin smooth this summer?   SHOP THE POST (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1611262828803739119"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: From Day to Night in 5 Minutes with 5 Products I Tried Laser Skincare for the First Time – Here’s What Happened Getting Ready for a Girl’s Night Out on No Time The post Best Exfoliators for Smooth Skin appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Ways New Bloggers Get In Over Their Heads
20-07-2017 02:10:46
Zanita Studio
New bloggers tend to go all in when they start out. You have these great ideas with every intention of bringing them to life. You’re going to be the best blogger ever! You’re ready and willing to put in the time necessary to make it all happen. You say yes to every collaboration, you work double time at creating content 7 days a week, and you buy a bunch of stuff you think you’ll need. Then it’s the weekend and you have a baby shower but also 50 deadlines you have to make. Now what? You want to go to the baby shower, baby showers are cool, but you can’t because you’re in over your head. But you go to the baby shower anyway and tell yourself you’ll do everything when you get back. Well, all the girls are going out after the baby shower… so you join them. Now you’ve set yourself back even more. So then you just skip some content for the week which turns into 2 weeks and 3 weeks, and before you know you’ve given up blogging altogether. I realize I’m being extreme here but it all starts by being too ambitious. Don’t be cocky and think you can do everything because you can’t. Do only what you can and outsource the rest. And if you can’t outsource, do the best you can with what you have. Know your limits and be cautious when doing these 3 things: Launching too many things at once When you first start blogging it’s natural to be overwhelmed. You look at other bloggers around you and you automatically compare yourself to them. Then your wheels start turning and you start implementing all these things the other bloggers have. You’re going to start a clothing line, open an Etsy shop for jewelry, write a book, be a lifestyle blog, you’ll write 5 times a week, it’s going to be great! You go 0 to 100 real quick. Then you realize how much work it is to just blog once a week and you think eh, maybe I’ll hold off on the clothing line and book deal for right now. It’s great to have lofty goals but take them one. Goal. At. A. Time. I always say Starbucks started with one cup of coffee. Right now I have like 50 things I want to do with my blog but I’m not doing them all at once because that’s silly. I wouldn’t be able to give each project the attention it deserved if I did that. Last year I launched my Build Your Own Blog eGuide (currently being updated), which was on my list and this year I launched #BlogWithBritt which was also on my list. And if you’re one of my email subscribers, you’ll know what else I launched, ::wink wink::. So as you can see even I’m taking things one step at a time. Launching too many things at one time is distracting and honestly annoying to your followers because it’s hard for them to keep up. Balancing work/life Working full-time while balancing a life outside of work is tough, really it is. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. You want to be successful in your career or entrepreneurial ventures and maintain your friendships, relationships, health, etc. If your side hustle is your ultimate dream, you’ll have to work double time which means some other aspects of your life may suffer. However, more often than not it’s necessary in order to get to where you want to go. So most of you know I write for my own blog, Not Another Blonde, Zanita (duh), Azalle, and The Wonder Forest. I write for Zanita and The Wonder Forest once a week and Azalle once every other week (if I can)… In addition, I write for my own blog twice a week so now we’re up to 5 – 5 blog posts a week! That’s a lot for someone who blogs and works for a company full-time. I’m not complaining but don’t be fooled when bloggers make blogging look easy because it is far from that. Now let’s talk about time. I work about 45 hours a week at my day job. One blog post takes me around 2 hours to write on a good day when I’m feeling inspired, which includes editing pictures, adding links, proofreading, scheduling, etc. And on a “bad” day, I could write half a blog post in one whole day. That’s a LOT of time spent working and blogging, which doesn’t leave much time for the “fun stuff”, but that’s a choice you have to make. The best solution to this issue is to counterbalance, meaning whatever needs your attention in that moment is what you need to focus on. And my other solution is to batch. Batching is when you bang out a big task or multiple tasks at one time. So instead of writing blog posts for Zanita every week, I write 4 of them in one day for the month. That way I don’t have to worry about them every week. When you batch you’re able to do a lot more in a shorter period of time thus freeing you up for other things like your day job, relationships, fitness, etc. Having no short-term goals Short-term goals will save your blog time and time again. I mean, you need to have smaller goals in order reach your bigger goals. When I first started blogging I only had major unattainable goals like make $1 million per year. That’s still a goal of mine but that shouldn’t have been something I had in mind for my first year in business. A short-term goal would be something like make $5,000 per month which could be broken down into 5 collaborations per week at $1,000 per collab or 7 clients a month at $715 per client. So your short-term goal of making $5,000 a month turns into a long-term goal of $60,000 a year which is totally attainable. (These numbers were all made up BTW.) Another short term goal would be to gain 1,000 Instagram followers a month which means you would need 250 new followers a week. And then 1,000 new followers a month would equal 12,000 more followers for the year. When you only have long-term goals it becomes more like a fantasy because there’s no action plan behind it. Therefore every year you make these goals, don’t reach them, get disappointed, and do the same thing all over again next year. Short term goals set things in stone and get the plan in motion to reach whatever milestones you had in mind. 250 new followers a week doesn’t sound as daunting as 12,000 followers a year. You’re essentially dissecting the big picture into smaller steps that will help you get to where you want to go. What is the most overwhelming part of blogging for YOU? Share your story in the comments below!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Sandra Semburg  You Should Also Read: Get to Know Your Audience: Instagram (Part 3/3)  The Secret Sauce to Growing Your Following Why Only 4% of Bloggers Make It  The post 3 Ways New Bloggers Get In Over Their Heads appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Nordstrom Summer Sale Bonanza
18-07-2017 14:00:37
Zanita Studio
Part of our list of to-do’s this summer is always the major NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE! From now until the 20th, you can purchase your favorite items – or just take ours. And on the 21st, shop away unless you’re a Nordstrom card holder, then you can start shopping right now. We figure it’s a great way to get started on your fall wardrobe or in case you’re bombarded with work, family, friends, and errands… You can relax at the sound of each click. Fill your shopping cart with your greatest desires for the season ahead. Whether you’re a dress girl, have weddings to attend, or just need something to toss on in a whim, shop a few of these greatest hits… (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1610956971180310853")); Moving on to denim bottoms, there are never enough pairs in my closet. This sale only lures me to snag a few more. I reckon one or two can’t hurt – and I can get an early start on fall! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1610957781117586236")); For the love of the beach, it’s not too late to get that swimsuit or tunic. We are obsessed with summer essentials, and what’s more essential than a great bathing suit and something beautiful to cover up in? (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1610958321460774563")); Of course sandals have to be a part of the mix. Anything flat works for me – with some exceptions. I actually have a wedding to go to and found the most perfect pair of midi heels. Not too high, but high enough to achieve that runway effect. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1610958571448226587")); And finally, let’s not neglect our accessories. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. I’m always up for either having a few pieces on me or none. In the summer, gold accents seem to be key – and my personal favorite. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1610959011975874874"));   What’s in your Nordstrom shopping bag? X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest YouTube You Should Also Read: The Ultimate Summer To Do List Summer Essentials for the Fashion Girl Hot In the City: The New Boho Is Chic AF The post Nordstrom Summer Sale Bonanza appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Best Rooftops to Hit Up in the NYC Heat
16-07-2017 01:49:05
Zanita Studio
Continuing our quest to have the best summer ever, I’m focusing on the best rooftops to hit when the sun goes down against the Manhattan skyline. I love a good sunset as much as the next girl – especially when Instagram-worthy. So I’ve been doing my research and trying out the best places in town for you to chill with a pint and some chips. New York is one of the best places to be around summer. Quiet streets, empty subways, and almost no reservations needed. Of course the best places crowd up early, but there’s no reason not to be an early bird. I’ve frequented 6 different rooftops this season and in no particular order here’s what tops my secret list: Spyglass Rooftop This little gem in Midtown is as cute as you can imagine. As soon as you enter the small lounge space, there are 3 huge window/doors, floor to ceiling that open up outdoors. Walk less than 10 steps and you can see the Empire in all its glory. Try the Moscow Mule – it’s amazing! 230 on Fifth This New York classic is on every tourist guide – but there’s a reason. It was, in fact, the first rooftop I went to in the city. And a major go-to. Winter or summer, it’s worth going up the busy elevators to gaze upon an almost 360 view of Manhattan. Try their cosmopolitans or cool off with a Corona. STK Rooftop Sweet Meatpacking District. Have you ever been to that area? It’s buzzing with coolness, amazing restaurants and to-die-for rooftops. You can enjoy the most beautiful sunset over New Jersey with the best soundtrack and spot in the city. That’s a view you cannot miss. The MET Rooftop Bar Art with a side of cocktail? Sign me up! The MET is one of my favorite museums in the city, and it comes with a rooftop bar. It’s only open during working museum hours, but it’s worth taking the trip upstairs to enjoy the view with a – rather expensive – drink. It can get a bit crowded, but totally worth the squeezing. Jane Hotel Rooftop Bar A recent invite from Miss Z herself took me up the Jane Hotel into their rooftop bar. You can experience a tiny bit here and gaze upon 12th avenue and New Jersey. It’s a cozy spot where you feel like you could be in your apartment’s balcony. 1 Rooftop The recently opened 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a major must-see-and-be. No other view is better with a cocktail in your hand and your camera in the other. It can get too crowded – being new and all – but it’s definitely worth enjoying. You get that beautiful sunset only New York can give us. Any other places you recommend in the city? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, I would love to know! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: The Ultimate Summer To Do List Summer Essentials for the Fashion Girl Hot In the City: The New Boho Is Chic AF The post Best Rooftops to Hit Up in the NYC Heat appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Summer Essentials for the Fashion Girl
13-07-2017 16:16:04
Zanita Studio
In kicking off our summer series, it’s probably a good idea to share our summer 2017 essentials. Especially for the fashion fanatic. Take a cue from the it-girls and learn what they do this time of year. I, for one, do an immense wardrobe cleanse. Getting rid of things I don’t use anymore to make room for the essentials. I know it’s not an easy task as there will always be room for that skirt we bought and never wore. But take it from a girl who lives in a New York apartment with limited closet space – which I have to share with my husband. Decluttering becomes essential every season. Without further ado, here are my must-have-summer-essentials list for every girl no matter where you’re going this summer: Basket Style Bag: The basket bag is a must-have this season. Every girl is carrying some variation of it. And fortunately for us, there’s no need to go bankrupt to get a cute bag you can carry all summer. Just take your pick! Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1608067811765966826")); Vintage Sunglasses: This summer, you can hide all the hangovers behind cute and vintage-looking sunglasses. Whether you’re a cat eye lady, a retro spinner, or a colorful chap, there are a lot of different styles to choose from. We’re back in the 80’s baby! Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1608069561220849953")); Tropical Prints: I was vouching for this day to come. The day when tropical prints leave the obscurity and become acceptable to wear in daylight. I love to combine prints and summer could not be complete with a palm tree shirt or a pair of cute little pineapple shorts. Go crazy, mix and match and have fun! Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1608070256952682057")); Rompers, Jumpers, Onesies: Summer can be a dread with the days being so hot, which means strutting around the city can be uncomfortable, sticky, and sweaty. My best and greatest solution? One pieces! They are fresh, comfy, and come in all shapes and sizes. From skirts, to pants, to shorts, it’s as good as it gets. Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1608071726201832401"));   What are your summer essentials? X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: This Is Millennial Pink Hot In the City: The New Boho Is Chic AF Fifth Element Casting Call The post Summer Essentials for the Fashion Girl appeared first on Zanita Studio.
A Day in the Life of a Micro-Influencer
10-07-2017 19:20:08
Zanita Studio
Though micro-influencing may not be as exciting as mega-influencing, there’s definitely never a dull moment. In fact, micro-influencers should be hustling more than mega-influencers because they’re not quite established and are still trying to prove their worth – and this means they are always on their grind. Every micro-influencer’s daily routine will be different depending on where they want their blogs to go and exactly what their end goal is. But for me, I won’t stop until I’ve built an empire, so here’s what a day of that looks like: 6-7am I like to get a solid workout in to start my day. I literally jump out of bed, go to the bathroom to change, and then do my workout. If you follow me on Snapchat (notanothrblonde) you’ll know that I’m currently doing the BBG, which is incredible by the way. I’m not one of those wake up, hit snooze, wake up, hit snooze again kind of people. If I’m not out of bed immediately after my alarm goes off I’ll be behind schedule. Then I’ll check my email and schedule my blog post for the highest engagement hour. I don’t answer emails because it takes too long but I’ll take a little peak so I know what I’m up against when I actually do have time to answer. 7-8am Get ready for my day job and eat breakfast. Eating breakfast is KEY for me for fuel for the day. I’m the most productive in the morning so I need breakfast to get me started. 8-9am At this point, I’ve left my house and I’m walking about a mile to the train (so glamorous I know). Then during my commute, I write posts for Not Another Blonde, Zanita, Azalle, or The Wonder Forest. In fact… I’m on the train writing this right now. I’ve noticed that because I only have about 30 minutes (which is nothing when you’re writing), I’m so laser-focused and able to bang out at least one blog post per train ride. Plus I don’t get service so I’m not tempted to check Instagram or Snapchat every 5 seconds. 9am-12pm I get in and check my personal email again and respond. At this point I’m at work and let’s be honest we all check our personal email at work so don’t judge me for this. Then the rest of the time I’m working for my day job… like I said I’m super productive in the mornings so I’m able to bang most of my work out during this time. I’m in marketing which means there’s always something to do so I’m never lacking for anything to do. 12pm-1pm I may or may not take a lunch break from 12-1 but I personally like to take smaller 10-20minute breaks throughout the day because my brain needs it. If I do take a lunch break, I’ll go to the park and engage with my community on Instagram, my secret Facebook group, or respond to blog comments. I will respond to every single comment eventually; it just might take a while… or days (trying to get better at this). Keep in mind I have comments coming in from Not Another Blonde and 3 other blogs, so it’s definitely time-consuming but I love it. It’s actually my favorite part of the job. 1pm-4pm I’m still doing my day job and if I didn’t take a lunch I’ll take a few 10-minute breaks between projects at my day job. During these mini breaks I’ll do some Snapchat content and Instagram engagement. For Snapchat I Snap my outfit, what I’m eating, my latest blog post, and/or any other promotional things that need attention (i.e. if I’m going on Facebook live or doing a giveaway). I’ll post similar content on Insta-stories but for the most part, I am a Snap queen. I’ll also try and talk to my IG community a bit through comments or DMs. This is also the best time I find for running errands (the city is quieter) or taking pictures (the sun isn’t as harsh). If I didn’t take a lunch and I decide later to actually take an hour break I’ll do it from 3pm-4pm. 4pm-6pm At this point, I’ll wrap up anything that needs to be done at my day job and prepare for the next day, lace up my sneaks (every NYC girl’s go-to shoe) and roll out like Ludacris… minus the super cool swag. 6pm-7pm I’m commuting back home. I walk another 2 miles while brainstorming ideas/thinking about everything else I have to do. Once I get on the train I listen to a podcast or read a book to get the juices flowing again for when I get home (Gary Vee, Him & Her, and The Tim Ferriss Show are my favorite podcasts). I only listen to/read self-development and business stuff. 7pm-7:30pm I eat dinner while checking Instagram and Snapchat. 7:30pm-11pm I’m usually prepping my blog for the next week in addition to making proposals for brands or setting up NAB collaborations. Currently, I’m in the process of revamping all my freebies so I’ve been working with a graphic designer on that and trying to get them perfect. I’ve also been incorporating more YouTube videos which take up a crapload of time to edit so I’ll throw that in the mix as well. My content calendar helps a lot to keep things organized and it lets me know what I’m supposed to be doing and when. I’m so OCD when it comes to organization and time management which helps me stay on track while balancing all the other things going on in my life. What’s your typical day like? Tell us in the comments below!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Cheat Sheet How to Create a Content Calendar You Asked, I Answered – Blog Tip Q&A The post A Day in the Life of a Micro-Influencer appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Ways to Tell You’re Making the Wrong Decision
3-07-2017 14:00:14
Zanita Studio
We’re usually oblivious to the poor choices we make that induce negative ramifications in our lives. I know I’ve been guilty especially when trying to be “considerate” of other people’s feelings or “protective” of the pain I might inflict. I can name several occasions where I knew I was really unhappy in certain situations but was in denial about it. By the time I decided to be honest with myself and others around me, it was clear I fixated myself in misery for too long. I’m sure many of you can relate… We blindly fall into habit and routine to the the point where we lose awareness of how it impacts us emotionally and mentally. If you’re like me, then you might even succeed at convincing yourself that it isn’t that bad, it could be worse, or you start to look for comfort in other things. It becomes a vicious cycle of rationalization and validation. The source for our unhappiness become everything else except for the actual matter at hand. This is something that’s become very real in my life as of late and I wanted to bring it to surface because I recognize how alone it can feel – especially when it seems like the world is against you. If you often find yourself making excuses, here are my top 5 ways to tell you’re making the wrong decision: #1 Anxious feelings I never knew what “anxiety” meant until I experienced it for the first time last year… Turns out the symptoms can be both physical and psychological, ranging from shortness of breath to restlessness and irritability. Whatever anxiousness you may be feeling, it’s probably time to take action if it becomes intense and persistent and starts to impact your everyday tasks. Don’t ignore the symptoms. #2 Avoidance Are you avoiding something? If it’s your job, you maybe calling out sick just because or maximizing your vacation days. If it’s a person (maybe your boss or significant other), you start dodging them by keeping yourself busy with other tasks. Regardless of what you’re trying to avoid, pay attention to how often you’re trying to “avoid” it. #3 Dreaming sans [fill in the blank] We’re all dreamers… Some more than others. I know I’m undoubtedly a dreamer and often visualize my future plans… When those visions repeatedly appear without someone or something, there’s a reason for it – and it’s probably indicative of your desire for change. #4 Negative physical effects When something starts to cause so much stress in your life, it creeps up on you physically. You might feel more tired than normal or even sleeping excessively… Your appetite might start to change causing unexpected weight gain or loss… Maybe it’s prevalent in your skin and so you’re breaking out or just looking dull and gray… When the effects become physical, it’s just not worth it. Never be afraid to take a stand for the sake of your health. #5 Even others you trust question you Tread this point carefully because we know how harmful it can be to listen to everyone around us. I limit my trusted circle to ~2-3 people…and I’ve learned that this trusted circle often recognizes when my actions don’t align with my values and my beliefs – especially when I’m confused. Allow them to call you out on it and assess the validity of their opinion with an open mind. Making a drastic life change is always scary, but you have to decide what’s worse: your current [unhappy] situation or the unknown? I’ve learned now that I’ll almost always pick the unknown!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: What I Learned from Top Influencers Through Azalle How I Manage to Work From Home as a Mom How to Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable The post 5 Ways to Tell You’re Making the Wrong Decision appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Hot In the City: The New Boho Is Chic AF
29-06-2017 18:58:10
Zanita Studio
    I’ve always found summer dressing the most challenging being a fashion magpie of sorts, appreciating trans-seasonal ensembles, and even my winter wardrobe for the way it lends itself to layering. Of late, I’ve grown to appreciate bold statements done simply – and summer dressing is exactly that. Bohemian flowing lengths are so luxe, paired with a crazy earring or a statement piece like my fabulous Poolside straw bag (Spicy Margarita? Totally my summer beverage of choice). I feel like a hot weather bad ass in this ensemble. BRING THE HEAT!   I’m very honoured to have worked with Moda Operandi on this post; it’s undoubtably the best online destination to fill out your summer wardrobe with effortless boho glam – mostly because it’s the place you can truly find pieces that are one of a kind. Kalita is a actually a new discovery for me and I can’t tell you how fresh and cool I feel in these fine cotton layers. The yellow dress in the slider below is top of my must haves right now – cotton gown and sneakers? I’m about it. Meanwhile catch me in this Solid and Striped bikini while in Hawaii – about to go down on my insta right now!   !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState === 'complete') { window.__stp.init(); } }(document, 'script', 'shopthepost-script'); Turn on your JavaScript to view content   Photography by Eduarda Loureiro, Edit by Me Dress, Kalita Bikini top and bottom, Solid and Striped Bag, Poolside sneakers, Senso   This post was brought to you by Moda Operandi   The post Hot In the City: The New Boho Is Chic AF appeared first on Zanita Studio.
From Day to Night in 5 Minutes with 5 Products
22-06-2017 16:00:13
Zanita Studio
It’s important to simplify and do more with less without compromising your single best accessory – makeup – as life gets busier. And with your schedule piling up and products brimming off your countertop, it can be overwhelming to quickly decide what goes in the beauty bag and what stays. Lucky for you, we have what works. When your only break consists of a quick cab ride or a bathroom stop, it’s best to have a day to night procedure – even better when that transition requires the least amount of products. Find out how to go from simple but polished to sultry in 5 minutes with just 5 products. What You Need: – Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Pencil – The triangular shape of this pencil allows for foolproof application, and the built-in spoolie does an excellent job combing your brow hairs and buffing the color into place. – Glossier Balm DotCom – This multi-purpose balm is perfect for keeping the lips moisturized and adding gloss to the eyes and face. – Glossier Stretch Concealer – Everyone can use a little concealer to look more awake. This concealer blends right into the skin and covers imperfections in the most natural way possible. – Maybelline Baby Lips Balm + Blush – Innocent Peach – Quickly add color to your face with this two-in-one. The beautiful shade makes it perfect for eyes as well. – Zoeva Graphic Eyes – The best way to spice things up is with a creamy black eyeliner like this one by Zoeva. It’s blendable, glides right over the eyes, and stays put. Now here’s how you can get this exact look for the day: Step 1: Conceal any darkness or imperfections around your eyes, nose, and mouth. Step 2: Next, lightly fill in your eyebrows and brush them up and out. Step 3: Finally, swipe the Balm and Blush across your cheeks and eyelids, and dab some on your lips using your fingers. To transition to night: Step 1: Freshen up and cover any areas needed with your concealer. Step 2: Then, define and darken your eyebrows further with the brow pencil. Step 3: Next, reapply the Balm and Blush on your cheeks, eyelids, and lips – repeat as necessary to deepen the color. Step 4:This is where the magic starts to happen. Take the black eyeliner and tight line your eyes, and then line your upper lash lid hastily. Close your eyes to bring some color down to your lower lash line. Smudge lightly with your fingers and repeat once more to create definition. Step 5:Take the multipurpose balm and apply some to your lips, nose bridge, and cheek bones to add a highlight. Then dab some right over your eyelids using your fingers to create a glossy, lived in look. And voila! Remember that the slightest shimmer goes a long way – and that paired with sultry, glossy lids is a great and novel way to bring some drama to the night. For more images from this shoot, you can visit my blog here.   P.S. Don’t forget to enter my huge giveaway!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: An Ode to Moisturiser, My Summer Skin & La Mer Is Essence Essential in Your Skincare Routine? 5 Beauty Gadgets That Will Transform Your Skin The post From Day to Night in 5 Minutes with 5 Products appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Cheat Sheet
18-06-2017 22:30:43
Zanita Studio
WARNING: Long, in-depth blog post alert. Starting a blog is extremely overwhelming, especially now with all the social media outlets and different choices we have. About 10 years ago when blogging first started to take off, you opened a Blogger account and you were good to go. Now you’ve got Wordpress, Squarespace, or Blogger mixed with Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. That’s like 10 different options right there that you have to decide whether you want or not. It’s a lot for sure but I always say if I can do it, so can you! I spent about 5 years trying to get everything “perfect”, and I wish there was something like this that I could have referenced because it would have saved me a ton of time and money. But there was no one willing to give me the no BS version of how to start a blog so without being too cliche. I created the ultimate beginner blogger cheat sheet for you. If you can, print this out, bookmark it, do whatever you can! Strategic blog name: When picking a blog name, go for something that has longevity. If you’re taking blogging seriously, treat your blog like your child. Your blog name should be something that can grow as you grow. So you want to think about your long-term goals and go for a name that is in alignment with them. Don’t just settle for the first name you think of. Your blog name should make sense for you and what you’re trying to accomplish. I changed my blog name 3 times before I got it right. Don’t be like me. Think strategy. If you want to turn your blog into a clothing brand think about what that name would look like in a tag. If you want to turn your blog into a healthy snack bar company, visualize the package branding. Do you like your blog name enough for either of those scenarios? Hosting: Next, you want to self-host your blog with a trusted site. The reason you want self-hosting is you have more flexibility to do what you want with your blog. Self-hosting means you own your blog entirely. You can grow it however you want, add multiple domains, and pay for site maintenance/support. It’s all under your control. For beginner, to mid level bloggers, I recommend Bluehost because it has all the capabilities you could possibly need for a reasonable price. You won’t need unlimited bandwidth with 10,000 KBs of memory (I don’t even know if that’s the right terminology I’m just making this up right now). Plus Bluehost has outstanding customer support. You send them one email expressing your concerns and boom they email you back almost instantly. This is especially helpful if you don’t know what the heck you’re doing. Social media: Social media is obviously a major, major component to running a blog. It’s the most common way to communicate to your audience and reach new audiences so it’s absolutely necessary to have. Social media is such a general term that covers a variety of mediums, it would be crazy for you to try and master every single platform. I do recommend making an account with every platform just so you have your username secure in case you do decide to tackle a new platform. You also don’t want someone else to snag your username because then you’re SOL. The best social media channels to get on are Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat/Facebook. Snapchat and Facebook are tied for 3rd. It’s obvious why Instagram is #1, it’s the biggest most used platform in the world right now. You have the potential to reach millions of people. This one is a no-brainer (more on Insta here, here, and here). YouTube is another obvious platform you want to be on because of its ability to suck viewers in. You watch one video on how to DIY a shoe shelf and then you end up watching all of Aimee Songs’ home renovation videos. It’s a black hole for consumers which is great for you if you’re producing valuable video content. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, video is king. (Learn more about YouTube here and here.) Even though Snapchat’s stats have been down since Instastories, it’s still a valuable platform because of geofilters and the profile sharing capabilities. If your Snapchat friends find value in your content, they’ll share your profile with their friends. And if you want to reach new audiences you just create a custom geofilter with your blog name attached, (more on Snapchat here, here, and here). Facebook ads are extremely valuable and Facebook has an entirely different demographic than Instagram which is incredible for your brand. You can get more personal with people on Facebook from the groups to messages to comments. I highly recommend having a Facebook fan page. (Check out more on Facebook here). Content: Probably the most important piece of the beginner blogger puzzle is creating content. All the social media followers in the world won’t be able to help you if your content sucks. What I mean by this is some people don’t know their blog strengths. Some will write long personal posts but they’re not the best writers so that content performs poorly. Other bloggers will rely heavily on picture content but none of their photos are in focus or their style isn’t the best, but they continue using the same technique anyway. You won’t get anywhere in blogging if you’re not able to get honest with yourself and the quality of your content. Your content should either entertain, educate, or inspire, and it should always be created to the best of your ability. Your content is ultimately what will set you apart from the crowd so it’s important you figure out what you’re good at and go full force with it. There are so many other levels to blogging, this post is just cheat sheet for beginner bloggers that grazes the surface. Successful blogging takes time and patience – two things that are hard to acquire but are worth it to have in the end. If you’re a beginner blogger I want to hear from you. Leave any/all questions in the comments below and I’ll do another blog tip Q&A and give you a shout out!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Bolig, Harper’s Bazaar   You Should Also Read: How to Create a Content Calendar 3 Ways to Avoid Blogger’s Remorse You Asked, I Answered – Blog Tip Q&A   The post The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Cheat Sheet appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Ultimate Summer To-Do List
14-06-2017 01:50:50
Zanita Studio
Every time a new season rolls around, I feel energized and compelled to create a summer to-do list – not necessarily of chores, but things to do that make the season that much better. Summer in New York is a thing of wonder. You’re sticky, sweaty, messy, but the rooftops and cocktails are great! Ever since moving here, I’ve only spent one entire summer in NYC, and regardless of the immense heat, I always make a promise to get outside as much as I can. In honor of the (very) nice weather, we’re starting a series for summer: What to do, where to go, what to pack, and where to eat. You might be staying in or jetting off somewhere exotic, but take it from us: summer is all around! Let’s start with my to-do list for the coming months: #1 Summer is often a quiet season, so I take time to analyze the first half of the year and focus on goals I still need to achieve. Whether it’s finishing the courses at Azalle or decluttering, there are always chore-feeling tasks that need to be done. #2 Research fun events in the city. While I’m going back home again for some time (wedding and beach season are on), I still enjoy the time I get in the Big Apple. In an effort to enjoy life to the fullest, I look for summer concerts, outdoor restaurants, amazing rooftops and fun events of the season – which will all be covered in coming posts! #3 Replace dinner with a fresh salad. This might seem like a small task that belongs on the back burner, but nothing is more refreshing than a delish salad! I can’t take heavy/hot meals in the summer, so every year, I begin to scour the realms of the internet for fun new salads to spruce up dinner with. Last week, I made one with spinach, beetroot, avocado and farro, with a tea spoon of mustard. Pro-tip: add a fresh cocktail! I’m loving gin and ginger ale with lemon – one of my favorites ever.   #4 Go for walks early in the morning. I’ve always been an early riser. But summer in the city makes it impossible for you to walk out between 11AM and 3PM. This is the first year I have a puppy, so early morning walks are mandatory. I always start the day with a walk through the neighborhood. Not only do you get to enjoy the fresh cool morning air, but you also start the day exercising. #5 Rooftop season! Just last week, I went with my husband and some friends to an amazing rooftop in midtown. With a privileged view of the Empire, we enjoyed a few drinks before venturing into a restaurant to watch the Warriors VS. Cavaliers. Rooftops are hot this time of year, and it’s only a matter of doing a bit of research so you can hop one every night.   #6 Because beach season equals book season, I make a list of the books I want to read. I’ve been really bad this year and haven’t been reading that much. I’m more into podcasts now, but when I hit the sand, I always carry a book to read into the afternoon while tanning my legs. #7 Throw a dinner party. Because summer nights are nothing without your friends, I always love to throw a dinner party with fresh food, drinks, and great music. Stay tuned for this year’s! #8 Donate or sell those old clothes. While in the process of putting my winter clothes away and bringing out my summer ones, I always do a little closet decluttering. Whatever I didn’t wear during winter goes into the donate/sell pile. And the same with summer clothes. This way, I don’t feel guilty when I buy a summer dress or a cute romper. Be sure to let us know in the comments bellow what your plans are for the summer!       X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest     You Should Also Read: How Living Abroad Can Change Your Perspective On Life Five Podcasts That Have Changed My Life Five Brunch Spots I’m Drooling Over in NYC The post The Ultimate Summer To-Do List appeared first on Zanita Studio.
I Tried Laser Skincare for the First Time – Here’s What Happened
12-06-2017 21:29:48
Zanita Studio
Hormones… Skin… Life… None of it’s been good to me… Not at the same time anyway. After suffering a horrendous acne spell that left me scarred for life in 2013, I’ve taken extra care of my skin, changing my lifestyle, regimen, and diet completely… It lasted 7-8 months before I returned to some sort of normalcy. And just as I thought the battle had passed, my skin reverted to the scary hell hole I never thought I’d see again as we slithered into 2017. Since then, it’s been a never ending uphill battle. I’ve pondered the countless remedies I should bask in just to see what would work – specifically laser skincare treatments – but had no clue where to begin. And then I went to Sydney, and The Clinic happened and I think I found my cure once and for all! It’s been a good 3-4 weeks since I’ve had the treatment, but the results have been exponential. Kaye at The Clinic was so conspicuously knowledgeable and gave me a wealth of information, I couldn’t wait to share with you all. Kaye started with an analysis of my skin – specifically, its type based on the “Fitzpatrick Scale”, its current condition, my medical history, and lifestyle. Kaye said there are usually two parts to skin problems – the primary issue being internal (hormonal based), and then secondary comes from picking and bacteria. The first leads to the second. Other times, skin problems arise from stress, which often has us resorting to sugar and alcohol – and all of these things have a negative impact on the skin. For me, we knew my issue was hormonal (kids, et al). The most surprising thing I learned in my visit was that you can’t just go in and get any treatment. This means if you decide to tap into laser skincare treatments, pick your specialist carefully. Kaye advised that the skin needs to be prepped appropriately before selecting a treatment, like IPL or Fraxel, because if you’re not careful about it, your skin could wind up worse than before! So, here’s what we ended up doing: A Blueberry Peel followed by IPL Rejuvenation. The Blueberry Peel is a clinical peel that contains 20% lactic acid combined with antioxidant blueberry extracts. It corrects dull, aging skin as well as acne and clogged pores. This was perfect for me because my skin was pretty congested. I didn’t find it painful or discomforting at all, just a slight tingle. The IPL Rejuvenation Treatment that followed corrects pigmentation, discoloration, and redness – my biggest concerns. Before the laser went over my skin, Kaye applied a cool gel that felt very comforting after the peel. The laser application hurt slightly more than I expected, but nothing intolerable – nothing even close to labor. It felt like rubberbands popping on the skin, which I’m sure you’ve heard before – that’s a very accurate representation. Afterwards, I was left with dark brown crusts sprinkled sporadically across my face. It was a little scary at first, but they disappear like magic within 2 weeks. I also expected peeling skin and a lot more redness, which I didn’t experience at all. Before | After   Now 3.5 weeks later… My skin is noticeably brighter, clearer, more even, and softer! As soon as the brown crusts cleared up, the pigmentation underneath went away with it. Makeup sits much more beautifully on my skin and I just feel like I’ve regained the youthful glow I’ve lost all these years. I’m feeling much more confident these days as you can probably tell by the selfies on my Insta. I haven’t seen any cystic breakouts or annoying spots since my treatment – it’s seriously the best thing I’ve done for my skin yet. Overall, I highly recommend the expert services at The Clinic. Everything Kaye has recommended and performed was the closest to miracles I’ve ever had – something that felt unattainable to me. You can tell what a difference it made from the before and after photos here. I can’t wait to share my skincare routine in another post! Kaye emphasized that IPL and peels aren’t a be-all end-all solution. You still have to do your homework, which means moisturize and WEAR SPF! The treatment helps your skin rejuvenate at a much faster rate, but it’s not a permanent solution. Most people come back for a peel and laser skincare treatment every 6-12 weeks depending on their needs. Key advice and lessons I took away from my visit: My skin really isn’t that bad (lol, this was AMAZING NEWS for me), and I don’t have any deep acne scarring (which probably means most of you don’t either). Hormone-based pigment (such as those from birth control) comes right back even after laser skincare treatments, and it could also make your skin worse; thus, investing in expensive treatments might not be worth it if your issues are related to the pill. When your skin suddenly breaks out of control, your first step should be to calm the skin down completely rather than trying to treat it. Kaye advised stopping all treatments and just using an effective moisturizer. Moisturizer is never the enemy. Asian skin like mine is naturally very prone to scarring and pigmentation… FML… Mineral makeup allows the skin to breathe, so when your skin is inflamed or being treated, it’s the best to use. Kaye highly recommended Jane Iredale. Cosmedix, SkinMedica, and Aspect (an Aussie brand) are all A+ skincare brands Kaye stands by – and I’ve become a diehard patron. Studio Photos by Nhieu Tang, Edited by me For more from these shots, you can visit my blog here.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: An Ode to Moisturiser, My Summer Skin & La Mer Is Essence Essential in Your Skincare Routine? 5 Beauty Gadgets That Will Transform Your Skin The post I Tried Laser Skincare for the First Time – Here’s What Happened appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Getting Ready for a Girl’s Night Out on No Time
10-06-2017 14:00:18
Zanita Studio
As girls, we naturally have a routine for everything whether that’s how we get ready every morning, prepare for a poppin’ occasion, or what we do right before bed. But getting ready on a time constraint? That’s a whole ‘nother ball game. Part of the fun in prepping for a girl’s night out is the process itself! An after-dark situation calls for wine (or cocktails), party jams, and lots of eyeliner (or lipstick or highlighter – whatever your thing is). A hectic or unpleasant work day can often cripple the mood – or even the lack of time itself… But let’s be honest, you need it (and so do I). In case you need some inspo, here’s how to prepare for girl’s night out the right way (when you just don’t have time)… – Light some candles. V important. Dim the lights and fire up a few candles. I just discovered these Context Candles from this quaint online boutique The Stell, and I’m in love! As silly as it sounds, candles really set the mood (especially if you have the right music playing). – Put a mask on it. Masks are the best way to prep your skin. While I love traditional hand-in-jar ones, I find sheet masks most effective when you’re pressed for time. These ones by BioBelle are really amazing and cut your prep time in half! They’re gentle, non-irritating, paraben free, and non-GMO. I took them in flight to Sydney and my skin felt so amazing after 20 hours! After that I was sold and promised I’d tell everyone about them. – Skin prep intently. By this point, you’d have masked already, but you need to seal those good ingredients in place with a moisturizer! I stand by my beloved Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich – you can get 20% off your first order by shopping through my link. It goes on like butter and keeps the skin feeling the way it should. If you don’t have time to mask, that’s fine. Skip it, but apply this Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil. It’s a preservative-free antioxidant oil that helps hydrate your skin and keeps it glowing. – Hair prep. Hot summer nights necessitate tousled, wavy, texturized hair. Don’t forget to protect it with this Marula Oil Rare Oil Style Extending Primer for long lasting hold and damage prevention. This is my second bottle, and I just can’t be without it. Next, this new Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade is the perfect texturizer. It contains both coconut oil and shea butter, keeping the hair moisturized all the while adding the piecy texture I love so much. It requires no time to use either. Just rub through the ends and you’re good to go. – Lips or eyes. Pick one. Do both if you can, but if you can’t, do one. I’ve always been one to favor eyes over lips, but as of late, lips have kinda been my obsession. Gloss is all the rage, so if you’re going for that look, Tarte’s Lip Quench Rescue is amazing for long lasting moisture and Glossier’s Lip Gloss gives you that high shine without the annoying stickiness. For color, Tarte’s Lip Architect wins when it comes to convenience and – it’s a 2-in-1 lipliner and lipstick. Diva is the perfect deep red that’ll draw eyes to you instantly. Be sure to let me know how you prepare on a time limit! Shop the Post (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1607447854200689715"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: The Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting For How to Put Your Best Face Forward for Fall New Beauty Game Changers You Need to Know The post Getting Ready for a Girl’s Night Out on No Time appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Father’s Day Gift Guide
9-06-2017 22:45:34
Zanita Studio
Father’s Day is already next weekend – can you believe how fast this year is going? Next up comes summer and the 4th of July! Even though our lives are extremely busy (have you been following Azalle?), we still want to take some time to appreciate all the fathers – and father figures – in our lives. My father is one of my favorite people in the world and I could not imagine what life would be without him. He’s the one I call when I have exciting news or just want to talk for a bit. Huge daddy’s girl! And while I’m away from him this Father’s Day, I always want to acknowledge the love by calling, sending a funny video or even a text. But because love can be shown by offering your dad something, we went ahead and gave you a helping hand – our curated Father’s Day gift guide.   Sunglasses, Suede Slides, Swim Shorts, Backpack, Hat, Striped Polo, Linen Pants, Carry-OnWatch, Notebook Set, Tie, Ballpoint Pen.   Gifts are always a nice way to give someone a compliment or tell them we love them. I go for the basics like, a nice shirt, a great notebook, a stylish hat (because dads can be cool no matter what age). Tell us in the comments what your favorite gifts are to give your father.   (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1607433156186939877"));   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   You Should Also Read: How I Manage to Work From Home as a Mom Man Of Today All The Perfect Presents For Dad The post Father’s Day Gift Guide appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Taking Stunning Photos With No Photographer
8-06-2017 02:00:14
Zanita Studio
The one thing I often hear micro-influencers complaining about is that they don’t have a photographer. Jumping between a full-time job, your blog, and housekeeping is no walk in the park, but we’ve all seen it done so we know it’s not impossible either. I often feel like finding the slightest bit of energy to be creative after a long exhausting day is my biggest battle. Ironically, that’s also key to taking stunning photos. So, what are we to do when we have no photographer and NO energy, but a backlog of content to produce? I’ve learned quite a bit over the years while en route to the blogosphere – and have consistently poured my heart and soul into the photography and writing aspect of it. While I still have ways to go, I thought I’d share some tips to help you take stunning photos – or at least get you started. – Pay attention to the light. We often hear photographers talk about light, and that’s because it makes the picture! If you’re looking to shoot on a budget, natural light is your best bet; luckily, it’s summer in the states, which means longer days! We can shoot as soon as we get off work and achieve decent photos. But, note that NOT all light is equal. You’ll get better quality light some days over others. As you drive, pay attention to the way the light changes and how it affects the shadows around you. Once you study that enough, you’ll get a feel for what’s flattering and what’s not. In the photo above to the right, the sun was beginning to set after work. The softest sliver of light peeked through the window so I took advantage of it and snapped for only 10 minutes. Only one image made the shot, but sometimes, one is all we need. – Get a tripod & remote. You can’t expect to take self-portraits without a tripod. Sure, you can set your camera on top of stacked books and use the self-timer, but by the time you’re ready to snap, the light will wane off. Take the easy route and just get the tripod + remote. It’s my go-to setup along with many others. – Start with portraits rather than full-body shots. I began experimenting with head shots long before I moved to full-body shots. You’ll learn faster about your “better” side, angles, and framing. Don’t expect overnight results. It might take a few months to achieve something you’re proud of, but when you finally do, the entire process goes down hill from there.. – Pick your outfit carefully. My one favorite lesson through the years of self-portraits is that what looks good in person doesn’t always translate nicely in photos. That means wear clothes that photograph well and pieces that really flatter your features (as in your skin tone, body type, and makeup). A photograph is ONE cohesive piece so all the elements need to work together to yield a beautiful result. Voluminous, oversized pieces are generally too overwhelming on my small frame, but it can work if you’re taller and leaner. – Editing is the cherry on top. I love playing with color and watching how it changes the mood. All the images here were edited in Lightroom & Photoshop – and you can see how they all evoke a different feeling. The key is to experiment and find something you like. Obviously I love shadow and contrast. I highly recommend Zanita’s Photoshop Cheats for a detailed lesson. – Use the right lens. For portraits, I recommend a focal length of 50mm and above so you can avoid distortion – an 85mm would be ideal but it’s usually more expensive. To achieve full-body shots in tighter areas (like your bedroom), a 35mm is extremely useful. – Don’t neglect your product shots. Great photographs don’t only come in the form of portraits. Practice perfecting your flatlays as they’re a great way to break up your content while pushing the limits of your creativity. Aside from the tips provided in that post, the best thing you can do for yourself is to practice! Hope that helps & don’t forget to keep your requests coming! P.S. Don’t forget to enter my amazing giveaway here!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: What I Learned from Top Influencers Through Azalle How I Manage to Work From Home as a Mom How to Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable The post Taking Stunning Photos With No Photographer appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Art of Collaboration: Grow Your Audience In A Saturated Environment
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YES! I’m creeping back onto your screens… Firstly by sharing this collaboration with Sophia Macks, the creative visionary behind Beyond The Mag. Sophia has taken the ‘fashion influencer’ model to an elevated position through her concept of curating ideas and working with brands to unite the two aesthetics into one vision. This is how you make a statement in a market overcrowded with snaps of cappuccino, avocado toast, and bouquets… I’ve been a bit lost on creativity for almost a year now. Through personal setbacks and overextending myself on work, I’ve been left feeling burnt out. It’s challenging to forgive yourself for this kind of lapse, but totally integral to get yourself back on the good foot. I’m so thrilled to share these images with you and so grateful to Sophia for inviting me to help realise her vision. I’m finally getting settled in New York (for good!) and ready to begin a new chapter of self belief, striving to create new things to share with all of you. Going to be sharing more of that story in coming posts, including the challenges I’ve been facing with my mental health and ADHD in hopes that some of you can relate as well. Much of my work these past 12 months has been Azalle focused – and I’m sure you might have caught up on what that is all about already from our posts here on Zanita Studio. We’ve just released a new course titled “Expanding Your Professional Network” – something I know too well. In the early days of my blog, collaborating with other bloggers was an excellent catalyst for growth. Nowadays, you can use the same strategies to expand your audience and grow your skills through connecting with brands – and these are valuable skills for anyone wanting to increase their network, not just for those dreaming of becoming a successful influencer. Understanding networking online can benefit almost anyone when you consider the possibility a potential employer is likely to google you before before you walk into an interview. Your network can be a great reflection of your place in the environment you strive to work in. Right now you can trial Azalle for a week for free. I’m also sharing my Photography and Photoshop skills on the platform – and I’m among incredible company… We have superstar TV Host and Blogger Louise Roe sharing her experiences communicating and connecting with confidence, unparalleled creative talent Sonya Esmansharing how she speaks to millions with a genuine voice, and the flawless Jenny Cipolettispilling all she knows on multi-platform branding. I’m so proud of everything we have built and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Got so many amazing courses in the works too… Watch this space. Been genuinely missing you all so much! It’s crazy how guilt can sometimes avert you from the thing that could really help. I’ve been averting my eyes from sharing in a genuine way in my struggle to be present in my day to day life. Going to strive to keep this up. I feel like I’ve said it before but I recognise this space as a kind of creative therapy – as it was when I first began – sharing was its own reward. Crazy how that can get lost over so much time – I’ve been blogging for nine years now! Thanks for all of it xx Beyond The Mag x Roberto Cavalli Photography: Zanita Whittington Model and Creative Direction: Sophia Macks Hair: Edward Tricomi Make-up: Juliette Perreux Special thanks to Modern Vice Studios   You Should Also Read: The Curious Case of The Missing Client Fifth Element Casting Call You Asked, I Answered – Blog Tip Q&A The post The Art of Collaboration: Grow Your Audience In A Saturated Environment appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Create a Content Calendar
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Content calendars are something I thought were so overrated until this past year. Like, yeah ok let me plan out my content for the month… a little dramatic don’t you think? Actually, it’s not dramatic at all and it’s completely necessary to stay ahead of the game and have a blog that’s cohesive for your readers. Sure there are times when you have to go off the cuff, but for the most part, having your content planned will be one of the best decisions of your blogging career. There’s really no right or wrong way to create a content calendar. As long as it’s saving you time and energy, you’re doing it right. You want a system in place that allows you to know exactly what’s supposed to be posted, when. A content calendar can refer to just your blog or your brand as a whole (i.e. what content goes on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.). Usually, if you have a content calendar for your blog plugging content in for social media should be pretty easy. Step 1: Create a weekly schedule The first step in creating a content calendar is to create a weekly schedule. What I mean is you designate each day of the week to a specific topic. For example, fashion bloggers could do something like this: Monday = Shopping collage, Tuesday = Outfit post, Wednesday = Outfit video, Thursday = Round up of your week, Friday = Follow Friday. Now, if you’re just starting out, that’s a lot of content. I don’t even post 5 days a week and I’ve been blogging for 7 years now. You probably don’t want to start out with guns blazing until you have a solid, loyal following who actually care what you have to say, otherwise you’ll be creating all this content for no one. But, having a weekly schedule like the one mentioned above is a great way to keep you organized. You can also use that schedule as a guideline and alternate between your posts from week to week. Maybe one week you post on Monday (shopping post), Wednesday (outfit video), and Friday (follow Friday) and the next week you post on Tuesday (outfit post) and Thursday (weekly round up). P.s. Posting this way is great for your analytics because it’s an A/B test where you’re able to see which content performs the best. Having a weekly schedule down is the foundation for a successful content calendar. Step 2: Brainstorm around holidays/events After you’ve established what type of content you’re posting each day of the week, you can start to brainstorm exactly what that content will be by looking at the holidays/special events each month has. For example, in December you have the first day of winter, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and New Years Eve. That’s a lot of holidays you can create content for. If you’re a fashion blogger and it’s Christmas time, you have at least 2 weeks worth of content between what you want for Christmas, what you’re getting people for Christmas, what you’re wearing for Christmas, etc. The list goes on. Not to mention any events that go on during the month. Another example is fashion month which happens in February so you could create content surrounding NY, Paris, Milan, London, etc. When you do this for each month it’ll make life a lot easier. Eventually, it’ll become second nature to you and you’ll never be stressed about content ideas again. Step 3: Manage your time At this point, you should be pretty well organized – you got your weekly schedule down, you have content ideas for upcoming holidays, now it’s time to actually create. Most bloggers blog as a side hustle so we are very limited on time. We have a lot to balance and without managing our time accordingly, our side hustle can suffer. It’s easy to get off track and miss one day which turns into one week which turns into one month and then you’re back at square one. In order to avoid this, you need to make time for when you’re going to write the post, when it’s going to go live, and what time you’re going to promote it, otherwise it might not get done at all. Writing a post when you’re inspired and/or motivated can take about an hour, then you proofread, make some edits, add your pictures, share some links, etc. Now you’re up to at least 2 hours. So the question is do you have at least 2 hours a day to work on content creation? Can you carve out that time to make it happen? Some people work well early in the morning, midday, or late at night. You have to find a system that works for you. I recommend working when you’re most productive which is different for everyone. Personally, I’m at my best from like 6-12pm and then 7-10pm. It’s important you find your groove and take advantage of every second you possibly can that way you can stay ahead of the game for the most part. It’s ok if you don’t get everything done the first day you try. Most people don’t have an uninterrupted full 6 hours a day to work on their side hustle. As long as you’re staying on track with your weekly blog post schedule, you’re fine. I know blogging seems overwhelming at first and there are so many facets to it all but a content calendar is key, I promise. High-quality content is what will attract loyal readers and brands that want to work with you but in order to know what to create… you need a content calendar. I honestly don’t know how I blogged before without it. Do you use a content calendar? What’s your process? Tell me in the comments below!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Sophie Shoe Lover   You Should Also Read: 3 Ways to Avoid Blogger’s Remorse Get to Know Your Audience: Instagram (Part 3/3) The Real Deal With Affiliate Links & Why Bloggers Should Use Them   The post How to Create a Content Calendar appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Ways to Avoid Blogger’s Remorse
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Zanita Studio
Blogger’s remorse isn’t really a thing, but rather a thing I made up that is 100% relevant to how blogger’s think. It’s similar to buyer’s remorse – where you buy something and instantly regret your decision. Blogger’s remorse can range from your blog name to the actual content you put out. Basically, blogger’s remorse is when you doubt anything pertaining to your blog. I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years now so you can imagine the amount of blogger’s remorse I’ve had… a ton! Had I known certain things back then I would have saved myself a ton of time and money. But you live and you learn and I’m happy to say that for the past 2 years I’ve been remorse-free. Looking at it from a positive light, if I didn’t have blogger’s remorse then, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I know now, so there’s that! So in all my years of blog failures, here are 3 ways I’ve learned to avoid blogger’s remorse: Keep a “neutral” blog name One of my biggest regrets was letting the trends dictate my blog names. At the time, I was thinking of a name for my second blog, and I was obsessed with Gabby Bernstein’s book, Spirit Junkie, so I named my blog Sheer Spirit. Obviously, that’s a very niche name and people got me confused with hair salons because of the word “sheer” as opposed to “shear” as in, cutting shears. Regardless, that name wasn’t the best as about a year or so into it, my blog began to shift to more fashion and blogger based content. I had a serious case of blogger’s remorse because I knew I had to rebrand my blog… again! So finally I went with Not Another Blonde which I consider a neutral name since it doesn’t have fashion or design or fit or travel in the name. The only thing you can assume is that it’s a blog about a blonde… which is true! I didn’t want to limit myself with a name like Not Another Fashionista or something like that. I can never be 100% sure where my blog will go so I choose to keep the possibility open with an “open” blog name. Moral of the story is to keep a neutral blog name that can grow with you. Your own name as your blog name is a great idea because it never goes out of style. You could also use a name that describes your personality or physical appearance. Research exactly what you need … emphasis on exactly. When I first started blogging I used the wrong CMS (content management system), web designer, and camera. #bloggersremorse Because of my mistakes that set me back years in the blogging world, I highly advise against going for the first thing you see. Look at the bloggers you want to be like and either stalk them to find out what social media they have that you might need, what CMS they use (WordPress, blogger, Squarespace, etc), and what blogging equipment they use (camera, laptop, editing tools, etc.). Keep in mind their stuff will most likely cost thousands of dollars in total so if that’s the case take things one step at a time. Buy a camera first, then a laptop, then the editing software, or however you prioritize it. Best case scenario is you ask the bloggers you look up to their opinion on what you should get as a beginner. I would also ask them about the social media they recommend because if you jump on all these platforms at once it can be super hard to manage especially if you’re just starting out. Bottom line is to research, research, research before you make any final decisions regarding your blog/business. Don’t think, just do This kind of goes against what I just said but instead of over thinking something, go with your gut and act on it immediately so you don’t miss the boat. If there’s a new trend, buzz-worthy app, or technique to create content, jump on it! Don’t worry about knowing what to do first, just do it and adjust along the way. Thinking too much prevents you from doing. Another blogger’s remorse I have is not continuing my YouTube channel when I originally started it years ago. I was making regular Q&A videos until I decided they weren’t “good enough” so I stopped. Now that everyone is on YouTube, it’s much harder to get ahead than it was a few years ago. Odds are, your first time at anything will never be the best. Your first blog post will most likely be your worst. Your first picture on Instagram will most likely be terrible and your captions will be pointless. BUT, having something to improve upon is better than having nothing at all. Obviously, you don’t want to close your eyes and post whatever your finger lands on, but if you genuinely do your best every time, you’ll get better and better over time. When you finally get the courage to do instead of thinking about doing, you’re at least moving in the right direction as opposed to not moving at all. And all movement forward is progress. Final thoughts: Blogger’s remorse is inevitable but it can be kept to a minimum if you do as I say not as I’ve done!  What’s your biggest blogging regret? Tell me in the comments below!  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image source credits – Vogue  You Should Also Read:   You Asked, I Answered – Blog Tip Q&A How to Know When to Quit Blogging (Or Take a Break) 2 Hard Realities Every Blogger Has to Face   The post 3 Ways to Avoid Blogger’s Remorse appeared first on Zanita Studio.
You Asked, I Answered – Blog Tip Q&A
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Instead of dedicating an entire blog post to one question over the next few weeks, I figure I would knock them all out in one shot with a Blog Tip Q&A (if you like the idea of a Q&A post please tell me in the comments). A lot of you had similar if not the same questions regarding Instagram and growing your following so that’s what we’ll focus on today. Also, for the future make sure you include your blog URL or Instagram handle when you ask a question, otherwise I can only shout you out by name! Genevieve and Trisa want to know… Tips for growth and engagement on Instagram. The #1 tip I can give you if you want to do things the right way is to have patience. If you want fast growth and success, it can be done but will only cost you in the long-run. You can buy followers, use a bot to comment on random people’s pictures, host loop giveaways but none of that can compete with the authentic engagement you get from growing organically. And in order to grow organically, you must have talent, strategy, and be interesting enough to keep people’s attention. Give them something they can’t get from anyone else. And in order to grow organically, you must have talent, strategy, and be interesting enough to keep people’s attention. Give them something they can’t get from anyone else. I’ll also throw in the fact that the more you engage authentically with your followers and the blogging community, the more you’ll get it back, but again the key is to be patient. Insta-success doesn’t happen overnight. Liza says… I’m really confused about Instagram! It seems that it isn’t just the pretty pictures or posting frequency that grows your following. Maybe it’s the overall look of the grid? Does it have to be styled in a certain way (edited with the same VSCO preset) or something else? Growing your Instagram following is a combination of things as I mentioned above. It’s not so much about having pretty pictures as it is that these “pretty pictures” are high-quality and consistent. You can have the prettiest pictures in the world but if they’re blurry with a ton of different filters on them, unfortunately, no one will care. I see a lot of bloggers take out of focus, foggy pictures and I can’t understand why! It takes 5 seconds to clean your lens and focus on the subject. Take the time to produce quality work and you’ll get quality results. You also want to stay consistent with your editing beyond a VSCO filter. Your poses, the angle from which the picture is taken, your style, the background, the lighting, etc. should all be similar and flow together. So yes Liza, your overall grid aesthetic definitely plays a part in whether or not someone hits the follow button. Anne Rita asks… How can I make people more interested in reading my blog? Do you have interesting content? People aren’t going to want to read the standard, run of the mill content. They want to read something with a fresh perspective. Reading a blog goes beyond good writing. Your blog has to have a clean, easy to use layout, with beautiful, high-quality images. That doesn’t mean you need to have a professional photographer on deck with thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment, it just means you need to do the very best you can with what you have. There are tons of successful bloggers and Instagram influencers out there who use their iPhones to take blog photos. I actually think they deserve the most credit for building a brand on a budget. You have to learn how to tell your story in a way that draws people in and keeps them coming back for more. Everyone has a story to tell, it’s just a matter of how they choose to tell it. Like Kelly Cutrone says, “Normal gets you nowhere.” Jandrew is… interested in getting Pinterest to work for a fashion blog. I’ll be honest with you Jandrew, I’m not a Pinterest expert. However, from what I’ve seen and read, it can be very beneficial for bloggers because of the platform’s easy sharing capabilities. If I were you I would post every blog picture to your Pinterest from your actual blog so when people share it, it links back to your blog and not some weird archive site. This will help increase your traffic and get you loyal readers. But like any other platform, you have to have “pin worthy” pictures in order for people to share them. Do you have a killer outfit you need to share? Is the picture high quality? Catarina says… I’ve tried beauty giveaways and sometimes I get a lot of engagement but is there something else that I should do to increase my Instagram following? Giveaways are great but they are only super effective if you have a large audience, otherwise, it will be slow growth and, like I mentioned above, you will need patience. Then there are loop giveaway options – the ones that say “Macbook or $1,000 cash giveaway!” and then you have to follow 100 other accounts. Honestly, I consider them spammy and a desperate attempt at getting followers (this is my own personal opinion BTW). However, you could get a ton of followers from loop giveaways depending who is in the loop, but a lot of them unfollow you once the giveaway is over. I also consider loop giveaways a form of buying followers since you have to pay to participate. I refuse to do it, but some bloggers really like them because of the fast growth. Keep in mind, it’s fast but it’s not authentic and eventually, your engagement will drop to what it was before. Nothing beats authenticity. Money can’t buy a genuine liking for your blog/brand. I will recommend partnering with a brand or blogger who has a similar following to yours in a giveaway. This a more legit way to attract new followers and it’s less obnoxious. Otherwise, keep creating high-quality content, post at optimum times, engage with other people in the blogging community, and use appropriate hashtags and you will grow. Good stuff is good stuff and with the right strategy in place, success is super attainable. Stephanie asks… How do I get more activity on my Instagram stories? I love that I can see how many people view them but how do I get those numbers up and more interaction through the stories? Keep posting. You have to be a consistent Instastory “poster” to get your numbers up. You also have to be an excellent storyteller and keep your audience intrigued with what you’re doing/posting about. You should aim for a mix of promotional content around your blog and documenting your day-to-day routine (aka storytelling). The more followers you have the higher your views will be as well but don’t expect all of them to watch your Instastory. 10-20% of your followers will actually watch and engage. That’s the standard response rate for anything you do… even 20% is pretty high. Rachel asks… Do you have any tips for getting your content/post in front of new readers? Collaborations/features. And I don’t mean brand collaborations, though they are great too. If you’re a beginner blogger you most likely won’t have a ton of brands knocking at your door so you want to collab with other bloggers in your field. You can do a #followfriday on Instagram or a Snapchat takeover or a blog post interview exchange with another fellow blogger. You can also search for accounts/websites that often feature bloggers and reach out to them about a feature. Sometimes you will have to pay, other times it’s the luck of the draw but either way, you want to make sure your content is high quality because that will increase your chances of being featured. This was SO fun and I hope this was helpful to you all in some way! Was there anything I missed? Asked your question in the comments below for our second round of Q&As!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Cara Jourdan   You Should Also Read: How to Know When to Quit Blogging (or Take a Break) Why Only 4% of Bloggers “Make It” 2 Hard Realities Every Blogger Has to Face The post You Asked, I Answered – Blog Tip Q&A appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Get to Know Your Audience: Instagram (Part 3/3)
8-05-2017 17:04:36
Zanita Studio
A few weeks ago I talked about my blogger anxiety and in that post, I mentioned I was scheduled to speak to middle schoolers for career day. Well, I came, I spoke, I conquered (and had no anxiety by the way), and I even learned a few things from the kids. Because I am a research junkie and I strongly believe in getting to know your audience (clearly), I asked these middle schoolers some social media questions. First, I asked what social media platforms they used the most (Instagram and Snapchat). Then I asked why (because they’re fun and easy to use). However, the kids did say Instagram was their #1 which is why I decided to save the best for last. So for the last post in this series, we’re going to focus on knowing your “Instagram fam” inside and out and building a trusting, long-lasting relationship which can be attained by doing the following: Testing different types of pictures There are SO many different angles you can use to tackle Instagram. And the best way to figure out what works for you is to test them. You have flatlays, full body shots, half body shots, sitting shots, boomerang shots, mini movies, detail shots, scenic shots, quotes… the list goes on. All of these different photo shots should be taken and experimented with on your Instagram feed. In my personal experience, flatlays are poor performers, either because mine suck or my followers aren’t interested. So what do you do? You stop posting them! Simple enough, right? New bloggers have an advantage because your audience doesn’t know what to expect from you so you can kind of throw out whatever you want to and see the results. The earlier you test things out the faster you’ll find a recipe that works for you so you’re able to build on that and grow, grow, grow! Using Instagram live I can’t stress the value of Instagram live enough! Oh man, I love me some Instagram live. It’s definitely scary at first because anyone can hop on at any time and troll the crap out of you (I’ve seen this happen a few times to other bloggers), but once you do it a few times it’s no big deal. Instagram live is the best way to get the face time interaction with your followers, it doesn’t get more real than that! You can gauge how many people actually consume your content by the number of people that show up; plus you will know what type of content you should be creating by the questions and comments you get during your Instagram live. It’s a total game-changer. Instastalking your followers Another semi-creepy way to get to know your audience is by stalking them! Let’s be honest, we all do it to celebrities, our friends, our favorite bloggers, etc. so why not do it to total strangers? After all these strangers follow you for a reason so it may be a good idea to find out why. Once you do a little stalking you’ll be able to see what types of pictures they’re posting, what their interests are, how old they are, etc. This will help you create content based on what they want and need. Asking questions Asking your audience questions is the best way to get to know them. However, you won’t get an answer all the time, and that’s ok. Even if you start with one response, one response is better than none so take that one response and run with it! Show extra love to the people who are engaging with your questions so other followers are enticed to join the fun too.  Sharing the stage with your readers/followers is the most effective way to get them to care about your content because they see that you care about them by getting them involved in the conversation. Make sense? Having your followers involved in your content creation and overall brand really speaks volumes. Keep in mind, there are a lot of other bloggers fighting for your followers’ attention on Instagram, so to go out of your way and ask for their opinion on something that relates to you and your brand, is memorable. It will keep them coming back for more. Trust me when I say reader/follower appreciation goes a long way. What question do you have about Snapchat, YouTube, or Instagram? Ask us in the comments because next week’s post is going to answer all of YOUR questions with a special shout out to those who ask!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image source credit – Rebecca Laurey   You Should Also Read: Get to Know Your Audience: YouTube (Part 1/3) Get to Know Your Audience: Snapchat (Part 2/3) The Secret Sauce to Growing Your Following   The post Get to Know Your Audience: Instagram (Part 3/3) appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Mother’s Day Gift Guide
5-05-2017 14:00:06
Zanita Studio
It’s officially May and it’s kinda scary how fast time is passing by. Mother’s Day is already this weekend and we cannot let the day go by without acknowledging the primary reason we are standing here today: our beautiful mothers. Back in Portugal, the only thing I always gave my mother is a huge thank you, a kiss, and a hug. Because her day is every day. As youngins, we never understand, but our mothers always have our greatest interest at heart. The best we can do is give back to them whenever possible – even when we don’t understand because we eventually will. We wanted to prepare a gift guide for you to spoil, pamper, and show your mother the love she so deserves. I know mine, personally, is one of my best friends, and I couldn’t imagine a world where she’s not the first person I tell my deepest secrets to.   But if I’m being really honest, my favorite gift to give, besides the hug and kiss, is an experience – even if that’s with product.   Or something my mother can definitely use/wear. My top 3 favorite things to offer would be a day at the spa, dinner at a great restaurant, or a care package with loads of great products. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1604096247722886651"));   What’s on your mother’s day list?   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: How I Manage to Work From Home as a Mom Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Make Your Mama Proud A Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift That Won’t Disappoint The post Mother’s Day Gift Guide appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Get to Know Your Audience: Snapchat (Part 2/3)
1-05-2017 15:57:15
Zanita Studio
Snapchat is often one of those platforms that go overlooked by influencers, especially since Instastories hit the market. But here’s the thing… Snapchat is still an extremely valuable tool, even more so than Instastories. Why? Snapchat makes it easy for people to share other Snapchatter’s profiles with a simple tap of the finger. Not to mention, Snapchat’s algorithm has remained relatively the same which is great for bloggers and entrepreneurs (meaning people will actually see our content as opposed to Instagram – don’t worry we’ll discuss Insta in Part 3). Plus, the people who add you on Snapchat are your loyal, die hard fans who crave your content. Not for nothin’ but it’s a pretty involved process to add someone on Snapchat. They have to find your username, search it on Snapchat, double check to make sure it’s the right one, and then add you. If your audience is willing to go through all that… they’re really dedicated! The only issue with Snapchat is that there isn’t really a clear way to track your results, but there are little tricks you can you which will give you a better indication of where your audience stands. Ask for screenshots Asking for screenshots is a really fun way to engage with your audience whether it’s a friendly competition, a recipe, a favorite outfit, etc. I’ve had my followers pick out my outfits on numerous occasions. I’ve also asked my followers to screenshot who was funnier (me or my boyfriend, giving my boyfriend a hard time is my favorite). If you’re a fashion blogger, you can Snap your recent shopping hauls and have your followers screenshot their favorites. If you don’t receive any screenshots that means you should return everything (jk) or your audience isn’t interested in engaging with that kind of content. Now, if you receive an overwhelming amount of screenshots, then you know you should be creating more of whatever it is that was screenshot. Make sense? Sometimes your audience can be a little shy and it might take them a few times to warm up and actually screenshot things but that’s ok, be patient. Watch your views This is going to be a bit of a challenge because like I said earlier, there’s no actual tool to track your progress on Snapchat, but you still want to pay attention to your views. Do you notice a spike in views when you post certain things? Do some days get better views than others? I’ve noticed that when I’m on a consistent posting schedule, my views are higher versus when I post on a “when I feel like it” basis (which I do not suggest). Like every other social media platform, Snapchat should be used strategically. You want to have a point to your Snap and always add value (i.e. entertain, educate, or inspire your followers). Do this and I promise your views (and followers) will increase. Keep an eye on adds Like your views, you want to also be keeping track of your Snapchat adds. When you ask your Instagram followers to add you on Snap, do you see an increase? Did you attend an event and then get a bunch of adds? Did someone suggest you to their followers and you got an influx of adds? For example, when I spoke at a school recently, I received a ton of new adds on Snapchat which tells me that a. the students liked what I had to say and b. that’s where they’re hanging out the most. So for me, I’m going to continue to create Snapchat content based on when I get a spike in adds. It’s pretty logical and straightforward if you think about it. Snapchat is an excellent indicator (if not the best) of how many of your followers are truly engaged and loving your content. Almost everyone has a Snapchat so if you’ve got a lot of people watching you, you’re doing something right. Keep the momentum going by asking questions, trying new things, and involving your audience in your journey/the process. They’ll thank you in views, engagement, and referrals. Are we friends on Snap? Add me (notanothrblonde) and send me a message and I’ll come check out your content.   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram YouTube Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read:   Snapchat – A Blogger’s Secret Money Maker How to Use Snapchat to Build a Brand How to Get More Snapchat Followers   The post Get to Know Your Audience: Snapchat (Part 2/3) appeared first on Zanita Studio.
An Overview on Doing an Instagram Takeover
30-04-2017 14:00:18
Zanita Studio
Even though I’m still uncertain of where my life should be going, one thing is for sure: time waits for no one. And whining isn’t getting me anywhere, but getting off my ass might. Almost 2 months ago, I was invited to do an Instagram takeover of a company I worked with. I was still going through class at the time and asked if we could make it happen once that was over. They kindly agreed so we postponed it until the end of April (aka this past week). Last Tuesday, I woke up to an entire day’s takeover and wanted to share that experience with you. The company works with bloggers, influencers, and small businesses, so it felt like the perfect match seeing that I was also attending an influencer conference Zanita spoke at. We established ground rules the day before and went from there. My strategy, which I laid out a few days prior, was to do a mix of different stories. I had planned on sharing encouraging tips on how to become a #girlboss, a bit of my personal routine, and of course New York. The day was unfortunate in that it rained nonstop, but there was still some SoHo charm in there. I’ve since learned that Instagram takeovers are a great way to collaborate with brands – especially if you’ve worked with them before. It’s also amazing to expose your own brand and allow their followers to get to know you. I was sickly nervous, but honestly loved the whole experience. It’s so important to be creative while still respecting the visual lines of the brand. In the end, they loved it and I couldn’t have been happier. The next day, I got an email saying how much they loved my personal touches and great tips. And if my experience serves as any inspiration, let it be a reminder to NOT be afraid to approach brands for a takeover. BUT be sure you have a solid, fun, and creative strategy because you want to convince the brand to agree. It definitely helps if you know the brand well enough to come up with a concept that meshes right in with their vision. Also, be bold enough to also propose something completely out of the box. This shows initiative and helps brands provide their audience with a fresh direction they may have never noticed themselves. But more than that, it became a huge ordeal for me because it pushed me so far out of my comfort zone. I barely speak on my own Insta Stories, so it feels surreal for someone else to ask me to do it. There’s this sort of vulnerability, even if you’re just talking to the camera, because you know someone out there IS watching you. And in the end, you have to forget the camera and just have loads of fun! Have you ever done an Instagram takeover? Share your experience!   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: Why Taking Courses Keeps You In The Game 5 Podcasts That Have Changed My Life The Real Deal With Affiliate Links & Why Bloggers Should Use Them The post An Overview on Doing an Instagram Takeover appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How I Manage to Work From Home as a Mom
28-04-2017 19:11:32
Zanita Studio
While I wish I could say working from home with a 4-year old is rainbows and PJs, it’s not… Luckily, that only lasted a few short weeks, and my workflow today has become much more efficient and seamless after much trial and error. To give you an idea of how absurd it was, here’s what usually happened: our team would start the day with a video conference call and my son LOVES attention, so he’d run into my office and dance in the background bottomless. It was ridiculously embarrassing to say the least – but I was lucky to have some kick ass bosses who laughed about it rather than scold me for it. Anyway, here’s how I was able to work from home as a mom: Be Flexible (Mandatory). I can’t tell you how many times I was in the middle of a task or writing and I suddenly hear, “MOMMMMY!!” In the beginning, this would bug me the most because to stop in the midst of a creative writing spree is every writer’s worst nightmare. I’ve learned to be flexible… In this case, I’ll quickly jot down my ideas, step away, and then come back to it. Usually, once I tend to my son (even if only for a few minutes), he’s fine being alone. My daughter is also in school, so I’ll leave my house around 2:30 pm to pick her up, and then get back to work at 4 pm – 6 pm. It’s very push and pull, which is why flexibility is key. The only time this doesn’t work is when I’m having a meeting. Figure out a routine. Kids need a routine. You can make them adapt to your schedule (not the other way around)… It sets expectations  – but you have to figure it out for them. This means sticking to consistent meal times, snacks, and making time for one-on-one. I know my son is needy so I’ll take an hour during lunch to do things he wants to do like play dinosaurs or wrestle. After a few weeks of resisting, he finally understood that we can play, but then mama has to go back to work or else he has to go to a babysitter. Be consistent. Consistency is key to figuring out a routine. When you set a time for something, stick to that time everyday the best you can. This includes bathing time, bedtime, and waking up along with meals. For my family, it took about 3 weeks of consistency before we found our rhythm. Life felt very tumultuous in that transition, but it was nice to be able to see my kids and interact with them more on a regular basis. It does require me to work at night some days, but I’d much prefer that than to sit in annoying traffic for a few hours. Be prepared. There are times when I have long calls or meetings. Luckily, I always know in advance when this will happen. And this means my kids cannot be around, which is when I’ll arrange a babysitter. Doing so means everything else needs to be planned accordingly (e.g. meals, snacks, and drop-off and pick-up times). Doctor appointments and sick days also happen so just be ready for those as well. Get fresh air. Though I love being home, it can be exhausting to never step outside and have real human interaction with people other than your children. I have worked in coffee shops or at a friend’s house (who also works from home), and I’ve also stepped out to grab lunch. You’ll be surprised at what a small breath of fresh air can do for you!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   Image Source Credits – Hello Fashion Blog   You Should Also Read: 5 Things I’m Giving Up for a Happier Life Today’s Hefty Dose of Confidence Boosters How to Make Smart Choices in Difficult Situations The post How I Manage to Work From Home as a Mom appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Get to Know Your Audience: YouTube (Part 1/3)
24-04-2017 03:37:50
Zanita Studio
Disclaimer: This is a sequential 3-part series. Click here for the intro blog post. Last week we talked about growing your following and I mentioned we’d be doing a mini-series on getting to know your audience in what I believe to be the most important social media channels right now: YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. So, first up… YouTube. YouTube is one of those platforms that has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. First, it’s up, up, up, then it’s down, then it’s back up again. If you haven’t guessed already we are in the “up” stage of YouTube and if I do say so myself, I think we’re at an absolute peak. How do I know this? Well, first I look at what I’m doing – I found myself YouTubing videos about the best cameras to use for YouTube videos… and this wasn’t just one time… Anytime I have a question about anything I go to YouTube and search for a tutorial. Then I look at what other people are doing. I see my Facebook feed flooded with videos being shared by my friends; I see people on the subway watching different videos, my boyfriend watching surfing videos, and even my mom is on YouTube watching beauty hauls! If that’s not a perfect indication of where our attention is, I don’t know what is. So now that we know YouTube is the place to be, let’s kick off the first part of our mini series by getting to know your YouTube audience so you can kill it. Ask for recommendations The first way to get to know your audience on YouTube is to ask for honest recommendations. If you don’t have a YouTube following yet, you can ask on one of your other social channels. This can be done in two ways: 1. Ask your followers to share their favorite YouTube accounts and/or 2. ask what kind of videos they want to see from you. When you find out the types of YouTube accounts they follow, it gives you an indication of the type of content that interests them. You can use this info to create similar content. Maybe they follow a lot of beauty gurus, destination-travel vloggers, or maybe they watch a lot of how-tos. Regardless, asking questions is one of the easiest ways to get to know your followers better. Check out their profiles Even if you ask, you may not always get the response you want. So, you need to take matters into your own hands and do some slight stalking… Go to your followers’ profiles (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) and check out their activity – who they follow, what types of content they’re liking, what pictures/videos they’re posting, etc. When you do this, you may see some similarities across your followers, which will act as a guide to determine what types of content they want to see. You might also be able to find something your followers struggle with. This will allow you to swoop in and save the day with a solution. And saving the day through a little “stalking” can go a long way on YouTube, trust me. Look at what videos get the most views Another easy indicator to see what your audience is into is by looking at your video stats. Check out what videos got the highest views and thumbs up, etc. It also won’t hurt to take a look at what videos didn’t do so well so you can avoid making them in the future. When you look at the videos with the most views, consider the type of video it is (educational, inspirational, entertaining), the title of your video, and the description (pay attention to keywords). Those 3 things will determine how you should set up the rest of your videos in the future. It’s almost like a fail-proof recipe, but the recipe takes time to perfect so have patience and don’t get blogged down if you don’t nail it right away. Now we want to get to know you, who are your favorite YouTubers? Tell us in the comments below!   P.S. You can learn from the best and build your YouTube audience with Chloe Morello or Sonya Esman on Azalle.     xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Cosmopolitan UK  You Should Also Read: How to Use YouTube to Build a Brand The Best Ways to Use Video on Your Blog The One Goal All Bloggers Should Have in 2017 The post Get to Know Your Audience: YouTube (Part 1/3) appeared first on Zanita Studio.
When You’re Not Sure What’s Happening in Life
21-04-2017 03:38:42
Zanita Studio
Hi guys! It feels like forever since we last spoke. I’m struggling on how to start this post because I can’t get my own thoughts straight, let alone articulate them – I feel similar to Susan. First and foremost, I missed writing for Zanita Studio, which has become a lot like my second digital home for about a year now. It’s funny how things in life go and how you become accustomed to having that daily routine. And it’s even funnier how having a daily routine can leave us muddled to the point where we’re not even sure what’s happening in life. I’m a very absorbent and anxious person, so when I have a task to knock out, I feel like I’m incapable of focusing on anything else. For example, I was taking a course at Parson’s, which finalized this past week – and I could not put my energy elsewhere outside completing the course. I have an obnoxious drive to finish something before moving on. This often leaves me feeling sick all the time because nothing ever seems to be completed. But I had to remind myself that we ourselves are a work in progress. So I took a step back. I stopped posting here and on my own blog, I Life You, and focused solely on my final projects and exams. It’s not the best way to deal with stress, but I sometimes feel incapable of doing a good job when I try to focus on too many things at once. It’s just proof that one must find a formula that works and do it. I’ve also been struggling with finding myself and figuring out what I want to do and what my life will look like in the next year. The problem with living in New York is that things are constantly changing. And you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses. The people, the rhythm, the pace – they don’t stop! So, what’s a small town girl supposed to do? Let it ride? Join the ride? Get off the ride? I’m at an all time impasse trying to understand what it is that I really want to do. I’m a creative, so I definitely need one or more outlets to glide. But I’m also tired of this constant need to be relevant. Remember the days when discussions occurred throughout meals because no one had phones to prove them right or wrong? I miss moments of unplugging from everything and inhaling the moment. Enjoying people’s company. Having great conversations that don’t center around phones, Instagram, or the web. I miss not worrying about numbers and just wondering if that boy likes me or not. Of course we all have to grow up and ride the tides. Or should we keep fighting it? I would love some advice, if you’re going through the same feelings – uninspired, unmotivated, and down-  Let’s help each other out! Have a great weekend everyone! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: How To Become Comfortable With The Uncomfortable How To Make Smart Choices In Difficult Situations 5 Podcasts That Have Changed My Life The post When You’re Not Sure What’s Happening in Life appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
18-04-2017 00:28:51
Zanita Studio
I’m sure you’re familiar with that churning feeling in your stomach when the comfortable becomes uncomfortable. That feeling that forces you to wallow in your thoughts – What if… I should have… If only… I’ve always been one to feel like I was in complete control of my life. I would never blindly pursue something without having a back up, and if something felt the slightest out of order, I’d be brimming with worry until the next day (and sometimes longer). I believed everything was cause and effect, but the older I got the more things took a turn on me whether or not I did anything to cause it. And so it was proven… You’re not always in control. These last two years, I’ve really trained myself to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. However, I’ve noticed how many people around me haven’t and still don’t adapt to the unknown. Here’s what helped me and can help you too. Stop over-analyzing. The more you analyze a decision, the less likely you are to do it. I’ve realized that when I worry about the things that may never happen, my fears over power my optimism, and as a result, I never take action. If something feels right and it makes you happy, even if the world is against you, just do it. The end result will be worth it. Understand the root cause. Ask yourself: What are you afraid of? Is it the fear of failure? What people will say? Pride? Once you confront the issue and get to the root cause, it’s easier to see how the mind plays games. You have to consciously condition yourself to get out of it. Accept all possibilities. Accepting all possibilities means being ok with failing. When you accept that failure is a part of the process, the pressure falls off. I’m not saying you won’t doubt yourself or question your decisions, because you inevitably will, but accepting all possibilities will make you that much more fearless. Remember, fall 7 times, stand up 8! Drown out the noise. Stop worrying about getting yourself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Don’t focus on making choices that scare you. And ignore all the voices around you. If you allow something negative in your territory, you’re opening yourself to misery and bad influences. Drown out the noise and let yourself peacefully gain perspective. Live a little. Most importantly, don’t forget to live a little – exist in the moment and embrace everything that’s happening to you right now. Life could be worse… Give thanks and carry on. By openly facing the uncomfortable, you can accept more of your circumstances no matter what they are and how difficult they become.  Keep pushing yourself further, and you might just take the leap that leads you to the place you’ve always wanted to be.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: 5 Things I’m Giving Up for a Happier Life Today’s Hefty Dose of Confidence Boosters How to Make Smart Choices in Difficult Situations The post How to Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Secret Sauce to Growing Your Following
17-04-2017 02:20:46
Zanita Studio
It’s come to my attention that one of the most important aspects of blogging, and most frequently asked questions is about growing your following. Although there isn’t one exact formula that works for everyone, there are 2 very specific steps that every successful blogger has taken to get him/her to where he/she is today. This secret sauce will work for any platform… I repeat any platform (your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.). It is a guideline to follow that, in combination with having talent and a strategy, will 100% work to grow your following. However, each blogger’s situation will be different so don’t get too caught up in the logistics and instead focus on the general idea. So, for the next few weeks, we’re going to explore the different social media audiences and how to leverage that to grow your blog in a little mini series. (Leave a comment below with what platform you want to know more about… Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and I’ll give you a shout out in the next blog post.) But before we do all that, let’s talk about what you have to do right now regardless of what platform you’re trying to grow… Get to know your audience Getting to know your audience is something that every single blogger should do every single day. Ok, well, at least once a month. Why? Aside from the obvious reason that it’s a nice thing to do, it will also help you grow your following. When you really try, and I mean really try, to get to know your audience (what their names are, what kind of stuff they’re interested in, what their goals are, etc.) you will gain their trust, which will convert them into lifelong followers. And what do you do when you trust someone/something? You talk about it! So ultimately when your current following trusts you, they’ll talk about you to their friends, and then their friends will talk about you to their friends, and so on. And with word of mouth like that, your growth rate will be unstoppable. For example, let’s say you ask your followers where their favorite places to shop are. Then, you give those who answered a shoutout on Instastories. You’re doing two things here: 1. you’re getting to know your audience by asking them questions, and 2. you’re showing you care that they answered by giving them a shoutout. This is the foundation for a trusted relationship with your followers which is what will help your blog biz grow in the long run. Create content based on what your followers want Once you start engaging with your followers more and asking them questions, you get a sense of your typical follower, which means you can create more of what that person wants. And when people get what they want, it makes them V happy, which means they’ll keep coming back for more. Maybe your typical follower is someone who’s ballin’ on a budget, someone who loves to travel abroad, or someone who struggles with eating healthy… If, for example, your typical follower is an aspiring fashionista on a budget, you would create content geared toward that (e.g. super affordable outfits, doing more with less, stores with the best sales, etc.). Odds are your current followers have friends/followers that are interested in the same things, meaning they’re on a budget too, in which case they’ll be likely to follow you, too. Ultimately you want your followers to feel like they’re a part of the journey – you want them to grow with you. You also want to find out their biggest challenges and be the one to provide solutions with your content. The more value you add the more followers you’ll get, pinky promise. Ok, now it’s your time to shine. What specifically do you want to know about growing your following? What platforms are you interested in learning more about? Tell us in the comments below for a shoutout in the next post!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – WhoWhatWear You Should Also Read:  Why Only 4% of Bloggers Make It How to Be Business Savvy & a Nice Person 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog The post The Secret Sauce to Growing Your Following appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Make Smart Choices in Difficult Situations
14-04-2017 00:30:56
Zanita Studio
  No matter what stage you’re at in life, difficult life-changing decisions are inevitable. The bad news is the further along in life you move, the more complex those dilemmas become. While we know the decision making process is never easy especially when involving several people or potentially impacts several lives, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Here’s our best advice for making smart choices in difficult situations: – Give it time. Never feel compelled to rush difficult decisions because the last thing that you want is a choice you end up regretting. Time is precious, but decisions you can be happy with are even more precious. So, whenever you’re in a difficult situation, don’t be afraid to wait a few days or until you feel more confident about the choice you’re making. That’s not to say delay it until the last minute – just make sure your verdict has time to marinate before jumping the gun. What’s meant to be yours will still be yours. – Perceive your situation as an outsider. We all know that we give better advice (and make smarter decisions) when we’re NOT actually in the situation. Everything is easier said than done especially when you’re not emotionally invested. That means when you’re making difficult decisions, try to look at yourself from an objective point-of-view. What would you say if this was your sister, a best friend, or even your mom? And then, what would you do? – Limit intake. When stressed, we also have the tendency to seek advice… We turn to the internet, friends we trust, and family. However, the answer is in you. When consuming information from everyone around you, you might get conflicting advice…maybe some you want to hear and others you don’t want to hear. What you have to remember is that in the end, it comes down to YOU. No one will live with the consequences of your actions except yourself. At some point, you have to quit asking and decide for yourself. – When in doubt _____. Make a decision and stick with it. The funny thing is in the next 5-10 years, none of what you’re worried about will matter or happen. It only feels heavy and devastating in the moment when the emotions are high. Fear of regret leads to a period where nothing happens and your problem winds up blooming into something worse. The best thing you can do right now is make a choice and do it (but don’t base your decision on what you think you’re “supposed” to or “expected” to do). One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” – Abraham Maslow   Image Source Credits – WhoWhatWear  You Should Also Read: 5 Podcasts That Have Changed My Life How Blogging Helped Me Become Who I Am Today 5 Things I’m Giving Up for a Happier Life The post How to Make Smart Choices in Difficult Situations appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Shoot the Perfect Flatlay
6-03-2017 16:00:17
Zanita Studio
When I first started shooting flatlays, I was probably the WORST at conceiving and producing. But with a lot of practice, critique, and Zanita’s help, I was able to get to place that made me proud. Shooting the perfect flatlay is a million times harder than it seems, and the first step to getting there is to train your eye to SEE. While I still have tons of room to grow, I believe in starting where you are with what you have. Here are my top tips to nailing the perfect flatlay: #1 YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET: LIGHT There are tons of different lighting situations you can shoot flatlays in and all will produce very different results and moods. You have to choose between hard or soft light and my best advice is to start with soft light. It’s easier to work with and manipulate. Once you’ve mastered that, you can move onto more difficult conditions like shooting when the sun is at its highest point. In the image below, I chose to shoot during lunch. You can tell how harsh the light is coming through the window creating all these shadows. The end result was something moody and super punchy. Here’s an image shot when the sun was much lower… Notice how bright and even everything looks versus the image above. Artificial lighting works great too for bouncing light or for shooting straight on. #2 CLEAN YOUR PRODUCTS I used to never think about this, but Zanita did a great job drilling it into my head. No flatlay looks pretty when there are noticeable finger prints and products spilling out. You can sometimes fix this in post processing, but it makes your life so much easier if you do it before hand. Here’s a flatlay that totally failed early on (I’m super embarrassed!): #3 SHOOT WITH A SMALLER APERTURE One of the most important things about flatlays is that everything (or mostly everything) is visible. What’s the point in shooting a flatlay when the name brand can’t even be recognized? Smaller apertures will allow you to capture MORE! In the image above, notice how you can barely read any of the labels, but the beauty blender is tack sharp? #4 SELECT A THEME After you figure out what kind of lighting you want to use, pick a theme – maybe it’s summer beauty products, winter skincare, Korean beauty, or your top scents. Here, my theme was Ouai haircare: #5 PERSONALIZE IT It’s fun to shoot product alone, but it’s so much more interesting when you add other elements to make it your own. From my experience, flowers, jewelry, makeup brushes, magazine tears and covers all make beautiful additions. Don’t forget to shift the products around in different layouts to see what looks best through the view finder. Don’t be afraid to open bottles or remove caps. This is the most important part of the process so take your time! Here’s a flatlay that took me over an hour to concoct: #6 EDITING IS KEY Playing with color in post processing can make all the difference in the world. We all know by now how color impacts the way we feel. Adding blues to the shadow or yellow to the highlights can instantly make something feel gloomy or warm and fuzzy. Here’s a video of how I approach my editing:   Would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on this, so comment away! For more tips, head to my blog here!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: How To: Not Be Awful At Styling Hair Essential Products for Keeping My Hair Light & Bright Smooth Volume Hair Tutorial The post How to Shoot the Perfect Flatlay appeared first on Zanita Studio.
2 Hard Realities Every Blogger Has to Face
5-03-2017 14:00:37
Zanita Studio
I’ve been writing for Zanita Studio for a little over a year now and sometimes I find myself thinking ‘What can I write about next that I haven’t already written about’. Well, I was having one of those moments this morning on the train (read more about being productive during your commute HERE), and just as I was about to move on to something else, it hit me that there are really 2 hard realities every blogger has to face. It’s that simple… Though, the 2 things themselves aren’t that simple (we’ll get into that below). But I was blown away by the simple reality of the fact because there are hundreds of coaches and online courses that will charge you an arm and a leg in exchange for “success” and a lifetime of sipping margaritas in the Caribbean while your money just flows in. Hate to break it to you, but that’s not how it works, like, at all. Reality 1: You need talent. I welcome all walks of life to try their hand at blogging. Why? Because I know for a fact everyone has a unique gift and if that person really feels that gift is best shared through blogging, then by all means, have at it. Plus, you never know unless you try, right? But the hard realty of blogging is that there’s a reason only 4% of bloggers make a solid living from it. And that reason is talent. You absolutely, undeniably need talent to play in this game. Some people have it, a lot of people don’t. That’s not to say you will never be successful, but you may not be successful at blogging. And if that’s the case, you can use the skills you acquired through blogging to get you a job with a really great company. You could also take the passion you blog about and turn it into a different business. There are so many different forms blogging can take for those who don’t truly have the talent to make it their full time job. You have to be a great writer, have great visuals, be a great marketer, be a master negotiator, be likable, and an excellent storyteller… that’s a lot of talent for one person to have! Reality 2: You need a strategy. Executing a strategy by way of hard work is the other part of the equation for blog success. There are a lot of bloggers who have great visuals (they catch readers’ attention) and a decent following (50-100K), but that’s all they have. They have thousands of people that could be eating from the palm of their hands but yet they’re just posting pictures and talking about the weather. Yawn! Unless bloggers have no interest in turning their Instagram or blog into a profitable business, I don’t understand why they’re not paying more attention to the strategy, or there lack of. Show your personality, tell us about yourself, add value, and promote your blog posts strategically and you will win. The only people who might be able to get away without having a strategy are the Kardashians, because they have a massive die-hard fan base, but even they still have a strategy with every promotion. Let’s take Khloe and her new show Revenge Body for example. Her strategy was simple in that she posted her workouts on Snapchat, stayed consistent, posted pictures of her progress, and now, she’s launching a show. This is what I call a slow build of anticipation. Khloe took note of what her fans liked and capitalized on it with a new show (and I’m sure there will be some related product line coming soon too). Had she not Snapchatted her workouts or posted pictures of her progress and came out with a fitness show, it would have been a huge missed opportunity for her. Instead, the strategy she executed was smart and made total sense. There aren’t enough bloggers that have an effective strategy in place to grow their blog and turn it into a business. So if you’re reading this, what are you waiting for?! Get on it! Side note: I could go on and on about strategy so if you want to know more about a specific platform or strategy to use to get a certain result, leave a comment below. What’s the hardest reality you’ve had to face as a blogger? We’d love to read about your story in the comments.   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: How to Handle the Pressure of Being a Blogger Why You Need a Blogger Bestie & Where to Find One How to Make Your Blog Content Shareable The post 2 Hard Realities Every Blogger Has to Face appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Hair Products That Helped Me Survive Winter & Beyond
1-03-2017 16:39:10
Zanita Studio
  If you haven’t noticed, I’m a hair minimalist… Hair has been the one thing I could care less about in my life up to this point…but I’m realizing more and more that it shouldn’t be neglected. After coloring my hair and blow drying the hell out of it all these years, I’ve finally taken note of the damage… My hair has felt more dry and brittle than ever before. Factor in the dropping temps these last few months and it’s really become lackluster. From balayage to volume, I’ve been doing quite the experimenting and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to narrow down my routine to a select few amazing hair products! Two lines I’ve just been intro’d to and have been loving are Fatboy Hair and Briogeo Hair. Here’s why… Hairstylist, Tyler Kennedy, was tired of products that weighs down hair, which led him to create Fatboy Hair. Not only is the name (and packaging) as adorable as ever, but the contents deliver what they promise. Fatboy Daily Hydrating Shampoo This shampoo makes me feel like I spent an entire day in the salon every single time! It has a very soothing, herbal-y scent, so if you dig that kind of stuff, you’ll absolutely love this – it’s not overwhelming at all, just enough to make you feel amazeballs. Whiff aside, if you struggle with greasiness, hydration, all the while getting your hair to feel clean, then this is what you need. Nothing makes my hair feel as soft and weightless as this one. It’s formulated without sulfates and is perfect for everyday use because it adds body and keeps my strands nourished. If I’m being honest, I don’t even have to use the conditioner – that’s how good it is. If you’re prone to coloring your hair and using heat to style often, you probably will need it. Fatboy Perfect Putty I’m always all about gritty, texturized hair as I’ve insinuated several times in the past, but I also like to give my hair a break from texturizing sprays whenever possible. What I love about this is that it gives the perfect dose of bedhead without the grease and weight. It’s matte, which means your hair will look no different than before and provides enough hold to channel that roughed-up look. I have slippery, pin straight, fine hair and this product works beautifully. I usually rub small amount of it between my hands before running it through my towel-dried hair, root-to-ends, focusing on the shaft, and then blow dry it. The application requires minimal effort and the result is just perfectly imperfect – exactly what I need. If you have thicker, coarse hair, you might opt for Tough Guy Water Wax instead. Next is Briogeo… I love that Briogeo products are all just about derived naturally, so you can feel good about using it. Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave In Spray Through the coldest parts of winter, I was using this conditioning spray regularly because my hair was just so dry! I found this product to be super lightweight and left my hair feeling fresh and soft! It can become too much if you overdo it like I kinda did (resulting in semi-greasy hair). However, if you have thicker or severely damaged hair, I don’t foresee this being an issue. Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask I have also been using the Deep Conditioning mask (only once a week) and it’s super effective at bringing life back into my mane. Every time my hair starts to feel worn and torn, I can trust this little guy to make bring it back to healthy state. My locks just feels so much more lustrous, bouncy and fluffy. Highly recommended for anyone who’s struggling with damage from coloring or routine styling. Briogeo Repair Shampoo I just finished this shampoo and really loved it especially throughout winter. Now that temperatures have warmed up a bit, it’s become less necessary although I’ll revert once temps drop again. It’s super hydrating – to the point where “repair” is an understatement – and find that using it just 3x a week is sufficient. xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin YouTube SHOP   You Should Also Read: How To: Not Be Awful At Styling Hair Essential Products for Keeping My Hair Light & Bright Smooth Volume Hair Tutorial The post Hair Products That Helped Me Survive Winter & Beyond appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Develop a Better Relationship With Yourself
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Zanita Studio
  So often we hear people talk about broadening that network, nurturing relationships, but never enough about the most important relationship in our lives – the one with ourselves. If you’ve been extra focused on the external factors in your own life, we encourage you to stop every once in a while to practice self-care and develop a better relationship with yourself. Not sure where to start? We have the antidote… Know what you want. Establishing a big picture goal for yourself is important so that you can identify the path you’re on and understand why you’re on it. If you’re not sure what your deepest desires are, journaling and therapy are great vehicles to becoming more self-aware and understanding the why behind your actions. We all know by now that there are moments when life has us beat – this “big picture goal” will remind you to keep doing what needs to be done. Accept your flaws. Nobody is perfect – even the most seemingly perfect people have insecurities. You can’t do much about what you don’t like about yourself (unless you opt for plastic surgery, but even then there are bigger underlying issues); however, you can learn to accept those flaws and love yourself. Remember, those who are self-accepting exude confidence and beauty inside and out, and they wind up attracting more positive experiences as a result. Know your weaknesses. When you enjoy doing something and you feel confident about doing it, you’re probably exercising your strengths. However, if you don’t enjoy doing something, then there’s probably opportunity for improvement. Knowing your weaknesses is equally as important as knowing your strengths so you can outreach for help in those areas. It’ll make your life a million times easier and allow you to focus on what you do best. Stop seeking validation. When you have a strong relationship with yourself, you don’t need validation for your actions, the way you look, or where you are in life. Living in an era where everything appears picture perfect with the swipe of a screen can draw out our deepest insecurities… We start to compare, obsess, and nitpick. Those are all forms of unnecessary and external validation… Refocus on your efforts on building a strong foundation of yourself and there won’t be a need for “validation”. Spend more time alone. Embrace stillness. Being by yourself with no distractions allows you to clear your mind, focus, and think more clearly. It also helps you discover things about yourself you may have never realized, which is so important when we’re in a world that’s feeding us information after information. There is so much relief in unplugging and unwinding! Put yourself first. It may not be possible to put yourself first all the time, but don’t neglect your needs. Putting yourself first means listening to your body and doing what it’s telling you whether that’s sleeping early, exercising more, eating nutrient-laden foods, or quiet time. It also involves outside factors like putting an end to abusive and/or unhealthy relationships and closing your circle to those who take advantage of you. But first, you.   Image Source Credits – Vogue   You Should Also Read: A Million Versions of Yourself Why Self-Love is The Most Important Life Lesson You Will Ever Learn The Key to Confidence When Putting Yourself Out There The post How to Develop a Better Relationship With Yourself appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The One Goal All Bloggers Should Have in 2017
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Zanita Studio
In the 60s and 70s, most things were sourced locally and consumers loved it. People went to the corner store and made small talk with the owner “Mr. Fred”. Then other locals would pop in and before you know it, it’s a party in aisle 2. On the other side of town was a bigger store that had more options, but the service couldn’t match up to the local corner store so you stayed loyal to Mr. Fred. Then in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, mass production hit – Forever 21, Target, Walmart, etc. People went crazy over abundance and pretty soon the local corner store was soon forgotten about. Flash forward to today and we’re back to wanting to feel the same way we did at the local corner store in the 60s. We will search high and low for the perfect item (hello Etsy) or the perfect bit of information (hello Zanita Studio) that meets our specific needs. In the current state of the market, bigger is not necessarily better. For example, a blogger with a following of 100k is only valuable if those 100k followers have a personal, meaningful connection to that blogger. If those followers don’t trust the bloggers they follow, they’re both useless. On the other hand, a blogger with only 10K may be extremely valuable because that blogger has formed a stronger bond with his/her followers, resulting in a high conversion rate. Taking all that into consideration, the #1 goal all bloggers should have in 2017 is to… Build a community  Building a community does wonders for your brand. First, you have people’s attention, which is super hard to get today. Next, you have authentic engagement, which is also hard to get. Finally, through a community you have loyalty and loyalty is what will help turn your blog into a business. The thing you have to realize is that building a community doesn’t happen overnight, so you need patience… sometimes years of patience. You build a community through collaborations, valuable content, and authentic engagement which all takes time. But the harder you hustle, the faster you’ll get there. You ultimately want your blog to be a specific and safe place for your readers to come to and connect with one another. You want to inspire a conversation for action within your community. When your readers take action and tell you about the positive changes in their lives because of your content, that’s when you know you’ve built a community. I recently had 2 bloggers in a comment exchange on one of my posts about how they were going to collab together in the future. It was so amazing to see! A true community is one that engages with you (the facilitator) and each another (the audience). Even brands view community as a huge opportunity because you have the attention they want for their brand. You have developed a demand for what you offer through your community, and that demand is what brands look for when working with bloggers. How to build a community The key components to developing engagement and building a loyal following are being likable and adding value. You must have a great personality with a lot to offer if you want to make a long lasting impression. Adding value allows people to trust what you say because you give them something they were missing before or you solve their most difficult problems. Your followers then think of you as the go-to source in your niche (fashion, beauty, food, fitness, etc.). But in order to even get people’s attention you have to create high quality content… You need sizzle and steak. The sizzle is the surface stuff like pretty pictures, catchy titles, and creative videos, and the steak is the value beyond the surface. When you create both of those things on a consistent basis, your followers will begin to engage with your content by sharing, liking, commenting, etc. – that is the start of building a community. And if you want an even bigger community, grow it through collaborations. Email every single blogger, magazine, and online publication that has a solid following and high engagement rate because when you collaborate with these people, their community becomes your community. If you follow these steps and nothing happens, don’t get discouraged. Like I said before, building a community takes time and patience. And if you’re really cut out for the blogging biz, your community will find you no matter what. What questions do you have about building a community? You ask and we’ll answer in the comments below!    xx Britt   Image Source Credits – Vogue   Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde You Should Also Read: How to Beat Your Competition in Blogging 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog How to Be Business Savvy & a Nice Person The post The One Goal All Bloggers Should Have in 2017 appeared first on Zanita Studio.
My 5 Worst Fashion Mistakes
24-02-2017 18:21:26
Zanita Studio
After Susan and Brittany wrote about their worst mistakes in career and blogging, I decided it was a good idea to share my worst FASHION mistakes. After all, and even though I don’t necessarily believe in fashion faux pas, there has to be a limit. I’m not even talking about the possible outfits you can put together but just being all over the place! I still cringe at the thought of some outfits and trends I wore over time. Like, wtf was I thinking? Nowadays, I realize it was all part of the experience. I’m highly experimental and if I feel like I should be wearing something, I will. But I used to eat up all the trends out there, which was less than ideal. You might ask why… Well, because not all trends are going to fit you, your style, or your personality. And you shouldn’t fit into a cookie cutter mold just because everyone else is. A few weeks back, I was having a conversation with some friends about how back at home, every girl seems to dress the same. If something sold out at Zara, you knew you’d definitely see it everywhere. And the probability of someone wearing the same outfit as you is as high as 70%. I experienced that first hand. In 2011, I spent New Year’s Eve with my then boyfriend now husband’s friends. We went to a house outside of Lisbon and I picked a dress from Zara – dark grey with shiny details and a huge open back. I loved it. There was only 15 of us and one of the girls wore the same exact dress – in the same exact way too. I wasn’t embarrassed or frustrated, and we actually started calling ourselves the twins. But here in New York, it’s a completely different reality. You might see lots of women wearing the same sort of trend, but everyone does it in their own way. And since coming here, it’s been amazing to see how my style has evolved. There’s an incredible variety of styles here, and NYC gives you the freedom to adapt and make them your own. There’s an inexplicable vibe to it here. Without further ado, let’s get into my worst fashion mistakes throughout the past few years. #1 Not wearing properly fitted clothes. Given that most of us buy into fast fashion stores where the sizes are pretty much standardized, the garments either fit or they don’t. But I can’t tell you how many times in the past I bought something because I loved it despite the fit being completely wrong. Or the old excuse: I’ll lose weight and the 34 will fit just fine. Now, if it doesn’t fit properly, it stays no matter how much I love it. #2 Being a compulsive buyer. OMG, I’m so guilty of this one. My worst time was during my 3 years in college. I was highly depressed and food and shopping were my best friends. I moved away from home, left my parents and boyfriend behind, and I just wasn’t fitting into a new school in a new city with new people. I shopped so much and made all the mistakes above and below. Nowadays I’m a lot more conscious of the purchases I make. I really marinate on the clothes and wonder if I need them or. If I really want to buy them, I either donate or sell something I don’t use anymore. My rule of thumb is: if I haven’t worn it in six months to a year, it’s got to go. #3 Copying someone else’s style. I feel like I’m still guilty of this sometimes. I don’t think it’s wrong to love what someone else is wearing and try to replicate it. But that doesn’t mean it fits your personal style. I remember I was always very influenced by the friends I used to hang out with. While I was in college, I had a very sporty style because of my best friend, then I went on to my Master’s and it was overly sexy clothes – body-con dresses and heels – all because of my “squad”. It’s not easy to figure out your personal style. It takes time and work. You have to select key pieces that make you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Even if it means trial and error. #4 Combining too many trends at once. I still recall to this day, one fateful morning when I was in college back in 2007. I was completely hungover from the night before with an 8:30 AM class. When the time came to get dressed, I swear it seemed like I blacked out. I wore black skinny jeans, pointed metallic mary jane flats, a multi-colored polkadot top underneath a canary yellow hooded knit. It might not seem as bad, but it was horrible. Even though some trends work together, beware of mixing too many at once.  #5 Not having a go-to outfit For years, I never had something to just put on whenever I felt uninspired, which was a huge mistake. It’s highly important to have an outfit combo you know works and you don’t mind wearing all the time. I have this thing where I think about what to wear the night before – this helps me prepare appropriately so I’m not frazzled the minute I wake up. Having a 3 to 4 piece ensemble in the back of your closet does wonders. Let’s say you have a pair of tailored pants, a white t-shirt, a bomber, and a pair of slides ready to go. You now have time for breakfast, a book, or QT with your significant other. Have a ready-to-go formula that kicks ass over and over. Do you have any fashion mistakes I didn’t list? Don’t forget to share! Until then, shop smart! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: Our New York Fashion Week Trend Forecast How the Fashion World is Getting Political and We Love It 4 London Fashion Week Trends You Can (and Should) Wear Now The post My 5 Worst Fashion Mistakes appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 London Fashion Week Trends You Can (and Should) Wear Now
23-02-2017 23:20:49
Zanita Studio
  After having a taste of New York Fashion Week street style photos, we can now feast on London’s. All fashion months are full of surprises, and this one isn’t any different. We spoke of the political statements that made its way across the runways and into the mainstream, and it just goes to show that nothing is off limits… There are no rules anymore…and even though fashion is cyclic, it constantly breaks the rules season after season. That being said, we thought you might be interested in the immediate FW 2017 trends that you can wear now according to the London Fashion Week trends. After all, what goes up on the runway is becoming avail instantly. Not all of us have that kind of budget though, but there are always alternatives… #1 All that glitter isn’t gold Burberry Fall/Winter 2017. Glittery pieces seem to be having a moment (did you see Gucci’s runway show?) – and the more exaggerated the better. You can have just a small appliqué, a pair of pantyhose, or embrace it full-on in a dress. Shop our favorite glitter pieces: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1597593489638929454"));     #2 Puffer me this MM6 Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2017. They are everywhere. We made the prediction here, but it seems like they just keep getting bigger and bigger. Leave it to the London designers to turn it into their own styles – always slaying when it comes to outerwear. Shop our favorite puffer jackets: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1597593876183795304"));     #3 Grandma’s sofa Christopher Kane and Joseph, Fall/Winter 2017. If you still have a couch from your grandmother’s house, now’s the time to peel off the fabric. Several London designers picked up florals for spring, which isn’t groundbreaking, but there’s no denying that’s what we want to see and wear. The older the better. Shop our favorite floral pieces: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1597594187190350530"));     #4 Purple rain Mulberry and Preen, fall/winter 2017. Maybe it’s an ode to the late Prince – not exactly sure – but New York and London filled us up with purple pieces. I found this refreshing because it’s been a while since we last saw purple in this way. Shop our favorite purple pieces: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1597594511225933581"));     X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: Our New York Fashion Week Trend Forecast How the Fashion World is Getting Political and We Love It 4 Looks Guaranteed to Turn Heads at New York Fashion Week Image Source Credits – Vogue The post 4 London Fashion Week Trends You Can (and Should) Wear Now appeared first on Zanita Studio.
My Worst Career Mistakes
21-02-2017 15:56:11
Zanita Studio
A few days ago, Brittany wrote about her worst blogging mistakes, which I thought was brilliant and wanted to piggy back on it, but using my worst career mistakes. I confess, I’ve made some foolish errors that didn’t seem so foolish at the time… So, do as I say and not as I did. It’s true that we get wiser with age and I wish I had all these resources available when I’d just graduated. Fortunately for you, it doesn’t have to be first-hand trial and error… Not negotiating for more. Employers are intimidating especially when the ball seems to be in their court… How can they not be when they have a pool of candidates to pick from and everything to offer? Stop right there. Remember, the worst that can happen is they tell you NO or they offer a little more. The fact that this potential employer has already selected you for the job means something. Negotiating doesn’t always come in the form of salary – it can be the re-location package, vacation time, or other perks. Don’t be afraid to ask for more if you know you are worth it. Not keeping in touch with former colleagues or supervisors. References come in handy no matter what point you are in your career. The Internet makes it so easy to drop a quick “Hello” or “Happy Holidays”. No one knows your work ethic better than your former bosses and you’ll need them to vouch for you at one point or another. Make an effort to keep in touch with those individuals. I admit that this is one I’m still working on… Getting too comfortable. I believe it was my second or third year into my first job when I realized I was becoming too comfortable, and it was pretty scary. I was able to pay my bills, save and spend, received overtime pay (as I wanted) even though I was salary, and the benefits package was beyond reproach. I enjoyed working with my team and we had annual bonuses, which I’ve never gotten anywhere else… However, I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. I was merely doing it out of convenience and comfort, which was exactly where things went wrong. I was lucky enough to realize that if something didn’t change, I’d be in that field for the rest of my life. No thanks. Not looking ahead. I’ve learned that when I’m comfortable, I think less about where I want to be. However, I’ve made it habitual to constantly look one year ahead… You have to think, if you stay at your current job for another year, what will you be able to gain? If your job isn’t giving you a steady supply of challenges and learning experiences, it’s time to re-evaluate and take some action. You have to set your sights higher than the next raise come year-end.   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin YouTube   You Should Also Read: How Blogging Helped Me Become Who I Am Today Last Minute Steps to Take Before Accepting a Job Offer The Truth About Blogging for a Living The post My Worst Career Mistakes appeared first on Zanita Studio.
My 5 Worst Blogging Mistakes
20-02-2017 01:54:25
Zanita Studio
We all make mistakes. It’s a part of life. But I think we can all agree that some mistakes we could have done without, especially when it comes to your blog. In blogging (and any industry really), every mistake you make is an opportunity for another blogger to swoop in and pick up your broken pieces. Ultimately, mistakes set us back, and in this day and age, time is of the essence. Period. So if there’s one thing you take away from anything I’ve ever said, please take advice from bloggers who have already made a ton of mistakes so you don’t have to! With that being said, I’ve definitely made a ton of blogging mistakes but for now, we’ll start with my 5 favorites: #1 Trying to be cool My blog has stayed pretty authentic throughout the years. However, there have been moments where I tried to fit in and use the same writing style, language, photography, and editing as other bloggers. In my early Snapchat days, I put on this phony voice (you know, the one where you sound like you’re singing), and I tried to make my life seem more exciting than it was. Ugh. I actually cringe at the thought of some of my first Snapchat videos. I even tried the whole “so cute” thing – “Aren’t these shoes SO cute?! This restaurant is SO cute!” but that got old quick. There are only so many times I can hear something is “so cute” before my ears start to bleed. I finally realized I was just trying to be cool instead of saying what I wanted to say like, “These shoes are extremely painful but they look damn good” or “This restaurant will 100% make you fat”.  I would also caption my Instagrams with the stereotypical “Beach vibes” or “#goals”… where did those even come from?! Now I’ve learned to write out WHAT beach I went to and WHY something is #goals. Moral of the story: trying to be cool is never cool. #2 Not incorporating video Before Not Another Blonde, I ran a video series on my old blog called “Mindful Monday” where I taught people how to be mindful of the life they were living. Topics varied and I even had guests come on. Well, when I started looking at other people’s YouTube videos, my OCD kicked in and I thought all my videos were crap so I deleted them all. Yup, every last video I had I deleted. Ask me how I feel about that today? Go ahead… I’M PISSED! I mean, in my defense, the videos aren’t topics I would necessarily talk about today so I do think a clean slate would have happened no matter what, but at least if I had those other videos, I would have established myself as a YouTuber and grew an audience years before everyone else. Now I see the value in video. Video is the closest thing you can get to connecting with your audience without being right next to them. And don’t worry so much about the quality like I did. The content matters much more than the quality of the video. Your videos don’t have to be perfect or super professional, you just have to do the best you can with what you have. Lesson learned? Launch fast, adjust later. #3 Caring about what other people were doing Another HUGE blogging mistake I made that plays into the fact that I didn’t incorporate video sooner was focusing on what other people were doing. You should be aware to a degree what your competition and fellow bloggers are doing, what projects they’re launching, and what strategies they’re using, but you shouldn’t obsess over it. While I was busy obsessing over other bloggers, they were busy hustling and I was getting left behind in the dust – not a fun place to be. Today I care much less about how fabulous other bloggers’ lives appear to be so I can focus on making my own life even more fabulous. You never want to get distracted from what you want to accomplish. Even something so small as watching Snapchat can be dangerous. You watch one person’s story and the next thing you know you’re going through your whole friend list and you’ve wasted a half hour. #4 Wasting time My favorite saying as of late is “shit or get off the pot”. I say it to myself, I say it to my friends, and the reason being is that I used to have a habit of freezing under pressure. I had a lot of ideas and didn’t know where to start or how to execute so I just sat there and did nothing. What a waste of time! I watched tons of bloggers “steal” the ideas I had months, even years, prior and while they reaped the benefits, I was broke and miserable. But it was my own fault. Had I done what I wanted to do at the time I wanted to do it, I’d probably be living large on a yacht somewhere (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration), but I would definitely be closer to my goals than I am now. Although during this “waste of time” I learned a lot about myself and I was able to get clear on my focus. #5 Not doing giveaways I wish I jumped on loop giveaways when they first got popular. They were rare, unique, and you didn’t have to jump through 50 different hoops to win. Now when I see loop giveaways I just roll my eyes and I can’t believe people still participate. At this point it’s just an effort to get more followers. That’s not to say I’m totally against all giveaways. In fact, I love a giveaway between two bloggers or a blogger and a brand or just one blogger. Those I think are much more effective and hold much more value than loop giveaways. Every so often I do a giveaway with my own products/services as a “thank you for your support” gift. More bloggers should do giveaways for their followers, it’s the least they can do. After all, they wouldn’t be where they are today without their followers. What is your biggest blogging mistake? Tell us below!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: Why You Need a Blogger Bestie & Where to Find One How to Be Business Savvy & a Nice Person 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog The post My 5 Worst Blogging Mistakes appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How Blogging Helped Me Become Who I Am Today
16-02-2017 19:20:21
Zanita Studio
I’ve been blogging inconsistently for about 5 years now, but I’ve done it professionally for over a year. Not much has changed from then til now as far as my approach to blogging; however, I never expected the enormous amount of growth that comes with it… I truly believe that blogging may be one of the best tools for growth and success out there… I’ve written about how blogging helped me grow here, but wanted to reiterate how it’s really helped me become who I am today on Zanita Studio. Awareness Blogging has made me a million times more aware than ever before… I’m constantly looking for “the light” even when I’m not photographing, I notice beautiful locations as I’m driving to and fro, I listen to everything with my ears perked and an open mind (that’s the best way to come up with new ideas), and I’m consciously aware if something is “instagrammable”. Don’t mistake this with not “turning off”… Just because I’m aware doesn’t mean I don’t lay off the phone… What this means is that I’ve become aware in every aspect of my life to the point where I notice the smallest things even if I don’t need to be. Made me business-minded Yes, I went to business school, but what you learn in the classroom is always different in practice. Instead, I can look at analytics and react accordingly. I can set social and marketing goals and strive to achieve them. If one strategy doesn’t work, I re-group and re-strategize. This mentality has manifested in every other part of my life… If something fails, it’s not the end of the world. Brush it off and try again. Writing repertoire Would you believe me if I told you I sucked at writing? I did. Above all else, blogging helped me become the writer I am today. It’s trained me to articulate and express my feelings and thoughts in ways I had never been able to before. It’s allowed me to create a dossier of work I can reflect on, critique, and improve. And it’s motivated me to keep writing even when I felt like the shittiest writer in the world… Thanks to blogging, I can finally write. Courage I’m an introvert to the nth degree. I hate putting myself in the spotlight and opening myself up for criticism. Blogging takes courage. You have to be willing to do you and accept the fact that you will be criticized, condemned, and challenged… But you’ll also inspire, motivate, and encourage… The second part has really given me the courage to keep doing me and putting myself out there despite the potential criticisms that come with it. Screw what they think… If you haven’t started a blog, I’d highly encourage it for growth… (at least an Instagram!).   Build Your Blog, Brand, & Reach with AZALLE PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ZANITA BRANDING WITH MARGO & ME YOUTUBE WITH SONYA ESMAN YOUTUBE WITH CHLOE MORELLO   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin YouTube   You Should Also Read: The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Done I Took Blog Pictures Every Day for 10 Months – This is What I Learned How to Beat Your Competition in Blogging The post How Blogging Helped Me Become Who I Am Today appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How the Fashion World Is Getting Political and We LOVE It
14-02-2017 15:28:19
Zanita Studio
  Fashion Month just started and our predictions weren’t far behind. New York Fashion Week is in full swing and we are soaking up everything from Zanita’s Insta Stories! While it’s very interesting to see what’s going on in the fashion world, I can’t refrain from having a few thoughts of my own. Almost a month ago, I started taking a course at Parsons here in New York, focusing on Fashion Business. I have subjects like Fashion Trends and Fashion Merchandising. It’s been so interesting to see everything come together in different categories and being able to talk, write, and read all things fashion. My favorite so far has been Fashion Trends. We’re discussing this fashion revolution happening on the runways and the streets. The political and social environments are going bananas worldwide with the left parties taking over liberal Europe, the American election, Putin’s controversial stands… But regardless of which side you’re on, you can’t deny there’s a wave of revolution in the air. Very similar to what the sexual revolution was in the 60s, people are becoming more and more interested in politics and want to know every single controversy that’s happening out there. More than that, people want to stand up and be heard. Because of all the commotion and social media movement, the fashion world is getting political through design. Not even in a low-key way, but all in your face. Prabal Gurung finalized his show with all the models, and himself, wearing slogan t-shirts. Public School had caps saying “Make America New York”. Raf Simons brought the Americana spirit to Calvin Klein. A thing of beauty. I find it interesting to see how a trend is rising up: taking a stand, making a point, and defending a cause. Whether you’re talking political preferences, Planned Parenthood, woman’s rights, human rights… Fashion is a force to be reckoned with. Designers are blurring the lines between women and menswear. We can wear whatever the hell we want and who cares… Even street style is showing us that femininity can transpire through something else. There’s no looking at our shape anymore, but rather our character and personality. Bringing more meaning to the “beauty comes from within” expression. You know we’re always up for great causes, and this new era is where it’s at – it’s more than support. It’s showing it on your skin loud and proud. We can actually say we’re living the change! It’s such a great time to be involved. Fashion shows are not what they used to be, stores are changing the way they approach consumers, and consumers are looking for more from a fast-paced industry. What do you think about this political and social revolution?   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   Image Source Credits – Vogue   You Should Also Read: Our New York Fashion Week Trend Forecast 4 Looks Guaranteed to Turn Heads at New York Fashion Week Top Trends To Covet This Fashion Week Season The post How the Fashion World Is Getting Political and We LOVE It appeared first on Zanita Studio.
I Took Blog Pictures Every Day for 10 Months – This is What I Learned
12-02-2017 17:08:21
Zanita Studio
After moving to NYC, I met a coworker who was a fellow creative and we started taking pictures of each other every day for 10 months. #ootd So, not only did I figure out how to take a good picture, but I figured out how to get a good picture of me taken. We got so used to taking each other’s pictures we discovered which angles worked best, what didn’t work at all, and we even found the perfect balance of background and outfit (sometimes your background can drown you out). Anyway, if you’re a blogger living in NYC and you don’t take #ootd shots, what are you doing?! You’re passing up an amazing opportunity to create beautiful blog pictures with the perfect backdrop. Seriously, bloggers and photographers will travel super far to get that “street style” look and you have it in your own backyard. Anyway, here I am 10 months later and this is what I learned… Candid shots are the best There’s a reason “street style” images are highly sought after in the blogging world because they’re candid and candid shots are the best shots. It may seem easy enough and you may be thinking ‘Ok… act natural!’, but the perfect candid shot is really hard to achieve. My go-to pose and the pose I make my coworker do is a slow walk or pacing back and forth looking at something of in the distance. Picture Kendall Jenner walking in slow-mo at a super hot guy in the distance. For iPhone photos especially if I’m getting my picture taken, I’ll rock back and forth on my feet as if I’m taking a step forward. I’ll switch positions and look left, right, open my mouth a little as if I was going to say something then forgot… there’s a whole art to getting the perfect picture! Basically the more you practice the candid shot, as ironic as that sounds, the better you’ll become at capturing it. Rule of thirds rules The rule of thirds is a concept I learned in college. It’s when you frame your picture in a grid of 3 x 3. What this means is you put your subject in one of the 9 boxes for an outstanding shot. It’s just more aesthetically pleasing for the viewer and it keeps your picture in an organized flow. (See example below.) You don’t just have to fit your subject in 1 of the 9 boxes, they could be taking up 3 boxes in a row or 3 boxes diagonally, as long as there’s a method to the madness. I like to keep my pictures pretty centered with me as the focus so I’ll take up the middle 3 boxes of the frame. If there’s a beautiful landscape around me or if I’m next to an amazing building, I may take up 1 box in the corner to focus more on the building/landscape. Positioning the camera for best results I used to hold the camera above me for a flattering angle but that’s only flattering when it’s a selfie. If you’re taking a picture of someone/something you want to hold the camera at your body level because this will appear to be eye level when you’re viewing the photos. If you hold the camera too high and you’re taking a picture of someone, that person will look bottom heavy. If you’re too low taking a photo, the person may have a double chin. Everyone’s “good side” is different and you just have to play around and find it. From my experience, with taking #ootd photos every single day, chest/stomach height is a great position to hold the camera. Lighting is everything I never really thought too much about lighting until about 5 months into me taking pictures/having my picture taken. I thought all lighting is good lighting. Well, that is so not true! Obviously, you want natural light in all situations – indoor, outdoor, sunrise, sunset. You want to avoid that super yellow-y or bright white fluorescent look. Yellow is just ugly lighting and fluorescent lights can blow out your pictures and make you ghostly. I’ll go outside around 2pm and find a street that is naturally lit but shaded. Direct sunlight is too harsh unless it’s during sunrise or sunset aka the “golden hour”. I personally like the afternoon light in a shaded area. (It’s easy to find such places if you live in a city because of the buildings.) Getting the blurred background A blurred background is known as bokeh – it’s when your subject is in focus but everything else is out of focus/blurred. It gives you that nice sharp, street style look that every blogger wants. Now the iPhone 7 allows you to do this with a special setting, but usually you need a DSLR with a 50mm or 85mm lens (let me know if you want to know more about cameras and lenses). Obviously the more expensive the camera and lens, the better the quality of photos you’ll have. If you don’t have the money to invest in professional camera equipment (this can cost into the thousands), there are ways around it using photo editing tools. Photoshop and PicMonkey both have tools that allow you to blur the background, but it’s a tedious process and you still have to pay for it (note: Picmonkey is mainly free). I recommend any Canon starter camera with a 50mm lens. You can get the blur and quality for ~$400. Because the 50mm is so affordable, there’s a bit of trial and error involved in getting the bokeh effect. You want your subject to be a far distance from the backdrop. So if there’s a line of cars behind you and you want them out of focus, make sure you’re at least 15-20 feet away from them. Learning photography is an entire beast in itself, and I’ve just grazed the surface. If you’re blogging as a one-man show it’s important to learn the basics so you have some idea of what you’re doing. Pictures are what draw your audience in and will get you noticed by brands. But like everything, the more you take pictures/have your picture taken, the better your pictures will be. What questions do you have about photography or cameras? I’m no expert but I’ll do my best to answer all questions in a follow-up post and give you a shoutout!  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde You Should Also Read: How to Be Business Savvy & a Nice Person 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog Maintaining Your Blog in 2017 (OCD Style) The post I Took Blog Pictures Every Day for 10 Months – This is What I Learned appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Get the Perfect Date Night for Valentines Day
10-02-2017 19:39:40
Zanita Studio
  Valentine’s Day is a mere four days away, and I’m hardly prepared… So if you’re like me with no time these days, I sympathize for you… However, that doesn’t mean let yourself go completely. Feminine and flawless in less than an hour is more than possible. Let’s quickly run through my top steps for having the perfect date night on Valentine’s Day. #1 Light some candles Tea light candles really know how to set the mood, so if it’s been a long day of work, keep the lights down and light a few candles while getting ready. #2 Jump in for a quick bath (And if you’re really pressed for time, save it for after the date.) These handmade bath bombs from LUSH take bathing to a completely different level. Aside from being so much fun to use, the beautiful scents really stimulate your senses and relax you. The two I really enjoyed are the Rose Bombshell and Over and Over. My skin is dry all over but these oil-infused goodies help minimize that. Highly recommended before or after date night! #3 Multi-purpose makeup on the go I’ve given ILIA BEAUTY high regards before and it’s no different today. The Multi-Sticks are genius – they’re versatile tints that perform wonders on both lips and cheeks. They’re quite pigmented yet blend out into sheer beauty. The shade “At Last” is a dusty rose that every guy will love on you – undetectable but fresh and romantic. The Silken Shadow Sticks are also a pleasant to use. They make the perfect wash of color and are also super portable. There’s just so many wonderful things to say about ILIA… Here’s a quick tutorial I threw together to get you started… #4 Rose-infused skincare What better way to end Valentine’s Day than rose-infused skincare products? The Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water feels like a creamy water that removes makeup while keeping the skin nice and hydrated. It feels super luxurious and the light rose scent is just really lovely. I don’t feel like I need a ton of product to get the job done, though I also don’t wear loads of makeup… I recommend following up with the Micellar Foam Cleanser With Rose Petals also from Nuxe. It’s really calming on the skin and works really nicely even for the most sensitive skin types despite the foam. Lastly, the Rose Toner from Neal’s Yard Remedies’ is a MUST TRY! It balances and refreshes both normal and sensitive skins. Considering this is an all-organic product, I was surprised at how wonderfully it removed the grime and left me feeling refreshed and rehydrated.   Shop the Post (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1596386100526845942"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin YouTube   Header image shot by Hnu Lo  You Should Also Read: How to Put Your Best Face Forward for Fall The Best Beauty Oils to Soothe Your Winter Skin 6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders The post How to Get the Perfect Date Night for Valentines Day appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How I Edit My Instagram Photos
9-02-2017 18:06:06
Zanita Studio
  If you’ve been reading my work on Zanita Studio, you probably know that I have a personal blog. I’m no veteran compared to Z, but I love the vision of Zanita Studio and sharing things I’ve learned along the way. So today, I wanted to share something I’ve been getting several requests for: How I edit my Instagram photos. Truth is, every blogger starts doing it for themselves, meaning no monetary intentions engraved (typically)… I started my blog to show people back home what life is like in New York City. Instead of telling 10 people what was I up to, I showed them. Eventually it turned into something more and I shifted my goals and content towards the people interested in my story. You should do the same! They are the ones who will tell you what they want to see. Until then, you’re more or less guessing and experimenting – that’s also heaps of fun! Knowing that your readers want specifically is even better though and more rewarding. Blogs should be conversations and telling stories. You should be able to tell a story others relate to and engage in dialogue around it. I reckon it makes you feel less alone and a part of something important. Over the course of time, if you keep up with consistent content (and always remember that quality trumps quantity), you’ll start to gather a sizable audience and they’ll start to ask questions. I can’t express how great it feels when someone takes interest in your work and starts asking about your process – in this case, it’s been about my Instagram. I really started worrying about my Instagram back here. Even though I had already been working on it, I felt like there was no consistency to it. As I poured through other bloggers’ Instagrams, tapping some insta G’s, it clicked. I needed to be more careful with the content I was putting up. And it worked! People seemed to like my photos and engaged more. For starters, I take my camera everywhere. I don’t usually take pictures on my phone. Then, I either transfer them to my phone or wait to get home and do some work on Photoshop. I don’t do a lot besides tweaking brightness, contrast, highlights, warmth, and clarity. After that, I usually AirDrop them to my phone and upload them to Mosaico. It’s this great app that let’s you plan out how your feed is going to look like. It’s been a life saver! If I’m satisfied with everything, I go to Instagram, upload the picture, write a caption, and add hashtags. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding hashtags. Some people say you should use no more than 3 or 4, others say use them all. You can get up to 30 hashtags on a single comment, which is what I usually do. It takes time to write them all down. TIP: have a few bundles of them saved on your phone notes and just copy-paste onto the comment. It’s easier and you’ll save time. Also, add geotags so people can find you easily and know where you are/were. Tag brands, places, restaurants, and people. It’s a great way to connect with others. For instance, you can tag @Glossier if you’ve used one of their products. Or say you were @Ladurée picking up some macarons. Don’t be shy because you either get no response or they send you a winky face. It’s a win-win. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget to interact with your followers. Respond to their comments, ask them questions, and take interest in their feeds. I try to respond to each and every single comment I get and erase the spammy “get more followers” ones. Now, for the crème de la crème, here’s a short video you can watch to see exactly what I do. It’s only 5 minutes! I hope you enjoy it and definitely let me know in the comments.   Happy Instagramming! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   You Should Also Read: My Top Food Photography Tips to Bring Your Images to Life Top Foodstagrammers You Need To Follow! How To Photograph Like A Foodstagrammer The post How I Edit My Instagram Photos appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Is Essence Essential in Your Skincare Routine?
8-02-2017 17:21:05
Zanita Studio
I began using essence a year ago when I decided to experiment with the 10-step Korean beauty regimen, and I’ve had mixed feelings about whether I need to keep using it… I’ve gone through two entire bottles (the Cremor Lab Mineral Treatment Essence & highly revered SK-II Facial Treatment Essence) – both of which I felt were nice, but not life changing. I’ve had no intentions of purchasing another bottle of essence until I got a hold of Tatcha’s Essence… So, I wanted to share why… Tatcha’s Essence One of the reasons I was initially drawn to the Tatcha Essence was its claims to smooth and resurface the skin as it’s comprised of natural fermentation ingredients that produce lactic acid. I’ve also have had more reasons lately to maximize hydration since I’ve seriously been over cleansing, exfoliating, etc. Although it hasn’t done much for my acne, which I didn’t expect but was optimistic with the lactic acid, I’ve felt like my skin is much softer and smoother in texture with continued use. It has also been super gentle on my ultra-sensitive skin that’s been laden with chemical peels, retinols, and all acids. It’s honestly everything I expected an Essence to be and more. While the Cremorlab & SK-II helped retain moisture, I didn’t feel they did more beyond that… Saturday Skin Freeze Frame Essence On the topic of essence, I’ve also been using the Saturday Skin Freeze Frame Essence. This is not your normal essence because it feels more like a light-weight lotion compared to the typical viscous water texture of most. It claims to increase firmness, hydration, and provide a youthful appearance – I think it excelled best at hydration and that was about it. Of the Saturday Skin products I have tried, this essence wasn’t exactly my favorite. I love that it’s infused with pomegranate, but really, it felt like nothing more than a lightweight moisturizer – something I’d use under makeup in the summer. So, is essence essential? Ultimately, essence is worth a shot especially if you lean on the drier side. And if you’re looking for some added benefits along the way, the Tatcha essence truly delivers. If you lean combo, oily, and acne-prone, I don’t think you’re missing out. What do you think? Have you tried essence and do you love it?   Shop the Post (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1596185405975556529"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin YouTube   You Should Also Read: How to Put Your Best Face Forward for Fall The Best Beauty Oils to Soothe Your Winter Skin 6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders The post Is Essence Essential in Your Skincare Routine? appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Our New York Fashion Week Trend Forecast
6-02-2017 19:33:15
Zanita Studio
  It seems like yesterday we were just talking about NYFW in September 2016. Now, here we are again, getting ready for another season of NYFW. Men’s just ended and we certainly saw some great and revolutionary designs on the runway – most brimming with political charge and aspirational revolutions. It seems like the current political environment spurred designers to carefully craft collections that represent the breeding tension in our society and offers a little hope and brightness. It’s an intelligent way to spread awareness. But anyway, soon to start is fashion week in New York, and we could not be more excited, especially since the big boss ( @ZanitaZanita) will join in. What’s interesting about fashion week in February is that we get to see all the street style starlets impressive methods of surviving the cold. The freezing cold temperatures of New York are an impulse for layer!It’s definitely the most creative season to binge watch outside the shows. Before all the craziness begins, we get into trend spotting and predictions – what are we going to be seeing out there and what might we wear… We love prying on – its tumblr-esq website serves a great sourcing point if you’re looking for the hottest in fashion right now. You can scroll through endless inspiration… Based on what we’ve seen, here’s our trend forecast for New York Fashion Week:   #1 Architectural Sleeves Sleeves have blown up over the last few seasons. We started out with bell sleeves, off-the-shoulder tops, and frills. But now, they’ve gained a life of their own and are standing alone. You could be just wearing huge sleeves and no bottoms. Ha! Totally joking. But you can surely bet that they’re getting bigger & better as tread along.   Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1596006289743904881"));   #2 Color Block Accessories Color Blocking is all about spotlighting. What this ultimately means is that, you pick one single accessory that’s going to speak for your entire outfit. Draw attention by pairing a bright yellow bag with an all-black outfit…   Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1596006713000240532"));   #3 Athluxury That’s right. I said it. Vogue classified 2017’s athleisure as athluxury. Major brands, like Outdoor Voices and Supreme, are endorsing this upcoming trend, which enables us to go to a party dinner decked out in hoodies and heels. Do you like it?   Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1596007067072588481"));   #4 Boho Americana There’s a huge Americana movement happening in fashion right now. With so much going on in North America, we’re predicting the new boho spanning the 60s and all things western and cowboy. Chloé is doing this particularly well!   Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1596007392531283647"));   You Should Also Read: Holidays Are Gone, But Sale Season Isn’t Winter Essentials to Fight the Harsh Cold New Fall/Winter Lip Products I Can’t Put Down The post Our New York Fashion Week Trend Forecast appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Beat Your Competition in Blogging
6-02-2017 01:50:57
Zanita Studio
I have a very hypocritical relationship with competition. I think collaboration gets you further, but I also think some healthy competition is necessary to be successful. It’s just the name of the game, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it. One thing that is certain though, is if you’re a blogger, you are 100% fighting for the same limelight as thousands of others. Not every blogger (especially if you’re a beginner) will get to work with every brand that they want to. You’re all fighting to be seen, heard, and accepted in the industry. You’re fighting to make a living doing what you love, and it’s not easy. In fact, it really sucks at times and there’s a lot of physical and emotional pain involved… Here are a few strategies to get ahead of the competition. Use the zig zag theory The Zig-Zag Theory is when you do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. While all the other bloggers are zigging (i.e. trying to get brand collaborations, getting featured in publications), you can be zagging (doing the opposite). For example, you could be the blogger who creates an Instagram account that features bloggers instead of trying to get featured. You could also be the one helping bloggers get brand collaborations instead of trying to get them yourself. See what I’m saying? You can apply the zig zag theory to any business, any niche, anything. Going against the grain will allow you to stand out and get noticed. Look at @ihavethisthingwithfloors and @muradosmann. No one had Instagram accounts that focused on photography from those particular angles, hence why they’re both so successful today. Take risks Another way to beat your competition in blogging is by taking risks. Sincerely Jules took a huge risk when she started her clothing line, as did Emily Weiss from Into the Gloss when she started Glossier. But now, these girls are running multi-million dollar empires all because of a risk. I’m not saying sell all your belongings and buy a factory to start a clothing line. But I am saying there are small risks you can take that could have big rewards. Sincerely Jules started with 3 t-shirts – she may have even started with one t-shirt – I don’t remember. Anyway, those shirts turned into more shirts and sweatshirts and pants and jackets. Now she has a full-blown clothing company. Again, that’s not to say you have to start a business. You can take risks by incorporating video tutorials or creating a podcast or expanding your brand and exploring new topics. When you start taking small risks you become confident in the unknown instead of fearing it which ultimately sets you up to take bigger risks. Figure out what people are going to do before they do it Determining what people are going to do before they do it isn’t easy. In fact, it’s kind of a crap shoot and it’s really hard if you’ve never been an observer. Being an observer means you stop doing and really pay attention to what is happening around you. What’s going on in the news, what’s happening on Facebook, what pictures are popular on Instagram, where people are spending their time. My mom’s a psych major and I think she passed that onto me (if that’s even possible) because I’m big on studying human behavior, seeing how people interact with one another and the world around them. But anyway, the scenarios I described above are what you need to start incorporating in order to figure out what people are going to do before they do it. The reason this is so important is because it puts you at an advantage. There’s great power in being the first one to do anything. Being the first to be a fashion blogger, being the first to create YouTube videos, being the first to get on, etc. are all things that make you the OG and deem you as an expert in your field. Make sense? Ultimately utilizing your power of being “the first” will make you money, and that’s what needs to happen if you want to make blogging your full-time job. Period. What is your take on beating your competition? Are you competitive or not? We’d love to know in the comments below!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Build Your Blog, Brand, & Reach with AZALLE PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ZANITA BRANDING WITH MARGO & ME YOUTUBE WITH SONYA ESMAN YOUTUBE WITH CHLOE MORELLO   The post How to Beat Your Competition in Blogging appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Here’s What We’re Giving on Valentine’s Day (for him & her)
3-02-2017 19:06:13
Zanita Studio
Yet again, here we are…approaching Valentine’s Day… America goes crazy over it and with a good reason. I honestly like the premise of the day – remembering the relationships in your life – or even lack thereof. But I’m also for the cliché that, every day should be special when you’re with that special someone. And every day should be national doughnut day #ftw I reckon now’s a great time to start thinking about your relationships and deciding what gifts to get each other… Hell, it can even be your bestie – ain’t gotta be a lover. Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day aficionado or not, you can always use a gift guide. After all, it gets confusing rifling through the noise out there… So, here are 2 different gift guides for the girls and boys in your life. #For Her Getting gifts FOR HER is my specialty. Truth be told, I have it easy. It’s not to say that I don’t know how to handle the other side of the equation, but being a girl, makes it far easier to relate. You know the classics: lingerie, make-up, a pretty scarf, et al. But if you’re ready to go over the top, add a little more…a nice purse, a candle, or a fun print t-shirt. We love surprises! And be sure you’re paying attention to any tips she might’ve been hinting…   SHOP FOR HER (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1595564115265917764"));   And if you really want to go outside the box, what about a one year subscription to Azalle? Now that’s real value money-can’t-buy!   #For Him Guys can sometimes be hard when it comes to gift giving. If he’s anything like my husband, he never needs/wants anything. It’s a nightmare finding something, but fortunately he always ends up liking it. The trick is to be thoughtful – maybe something unexpected. But there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. We’re talking a great watch, a fancy pair of socks, even cologne. Tech isn’t a bad investment… maybe he needs a pair of headphones or a camera. A cashmere scarf always does the trick.   SHOP FOR HIM (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1595643210366055991"));   What’s on your V-Day shopping list?   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: Holidays Are Gone, But Sale Season Isn’t Winter Essentials to Fight the Harsh Cold New Fall/Winter Lip Products I Can’t Put Down The post Here’s What We’re Giving on Valentine’s Day (for him & her) appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Done
1-02-2017 00:00:20
Zanita Studio
Well the moment has finally arrived… I’m actually stumped on what to say… This feels like an incredible exhalation… Azalle is live! I guess I can just talk to you about my course! I’ve been fortunate to share my photographic journey with all of you over the past few years (actually… 8 years!) and I’ve loved every minute. I’m self-taught and wouldn’t have it any other way. Self-learning makes you reflective, intuitive, and resourceful, but the downside is it’s a slower process. My course is all about photography as I see it. The idea that great, editorial photographs can only be taken by professionals with a team of assistants and extravagant equipment is over. With access to digital cameras and countless resources today, anyone can create an impactful image. This is what I’m going to share with you on Azalle. (right, Nadia Fairfax by me)     (left, Brittany Darling by me) If you purchased the course on the previous platform, you should have received an email to regain access. I’m excited to hear what you think of the new and improved version! The Azalle learning experience is totally dynamic and a breeze to go through, filled with videos, audio files, and interactive slides. Azalle is a subscription service, which means if you’re signing up for my course, you’ll also get incredible learning opportunities from digital titans like Sonya Esman, Chloe Morello, and Jenny Cipoletti – but we also have so many more to come! Overall, we hope to deliver a holistic understanding of what it takes to communicate effectively online while sharing a multitude of experiences you can learn from. This is valuable, not only if you’re a blogger, but for anyone who has any interest in social media, marketing, branding, or just wanting to finesse their brand’s outlets of communication. We are at the forefront of a new social era and our digital footprint is part of our resumé. Knowing what works for you isn’t just about following one person and emulating them; it’s about seeing a wide spectrum of social media entrepreneurs – how they are changing and adapting, how they communicate, and applying strategies that drive people to drown out the noise and hear only your voice. It’s about getting a foot ahead because digital and social communication is the biggest evolution of our technological era. So with that, I’m thrilled to share with you this labour of love – not possible without my partners in crime, Gustav and Susan – for whom I’m forever indebted to! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Azalle!! – Zanita xx (below, Sonya Esman by me)     You Should Also Read: Lifestyle The Influencer Economy Isn’t Collapsing – It’s Just Getting Better The Truth About Blogging for a Living (after 1 year at Zanita Studio) Bloggers Vs Vogue – Why is this still a thing? The post The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Done appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Top 3 Mistakes Millennials Make When Talking to Potential Employers
30-01-2017 16:59:15
Zanita Studio
  Every single one of us at Zanita Studio is a millennial… Therefore, we think we’re qualified to talk about the top mistakes millennials make when talking to potential employers… After all, we’ve also been the hiring manager and potential employee. Although there are quite a lot of misconceptions about our generation, we can understand why they exist. They don’t necessarily apply to you or anyone specific, but we’ve witnessed the infractions ourselves… So let’s take a step back and review exactly what those mistakes are. #1 Only talking about the “self” In a world of “me, me, me”, it’s super easy to only think about yourself. But never forget, it pays to focus on the matter at hand: the potential employer and your potential job. In any conversation related to your career, you’ll often be asked about your career goals, your interests, and what you see yourself doing. Even if your plans somewhere along the way are to be self-employed (e.g. blogger, freelancer, etc), now’s not the time to discuss that… Why would anyone want to bring you on board to share their contacts with you and teach you the ins and outs of the business if your goal is to be on your own? That’s a waste of time and resources when it comes to investing in you. Solution: Sure, talk about your interests but be sure to relay it back to the potential employer – how does that benefit them? What will you do for them (not yourself)? This might sound like brown-nosing – and it’s not. It’s about offering them the best you can because when you do that, the returns are eternal. #2 Non-committal Everyone wants to work their own schedule, right? Guess what – we do too! But to voice that from the start is quite the blunder. Saying things like, “Oh, I’m not really interested in a corporate structure, I like the flexibility, etc” is essentially the same as “I only care about myself”. Obviously if you’re speaking to a potential employer, you’re doing so because maybe the lack of structure (especially in blogging) entices you, but no need to state the obvious. It’s especially a misstep if you specifically say something like, “I still like to do my own thing…etcetera etcetera”. Again, waste of time and resources and stamps “implausible” all over you. Solution: Show that you’re committed to them and their organization. Perhaps say something along the lines of “I love flexibility, but that also means I’m flexible”… “I do have a blog, but that is a hobby and I’m committed to XXX”… Again, this isn’t about you. If you commit to them, they will commit to you. Don’t blow your chances. #3 Entitlement Just because you’ve landed the internship or entry-level position doesn’t make you irreplaceable. Everyone is replaceable. It also doesn’t entitle you to promotion. By nature, we’re inclined to worry about the future… Where will we be? How can we make more money? But sometimes, it’s better to slow down and focus on what you’re doing right now. If you’re honestly working hard, the rewards will come. No one is entitled to anything in this world – even if it seems like it’s already yours. Solution: Work hard at all times, upkeep the momentum, and strive to make the best impression of yourself even a year later. Document your successes and accomplishments. When it’s time, ask for that raise or promotion. If the employer hasn’t invested in you even after all that, it’s time to move on.   You Should Also Read: 3 Key Skills You Must Have to be Indispensable at Work The Truth About Blogging for a Living (after 1 year at Zanita Studio) Last Minute Steps to Take Before Accepting a Job Offer The post Top 3 Mistakes Millennials Make When Talking to Potential Employers appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Emergency Moisturizers That Actually Work
26-01-2017 14:00:31
Zanita Studio
We’re having a much warmer winter than average, but that’s not to say my skin doesn’t demand its moisturizers… I’ve learned the hard way that ultra-nourishing skincare products need to be within arm’s reach these early months so I’m not scrambling for emergency moisturizers when I start flaking like a reptile. I shared my favorite beauty oils here, which I still love and stand by, but sometimes I’m not really in the mood for an oil… That’s where these come in handy. Le Metier de Beaute Ultimate Hydrator Le Metier de Beaute is a brand I just discovered late last year and I’m surprised it’s not talked about enough. It deserves to be as revered as La Mer and La Prairie. It looks and feels like a light-weight moisturizer, but don’t be fooled – it locks in maximum moisture overnight. If you notice any redness or flakiness on the skin, one pump of this stuff will cure it all. I don’t find it too heavy or irritating, but it does have quite a strong grandma aroma that lingers a while. Anyone who can’t seem to find something that works will be startled by this one. Nuxe Reve De Miel Ultra Comfortable Night Cream I absolutely LOVE honey as a skincare ingredient. I recently had a horrendous outbreak of acne again… my last bout was in 2013 so you can imagine how horrified I’ve been. Honey has become my go-to so I’m happy that it’s a key ingredient in this product. This cream may appear to be thick, but you only need a little – it doesn’t make your face greasy or shiny. It goes on so easily and keeps my skin super smooth. The one thing I have noticed about Nuxe products is that I usually don’t like how they smell. If you can get over that, you’ll love this! Le Metier de Beaute Vital ET Recovery Boost I’ve basically given up on body moisturizers and have stuck solely with oils, and then I stumbled upon this one. I don’t know what LMDB put in this formulation but it works gloriously. I’m very surprised given its liquidy texture… It goes on the skin like milk, but magically replenishes and repairs it. My daughter suffers from a mild case of eczema, which flares up in the winter and even she loves this stuff. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm I’m not new to this Aesop hand cream, but it remains a favorite from 2016 up until now. For one, I’m crazy in love with the citrus scent – just splendid! It’s fast-absorbing, which most hand creams lack (a HUGE deal-breaker for me) and keeps my hands and cuticles soft without the annoying slip. It’s a travel-must when out and about in the winter. And as a bonus, I LOVE Aesop’s packaging…they’re the most photogenic products ever   Shop the Post (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1594897848526693417"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin YouTube   Image Source Credits – Oracle Fox   You Should Also Read: Tips to Keep Kicking Ass in 2017 How to Be Business Savvy & a Nice Person 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog The post Emergency Moisturizers That Actually Work appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Why You Need a Blogger Bestie & Where to Find One
25-01-2017 16:24:07
Zanita Studio
Behind every blogger is a blogger bestie. More often than not, having a blogger bestie or “girl gang” is no coincidence. It is yet another pro blogger tip that you too can use to grow your blog/following. No matter what niche you’re in, having a blogger bestie will give you someone who understands the biz, someone to bounce ideas off, and someone who challenges your creativity. And that’s just on the emotional support side of things. On the strategy side of things, tagging each other in your Instagram photos and linking to each other’s blogs will spread brand awareness between the two of you. Your audience is now being introduced to your bestie and your bestie’s audience is being introduced to you. You’re reaching twice the amount of people that you would reach if you were trying to do things on your own. A blogger bestie will also be the first person to become a brand ambassador for any new projects you’re working on. Fellow bloggers have the credibility for the testimonial you need to be successful. Now that is #girlpower at its finest. Before you find a blogger bestie ask yourself… How can I tie this person into my blog story? You want the friendship to seem as authentic as possible. A good way to incorporate your blogger bestie is to slowly start showing her/him on social media. Maybe you Snapchat/Instastory a coffee date with your bestie, or you take an Instagram picture of your “date” and mention your bestie in the caption, then maybe you interview each other on your blogs. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Though I would avoid making an announcement like “This is my bestie Brittany and she’s super cool, you should follow her on Instagram”. That sounds a little phony to me. You want your readers to get a sense of your bestie’s personality and the best way to do that is by documenting your activities with this person naturally. Zanita does this particularly well with Rebecca Laurey and vice versa. Will this friendship make sense? Obviously, the best friendship is a real one. And you will find that one blogger you really mesh with; it just might take you a few “bad dates” beforehand. Ideally, if you’re a food blogger, you want to find another food blogger bestie. If you’re a minimal blogger, you want to find a minimal blogger bestie… so on and so forth. That way, your audiences will have no problem overlapping since you know they already like the food or minimal blogger vibe. But sometimes, you can’t help who you mesh with, so if you’re a minimal blogger and your blogger bestie is a shoe blogger, fine, it’ll work. It might even work better because now you’re able to tap into a totally new audience you never would have before. Still with me? What can I bring to the table? You want to make sure the friendship is mutually beneficial and you’re not just sucking your blogger bestie dry. Friendship is friendship, after all. Say your blogger bestie is really great at video content and you’re really great at Instagram content. Combine your strengths so you grow together. When you offer your talents to someone in the same line of work as you (blogging), a respect is formed and the other person knows you’re not just in it for yourself – which is a great quality to have especially in the blogging biz. Where to find like-minded bloggers Events Going to events is not my favorite way to network; in fact, it’s actually my least. But since we’re being honest, I’ve met the majority of my blogger besties from this one event I attended last year that I was invited to via… Instagram Searching Instagram is the easiest and my personal favorite way to find blogger besties. I feel you can really get a sense for who the blogger is by her aesthetic, captions, pictures, Instastory, etc. You can use location hashtags like #nycblogger or the discovery page in search of your blogger bestie. I personally like to look at what bloggers are commenting on other bloggers’ pictures and engage in a conversation that way. If I think this is a potential blogger bestie, I’ll follow her/him. Then, when you follow one blogger, Instagram will give you “suggestions” for bloggers with a similar aesthetic and/or following which is another great way to find more besties. New Apps It may sound weird but new apps are a cool way to find a blogger bestie, especially if you’re younger or a new blogger. Young bloggers (16-21) are more likely to take a risk on an app than older bloggers. Houseparty is a great new networking app that allows you to group chat with 8 or so people at one time so it’s like a house party. One of your friends may know another blogger and invite her/him to the “house party” and boom you become best friends. You can also try It’s a little older but still relatively new and popular amongst 8-18 years olds. If you’re not sure what emerging apps are trending, go to the iTunes store and look in the most popular or new app section. Facebook groups Facebook groups, for the most part, have become drowned out with a bunch of self-promotion BUT you can break the noise by asking members for new Instagrams to follow, Snapchats to add, or blogs to read. People will give you honest answers and you should be directed to a few blogger bestie contenders. Your blogger bestie could be anywhere, you just have to know where to look for him/her. So be proactive, get out there and find someone you’d like to grow with. Who’s your blogger bestie? Tag her/him in the comments below!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Gal Meets Glam, Spot Pop Fashion   You Should Also Read: How to Be Business Savvy & a Nice Person 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog How to Handle the Pressure of Being a Blogger The post Why You Need a Blogger Bestie & Where to Find One appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Where to Find Inspiration if You’re a Creative
24-01-2017 17:27:35
Zanita Studio
  One of the things we struggle with most as bloggers outside of generating content is creativity. Being a social influencer with several outlets to share content can be tiresome. You have to constantly keep up with what others are doing and writing while being mindful of what your audience wants to read. We’ve talked about it before, but 2017 is the year of story telling. With apps like Snapchat and Instagram, it’s easy to give your audience an all-access pass into the BTS of your life. People are more and more interested in finding out what happens before you snap that gorgeous picture you just posted. Or what your process is like for creating flatlays. Or even what you do on a Sunday morning. It’s about engaging with them in an intimate real-time way, and showing them what’s happening in between the time you conceive something to the time you finish it… Most influencers won’t publish just anything. There’s an entire system & team behind it, which means it’s normal if you struggle with finding the right things to talk about or subjects to approach. Not everything is newsworthy and maybe you haven’t exactly found your course of action. Plus, everything can feel bland when everyone’s doing the same thing… However, you always have a choice. It’s up to you to decide what’s more relevant: your new purchases or the bigger things in life like the Women’s March… We’re no expert in politics or bigger issues despite our strong opinions and high respect for the opinions of others. But, we choose to be a place that drowns out negativity… We love to talk beauty routines, fashion trends, and the simplest places and things that inspire. Before we get there though, there’s this massive process in between called research! And do we love doing our research, so if you haven’t nailed down your resources, here’s a start – where we personally like to find inspiration! Our main source of research are the blogs we’ve come to love and fashion publications everyone loves (e.g. Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar). Depending on what your focus or preference is, you can follow fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, food, or magazine-style blogs. However, don’t flat out copy any of them – use them as a starting point and sprinkle your own fairy dust on it. We also LOVE Pinterest. It’s one of the greatest sources of inspiration and you can find almost everything there from interesting articles to visual inspiration or DIY projects. Venture out and explore. We guarantee you’ll be hooked. Print media whether that’s books, magazines, or catalogs can be very refreshing to go through. They can transport you to different places, which can birth your best ideas! Just be sure to keep a pen handy so you can write them down. Lastly, go out into the world and reflect. Look at your own experience. You’re a wealth of possibilities on your own. The best story you can tell is always your own, so go for a walk, take some pictures, have a drink with a friend, and then reflect & write. Don’t worry about getting stuck. Creating nonstop is the key to getting unstuck. We all go have ups and downs when it comes to the creative process so take advantage of the times you’re super inspired and let it all out. We know that not everyday is content creation day and that’s why we make the most out of the ones that are. Where do you find inspiration? We’re always up for new ideas!   You Should Also Read The 4 Step Foolproof Way to Start a Blog How Living Abroad Can Change Your Perspective On Life How I Maximize My Sundays as a Content Creator The post Where to Find Inspiration if You’re a Creative appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How I Maximize My Sundays as a Content Creator
22-01-2017 18:04:32
Zanita Studio
One of my responsibilities at Zanita Studio is creating content (although our focus has shifted a little with the incubating of Azalle)… However, I also create content for myself at Le Jolie. In the beginning, it was overwhelming to manage content for two – and now even three sites (Azalle included); of course, my priorities are my job whereas my personal blog remains a hobby, so at one point, everything started to mesh together and became extremely convoluted and overwhelming. I felt like I was doing the same thing all the time – in my job, outside my job, and during my free time. As a result, I neglected and took a year-long hiatus from Le Jolie. Once 2016 came to a close, I started missing the process of creating for myself and decided to resuscitate my personal space in 2017 whilst continuing to do the best I can for Zanita Studio & Azalle. I figure many of us sit in the same boat (i.e. full-time job & part-time blog)… I’m on a winning streak so far as to striking that balance, so I thought I’d share one of my most effective tricks: maximize my Sundays. #1 Research From personal experience, I think one of the biggest obstacles for most people in blogging is generating fresh ideas and staying excited. These two things often result in quitting or short-to-long-term breaks. With a full-time job and the routine demands of life, it’s often difficult to keep up with your favorite bloggers and the 1000 mph pace of this industry. I give myself 1-2 hours to browse blog content on Sundays and research trends or topics I might be interested in. I also journal and recap on the previous week to see if there were any life lessons I learned that I can share with you all. As silly as it sounds, you have to make time for this or else you’ll find yourself frazzled with nothing to share. You can’t wait until something substantial happens because it often won’t. You must also learn to look for beauty in the everyday. #2 Planning & preparing This is important for me because as a mom, I need to be able to work around my kids’ school schedule. If I know I’m shooting flatlays and I want flowers, I need to go out and buy flowers on Sunday for the rest of the week. If I know I need to takes tons of pictures, I need to make time for it so that I’m not cutting into my work schedule during the week to make it happen. I also just recently dabbled into YouTube, committing to sharing video content at least bi-monthly, which means I need to plan for this especially since I’m new to the platform and it’s supremely time consuming. Whatever ideas you come up with in your research process, you need to prepare to materialize it, otherwise you’re parlaying on it never moving out of the conceptual phase. #3 Photos/filming I love taking pictures as a hobby and I know it’s a skill set I want to improve, so I make it a priority to practice especially on Sundays. And again, I’m attempting YouTube, which requires tons of time and attention. I make time for both because it’s really my only down day. Light is also super important, so they need to be priorities during the day. It’s near impossible to shoot and film during the week with the sun going down so much faster. I’ve learned that if I don’t make shit happen on Sundays, I have nothing concrete to work with once the week rolls in (no bueno!). #4 The writing process If there’s enough time, I like to start the writing process for my posts on Sundays as well – even if I don’t finish a full post. My goal right now is 3 blog posts per week, so I like to go into my blog and input titles into drafts while my mind is clear and focused. I usually become flustered during the week because there’s so much going on that these titles give me clear direction once 8 pm hits on a random day like Wednesday night!   If you need a little more pep talk, here you go:   How do you like to spend your Sundays and what does your content creation process look like right now? I love new ideas so don’t forget to share below!   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin YouTube   Image Source Credits – Oracle Fox   You Should Also Read: Tips to Keep Kicking Ass in 2017 How to Be Business Savvy & a Nice Person 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog The post How I Maximize My Sundays as a Content Creator appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Be Business Savvy & a Nice Person
20-01-2017 15:16:43
Zanita Studio
Beyoncé once said you can’t be nice in business. And while I agree, not being nice in business doesn’t mean not being nice in life, especially when you work in an industry that is pretty cut throat at times. With that said, it’s important you find that balance between being super smart in business and not a total jerk. Of course, your first priority is yourself and your business. Any business endeavor you get involved in should make you happy, be financially interesting, and challenging. And usually, when those three things collide, you become a nice business savvy blogger/entrepreneur. Here’s how to make it happen: Detach from the outcome… Easier said than done – I know, but if you want to be business savvy, you can’t get too attached to the outcome because there is a chance things won’t go as you hoped. You have to recognize that you will be fine no matter what the outcome. That’s why when you’re cold-emailing brands or big time bloggers, you have to go about business as usual. Never depend on something or someone outside of yourself for your happiness. If said blogger/brand replies, great! If said blogger/brand doesn’t reply, fine. You’re not better or worse off than you were before asking. After all, when you’re 90 years old, you won’t be sitting there thinking, ‘I can’t believe so and so never replied to my email about that collaboration!’. Don’t make decisions based on emotion… Being emotional in business is the worst thing you can do. As they say “it’s not personal, it’s business”. I mean, you don’t want to be a ruthless monster with no morals, but you can’t think about everybody’s feelings all the time. Feelings are going to get hurt and not everyone is going to get what they want. But I promise you that refraining from rash decisions is best for yourself and your business. You don’t always want to jump right into something because it “feels right” or it’s a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. Think things through, but don’t overthink, and go with a practical, educated decision without letting your emotions get in the way. Never forget your roots… No matter how successful you become, it’s important to remember where you came from. There are people from the same background as you, looking to you for guidance. Show them the right way. Show them anyone is capable of what you’ve accomplished. Show them that you had hard times too – times you wanted to quit and times you failed but brushed yourself off and tried, tried again. No matter what line of work you’re in or how successful you are, you’re an example for someone. So, be a good one. Meditate & be grateful… Meditation has changed my life entirely. I literally cannot start my day without meditating for 5 minutes first (probably my OCD kicking in). 5 minutes is really all you need to get you “spiritually aligned”, but if you can do 20 minutes, that’s the sweet spot. After my morning meditation, I say a little prayer and give thanks to the Universe for all I have. This gets me in the mood to start my day on the right foot even if some things go wrong. Gratitude is actually hard to acquire in our abundant society. Thanks to the internet, these things that we absolutely “need” are right at our fingertips so we click, click, click, spend, spend, spend and still it never seems like we have enough. It’s easy to forget how much we really do have and how little other people in the world have. So, meditate and keep a gratitude journal. Contribute to the greater good I told you 2017 was going to be my year to bring as much awareness as possible to overlooked issues in the world. As savvy of a business person you may be, you can quickly turn off biz mode and turn on give mode by contributing to the greater good. This means giving back to society through charities by donating your time or money. And don’t just think locally, think globally! There are so many organizations that could use your help and/or expertise. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Hope for Paws, and International Animal Rescue are a few of my favorites. If you follow The Dodo on Facebook they post about great organizations too. Key takeaways: Use your head not your heart, remember you’re still “Jenny from the Block”, be grateful for the money you have and the air you breathe, give back to the world and you will win at life.  How do you find the balance between being business savvy and a nice person? Tell us in the comments! xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: How to Handle the Pressure of Being a Blogger Best & Worst Place for Bloggers to Grow Their Business  The One Thing All Bloggers Need to Know in 2017 The post How to Be Business Savvy & a Nice Person appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Why You Need to Make a Local Bucket List
19-01-2017 04:36:13
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  After getting such amazing feedback from this post (thank you for the amazing comments!), I decided to take it further and show you how I make the most of this beautiful city I call home! I’ve had this idea for a while now, but the new year helped me put it to the test… New York City is one of the greatest places in the world, but when you live here, it sort of becomes like any other place. Which it shouldn’t! Because you should live every day here like your last – there are so many things to see, so many places to eat, and so much to do… I don’t want to merely exist somewhere. I want to live it and breath it – the people, the places, the vibes… Maybe you don’t live in such an incredible and inspiring city, but that doesn’t mean your locale lacks its own visceral quirks. And maybe you don’t have the free time, but when the opportunity presents itself, you should definitely maximize it. I made a local bucket list for myself this year (like an actual pen-to-paper list). It’s comprised of all the sights I haven’t seen, things I want to try, and new restaurants I want to taste. I’m so humbled and grateful to be able to experience this city – to live the pace, breathe the air, and drink the water some of the world’s greatest individuals have. And you should do the same. Here are 3 excellent reasons to make a local bucket list wherever you are in the world: #1 It creates perspective. You’re actually making a point to see and explore the hidden treasures of the city you’re living in – no one else outside the boundaries of your city can experience those very things. Going out and touring your own city invigorates you with a sense of purpose. It opens up your eyes to things that often go unnoticed or sights you never cared to pay attention to. I encourage you to try everything even if it’s the most tourist-y thing possible – cross it off your list. #2 Makes you appreciative. You know the feeling you get when poring through your archives, childhood photos, or high school year book? Scouting and re-scouting your city creates the same wistful emotions and makes you appreciate where you are even more! An experience doesn’t have to be outrageous to be special… It’s the little things that matter. #3 Keeps thing fresh. We tend to become routine animals, discarding the new for the familiar… It isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s far from challenging or rewarding. Sure, make time for your regular things, but never forget to add new ones. New restaurants keep your palate fresh, new experiences keep you young, and new interests make you interesting… Never stop being interested! What’s on your local bucket list? Last weekend I crossed off one place already!   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   You Should Also Read: How Living Abroad Can Change Your Perspective On Life The Unexpected Price of Travelling The Best Reasons To Travel Alone The post Why You Need to Make a Local Bucket List appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 New Things My Skin Absolutely Loves Right Now
17-01-2017 18:18:37
Zanita Studio
I’m trying to become more selective, edited, and minimal when it comes to my skincare routine… because the level of sensitivity my skin hits in the bleak winter is serious business – consider yourself beyond lucky if you don’t have dry and acne-prone skin. I’ve learned the hard way that the best approach around this season is to carefully select highly nourishing cleansers, moisturizers, and masks while avoiding abrasive products. At night, I’m even trying to layer on less a few days a week and let the skin work its natural rhythms… I thought you might be interested in learning about some of the new things in skincare I’ve been using, which aren’t talked about enough in the blogosphere – they’ve really helped me achieve the level of comfort I’ve been reaping in my own skin… Griffin & Row Skin Cleanser Cream Ever since the temperatures have dropped, this cleanser has become my first pick morning and night. Although described as a cream cleanser, I think it feels more like a gel-cream hybrid that leaves the skin ultra soft, fresh, and most importantly, nourished. Often times, I’ll start noticing dry patches around this time of the year after cleansing, but it’s been over a month and I haven’t had that issue, which has been the most impressive thing so far. The only thing is it doesn’t remove eye makeup particularly well, but that’s no burden with a little micellar water. Griffin & Row Natural Skin Moisturizer I’m not sure if I said it here, but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to incorporate more natural beauty products into my life. Griffin & Row has obviously made that much easier for me at this point (and we’re only ~3 weeks into the new year!). I love that this moisturizer is basically a cocktail of all the oils I love – it doesn’t feel heavy, thick, or greasy, AND you only need a little bit to moisturize the entire face. You can use this one both day and night although I’ve mostly used it during the day and my skin has been enjoying it. Griffin & Row Exfoliating Cloth I’m in no way or form trying to promote this line, but it’s just super effective and **affordable**. If anything, the one thing they have reeled me in on is this muslin cloth. I know – I thought the same thing: What could be so special about a muslin cloth? I think it makes a genius gentle exfoliator for everyday. After continued use, I’ve felt that my pores are less clogged and I’ve noticed more clarity in my skin. Another way I like to use it is dousing it in hot water and laying it over my face like a mask for a few minutes – it’s such a versatile little gem…who would’ve known… Belif Overnight Brightening Mask I decided late last year that once a week, I’d forgo my retinols and fancy serums, and instead just apply an oil or overnight mask. I’ve never used an overnight mask before so I didn’t know what to expect, but this one by Belif has me convinced that miracles do exist in a jar. I have quite a bit of acne scars and really feel like this one has helped lightened them, but you have to use it consistently. I also feel like it revitalizes the skin beautifully after a rough night or if the chilly temps are just taking a toll on your skin. Be The Skin Non-Stimulus Face Polisher My favorite thing about this exfoliator is it’s exactly what I wanted – something nonabrasive, but actually removes the dead skin cells. You literally see bits of skin and debris rolling up as you massage this into your face. It’s gentle enough that I’m sure even the most sensitive skins can appreciate it. It’s for sure a Winter staple. You can pick it up at Peach & Lily.     xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: All-Natural Beauty Products That Will Blow Your Mind New Fall/Winter Lip Products I Can’t Put Down The Best Beauty Oils to Soothe Your Winter Skin The post 5 New Things My Skin Absolutely Loves Right Now appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog
16-01-2017 03:04:18
Zanita Studio
Blogging isn’t easy. There I said it. If blogging was easy, everyone would be successful in doing it. But that’s not the case, it’s actually quite the opposite. Only 4% of bloggers actually make a full-time living from blogging, 4%! That’s not very much, but it’s also not impossible either. A big reason bloggers don’t make it to the 4% is because they start a blog thinking ‘How hard could it be? I’ll just take really great pictures and get free stuff’. Even if you’re posting on your blog/Instagram in exchange for products (without monetary compensation), it can still be challenging. Brands are particular in who they work with even if they’re not paying. None of this stuff is to discourage you, in fact, it’s to encourage you to be the most prepared, hardest working, and determined blogger out there. So here is what you need to know before starting a blog: Blogging is 20% creation & 80% promotion… You can be the best content creator in the world but if you don’t know how to promote and market yourself, it’s pointless. You have to grab your readers’ attention through strategic promotion and then hook them with beautiful, meaningful content. This is the most time-consuming part about blogging in my opinion, but it’s also the most beneficial. From different social media accounts to groups, to hashtags, specific times, location tags, etc. – all of these things play a role in your blog promotion. If you’re producing content and only putting it on your blog or your personal Facebook page, it won’t reach many people, (unless your friend list is maxed out at 5,000 or whatever the limit is). Even still, 5,000 isn’t that many people to reach. Ideally, you want to reach hundreds of thousands of people if you’re trying to make blogging your full-time job. You’re always “on”… Being “on” means that everything you do and put out in the world needs to reflect your brand. If you’re enthusiastic and bubbly, you need to be enthusiastic and bubbly in everything you do on and offline. Obviously, we have our “off” days and that’s ok, but for the most part, you should be on-brand at all times. Some people will see your dedication to your blog and social media as sacrificing time with family, friends, being in the moment, etc. but the fact that you’re always documenting your experiences is actually a benefit to you. Not only does it create content for your blog and your brand, but it gives you something to look back on while everyone else was too busy “being in the moment” as you captured it. There is nothing wrong with being super passionate about your blog. In fact, it’s the bloggers that make their blogs their lives and their lives their blogs who are the most successful. Once you’ve been blogging for some time, your day-to-day life will easily be your inspiration for your blog and social channels. The people in your life will have to understand that, and those who truly support you will. Success doesn’t happen overnight/isn’t guaranteed… Our generation is extremely spoiled in that we can have almost anything we want instantly. I say almost because nothing is ever guaranteed. Successful blogging consists of a very unique recipe that is different for everyone.  Just because you start a blog or social media account doesn’t mean you’ll instantly be a star and get all kinds of gifts and get to travel the world for free. Blog success takes patience, hard work, and a positive attitude. It sounds corny and cliche but ask anyone who’s “made it” and they won’t tell you it’s because they were lazy and pessimistic. You need to go into blogging with the reality that things may not turn out as you hoped. You also need to realize you can make anything happen for yourself by the amount of hard work and perseverance you put forth. Make sure your resources are readily available… Because blogging can be quite overwhelming – you basically run an entire business by yourself – you want to make sure you and the tools you need are readily available. So if you need an hour a week to shoot photos for your blog with a DSLR, you need to make sure you have the time, someone to shoot you, and a DSLR. If you plan to take on all social media platforms you need to have content lined up and ready to be posted in advance. You also need a phone to post on social media from! Without these things, it’s certainly not the end of the world, but it will make things more challenging for you. For bloggers who are blogging as a side hustle, you should post on your blog 1-3 times a week – once a week at minimum. If you can’t do that, you should reconsider starting a blog. A successful blog is only successful when there’s consistency. You need to be available just as much as your tools. Blogging full-time is a 24/7 job, but blogging as a side hustle, even if you’re balancing a day job, relationship, family, your health, etc. is 100% manageable. You have to set aside time for your blog; the time isn’t just going to magically appear. You have to make it a point to be available, otherwise you don’t want it (blog success) as badly as you thought. And I know it’s possible because I do all of the above. And if I can do it, you can too. Do you have a blog OR are you thinking about starting one? Tell us in the comments!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: How to Make Your Blog Content Shareable 3 Steps to Handling Collaborations Like a Pro Blogger How to Blog About Stuff People Want to Read The post 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Pick a Niche for Your Blog
14-01-2017 01:48:43
Zanita Studio
When new bloggers get overwhelmed with picking a niche and creating content around that niche I always tell them “Starbucks started with one cup of coffee”. And it’s true! Starbucks started with one plain black cup of coffee and now they have lattes, espressos, teas, pastries, sandwiches, merchandise, etc. They’re one of the biggest coffee retailers in the world. So if you want to be one of the biggest bloggers in the world, you have to first become an expert in your niche (one thing) and then let your skills and experience expand with your blog. Here are the steps you can take in getting there: Write down your passions Yes, I know this is extremely cliche, yet so many bloggers fail to do it. When you’re starting a blog, you should be as organized as possible and make a projected timeline of where you see your blog headed. That means including what your passions are and if/how you’re going to incorporate them into your blog. If you’re a teacher with a passion for fashion, you can teach people/teachers how to be stylish in and out of the classroom. If you’re a travel junkie with a passion for photography, you can travel and take beautiful pictures of your adventures. Even if you have more than 2 passions, it’s important to write them all down and see if you can tie them together in a unique way to make outstanding content for your blog. The worst thing you can do is avoid your passions altogether and blog about something you think will be popular. You can only fake passion for so long before you’re exposed as a phony. Seriously. If you’re nervous about your passion not being cool or popular, that’s even more of an opportunity to find your niche. And if you feel passionate about something, no matter what it is, it’s likely there are other people out there who feel the same way and those people will be your target market. Narrow it down to one “cup of coffee” Once you have your list of passions, you can hone in on the ONE passion you’re most passionate about. It’s important to remember that by choosing just one topic/niche to focus on doesn’t mean you’re taking away from your other passions, it just means you’re being strategic and wanting to master one thing versus being mediocre at a lot of things. When you start with “one cup of coffee”, you can always switch to or add lattes, espressos, or teas (aka different blog topics). You will eventually get to the point where you’re a master of many things, but you need to start with one, which is why you pick a niche! Apply your experience/expertise A lot of bloggers start blogs to tap into a field they don’t have traditional experience in like fashion, fitness, music, photography, etc. And what bloggers don’t see is how their actual experience can come in handy with their blogs even if it’s seemingly unrelated. For example, my work experience is in teaching and real estate, but I blog about fashion and blogging as a business. I use my teaching chops to teach people how to blog and I use my real estate experience in taking photos, negotiating, and selling. The wonderful thing about blogging is that it is so diverse and the creativity is in your hands so you can make it whatever you want. So don’t think for a second your past experience can’t relate to blogging as a business because it absolutely can. Have a long-term game plan If you’re blogging about fashion and eventually want to work in fashion or start a clothing line, you’re on the right track. If you’re blogging about health and fitness and you want to start an interior design company, you may need to do some course correcting. Your niche needs to be aligned with what your tentative end goal is. Of course, all of that can change (which is why I say tentative), but nevertheless every move you make in terms of your blog should be in the direction of your long-term goals. It’s important to have long-term goals because it puts you in the mindset that your blog is going to be long-lasting. And long lasting consistency = success! What’s your blog niche? Tell us in the comments. xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: Want to Be a Contributor to Popular Blogs? Read This… How to Blog About Stuff People Want to Read  The Best Ways to Use Video on Your Blog The post How to Pick a Niche for Your Blog appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How Living Abroad Can Change Your Perspective On Life
12-01-2017 03:58:36
Zanita Studio
My journey abroad started back in 2012 when I moved from Portugal to Dubai. I lived in my hometown in Southern Portugal for 17 years, moved to Lisbon for college, and after that to Dubai to find work. My now husband (boyfriend at the time) got a job as a tennis coach there and we both said, why not... With nothing to lose, an open mind, and 2 huge suitcases, off we went. I still remember how anxious, sad, and lost I felt. Our trip took an entire day – going on a plane to London and then Dubai. By the time we got there, it was 8 in the morning. That adventure only lasted a year and a half. We found ourselves lacking challenge in a city that seemed to stand still, but Portugal wasn’t our next destination. We both agreed to come to New York City and ventured off looking for jobs. Like me, you might not know, but tennis coaches have it easy. They can find a job almost anywhere in the world so within a few days, my husband landed a job and our small idea came to fruition. Little did we know landing in New York a year later would change the course of our lives. Living abroad in a brand new country is one of the few life experiences that changes you completely. You’re never going to be the same person you were back at home. So much of what we do is taken for granted, and living abroad changes your perspective on life and how you live it – mainly because you start paying close attention to what would normally seem like mundane moments and strangers. If anyone of you are consumed with the travel bug, let me enlighten you… You start suffering from FOMO. For me, it’s with my parents. One of the things I miss the most is being able to hang out with them every other week. And, as depressed as it sounds, you’re sort of missing their lives and vice-versa. You also want to be there for important moments like weddings, anniversaries, and baby showers, but you can’t. Some of your friends will get annoyed with your absence, but it’s beyond your control because you’re on the wayside across the world. The distance makes you appreciate your friends and family so much more… I’ve learned that if there’s anything in the world that brings family and friends closer, it’s distance – that’s also the true test of relationships. You start to appreciate home. Every time I go back home, it feels magical – the way home should feel… Normal places I frequented every single day in the past suddenly transform into the light of my eyes. I love going around my hometown, taking pictures, and just sulking in its familiarity. It also makes you want to pretend you’re living in old times – just another day of strolling around downtown Lisbon. You become more aware. Being transplanted in unknown places definitely heighten your senses in every way. As a result, you just become more aware of your surroundings – the people, places, and landmarks. This starts to play out in your everyday life and in work. Awareness and attention to detail is never a bad thing. You start to find yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s so true. You’re never going to spend as much time alone as you do when living abroad. You have to get over the stigma of doing things like navigating an unknown territory alone. You’re going to face the most difficult times of your life, but also come out stronger and develop an incredible sense of self. I always knew I wanted to live abroad. Whether it was through study or employment, I just wanted to live. On my wedding day, 4 months prior to coming to New York, one of my best friends told me she knew I would come here one day. We both started crying, hugged, and took a shot. I don’t regret a single day. And even though NYC isn’t really my home, I can’t imagine living anywhere else right now. If you’re even thinking about living abroad, I’d encourage you to GO. Run. Don’t walk. Have you ever lived abroad? Tell me about your experience! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: The Ultimate Travel Workout The Unexpected Price of Travelling The Best Reasons To Travel Alone The post How Living Abroad Can Change Your Perspective On Life appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Holidays Are Gone, but Sale Season Isn’t
10-01-2017 23:53:46
Zanita Studio
Even though the holidays are gone, sale season is officially here! I always save up a few bucks for this time of year and hunt for the pieces I’ve coveted throughout the season. It’s a great opportunity to get a warm winter coat, great pair of boots, or that cute bag. The problem can be filtering through all your favorite brands because the options are plenty. The solution? As always, look no further. I’ve done that for you – we wouldn’t want you to miss out on great fashion deals. #1 Coats Coats are the epitome of winter and the best purchases you can make during a sale, mainly because you’re getting something you are certainly going to wear every single day at a great price. And given that outfits can get a bit boring in the winter, make sure you find a piece that stands out on its own and makes up for your entire look. Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1593519404581721150"));   #2 Knitwear Second most important part of winter: knits. Oh the coziness! For me, the fluffier the better. But picking out a good knit that will last you a few winters and survive all the coming and going is not necessarily easy. Make sure you look at the fabrics and pick the ones made out of wool or cashmere. Both will keep you warm. Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1593520653095418858"));   #3 Jeans I think jeans are my single most favorite thing. As of this past summer, I only had a few pairs, but through the course of a few months, my collection grew exponentially. Here in New York, I have to wear them with a pair of leggings underneath, but it’s totally worth it. Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1593521781391430108")); #4 Boots The only acceptable way to survive winter in New York City, are boots. Boots, boots, boots. They have to be mostly comfy, slip-proof, and puddle resistant. I walk through the streets of Manhattan too often, so it’s only natural that a pair of boots lasts me only a season. Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1593522394745909837")); #5 Bags Last but not least, the bag. Again, something that has to be practical and hold all your stuff. For me, huge totes are the way the go, so I can put away my beanie, camera, gloves, umbrella, tissues, lipstick, and a spare pair of socks – because you never know. Shop our favorites below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1593523638329120989")); Happy shopping! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: 5 Outfit Formulas All Women Should Have Ready To Wear The Winter Uniform Every Cool Girl Will Be Wearing What Fashion Girls Wear When It Rains Cats and Dogs The post Holidays Are Gone, but Sale Season Isn’t appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The 4 Step Foolproof Way to Start a Blog
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Zanita Studio
There is so much information out there about how to start a blog, how to be a successful blogger, how to make your blog stand out – we’ve seen them all. But what we haven’t seen is what they all have in common which is a domain, hosting service, blogging platform, and email address. Some articles will over complicate the process, while others don’t tell you the process at all, but I’m here to explain the 4 FOOLPROOF steps you need to start a blog. Step 1: Buy a domain The first step to making an official blog is to buy a domain name. Your domain is as important as you make it. If you plan on making a brand, your domain should align with that brand name. I know a few bloggers whose domains are totally different from their social media handles and brand names, but I’m sure there’s a strategy behind their choice. It all depends on your personal preference. I personally like to keep everything one name so it’s easily recognizable. Anyway, a domain isn’t just a .com website like notanotherblonde.COM. You can also have something like befrassy.NET or takeaim.NU. The most common place to get a domain is from You can also buy a domain from, but we’ll get to that in the next step. Now don’t panic if the .com version of the domain you pick is taken. There are millions of people out there with millions of domains and it’s likely that someone had the same idea for a domain as you, so you either choose a super creative and unique name or go for your original name with a .net, .org, .blog, or .biz domain. Whatever you do, take your time in choosing the perfect domain because there is a lot in a name, especially if it is going to represent who you are as a person and the direction you want your blog to go. Step 2: Self-host your blog The easiest way to make a blog is by simply signing up on Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr. But if you want to make a blog like a pro then you’ll need to self-host your blog on a site like Bluehost. A self-hosting site like Bluehost is the glue that keeps your domain and actual blog together. Without hosting, you have no blog and without a blog, you just have an inactive domain. The reason why people pay to self-host their blogs over using a free service like Blogger is because self-hosting gives you complete control over every aspect of your blog. You can turn your blog into an eCommerce site, you can have it redirected elsewhere, you can adjust the PHP, FTP, and whatever other 3-letter word web lingo there is. When you use free services, the service is the one who owns your blog, not you. So any changes they choose to make are out of your control. Even though self-hosting a blog means paying for it, in the long-run it’s worth it if you really want to build a lifelong brand. It’s a small price to pay for a safe home for your blog. Step 3: Use is hands down the best CMS (content management system) to use for a blog. Almost every pro blogger uses WordPress. The few who are still with other systems will switch eventually, trust me. Bluehost gives you control of the backend of your blog and gives you complete control of the frontend. allows you to make your blog as pretty, as plain, or as intricate as you want. It’s as simple as that. Actually, navigating around WordPress isn’t that simple, which is why so many bloggers love it – it has so many options! Once you play around with it for a week or so, you’ll be a pro in no time. And if that doesn’t work, you can always hire someone to help (Bluehost and WordPress have plenty of choices). Step 4: Set up a domain email The final step in making a blog like a pro is setting up an email. An email with your domain’s .com address is as official as it gets for a beginner blogger. This is your contact information for brands, other bloggers, and anyone else who wants to work with you. Having a gmail account is great, but it’s something anyone can do. An official domain email takes a little more elbow grease than the simple click of a button and it shows that you’re serious about your blog. If you can’t figure out how to make an email address through your domain, again, Bluehost and WordPress are great resources to use for help. The road to becoming a successful blogger is a long, challenging, and wild journey but these 4 steps will help to get you on your way. What do you find is the most difficult part about making a blog? Tell us in the comments!  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: How to Handle the Pressure of Being a Blogger  Maintaining Your Blog in 2017 (OCD Style) How Bloggers Can Storytell Like a Boss in 3 Steps The post The 4 Step Foolproof Way to Start a Blog appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Tips to Keep Kicking Ass in 2017
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Zanita Studio
  Hard to believe we’re already one week well into the New Year! While we love resolutions and all – and everyone’s pumped up to work on their new goals – we thought it’d be good to remind you that you’re doing just fine! Several people didn’t seem to have such a dandy 2016, but no matter what happened, it’s always important to take the lessons and move forward. Maybe you didn’t kick a whole lot of ass last year (bravo to those of you who did), but it’s never too late to start. Here are a few ways you can keep kicking ass in 2017… – Create ongoing projects. If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time for ongoing projects, which is basically the same as doing lots of little experiments. Most people are too focused on becoming “viral” or getting that “big break”… While it’s possible, it’s R-A-R-E! There’s only one solution: Keep up a series of work that will help inch your way towards your final goal. For instance, if you want to become a better photographer, plan a series of photoshoots. Don’t wait until it’s convenient or until you have substance to shoot… If you want to blog, write 3-4 times a week. You can’t wait until something exciting happens. – Imagine often. Don’t know the what you want to do for the rest of your life? No problem. Imagine it… What would an ideal work day look like for you? Where would you be? What would you be doing and who’s there with you? How would you feel? Really think about it because what you visualize you become. If you already know, but you’re not there yet, keep imagining it until it becomes embedded in your subconscious. You’ll then know what you need to do in order to get there. – Reflect and reflect. Backtrack, correct the course, and move along. Everyone makes mistakes – even the most perfect person you can imagine. The key is to not get stuck in those mistakes, but to reflect on what went wrong and either fix it or prevent it the next time. Remember how far you’ve come, what you did to get there, and that good things take time. – Don’t stop. You have to keep going. The passion dies down… The desire stops… Inspiration fades… The mind becomes tiresome and the body exhausted, but DON’T stop. Go through the motions even on the bad days and you’ll eventually come out on top. – Do YOU the best you can. People will look down on you… Others will move forward at a faster pace than you… But don’t pay too much attention to everyone else around you. Everyone has to find their own way, so you just have to do what makes the most sense for you. Make everything you touch the best extension of yourself. Good luck and keep kicking ass in 2017! You Should Also Read How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Realistic How To: Make Your 20’s Count The 5 Things I Regret Most The post Tips to Keep Kicking Ass in 2017 appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Best Beauty Oils to Soothe Your Winter Skin
6-01-2017 00:45:25
Zanita Studio
I don’t know about you, but by the time Christmas is over, my skin is parched beyond belief… My foolproof solution: Beauty Oils! Only as of late 2015 did I start venturing off into oils, and it sucks I waited that long because every year prior, my skin would be insanely dry and irritated around winter. I’ve had the luxury of testing several oils now over the last three months and wanted to share my top favorites. If you don’t find oils being hydrating enough, I recommend you go even further and top it off with a super moisturizing cream like something from La Mer or this Saturday Skin one, which I reviewed here. Tatcha Gold Camellia Oil It’s no surprise I’ve become an avid Tatcha user by now, and that’s because everything I’ve used has been gentle yet effective not to mention the beautiful packaging! This is a multipurpose oil, which can be disappointing because it’s quite small – you get 1 ounce – but on the upside, a little goes a long way. I find one drop to be plenty for my entire face and it skins in really nicely. It’s super calming, smells lovely, and most importantly, keeps my skin moisturized even through the brisk cold. Belif Aqua Gel Oil This product is especially unique because it’s not your expected oil – it’s a gel consistency that would make the perfect starter oil for anyone new to this category. It’s fast-absorbing and feather-weight. The only downside is that I don’t find it as hydrating as some of the other ones on here; however, a light layering of moisturizer does the trick! Normal, combo, oily skin girls who have patchy skin will definitely love this one! If you’re on the drier side, just know it’ll need some help. Fresh Seaberry Oil I spoke of the Fresh Seaberry Oil before, but it remains a staple… Holy grail to be exact. I’ve decided to forgo eye cream altogether and use this one instead. It instantly enlivens the skin and gives a nice youthful glow. It’s pretty heavy, feeling greasy at first but goes undetectable once the skin soaks it all up. Nuxe Dry Oil I’ve still been using this Nuxe Oil on my skin every night and it’s the fastest absorbing of them all yet just as effective. I love this on my elbows and cuticles – takes care of all my dry patches! It’s best to apply this straight out of the shower! Thanks to this oil, I’m pretty much giving up on creams, lotions, and anything in that range. My only gripe is that I’m not in love with the scent, but it doesn’t linger so it’s not that big of a deal. Caudalie Divine Oil Of course, I have to mention the very first oil I ever used – the Divine Oil! My daughter loves this stuff (probably more than I do) – it soothes her eczema and the spray nozzle is just so convenient. It’s light, soothing, and moisturizing all at the same time; I alternate between this one and Nuxe. I’ve found the scent on this one more pleasant – it’s very relaxing especially after a long shower and the bottle lasts a super long time! Love love! What oils have you been using this season? Let me know in the comments!   SHOP MORE OILS! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1593064762358429848"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: All-Natural Beauty Products That Will Blow Your Mind New Fall/Winter Lip Products I Can’t Put Down Beauty Must Haves For Dry Skin This Season The post The Best Beauty Oils to Soothe Your Winter Skin appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Handle the Pressure of Being a Blogger
4-01-2017 23:32:21
Zanita Studio
Big, small, wealthy, broke, black, white, no matter what kind of blogger you are, you will experience pressure. With social media innovating at the speed of light, it’s hard to keep up. And when bloggers try to “keep up with the Kardashians”, it can turn into a big ol’ stress mess real quick! As a blogger, you have a neverending “to-do” list filled with daily blog tasks (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) upcoming collaborations, and new strategies you want to implement to grow your brand. It’s overwhelming, to say the least. Then when you feel like you’re gaining momentum and the to-do list becomes shorter and shorter, you’re slapped with some bump in the road (i.e. Instagram changes its algorithm for the 100th time), which puts you back at square one. You start with Plan A and end on Plan D and the pressure to do things bigger and better than the last time is inescapable. Deep breaths. So if you’re feeling the pressure of being a blogger, here’s what you can do right now… Realize you’ll never be anyone else Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you’ll never be Zanita, Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song, or Danielle Bernstein. You will only ever be you and you’ll only ever be able to offer your gifts that only you have. What I mean by that is each blogger (Zanita, Chiara, Aimee, Danielle) has a special talent or a unique point-of-view which is what got said blogger to where she is today. There’s no replicating that. And if you do try to recreate a cheaper version of someone else, it will blow up in your face. Trust me, I tried it when I first started blogging. I saw other bloggers wearing Jeffery Campbell Litas, so I went out and bought Jeffery Campbell Litas! But I wasn’t a Jeffery Campbell Lita kinda girl and I ended up doing one photoshoot with them and then they collected dust far back in the closet. And I didn’t stop there… I continued to buy sky high heels because I thought that’s what was appealed to people when really, what appeals to people is authenticity. The whole point of blogging is to share your story by creating a realistic portrayal of your style, your personality, and your life to some degree. And when you lose your sense of reality, that’s when you lose yourself to the pressure of blogging. Follow people who keep it real I’m a HUGE advocate of keepin’ it real and I only follow bloggers/celebrities who do the same. I’m not interested in bloggers who never have a bad moment, who never let their online persona falter, or who say blogging is “easy” or that they just “fell” into success. When you’re struggling, I want to see it! I mean, not all of it of course, but I want to know you’re a human, like me, with feelings, like me, who struggles from the hustle, like me. This helps keep things in perspective so you don’t fold under the pressure of being a blogger. Do ONE thing right now One of the best books I’ve ever read was The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. I read it years ago and I STILL use its principles today. I literally ask myself “the one thing” every day to help keep me focused and organized. I have to. Otherwise, I’d use escapism via YouTube, reality TV, and social media to distract me from growing my business. So before you get sucked into the compairson game ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can do right now that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?” Much of the pressure we experience is brought on by ourselves so step back, take a deep breath, and do ONE thing that will help you get to the next thing. Before you know it those lofty goals won’t be so hard to achieve after all. Final thoughts: Don’t stress. Take things one step at a time. 2017 is going to be a great year, I feel it. xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read:  How to Handle Change That’s Out of Your Control How to Make Your Blog Content Shareable The One Thing All Bloggers Need to Know in 2017 The post How to Handle the Pressure of Being a Blogger appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Maintaining Your Blog in 2017 (OCD Style)
2-01-2017 17:05:28
Zanita Studio
I don’t think I’ve ever talked about my OCD tendencies. Well now that the cat is out of the bag, I recall refusing to leave the house until I counted my steps and my Barbie dolls were perfectly positioned in my bedroom as a child, which was quite inconvenient for my poor mom. But now I feel my OCD tendencies really come in handy, especially for blogging. I’m always a week ahead of the game with my blog posts – I have a to-do list every single day with things I know I can actually accomplish, and I won’t stop a photoshoot (even in 18-degree weather) until I know I got “the shot”. I literally won’t do anything else until I know my blog is taken care of – no dinner, no hanging with friends, no boyfriend, and no laundry until my blog baby is ok. Now, I may go to some extremes and other bloggers do just the opposite and blog after everything else is taken care of. There’s nothing wrong with either as long as you’re consistent. Consistency is the ultimate secret to maintaining your blog with or without OCD. So let’s look at how you can do that for 2017, shall we? Get a planner & plan content for the month My Sugar Paper Planner has saved my life. I don’t leave the house without it. I’m able to write down in the little squares what content I’m posting on what day and time. Then further along in the planner, there is a place to jot down your to-do list for each day. And in the back of the planner, there’s a notes section where I brainstorm ideas for Not Another Blonde and write down my goals for the month/year. You don’t need some fancy online digital planner that costs $99 a month. All you need is a simple, “old-fashioned” planner with space to write stuff down. I think there is something to writing down your goals and to-do list – pen to paper – that solidifies what you’re trying to accomplish. I read something once that said you’re 3x more likely to accomplish your goals when you write them down, which makes total sense to me. Once I’ve physically written something down, it’s like a switch goes off and I have to follow through, no matter what. (Side note: Goal making is a controversial topic for me, comment below if you want to know more about making attainable goals for 2017.) Brand your blog style Even though I think every day you wake up is a day to start over, the New Year signifies fresh new starts for many. So if you’re one of those people and you want to rebrand your blog style, let 2017 be the year. The goal of branding is to be unmistakably identified as you. For example, when you see the big red Target logo, you know that represents the brand Target. Obviously, branding goes beyond big corporations. There are a handful of bloggers who have perfected the art of branding and there are also huge corporations who haven’t perfected branding at all. So it doesn’t matter your size, as much as it matters your strategy. Branding also goes much further than a logo. Branding is your pictures, your blog layout, your infographics/quotes (if you have any), your color scheme, your voice, etc. For example, I use the exact same editing on all my pictures (my OCD tendencies comes in handy there). I’m a pretty minimal blogger so my blog reflects that. I also will edit all of my blog tip pictures in the exact same way (the title of the post and my URL, outlined by a white or black box). There are other bloggers whose brands are more colorful, bold, artsy, simple which reflect their personalities. Regardless of how you choose to brand your blog in 2017, again, the key is consistency. Keep grinding, keep branding, and people will catch on. Edit your content once a month Every month I conduct a “content audit” where I go through and edit my blog posts to make them relevant to my current brand. When I rebranded Not Another Blonde last year I went through and added entirely new pictures to every single blog post (OCD tendencies at its best). I also checked, added, and deleted links within my blog posts. And if my views on a certain topic had changed, I either edited some paragraphs or deleted the blog post entirely. If you’re a new blogger, this is the perfect time to start editing. Your content will be much easier to maintain having only a few blog posts under your belt versus having hundreds, or even thousands of blog posts to edit. No matter where you are in your blogging game, if you start in 2017, it will save you a ton of time later and it will make your blog more “browsable”. You want your blog to be a relevant, up-to-date, and credible source of information for your readers. I have a really great feeling about 2017, and I’m not just saying that to get you pumped. I really think we’re going to see some exciting changes in social media and just blogging in general so I hope you take these tips seriously with you into the New Year. And as always if you have any questions, comment below! How do you plan to maintain your blog in 2017? Tell us in the comments!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde Image Source Credits – Not Your Standard You Should Also Read: 4 Steps to Give Your Blog a Makeover in 2017 Best & Worst Place for Bloggers to Grow Their Business What to Do if Your Blog is Slow Around the Holidays The post Maintaining Your Blog in 2017 (OCD Style) appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Truth About Blogging for a Living (after 1 year at Zanita Studio)
1-01-2017 07:30:54
Zanita Studio
I did it! I lasted one full year at Zanita Studio – well that was a few weeks ago, but it still feels amazing as we head into 2017. I’m lucky to be a part of this booming industry and so many girls remind me every single day how blessed I am to have this kind of opportunity – I know – so humbled and grateful… Anyway, obviously, I’m not really a blogger, but I essentially blog for a living. I’ve talked to many high-caliber bloggers on several occasions, dabbled in the daily activities of a blogger, and worked alongside amazing OG blogger, Zanita. Now that I’ve been on the inside for a smidgen over a year now, I thought it’d be great to let you know the truth about blogging for a living… Blogging takes painful dedication… Blogging is not your average past-time. As easy as it looks, it’s no easy feat. The reason only a select few rise to the top and discover true success is because they suck up the painful dedication blogging demands. When you’re THE photographer, model, creative director, copy writer, and assistant, it’s easy to raise up the white flag and quit. It’s easy to say, “I’m sick and I’m not going to post until I get better”, but a true blogger knows, this must go up and the quality must be unparalleled. Posting means showcasing your best work even when you feel your worst. It can suck the life out of you… In the process of building a business, you must be willing to sacrifice and put forth your time and effort under all circumstances. Under NO requirement, I found myself up til 2 am or up at 5:30 am trying to make something work for the sake of a “blog” – it’s that serious when it’s your job. It’s physically and mentally exhausting and draining at times, but necessary to make a blog come together – the end result is beyond gratifying though. My point is, blogging can literally suck the life out of you – you have to love the industry that much in order to survive at times. As much fun as it seems, it’s equally as much hard work. A job is a job no matter what you think, and it always requires 110%. Fashion remains a small part of the business… Most people want to get into this business for the love of clothes, but a great fashion sense remains a small piece of the pie. You have to be strategic, business-minded, and intelligent in order to be sustainable. Being well-dressed is only 10% of the formula… Are you ready for business? Real bloggers have so much strategy and thought behind their every move – you’d be surprised at how serious of a business this is. Azalle is just days from launching, and you’ll be getting a real taste of what reality is like from several industry insiders and I mean it! We keep saying it, but I mean it – WATCH THIS SPACE! Photography reigns… The one thing you can’t afford to flounder in is your visuals. Photography is such a key aspect of blogging and branding today that it’s basically become a non-negotiable. Plan your shoots carefully, source talented, but aspiring photographers, and learn the photo editing game like a retoucher to get your best shots out there. If actions speak louder than words, than photography is IT in blogging. Zanita’s updated Fashion & Blog Photography course available only on Azalle is sure to teach major insider lessons, so stay tuned over the next few days. There’s no elevator to success… As often as it seems to happen, success doesn’t happen overnight. Everything takes time… Money and business takes time… Every REAL blogger knows this, that’s why no one just calls quits. Every content piece that you publish gives you room for traction, and over time your conversions build. Everything takes time. Don’t wait to start. Start now! xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: What I Discovered About Top Bloggers By Working at Zanita Studio 4 Actionable Tips on Creating a Kick-Ass Life Honest Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Like A Complete Failure The post The Truth About Blogging for a Living (after 1 year at Zanita Studio) appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Perfect Smokey Eye for New Year’s Eve
30-12-2016 23:09:19
Zanita Studio
Savoring the last few days of 2016… Recovering from a stomach virus is no fun feat, but lucky for makeup (and fashion), we can always look a little livelier, and with New Year’s just around the corner, let’s ring into the new year on the right note… So, I’ve been testing out a few new product launches, which have all been incredibly wonderful – so wonderful that I decided to throw them all together for a New Year’s Eve look, focusing on the perfect smokey eye. The most interesting thing is, the majority of them are all natural! Tarte Pro Glow Palette First up is the Tarte Pro Glow Palette – this is every highlighter-lover’s dream come true. You get 4 powder highlight shades, two that are more golden and suits darker skin tones, and then two that are P.E.R.F.E.C.T for fair-medium skin toned girls like me. They’re drop dead gorgeous and insanely pigmented. One swipe is all you need to glow. You also get one cream contour shade, which is perfect if you like that ultra-sculpted look, and then a block of Tarte’s Pink Avenue Princess – a foolproof bronzer for everyone. Tarte Pro Palette It’s been a long time since I dabbled with Tarte eyeshadows – like 10 years long – but I’ve been missing out (and maybe you have too). I’ve become more and more of a matte eye shadow lover over the years and 80% of this palette is matte! You get a decent mix of warm and cool tones, but there are quite a bit of purple, magenta type colors. I’ve been into looking quite grungy, so I’m reaching more and more for those type colors on my eyes. The shadows apply evenly and blend out like a dream. Griffin + Row Natural Moisturizer This is my first introduction to Griffin + Row, and certainly won’t be my last encounter. After two full day’s use, I can say I’m in love. This moisturizer is thicker in texture than any I’ve owned, so you don’t need a whole lot of it. But it’s very emollient, blends out very easily, and keeps the skin moisturized even through the wind and crazy cold. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on the face and smells very light and lovely. Ilia Multi-Stick If it isn’t obvious that I’m an Ilia addict yet, I am and these multi-stick add to the magnet. They’re especially perfect for occasions like New Year’s because they’re multi-purpose – eyes, lips, and face! The two colors I have fall in a warm-orange tone, which is all the better as I’ve been really into warm eyes. They feel subtle, non-sticky, and look so pretty on the skin. The lasting power isn’t that great, but they’re so portable, I’m not complaining. I’m taking these through Spring for sure. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer No sleep + Sickness + Irate skin is no good, but thank god for Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage Concealer. This is the big guns… Hides just about anything you want, but the only problem is it isn’t super for dry skin gals like me. So, just make sure you moisturize really well and you won’t have a problem. Good bye acne scars. Anything new on the market you’ve tested? Be sure to let me know!     Shop my favorites! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1592500512163795951"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: 6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders New Fall/Winter Lip Products I Can’t Put Down Quick Holiday Look for Girls on the Go The post The Perfect Smokey Eye for New Year’s Eve appeared first on Zanita Studio.
2016 Was The Year Of…
30-12-2016 14:00:42
Zanita Studio
It seems like 2016 just started last week. Where has this year gone? At the Studio, it was a whirlwind of things after things and we haven’t quite settled with the new year coming, but that hasn’t prevented us from mulling over all that has happened in the past 12 months. Talk about insanity! All in all, it seemed to be a down year for most. It feels like we all lost someone or something – even if just faith in humanity. BUT, we also had amazing things happen and took many steps forward in society. Starting with the bad news… 2016 was the year Donald Trump got elected President of the United States. 2016 was the year terrorism seemed unstoppable. 2016 was the final year of David Bowie, Robin Williams, Alan Rickman, Prince, Fidel Castro, and many other iconic figures. 2016 was the year of the Zika virus spreading like wildfire. 2016 was the year the highest temperatures in history (on record) were registered. 2016 was the year of Brexit… But we also had many good ones… 2016 was the year with many female protagonists on screen. 2016 was the year a woman president almost became president of the United States. 2016 was the year Leonardo DiCaprio won an oscar. 2016 was the year Beyoncé released Lemonade. 2016 was the year the Portuguese national team won the European Championship for the first time in history. 2016 was the year Bob Dylan won a Nobel Prize. 2016 was the year James Charles became the first male face of makeup brand Cover Girl. Above of all, 2016 was the year we surely became stronger and more aware of what goes on around us. We like to think that each passing year helps us grow, learn and work harder. We welcomed new members to our little team, we faced new and difficult challenges, we set up to launch an educational platform, and strived to be better because of you. The reason we do all of this is because of you – YOU – who comes back supporting, commenting, and just dropping by. 2016 was the year we realized how important our readers are to us and how we want to make the digital world a better place for them. We are getting ready to face a new year full of challenges, newness, and greatness. 2016 was great and terrible in so many ways, but we are always going to be grateful we got to enjoy another 365 days of this world. Happy New Year everyone!   You Should Also Read How to Stay in Shape for the Holidays 4 Steps to Give Your Blog a Makeover in 2017 Best & Worst Place for Bloggers to Grow Their Business The post 2016 Was The Year Of… appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Realistic
28-12-2016 14:32:36
Zanita Studio
  2017 is just a breath away. And while we’re still trying to understand where the year went, it’s that time again. The time to make resolutions and promises – when we look in the mirror and say that this is the year we are getting in shape. Or the year we’re going to stop procrastinating… While it’s great to make them, we’re almost surely going to break them. So the question is, how can we commit to defining resolutions that are actually going to stick – or, better yet, commit to any resolution? First, you have to really want to do it… There’s no way you can do something if you don’t prepare yourself mentally for what you want. No matter how many promises you make, if your mindset is not there, you won’t commit. Step 1 Make realistic New Year’s resolutions. Don’t go all out to start…a 180º life change takes time. Much like starting to exercise, do it step by step, not rushing any situation. If you do want to get in shape, start by setting small goals like running 3 times a week or cutting back on sugar and only eating it 3 times a week. Step 2 Know your weaknesses. If you recognize and realize what your weaknesses are, you can work from there. If you want to cut back on your shopping habits, stop browsing online. If your resolution is to break up with someone, be prepared for what the other person might say to you to persuade you not to. If you know you’re not a morning workout person, find time to do it at lunch time or later in the day. Write your weaknesses down if you have to. Step 3 Be all in. Change is one of the hardest things to do as human beings. It’s not easy – it takes a lot of effort, sweat, tears, and even beating your own fears and insecurities. That’s why making realistic resolutions is the best way for you to be all in. You’re not setting yourself up to failure if you know your weaknesses and know you have the strength to really commit. Step 4 Find someone to do it with. You can always ask for help – the highest sign of humbleness. If you know that you cannot pursue your resolutions alone, ask for someone to do them with you. Find a workout buddy, learn a language with your mother, take a course with a friend, go on a diet with your husband. As long as you’re both motivating each other, that’s a great way to do it. Step 5 Don’t beat yourself up about it. The problem with resolutions are the high expectations we throw ourselves into. Motivation in the beginning is at 100%. But day by day, it decreases and we are faced with dealing with our own frustrations. If you’re committing to something and failing, go back to step 1. Set realistic goals, and ask yourself how you can do them without constantly feeling beat up about it. In the end, resolutions should be about making us better, healthier, more knowledgeable, or whatever it is you want to become. It’s great for us to set goals for ourselves and really go through with them. If you’re waiting for the right time, don’t. Don’t wait around to start your business, to be healthier, to be happier. Make that happen because those decisions are the ones you never regret. The right time is now! You Should Also Read 5 Books That Will Make You Want To Stay Home How To Finish Your Personal Projects Before It’s Too Late How You Can Make Your Mondays Better The post How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Realistic appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 Steps to Give Your Blog a Makeover in 2017
27-12-2016 03:09:08
Zanita Studio
About 2 years ago I gave my blog a makeover for the New Year. I changed my blog name, picked a different niche, switched my color scheme, and upgraded my blog layout. Since then, my blog has gone through several revisions to get it to the place it is now. And every day, I see things I want to change or improve, but such is the life of a blogger! Anyway, with my blog’s new makeover, I was determined to find my voice, brand my blog, and make it work for real this time. If you want to start your blog off with a bang in 2017, you may want to think about giving it a makeover. #1 Make your blog legit with a .com name If you haven’t bought a domain name through a service like GoDaddy or Bluehost, 2017 is the time to do it. The longer you wait, the more chance there is for your domain to be snatched up. .coms go VERY quickly so if you know your name or are looking to change it and solidify your brand with a .com website, do it ASAP! Even if your .com blog name is taken, there are other alternatives like .blog, .org, .net, .me, .biz, anything you can think of the web world has. 2017 is the year you can finally get rid of your account and step into the big league with a or any self-hosted website. #2 Change your aesthetic It’s almost impossible to have a completely original brand anymore. Any color scheme or aesthetic you choose, someone has already done, or is thinking about doing, which is fine. What someone else can’t do is be you. And no matter how hard you try you will never be able to be anyone but yourself. Because there’s only one you, there is a way to change your aesthetic that is totally unique to YOU. I can’t tell you what that is but you can certainly experiment with different colors, filters, editing techniques, poses, and fonts. A fun trick to test out your aesthetic on Instagram is by creating a fake private account and play around with filters and different layout options. Some people go for a picture pattern like shoes, full body outfit, selfie or sitting, standing,  jumping… you get the picture, (no pun intended). If you need to get some inspiration, just browse Instagram/other bloggers’ blogs. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers and creatives on there to get ideas from. There are so many ways you could take your new aesthetic – you just have to think creatively and logically about the message you’re trying to send. #3 Try a new blog layout As a blogger, you have to be innovative. There are new technologies, platforms, and all kinds of different things emerging so you need to be on top of it! And most of the time that means changing your blog layout to meet the needs of your readers and keep up with technology. A new blog layout could just mean making your blog mobile friendly, changing your menu bar or side bar, or adding a new feature. It could also mean completely revamping your format, which isn’t a bad idea every once in a while. The days of blog post after blog post after blog post are over. You want your blog layout to be as interesting and user-friendly as possible while showcasing your latest blog posts, videos, products, etc. If these things aren’t visible right away, people could get bored and leave. First impressions are everything. You only have a few seconds to make one so you might as well create some intrigue with a clever and clean blog layout. #4 Pick a different niche Picking a different niche or niching down definitely requires a little more work than making cosmetic changes to your blog/brand. As some of you may know, my niche in 2014 was totally different from my niche now. In 2014 I was blogging about self-development on a spiritual level and health and wellness. As my voice and interests grew over the years, it only made sense for my blog to grow with them. It is completely normal and don’t be worried about losing followers or what people will think of you. Take Zanita for example. What started as an online fashion lookbook has now turned into a full-blown lifestyle digital publication. It’s a one-stop shop! This is your journey and the people who really support you will stick by you no matter what you blog about. Tell us, what changes are you going to make on your blog in 2017?  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: 4 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out for the Holidays  What to Do If Your Blog is Slow Around the Holidays  How to Make Your Blog Content Shareable The post 4 Steps to Give Your Blog a Makeover in 2017 appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Stocking Stuffers to Save Procrastinators from a Christmas Fail
21-12-2016 22:10:20
Zanita Studio
It’s been a while, but I swear I’m not procrastinating – not at work anyway, but I’m quite behind my Christmas shopping. These last two weeks have been no-joke crazy and because I’ve been so busy hustling, I’m feeling for everyone who’s also been hustling… We’re now 3 days down til Christmas, and where I live, going from one place to another is not a walk in the park. So, my options are limited: 1. Go to a one-stop shop like Nordstrom, Target, or Sephora, or 2. Get on the Internet. And if you know me, then there’s no guessing that I’m going on the Internet. I’ve got about a dozen people left to shop for so instead of going the big-gift route, I’m opting for miracle stocking stuffers that’ll save me from a Christmas FAIL! I’ve already hauled my top picks and I think you (or your peeps) will love them just as much. (Warning: It’s a hefty list!) For the girls who obsess over their skin Peach & Lily Face Masks Winter is harsh on our skin, and I don’t know any girl who wouldn’t want more face masks. The great thing is, they come in 3, so you can give them individually (maybe something for your co-workers), or keep one to yourself… Belif Chamomile Cleansing Stick Anyone who complains about dry skin is bound to love this stick. It’s super gentle, smells earthy and amazing, and keeps the skin soft & supple. The only thing is it doesn’t remove makeup that well… Dewytree Blackhead Out Nose Patch I first got a hold of these patches from Beauty Beyond Borders (3bbox), and they were so effective (and painful), I went for the full pack. I love these and use them once every two weeks. No facial required – they extract and remove all the gunk in your pores. Glossier Super Pure Serum I love this serum because it effectively combats blemishes without drying my skin out… Anyone struggling with acne would really appreciate this. I was so sad when they were out of stock, but they just got a fresh batch in, so I ordered 3 just to be safe. You can get 20% off your first Glossier purchase with this link! For the girls who can’t face the world without coverup Physician’s Formula Cushion Foundation Anyone who has a thing for cute packaging will fall head over heels for this cushion. That’s just an added bonus though, the real benefits come in the wonderful texture, high SPF coverage, and daily wear. I was really surprised with its performance at such a low price point. For the girls who need their highlight Tarte Pro Glow To-Go I’ve LOVED Tarte blushes for years, got my hands on the revered Park Avenue Princess Bronzer over the summer, and just tapped into its highlighters. All three are heaven sent. Every single person who loves contouring & highlighting will undoubtedly appreciate this mini version. Physician’s Formula Super BB Contour Trio Winter is a great time to swap out powder products for creams, and this one’s a great one to rotate in. I found the formulation very creamy, pigmented, and easy to work with. This product will essentially take care of your contour, highlight, and blush for girls on the go. Zoeva Strobe Gels I reviewed these lovely strobe gels here and realized how perfect of a gift they’d make. This product is super novel and innovative… It’s rare, so I highly doubt your friends or family have it in their stash. It’ll be perfect for anyone who’s makeup game is strong. I promise, they’ll be surprised. For the girls all about their eyes vegaBROW Volumizing Serum For anyone’s who ever asked if there’s a way to grow your brows, this VegaBrow serum seems really promising. I find it appealing because it’s 100% vegan, cruelty and hormone-free. I haven’t tried it myself, but this one’s for a good friend. I’ll report back if you’re interested (let me know in the comments)! Tarte Happy Girls Shine Brighter Palette Tarte killed it with their palette offerings this year. This one in particular gives you a nice range of light, medium, and dark colors to work with. Plus, you get a blush and one eyeshadow that works as a highlight. It’s great for on-the-go and the quality of the shadows are beautiful. Mac Nutcracker Eyeshadow Palette The packaging here is super adorable, and I love the color combinations that came with each palette, but I chose the smokey eye one because I’m kinda smokey eye obsessed. All the colors work cohesively with one another. Anyone being introduced to eyeshadow will no doubt love it. Tarte Maneater Self-Sharpening Eyeliner I love a good black eyeliner – I didn’t find the black too intense here, but still enjoyed it nonetheless. The self-sharpening concept is genius, it glides on easily, and is long lasting. One of my sisters only wears black eyeliner, so this one’s for her. Tarte Maneater Volumizing Mascara The Tarte Lash Paint was so crazy impressive (reviewed here) that I knew I had to try the new Maneater one, and OMG – false lash effect to great heights. I don’t even wear falsies, but I’m not complaining. I’m starting to think Tarte makes the best mascaras! Tarte Pro to Go Palette I had a budding love for for warm eyeshadows this past summer, and this little palette completes that part of me. It’s so holiday appropriate and such an appealing price! For the girls who survive on lipgloss Tatcha Red Camellia Lip Balm Full review here, but I’m still loving it. Anyone who complains about dry lips will love you for this. Tarte Lip Paint & Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme Both these products were also reviewed here, but they were so good, I deem them giftable!  I don’t really prefer any one over the other, but the Tarte one definitely caters to a younger audience, while luxe-lovers will appreciate the LMDB. Alright guys, gotta run – that was a mouthful, but hope it was helpful! Talk soon! Shop My Picks! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1591592048349115586")); xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: 6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders Holiday Gift Sets Too Beautiful to Open Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now The post Stocking Stuffers to Save Procrastinators from a Christmas Fail appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Winter Essentials to Fight the Harsh Cold
21-12-2016 02:33:58
Zanita Studio
Winter has officially set in New York and most of North America. While we love cozying up inside, hot cocoa (or tea), and snuggling up for Netfix, most of us have work to frequent, holiday parties to attend, and Christmas shopping to undertake (catch our under $150, $250 and $500 gift guides). To fight off this harsh cold, there’s only one possible solution: Layer up! But it’s not easy and even considered an art to some… We admit, getting one garment over another while still looking fabulous is tricky. There’s a bit of science behind it, but that’s what we’re here for. Get ready to brave the low temps with these solutions! #1 Find a good coat The most important thing, is to find a good, warm coat – make it your splurge of the year if you must. No pair of heels or special handbag is going to save you when the temperatures hit the negatives. So it’s imperative to pick it right! #2 Invest in basics A small trick is to start with basics – that’s your first layer and it’s going to trap in your body heat. Then top it off with knit followed by another layer. #3 Find good knits You can’t go walking around in just anything, so pay attention to your labels and look for wool specifically. Wool is one of the best fabrics for winter – even pants! #4 Grab a hot beverage In winter, there’s no worrying about calories. Every now and then, grab a cup of hot cocoa – unless you really mind the chocolate, then there’s always tea. Hot beverages are always a great pick-me-up and they warm your insides. #5 Bundle up Once you’ve mastered layering, bring on the accessories – scarves, gloves, beanies and/or hats. There’s no such thing as too much when it concerns your health especially on days where the wind decides to blow in your direction. You don’t want to find yourself in a crossroad of looking good vs freezing your scalp off. It’s not worth it. #6 Boots, boots, boots During the winter, we normally say our farewells to sneakers, loafers, and welcome every kind of boot. Make sure you get the right ones and don’t forget that suede gets ruined by water (aka ice, snow, rain). All in all, we can’t complain that much. Yes, it gets stark cold in New York, but it’s also a great place to eat, hang out, and well… blog. And who doesn’t need a little winter – it helps us truly appreciate when the blooms loom over. What are your winter essentials?   Shop some of our picks below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1591001344549315704")); You Should Also Read The Winter Uniform Every Cool Girl Will Be Wearing 3 Looks for This Season’s Holiday Parties What Fashion Girls Wear When It Rains Cats and Dogs The post Winter Essentials to Fight the Harsh Cold appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Last Minute Gifts for Everyone on Your List
19-12-2016 23:11:54
Zanita Studio
We’ve all been there, done that. We always forget someone or someone forgets us. This is for those in the moment adrenaline-seeking lovers. Because last minute gifts are, well, last minute, they should be extra special. In a way that maybe other presents aren’t. We can always go for the mixed tape, scrapbook, or even homemade video. But if you really want to impress someone and ain’t really got time for the sentimental DIYs, go in for the wow factor. Here are a few items that have the big sparkle your last minute gifts need. They seem basic, but not so basic, which means they’re a perfect fit for every kind of woman. Most of these items are on sale, so you don’t have to worry too much about that swipe. And you can even get something for yourself.   Shop our picks: Leather Bag, Jumpsuit, Studded Jacket, Watch, Chiffon Tie Neck Blouse & Skirt, iPhone 6 Case, Velvet Flares, Loafers, Necklace, Crossbody Bag, Sunglasses, Ankle Boots   Shop more options below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1591479467428136699")); Do you have any last minute gifts to buy? You Should Also Read: Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now The Ultimate Splurge Featuring Gifts $500 & Under 3 Looks for This Season’s Holiday Parties The post Last Minute Gifts for Everyone on Your List appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Best & Worst Place for Bloggers to Grow Their Business
19-12-2016 02:40:01
Zanita Studio
The first thing I do when I go on Instagram is read and respond to my comments. Then I’ll go to the people’s profiles who commented to see who they are, where they’re from, and what they do. I do this because I like to feel connected to my audience and show my appreciation for them taking the time out to comment on my stuff. There are a few people in the Instagram industry who have an outrageously high engagement rate, like 170 comments and the person only has 19K followers or something. 19K followers is a lot for bloggers who have less than 19K, but compared to those with millions, it’s really not that much. Bloggers who have millions of followers usually get an average of 100-200 comments per picture. So to see a blogger with 19K followers getting that much is a bit alarming to me. When I check these people out the comments range from the standard “so cute babe!” to “love your dress!” – nothing more. This is inauthentic and spammy engagement aka it’s not real. So, what’s my point? My point is that there are 2 places bloggers can choose to spend their time: 1. On other bloggers’ blogs, 2. On their own blogs. I choose the latter. In other blogger’s businesses When a blogger’s engagement to follower ratio is off, it’s most likely because they’re spending time in other people’s business more than their own. This is fine if you’re trying to grow your Instagram following, but as I’ve mentioned before, Instagram doesn’t make you money, your blog/business does. In fact, the only social media platform that does make you money is YouTube because of the ads. So instead of trying to convince the unconvinced by forcing yourself onto these other bloggers through spam commenting/liking, focus on the people who are your most loyal fans, who actually want to see your content. So much time is wasted when you’re focusing on other people’s businesses rather than your own. Even if you’re “just watching a quick video” or reading another blogger’s post, it’s taking time away from growing your own business because you’re ultimately helping them grow their businesses. I’m not saying disconnect yourself completely from the industry – in fact, you need to stay up on current trends, strategies, and content curation if you want to stay relevant. But what I am saying is to spend the majority of your time on your blog/business. Stop browsing the web watching the latest blogger hauls and admiring how many followers blogger x, y, and z has. Hustle your own content! On their own businesses Now I’m going to talk about the bloggers who have turned/are turning their blogs into businesses… The bloggers who aren’t “keeping up with the Kardashians” are too busy to stop and watch any tutorial or reality show because they’re working on their own stuff. They’re constantly creating, innovating, and marketing their own projects. The hustle doesn’t stop for these bloggers. From the time they wake up, ’til the time they go to bed, they’re making moves in the direction of their dreams. They’re not concerned with how many inauthentic likes and comments they get on their social media channels because they are building an empire. These bloggers are communicating with their most loyal fan base and creating content they’re asking for. The consumers are the bread and butter of your business and bloggers who are focused on their own businesses know that. So these bloggers are the ones who work on creating the best content, making attainable goals, and developing products/services that are going to better the lives of their readers. These bloggers are in it for the long haul and know the true value of adding value instead of trying to make a quick buck. Ultimately it’s your blog and your business and only you can determine what is the best method for how you spend your time growing it. Now the question is where do you spend your time? Tell us in the comments!  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: 4 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out for the Holidays The Best Way to Monetize Your Blog  How to Make Your Blog Content Shareable The post Best & Worst Place for Bloggers to Grow Their Business appeared first on Zanita Studio.
What to Do If Your Blog is Slow Around the Holidays
16-12-2016 04:21:20
Zanita Studio
Bloggers tend to slow down around the holidays. After Thanksgiving and before the New Year, it’s just a generally slow time for everyone. We’re spending time with family, watching classic Christmas movies, and attending parties. You may be thinking, “But I’m seeing this blogger do that for Christmas, and that blogger do this for Hannakuh.” Well, let me tell you that all those campaigns you’re seeing were planned way in advance, like sometimes as early as September, which is actually extremely smart. Planning ahead gets you ahead for sure. So if you find yourself bored and your blog is slow around the holidays, here’s what you can do to set you up for success: Schedule your content calendar into the New Year If you follow me on Snapchat (un: notanothrblonde), you’ll know that I just started planning for 2017 a few nights ago. I have my content planned for 2 weeks into January, 7 days a week. With this slow time you can prepare for the new year with new projects and new content. This way when the holidays come and go, you’re not left scratching your head for what to do next. Extra time off around the holidays means extra time in general. So don’t waste it relaxing – use it and hustle! I know you’re tired, we’re all tired, but if you really want it, you’ll stop at nothing to make it happen. Start working on your New Year content now. Recycle old content with different mediums Recycling old blog content is one of my favorite things to do. It saves time and inspires you when you’re uninspired. Recycling old content doesn’t mean you’re copying and pasting. It means you’re expanding on a concept you’ve already talked about. Here’s the thing: bloggers do this all the time! It’s not cheating, it just makes sense. It’s impossible for bloggers to make completely original content 7 days a week. There has to be some overlapping. For example, if you had a really great blog post from a few weeks ago, it wouldn’t hurt to recycle it into a YouTube video, Instastory, or Snapchat rant. On the flip side, if you have an awesome video, try expanding on it with a blog post. You can use cross promotion for these types of things by referencing the video or blog post too. You could tell your followers something like, “If you liked my video on ::topic::, I dove deeper on ::topic:: in today’s blog post, check it out!” That way you’re giving your audience two chances to hear what you have to say on two different mediums. You can also try bringing old content back to life through a, Periscope, or Anchor segment. These are uncommon apps that could really help you tap into a new audience. Since the audience is new, the content will really be new! Launch a big project If your blog collabs are slowing down and your content is at a bit of a standstill, now is the time to work on a really big, new, exciting project. A lot of bloggers launch new stuff in the new year because it makes sense. So why can’t you be one of those bloggers? You can launch a service, course, book, podcast, video series, etc. (I may or may not be launching something myself!) Like I always say, the sky is the limit, so don’t hold yourself back because you think you don’t have the skills, the time, or the expertise. You most certainly do. It’s a big year to make a big splash so what are you waiting for? Do you have any exciting new things in the works right now? Tell us about it. Now is your time to promote it right here in the comments!  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Drifting Nomad, Gary Pepper Girl   You Should Also Read: 4 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out for the Holidays Want to Be a Contributor to Popular Blogs? Read This… 7 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers The post What to Do If Your Blog is Slow Around the Holidays appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Books That Will Make You Want to Stay Home
15-12-2016 02:00:34
Zanita Studio
Reading is an important task at the Studio – it’s a great breakaway from technology and reality. There’s a sense of accomplishment in reading something cover to cover, but aside from that, books serve several purposes. They can be entertaining, become an escape, educational, comical, or inspirational – even all at once. Sometimes, we’re old school and like have a physical book in hand…plus, they make lovely decorative pieces on our shelves. If you’re having trouble finding great books to read this season, and need a good excuse to stay in with a cup of hot chocolate or tea, here are 5 books we’ve been loving. #1 Capture Your Style, by Aimee Song This year, Aimee Song released her first book, Capture Your Style. In a witty and very simple way, Aimee takes us through the journey of creating the perfect Instagram feed. She talks about her journey and how she conquered the social media world. Her great style is beautifully documented on this one-afternoon-read book. It makes a great coffee table book too. #2 Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion If you’re into soft and easy-to-read novels, the Rosie Project is perfect for you. Don is the most rational guy you’ll ever meet, but he finds himself in astray of different and unusual situations. Find out what happens to this not-so-easy to like character in a funny, clever, and very intelligent novel. #3 Bloom, by Estée Lalonde Again, supporting our fellow bloggers… Bloom is Estée’s first book and talks about navigating life and style. It’s very well written and goes deep into Estée’s life and her deepest candid conversations. If you follow her on YouTube you know, the whole book screams her name. It’s simple, aesthetically beautiful and exceptionally written. #4 The Food Lovers Cleanse, by Sara Dickerman Love food? Can’t stop eating the good stuff? Then The Food Lovers Cleanse is definitely for you. It’s mainly designed to help you cleanse after the holidays. You get four two-week seasonal plans and 140 different recipes. But unlike other books, it helps you recycle leftovers – which can be somewhat annoying and wasteful to have and not use. The pictures are delightful and the whole book is a very easy read. #5 The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt This fiction Pulitzer Prize winner is a serious page turner. The Goldfinch starts off with a twist and latches you on to what’s happening next, and next, and next. It’s written from a 13 year-old boy’s perspective and how he lives after his mother dies in an accident. He’s taken in by a rich family, living in Park Avenue, New York. Any books you recommend for this season? We would love to know! You Should Also Read: 6 Books Every Boss Babe Should Read A Guide to Buying the Best Cookbook he 5 Best Autobiographies to Read if You Want to Work in Fashion The post 5 Books That Will Make You Want to Stay Home appeared first on Zanita Studio.
New Fall/Winter Lip Products I Can’t Put Down
14-12-2016 02:00:26
Zanita Studio
I’ve really been stepping up my game this year with all these new lip products… That’s usually the last item I ever think about splurging on, but I guess the further I move up into my 20s, the more elevated I want to look. And that means less eyeshadow and more lipstick. I thought now would be a good time to share my favorite lip products this fall/winter, which basically consists of everything I’ll be using for any holiday get-togethers… Whether you’re a lip balm, vampy lip, or high gloss kind of girl, there’s something in this stash you’ll enjoy for sure. Le Metier de Beaute Moisture Matte Lip Creme If you’re a girl who loves color, this Moisture Matte Lip Creme is bomb(dot)com. It comes off so vivid and pigmented you’d better be careful when applying because it isn’t very forgiving. I don’t like any lip products that feel sticky, but that’s just the nature of these liquid lipsticks/lipstick-gloss hybrids. So yes, it will feel a little gummy at first, but that vanishes pretty quickly, leaving you with a beautiful velvety, long-lasting finish. I love this product in the shade Mannequin, which you can see in action here – feels like spice and everything fall. It won’t dry out your lips (thank God!) and doesn’t smear. There’s also a huge range of colors to pick from. You can’t go wrong here. Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme The lip creme is different from the Moisture Matte Lip Creme in that it’s not full coverage – it’s more for my lipgloss girls. If you prefer a hint of color with long wear-time and beautiful, but understated color, this one is for you. It makes a beautiful finish on top of lipstick or lip liner, which is how I typically wear it. Let it shine! Tatcha Red Camellia Lip Balm I could go on & on how amazing Tatcha products are, and this lip balm just adds to its already glorious collection. This lip balm is limited (only available for the 2016 holiday season), so don’t wait if you have the slightest thirst for it. If you’re afraid of the color, don’t be – the red is evocative of the bright rich color often seen on the lips of the geisha, but it comes off so faint… You get just enough color to slightly brighten up the lips – I honestly wish it showed more color; however, I can’t complain given the soft and silky after effect. I love that it looks glossy, but doesn’t feel sticky or tacky like your traditional lip gloss. If you suffer from dry lips, you’ll really love this product because it delivers all-day moisture and feels really lovely on. It’s become my everyday lip balm of choice. Bobbi Brown Lip Color – True Rose I’ve never tried a Bobbi Brown lipstick, but got a mini in one of the holiday kits, and was just blown away. Bobbi Brown has just been winning me over one thing at a time. This lipstick is creamy, matte, and pigmented while keeping the lips nice and healthy looking (and feeling). Best of all, it doesn’t accentuate dryness or peeling. This color Ilia Lipsticks I spoke of the Ilia Lipsticks here, but needed to show you exactly how gorgeous they are. The three I have are Ilia’s latest launch this fall and I can’t tell you how lovely they are. I’m always drawn to a nude lip… Yes, reds are so glam and posh, and plums so forward, but nothing strikes me like a beautiful nude lip, but better. The three colors are Lucy’s Party (a deep oxblood – worn above), Madam Mina (a mauve tan – bottom right), and The Brides (a warm nude – bottom left). Madam Nina is the perfect everyday lip color while Lucy’s Party will amp you up for the parties. The Brides came on more pink than I anticipated, which threw me off a little, but I’m surprised at how much I liked it. The buttery soft finish and hydrating properties of these just can’t be surpassed. I highly recommend them.  Tarte Lip Paint Tarte is definitely leading the pack in progressive natural beauty brands. First off, there’s an infinite amount of gorgeous colors to choose from. Below, I’m wearing Bling – you can see how matte and pigmented it is, which is very representative of every color I’ve tried. It goes on opaque in one swipe and feels a little goopy at first, but dries quickly and comfortably into your lips. I didn’t find them drying at all, so if you’re wanting long-lasting vibrant lips for those parties, this one is highly impressive.   SHOP MY FAVORITES! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1590924475091306049"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: 6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders Holiday Gift Sets Too Beautiful to Open Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now The post New Fall/Winter Lip Products I Can’t Put Down appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Stay in Shape for the Holidays
13-12-2016 15:05:43
Zanita Studio
The holiday season is here and no doubt you’ll be spending time with your loved ones and indulging in delicious food whether it’s a beautiful white Christmas or an Aussie one down under! It’s a wonderful time of the year! But I know that in the back of your mind, you’re thinking, “How am I going to stay on top of health and fitness?” Yes, it’s going to be difficult with all the parties and celebrations but there are a few small things you can do to stay on track. The first thing is accepting that you might be all over the place. Don’t feel guilty about it, just enjoy it, and know that you’ll be back on track and in your groove come January 1. With that said, don’t fall of the wagon completely and do your best to keep it clean and moving. Here are some ways you can stay in shape for the holidays: Make sure your breakfast is healthy If you’re worried about the naughty foods, keep breakfast healthy. Skip the bagel and cream cheese, french toast, and eggs benedict. Reach for whole foods packed with nutrients, which will keep you full longer. Like what? My green smoothie with spinach, protein and banana, the infamous avocado toast, or poached eggs with greens and goats cheese seal the deal! Get some quick exercises in everyday (even if it’s just a run) My biggest advice is to not break the habit of exercising each day! If you can’t stay on top of eating healthy, make sure you are still winning by going for brisk walks, quick mile runs, taking on a simple indoor workout. Sweating a little is better than none, and it’s super important to keep your fitness levels up so you don’t return huffing and puffing in January. Snack Wisely Packing your own snacks help you fight the temptation of just grabbing what’s available. This is especially important if you work in a corporate setting where you’re constantly treated with holiday cookies, cupcakes, or candy. We love fresh fruit, nuts, and yogurt. Limit the Drinks Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine or cocktail, but limit yourself to only one or two glasses. You also want to make sure you eat before you drink. Alcoholic drinks are typically loaded with sugar and can do some major damage to your digestive system, so let’s keep it to a minimum. Drink Water And an obvious, but super important – load up on the aqua. Eating a lot of salty foods and loading up on the alcohol requires you to upkeep your fluid levels! Not only is is a great way to flush out the toxins, but it keeps your skin fresh and makes you feel fuller! Remember that it’s okay to treat yourself conservatively, but don’t give up on your health and fitness. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!   – Mon  Follow Mon on Instagram Snapchat: @mb_harper   Image Source Credits: Pinterest, Camille Styles &nbsp/ You Should Also Read: How to Get Up Early and Smash a Workout Morning Workout with Mon  Feeling Overwhelmed? Can’t Breathe? Take a Hike! The post How to Stay in Shape for the Holidays appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out for the Holidays 
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Zanita Studio
Please read this all the way through because our future depends on it… It still baffles me why there aren’t more bloggers who talk about the most important issues going on in the world right now and I’m not talking about politics. The destruction of forests, depletion of the orangutan population (down to 7,300 in the entire world) for Palm oil, Native American rights being oppressed for the Dakota pipeline, and our overall neglect for the environment through climate change (this past October was the warmest October in history). Whether you believe in climate change or not, the litter and pollution we’re putting into this earth is not good, we can all agree about that. This isn’t the most fun stuff to read about, let alone think about, but it’s real and we can’t ignore it anymore. If we don’t do something about it, our world will be completely different. Animals will become extinct, wars will break out not because of religion but resources like food and water. All hope isn’t lost, though, Sweden is setting an amazing example by becoming the first country to run mostly on clean energy. And right now the U.S. is part of the Paris Climate Agreement which pledges to “go green” and reduce, if not eliminate, our reliance on fossil fuels. But we need more people to get in on the action, so here’s something unconventional you can do to make your blog stand out for the holidays… Blog about giving back Again, I can’t believe more bloggers aren’t doing this already. Blogging about important issues in the world is one of the most important things a blogger can do. And I’m not just talking about a picture on Instagram with #beforetheflood. I’m talking about actually telling us what we can do to help on your blog, in your Instagram caption, on Snapchat, etc. There are enough complaints and prayers about what’s wrong in the world already. We need formidable actions we can take right now to make it better. is a great site I get emails from regularly, and with the click of a button, you can sign a petition and make a difference. We need to make important issues a priority in our blogs, especially during the holidays while people are in the spirit of giving. Let’s start a blog movement, let’s make giving back cool. Get your followers involved Once you start bringing awareness to important issues, you can throw in a few places that your followers can donate to during the holidays. The donations don’t just have to be monetary either. You can give care packages, donate your time, or bring awareness to certain organizations or movements. You can even get your friends super unique gifts that give back and ask your followers to do the same. For example, a $50 donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust allows you to foster an elephant for the year. What a great gift idea! I know I’d be stoked to see I got to foster an elephant for Christmas. Not only is it a great gift idea but you’ll be the blogger that stands out from the crowd. While everyone else is making their “gift ideas for mom” you can be making “gift ideas for the person who hates gifts” or something along those lines. Here are a few of my favorite nonprofit organizations: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Hope for Paws, International Animal Rescue, and North Shore Animal League. Document what you’re doing to make a difference Half the reason no one knows about what they can do to help during the holidays is because no one is showing them! You can be the blogger who leads the way to a new kind of gift: the gift of giving. People are never more inspired than they are around the holidays, so now is your chance to really make an impact. Bloggers are influencers – we look to them for what’s trendy, what we should be doing, where we should be eating, what we should be buying, etc. By documenting your contribution to the world, you’re making a whole new kind of trend. And most of your followers want to be like you so why not give them the opportunity to be like you by doing good in the world? It’s really a win-win. Shop & donate your old clothes to H&M If you’re not into any of the options, the least you can do is shop and share items from H&M. Why? Because H&M is one of the few fast fashion companies that is environmentally conscious. If you’re an avid fashion lover, I’m sure you know of its “Conscious Collection” which is all made from recycled clothing that we, yes we, donate. Not only that, but when you donate your old clothes you get 15% off your entire purchase every day of the year! During earth week and the holidays, that percent increases. The majority of my shopping guides are filled with H&M products, not only because their pieces are great quality, but because I love what the company stands for. Are you passionate about a cause or organization? Share with us in the comments!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Bows & Sequins   You Should Also Read: 7 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers Want to Be a Contributor to Popular Blogs? Read This… How to Blog About Stuff People Want to Read The post 4 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out for the Holidays  appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Finish Your Personal Projects Before It’s Too Late
9-12-2016 02:00:28
Zanita Studio
Life can get pretty tough, complicated, and busy – we go through it every so often. And even though 2016 is coming to an end, there’s still time to do everything you set out for. At the Studio, we’re often guilty of multitasking and maybe taking on more than we should, but we have a system. And part of that system involves personal projects, hobbies, or goals outside work that we might have. It’s important to never forget to treat yourself and take care of yourself first. Whether it’s a DIY, learn a skill, lose 3 pounds, there’s still time whether or not it feels like it. Here are some baby steps to get you there: #1 Stop procrastinating Procrastination is our biggest enemy, and unfortunately, there are so many ways to get distracted now. But we’re not giving you anymore excuses to wait. The thing is, you can’t think too much about what needs to be done. You just gotta do it. Only when it’s done, or at least started, take a break and indulge in whatever way works best. #2 Laser focus If you have a hard time focusing, remove your distractions or remove yourself from your distractions. That means locking your phone away if you must, closing out your Facebook browser, turning off any notifications set on your electronics, and ignoring those click-bait newsletters. The important thing is to completely focus when it’s time to focus. #3 No excuses We tend to find lots of excuses not to do everything except what we’re supposed to be doing – pretty much like procrastinating. We’re bound for excuses when we think something is impossible, too hard, or requires too much time. Throw those excuses aside – as a matter of fact, don’t even question it. If you want a blog, start it, if you want to go to a gym, go. At this point, there’s nothing to lose, only something to gain. There are no cons to evaluate. Go and do!     You Should Also Read: Getting Back on Track With Your Goals Staying Motivated When You’re Not How To Get Motivated For Life The post How to Finish Your Personal Projects Before It’s Too Late appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Looks for This Season’s Holiday Parties
8-12-2016 14:00:41
Zanita Studio
  ‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Ho! Ho! Ho! For most, it’s just another reason to get together with co-workers, friends, and maybe family. But it doesn’t matter – this time of year is the most famous time for holiday parties. It might sound frivolous, but it’s v. important to us fashion girls… There seems to be a lot of rules, as opposed to the no faux pas mentality I was dwelling on the other day. Obviously, you want to look amazing, and there are so many options to pick from. You can try casual chic, festive in reds and gold, or provocative. Thank goodness fast, and now even high, fashion brands have made it easy for us althought the options do feel overwhelming at times. We hear you. Holidays are stressful enough with gift giving (have you seen our gift guides?), travel plans, and indulging much in hot chocolate and Christmas movies. We’re going to save you some time – here are 3 different options for the season’s holiday parties. You can definitely take credit yourself and we won’t even be mad. #1 The office party Gucci Dress, Marco de Vicenzo Heels, Jimmy Choo Clutch, Chloé Coat, Cornelia Webb Rings (1, 2) For the office party, you’ll want to bring your A-game. Of course, you might have to lean classic, but do so as bold as you can. Have fun, show your peers how creative you can be. Shop more dresses below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1590367364064092207"));   #2 The Secret Santa party Tibi Culottes, See by Chloé Blouse, Gucci Leather Mules, Catbird Ring, Dolce & Gabbana Bucket Bag, Kevin Aucoin Palette Secret Santa parties are always a bit more casual, comprising of close friends or co-workers. Of course you still want to dress it up a notch – it’s a party after all. So, go with a pair of silk pants, your favorite mules, and a ruffle shirt. Keep the make up and accessories simple. Voilá! Shop more pants below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1590368298476736126"));   #3 The OMG I might see my ex-boyfriend party Self Portrait Dress, Rochas Leather Sandals, Sonia Rykiel Clutch, Leur Logette Coat, Sophie Buhai Earrings, By Terry Lipstick If your ex-boyfriend is going to be at the Christmas party, you’re surely going to want to look your best. It’s not a question of should, but MUST. I would totally wear this gorgeous Self-Portrait dress with a pair of gorgeous heels, hair up and make-up on point. Shop more dresses below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1590367790645372857")); What are you wearing this holiday season? X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: 5 Outfit Formulas All Women Should Have Ready To Wear The Winter Uniform Every Cool Girl Will Be Wearing What Fashion Girls Wear When It Rains Cats and Dogs The post 3 Looks for This Season’s Holiday Parties appeared first on Zanita Studio.
What Fashion Girls Wear When It Rains Cats and Dogs
8-12-2016 02:00:01
Zanita Studio
  We had two full days of rain in New York last week. Like non-stop. I honestly don’t mind the cold, the heat, the humidity, but I hate rain. It’s uncomfortable, water seems to get everywhere, and wet clothes just isn’t my cup of tea. We actually went to a Studio one of those day and I was wearing my new favorite pink faux fur jacket (I got a great deal on it during Black Friday) with a pair of flared jeans and Chelsea boots. I loved my look. But, I had no idea it was raining and had no time to go back and change and wound up soaking wet and cold. My hair had gone wild, my boots were completely ruined (suede + water = disaster), and my mood became gloomy. The whole incident got me thinking about what fashion girls wear when it rains like that. First, you have to be aware of the fabric and materials – never get faux fur or suede wet (unless the suede has been treated). The first one can develop a smell (which it luckily didn’t), and the second one stains hard (which it did). Of course there’s an ideal uniform, but I don’t want to spend the whole winter puffed. Then it hit me – I was on to feasible and creative solutions for when it pours. #ootd #1 Embrace the umbrella as an accessory Your umbrella has to become part of your outfit. Up until recently, I had a transparent umbrella – it makes a perfect pairing with anything. If you have an old, boring umbrella, play with your outfit. Mix prints or use bold colors. Turn it up! #2 Trench coats This is why they exist. Sure, they’re cool and represent the ultimate Brit-girl look, but they are made for situations where the rain leads. And since they are such a timeless piece, you can go all out with the accessories. We’re talking (waterproof) fun shoes, patches in your jeans, and statement anything. #3 Embrace it Rain-proof garments are how you deal with it. No opportunity is to be wasted. The thing about fashion is, it’s meant to be playful. There are no faux pas, so you can go all out and be creative. Even if you’re wearing the so-called “ugly trends“, there’s always a way to make it work. I always think that women with great style are one of the most powerful and intimidating figures because they’re always exuding confidence – even if they were wearing a trash bag! Whether it’s socks and sandals, a huge puffer jacket, or raincoat and rain boots, they just kill it! What do you wear when it rains? Shop some of our rain-approved items: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1590344117728344594"));   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: We’re Going Bananas Over This Pre-Black Friday Deal Designer Pieces Worth Splurging on This Week Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now The post What Fashion Girls Wear When It Rains Cats and Dogs appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How You Can Make Your Mondays Better
5-12-2016 22:09:15
Zanita Studio
One of the most popular hashtags on Instagram is #mondayblues. It begins on a dreaded Sunday evening, which means a brand new week is about to start, and we’re just, bleh… But Whyyy? For me, that used to always be the case – and sometimes still is. But I’ve come to accept Mondays as my close acquaintance and have done a few things to make it better. If you think about it, this concept can apply to almost anything we do. If you don’t like working out, it’s imperative to find a way to enjoy it – no slackers! If you don’t like shopping, you find better solutions for it. Here’s how you can make your Mondays better: The night before… This all comes from my book... If you’re a super organizer, draw out a list of things to do Monday morning. Then, prepare your breakfast, like overnight oats or delicious pancake batter. Lay out what you’re wearing the next day to make your mornings faster. Pack your gym bag and have it ready to go. Lay out your snacks for no-fuss mornings. It’s a matter of being practical and figuring out what you can do Sunday night to make Monday morning easier. The morning of… Monday morning authorizes constant jabs at the snooze button. We all want to press it, but science declares it’s no good our bodies. But since you’ve already pressed it, we’ll have to live with it. I always start my morning with my beauty routine – wash my face with cold water, cleanse it, and apply primer and moisturizer. It always makes me feel more fresh. Then comes breakfast – my favorite meal of the day. Looking forward to it is a great pick-me-up, so I always take my time preparing it whether it’s oatmeal, eggs, or pancakes. My husband and I also started a new morning routine of walking our puppy. And on Mondays, we do it together. But I understand not everyone has a dog, but a walk with your SO can be nice… Afterwards, start work with a cup of tea or coffee. The warm taste is like a nice ol’ hug or kick of strength to help you carry on. In the afternoon… Whether you work from home or in an office, it’s important to give yourself small incentives. Besides taking a few breaks throughout the day, find small things to get you through. I like to have a magazine in hand to browse through. It takes my mind off work for a little bit and it’s a great source of inspiration. You can scroll through your Instagram (don’t forget to follow me!) if that relaxes you. Have your favorite snack within arms reach (which for me is a piece of dark chocolate). And if it’s been a bad morning, buy a small gift for yourself. Of course I don’t encourage you to buy a gift every Monday, but it’s good to know the option’s there! In the evening… By the time evening hits, I feel like a truck went over me, but I still try to squeeze in a workout. It’s a gratifying feeling after you’re done – even if it’s just 20 minutes in my living room. Then, I get prep dinner and shower. I always do a mask on Mondays because taking care of yourself tends to have a positive effect on your mood. I’m currently trying this one. By dinner time, I force myself to shut down the computer – like, really shut it down – and enjoy a TV show or movie with my husband and puppy. He spends most of the day out, so we make sure to have this time to talk about our day and tune out. Hope you enjoyed these tips and don’t forget to leave yours in the comments. Do you have any Monday routines? Do share and tell me your #mondayblues as well! ** Bonus tip – Gather for a date night or drinks with your friends. Good company is a great cure for any bluesand it gives you something fun to look forward to!   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: This Morning Routine Will Get You to Work With Any Brand Getting Ready: My Morning Routine, NYC Edition Five Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine The post How You Can Make Your Mondays Better appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Best Way to Monetize Your Blog
5-12-2016 02:55:49
Zanita Studio
Most bloggers start a blog with the notion that “it’s a creative outlet to express myself”. While I’m sure this is true to some degree, we eventually want more. We want to be seen, heard, and recognized for the effort we put into this “creative outlet” day in and day out. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get free things, exposure, and money for your work. Nothing! There is something wrong if that’s all you want. Greed will not get you very far in the blogging game. If you want to truly monetize your blog, you need to get strategic about it. There is power in numbers, so the more people you have on your side, the better. What I mean is you need to create a product or service with a business partner (preferably a blogger) to take your blog from photo diary to business. Step 1: Pick a partner Picking a partner to go into business with is risky business. At first, there’s excitement, then when you’re actually in the beginning stages, you realize you don’t see eye to eye on everything. It is so important to choose someone who complements you, meaning their strengths are what you lack and your strengths are what they lack. Almost every successful blogger that I know is in a business partnership. A prime example is our very own Zanita and Gustav. You need to understand when you have a business partner that there are two people to consider, so you may have to sacrifice that pretty header for something they want instead. That’s the case for any relationship if you think about it. Having a biz partner means there will be more ways to be creative, solve problems, and grow, but there is also the potential for creative clashing. Don’t let the risk outweigh the fear though because if you make it work, you could build something far bigger than you ever imagined. Step 2: Create a product or service Once you’ve decided on a reliable, self-motivating partner, you can create ideas for a product or service. Remember, your product or service will cater to a problem people in your niche are having. A partner really comes in handy here because they have an entirely different audience that may experience the same difficulties as your audience making your idea for a product or service easy to figure out. Or just the opposite can happen and your partner’s followers have a whole set of other problems they need resolved, in which case now you’re faced with two potential offerings, which is even more amazing! Usually, it takes bloggers a while to create one idea so it’s great if you have two to start with. #bizgoals If that is the case, I do recommend promoting each product/service separately… like months apart otherwise, the products will get lost and your followers will be confused. This shouldn’t be too hard to do with two set of hands. Next time you see a blogger with a product or service, look around because I bet there’s another person involved. There’s no denying that two heads are better than one. Step 3: Give a portion back Some of the most notable brands give a portion of their sales to a cause greater than themselves. Patagonia, Toms, Warby Parker, and Newman’s are all companies that give back to the community. In fact, on Black Friday, Patagonia donated 100% of their sales to grassroots environmental groups! I wish I could say there are bloggers out there who do the same, but I can only think of one, Aimee Song, (if you know of others, please tell me in the comments). And if there are bloggers who give back out there, they should make it known so they can set an example for the rest of us! It’s one thing to have a kickass product with a kickass partner, but it’s another thing to have money that could be in your pocket go to a kickass organization. People won’t forget it, plus it’s just a really nice thing to do. Be a good blogger and give back. Each year I foster an elephant from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and I also donate to Hope for Paws throughout the year. How do you give back to your community? Share with us in the comments!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde Image Source Credits – On Abbot Kinney, @phoebesoup You Should Also Read: 4 Effective Ways to Make Money from Affiliate Links  How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Blog What to Do When Brands Don’t Pay The post The Best Way to Monetize Your Blog appeared first on Zanita Studio.
9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish
4-12-2016 03:43:44
Zanita Studio
The anticipation of your reader’s reactions before hitting publish can be very exciting, but before doing so, are you looking at your content with a razor sharp eye? If not, that might be the missing puzzle to your next level up. Here are 8 questions to ask yourself before hitting publish: #1 Did I serve a purpose? Are you sharing for the sake of sharing? If so, think again. We emphasize value-added content so often because too often it’s what modern day bloggers are missing. #2 Does my post align with my brand/vision? Personal branding is so necessary in today’s over saturated influencer space. That’s not saying there’s no longer a need for them, it just means your message needs to be refined and tailored. What you post should embody everything about you – your images, blog layout, and aesthetic. Does it? (Watch out for Azalle because launching soon is every aspirational blogger’s bible to building a brand.) #3 Is it easy to understand? Are you just adding to the hodgepodge of noise out there? Is your blog easy to follow? With the short attention span of today’s generation, the worst thing you can do is make your blog and post a difficult piece to navigate. Someone can easily move on to the next blogger with the blink of an eye. Make sure your post is scannable and easy to read. #4 Is it personable and relatable? Most people appeal to emotions. Are you saying something that’s very real, different, and clicks? Remember that the only way to do that is to speak and share info on a very personal level. Plus, it builds trust and loyalty. #5 Does it encourage dialogue? The best way to convert newcomers into followers is to say something they can add to… Usually, if something is personal (point #4), it spurs conversation, and that’s exactly what you want to happen. Encourage readers to add their .10 cents! #6 Is it visually appealing? Does the writing flow with the images? Is there a relationship? There needs to be if you want to create something compelling and meaningful. Gauge how your post makes you feel… #7 Have I credited where due? The biggest sin one can commit is posting something that doesn’t belong to them and NOT credit it. As creatives and content creators, we’re constantly trying to give credit where it’s due. (If we haven’t, shoot us an email and we’ll fix it ASAP!) Even if you’re inspired by someone or something, crediting will usually flatter the creator and revert their followers back to you. #8 Would I read this? Put yourself in the shoes of a reader… If you weren’t you, would you care about it? (Be real and honest…) If not, fix it. #9 How will I feel about this in 10 years? Don’t post anything that would make you feel embarrassed in the years to come… Doing so can be more self-destructive than you’d think, and that’s a horrendous thing to do to yourself.   Image Source Credits – Belathee Photography   You Should Also Read: How to Blog About Stuff People Want to Read How Bloggers Can Storytell Like a Boss in 3 Steps The One Thing All Bloggers Need to Know in 2017 The post 9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Ultimate Splurge Featuring Gifts $500 & Under
2-12-2016 15:36:22
Zanita Studio
There’s always room for expensive gifts (check our gift guides for under $150 and $250) especially when considering the super special people in our lives like a best friend, a sibling, or parent. Giving a gift is the ultimate luxury – think about how wonderful you feel when you’re on the receiving end… That anxious thrill that shoots through your body before opening the unknown – it’s delicious… We’re tackling the crème de la crème of gifts and sharing the best places and items to splurge on this holiday season. It’s a matter of love, care, and form of endearment. I always love knowing I made the right decision when that special someone sparkles with joy upon opening mine. Whether it’s a $10 or a $100 gift, shop our top picks for gifts $500 & under: Araks Pajama Top and Bottom, Melissa Joy Manning Bracelet and Ring, Charlotte Tilbury Eau de Parfum, Acne Studios Wool Scarf, By Terry Lip Pallette, Valentino Book, Prada Textured Wallet, Étoile Isabel Marant Sweater, Jennifer Meyer Earrings, Westward Leaning Sunglasses, Equipment Silk Shirt, Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag, Adidas Originals Raf Simmons Leather Sneakers   Shop more under $500 options below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588234277923945383"));   What’s on your list? Have you started thinking about what you’re going to get your loved ones?   Be sure to let us know below!   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: Top 5 Trends Seen All Over Fashion Month   Holiday Gift Sets Too Beautiful to Open Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now The post The Ultimate Splurge Featuring Gifts $500 & Under appeared first on Zanita Studio.
7 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers
30-11-2016 15:38:30
Zanita Studio
After my post about ways to make money from affiliate links, reader Liyana, @theliyanaaris wanted to know more about the types of affiliate programs that are out there since she lives in Malaysia and not all are available to her. When I first started blogging, I signed up for every affiliate program under the sun because I didn’t want to miss anything. While this is great, it’s also hard to keep track of all your accounts and know when to use what program. Now I’m only affiliated with two affiliate programs, and that’s because they both serve completely different purposes. Amazon affiliates If you’re a lifestyle or fitness blogger, Amazon affiliates is for you. Amazon offers its affiliate program to bloggers all over the world too (this would be a good one for you Liyana). In most of the affiliate programs for bloggers, you’ll only find links for clothing and accessories. Sometimes you’ll be able to find home decor or office supplies, but for the most part it’s strictly clothing. With Amazon affiliates, you can link everything from food to vitamins to workout equipment to beauty products to books. You name it, Amazon most likely has it. They even have clothing and shoes. This affiliate program is really a one stop shop. ShopStyle Collective Shopstyle Collective is my #1 recommendation for affiliate programs. All the stuff from “my closet” is linked through them. They have great ROI and they always offer chances to gain more or double your earnings. They are constantly innovating the platform too – they’re the only program that allows you to shop Snapchat through emoticodes. I became affiliated with them when they first started and were testing things out. They were initially called Shopsense and somewhat recently changed their name to Shopstyle Collective. So yes, you could say I’m very loyal to them. They also give opportunities for collaborations with brands. I once got a really great collaboration with a super high end beauty brand. rewardStyle ( rewardStyle or “like to know it” is probably the most well-known affiliate link programs out there. They are a by-invitation only program which means you have to be discovered or referred by a blogger friend. Though I typically don’t like a “members only” type attitude, the convenient thing about it is that all you have to do is like a picture on Instagram and you get an email with links to a blogger’s entire outfit. On the flip side if I want to quickly know what you’re wearing I’d love it if you could tag the brand in the picture or your caption. ClickBank Click bank is an interesting affiliate program. They have the most random products and services you can partner with. But from these random products and services, you can see exactly how much commission you’d make off each product, which can vary substantially. With services like ShopStyle and rewardStyle, there’s pretty much a fixed commission rate for all items – some items are slightly higher than others, but for the most part you’re getting a set price. The only thing they don’t have is fashion which can pose a problem for us fashion bloggers. I don’t use this service but it may be a good alternative for people in other countries who can’t access ShopStyle or rewardStyle. Rakuten (formerly Link Share) Rakuten’s set up is similar to Amazon affiliates in that Rakuten is partnered with companies of all kinds. I don’t think it’s as user-friendly as ShopStyle though. It’s definitely a more tedious process to find the things you want to link. However, Rakuten was rated the #1 affiliate marketing network for 5 years in a row so that has to say something. Rakuten is great for web-based businesses and lifestyle or business bloggers. The platform seems to appeal to a more corporate audience of an older generation. If this affiliate program is your only option, I’d take it! Skimlinks Skimlinks is another option to monetize your links/content. They’re unique in that they monetize untapped existing links on your blog and automatically certain convert words in your posts into links. I’ve never used Skimlinks; however, they are not new to this industry and I’ve heard many great things. Specific products There are specific brands, programs, and products that have their own affiliate programs like You can email them asking to be a part of the program and earn 10% from each sale you make. One brand that doesn’t do any affiliate linking is Zara. This drives me crazy because they have so many great things I wish I could link but can’t because they’re not affiliated with anyone. I think that’s a huge missed opportunity for them even though I’m sure they see it as gained profit because they don’t have to pay out commissions. If you want to find out whether or not a brand has an affiliate link program just go to their website and check or send a general email inquiry. What affiliate link program are you with? Tell us in the comments!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – British Vogue, Linh Niller You Should Also Read: How to Make Your Blog Content Shareable 3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Right Now Want to Be a Contributor to Popular Blogs? Read This… The post 7 Affiliate Programs for Bloggers appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Quick Holiday Look for Girls on the Go
28-11-2016 22:00:27
Zanita Studio
  With Thanksgiving down, you can pretty much expect holiday parties in & out… A working girl’s schedule makes it almost impossible to turn up head-to-toe flawless, but that’s why I’m thankful for all these gorgeous holiday kits and gift sets. I recently got a hold of two Bobbi Brown holiday kits that I can’t stop using! (By the way, Bobbi Brown is having 20% off for Cyber Monday – snag these now!) I’ve found them both to be perfect for girls on the go. If you know you’re bound to need a quick holiday look anytime for the rest of the year, here’s your solution… I reviewed the Bobbi to Glow palette here, which I still stand by and adore! But you haven’t seen the Party to Go – Eyes & Lip Kit. The kit comes with 4 neutral eyeshadows, 2 matte and 2 shimmer, plus a mini lipstick. I loved every single color in this little kit – you can use them as singles or blended to create a soft or dramatic smokey eye. I found them to be very blendable and pigmented, which can often be a miss in these kinds of palettes. The lipstick was a deep rose color (leans red), which isn’t exactly a shade I’d reach for – I’d have preferred a nude or mauve shade, but it was still really beautiful nonetheless. I was surprised at how hydrating the lipstick was… All in all, I thought this was a brilliant set and helps me travel light (something I’m awful at). I think anyone who purchases it or receives it as a gift will love it… The case feels really luxury and high-end and the mirror is surprisingly amazing. You can see me demo’ing it below!     xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: 6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders How to Put Your Best Face Forward for Fall Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now The post Quick Holiday Look for Girls on the Go appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Cyber Monday Deals We Can’t Stop Ogling Over
28-11-2016 17:40:30
Zanita Studio
  Black Friday came and left with great and amazing deals for us to feast on, other than turkey of course. We snatched a few things to complete our winter wardrobe, but it isn’t over yet… hey there Cyber Monday! Moda Operandi pounds away with major discounts – you can get 30% off on already marked down items with the code EXTRA30. Avenue 32 joins the party with 30% off while Luisa Via Roma and Revolve offer extra 20% off on final sale. Our high-street favorites, HM and Asos, give you up to 30% off, and Topshop has select items at 50% off. I gathered three different outfits comprised of our favorite in-the-moment styles. With so many items and price points to pick from, I can tell yah, it’s not easy so start here… Get Cyber Shopping! Shop your favorite luxury brands with amazing deals below. The classic winter combo 3×1 Jeans, Stella Jean Sweater, Charlotte Olympia Heels, Burberry Coat, Dolce&Gabbana Case, Roberto Cavalli Earrings You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans, a sweater, and maxi coat. This is my favorite winter combo, plus a pair of chunky socks to go with those gorgeous pumps. Shop more picks below. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1589511352177358875"));   The classic elevated blazer Isa Arfen Trousers, Tibi Suit Jacket, Marni Ankle Boots, Dolce&Gabbana Clutch, Marni Earrings A classic blazer can get boring real fast. But if you pair it with the right pieces and fun accessories, you get an instant jaw-dropping look. This Tibi blazer is beautiful and contrasts unexpectedly, but nicely against these gold pants. Get funky with the clutch! Shop more picks below. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1589511686130794360"));   Lace dress with an animal-print bootie Rick Owens Bomber Jacket, Giambattista Valli Lace Dress, Alexandre Birman Bootie, Marni Bucket Bag and Earrings A lace dress is one of the most beautiful pieces a woman can have in her wardrobe. Make sure you accessorize it down as the lace in itself can be a bit extra. But since I love mix and matching, I added these leopard print booties to disrupt the peace. Shop more picks below. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1589512010179095405"));   Did you snag any amazing deals over the weekend? I’d love to know in the comments below! And as always, happy shopping. X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest The post Cyber Monday Deals We Can’t Stop Ogling Over appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Want to Be a Contributor to Popular Blogs? Read This…
27-11-2016 15:40:39
Zanita Studio
  One of the best ways to get discovered by brands, bloggers, and your target market is to get featured or contribute to other blogs/websites. This increases your “link juice” thus making you known as a reputable site and increasing your Google ranking. You’re also able to tap into other people’s audiences and establish authentic relationships with readers. And thanks to readers Brenea, Meghan, and Lottie, I’m going to show you how to do all of that today. Tag on Instagram If you want someone to repost your photo or if you want to collaborate with a brand, blogger, or website in some way, tag them on Instagram. In my pictures, I tag at least 10-15 people, blogs, and websites that I want to work with. Over the course of less than a year, I’ve been featured by 4 major publications, most of them with millions of followers, which have given me hundreds of followers at a time. You can tag CEOs, assistants, current contributors, other employees, etc. The more creative you get, the more likely you are to be featured. Once you do this consistently (every single day) for at least a few months, you’ll be noticed and you may get some inquiries from the website you want to contribute to. Being patient will go far. Email your pitch Almost every site that takes contributors has an email address where you can pitch your story or idea. You’re not the only one fighting for a feature so you may need to email a few times. I did this and I wouldn’t stop emailing until I got a response. That doesn’t mean I was emailing them every day but once a week maybe. When you’re picking sites to contribute to, read a few of the site’s articles that relate to your niche. Does the voice match your voice? Does their content match your expertise? And instead of saying, “Hi, I’d really like to be a contributor because of x, y, z”, you can say “Hi I’d love to be a contributor and wrote this article that I think is a great match to ::publication name::”. You want to keep your email short, sweet, and personal. Not every article you write will be right for every website you apply for. Your pitch and blog post idea has to be very specific to the website/blog you’re trying to write for. Reach out to current contributors Reaching out to team members or current contributors is highly underrated. However, you do not want to reach out asking to be a contributor. That comes across needy and selfish. You want to reach out asking for advice and you want to offer this person something in return. Anytime I want to get involved with a website or blog I offer something in return because I genuinely want to help the person out. I love their brand and everything they stand for so why wouldn’t I give them something for all they’ve done for me? People also love giving advice. So if you can get advice from an informational interview or get some of your best questions answered (answers you wouldn’t be able to find on Google), then you’re in the beginning stages of creating a working relationship. Who knows, maybe this person will end up being your mentor! Here’s a fun story: I’ve wanted to write for Who What Wear for the longest time. It’s on my vision board, so after reaching out to 6 Who What Wear editors and getting no response, I was beginning to give up hope. (6 may not seem like a lot but they only have like 8 editors.) Anyway, I finally found this one editor who had a blog so I emailed her there asking her a few questions about writing and becoming an editor for Who What Wear. Her response blew me away. She not only answered the questions but she gave me a super in depth, 7-8 sentence paragraph for each question. In fact, she’s the one who said my writing about blogging was something that stood out. And here I am years later writing about blogging! I’ve lost touch with her since, but if you’re reading this Jess, thank you. It’s amazing what happens when you do things without an ulterior motive. A lot of people have so much self-promotion in mind they forget that the best opportunities come when you’re being completely authentic. Show a little vulnerability, What do you find challenging about becoming a contributor to other sites? Tell me in the comments and I’ll give you specific advice.  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: 3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Right Now The Best Way to Promote Your Blog Posts What to Do When Blogging Dies  The post Want to Be a Contributor to Popular Blogs? Read This… appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Mango Smoothie Bowl
26-11-2016 02:16:20
Zanita Studio
No doubt there’s an absurd Instagram obsession with smoothie bowls, and it’s ok to admit you have one too… A smoothie bowl isn’t just your run-of-the-mill smoothie tipped into a ceramic bowl and slathered with condiments. Smoothie bowls are thicker and typically contain larger ingredients that don’t exactly go up a straw easily – perfect for seeds, nuts, extra powders, and chopped up fruits. Plus, all my friends state-side can probably use a fresh mango smoothie after Thanksgiving and Black Friday binging. Over the last few weeks, I have been MIA moving and doing a bit of life organisation, which has given me ample time to test and perfect the Mango Smoothie Bowl. I just stocked up on 5 bags of frozen mangos and a tray of fresh ones from the markets – I might be overly in love with that golden goodness. If you’re like me, you probably start your day with a cup of coffee and then dig into something wholesome & delicious – that’s been this mango smoothie bowl. So my breakfast lovers, dig in… You will need: ½ cup of Frozen Mango 2 Frozen Bananas 2 tbsp Vanilla Protein 1 tbsp Maca Powder 1 tsp Chia Seeds Top With Fresh Mango or berries Almond Butter Sunflower Seeds Shredded Coconut Chia Seeds Happy smoothie bowl licking !     – Mon  Follow Mon on Instagram Snapchat: @mb_harper   You Should Also Read: How to Start Eating Healthy and Exercising Now Morning Workout Session with Mon  Vegan Green Smoothie Recipe  The post Mango Smoothie Bowl appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Pre-Black Friday Deal of a Lifetime
24-11-2016 18:00:44
Zanita Studio
  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Turkey day is here and we couldn’t be more excited. Aside from my birthday, my husband’s birthday, and Christmas, it’s the day we can all eat without concerning calories through tomorrow. Go for seconds, hell even eat that third or fourth slice of pie. And if, like us, you’re preparing for the food coma or already in one, here’s what we recommend you do: browse our favorite Thanksgiving, Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday sales and steals. It’s so easy – all you have to do is move a few fingers. Here’s a start: Avenue 32 is offering 30% off right now through the weekend. It’s one of our favorite shopping destinations for uncommon gorgeous pieces. You can splurge on new designers and investment-worthy items at a great discount! It’s a deal of a lifetime! Seize the opportunity to snag a few party dresses, Christmas outfits, and gifts for your loved ones (don’t forget to check out our gift guides under $150 and $250). Shop our favorites below and tell us yours!   Shop our picks! Victoria Beckham Bootcut Pants, Sonia Rykiel Loafers, Victoria Beckham Sunglasses, Isa Arfen Velvet Coat, Haider Ackermann Scarf, Victoria Beckham Bow Shirt, Needle & Thread Embelished Dress, Dorateymur Silved Ankle Boots, Racil Jacket, Sonia Rykiel Golden Bag, Charlotte Chesnais Earrings, Anouki Derbi Shoes, Gabriele Frantzen Snake Bracelet Shop more options below! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588891621325260462"));   I hope you have a day filled with love, good food, great conversations, and even greater people. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being surrounded by family this time of year even though the holiday’s outside my tradition. But we always have to adapt, and if there’s one more reason to be thankful for everything in life, I’ll embrace it. Happy Thanksgiving!   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   You Should Also Read: Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now The Winter Uniform Every Cool Girl Will Be Wearing Holiday Gift Sets Too Beautiful to Open The post Pre-Black Friday Deal of a Lifetime appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Roundup of the Best Black Friday Sales
24-11-2016 02:00:17
Zanita Studio
The big day’s almost here! We figured you’re probably rounding up your favorite brands, retailers, and shopping lists right about now. To help you out, we decided to pull together our favorite Black Friday sales from beauty necessities to fashion must-haves and statement accessories and shoes. Here’s a summary of our favorites: Best in beauty   Michael Todd Damascus Rose Cleanser, Briogeo Leave In Conditioner, Tatcha Ritual Kiri Collection, Nuxe Roll On Mask, VegaLash Volumizing Serum, Michael Todd Sonicblend Makeup Brush, First Aid Beauty Kit, Tarte Limited Edition Cheek Palette Dermstore: 25% off everything site wide, but watch for a special on Black Friday! Tarte: 25% off site wide. Violet Grey: $50 off orders over $250 or $100 off orders over $500. Tatcha: receive a $20 gift card for every $120 spent site wide. The gift card expires by 12/31. Offer valid Friday, 11/25 – Tuesday, 11/29. Peach & Lily: get 30% off entire purchase with code GIVETHANKS30 through Monday, 11/28, and up to 70% off Mizon (you know we love our Snail Cream)! Nuxe: 30% off all orders site wide, no discount code needed. Offer valid Friday, 11/25 – Sunday, 12/4. Briogeo Hair Care: 25% off your entire order with the code CYBER + free shipping over $60 + 2 free samples from Monday, 11/28 – Wednesday, 11/30. Michael Todd: 40% off anything online with codes BFY40 on Black Friday and CYB40 on Cyber Monday. Tata Harper: 15% off Friday, 11/25 – Sunday, 11/27. VegaLash: 30% off entire site between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Use code CYBERLASH. SiO Beauty: Use code GCC2016 at checkout to receive patent-pending SiO SkinPad at a lifetime subscription price of $49.95, Thursday, 11/24 –  Monday, 11/28. Best in coats Ermanno Servino, Rochas, Sportmax, Rochas Printed, Gucci, Tagliatore 0205 Luisa Via Roma: Extra 20% off sale now until Wednesday, 11/30. Best in dresses Altuzarra, Kenzo, No. 21, Preen, Sea, Saint Laurent.  Forward: Up to 65% off on Black Friday and up to 75% on Cyber Monday. Revolve – up to 65% off starting Thursday, 11/24 and 20% off Cyber Monday. Best in shoes No. 21, Macgraw, Woman by Common Projects, Marco de Vicenzo. Avenue 32: 30% off Thursday, 11/24 –  Monday, 11/28 and up to 50% off Tuesday, 11/29. YOOX: up to extra 60% off Friday, 11/25. Best in bags Marni, Mark Cross, J.W. Anderson, Mansur Gavriel, Dolce & Gabbana. Moda Operandi: 30% off sale on Cyber Monday. Michael Kors: Spend $250, receive 25% off or Spend $300, receive 30% off through Cyber Monday. The Line: up to 40% off Thursday, 11/24. Happy shopping and Thanksgiving from our team!   You Should Also Read: Holiday Gift Sets Too Beautiful to Open Under $150 Gift Guide for the Millennial Woman Your Holiday Gift Guide: Under $250 The post Roundup of the Best Black Friday Sales appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Holiday Gift Sets Too Beautiful to Open (Must Snag This Weekend)
23-11-2016 16:54:18
Zanita Studio
Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the two single best days to shop in a year… One, you get a head start on the season of giving (anyone else counting down til Christmas), and two, the deals are too absurdly good to resist. I’ve been keeping my eyes on several things now, but wanted to go ahead and share my favorite holiday gift sets every girl is sure to love! I’ve been testing several products over the last few months and can say wholeheartedly that these are certainly worth giving. From the crazy beautiful boxes (no wrapping required deserves extra bonus points) to the 5-star offerings inside, you’ll have your favorite people wowed! Here’s a deeper look: Tatcha Ready for Glamour Tatcha never fails to amaze in the packaging department. Albeit expensive, it speaks luxury on every single level and inside out! What you get: a gorgeous, high-quality mirror that appears to have been birthed out of the geisha era, the cult Dewy Skin Mist that leaves the skin luminous and hydrated, 4 sheet masks, and a lightweight eye serum with a cooling applicator that reduces puffiness. I personally think everyone needs this for themselves… It is higher priced, but would be perfect for someone really important in life like yourself :), your mom, grandma, or mother-in-law (if you have one). $190, Tatcha is offering a $20 gift card for every $120 spent sitewide Friday, 11/25 – Tuesday, 11/29.  Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks, but steered from the steep price… Biggest mistake ever. Learn from me and get it – you won’t regret it. You get three colors in this palette – Gold, Bronze, & Wild Rose – and all are so painstakingly pretty! The Gold makes a really novel highlighter, which I’m sure you own nothing like in your kit. It’s beautiful especially lightly dusted across the nose bridge. Then Bronze transmits a subtle luminosity across your entire face that gives you a halo effect. And Wild Rose is the perfect blush. I typically do not like shimmery blushes, but this is the only exception in my book. I absolutely love it and can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t! $69, a $122 value! Plus, Bobbi Brown offers receive free shipping on all orders. Spend $30+ to receive your choice of 5 free minis. Don’t forget to check on Black Friday & Cyber Monday! Briogeo Rosarco Repair Collection If you (or anyone you know) suffers from dry or damaged hair, the Briogeo Roscarco Repair set is a lifesaver! The set comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioning spray. After the first application, my hair was instantly softer, silkier, and shinier – I’m beyond impressed. The best part is over 95% of each product is naturally derived. In my experience, natural shampoos tend to dry my hair out even more, but not these… The entire kit is a real-life winter revival! $48, Briogeo Hair Care is offering 25% off your entire order with the code CYBER + free shipping over $60 + 2 free samples from Monday, 11/28 – Wednesday, 11/30. Neals Yard Remedies Radiance Wild Rose Collection I have never heard of Neals Yard Remedies nor have I tried cleansing with a muslin cloth – where in the world have I been?! This Radiance kit is a great introduction to the all-natural brand… Here’s what you get: a Wild Rose Body Elixir, Wild Rose Beauty Elixir, Wild Rose Beauty Balm, and Organic Muslin Cloth. The Beauty Balm & muslin cloth combo are my favorite – together, they work as a gentle exfoliator for the skin which is so rejuvenating and relaxing. The Body Elixir feels like a thick Aquaphor, but smells amazing and keeps my alligator skin soft and moisturized as ever. Anyone fixated on natural/organic skincare will no doubt love and adore this gift set. $76, on sale from $95! Zoeva Plaisir Box Eyeshadow palettes can get pretty steep these days, so $72 for 30 colors seems more than reasonable to me. The Plaisir Box from Zoeva is a newly launched offering that consists of my top 3 favorite eyeshadow palettes of the entire year. It comes in a gorgeous box that seems to have come out of a Parisian cafe – beautiful and delectable. I love these palettes – the shadows are butter smooth, pigmented, blendable, and contains the perfect shades! I highly recommend them! You can read more about them here. $72, a $79.50 value! Michael Todd Soniclear Petite Deluxe With the Black Friday deal they’re running, you just cannot and should not ignore this product. (Note that it doesn’t come with the lush brush head you see pictured, but make sure you buy that one too!) I love the idea of the antimicrobial technology infused in these products and it’s just so gentle. Any skincare junkie will love this to the moon and back! Read my review here. $99, a $127 value! Michael Todd will be offering 40% off anything online with codes BFY40 on Black Friday and CYB40 on Cyber Monday. Shop the Holiday Gift Sets! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588964445476543173")); xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: My New Favorite Two-Step Facial Cleansing Routine New Beauty Discoveries I’m Quickly Falling in Love With The Beauty Routine I’m Currently Obsessing Over The post Holiday Gift Sets Too Beautiful to Open (Must Snag This Weekend) appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Winter Uniform Every Cool Girl Will Be Wearing
23-11-2016 03:20:33
Zanita Studio
I’m always up for scouting the next big trend(s) every it-girl will be wearing whether it’s on the streets, off the runway, or even in my Pinterest. Not all the trends are a go for me though, but I know a winning combo when I see one. And one thing’s for sure – there’s something about ugly pieces making a comeback. For instance, the slingback-grandma shoe, the old-age cardi jacket or, in this case, the puffer jacket. Being hugely associated with athleisure, it’s no wonder I’ve seen it wavering across street style photos. I have to say, it’s one that clicked for me, especially since I moved to New York – the winters here are brutal. I almost feel like you have to come up with fashionable alternatives to survive… The light jacket or no-socks thing does not work. This trend is one I’m looking forward to abusing. It seems comfy, weather-appropriate, practical, and above all, stylish. This winter uniform is simple: Puffer Coat + Cropped Jeans + Ankle Boots On another note, Luisa Via Roma is giving us an extra 20% off sale items from the 22nd until the 30th this month. Plus, Shopbop’s Buy More Save More event is also here – shop it now! These guys are helping us prepare for winter while saving some serious dollars!  Here’s how you can rock the puffer trend: Long Puffer Coat The long puffer is a must-have. It protects you all around, exposing only a teensy part of your legs. It’s a great option if you live in a city with lots of wind, rain, and cold. Don’t be afraid to go all out in the details. Given that most of your body is going to be covered, take a chance on your shoes and accessories. Shop our picks below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588978776645750785")); Belted Puffer Coat The belted puffer is a win-win. You can keep everything tight with a simple belt, while elevating your whole look. Again, high-impact accessories are key when you’re wearing an ugly statement piece. Shop our picks below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588979994737243867")); Puffer Jacket Last but not least, the standard puffer. This one is definitely my favorite because the options are infinite – it’s the most versatile of them all. Don’t forget to add a pair of cropped pants or jeans with some sparkle and shine. Shop our picks below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588980814019854551"));   Happy shopping!   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: We’re Going Bananas Over This Pre-Black Friday Deal Designer Pieces Worth Splurging on This Week Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now   The post The Winter Uniform Every Cool Girl Will Be Wearing appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Last Minute Steps to Take Before Accepting a Job Offer
22-11-2016 18:38:32
Zanita Studio
  You submitted your resume, knocked out 2-3 rounds of hardcore interviews, waited a lifetime for a response, and finally, the offer letter comes rolling through… What next? We know how electrifying your first job offer can make you feel… The cloud of excitement looms over and your insides gust with joy… Congratulations! BUT pause before moving further! Accepting a job isn’t exactly a walk in the park – it kind of is, but there are so many things to mull over before proceeding. If you’re new to this employer-employee situation, here are some last minute considerations to make before accepting a job offer. #1 The Salary Please please please make sure you’re not being low-balled. Have you done your research? If not, go now. Do a simple Google search of the salaries in your local area. What are people with the same job titles being paid? Do you fall in that range? Glassdoor and Indeed are excellent resources for salary information. Sometimes, the employer will give you the option of naming a salary… If you’re not confident, you can alway say something along the lines of, “Based on my research, it looks like salaries for this position fall between $XX and $XX, so I would expect something in that range”. If you’re experienced and you already know, a hard number will be fine. Don’t ever be afraid of rejection from naming a salary – the worst that happens is a counteroffer. Bottom line: Do your research and maximize your worth. #2 The Benefits Many things fall into a compensation package. Things like paid vacation days, sick time off, retirement, health, and holidays ALL matter. If you’re being offered a lower salary, but amazing benefits (like 4 weeks of vacation and $1oo/month for health insurance), it might be worth it. On the other hand, if you’re offered a high salary, but minimal time off, you need to decide if you can live with that. Bottom line: Salary doesn’t determine everything, but get this information upfront so you can make a sound decision. #3 The Perks Ask about flexibility – does your employer offer flex time or the ability to work from home? It’s becoming a very common (and compelling) offer. What about discounts? You’ll be surprised at the phone and insurance discounts companies will offer. You might even be given a car or paid gas mileage. Bottom line: Perks aren’t always dealbreakers, but they’re good to know, especially flex time (we’re keen on this one)! #4 The Commute How early are you willing to wake up? Do you mind being stuck in traffic or does being idle drive you insane? Note that long commute times can take a toll on your health and lifestyle, so it’s an important consideration to make to early on. Another thing is travel – how much travel is involved? If you have a family and kids, excessive travel will probably require arrangements well before the job starts. Bottom line: Commute can become an exhausting especially if you live in a high-traffic, congested area, and you’re not used it. You might want to drive the route both AM & PM before committing. #5 The Culture Think about whether or not this is a company you can commit to. Is the culture and environment amicable and comfortable? What are people wearing to work everyday? Are they going out for lunch or glued to their desks? What about annual reviews – do they matter? Are you eligible for annual raises and what does that process look like – how much are the raises? Bottom line: You’ll be surprised at fast your work environment can build you up or break you down. Pick wisely. #6 The Negotiation After considering everything above, do you have room to negotiate? If you love the benefits package, but not the salary, find out if and how you can squeeze in a couple more thousands a year. If that doesn’t work, maybe you can ask for more time off… Again, the worst thing that happens is “NO” or a counteroffer. Never be afraid to negotiate. Bottom line: If you don’t ask, the answer is always “No”!   Image Source Credits – Career Girl Daily   You Should Also Read: Questions You Should Be Prepared to Slay at Any Job Interview Are Women Afraid To Be Confident at Work? Priceless Tips to Boost Your Career Today The post Last Minute Steps to Take Before Accepting a Job Offer appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now
21-11-2016 16:29:04
Zanita Studio
  If I can help it, I try suppressing my deepest desires to buy beauty products until right around Black Friday! I’m going off of last year, but Dermstore, Birchbox, and Skinstore all had amazing offers on Black Friday. These retailers step it up year after year, so you don’t even have to wait to shop. Lucky for us beauty-obsessed, Dermstore is running 25% off their entire site right now using the code Countdown! Who knows what tricks they have up their sleeves this upcoming Friday! But if you’re not game to wait, that’s cool too… Whether you’re stocking up on staples or buying gifts, here are some guilt-free beauty splurges you can go ahead and make right now: Alterna Caviar Moisture Duo I received a deluxe sample a few years ago and still remember how soft and fluffy the shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel. $50 can feel quite expensive for hair care, but at a discount, I assure you, it’s 100% worth the buck! Dr. Dennis Gross Holiday Skincare Collection Dr. Dennis Gross skincare products are always high on my favorites! I first encountered the brand in 2013 when I was desperately looking to cure my acne. His exfoliating pads are a dream come true and moisturizers are so damn good. And as of late, I’m hooked on his retinols. You can’t go wrong here! Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Everyone needs a beauty blender. Seriously! Fast application and flawless skin – what more could a girl ask for? This kit gives you everything you need. It also makes the perfect gift for a makeup newb. Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette This eyeshadow palette gives you a good mix of warm tones, plus matte and shimmery shades. I don’t know any girl who complains about eyeshadow when she gets it… Kevyn Aucoin The Neo Bronzer Palette First off, isn’t that ombre effect too pretty to touch? I saw Monika Blunder demonstrate this product in one of her videos, and I just could not stop thinking about it! It’s a 3-in-1 face palette that appears to be full of life (and light). I already love the contouring powder, so I’m extra excited about this one. Anastasia Brow Wiz Talk about staples – I buy 3 backups from Dermstore every year. And I’ll do it again this year – no shame! Nuxe My Dream Set I was sold at the Dry Oil & Reve de Miel Lip Balm – this is a dry-skinned girl’s dream come true. I haven’t tried the moisturizer, but the other two products are more than convincing. (P.S. Nuxe USA will also be running 30% off all orders Friday, November 25 through Sunday, December 4 – no discount needed.) By Terry Impearlious Ombre Blackstar I love everything I’ve ever tried from the By Terry line, but it’s just sooo expensive. This kit is a great value though, especially when I hear so many great things about the cream shadow sticks. All neutrals too – double like! Eve Lom Travel Essentials I love how minimal this kit looks, plus we all know that Eve Lom offers nothing, but first-rate skincare products. With the traveling that I do, this is almost essential! Le Metier de Beaute Daily Refresh Tonic Because if you’ve been wanting to try this stuff, now’s the time. It’s officially reached holy grail status for me! What are you buying this week?! Any beauty discoveries I need to know about?   Shop more beauty below! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588805453026369962")); xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: 6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders We’re Going Bananas Over This Pre-Black Friday Deal Designer Pieces Worth Splurging on This Week The post Guilt-Free Beauty Splurges You Can Make Now appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Make Your Blog Content Shareable
20-11-2016 16:40:13
Zanita Studio
One of the best ways to spread awareness about your blog is through word of mouth. And word of mouth happens when you create content that other people want to share. When one person shares your content, their followers see it and one of them might do the same and so on and so forth. It’s a domino effect of sharing that enables you to reach thousands, potentially millions, of people. The trick is getting people to click “share” because they’re not going to share just anything. People only share super hard hitting content that strikes a chord with them, whether it’s funny or serious, it evokes some sort of powerful emotion. So, if you’re looking to make your blog content shareable, read on below! Educate, inspire, or entertain Think about all those Facebook videos that “go viral”. The cute animal videos, the little girl who teaches her parents a lesson, and the motivational speeches. They all have one thing in common: they serve a purpose which is to educate, inspire, or entertain. When someone stumbles upon a piece of content that strikes a chord with them, they share it! Personally, I share mainly educational things especially from The Dodo. Have you read their articles?! Some are heartbreaking stories of abandoned animals and others have a heart warming ending, but usually I leave having learned something and I want to share that with my Facebook audience. My mom, on the other hand, shares very inspirational things with me. It’s either an inspirational quote or a beautiful video. And my boyfriend shares things that are entertaining. Every day he tags me in a funny animal video. Regardless of what makes you tick, one thing is certain in that you’re only going to share something if it does something for your emotions. So, you have to make sure your content brings some sort of value to others. You don’t have to bring value to everyone, but you have to bring value in all your content because if you don’t, no one will share it. Keep it short For things to be shared on Facebook especially, it’s important to keep it short. No one is going to sit through a 30-60 minute video unless it features Leo DiCaprio in Before the Flood (who watched this by the way?). People are just passing through social media so you want to catch their attention quick with whatever content you have. If it’s a quote, keep your quote less than one sentence, if it’s a video keep the video under a minute, if it’s a blog post make sure your title is catchy yet to the point. You could have the best content in the world but as soon as people see something longer than 2 minutes, you’ve lost them. Even some of the cute dog videos could be shorter instead of dragged out. Don’t follow the traditional standard of telling us what you’re going to tell us, telling us, then telling us what you told us. We just need you to tell us! Make content you would share What content do you share? Do you share beauty tutorials? Do you share DIY videos? Do you share motivational speaking? Whatever it is that you’re sharing is an indication of the types of content you’re passionate about and/or producing yourself. I share a lot of environmental and animal activism stuff because I’m passionate about those things and I believe when you give back, you get back tenfold. I also create videos that (hopefully) get people to go out and take action. So the content I’m sharing gives back and the content I’m creating gives back. Do you see the relationship there? Now you don’t have to do what anyone else does, in fact I urge you not to. I urge you to create content from your own niche and make it shareable in that sense. If you’re a fashion blogger, there are tons and tons of short little videos you could make that add value to your audience. In fact, I don’t see enough short fashion videos because everyone is so focused on pictures. Video is king guys! Like everything else in blogging, creating shareable content is trial and error. You should test out different content and see what has the best results. And remember to be patient because finding the sweet spot in anything takes time. **Thank you to @kacheetee, @peoniesandpassionfruit, @mariageronico, @augustinra for requesting this topic!** What content do you share? Tell us in the comments!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: How to Blog About Stuff People Want to Read One Thing All Bloggers Need to Know in 2017 3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Right Now The post How to Make Your Blog Content Shareable appeared first on Zanita Studio.
6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders
18-11-2016 20:01:13
Zanita Studio
I have to admit, I love changing out my vanity as much as I love switching up my wardrobe in the fall… You might call it an excuse to buy and try new things, but let it be because I’m glad I do… I came across so many amazing beauty products that perform wonders these last two months and can’t wait to share them! (And please! Join the discussion – if there’s anything you’ve tried and love, I need to know about it!) Without further ado, here we go… #1 Le Metier de Beaute Daily Refresh Tonic If you only make one skincare update this season, you need this Daily Refresh Tonic! I won’t deny, I wasn’t completely convinced at first glance and with the subpar reviews on the web… But I beg to differ – I love this toner! I take 3 squirts onto a cotton pad and then gently wipe my face with it – instantly, I get a burst of stimulation I NEVER get with just a toner. I can feel the product working and invigorating every single pore on my face – I’m not even exaggerating. Even on days I’m not wearing makeup, this product manages to get more dirt off my face… I just don’t get it. This product was my first ever encounter with LMBD, but to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. #2 Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes Blame it on aging, but I’m just not as into eyeshadows as I used to be… Urban Decay and Mac – yeah they’re basically the fairy godmothers of eyeshadows, and yeah, they’re deathly beautiful and all, but even I can’t get myself to jump for joy over eyeshadow… If you’ve fallen into the same attitude, try Zoeva. They’re not easily accessible in the U.S., but I swear, these palettes will revitalize your love for smokey eyes again. I now have the Cocoa Blend, Blanc Fusion, and Caramel Melange palettes. The shadows are soft, blendable, and pigmented, and best of all, affordable! Something about the warmth of every single color gets me excited every time. #3 Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant I stumbled upon a sample of this whilst on a business trip to NYC when my skin was exhausted from travel, and it made such a dramatic difference, I snatched up the full size immediately. If you have issues with breakouts, skin texture, and pore size, you’re going to love it! Despite the exfoliating properties, it’s gentle enough to be used daily and in combination with just about any other skincare product. #4 Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go Exfoliating Pads These pads contain 20% glycolic acid, which was appealing… I’m getting old and I can use faster cell turnover as well as moisturizing contents… I’ve enjoyed using these and do notice an immediate glowing effect. And in case you’re wondering, glycolic acid is an AHA, which helps more with aging skin, whereas BHAs help with acne and oil control. Both are exfoliators – I sometimes use these exfoliating pads in combo with the BHA liquid above, but I don’t recommend you do the same if you’re new to these ingredients. #5 Ilia Lipsticks These are the lipsticks for girls that either have dry lips or don’t like to wear lipstick. The color payoff can be soft or heavy, depending on what you like, and its texture is so creamy and moisturizing , you won’t even realize you’re wearing anything on your lips. Best of all, they’re all natural and organic, which means we’re safe to eat them right off our lips (kidding). On a serious note, I haven’t found many all-natural brands I swear by, but Ilia’s winning my heart one product at a time. Stay tuned – more on this. #6 Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse‎ Dry Oil This oil is amazing because it absorbs quickly – even faster than my beloved Caudalie Divine Oil. It also smells heavenly and makes the skin look soft and glowy. I love using this straight out the shower. It is a multipurpose oil, so put it in your hair or on your face – one drop added to your foundation does wonders for your complexion! Nuxe is also another one of those brands I’m quickly drifting towards… the Reve de Miel lip balm is GOLD. (Side note, Nuxe USA will be running 30% off all orders Friday, November 25 through Sunday, December 4.) Shop my favorites! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588586574029039056"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: My New Favorite Two-Step Facial Cleansing Routine New Beauty Discoveries I’m Quickly Falling in Love With The Beauty Routine I’m Currently Obsessing Over The post 6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders appeared first on Zanita Studio.
We’re Going Bananas Over This Pre-Black Friday Deal
17-11-2016 20:37:19
Zanita Studio
It’s the time of year for huge savings. And we’re calling out all fashion girls to snag some lust-worthy pieces. First was Moda Operandi with their F&F, and now, our other friends at Luisa Via Roma with this pre-Black Friday deal. We just got an inside look at their most amazing sale of the year, and it was like opening Pandora’s box! With up to 25% off, we can’t help but think we (and you) can use some killer accessories for fall, a great coat for winter, a breezy dress for spring, and some slides for the summer (though that one’s miles away). You might as well take advantage of these discounts, especially when involving your favorite (normally pricey) brands. As always, we did the cherry picking for you… Already in our shopping carts are a few of the pieces below. Take your pick! (Click below to shop our favorites!) Shop the items – Rocha Coat, Isabel Marant Necklace, Sonya Rykiel Denim Shirt, Gianluca Capannolo Clutch, Camilla Elphick Cropped Boots, Givenchy Leather Sandals, Fyodor Golan Sweatshirt, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Dress, Temperley London Mini Dress, See by Chloé Romper, J.W. Anderson Skirt, Manish Arora Corset Belt, Valentino Leather Sneakers. Shop more options below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588499049411711374")); P.S. Use code HS64A You Should Also Read: Designer Pieces Worth Splurging on this Week Under $150 Gift Guide for the Millennial Woman Your Holiday Gift Guide: Under $250 The post We’re Going Bananas Over This Pre-Black Friday Deal appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Designer Pieces Worth Splurging on This Week
17-11-2016 00:00:21
Zanita Studio
Anyone else up for saving money right now? Good. We couldn’t be more excited that the Moda Operandi Friends & Famlily Sale is here. Despite being founded and praised by acclaimed fashion experts, we admit Moda Operandi can sometimes be hard to approach because of the steep price tags associated with the retailer. But not this week… Who says you have to wait until Black Friday to hit big savings? We just rifled thoroughly through the sale and pulled a few designer pieces worth splurging on! Who doesn’t need a standout coat or updated booties for the season? Investment worthy to say the least! But don’t wait because the sale only runs through November 20! (Click to shop our picks!)   Shop the items – Mary Katrantzou Dress, MSGM Sneakers, Seafarer Corduroy Jeans, Thierry Lasry Sunglasses, Emilio Pucci Wool Coat, Mary Katrantzou Jumpsuit, Derek Lam Pajama Blouse, Carolina Herrera Floral Beaded Dress, Burberry Belt, Alexandre Birman Bootie, Vilshenko Shirt, Edie Parker Clutch, Mateo Earrings.   Shop more pieces below! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1588399849935884455"));   You Should Also Read: 5 Outfit Formulas All Women Should Have Ready To Wear Under $150 Gift Guide for the Millennial Woman Your Holiday Gift Guide: Under $250 The post Designer Pieces Worth Splurging on This Week appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Blog About Stuff People Want to Read
16-11-2016 15:09:39
Zanita Studio
Getting a reader’s attention is one thing. Holding that reader’s attention long enough to get your point across is another. Both are essential for a successful blog. A catchy title and pretty pictures will only take you so far. People want depth beyond the title and pictures. Your content is the meat and potatoes to your blog/business. Without quality content, you got nothin’. You need to stay on top of your game to produce content people actually want to see, watch, or read. And you can do that in 3 easy steps. Step 1: Join the conversation Look at bloggers in a similar niche and see what their engagement/conversations look like (check their Instagrams and blogs). You’ll come across some empty comments like “So cute babe!”, in which case you should just bypass those profiles altogether. After real digging, you’ll come across the really active bloggers who engage their audience with real questions, real answers, and just real stuff. Those are the bloggers you want to pay attention to. They’re the ones who ask a question and get 40 comments of actual answers. So, when you find that profile, join the conversation and start engaging – not only with the blogger but with the blogger’s community. Interacting with the community is much more effective than trying to engage with the blogger you admire. Bloggers are busy, and honestly, it’s rare you find one who authentically comments back to every single comment in a timely manner… just doesn’t happen, even I’m guilty of this! Step 2: Add value Once you see what people are talking about, you can create related value on your own blog. No matter what blog you run, type of business you have (or aspire to have), there is always a place to add massive value. In fact, you shouldn’t produce any content that doesn’t add some sort of value. Whether you’re contributing on someone else’s blog, taking pictures, cooking, writing a book, the question that should be at the forefront is: what kind of value am I adding here? If you can’t think of a good answer, then you shouldn’t share it with your readers. When people visit your blog or any of your social channels, they want to be educated, inspired, or entertained. Those are really the only ways to add value and you should always do one of those things before you hit publish. Step 3: Log your results Once you join the conversation and add value, you want to be sure to keep track of your results – the good and the bad. What works for one blogger may not work for you, and what works for another blogger may totally work for you too. After you see a pattern of what sticks and what doesn’t, you have to start producing content in the exact same format as the stuff that’s got the highest views, most engagement, most shares, etc. otherwise the process is a waste. You even want to keep track of the time you posted, promotional tactic you used, and the type of content you created if you want a recipe for success. Every little detail matters, and if you want to truly blog about stuff people want to read, you have to be the eyes and ears of your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and see what they see and do more of what they’re gravitating towards. That’s it! How do you write your next blog post? Is there a method to your madness? Tell us in the comments!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Ikea, Seek & Style   You Should Also Read: 3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Right Now How to Find Bloggers You Can Trust  The Best Ways to Use Video on Your Blog The post How to Blog About Stuff People Want to Read appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Priceless Tips to Boost Your Career Today
15-11-2016 14:00:09
Zanita Studio
  Now is a pretty good time to start thinking about the extra steps you can take to hit that next promotion or thrust your career forward. Huge progress in a short time frame may feel like an implausible task to mark off, and that’s why we’re fans of going after the achievable but impactful ones. We all know by now that small successes are the impetus for big ones. So, if you’re looking to boost your career today, here’s a good place to start… #1 Build your emotional intelligence No one wants a crybaby, whiner, or sore loser on their team… And if you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, you know how difficult office politics and favoritism can be to endure. So first things first, train your mind to properly adapt to the workplace. Key things – you need to be able to work effectively under stress and pressure, articulate your mistakes and accomplishments, and above all, be a team player. Teamwork is so important because of the many personalities you’re surrounded by. Everyone’s had a co-worker who gets mad over everything or cries over the littlest things… Are you sympathetic? Firm? Take a hard look at yourself and where your emotional intelligence currently stands. #2 Broaden your network Fall asleep if you want on this one, but who you know is often times the most important factor to getting anywhere. Now’s the time to get to know different department leads and top level management. (Don’t be afraid to take advantage of networking with all the holiday parties going on.) Remember, in today’s environment, someone is only an email away. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be “No”! #3 Help others Become so proficient in your job that you become a resource for your coworkers. The minute you become a go-to person for your peers, management all over starts taking notice. And when management notices you, the sky is the limit. #4 Ask for feedback You never know how well you’re doing unless someone tells you so… That means stop waiting for performance reviews… Stop waiting for your boss to tell you to move on to the next big thing… Schedule those monthly touch bases and stay ahead of the game. Proactively seek feedback so you know where to improve! #5 Set small, achievable goals (and document them) Everyone tends to forget about performance reviews until they’re due… By keeping track of all your goals (no matter how big or small), you’ll be ready to write a succinct and poignant self-evaluation. Setting small goals for yourself and documenting them is also unbeatable leverage to ask for a raise. #6 Find a mentor A strong and focused future often comes with experience… You can’t know what you don’t know, which is where mentors come into play. They’re usually swarming with wisdom and can provide invaluable insight and perspective on your career path and choices. Most people are willing to mentor if you simply ask! So seek out someone you admire and respect, and ask to meet with him/her on a recurring schedule.   Image Source Credits – WhoWhatWear   You Should Also Read: How You Can Simplify an Insane Workload Are Women Afraid To Be Confident at Work? What They Don’t Tell You About Success as an Entrepreneur The post Priceless Tips to Boost Your Career Today appeared first on Zanita Studio.
I’m Still Here.
14-11-2016 21:20:21
Zanita Studio
Hey Guys, Wow! It has been so so long since I’ve shared anything from my heart here… I’m really sorry for this hiatus. Some of you might have garnered from my social media that I’ve been in Europe for quite a few months and I missed NYFW (among many other things). I’ve had some VISA hiccups, which I can’t detail, but it’s quite a common tribulation for any person in my industry, so I don’t really have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining – it’s really just about the process. I’ve been travelling and staying from place to place – I think I’ve probably lived in more than 15 different homes and hotels, and it’s not ideal for me – especially for my own struggles with anxiety, depression, and ADD. I want to broach these topics in a much longer post to come… I’m not the biggest advocate of sharing every detail of my life, but I’m going deeper in hopes of helping some of you who might be going through similar things. ADD is a big part of who I am, and it’s a blessing and curse – it’s makes me incredibly creative and resourceful but very disorganised and inconsistent. The non-stop moving around doesn’t help me! I can’t wait to be settled again and get my damn ‘ducks in a row’. The biggest challenge in my line of work is the ability to communicate every day through social media – which almost feels impossible for me to share when everything isn’t sunshine and macarons. If you’re ever wondering why an influencer has disappeared, or seems to be less engaged in sharing, then stress is probably a big part of it. We all go through tough times. There’s also WAY too much noise on social media these days, so sharing for the sake of sharing drives audiences to tune out. Better to post nothing. I love using Snapchat and Insta-stories, but the inane everyday things aren’t providing any value. I can’t say if my workload is more than anyone else in a similar position, but it feels like a mountain – yet I’m so so grateful for everything I have and the opportunities that I’m lent. The most exciting development has been my role as Creative Director of Azalle. We’re looking to launch later in the year. Azalle is on online learning platform whereby courses are taught by some of the best and brightest in our industry – outstanding entrepreneurs who have engaged an audience numbered in the millions – sharing their personal stories on an innovative and brand new platform. It’s been a ton of work, but we are talking about the culmination of everything that has changed the way people communicate online in this modern era. I’ll rant about this a whole whack more in coming posts… Watch this space. My team means the world to me – and it’s really what makes all of this continue turning while I’m figuring shit out. My love and business partner Gustav is leading the charge on Azalle, he’s a constant source of inspiration to me and the reason to get up and keep giving all I can everyday. Susan is the Head of Content on Zanita Studio and she’s the glue for of all this – she’s tenacious and everything I’m not when it comes to consistency. She’s also making stunning beauty content and getting better at it everyday! Loved finding her in my life. I’m in Amsterdam right now, spending time with my two besties Rebecca and Andy – they are the light of my days while I’m away. While I’ve had challenges of late, I’ve also had some of the most fun and laughed the hardest. Tomorrow, I’m leaving them for London where I have the esteemed pleasure of being a judge at the H&M Design Awards. I plan on sharing it on Insta-stories and Snapchat so please tune in! And if you wanna talk to me directly (I do my best to talk to everyone on Snapchat), please reach out! It might seem that I’m out of touch, but I really feel like I’m closer than ever thanks to this new medium of communication. Look forward to talking to you! And no dick pics please (you would be amazed at the sheer number of these… sick freaks.) Love all you so much! And thanks for your patience with me!! – Z Tommy Hilfiger pics by Ralph Van Vugt   You Should Also Read: Are Women Afraid To Be Confident at Work? 5 Brunch Spots I’m Currently Drooling Over in NYC How You Can Simplify an Insane Workload The post I’m Still Here. appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Your Holiday Gift Guide: Under $250
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Zanita Studio
Have you ever played that game where your group of friends mulled over what you’d buy and do if you won the lottery? My husband and I play it all the time. It’s a great way to keep your #goals and ambitions in line. Priorities aside, one of the things I always say is that I’d buy everyone I love amazing gifts. I love the season of giving, preparing surprises, and making people feel special. I guess you can call me the gift whisperer. Unfortunately, I haven’t won the lottery and will need to stick to a budget this season… But I’m feeling a little more generous than normal. So if, like me, you want to spend a little bit more this year, here’s a great holiday gift guide to keep you and your loved ones in check: (Click to shop!) Shop the gifts – Assouline Christian Dior Book, Sophia Webster Boss Lady Coin Purse, Agent Provocateur Bodysuit, Dolce & Gabbana Scarf, Sarah and Sebastian Ear Cuff, Arme De L’Amour Earrings, Tom Dixon Candles, Nike Leather Sneakers, DVF Bucket Bag, Marc Jacobs Watch, Carolina Amato Gloves, Charlotte Tilbury Make Up Kit, Isabel Marant Cuff and Dolce & Gabbana iPhone Case Shop more gifts $250 & below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1587659657376699579")); What’s on your list? Have you started thinking about what you’re going to get your loved ones? Do share below! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: Top 5 Trends Seen All Over Fashion Month Under $150 Gift Guide for the Millennial Woman October Superlatives: Every It-Girl’s It-list The post Your Holiday Gift Guide: Under $250 appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How Bloggers Can Storytell Like a Boss in 3 Steps
13-11-2016 04:03:29
Zanita Studio
Every single successful person has told a story. And from that story they have converted admirers to customers, or they’ve done just the opposite and completely turned people away. Either way, storytelling is what makes you human and less robotic in the digital space – it’s how you relate, engage, and grow your audience. If you’re not sure how, I’m giving you 3 steps to storytell like a boss today… Tell a story worth telling Not every story will be a success and not every story is worth sharing. You first have to think about which bloggers you’re attracted to and why. Then you have to really think about the things that are unique to you mixed with what attracts you to someone and how you can portray that in a story. You want to storytell across your brand and also within each day via social media. If you’re going to work one day and you want to document it, you may want to think twice. Going to work isn’t that groundbreaking unless the work you’re going to do is groundbreaking or your morning commute is really interesting. Are you going on vacation? Are you planning a wedding? Are you moving? Are you expecting a baby? A great storyteller takes the events in his/her life and makes them relatable to an audience. These are all things that the general public experiences at some point in their lives, so these are the types of stories worth telling. Use your story to build a brand Within the small stories you tell on your social channels day in and day out, there is a bigger picture you’re building with your brand that you should be aware of. You first have to identify your long-term goals. Do you want to be a clothing designer? Do you want to be a best seller? Do you want to run a service-based business? Once you figure that out you can storytell accordingly. For people that don’t know about storytelling, they probably have no idea how their brand is portrayed, and that’s ok because at any point you can change your story (I mean that metaphorically and literally). For people who do know the power of storytelling, that’s great, but is your story on track with where you want your brand to go? I follow a blogger who dictates herself a “lifestyle” blogger, and she is killin’ it. She storytells every aspect of her life from what she eats, to where her outfits are from, and what her itineraries entail anytime she travels, and she has built an entire brand around it. She has a fitness guide, a book, and now a product line. When she experiences anything, we want to experience it with her. Her whole storytelling tactic is what gets her sales, and lots of them. Any guesses as to who I’m talking about? Bottom line: Always be mindful of the stories you’re telling because they reflect your blog/brand. Engage with your customers (readers) Once you’ve built a brand on storytelling, you’ve gained the trust of your readers, but you have to keep that trust going. To do this, you must engage with your customers (or readers) as often as possible. Not every move you make has to be strategic. Sometimes it benefits you more to just say “what’s up” to your followers or ask them questions unrelated to your blog or what you’re trying to push at the time. This shows them you’re human and you really care about what’s going on in their lives, not just your own. What questions/concerns do you have about storytelling? Ask in the comments below! xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Collage Vintage   You Should Also Read:  The One Thing All Bloggers Need to Know in 2017 How to Brand Yourself (aka Why Branding is #1 in Blogging) What They Don’t Tell You About Success as an Entrepreneur The post How Bloggers Can Storytell Like a Boss in 3 Steps appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Brunch Spots I’m Currently Drooling Over in NYC
11-11-2016 18:05:02
Zanita Studio
I moved to New York 2.5 years ago and it’s been an amazing experience. It’s truly a city where everything and anything is possible and I fall more and more in love with it every single day. There’s always something to do, somewhere to go, or someone to meet. Even if you’re alone, the city knows how to treat you well. One of the things I always heard wonders about were the restaurants. There are thousands upon thousands of options to the point where you even start kinda feeling bad for going to the same ones twice (or more). But it’s inevitable – the NYC streets are enveloped in boundless restaurants and cuisines. Some are too good to pass, calling me out like ghosts in scary movies. I’m normally up for trying anything new, but there’s comfort in knowing I have safe places to fall back to. To help you out, whether you’re a tourist or transplant, here are my top 5 brunch spots (in no particular order) that NEVER EVER disappoint: #1 Navy NYC I’ve been here very few times, but I know for sure their avocado toast is the best I’ve had. Navy’s got an amazingly cozy vibe, making you feel right at home, and service is so on point! Definitely loved my experiences. 137 Sullivan St, New York. #2 Cafe Mogador This was one of the first spots my husband and I went to for brunch when we first arrived in New York. The menu and decor is very Moroccan-inspired and the lines are always huge. You’ll probably have to wait a bit, but the Eggs Benedict are well worth it! 133 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. #3 Rosemary’s I initially went to Rosemary’s with my father; we were walking around the West and Greenwich Village and stopped for brunch. I highly recommend the Prosciutto Panini or the Orecchiette – the most delicious pasta ever. Afterwards, you can walk off the calories to the cutest little bookshop we accidentally fell upon. 118 Greenwich Avenue, New York.   #4 Bluestone Lane With a few locations throughout Manhattan, this Australian-inspired coffee shop has one of the best brunches ever. Do make sure to taste their avocado toast, gluten-free banana bread, and/or the bacon egg roll. Thank me later! (You’re welcome ;)) 30 Carmine Street, New York. #5 Egg Shop *pictured above This cute and tiny little place has the best bowls ever! I’ve honestly been there at least 5 or 6 times and always have the same thing. I failed once because I was in a hurry and the bowl took half an hour to make. It’s called Spandex, and again, thank me later. Make sure you order it with a side of housemade maple sausage. 151 Elizabeth Street, New York. Have any recommendations for awesome brunch spots in NYC? Make sure to leave them down in the comments. Happy brunching!   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   Image Source Credits – Egg Canvas, The Remodelista   You Should Also Read: 3 Inspiring Cities You Should Visit in 2016 5 Patisseries You Must Visit in Paris Dream Destinations: London City Guide The post 5 Brunch Spots I’m Currently Drooling Over in NYC appeared first on Zanita Studio.
If the US Election is Just Too Much…
11-11-2016 02:00:47
Zanita Studio
  No doubt our fellow Americans are all in angst right now over the results of Tuesday night’s election. We’re with you – defeated and disheartened – at a loss for words, but we don’t stay down and neither should you. If the US election is still too much for you, let’s not forget the curative properties of shopping (even if you’re not actually buying)…   Pretty, shiny, sparkly things make us happy… And the season of flashing (and giving) permits more reason to buy. It’s like Christmas ornaments for the body… (P.S. Nordstrom’s having an amazing sale through the weekend – that’s where we pulled most of our crop. Thanks Nordstrom for never letting us down.) (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1587849289902727281")); The change of seasons (or just because tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day) is the best reason to buy new shoes… Shoes for walking. Shoes for hiding your legs. Shoes for upcoming festivities. Shoes galore! Take your pick. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1587849702027867076")); …And a few extras in case you need a new flannel, fur coat, dress, or head gear. Better yet, piece all these goods together, and you’re set til Black Friday! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1587849898981223189"));   If you still don’t feel better, remember this: “…never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and to achieve your own dreams.”   You Should Also Read: Our Shopping Destination for Major Trend: Athleisure 5 Outfit Formulas All Women Should Have Ready To Wear Break Out of A Rut By The End of June The post If the US Election is Just Too Much… appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The One Thing All Bloggers Need to Know in 2017
10-11-2016 16:13:42
Zanita Studio
It pains me to say this, but 2017 is approaching quick and that means you need to be ahead of the blogging game. It’s not enough to just create content and put it online anymore unless you’re already super established. If you’re a truly committed blogger, you know the preparation, research, and strategy that goes into a blog post or any piece of content are real. It’s a lot and the later you start, the harder it’ll be to catch up. But there is something among us now that could give you a leg up: storytelling. Storytelling isn’t anything new but it’s definitely something bloggers overlook/may not even know about. Why storytelling is important… There is no denying people love a good story. With the right verbiage, enthusiasm, and emphasis, you can hold people’s attention for hours. What do you think movies are? They’re stories! Super successful business people realized this early on and have incorporated it into their sales tactics. Facts tell, stories sell. So when it comes to blogging, readers want to feel like they’re going on a journey with you. And through this journey, they relate to you and gain respect for you…if you do it right. Storytelling goes beyond your blog – your whole brand needs to tell a story. Look at Nike, Redbull, and DVF. Those brands are excellent storytellers. Nike encourages you to “just do it” while Redbull gives you the courage to metaphorically fly, and DVF represents every woman creating a beautiful life for herself. And because of these stories, the brands pretty much sell themselves. How to storytell… Everybody’s story is different, so the way in which you tell your story will be different, but all stories contain the same ingredients. You need a beginning, a climax, a downfall, and then an ending that levels everything out. Don’t think too deep into this because it’s really not as complicated as it seems. Here’s a funny example of storytelling: my boyfriend has a sugar addiction. So, on Snapchat the other day, I decided to taunt him with cookies. I took my viewers on this hysterical journey of him trying to find the cookies after I hid them. Then just when I was about to give him the cookies, I snatched them away before he could reach them. Then after he showered me with compliments, I finally gave them to him. This “story” had a beginning, climax, and end. Not only that, but it gave my audience an inside look at my personal life and I was able to get their feedback on whether or not I should give up the cookies. I’ve seen bloggers storytell during fashion week, vacation, bachelorette parties, etc. It puts a really cool edge on traditional blogging and engages an audience like you wouldn’t believe. So, even if your writing or photography skills aren’t so strong, you can totally have a successful blog as long as your creativity and storytelling ability are intact. Where do you storytell the most? Drop us your Instagram, Snapchat, or Blog URL so we can check it out!    xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read:  What to Do When Blogging Dies The Future of Blogging 3 Tricks to Creating Killer Content When You Have “No Time” The post The One Thing All Bloggers Need to Know in 2017 appeared first on Zanita Studio.
6 Great Things to do for Yourself Before Year-End
9-11-2016 20:56:28
Zanita Studio
  There isn’t much time left before the start of a brand new year… but don’t let that deter you from accomplishing more… And even if you haven’t accomplished much this year, it’s no indication of failure. Remember, it’s never to late to start. To help you get back into the swing of things, here are six small, but great things to do before year-end… The best part is, they don’t require a whole lot of time! – Read a book Need a place to start? We’ve made suggestions HERE and HERE previously. Books are a great way to spark your imagination, learn a new skill, and distract the mind from your daily happenings. All you need is one good one you can’t put down and you’re all set for the remainder of the year. If books are a little too much right now, save a few interesting articles you can binge on later. (P.S. Facebook has a great save function you should utilize!) – Host a party Parties are a great way to brush up on your cooking skills, plus we find it quite therapeutic and fulfilling (if it’s a success). Simply set a date, send your invites, make your menu, and decorate! The company, food, and change of scenery will lift your spirits just enough. – Give your time. No one ever feels bad by doing good deeds. This is the perfect time of year too since it’s the season of giving. So, volunteer at a shelter home, pack and wrap gifts for an orphanage, or tutor less-privileged children. You’ll feel a million times better, and may even make a new friend or two. – Take care of anything you’ve put off. Get on top of all those inopportune tasks you tend to put off til the last minute like doctor’s appointments, taxes, and winter cleaning. If you set time aside for it, you’re more likely to accomplish it, so schedule those appointments now! Tidying up before the holidays come in full swing means you can actually relax when they get here! – Take an online course. Online courses are a great convenient way to learn a new skill. You’d be surprised at how far they can take you in life. Our brainchild, Azalle, will be here before the end of year, and it’s going to be a major life-changer for our fellow bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking that extra push. Plus, Azalle will make great gifts for your friends and fam. Watch for announcements – we’ve refined it just for you! – Relax. Just chill… Everyone needs to calm down. If you haven’t accomplished much this year because you’ve had so much on your plate, then maybe what you need to do is relax! One thing we’ve learned is that if you take care of your mind, the rest of your body will be taken care of. Get some rest, meditate, and then recharge!   You Should Also Read: There’s Still Time to Accomplish Everything You Set Out For This Year The 5 Things I Regret Most Break Out of A Rut By The End of June The post 6 Great Things to do for Yourself Before Year-End appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Under $150 Gift Guide for the Millennial Woman
9-11-2016 02:00:40
Zanita Studio
Merry Fall! It’s that time of year again. Though we’re roughly less than two months away from Christmas, it’s smart to get your shopping lists ready (even if you’re patiently awaiting the beloved Black Friday deals)… What better way to kick us off than an under $150 gift guide? There’s so many people to consider when it comes to gifting. I personally hate giving presents just because… It should feel special, which requires thought and time. But this is one all millennial women can appreciate something from. Over the next few weeks, I’m going above and beyond to bring you the best gift guides in several different price ranges and for all personalies. This budget-friendly one’s great if, like me, you have to gift at least 10 family members and friends. click to shop! Shop the pieces – Charlotte Tilbury Color Palette, Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio, Scosha Diamond Ring, Sensi Studio Panama Hat, L’Agent Provocateur Bra and Thong, I+I Gold Earrings, Nike Sneakers, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Glossier Balm Dot Com, J.Crew Shirt, Byredo Parfum, Assouline Chanel Books, Eberjey Pajama Set, Club Monaco Cashmere Scarf   Gifts should always have a practical use to them. Like a book that you can read, a hat you can wear all season, and a scarf that’s going to keep you warm in the winter. For me, foolproof gifts to give are beauty and jewelry. Of course an occasional coffee table book or pajama set can be a great option too. Shop more gifts under $150 below: (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1587011371104011580"));   What’s on your list? Have you started thinking about what you’re giving? Do share below! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   You Should Also Read: THIS is How You Can Achieve Parisian Fashion in Real Life All-Natural Beauty Products That Will Blow Your Mind 5 Outfit Formulas All Women Should Have Ready To Wear The post Under $150 Gift Guide for the Millennial Woman appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How You Can Simplify an Insane Workload
8-11-2016 16:56:58
Zanita Studio
With the end of 2016 moving in briskly, it’s crunch time. All the holiday festivities don’t make it any easier… As a matter of fact, this time of year can be one of the most stressful times because it’s peak for parties, cooking, and shopping. Work doesn’t stop either, so everything is just go go go! To help you better manage an insane workload that often comes with Q4, we thought we’d offer some foolproof tips that helps us year after year… #1 Plan plan plan! You know Thanksgiving is 2.5 weeks away, so if you haven’t planned what you’re cooking and where you’ll be, you’re just asking to be flustered the Wednesday before. Planning is key… What are all the main activities you need to do before year-end? #2 Keep a list. As you think of all those need to-dos, write them out so you can visualize which activities require the most time commitment. It also helps you bundle your workload – if you have a Friendsgiving next week and Thanksgiving the week after, why not group your grocery trips? If you have a few assignments due the week of Thanksgiving, why not start working on them now? You’ll feel better knowing you can relax when the holidays arrive. #3 Break it up. The worst thing you can do in times of stress is panic. No matter how heavy the workload, it’s always more manageable when you break them up into chunks… Visualizing everything that needs to be done through that list allows you to break down the bigger tasks into smaller achievable ones, which also means you can start right now. #4 Act strategically. Once you’ve made your list, broke up your to-dos in manageable chunks, it’s time to act strategically. That means delegate where possible… Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also, be mindful of your time. Christmas is coming… plan for Black Friday deals, use gift guides to direct your holiday shopping, and begin budgeting appropriately. Your bank account and credit card bills look better when there isn’t a lump of debt arriving or your savings missing. #5 Be productive. You’ve heard it before – work smarter, not harder! If you want to be efficient and effective with an insane workload, you need to stay focused! That means decline adding more to your to-do list and staying the course when pressured by friends and co-workers to attend happy hour. Now isn’t the time to procrastinate. Let’s get to work!   Image Source Credits – Vogue Mexico   You Should Also Read: There’s Still Time to Accomplish Everything You Set Out For This Year 5 Decisions You Will Regret 10 Years From Now 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Life this Season The post How You Can Simplify an Insane Workload appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Outfit Formulas All Women Should Have Ready To Wear
7-11-2016 16:16:24
Zanita Studio
As a woman living in the 21st century, it’s not hard to have a well-endowed closet. It doesn’t need to be packed full of expensive brands – just needs to represent your style and taste. I’ve been falling back on some good old reliables lately which is so helpful when you don’t know what to wear, and it has worked wonders. I’m learning how to be versatile with new clothes I buy and meshing them with older pieces I’ve had for quite some time. It’s like developing a strategy for a tennis match. All-in-all, I would say it’s become easier to get dressed in the morning, so if you need help, here’s my rule of thumb: Be prepared! Either you plan your outfits the night before or have a few outfit formulas handy. In other words, know what you like, make sure it’s comfy, and go for it. I also have a blog, which makes it easier to document outfits I go bananas for (and knowing what looks good on me)… But if you don’t have that outlet, just take a few shots on your phone and save it to favorites. That way, when you’re feeling uninspired, you have something to resort to. #1 Jacket and Jeans This is my number one formula. At 14, I remember my mother having the coolest pair of jeans from Levis, a great basic t-shirt, and a leather jacket. I thought that was her best look of all time. Not long after, I borrowed her jeans, got my own t-shirt, and rocked it like a pro. Ever since then, it’s been a definite go-to. No failure can come of it. #2 Standout Skirt Having a skirt outfit is also fundamental. It doesn’t really matter which skirt, as long as you have it ready to roll. I find skirts most effective when you play with proportions (e.g. mini-skirt with a long coat). #3 One Color Whether it’s all black, white, yellow, or purple, make sure you have one. Monochromatic just works! I always have an all black ensemble for last-minute events and a neutral one for when I’m not really sure what to wear. Makes my life so much easier! #4 Prints Something that should never be missing from your closet is a good print. It can just be a small detail or an entire ensemble, but having prints elevates any basic you pair them with. Case in point, visuals above. #5 Trendy and In Season It’s also good to have a few key trendy items – meaning, something in season right now. I’m not saying abide by every single trend, but pick the ones that go with your style and invest. This fall, for example, we have the satin, velvet, and pajamas. What are some of your favorite outfit formulas?   Shop!! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1587561868304226339"));   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   You Should Also Read: Easy Ways to Refresh Your Closet This Season Heaven On Your Skin Our Shopping Destination for Major Trend: Athleisure The post 5 Outfit Formulas All Women Should Have Ready To Wear appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 Effective Ways to Make Money from Affiliate Links
7-11-2016 02:10:08
Zanita Studio
A lot of bloggers think they need hundreds and thousands of followers before they can make any money from affiliate links. While this is true if you want to make all your blog money from affiliate links, it’s possible to make a few hundred bucks a month even with a few thousand followers. (Note: I don’t recommend using affiliate links as your only income stream because you should have multiple options in case shit happens.) The trick is learning how to get people to click your blog posts and then getting them to shop your items. Once you master that, you’re golden. Here are 3 tips to make money from affiliate links. Take advantage of dates (seasons, holidays) Bloggers don’t do this enough. There are a ton of reasons why you should take advantage of sales, seasons, and holidays, and not just because it makes sense. You have a better chance being found in Google when you blog about specific things at specific times. You can make this as general or niche as you want. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hannakuh are obvious holidays to blog about, but what about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day? These are also massive consumer holidays that you should include on your blog each year. You could even take it a step further and acknowledge national lipstick day (yes, that’s really a thing), coats for winter, sandals for summer, snow boots for skiing, etc. By blogging about holidays and seasons, you’ll have an affiliate link post every day of the week. Create a shop page Shop pages are genius. At first, I thought a shop page only included bloggers’ favorite things, and that could be the case. From a consumer standpoint, I’m not interested in that – I want exactly what you’re wearing. Show me where I can get that exact outfit or the exact tops you have in your closet. Since my aha moment, I’ve designated my “shop” page as a virtual closet containting the things I actually own and I think my readers really appreciate that. You could even make a shop page that is a combination of both options. A section at the top called “my closet” and a section at the bottom titled “latest obsessions” or something along those lines. You just want to make sure you’re posting about products you actually have or genuinely like; otherwise, your readers won’t trust you. Link your looks Shopstyle (affiliate link program) added a feature recently called “looks”. Instead of a shop page, or in addition to your shop page, you could make a “looks” page that has all your Instagram looks or recent outfits on your blog all under one roof. It’s tiring to scroll through a blogger’s Instagram outfits and then hunt down the actual outfit on her blog if she even blogged it. When people are able to see how you styled an outfit, it helps put in perspective how they could style the outfit. You’re showing the whole picture which is much more effective than sharing a top here, pants there. This technique is similar to a staged house. A staged house is much more likely to sell over an empty house. People can’t really picture what it would be like to live there because they don’t have anything to go off. When a house is staged they can see themselves at the breakfast bar drinking their coffee or snuggled on the couch watching TV by the fire. You want to create the same kind of experience with your looks. People like to visualize how they would look and feel in clothing and linking your looks does just that. As much as affiliate links are great, you should not invest your entire blog livelihood in them. Affiliate links are just a small piece of the big blog pie. Do you use affiliate links? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments. xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: How to Make Money That Lasts From Blogging Everything You Need to Know About Media Kits 3 Steps to Handling Collaborations Like a Pro Blogger The post 4 Effective Ways to Make Money from Affiliate Links appeared first on Zanita Studio.
All-Natural Beauty Products That Will Blow Your Mind
4-11-2016 15:26:48
Zanita Studio
There’s been massive shift towards natural and organic beauty to no surprise – we all want to be healthier! Just a few years ago, the organic beauty industry was still relatively new, and I believe for that reason, there weren’t many effective products you could find on the market. I know I’ve been overly scrupulous of anything labeled “organic” or “all natural” especially in this abyss because almost of my purchases have failed me… Fast forward to 2016 and I’m shamelessly plucking them up here & there. You all have heard me rave Dr. Hauschka one too many times now, so I wanted to share some newer all-natural beauty products you might want to try. I think everyone can and should swap out a few chemical-based staples for all-natural ones. Start here: Michael Todd Antimicrobial Sonic Skin Cleansing System I’d be willing to bet you already own a Clarisonic, but have you tried Michael Todd’s sonic skin cleanser? I used the Clarisonic Aria for over 3 years now, and have become a fan of this type of cleansing method. You definitely get a cleaner feel compared to your hands alone. However, even with the sensitive brush head on the Clarisonic, I often felt like it was too abrasive for my dry, sensitive skin. It became a part of my regimen only twice a week or on nights I wore a full face of makeup. Then, I was introduced to the Lush Cashmere Brush from Michael Todd, I remained incredulous until I felt it – wow! It’s like clouds against the skin – ever so soft, gentle, and most importantly, effective. In hand, this tool is very comparable to the Clarisonic. Its speed can be adjusted up or down – the microvibration movments feels as though you’re being massaged versus “scrubbed”. The best part about the Michael Todd brushes is the antibacterial technology. Certified Aesthetician, Erika Parker, advises using antimicrobial protected brush heads to guard the skin against bacteria that can grow on the bristles between use. I absolutely love the Lush Cashmere brush, and my skin will too as temps spiral down. Michael Todd Damascus Rose Milk Cleanser Milk or cream cleansers are great in the winter time because they help the skin retain its natural moisture. I’ve been using the Damascus Rose Milk Cleanser, and it’s been wonderful for my now sensitive skin. The cleanser keeps my face soft, supple, and plump yet aids in removing makeup. The only downside is the texture is quite thin so it comes out the bottle quick – if you’re not careful, you might end up with more product than you need. Overall, it’s a great alternative to oil-based cleansers. 100% Pure Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Night Cream A night cream that contains both Vitamin A & Vitamin C & is all natural? Count me in! I’ve used 100% Pure products before, which have been disappointments. But then, my sister-in-law convinced me to try this night cream, which put me in a 180° – it’s unbelievably AMAZING – like too-good-to-be-true kind of good. It’s all-nourishing and the only product keeping my skin moisturized all day right now. Upon application, I can feel my skin soaking up the pure goodness, and I see a huge difference by the next morning. Plus, it smells amazing. So, if you’ve been looking for a night cream, this is 1st place winner! Ilia Vivid Foundation The Ilia foundation is interesting because it feels like a moisturizer and exudes the benefits of a moisturizer, but wears like a foundation. It’s got a whipped texture (which I typically don’t like) that melts away when applied and offers the right amount of coverage; you’ll get medium coverage that doesn’t cake up at all. It’s great if you’ve got dry skin and far exceeded my expectations. The packaging appeals to modern minimalists and makes a great addition to my vanity, but you know – that’s just extra… Have any organic beauty products you’d recommend? Do share!   Shop my favorites!! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1587187028197317955"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: Saving Your Face the Korean Way How to Put Your Best Face Forward for Fall An Introduction to Anti-Aging Skincare The post All-Natural Beauty Products That Will Blow Your Mind appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Our Shopping Destination for Major Trend: Athleisure
3-11-2016 14:05:39
Zanita Studio
If you haven’t noticed athleisure is taking over, and it’s not subsiding anytime soon! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love athleisure as much as I do from yoga to coffee and everything in between (talk about daily uniform!).That’s why Mode Sportif is our one-stop destination for all things luxe sportswear. Meet Deborah Symond. Deborah is the founder and director of Mode Sportif, a premier destination for luxe leisurewear and activewear. With a strong online presence, Deborah has now opened her first concept store in Paddington, Sydney. I chatted with Deborah about the business, must-have looks, and how she looks after herself while running a business. Read below to find out more… Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you would describe your style. Running Mode Sportif, I am constantly on the go. I live in athleisure wear – I like to mix a leather biker jacket with sports-focused leggings and cool kicks. It’s about being comfortable and looking polished simultaneously. What does your morning routine consist of?  Wake up, check my emails, and then coffee. A few mornings a week, I do private boxing sessions – they always leave me feeling completely energized and ready to tackle my day. How do you keep on top of healthy eating and exercise?  I try to keep it balanced. Training is an absolute must and helps me maintain a routine. I also love getting healthy meals delivered to my office for breakfast and lunch – I use Hexey which is organic and delivered daily. What 3 staple items should every woman own? White sneakers, black leggings, and a leather jacket. What advice would you give to your younger self? Every situation is an opportunity. Keep an extremely open mind and don’t be discouraged by rejection.   If you were to start Mode Sportif again what would you do differently?  Omni Channel retailing is a key factor to retail success in Australia. To complete our offering, we opened a brick and mortar store in Paddington in July of this year. It’s been a huge success and in hindsight, I would have considered opening it earlier. In saying that, everything takes time and we must walk before we run. Where do you see Mode Sportif in the next 5-10 years?  Global. We already have an international presence, but I see that continuing to grow and becoming a large part of our business. What pair of shoes would you select to take you from a gym session to lunch and everything else?  I love to practice yoga, so in spring I wear a pair of slides. Ancient Greek Sandals add a feminine twist to my studio style. If you could only wear one activewear outfit, what items would you select and why? LNDR! They make the most amazing knit leggings and crops. I’d likely choose a navy colourway to cover the change in season and style it with an adidas by Stella McCartney jacket, Nike sneakers, and a Lucas Hugh technical knit t-shirt. What are your 5 must have items at the moment?  (Click to shop!) !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof(window.__moneyspot) === 'object') { if(document.readyState === 'complete') { window.__moneyspot.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'moneyspot-script'); JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Shop Mode Sportif Follow Deborah Symond on Instagram Follow Mode Sportif on Instagram   – Mon  Follow Mon on Instagram Snapchat: @mb_harper   You Should Also Read Benchwarmers Never Looked so Good 5 Tips to Get You Through Fashion Week 15 Questions with Supermodel Coco Rocha The post Our Shopping Destination for Major Trend: Athleisure appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Beauty Routine I’m Currently Obsessing Over
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You probably have loads of better things to worry about right now. But stick with me for a few minutes and I promise to make it worth your time. We’re flooded with thousands of new products daily, so it might get hard to choose from all you see given the fact that our eyes can interpret 30 frames per second. That’s ridiculous! But it’s also true! I wanted to share the beauty routine I’m currently obsessed with, and at the same time, give you several options to turn to… If I’m bananas over something you’re not, it’s cool! There are always options. This is going to be for you, but suggestions are welcome. Let’s talk beauty essentials and what’s happening in my daily routine. Shop the products: La Roche Posay Effaclar Toner, Thayers Rose Water, Le Jour de Chanel, La Roche Posay Daily Moisturizer, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (Vanilla), Marc Jacobs Eyeliner Crayon, Chanel Le Volume Mascara and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Surreal Edit, Beauty Blender in Nude and Zoeva 127 Blush Brush. Step #1 I always start by washing my face with warm water. It’s great to open the pores, which means everything you apply after will be better absorbed. Step #2 Then, I apply La Roche Posay Effaclar Toner, which helps my blemishes, followed by Thayers Rose Water to calm my skin. Step #3 After my skin is dry, I apply Le Jour de Chanel, which protects and energizes your skin throughout the day. It dries instantly, so I immediately apply La Roche Posay Daily Moisturizer before make up. Step #4 This will forever be my answer to the question, “what would you take on a deserted island”? My trusty Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade vanilla. I apply this to the entire area below my forehead – instead of foundation. It covers what needs to be covered and works wonders. My complexion is very light, so vanilla is the best option for me. Step #5 After brushing my eyebrows, I hardly do anything else; I then gently and lightly apply the Marc Jacobs Eyeliner Crayon. For ultimate and long-lasting results, make sure you dab the tip in water before applying it. I tend not to go overboard – just enough to make my eyes pop after applying concealer. Step #6 I use the Zoeva 127 Blush Brush to contour my face and apply blush. This Hourglass Ambient Lighting Surreal Edit is amazing – it’s an all-in-one. Even though I have separate facial products, I just fell in love with the practicality of this one. Step #7 Mascara – can’t leave the apartment without it, but it’s less essential than concealer. I always try to use just a bit, and only go overboard when I need a dramatic eye. But the Chanel Le Volume Mascara is my go-to, after trying out others. It’s perfect for keeping my eyelashes healthy. See the result below: What’s your beauty routine? Comment below. X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: No Eyeliner Makeup that Works for Everyone My New Favorite Two-Step Facial Cleansing Routine Battle of the Cleansing Waters – Which is Best For You? The post The Beauty Routine I’m Currently Obsessing Over appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Right Now
2-11-2016 15:24:25
Zanita Studio
Growth, especially when it comes to blogging, is a slow painful process. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, and sometimes you’re the same. Either way, as long as you’re growing a little bit, it’s progress, and you should be very proud of yourself because it’s not easy. Even though blogs/businesses take time and are hard to grow, that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and wait for the progress to happen. If you truly want to grow your blog, you need to be taking the steps in that direction every single day even if the results aren’t immediately noticeable. Blogging is a marathon not a sprint. That’s why I’m sharing 3 ways to grow your blog, not tomorrow, not next year, but right now! Contribute to a popular blog/website regularly Once you establish a relationship with one popular blog or website, you’re in. A bunch of smaller guest posts are great, but all it takes is one really big one to help grow your blog. The key is to contribute consistently. Stick to the same theme, the same style of writing, and sign off in the same way, and you’ll start to build a brand and loyal following. This is by far the greatest way to get noticed and increase your traffic, followers, etc. because you’re able to tap into an already established loyal readership/following. It’s a huge mistake when I see contributors at Inc., Forbes, and Entrepreneur only have a Twitter or LinkedIn. Why would you only have a Twitter? Where’s your blog? You have the potential to reach millions of people a day and grow your personal brand and you only have a Twitter?! It blows my mind but it’s a real thing, which is why more bloggers are known than freelance writers even though we’re basically doing the same thing (creating content). Bottom line: Find a trusted, popular website to contribute to and make sure there’s a link back to your blog. Get featured after a collab No matter what type of collaboration you do, brand-blogger or blogger-blogger, make sure you get a feature in some way shape or form especially if it’s not a paid collaboration. A free product is great, but a free product isn’t going to grow your blog. If a brand wants free advertising, so do you. And you have every right to ask for it. When you collaborate with another blogger, this person is usually understanding of what it’s like to run a side hustle, so she’ll likely return the favor and have you featured on her blog as well. At the very least, bloggers will share the feature on your site on their social media. Even a little exposure is good exposure so be sure to be grateful for every ounce you get. Have people share your content Yes, you want brands and bloggers to share your content after a collaboration, but you also want your readers and followers to share your content. In fact, it might even be more important for your readers to share your stuff than a brand. This will help grow your blog as a whole, and it will set you up to turn your blog into a business because you’ll be able to gauge what your followers like, what they want, and what they’re talking about. All of those things need to be considered when trying to profit from your blog. Once your content is shared by loyal readers, it has the potential to go viral. And if your content goes viral, well, that’s pretty much every blogger’s dream come true. Side note: Shareable content is such an underrated and hot topic that I could go all on day so if you want to know more about what makes something shareable, comment below and tell me! What do you want to know more about? Anything in the blogging realm, you name it, I’ll write it. Comment below! xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – By Tezza   You Should Also Read: How to Keep Your Blog Ranked in Google How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Blog What to Do When Blogging Dies The post 3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Right Now appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Heaven On Your Skin
1-11-2016 23:37:28
Zanita Studio
    One of my earliest memories as a child was watching my parents in the shearing shed. In case you missed it, I grew up on a farm in an isolated part of Australia. My grandparents raised merino sheep, and to this day, the smell of lanolin snaps back my memory to the sound of bleating lambs and the buzz of the shears. Of course, Australia can be a pretty hot place, and it wasn’t until I started spending the larger part of my life in northern Europe that I really began to appreciate the product of my family’s labour as a wardrobe staple. Wool.     You can probably guess the theme of my latest editorial in collaboration with one of the most exciting brands in the business – Everlane, and their partner, The Woolmark Company, the global authority on merino wool. Here, I aim to share the versatility of these pieces as both a winter and trans-seasonal staple. I actually became most excited about shooting when my Everlane packages arrived in the mail – I am genuinely blown away by the outstanding quality of these pieces and haven’t taken them off since. So soft, luxurious, and cosy – I’ve even worn the cropped pink version out for drinks with heels; it’s so delicate, it’s almost ethereal.  In case I’ve gotten ahead of myself here and you haven’t heard much about Everlane, welcome to the future! This is a brand who cuts out the middle man, leaving total transparency when it comes to production costs. You know what you’re getting, and that’s incredible, designer fashion quality at a reasonable price. This is the place I recommend you shop to stock up on your heaven-to-wear merino wool basics. Absolutely loved working on this collaboration.  And before you ask, yes, they just started shipping internationally today for the month of November!  Look 1: Sweater, Beanie, Scarf – Look 2: Sweater, Loafer – Look 3: Sweater, Shoe – Look 4: Sweater, U-Neck Sweater, Sweatpant – Look 5: Cardigan, Knit Tank, Skirt – Look 6: Sweater, Pant, Shoe –  Look 7 : Sweater, Cardigan, Shoe – Look 8: Sweater Dress Photography by Ralph Van Vugt Concept and Editing by Zanita Whittington The post Heaven On Your Skin appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Easy Ways to Refresh Your Closet This Season
1-11-2016 17:53:57
Zanita Studio
  I feel like us girls are guilty of having too many things in our closets… That’s why a lot of people are opting for capsule wardrobes these days. If you’re curious about it, Caroline has mastered and documented the art. But we’re here to talk about how you can maintain a healthy relationship with your closet… How you can created a wardrobe that makes you feel happy and like it doesn’t get in your way… If you’re looking to bring a whole new perspective on the pieces you own and how you can use them, read on because we’re about to refresh your closet! First… Declutter. Every 6 months, I look through my closet to see what pieces I haven’t worn. If I feel like I’m not going to wear them anymore, I either sell* or donate them. Secondly… Organize. Make sure you come up with a system to harmonize your clothes whether by color, size, or type. I have all my long dresses on one side of the closet, followed by short dresses, shirts, and t-shirts. This way, I can easily pinpoint what I need when I need it. Thirdly… Hang up your favorite pieces right where you can see them. I use a clothing rack to have my must-haves of the season ready to grab and go. Right now, it’s a combination of skirts, bulky sweaters, and a few tops. It keeps me on my toes and prepared at all times. Fourthly… Know your style. This is the ultimate healthy goal! Knowing your style, what fits you best, and how you can use that to your advantage goes a million miles. A defined style helps you sort through the bullshit…stop buying excessive one-time wear items. Buy less and buy better – you’ll fare off better in the long run. Get to know the pieces that will withstand the test of time and reject the ones you buy on a whim. Last but not least… Focus on the basics, don’t go bananas with the statement items… It’s fairly important to have a good amount of basics (you only need one of each), but it’s also important to combine them with the pieces that are going to make your outfit pop. Mix things up! *There are a lot of apps you can use to sell your clothes like, Poshmark, Etsy, Ebay, Tictail. Do you have any tips and tricks? Comment below! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: Top 5 Trends Seen All Over Fashion Month October Superlatives: Every It-Girl’s It-list Back to the Future: Mod Trend The post Easy Ways to Refresh Your Closet This Season appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Keep Your Blog Ranked in Google
31-10-2016 15:17:28
Zanita Studio
There is so much conflicting information about SEO and Google ranking and keywords and blah blah blah. It’s exhausting! So to make your blog life even more complicated, here I am sharing yet another blog post to add to the million others out there about how to keep your blog ranked in Google. I’m joking (kinda)… What I’m really going to tell you is logical information that will stay relevant and apply to your blog for years to come no matter what changes Google or any other tech platform makes. No matter what, when you delete and edit your blog content, nothing bad will happen, it will only keep your readers and Google happy. So, if you want to stay relevant in the digital space, your blog has to stay relevant and here are two ways to do that: #1 Delete old blog posts Every so often, I’ll do a “content audit” where I go through and completely delete blog posts that are poor quality or are no longer relevant to my niche. This will not only benefit you for Google-related reasons, but it will keep your blog nice and organized for your visitors. When I switched to WordPress and rebranded my blog, I had a lot of posts from 2011-2013 that were completely off topic and just couldn’t be saved no matter what I did. At the time, I was a new blogger and writing 5 blog posts a week because I thought that’s what bloggers did. The posts were not strategic by any means; I was just trying to create as much content as possible to keep up with everyone else (luckily I know betterw no). As much as it pained me to delete almost half of my entire blog, it had to be done if I wanted to make this blogging thing work. Plus, if I kept the blog posts, Google would get confused when it crawls through my page and catch tags like “love”, “spirituality”, and “health”. My Google ranking would be so far gone because my newer blog posts relate to style and blog tips. Blogger bonus: Delete old Instagram pictures too so your feed maintains a consistent and modern aesthetic.  #2 Edit the content you keep It shouldn’t come as a surprise when you read your old blog posts and find your writing style has changed, new information has emerged, or you no longer write about the same topics. A lot of new bloggers don’t know much about SEO, Google ranking, and internal linking (I certainly didn’t!), so those key elements are missing too. If you’ve never done a content audit before, your first housecleaning will take you some time as you’re going through and updating every last detail. Once you do the initial clean up though, the times after will be a breeze. You’ll need to edit dead links or add new ones, add keywords, and change blog post titles/URLs to make it more appealing to returning readers and new visitors. The whole point of editing your content isn’t just for Google although ranking is a great incentive. When all your blog posts are high quality and consistent, it creates a user-friendly experience. Visitors can hop along to old blog posts and feel like they’re reading something brand new even if it is a few months old. This increases the time people stay on your blog because they’re discovering all this new content, and they don’t want to leave! You achieve this when you spread your link juice by linking internally and externally (let me know if you want to know more about linking in the comments!). You want anyone on your blog, no matter what page they land on, to feel blown away by your content. It’s the meat and potatoes of a blog. Without it, your readers will starve and move on to something else! Do you have a routine blog checkup? Tell us about it in the comments below!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – @nycbambi   You Should Also Read: How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Blog 3 Tricks to Creating Killer Content When You Have “No Time” What You Should Never Do on Instagram The post How to Keep Your Blog Ranked in Google appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Are Women Afraid To Be Confident at Work?
28-10-2016 16:35:45
Zanita Studio
“Every woman I know, particularly the senior ones, has been called too aggressive at work. We know in gender blind studies that men are more aggressive in their offices than women. We know that. Yet we’re busy telling all the women that they’re too aggressive. That’s the issue.” – Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook You all may have seen, my Instagram profile description says ‘Worldwide Lady Boss’ – it’s my own little declaration of confidence. Truth is, I probably have been too shy or ashamed to give myself that sassy title, even a few years ago ironically. I was speaking to a fellow influencer friend about the caption I should put on an Instagram post, and I suggested, “This dress makes me feel like the Boss I am!’ She replied, “Are you sure? Won’t people give you a hard time for that?”. It was a valid concern because it is typical for women to be berated for over confidence – like we should be downplaying our success or worse, be apologetic for it. Women are less likely to ask for raises. Women have to prove themselves more than men. A McKinsey study says men are promoted based on potential, while women are promoted according to accomplishments. Being a leader and a women comes at a price tag, an inherent distrust, and presumed aggression. It can be a scary goal to want to become a leader for more reasons than you might even be aware of.  In a survey of 4,000 employees at big companies, 36% of men said they want to become CEOs while only 18% of women said the same. We live in the age of Beyonce (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) and more than ever, we’re hearing women vocalise their confidence. Women want to speak for their rights, they want to claim their bodies and their independence. We have fantastic role models in business too – think Arianna Huffington, Sophia Amoruso, Natalie Massenet, Jenna Lyons, Leandra Medine, Eileen Lee, Emily Weiss, Melinda Gates, Jessica Alba, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Miroslava Duma… It just goes on. Their stories are incredibly inspiring. Thoughts become things. If the world thinks women are less qualified, less ambitious, then we’re being held to those expectations. The conversation has begun to change, and it’s exciting. The first step to gaining equality in the workplace is being aware of how the inequality manifests in the first place. Switch your mindset to drive mode and be confident at work (and everywhere else) – don’t forget to support the women around you too! “If you do please everyone, you are not making enough progress.” – Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook. Have you ever felt hesistant to stand up for yourself, ask for a raise or voice an opinion at work? Would love to hear your stories!  – Z Dress by Sportmax, Shoes by Senso, Jewellery by Swarovski Photo by Rebecca Laurey, Edit by Me You Should Also Read: 3 Key Skills You Must Have to be Indispensable at Work 4 Ways Introverts Can Make Small Talk With Confidence The 5 Best Autobiographies to Read if You Want to Work in Fashion The post Are Women Afraid To Be Confident at Work? appeared first on Zanita Studio.
There’s Still Time to Accomplish Everything You Set Out For This Year
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The end of 2016 is rapidly approaching. Can you believe it’s almost November? Damn Gina. I’m appalled by the rapidness of time passing, plus it’s almost my birthday. Yeah, I’m turning 28 this year, almost 30, and that’s making me re-think my life. Before we get all sentimental, let’s talk resolutions, or lists, or bucket lists, or whatever you do to keep the year on track. I’m a list girl myself! I have an agenda where I write everything down – very old school. With the turn of each month, I write down what I wish to accomplish by the end of the 30 or 31 days (or 28 in some cases). This helps me focus on achievable, practical goals. I don’t do crazy resolutions in the New Year just because I feel like it’s a new start. Instead, I challenge myself every month to accomplish everything (kidding, I mean something). Here’s a list of everything you can still do, come the dreaded 2017. #1 Get healthy. Yaaaaasssss. I’m sure this is still on a lot of people’s minds at this time. Even though summer has officially ended in some parts of the globe, we should still worry about it. I’m not even talking diets, but being healthy. Eating better, exercising, and cheating a little. I’ve entered this phase of my life where I want habitualize healthy acts to take into my 30’s. There’s still time for you to yoga, crossfit, and exercise at home. Don’t forget your healthy meals too and make it yourself. #2 Get that promotion. Depending on where you are in your career, there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s a corporate job, a creative field, or blogging, take that step, and demand your worth. Don’t shy away from asking for something if you think you deserve it. Be a #bossbabe! #3 Read that book (or books). If you’re a bookworm like me, your list must be as big as mine. I have at least 5 books I want to finish before the end of the year, and it’s not looking good. In a world where cellphones sleep with you, it’s time to establish boundaries and get back to those good ol’ books. Or get a kindle! No excuses. #4 Tell them you love them. You parents, your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your hairdresser – anyone who matters. If there’s someone you’ve been meaning to tell I love you, get on with it. The worst that can happen is getting shot down. But the new year is right around the corner, and it will all pass. #5 Travel. It might seem impossible, but I have lots of friends who still have plenty of trips planned this year. If you have a full-time job and have already maxed out your vacay, make the most of your holidays and weekends. I love a good weekend getaway with someone special. It gives you a break from the bolstering city life. #6 Goals. Whatever your goals are, except running the NYC marathon (which is one week away), you can always achieve them. It’s not necessarily easy, but life never is. You just have to get in the right mindset, body over matter (not mind over matter), and get into the motions. What’s on your list that you still haven’t done in 2016? I’d love to know! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: The Most Important Lessons I Learned in 2015 How You Can End 2015 With a Bang! Goals to Make 2016 Your Best Year The post There’s Still Time to Accomplish Everything You Set Out For This Year appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Find Bloggers You Can Trust
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Zanita Studio
Most bloggers or industry-related professionals have their own agenda. If you’re trying to work with a blogger or brand, I promise you that blogger or brand will only work with you depending on how much it will benefit them. The only person looking out for you in this business is you, unfortunately. Not only are you the only person who has your best interest at heart, but there are a slew of bloggers, “coaches”, and “best-selling authors” that claim they can land you a deal of a lifetime to earn you tons of money. I emphasize claim. A lot of these people have no idea what they’re doing, and they’re trying to sell something they think is popular, but they haven’t actually achieved themselves. You know what I’m talking about…the “Get Paid to Pin!” webinars and the “Double Your Insta Followers Quick!” courses. Now, there actually are some great, credible, and honest people out there – it’s just a matter of finding them. And when you come across one, you’ll know because this person really does have your best interest at heart which is why he/she is so successful. Here’s what I do that you should to find bloggers you can trust: Check out their social presence Checking someone’s social media presence is like a background check. If the numbers add up, and this blogger has a decent following with decent authentic engagement, they’re most likely legit. But if this blogger has only a few followers and the quality of their content isn’t that great, it’s safe to assume they jumped the gun too quick. (Side note: you have to be patient and “pay your dues” if you want to turn your blog into a business. You have to mess up, fall down, and get back up a bunch of times before you can call yourself an expert.) For example, you shouldn’t take relationship advice from someone who’s single. Sorry, but if you’re not in a loving, caring, respectful relationship, how can you teach us how to be in one? Blogging is no different. You want to find bloggers who live the experience day in and day out. And when you check their social presence, it will tell you everything you need to know about the validity of the blogger. Look at the free stuff Every blogger provides free content through their blogs and Instagram. They write posts that are free for us to read, and they share style inspiration that is free for us to see on Instagram. The question now is, is the free stuff valuable? Is this blogger’s style tips totally original and legit, or is it generic and boring? Does this blogger actually teach us things or does s/he just beat around the bush and never give us a direct answer? The quality of the free stuff is a direct reflection of the paid stuff. So, if you like someone’s blog posts or “free stuff”, you’ll most likely love the stuff you have to pay for. Why do you think grocery stores give out samples all the time? Because they know the free stuff is so good you won’t be able to resist the full package! Read testimonials Not many bloggers have a page dedicated to testimonials, which is great news for you if you’re reading this because you’ll stand out by making one. I have one for all of my products because it increases my credibility and tells visitors what to expect. The more reputable people you can get to back you, the better off you’ll be. Because who’s to say you didn’t make up the testimonials yourself and stick a random person’s picture next to it? Another thing to keep in mind when you’re reading other blogger’s testimonials is you have to be careful that these bloggers aren’t just all friends. I see this with a lot with authors and “blogger besties”. They all hang out together and endorse each other’s products (sometimes for money), which is great if they’ve actually read the book or tested the product. That’s why I try to look for real, authentic testimonials that aren’t too curated, and I try to get real, authentic testimonials from people all over the spectrum: bloggers, public figures, coaches, small business owners, etc. If you want to play detective and go even deeper, search the product or book’s hashtag on Instagram and ask a non-bias person what they think. I do this with workout programs I’m interested in. Talk about a real testimonial, it doesn’t get more real than that! In a saturated market like blogging, finding bloggers you can trust is tricky, but when in doubt, always follow your gut. If something doesn’t feel quite right, there’s usually something not quite right about it. Who are your favorite trusted bloggers? Share your list in the comments below! xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde Image Source Credits – The Zoe Report, @whatshesaidblog You Should Also Read: What to Do When Brands Don’t Pay  The Best Way to Promote Your Blog Posts What They Don’t Tell You About Success as an Entrepreneur The post How to Find Bloggers You Can Trust appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Morning Workout Session with Mon
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Zanita Studio
  Morning Friends, Here’s something a little different for you… I usually post workouts on Zanita Studio using animations, but today I’m vlogging! I want you guys to get to know me beyond an animated jumping person on the front-end of your screen ? So, let’s go on a morning workout session and watch what I have for breakfast. Don’t count this my everyday routine because I take each day on differently – sometimes I’ll go the gym early in the morning or out for breakfast. Other times, I’ll do a home workout and have some bacon ? It’s not pre-planned, and you just never know… I’ve documented today’s morning workout routine and shared the quick smoothie recipe I whipped up! Do you prefer GIFs or Vlogs?! I’d love to hear! And if you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, thanks!   My Workout 30 Double Rope Slams Hold a rope in each hand. Slightly bend your knees, keep your back straight, raise the rope out in front of you, and slam it down into the ground. 30 Bench Toe Taps Stand in front of a bench or box. Lift your left leg by driving your knee up and tapping your toe on the bench. Then swap your legs mid-air and tap your right toes on the bench. 30  Mountain Climbers Start in a pushup position by placing your hands directly under your chest and shoulder-width apart with your arms straight. Lift your right foot off the floor and raise your knee to your chest. Alternate the movement with your left leg, keeping your hips in the same position throughout. 20 Russian Twists Using a 6kg/9kg Medicine Ball, sit on the ground next to your weight with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Grab the weight with both hands and lean back slightly until you feel your abs engage, and take your feet off the ground. This is your starting position. Now lift the weight in a smooth arc from one side of your body to the other, touching the ground slightly at the end of each rep. x10 10 cal on the Assault Bike 20 Squats Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly turned out. Keep your back straight as you bend your legs into a ‘seated’ position while sticking your bum out. Squeeze your bum as you stand back up. Repeat. x5 Now for the Smoothie Bowl Recipe Ingredients 1 Banana Frozen Mango Frozen Berries 1 Kiwi Fruit Handful of Spinach 1 Cup Almond/Coconut Milk Ice Top with Pepitas Sunflower Seeds Coconut Chia Seeds Almond Butter Blend all the smoothie ingredients together in a blender. Pour into a bowl and top with seeds and nuts! Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to subscribe HERE!   – Mon  Follow Mon on Instagram Snapchat: @mb_harper   You Should Also Read: How to Get Up Early and Smash a Workout Feeling Overwhelmed? Can’t Breathe? Take a Hike The leg Workout You Can do in Your Bedroom The post Morning Workout Session with Mon appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Blog
24-10-2016 17:58:52
Zanita Studio
After we talked about the best way to promote your blog posts, I received a lot of requests for a blog post about Facebook Ads (keep the requests coming by the way I love them). Let me start by saying Facebook ads are a blogger’s secret weapon. I’m guessing the reason more people don’t talk about it is because if we all start doing it, then prices will go up or the system will change… again. Yes, Facebook ads have already undergone many changes. At first, you could spend $1 a day and reach thousands of people. Now the minimum is $5. Obviously, if you were able to utilize the $1 deals, you’re at an advantage now with more likes, more engagement, and a better overall presence on Facebook. Now it’s a little harder, but not impossible. Nothing is ever impossible, but there is something to be said for those who are the first to market (i.e. first to use a new platform or system). How to use them As I mentioned before, Facebook ads have gone through a lot of changes. Now, they’re a lot more targeted, which is both beneficial and confusing. You can get as specific as you want in terms of who you want to reach. For example, you can target moms ages 24-32 in NYC who like to work out, or 17-21 year-olds who play video games, or  21-34 year-old female bloggers in the fashion industry. The sky is the limit. You can even just the people who like your Facebook page. Your audience will depend on what your goal is. Are you trying to reach new people? Are you trying to get current readers to engage? Are you promoting a product? Once you set your target market/audience, you set the days/times you want your ad to run. (Side note: You can create more than one audience.) I recommend having an ad run from Tuesday-Thursday. On Mondays, people are just getting back into the weekly grind and by Fridays, people have already checked out. Saturdays and Sundays are family fun days so forget trying to sell anything on those days (unless you’re in retail because the online shopping market is huge with many consumers shopping on the weekends). After you have all the logistics figured out, you simply set it and forget it. You can set your ad to run indefinitely or for a short period of time. It’s completely up to you. Again, this depends on what your goal is. Keep in mind having your ad run indefinitely will be expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, be very careful where you allocate your resources. When to use them Some bloggers use Facebook ads every time they have a new post. Again, if you have the resources to do this, then by all means do it. But for those of us who have to be a bit more strategic, I would say only promote your very best stuff. If you have a new product launching, of course you’ll want to “boost” that post during launch week. If it’s Halloween and you’re giving away a free Halloween makeup tutorial, you’ll want to promote that throughout the month of October. Same with if you make a Thanksgiving feast checklist – boost that in November. My rule of thumb is if something is super important to you or your absolute best work, use Facebook ads (and extend those ads to reach new audiences). Otherwise, keep pumping out content and asking your followers to share it because Facebook ads can become costly. How they benefit you If you haven’t figured ou how Facebook ads can benefit you I’ll break it down… Facebook ads help you reach your current audience They help you reach new audiences Facebook ads can help generate profit on your products Facebook ads allow you to target a very specific market/demographic They can increase engagement, which in turn helps reduce the use of Facebook ads altogether Facebook ads show you exactly what works and what doesn’t, so you can adjust (this data is in the Facebook Ads Manager) Even though Facebook ads have been around for a long time, if you’re just learning about them now, it’s ok. There’s still time to save/grow your blog/business. But you do want to make sure before you use Facebook ads that your blog/business and content is really really good. Passion is great but in order to be successful, you also need talent. The question you should ask yourself first before taking out your wallet is “Would someone want to read or watch my stuff? Am I generating high-quality content that warrants investing in real advertising?” xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: What It Means to Add Value & Kill It as a Blogger Everything You Need to Know About Media Kits What to Do When Blogging Dies The post How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Blog appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Back to the Future: Mod Trend
23-10-2016 23:14:17
Zanita Studio
I love searching for style references from the past even more than finding them on the runway, but it’s the mix of the two that make your look most relevant. ‘Mod’ style came out of bad ass British subculture in the sixties, but today’s version feels both playful and classy at once. Best of all, so many silhouettes from this trend work with most body types. I’m wearing this Karen Millen dress with a fun hybrid sneaker/loafer for a ‘Mod meets Modern’ look. Feels right! Anyway, long time no see folks! Lately, my juggling skills have been lacking, and I feel bad for it – sometimes, it’s hard for me to keep my head above water for reasons I’m going to share in a post coming up soon. I’m sharing this look in partnership with Karen Millen, a brand I love for their ability to produce high quality goods at middle-market price. I’ve never been let down by a piece from Karen Millen! Thanks so much to all of you for sticking around! You can continue to follow my hijinks on social media. We are just a few weeks away from announcing our newest and biggest project yet – something special our team has been working on for the last six months. Thanks Karen Millen for having me onboard for this one Shop the Look! !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState === 'complete') { window.__stp.init(); } }(document, 'script', 'shopthepost-script'); Turn on your JavaScript to view content The post Back to the Future: Mod Trend appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Why Most Bloggers Won’t be Successful
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Zanita Studio
Success varies from person to person, but even you know that no one blogs purely for fun and games anymore. And if that’s the case, why aren’t there more successful bloggers out there with a pool as large as it is? Today, we’re sharing exactly why most bloggers won’t be successful. Find out if you’re making these mistakes… – You justify low quality. To be successful, you can’t continue outputting low-quality content – that includes your blog layout, visuals, and writing. We understand you don’t have a lot of time, resources, or money, but those are no excuses to validate low-quality work. Become devoted to delivering the best posts you possibly can every time, and always strive for that next benchmark. Maybe you start with your blog layout and perfect it, then move on to improving your writing (side note: reading only great quality blogs help), and then enhancing your visuals. Once that’s down pat, work all these elements together seamlessly and progress onto new mediums and outlets. – Not promoting. Most bloggers spend 80% of their time producing new content and 20% promoting, but it should actually be the reverse as Brittany mentioned here. If you’re running a blog that has fairly small traffic, spending the bulk of your time mining new content isn’t going to bring new or more traffic. Your focus should be building a readership, and then streaming in new content regularly. (Note: That’s not to say you should only be producing new content once a week.) – Promoting the wrong way. We assume that you currently write a post, share it on all your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and then you might even ask some of your friends to share it… While there’s nothing wrong with doing it this way, you’re forgetting one thing: Driving traffic to your blog from websites with a bigger audience. That’s why tagging @ootdmagazine on Instagram is so popular and getting features on websites like Refinery29 and WhoWhatWear make such a huge difference. The value in driving traffic from sites with a large and dedicated readership is priceless! – You hold back. Are you secretly blogging (hoping no one you know personally finds your work)? Are you too afraid to reach out to bloggers and brands? Are you making excuses to explicate why you can’t take more photos or create more content? This is called holding back. Any ounce of holding back sets you up for failure in this industry, so you’ve got to decide how bad you want it and go at it full force. No time for child’s play. – No plans, no goals, no results. Without a plan, how do you know what you needs to be done? Without a goal, how do you take a course of action and produce results? Without results, you can’t know what success is… Plans help you create and tackle your to-dos, goals provide you with direction and a timeline, results give you measurable substance. You can’t possibly be successful if you haven’t even defined what success looks like (and it doesn’t have to do anything with money, brands, or subscriber count)!   You Should Also Read: How to Blog When You Don’t Know Where to Start What They Don’t Tell You About Success as an Entrepreneur 5 Important Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs The post Why Most Bloggers Won’t be Successful appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Put Your Best Face Forward for Fall
20-10-2016 19:35:56
Zanita Studio
Skin always comes first especially if you want to put your best face forward for fall (and winter)! My skin has been changing drastically in cadence with the weather… No surprises there – the surprise lies in the fact that what works for me one year doesn’t always work the next, which leads to one experimentation after another. It’s been a while since we last chatted beauty, so I wanted to share a few new things helping me put my best face forward lately. Glossier – The Supers First up is the Supers by Glossier – amazing amazing amazing! I’m sure you’ve heard the choir, but you need to hear more if you haven’t jumped the gun. I highly recommend purchasing the set of serums because it’s the best value! I went back and forth on just trying one or two, but gave into temptation and have no regrets. Here’s what you get: Super Pure – Calms acne-prone skin and contains potent zinc & niacinamide (I was sold on this ingredient)! Super Bounce – Softens & hydrates skin with hyaluronic acid and fatty vitamins. Super Glow – Vitamin C – that says enough. All three work extremely well together, but my favorite combo is the Super Pure and Bounce. I’ve used them in conjunction underneath moisturizer and makeup consistently over a few weeks now, and I’m just so thrilled at how much nicer and clearer my complexion looks. The Super Glow is pretty good, but I’m more concerned about dry spots and acne at the moment; it’s the thinnest in texture and therefore, the more difficult one to apply! Saturday Skin Moisturizer I love this cream because it’s super lightweight, but really seals in maximum moisture – something I cannot live without this time of year. Plus, it’s hard to find a moisturizer that’s thin in texture, but effective. I’ve been super impressed. I’m also a huge fan of the dispenser (though it’s quite a pain to travel with because the bulk) and ever-adorable packaging. Rare Marula Style Extending Primer This isn’t really for your face, but the product has been a huge benefactor in helping me maintain healthy looking hair. You all know that color-treated hair and repeated use of heat often results in dry and brittle texture. This hair primer protects my strands from further damage while conditioning it. The Base Skin Illuminator Dull, parched skin can easily be fixed with a good illuminator, and despite what all the magazines and major beauty sites are saying about the demise of highlighters, I’m still adding that shine to my face. This product isn’t too shimmery, so it works perfectly blended into your foundation or moisturizer for a summery glow or can be applied straight from the bottle. The Base is an Aussie brand created by Laura Bingle using only premium ingredients. This is the first time I’ve tried anything from The Base, but I’m already a fan! Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm Where has this little jar been my entire life?! It’s not your standard lip balm and feels far from that petroleum texture. It’s a little thick, has a bit of an exfoliating factor, and feels crazy subtle on the lips while delivering superb moisture! This is one of those balms that doesn’t require you to wait for it to settle… Go right on over with a lip product of your choice (yes, even Glossier’s Gen G), and you’re good to go! I’ll never need another lip balm! Shop My Favorites! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1585900624807421923")); xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: A New Way to Trial Korean Skincare Products New Beauty Discoveries I’m Quickly Falling in Love With Updated Beauty Rotation in Preparation for Fall The post How to Put Your Best Face Forward for Fall appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Best Ways to Use Video on Your Blog
19-10-2016 18:13:18
Zanita Studio
Videos are the new platform for blogging… Snapchat, Periscope, Instastories,, and Facebook live are all dominating the social media scene right now. But why? Videos make it personal. They’re the closest thing to forming a friendship other than hanging out in person every day. Videos allow you to see the person’s personality, sense of humor (or lack thereof), and presentation in real life. Yes, some people don’t feel the most comfortable on camera, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your audience because other people might feel the same way you do… Video is yet another way for you to be relatable to your audience because, despite feeling uncomfortable, you do it anyway, which inspires your readers. And isn’t inspiration the sole purpose of running a blog in the first place? Your video content is going to vary based on your niche, but these are the best ways to use video on your blog in a way that drives traffic up, gets your audience engaged, and keeps your followers coming back… Stay consistent Like Instagram, you want your videos to have a consistent theme from the title to the editing to the lighting to the style. Keeping consistent videos is far more complicated than keeping an Instagram aesthetic. But if you want people to watch, and you want to brand your videos, you need something that’s of consistent quality. There are so many ways to attain this. I could go on for hours… maybe this calls for another blog post? (Comment below if you want to know more about video content.) Title For my videos, all my titles have the format of TITLE | by not another blonde. I do this so they’re easily recognizable as my personal blog’s videos. People see the format and they automatically think, “oh, that’s Not Another Blonde”. Format I use the exact same format for all my “blog tip” videos on YouTube – same introduction picture, filming angle, ending picture, and song. Typically, people upload a cute thumbnail shot of themselves as a preview of the video, but I use a blank text picture because I never remember to take a regular picture (confessions of a blogaholic). So, to switch things up, I alternate between black text and white text. This helps viewers know which videos they watched already and it creates a cool aesthetic on my YouTube page. Environment In addition to your format being the same, you want to keep all your different video series in the same environment. For example, when I do my “blog tip of the day” videos, I’m walking to or from work. My environment is a city-scape with me in motion. Other people sit in the same spot of their house with the same backdrop which is great too. Every video series calls for a different vibe, so it’s up to you to determine what that vibe is. Utilize the caption The caption for video is just as important, if not more important, than the caption of your Instagram posts. It’s more acceptable to have a longer caption on all your YouTube videos, so you’re able to mention your other social channels, tag what you’re wearing or products you’re using, and have a CTA. The reason being YouTube’s “language” is very different than Instagram’s. If someone stumbles upon your Instagram, they easily click your profile and glance at your feed, and within 5-10 seconds, they decide if they want to follow you or not. YouTube requires more commitment. When people find your video, they’re not going to click your profile for the sake of convenience unless your video is THAT good. What they will do is skim through the caption and see what you’re all about and your other social channels. People (brands especially) want to do as little as possible to get to know you, so it’s better not to send them on a wild goose chase. Go ahead and describe who you are, what you do, and where they can find you in the captions. Keep it short Vine and Snapchat totally changed the video game by only allowing super short videos at a time. I don’t remember what Vine’s max time was but Snapchat is 10 seconds, that’s it! You have 10 seconds to make an impact and 10 seconds to hold the viewer’s attention. If you’re making a Facebook or YouTube video, you can get away with 1-2 minutes, but I wouldn’t go longer unless your audience is used to longer videos from you, and you’re able to keep their interest. Add value As some of you may know by now I love to talk about adding value. It might be the most important aspect of your blog/business. You want to attract new visitors by adding as much value to their lives as possible, and you want to keep returning visitors by adding new value they can’t get anywhere else. Of course in a saturated market like blogging, you’re going to run into other bloggers doing similar things as you, but they can’t do it the way you do it. You have to figure out what your “thing” is. What’s your unique way of communicating? Some bloggers are opinionated and unfiltered; others are soft-spoken and sweet while others are hilarious.  Some are blunt, to the point, and no nonsense. What’s your style? That is what’s going to make your videos stand out. It’s not necessarily what you say, it’s how you say it… Who’s using video? Leave your YouTube channel or Snapchat name below so we can check out your videos! xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Harper’s Bazaar, VIP Fashion Australia   You Should Also Read: The Best Way to Promote Your Blog Posts 3 Ways to Increase Your Engagement How to Use YouTube to Build a Brand The post The Best Ways to Use Video on Your Blog appeared first on Zanita Studio.
What to Do When Brands Don’t Pay You
17-10-2016 02:48:14
Zanita Studio
After my post on handling collaborations like a pro blogger, reader Sanaa reached out with some great follow up questions regarding well-known brands not being “able” to pay bloggers. Sanaa asked, what’s the incentive to work with a brand who won’t pay and won’t provide you exposure? What’s the blogger doing it for? Since these questions deserved proper in-depth answers here we are! As a new blogger, you will get approached by brands… a lot. Nowadays brands are caring less about your following and more about marketing/advertising their products. But the catch is they want you to do all the work for free. And can you blame them? Everyone loves free stuff. In a brand’s mind, if you’re not going to provide something of super high quality with high-volume returns, they’re not going to pay you. Unfortunately for brands, bloggers can only do so many free collaborations before their patience (and bank account) runs thin. And honestly, I don’t think any blogger should do a collaboration for free, no matter how many followers you have or how long you’ve been blogging. Advertising is a service that takes time and effort and any service should be compensated (unless of course it’s for a charity). So, here’s what to do when brands don’t pay you. Step 1: Make a choice The minute a brand reaches out to you for a collaboration is the minute the ball is in your court, and you can do anything you want with it. The first thing you want to do is get all the details: background of the brand, the brand’s own social following, what they’re asking for, what their budget is, etc. Once these questions are answered, you get a much better idea of whether this is something you want to do. I know it’s exciting to get your first brand collaboration, but trust me when I say get all the details before saying yes. The most important question is about the brand’s budget. They’ll either tell you what their budget is, say they’re on a “tight budget”, or say the collaboration is a “product in exchange for post”. Honestly, product in exchange for post collaborations are the worst unless we’re talkin’ a luxury bag or something (which is rare for seasoned bloggers let alone new bloggers). This is the moment you decide whether you want to go through with the collaboration or not. My rule of thumb is if you genuinely love the product and it’s worth a decent amount, then say yes. Otherwise, say no. Brands on a “tight budget” is usually code for “we can negotiate, but it probably won’t be much”. I’ve had brands claim they have to “be careful” where they spend their money. So let me get this straight – you’ll pay a bigger blogger thousands of dollars for one post, which may or may not resonate with that blogger’s audience, but you won’t disperse some of that money across 10-30 smaller bloggers? Smaller bloggers are a secret marketing weapon because their audiences can be more authentically engaged and niche versus an influencer with 1 million followers. Finally, if a brand tells you their actual budget, hallelujah, you’re in the zone! The next step is to negotiate a reasonable price that’s fair for both parties. (You can find more on negotiating HERE.) Step 2: Determine what you’ll lose When you say “no” to a non-paid collaboration, you’re going to lose putting another notch in your brand belt and a free product. But as we all know, quality is better than quantity, so you’d rather have a smaller list of high-quality brands that do pay (or at least offer nice products) than a long list of indie brands that offer mediocre products with no monetary compensation. Other than that, you’re not going to lose much, so no need to get all FOMO when you say no. No one is going to hate you for saying no. Blogging is a business, not a friendship, so you have to do what’s best for you and your business. And the heart of every business is cash flow. Next time you’re offered a collaboration, think about how much cash flow you’ll have coming in and go from there. Step 3: Realize what you’ll gain Saying no is huge, whether it’s declining an invitation to an event. Saying no is empowering and boosts your confidence because it can be an uncomfortable thing to do. And once you step outside that comfort zone, it’s all up hill from there. You’ll get familiar with staying true to your brand instead of getting starry-eyed at the idea of people wanting to work with you. There are even some pro-bloggers who “sell out” because of starry-eyed syndrome. This is a big no-no in the blogging world. When you don’t sell out, there is exclusivity to your brand, and you’ll have businesses getting starry-eyed for a chance to work with you. A lot of pro-bloggers take this approach too… And it works! xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read:   The Best Way to Promote Your Blog Posts How to Make Money That Lasts From Blogging 3 Steps to Handling Collaborations Like a Pro Blogger The post What to Do When Brands Don’t Pay You appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Surprise 3 Day Sale from Shopbop – LAST DAY
15-10-2016 00:09:28
Zanita Studio
  Don’t freak out! Shopbop always does this to us. Out of the blue, BAM, sale! We’re always saying to ourselves that this week we’re going to behave, put down our credit cards, and not splurge on things we don’t need. But then this 3-day-sale happens and we’re like… Wth! It’s the event of the season where they’re offering 25% off of everything under $300 AND 30% over $500. Isn’t it amazing? You can shop your favorites for fall in just a few simple clicks. I finally bought myself this PJ set because I’ve been meaning to for a while. And now with great discounts, yupi! Get the items – Rails Button Down Shirt, Rebecca Taylor Velvet Blazer, Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 7 Case, Oscar de la Renta Earrings, Grenson Platform Loafers, Mother Matchbox Sweatshirt, Frame Moto Skirt, MCM Square Sunglasses, Sara Battaglia Bucket Bag, B-Low The Belt, Mua Mua Karl Zero Cross Body Bag, English Factory Shirt Combo Dress Instead of facing the chillier air outside, sit comfortably on your couch, enjoy a cup of cocoa, and shop the wonderful sale. As always, we even do the picking for you. Shop more options below!   !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState === 'complete') { window.__stp.init(); } }(document, 'script', 'shopthepost-script'); Turn on your JavaScript to view content X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: THIS is How You Can Achieve Parisian Fashion in Real Life Fashion Dreams Come True With This Perfect Deal (don’t miss it!) A Style Trip Through the Seasons With Camille Charriere   The post The Surprise 3 Day Sale from Shopbop – LAST DAY appeared first on Zanita Studio.
October Superlatives: Every It-Girl’s It-list
13-10-2016 18:00:18
Zanita Studio
Anyone else diggin’ this October weather and vibe? It’s the best time of the year for us – not too hot, but not too cold, leaves undergoing metamorphosis, creative juices flowing through Halloween costumes, and pumpkin everything. Embracing what we know, chic fall coats and legs jammed in boots become relevant again, and you can stroll around the city comfortably. Already mid-way through the month, but it’s not too late to stash up on all the cool things on every it-girl’s it-list. (click to shop!) Velvet This fall’s all about velvet. Whether you’ve grabbed your fair share of the luxe fabric from last season or just now biting into the trend, it’s a necessity we saw throughout fashion month. Simply invest in accessories if it’s too much for you… Statement Jewelry Jewelry is big (we know, it’s big every season) – think long earrings, itty bitty necklaces, chokers, and bright metallic watches. Whatever you do, make sure you’re adorned, and remember: there’s no such thing as too much. Pointed Flats Boots, sandals, or ballerinas – all of it flat and pointed. They’re elegant, feminine, and BOSS. Satin Satin is having a major moment too. That slick fabric wasn’t made for the bedroom alone. We’re happy to see loungewear and outerwear mixing satin elements, and even happier to know it’s finally okay to walk out in PJ mode. Something Fun The most important thing on our list of must-haves is definitely fun. What is fashion, beauty, and life without fun in the batter? Stop being sooo serious about everything. Shop more items below! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1585144981710420466")); You Should Also Read: A Style Trip Through the Seasons With Camille Charriere The Freshest Ways to Wear Brown This Fall THIS is How You Can Achieve Parisian Fashion in Real Life The post October Superlatives: Every It-Girl’s It-list appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Blog When You Don’t Know Where to Start
13-10-2016 02:00:09
Zanita Studio
The bulk of Zanita Studio readers are bloggers and side hustlers. We’ve got beginner bloggers, bloggers looking to change direction, or side hustlers contemplating a blog – all of which make me so excited because blogging is so powerful. Everyone should have a blog. In fact, more and more companies are looking to hire people with a social media presence – pretty soon resumes are going to be a thing of the past. Starting a blog or changing directions/rebranding can be extremely daunting, especially if you’re a perfectionist like me. You want your content to be perfect, you want to have everything scheduled ahead of time, and you want the marketing to be just “right”. It’s exhausting! Questions like, ‘What niche should I be in? What theme do I want? What platforms should I join? How often should I post?’ flood your mind as you sit there wasting time contemplating when you could be doing. So, the first step for how to blog when you don’t know where to start is to: Just do it! Don’t wait until you have all your ducks in a row. Starting a blog is like starting a family… You’re never fully prepared. There is no right time, theme, method, or niche to blogging. As long as you’re putting quality stuff out there on a consistent basis, it will catch on. I watched this Steve Harvey video about success the other day where he said, If you want to fly you have to jump. He then went on to say that your parachute won’t open right away (isn’t that comforting?), but it will never open if you don’t jump. So if you want to start blogging, but you don’t know where to start, just start. Jump. Start pumping out content and the rest will fall into place, I promise. Self-host your blog My biggest regret in my early stages of blogging was not self-hosting my blog on WordPress. For years, I used Blogger, and it just wasn’t the same. I was very limited in my design, features, and analytics. If you want to blog and have full control over your it, you need to use and self-host your blog with a service like GoDaddy or Bluehost. Self-hosting your blog puts the reigns back in your hands. Produce content you’re passionate about Before Not Another Blonde, I ran a spiritual, self-development blog, and pursued life coaching. At the time, I was very “light and love” so it made sense. I wrote authentically from the heart…until I had a change of heart – my passions changed and I found myself digging for content. I felt fake and knew something had to change, so I took my love for fashion, blogging, and self-development and turned it into what it is today: 100% ME. My point is that if you want to blog about fashion, but that’s challenging to you, tell people about it! I was never good at formulating why an outfit worked; I just knew it did by looking at it. So I stopped trying to explain how to dress and I started showing people through pictures. Then, I took notice of what I am good at explaining: the business side of blogging. I’m passionate about blogging as a business, so I stick to it, and I leave the fashion explanations up to bloggers who actually know what they’re talking about like Zanita. Don’t force it This goes along with being passionate… Anything that is forced is never fun whether it’s a relationship, career, blog, friendship, etc. People can sense “weird vibes” even through a computer screen. No matter how hard you try, if you ain’t feelin’ it, no one is gonna feel it. Your blogging HAS to come naturally. Once you figure out your groove, there will be nothing forced about it, and low and behold, you’ll find your niche. It took me 4 years, so don’t worry, you have some time! And by the way, some people find their niche right off the bat, but other bloggers need to experiment a little more like I did. So tell us in the comments, how long have you been blogging for and what do you blog about?   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: What They Don’t Tell You About Success as an Entrepreneur 5 Ways to Collaborate with Other Bloggers How to Make Money That Lasts From Blogging The post How to Blog When You Don’t Know Where to Start appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Leg Workout You Can Do in Your Bedroom
12-10-2016 15:59:12
Zanita Studio
Sometimes, gym time just isn’t going to happen. You may only have 30 min… You may be in a completely different city… Or it may be one of those days you have zero inspiration… So this is why I’m here – head over to my Instagram (@monicabestek) for daily workouts and motivation. And don’t forget to keep checking back here for even more fun and effective workouts! This leg workout is great for your bedroom, lounge room, hotel room, or even the gym. You can throw in a few arm or ab exercises if you want to spice it up and do more! Lazy days are inescapable – I have them all the time, and the only way to improve the mood is to get active! Everyone feels better after a bit of SWEATING!  This little leg workout is inspired by the ZUU training system. A few months ago, I tried ZUU in my hometown gym and couldn’t resist the urge for another class last week. I  felt inspired to use some of these exercises in my home routine. So…what is ZUU you ask? ZUU was Designed by Nathan Helberg, Aussie fitness guru and human movement expert. ZUU is high-intensity interval training using primal moves like push, pull, bend, twist, squat, lunge, and locomotion. Do these 3 exercises 5 times! Frog Squats x30 The frog squat is a great way to open up your hips and lengthen your quads. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Stick your elbows inside your knees and drop down into a deep squat. Keeping your arms in the same position, stand up as high as you can (bum in the air) then return back down into the squat position. Repeat. Walking Squats/Russians Sit down into a 90 degrees squat and hold your hands out in front of you. Hold the position. Walk ~5 steps forward and then backwards. Repeat. Joeys x30 Sit into a low squat position. Then, using a small explosive movement, jump your feet slightly off the ground. Return softly to the floor and rebound into another jump immediately. I hope you enjoyed the workout and let me know what other types of workouts you would like to see by commenting below   – Mon  Follow Mon on Instagram Snapchat: @mb_harper   You Should Also Read: How to Get Washboard Abs The Bad Ass Boxing Workout You Must Try How to Start Eating Healthy and Exercising Now The post The Leg Workout You Can Do in Your Bedroom appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Best Way to Promote Your Blog Posts
10-10-2016 02:29:40
Zanita Studio
The digital world moves so quickly that as soon as you find something that works, it’s already changed. As bloggers, 20% of our efforts go to producing content, and the other 80% is spent promoting them, our brand, or product. And if you don’t operate that way yet, you should! Promote, promote, promote! Any successful blogger or entrepreneur would tell you this. Without getting eyes on your blog, you’re pretty much talking to no one. And in order to get those eyes on your stuff, you have to promote your blog posts. But how? The best times… The times you post any blog post, picture, video, etc. used to be a lot more important, but now it rarely matters since most social media platforms are based on engagement, not chronological order. There even used to be websites dedicated to “optimized timing”, but now they’re pretty useless, and if they try to convince you otherwise, they’re just trying to sell you something… Don’t buy into it! Every so often, I’ll look for patterns among successful bloggers and entrepreneurs, and honestly, I haven’t seen any. If there is a pattern, it’s specific to that person’s audience and it doesn’t necessarily mean his/her schedule will work for you. The key to nailing the best time to promote your blog posts is by creating conversations and engagement around whatever it is you’re promoting. You want to create hype and consistency so people are excited to see your next blog post, and they know exactly when to expect it. You can give teasers ahead of time on Snapchat or Instagram like, “How to wear a mock neck coming to the blog next week”. Once you get engagement up, you’ll show up on people’s news feeds, in which case the time you promote doesn’t really matter. However, Instagram/Facebook insights are great tools to use as guidelines for times when you should post… You can also step outside of your stats and be mindful of when you’re personally online for fun. Lunchtime is good because people are on their break, and late afternoon is also popular because the day is almost done and people are getting bored and restless. The best way… When you’re promoting your blog posts, you want to make sure you’re telling your readers about what you’ve done. A caption, such as “new blog post!”, doesn’t cut it anymore… What are you going to tell us in your new blog post? Why should we care to click? How is it going to improve our lives? These are questions you should answer in 1-3 sentences that you use to promote your content. I mentioned engagement earlier… You can also ask your readers what they want to see or what they thought of your blog post. That way they feel like they’re a part of the process. People appreciate things they’re involved in; they’re proud of it and they’ll want to share it. And sharing is the ultimate key to promotion. The best platforms… This is going to vary from blogger to blogger. Some people do really well on Twitter if they’re a news heavy blog. Others do great on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. I personally find Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’, and Pinterest to be the best platforms for sharing. It’s harder for people to share things on Instagram and Snapchat. But no matter what platform(s) you use, you have to make sure you’re speaking its native language. Meaning, you have to be able to create excitement and get your point across in 140 characters or less on Twitter. You have to have the highest quality pictures/infographics to share on Pinterest. And you have to make sure your engagement is high enough on Facebook, so people actually see your post (or you can “promote” it – let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a post on Facebook ads). A lot of bloggers only use Instagram to promote because that’s where they have the most followers. That’s great, but I believe your reach is limited on Instagram… Not many people like to click out and it’s tricky because you can’t include clickable links in your captions. Play around with other platforms to see what works best for you. Lately, my Facebook page has been a top referral site for me, which could have the same effect for you or it could have the opposite. You won’t know until you try. Like I’ve said before, there is no one way that works for everyone. Every blogger’s promotional efforts are going to be different. The best way to really find out what works for you is to try what other people are doing in tandem with patterns in your own audience. What have you found to be the best platform to promote your blog posts on? Where have you seen the best results? Tell us in the comments.  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: 3 Ways to Increase Your Engagement How to Brand Yourself (aka Why Branding is #1 in Blogging) Snapchat or Instagram Stories? The Best One for Your Blog The post The Best Way to Promote Your Blog Posts appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Top 5 Trends Seen All Over Fashion Month
7-10-2016 02:00:18
Zanita Studio
Even though fashion month is over, and we’ve ranted on and on and on about street style throughout every major fashion city, a few issues surfaced… We saw certain patterns, consistency, and trends repeatedly. Supposedly, street style is the place to scout the latest trends, but that Vogue controversy may have left some of you puzzled. Well we’re still wagering on street style for some good fashion inspo, so here are the top 5 trends we picked up on… They’re definitely going to be seen everywhere next season and beyond. #1 Lady in red That’s right. Red was seen in every single street style compilation. No turning back now! This color is definitely the hottest of the season, and we are loving it either full-on or as a pop. Shop a few options below. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584594428868531775"));   #2 Patent Leather New York, Paris, Milan, and London were bursting with patent leather. This latex-like fabric is on its way to every hip and shoulder, making entire outfits look rad. Shop a few options below. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584595348083082981"));   #3 All the little details We are talking shirts, tops, or knits – all the it-girls were sporting either bell sleeves, bow details, flounce shoulders, or embroidery. There’s a solution for all our problems and it’s definitely in the details… Shop a few options below. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584596582553511406"));   #4 Spirit animal I personally love this trend. Around 5 years ago, I had a closet full of leopard-print tops, shoes and even pants – I was animal possessed! Now it’s back in full swing, classy as ever, and always completing the look. Shop a few options below. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584597062641561903"));   #5 All about that waist Another thing we saw on everyone was an accentuated waist. Whether with scarfs, corsets, or belts (my favorite), these woman were definitely making it all about the mid-section. Shop a few options below. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584597394149091313")); Did you spot any worthy fashion month trends? I’d love to know! X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: THIS is How You Can Achieve Parisian Fashion in Real Life Fashion Dreams Come True With This Perfect Deal (don’t miss it!) A Style Trip Through the Seasons With Camille Charriere The post Top 5 Trends Seen All Over Fashion Month appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Create High-Quality Content with Little Money
6-10-2016 03:24:17
Zanita Studio
It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when I say that blogging can get pretty overwhelming for one person. You are the creator, editor, photographer, social media manager, videographer, sales, marketer, and customer service rep. You’re essentially doing a 10 person job with 1 person. With that said, I am all about reaching for your dreams and going for the gold…within reason. If there’s something you’re not 100% skilled at or if taking on another project is too much, then don’t do it! Quality trumps quantity, so you want to make sure you’re not just producing a ton of mediocre content because that’s what everyone else is doing. You want to create high-quality content as often as possible. Some people dominate on YouTube, Snapchat, and Others dominate on Instagram and Pinterest. The odds of you being great at all the social media platforms are slim. In order to focus on what you are great at, you need to delegate mundane tasks and learn where to focus your time. Here’s a start… Host an internship If you are a fashion blogger and need extra help, internships are a no brainier. They’re free labor for you and hopefully a great experience for the intern. The time has never been better for fashion bloggers to take advantage of the opportunity to have an intern because there is only so much availability at Vogue. Plus, you have hundreds upon thousands of recent college grads looking for experience in fashion. Bloggers are now just as influential, if not more, than major fashion publications, which mean there are thousands of fashionistas who would jump at the opportunity to intern with you. Granted you should be somewhat established at this point and be able to offer valuable experience for your intern. You can advertise for an intern on Craig’s List, your blog, job boards, or college forums. Hire college kids to help Aside from getting free work from interns, you can pay kids who are still in college at minimum wage (unless you can afford more, then by all means pay more!). If you’re wondering why… Well have you seen how talented some college-aged graphic artists are?! Some of these students already have businesses under their belts. Most college students are quick, trendy, motivated, and hard working. You can advertise for their work on Facebook by asking friends of friends or posting in college or niche-based Facebook groups. For example, if you’re looking for a graphic designer, you can search graphic design groups, art school groups, etc. Get a VA If you’re looking for someone to fill mundane virtual tasks like ordering groceries for pick up, replying to emails, scheduling social media, or promoting content, then a VA (aka virtual assistant) will give you what you need, so you can use your limited time to create quality content. Virtual assistants can run super cheap too, like $5/hour cheap. Why? Because you’re outsourcing your VA. This allows you to focus on your strengths while someone else handles the boring, routine stuff. Obviously, you want to hire from a trusted company since you’re giving them access to your email and social media. These sites are highly recommended by Tim Ferris (entrepreneur/author) though I can’t speak for them personally: Brickwork India and  Your Man In India. Do the things only you can do I first heard of this advice from Katherine Power: only do things that only you can do. Can someone else respond to emails or can only you do that? Can someone else schedule your social media or can only you do it? What is your strong suit? There’s a reason you started blogging in the first place – you had a passion, a voice, an opinion, a story to tell and those are things only you can convey, so that needs to be your focus. You are the face of your blog/business, so whatever requires your face (e.g. photo shoots, high-priority meetings, speaking events, etc.) need to be the places you spend your time. When you try to wear too many hats and take on too many things, it’s impossible to maintain quality and sanity. No one is good at everything, so find the right people who are good at a few things you’re not. What is the most frustrating part about blogging for you? Tell us in the comments. xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Minimal Desks  You Should Also Read:  What They Don’t Tell You About Success as an Entrepreneur  3 Tricks to Creating Killer Content When You Have “No Time” How to Make Money That Lasts From Blogging The post How to Create High-Quality Content with Little Money appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Fashion Dreams Come True With This Perfect Deal (don’t miss it!)
3-10-2016 18:00:41
Zanita Studio
The digital revolution has provided so many outlets for consumption. Some of us love online shopping while others prefer old-fashion brick and mortar. At the Studio, we’re total online converts. It’s easy, it’s practical, and requires zero transportation. We can do it in our PJs with no one to force judgement or frown upon, and you can enjoy it with a glass of wine. Convincing! Of course having such an easy comes with repercussions, like buyers remorse or zeroing your credit card balance with the click of a mouse. But that’s why you need to scavenge for the best discounts and promos. Who doesn’t love shopping their favorite brands and save a few bucks? Our thoughts exactly. Now here’s the real surprise… Revolve set up the perfect deal for every fashion girl: 3-day express shipping, so all Aussies get their order faster. Aaaaaah! And, some of your favorite brands are still on sale site wide. What the hell right? This offer lasts from October 3rd – major Mean Girl’s flashback – to the 14th. Time is key, so hurry up! We’re helping you out with a few favorites to kick off the new month (and season). Hello October! (Click to shop!) Get the look – Winslow Woven Top, Tibet Off Shoulder Top, Graison Dress, X Revolve Rose Bowl Jacket, Dive Skirt, Alpha Industries Parka, Klara Studs, Pendant Necklace, Luna Zipper Bag, Pave Twisted Ring, Hexagonal Sunglasses, Screw Cuff, Haute Helena Girlfriend Jeans Revolve FTW! What are your favorite pieces? We’d love to know! Shop the outfits and more here (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584149120019153214"));   You Should Also Read: A Style Trip Through the Seasons With Camille Charriere The Freshest Ways to Wear Brown This Fall THIS is How You Can Achieve Parisian Fashion in Real Life The post Fashion Dreams Come True With This Perfect Deal (don’t miss it!) appeared first on Zanita Studio.
What They Don’t Tell You About Success as an Entrepreneur
3-10-2016 14:00:38
Zanita Studio
Success is such a buzz word, our eyes either sparkle or roll at the sight of it. But the truth is, success is what we all strive for, is it not? So we actually do need to know about it… we just don’t need all the fluff and inspirational nonsense that comes with it, which is why I’m going to tell you the no BS version of what they don’t tell you about success. Regardless of whether you want success as an entrepreneur (i.e. blogger) or in your 9-5, there are the same underlying principles of success that very few people talk about. You have some who say they were “lucky”, others who claim they “attracted” it, and others who contribute their success to “hard work and determination”. While all these things may be true, there isn’t one formula that works for everyone but there are key ingredients… You’re hustling 24/7 When it comes to achieving anything you want in life, the hustle is really real. If you want to be average, you can hustle at a minimum; if you want to be exceptional, you can hustle a little more than average; and if you want to be successful, you’re hustling 24/7. Period. You’re always on the scout for a new opportunity, a new avenue for growth, and a new way to connect with the right people who will help you on your path. But what does it mean to “hustle”? It means your entire day is maximized to get the most work done in the amount of time you have. For us side hustlers, that means we’re hustling before work, on our lunch breaks, during our commute, and after work. For a true entrepreneur, it means from sun up (5am-ish) to sun down (11pm or later). Your work is your life and your life is your work. And if you do things just right, you’ll be able to have the two become one without animosity from either side. Forget the past The past doesn’t make you who you are today – the present moment does. Sure, there are certain events that led you here and blah blah blah, and as long as you’re using the past to project you forward in a positive way, that’s fine. But when you start using the past or your current circumstances as an excuse for why you’re not where you want to be, it’s over. You’re going to keep the cycle going when you continually harp on how you grew up poor, how no one liked you in high school, or how you’re not smart enough, etc. Let me tell you something… I didn’t grow up rich, I was bullied from 6th-11th grade, and I also did so poorly on my SATs, I had to take them over again. At first glance, that looks like the story of someone who would be apt to fail, but none of that stuff holds me back today because I refuse to let it. My life is the complete opposite of what it was then, and it’s not because I kept those thoughts in my mind. It’s because I pursued what I wanted without any doubt. And my story isn’t unique; in fact, there are tons of highly successful people who have “sob stories” like Einstein, Biggie, Oprah, and Steve Jobs. Open your eyes to the opportunities around you and stop blaming the past for your present moment. Have a positive attitude Success isn’t a bed of roses – it’s hard. Some days you’ll want to give up, and other days you feel like you’re on Cloud 9, but no matter what, you have to keep a positive attitude. It sounds cliche, but here’s the thing… Positivity will be the only thing that saves you when times get hard. You have to keep pushing forward, keep faith that your hustle will pay off, and you have to think only good thoughts about your business. As soon as you let one negative thought in, it’s like the floodgates open and suddenly all your fears come true. What you think about, you bring about. What has come to a shock to you on the road to success? Share your stories in the comments below! xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: What to Do When Blogging Dies How to Make Money that Lasts from Blogging How to Negotiate as a New Blogger The post What They Don’t Tell You About Success as an Entrepreneur appeared first on Zanita Studio.
A Style Trip Through the Seasons With Camille Charriere
2-10-2016 14:00:47
Zanita Studio
Camille Charriere is a half French, half English blogger who blows our mind every time. No wonder she won Best Personal Style at the Bloglovin Awards last month… She’s a talented fashion writer, street style star, and style sensation. We love foraging through her photos as much as the next girl, but at some point, the consumption’s gotta stop and you start creating! Camille’s got a knack for making a something as simple as a leather skirt and t-shirt look chic as ever. Anyone can use some good style inspo from Camille, and that’s why we ventured into creating our favorite looks for every season of the year. Whether you’re hailing with us from New York or down under in Australia (where spring has sprung), we got you! Fall is for… Get the look – Isabel Marant Étoile T-Shirt, Vince Satin Camisole, Madewell Jeans, No21 Metallic Bow Sneakers, Building Block Bag, Charlotte Chesnais Bracelet Transitioning from summer to fall can be tricky. While everyone’s perpetuating that summer feeling with slip dresses over t-shirts, pants were certainly missed. This is a great look to wear until the bitter cold comes striking. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584034239256859055"));   When Winter comes… Get the look – Talitha Wool-Blend Cape, Victoria Beckham Appliqué Shirt, Lanvin Pants, Gucci Leather Slippers, Saint Laurent ‘Monogram’ Clutch When winter’s in, all we care about are comfy knits and bottoms to keep us warm. If you’re fighting the typical all-black look, follow Camille’s lead and go in for white – you can’t go wrong in head-to-toe white and a sliver of Gucci. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584038530407010428"));   When Spring hits… Get the look – Rag & Bone Wool Blazer, 3.1 Philip Lim Knot Sweater, Rag & Bone Denim Skirt, Italia Independent Velvet Coated Sunglasses, Simon Miller Bucket Bag, Topshop Shard Pendant Necklace When Spring hits, we’re dying to don our favorite skirts. While it can still be pretty chilly, Camille knows how to pick the right layering pieces. And what’s better than classic Converse sneakers to keep life easy. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584031697989639098"));   That summer breeze… Get the look – Isabel Marant Étoile T-Shirt, Vince Satin Camisole, Madewell Jeans, No21 Metallic Bow Sneakers, Building Block Bag, Charlotte Chesnais Bracelet That summer breeze calls for comfort. We love a great skirt (especially faux leather ones), and Camille knows how to create a high-contrast look, juxtaposing rock-n-roll vibes against hints of Victorian. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584037088185087151"));   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest You Should Also Read: THIS is How You Can Achieve Parisian Fashion in Real Life 4 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall 10 Things Fashion Girls Look Forward to in Fall The post A Style Trip Through the Seasons With Camille Charriere appeared first on Zanita Studio.
THIS is How You Can Achieve Parisian Fashion in Real Life
1-10-2016 19:21:40
Zanita Studio
Another fashion week, another street style obsession. We talk about each major fashion city having its own personality, but you don’t actually feel it until you see it with your own eyes. Paris is indeed one of the greatest fashion capitals of the world – there’s so much inspiration to look forward to. Only in Paris can you expect classic looks done in totally fresh ways – for instance, white boots with cropped denim and a belted blazer or conservative floral looks that don’t feel old… Here’s a quick curation of what the Parisian fashion phenomenon looks like. Geek is chic… Get the look – Saint Laurent Tweed Blazer, Bella Freud Heart Jumper, Y Project Front Jeans, Balenciaga Leather Boots, Stella McCartney Canvas Tote, Smith/Grey Midi Ring Tweed blazers aren’t just for geeks or grannies… And TBH, geek is the new chic. Which ever fashion police said white boots were a style violation needs to be fired – they’ve simply never seen these Balenciaga ones. Look at the amazing transformation it did to this look! Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584044126294961854")); The new punk rock… Get the look – Shrimps Faux Leather Jacket, Equipment White Cotton Shirt, Courreges Buttoned Skirt, Givenchy Ankle Boots, Oliver Peoples Acetate Sunglasses, 3×1 Cotton Patches We love chicks with balls, and this look is hella ballsy, especially the tail of the shirt peeking out from under the skirt. This mixing of the prints are apparently are still being worn and tested (can’t stress enough how much we’ve preached this). Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584045454874444460")); Flower is power… Get the look – Marni Maxi Dress, Topshop Unique Turtleneck Top, Proenza Schouler Biker Boots, Sunday Somewhere Mirrored Sunglasses, Vanessa Seward Shoulder Bag Dresses over sleeves are no longer a novel idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it special… Make it happen with with some rockin’ boots (major bad-assery). Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1584042748515111882")); You Should Also Read: 3 Updated Sneakers Every Fashion Girl Needs The Freshest Ways to Wear Brown This Fall Top Notch Street Style Trends We Snatched Up in Milan The post THIS is How You Can Achieve Parisian Fashion in Real Life appeared first on Zanita Studio.
A New Way to Trial Korean Skincare Products
30-09-2016 19:14:18
Zanita Studio
  Nope, the Korean skincare trend isn’t fading into background noise anytime soon, and it doesn’t seem like subscription services are either… I’ve never given in to beauty box subscriptions, which is surprising considering the kind of beauty junkie I am. However, Beauty Beyond Borders (3B) reached out to the Zanita Studio team to see if we were interested in receiving two test boxes for September. This was a no-brainer considering each box contains a collection of deluxe samples that are either new or popular in Asia, but hard to get your hands on in the States. The products change monthly, and you can even get samples from high-end brands like SK-II, Kanebo, and Sulwhasoo. Again, I’ve never tried a subscription service (not even Birchbox or Glossy Box), so I had no idea what to expect… What I appreciated most was that even though many of the descriptions were in Korean, 3B provides a card with English translations – it’s such a simple add-on, but supremely helpful! So what’d you get??? In one pouch (the products are enveloped in fun purple pouches), I received a sheet mask, a honey propolis essence, blackhead nose patches, an essence sleeping packet, and Sulwhasoo face cream samples. I really liked that where smaller samples were provided, 3B supplied multiple samples (like the Sulwhasoo creams) – that way you can get a good indication of whether or not you’ll like it. Aside from the face mask (which I’ll take multiples of any day), I’ve never tried any of these other brands, and that was unexpected. I’ve used the propolis essence, which I believe is supposed to be a huge acne ass-kicker, and it’s been impressive in combatting the redness around my face. I haven’t opened up the blackhead patches yet, but I’m looking forward to them most because clogged pores have become more annoying than ever… I’ve also been wanting to try sleeping packs and I’m super excited that I finally get to! In the second pouch, I got an Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, which was a full size product, a cleansing balm, a BB cream, a honey face cream, and honey eye serum. I stand by honey as an effective skincare ingredient because of my painful acne experience in the past, and it’s good to know many Korean brands have caught on to it. So again, here I am with a box full of new introductory products, and I’m not disappointed at all. Most of these will make it into my TSA makeup bag, especially the cleansing balm – this Heimish one is all natural, but effective and smells divine. It’s a great addition to my double cleansing routine. My favorites from these pouches so far are the Skin79 Super Beblesh BB Cream (Pink), face mask, Heimish Cleansing Balm, and Skinfood Propolis Serum. The aloe vera gel, I’m sure, would have been an amazing staple in the summer! Based on the two sets, I think I got a pretty good feel for the type of boxes I can expect to receive from 3B. And at $12/month I think, Beauty Beyond Borders (3B) is truly a foolproof way to trial Korean skincare products. Like Birchbox, 3B is currently working on an e-commerce platform that gives you full access to full-size versions of the samples they provide, which I think will be a win in the long run. xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin You Should Also Read: Vicky Tsai of Tatcha on J-Beauty & Building a Bona Fide Brand Saving Your Face the Korean Way The Real Deal on the Korean Skincare Routine The post A New Way to Trial Korean Skincare Products appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Freshest Ways to Wear Brown This Fall
29-09-2016 16:27:47
Zanita Studio
This story is sponsored in part by Avenue32. Read our disclosure policy for more information. It’s about time we steer away from bright colors to what feels a little more fall appropriate. If you’re yawning at the slightest indication of camel or brown, consider this a pithy guide on how to wear the season’s most popular color. Trust us, there’s always a way to make old things new in fashion, and we’re doing just that: wearing brown in the freshest possible way. So consider these options the next time you want to wear brown… (Click to shop!) Brown Pattern + It Color of the Season Shop this look – Harris Wharf London, Rosetta Getty Brown Tweed Culottes, Isabel Marant Étoile Sweater, Chloé Ankle Boots, Gucci Leather and Gold Watch We don’t think anyone will ever get bored of plaid or tweed in the fall, so step up your pant game with tweed culottes and a bloody pair of booties. That color combo puts you at the forefront of the season. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583856374729959369")); Camel + White Shop this look – Manu Atelier Box Bag, Rosetta Getty Cardigan, Black Cotton T-Shirt, Joseph Pants, Acne Studios Sneakers, Maria Black Ear Cuff Camel + White is a seasonal mashup that will never be exhausting to the eyes. It feels fresh, relevant, and on-trend, especially with the right pair of sneakers. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583856483204937647")); Cognac + Denim Shop this look – Cedric Charlier Shirt, M.I.H Jeans Skirt, Maryam Nassir Zadeh Pumps, Saint Laurent Shoulder Bag, Y Project Beije Jacket, Lele Sadoughi Flower Ring Denim can feel basic year-round, so it’s your job to bring in the details that turn heads. Our stakes are on anything in the whisky/cognac range – the brown feels brighter and a little more vintage, which complements blue hues impeccably. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583856635778729474")); You Should Also Read: 3 Updated Sneakers Every Fashion Girl Needs Bloggers Vs Vogue – Why is this still a thing? Top Notch Street Style Trends We Snatched Up in Milan The post The Freshest Ways to Wear Brown This Fall appeared first on Zanita Studio.
What to Do When Blogging Dies
28-09-2016 15:16:44
Zanita Studio
I may have exaggerated the title a little, but I wanted to get your attention because this is important! Blogging isn’t going anywhere; in fact, I think it’s just getting started and will be accepted as the norm for a full-time job very soon. But sometimes as we grow, so do our interests, beliefs, priorities, etc. which can change the direction/outcome of our blog. There’s only so many times you can do the same thing before it gets stale to you. Without innovation, any industry or product will fade out, so it’s crucial you pay attention to the signs in and around you that may be saying it’s time to move on. If blogging dies for you, meaning it’s no longer fun and the fire’s gone out, you need Plan B. Here’s how: Get rid of the photoshoots. The majority of bloggers do picture-based content. I know firsthand a lot of time and effort goes into these beautiful pictures, but every blogger is doing it! Every. Single. Blogger. is creating content for their blogs in the form of pictures. It’s time to get more creative! Creating content doesn’t just mean pictures – it means anything that adds value. We’re talking video, podcasts, infographics, apps, etc. I know for me, the photoshoots were becoming too overwhelming, and I wanted to spend my time in other areas, so my blog mainly focuses on written content, video, and shareable quotes. Find something new, something no one else is doing, and do that! The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work and you go back to photoshoots. Pick one other passion. Usually, bloggers are multi-passionate entrepreneurs at heart, which means we like more than just fashion blogging. We like to travel, eat, workout, decorate, sing, dance, and/or design. I know a handful of bloggers who are also actresses or dancers or web designers. When you find yourself getting bored of blogging, make your second passion Plan B. Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad never came out and said blogging got boring, but you can see she definitely has put her design skills as a priority with a shoe line, phone cases, etc. The same holds true for Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast. Her sole focus has become her clothing line. Even Zanita followed suit with her digital influencer courses, Azalle. When you blog for long enough, you’ll not only find your niche, but you might even find more creative ways to expand your brand (and make more money!) like Chiara, Rumi, and Zanita. Get re-inspired by other bloggers If you’re anything like me, you analyze the content (aka look for a strategy) bloggers put out instead of enjoying it (although that’s its primary purpose: to be enjoyed). Sometimes it’s nice to just watch one of your favorite blogger’s YouTube videos or read one of her blog posts for pure entertainment and inspiration. And you know what, even if you like something some other blogger did, do the same thing with your spin on it. Better yet, do it in a complete opposite, “deconstructive” way. When you sit down and observe other bloggers’ content without putting so much pressure on yourself, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how inspired you become. Your inner pro blogger may not be dead after all! Everyone gets bored doing the same thing over and over, so it’s important to switch things up, explore new passions, and stay inspired from those around us. How do you keep your blogging alive? Share in the comments!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Tuula Vintage, @rumineely   You Should Also Read:  How to Raise Your Rates as a Blogger Snapchat or Instagram Stories? The Best One for Your Blog How to Handle Change That’s Out of Your Control The post What to Do When Blogging Dies appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Bloggers Vs Vogue – Why is this still a thing?
28-09-2016 02:00:03
Zanita Studio
“You are heralding the death of style.” Now those are fighting words – don’t you agree? Not the kind of thing I’d expect to hear about young female entrepreneurs representing designer fashion over the last month. Are they really dressing so terribly and destroying all things style? Would fashion week and brands in general be stronger without the documented chaos that goes on outside? I’ve personally always found a certain romance in the fantastical dressing of fashion week attendees. A beautiful chaos and a flurry of styling ideas that trickle down and inspire the general population; a living how-to guide on being original and confident and a walking fashion editorial. Yes, we’re talking about loud dressing attention-seekers and the overly glamourous, but how often do you get to see women actually represent the over-the-top dressing inherent in fashion editorials? I’d love to see more creative dressing on the streets – and how does that begin? By seeing it happen. Influencers doing just that: influencing. So, straight from the horse’s mouth, let’s assess what was discussed by the Vogue editors. SALLY SINGER, VOGUE CREATIVE DIGITAL DIRECTOR: “IT’S A SCHIZOPHRENIC MOMENT, AND THAT JUST CAN’T BE GOOD. (NOTE TO BLOGGERS WHO CHANGE HEAD-TO-TOE, PAID-TO-WEAR OUTFITS EVERY HOUR: PLEASE STOP. FIND ANOTHER BUSINESS. YOU ARE HERALDING THE DEATH OF STYLE.)” SARAH MOWER, VOGUE.COM CHIEF CRITIC: “SO YES, SALLY, THE PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER BIT, WITH THE ADDED AGGRESSION OF THE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER SWARM WHO ATTEND THEM, IS HORRIBLE, BUT MOST OF ALL, PATHETIC FOR THESE GIRLS, WHEN YOU WATCH HOW MANY TIMES THE DESPERATE TROLL UP AND DOWN OUTSIDE SHOWS, IN TRAFFIC, RISKING ACCIDENTS EVEN, IN HOPES OF BEING SNAPPED.” NICOLE PHELPS, DIRECTOR OF VOGUE RUNWAY: “WHICH BRINGS ME BACK AROUND TO SALLY AND SARAH’S POINTS ABOUT THE STREET STYLE MESS. IT’S NOT JUST SAD FOR THE WOMEN WHO PREEN FOR THE CAMERAS IN BORROWED CLOTHES, IT’S DISTRESSING, AS WELL, TO WATCH SO MANY BRANDS PARTICIPATE.” ALESSANDRA CODINHA, VOGUE.COM FASHION NEWS EDITOR: “AM I ALLOWED TO ADMIT THAT I DID A LITTLE FIST PUMP WHEN SALLY BROACHED THE BLOGGER PARADOX? THERE’S NOT MUCH I CAN ADD HERE BEYOND HOW FUNNY IT IS THAT WE EVEN STILL CALL THEM ‘BLOGGERS,’ AS SO FEW OF THEM EVEN DO THAT ANYMORE. RATHER THAN A CELEBRATION OF ANY ACTUAL STYLE, IT SEEMS TO BE ALL ABOUT TURNING UP, LOOKING RIDICULOUS, POSING, TWITCHING IN YOUR SEAT AS YOU CHECK YOUR SOCIAL-MEDIA FEEDS, FLEEING, CHANGING, REPEATING … IT’S ALL PRETTY EMBARRASSING — EVEN MORE SO WHEN YOU CONSIDER WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD. (HAVE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE YET? DON’T FORGET THE DEBATE ON MONDAY!)  LOVING FASHION IS TREMENDOUS, AND ENTHUSIASTS OF ALL STRIPES ARE IMPORTANT TO THE INDUSTRY — AFTER ALL, PEOPLE BUY CLOTHING BECAUSE OF DESIRE, NOT ANY REAL NEED — BUT I HAVE TO THINK THAT SOON PEOPLE WILL WISE UP TO HOW PARTICULARLY GROSS THE WHOLE PRACTICE OF PAID APPEARANCES AND BORROWED OUTFITS LOOKS. LOOKING FOR STYLE AMONG A BOUGHT-AND-PAID-FOR (‘BLOGGED OUT?’) FRONT ROW IS LIKE GOING TO A STRIP CLUB LOOKING FOR ROMANCE. SURE, IT’S ALL KIND OF IN THE SAME BALLPARK, BUT IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE REAL THING.”  (fashionista)   There’s no denying that there’s a certain amount of primping and posing that goes on outside the shows, but this scene isn’t reserved for bloggers. The ‘dress for press’ strategy was first pioneered by the likes of Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia – and major modelling agencies advising their girls to dress up for the street style photographers (and some even arranging the frocks for them!) in order to boost their profiles… And maybe even get published in Vogue! I’d love to go through a list of bloggers who are likely in question here, but I shouldn’t have to validate their considerable achievements. I’m sure you all know who they are and what they’ve done, given that a good deal of them are under 25, running global media businesses, publishing books, launching labels, supporting charities, starting product lines, connecting with audiences worldwide, and being listed in BOF 500 and Forbes 30 under 30. (The list goes on…) Perhaps Susie Bubble said it best on her twitter (props as the first to defend bloggers). “Firstly let’s not pretend that editors and stylists are not beholden to brands in one way or another, getting salaries at publications that are stuffed full of credits that are tied to paid advertising but not explicitly stated as such. Secondly, bloggers who wear paid-for outfits or borrowed clothes are merely doing the more overt equivalent of that editorial-credit system. It’s just that bloggers sadly don’t have prestigious titles/publications to hide behind and represent themselves solely.” And I couldn’t adore Bryan more for this video he post on his twitter: “So here we have the September issue of Vogue, with Kendal Jenner on the cover in Gucci – strangely enough – Gucci is on the back cover as well, with their advertising. I really don’t understand all the bitchiness about people borrowing clothes when 99 percent of the people on the pages of Vogue are wearing borrowed clothes. Selena Gomez was wearing Vuitton – and was featured in the Louis Vuitton ad campaign. My question is, where’s the real style?” Obviously this comes down to a lack of professional respect from said Vogue editors. The brands aren’t complaining – they are putting these young entrepreneurs front row and allowing them to tell their experience however they want. I’m disappointed this conversation has arisen, and I think it really highlights how little these women know about what is takes to have massive social and online success in this arena. I hope we see the end of this Bloggers vs Vogue bitterness and cynicism. I know that history will look comically on this situation… People were opposed to the electric light bulb too! Social media entrepreneurs are here to stay.   You Should Also Read: The Influencer Economy Isn’t Collapsing – It’s Just Getting Better Digital Babes: Models Using Social Media To Take Control of Their Own Careers Big Answers: How to Engage An Audience of Millions The post Bloggers Vs Vogue – Why is this still a thing? appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Top Notch Street Style Trends We Snatched Up in Milan
27-09-2016 17:44:50
Zanita Studio
This story is sponsored in part by Avenue32. Read our disclosure policy for more information. We can always count on Milan show goers to be a little more eclectic, fun, and upbeat! Save minimalism and class for Paris… It’s all about color and ornaments in Italy. After perusing the jaw-dropping styles of Milan, we’ve rounded up three major street style trends you can easily incorporate in your next concoction… Even if you’re not someone prone to extreme mixing and matching or over embellishing, you can still mix small elements into your fashion routine… Click to shop! Ornate Outerwear Get the look – Aviu Bomber Jacket, Mira Mikati Wool Sweater, Frame Boyfriend Jeans, Proenza Schouler White Loafers, Gucci Shoulder Bag, Charlotte Chesnais Earring, Uribe Ring, Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Color Eye Shadow Look how much life an all-over sequin jacket can breath into something as basic as a knit top and jeans? This is a no-brainer transitional outfit formula.   Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583684154527255151"));   Matchy Matchy done right! Get the look – Marni Wool Blend Coat, Miu Miu Cropped Wool Pants, Marques’Almeida Short Sleeved T-shirt, Mansur Gavriel Suede Mules, Sonia Rykiel Shoulder Bag, Charlotte Chesnais Bracelet If we recall correctly, anything matchy matchy was once deemed a fashion faux-pas. The streets of Milan have proven otherwise. How tasteful does this all-pastel outfit look?   Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583684430598210181"));   New Season Color Blocking Get the look – Vanessa Bruno Fringe Jumper, Gucci Crepe Skirt, Eytys Sneakers, Manu Atelier Tote Bag, Mirit Weinstock Necklace, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Big bold lines give an illusion of color blocking rather than just classic ol’ stripes. Go bold (don’t forget your handbag) or go home!   Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583684780731856752"));   You Should Also Read: Nailing a Mini Skirt Like Alexa Chung 3 Updated Sneakers Every Fashion Girl Needs 3 Looks a la London Fashion Week The post Top Notch Street Style Trends We Snatched Up in Milan appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Beauty Gadgets That Will Transform Your Skin
27-09-2016 03:48:36
Zanita Studio
Thanks to technology, youthful glowing skin is right at the tip of our fingers! And you can access the best beauty gadgets at the best price right now because is currently running its Semi-Annual Device Sale! You can get 20% off all devices from September 26 until October 2nd. I’ve mentioned Dermstore before as one of my go-to places to buy makeup and skincare products and this is exactly why! Great deals and steals (as long as you keep your eyes opened), quick shipping, and wonderful customer service. I suggest you jump the gun before it’s too late… To kick us off, here are the top 5 beauty gadgets you can be sure will change your life… – Clarisonic Mia Fit Everyone knows Clarisonic as the king of deep cleansing, and it is! Not too long ago they launched the Mia Fit, which is a new design that’s compact and lightweight. I own the Aria and have always wished there was something more convenient to travel with… Now that this is out, I’m going all in! – NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Kit & Anti-Aging Infusion Serum Trio I own this device and still have high regards for it (you can read all about it here)! For anyone concerned with the aging process and firmness of their skin, you should definitely give this a shot! – ReFa S Carat – Facial Massage Roller Facial massage rollers might just be the hottest thing and for good reason! Its purpose is to stimulate blood flow, which in turns keeps your skin looking nourished, firm, and bright. – PMD Microdermabrasion System Now this is your at-home microdermabrasion treatment (and it’s much cheaper than seeing a professional)! – ORA Electric Microneedle Derma Pen System Microneedling is also a growing trend in the beauty industry. The fine needles create small punctures in the skin, which helps the production of collagen and elastin. Ultimately, it reduces the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. What are your favorite skincare devices?   Shop Skin Care Gadgets (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583701995413360441"));   xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin   You Should Also Read: Anti-Aging With the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device First Impressions: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 Acne Solutions that Actually Work The post 5 Beauty Gadgets That Will Transform Your Skin appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Tricks to Creating Killer Content When You Have “No Time”
26-09-2016 14:59:28
Zanita Studio
Having a full-time job and side hustle is no joke. Mix those two things with maintaining a social life, relationship, and fitness routine and you are booked for the rest of your life. A lot of bloggers claim they have “no time” to produce consistent content because of these other things. Well, I will agree that blogging isn’t easy, it’s also not impossible even if you do have a lot going on. What you need to realize is that having a side hustle means there are always things you can be doing, and you have to make time to do it or you’ll stay stagnant. There’s always something that can improve or something that needs to be promoted or created. As much fun and important as creating new content is, sometimes you have to get creative if you’re pressed for time. (P.S. I’m not saying skimp on quality. You should never skimp on the quality of your posts! But you should be smart about how/what you’re posting. ) Creating an entire blog post from start to finish takes a long time. If you produce picture-heavy content, you then have to pick the keepers, edit them, find and make shopable links for them, and make them compatible for all social media channels. This can easily take hours. And because I’ve had my fair share of blogger burnout, I’ve found some tricks to creating killer content that prevent me from feeling overwhelmed and underproduced. I’m able to still have a full-time job, workout, and keep my boyfriend happy. Repurpose old content Repurposing old content is my absolute favorite thing to do; in fact, I’m doing it right now from an old blog post on my own blog. I’ll take tidbits from my old blog posts and expand on them in a new blog post. This saves me so much time because the inspiration is already there and I’ve talked about it before, so I know the path I want the post to go. You can even repurpose old content by turning blog posts into videos, quotes into pictures, and videos into blog posts. If you do it right, your content is still 100% original with a new twist. This isn’t some blogger secret that only I know; this is something used among tons of celebrities, self-help “gurus”, and successful businesses. Here’s an example that blew my mind: candles. Yes, candle companies trick us into thinking they’ve come up with new scents when really they’ve repurposed old scents and labeled them with seasonally appropriate names. There’s one candle I love called “Autumn Leaves”, and it’s exactly the same as another candle I love called “Summer Nights” made by the same company. Crazy or crazy smart? Create round-ups Round ups are such a great way to reuse old content. I will usually notice trends with my outfits and create a “5 Ways to Wear _____” post. All you’re doing is pulling images from old blog posts and creating something new. Genius. Another thing I see bloggers doing that I don’t necessarily agree with is creating a “weekly round-up” which is a recap of their week. This to me is boring and a desperate attempt at creating blog content. If we follow you on social media, we know what you’re doing and we don’t need another play by play of all the things we already saw you do. Use your commute wisely I’ve definitely mentioned this on Snapchat – as a side hustler, you need to utilize every single minute of your day wisely. That means from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed. So for me, since I work in NYC, I’m able to write blog posts on the train (like I’m doing right now), and I’m able to create a “blog tip of the day” via Snapchat while I’m walking to my full-time job. If you’re someone who drives to work you can listen to inspiring/business related podcasts. Then jot down key takeaways right when you park. Every minute is precious even if you think you have no choice but to watch the minutes pass – there is something productive you can be doing. How do you create killer content? Tell us in the comments below!  xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – GiGi NY  You Should Also Read: How to Make Money That Lasts From Blogging 3 Ways to Increase Your Engagement What to Do About Negative Blog Comments The post 3 Tricks to Creating Killer Content When You Have “No Time” appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Fresh Face
26-09-2016 01:00:22
Zanita Studio
The Cleansing Micellar Water – even the name sounds refreshing right? Water revives and purifies – and is clearly the inspiration for my latest editorial in partnership with La Mer – snapped in the Swedish Archipelago in honour of all things aquatic and revitalising.  It happens to be that I’m pretty particular about my cleansing. In fact, I’m so concerned with the nourishing of my skin that I’d use olive oil as a cleanser over some run of the mill soapy cleanser if left with no other choices. If I find myself in a hotel room without my toiletries, I clean my skin with the complimentary lotion and not the soap. Don’t strip out my nutrients! After reading about La Mer’s newest product, The Cleansing Micellar Water, I knew it could potentially be a new essential in my routine. Effective yet super gentle are my key search points, and this product fits right into that category.  I’ve now been using La Mer’s The Cleansing Micellar Water for three weeks, and I’ve quickly adapted to having it part of my regimen.  One of my favourite ways to use it: sweep it across my skin before touching up my makeup, running from work to evening event. Skin so feels fresh! I hate applying more makeup onto my skin after the end of a day, but I don’t want to use my other cleansers which require a full splash of water and starting from scratch with my beauty look. The Cleansing Micellar Water works instantly with its “positively charged water molecules micro-emulsify impurities, including waterproof make-up, and completely cleanse the skin without rinsing”.  That’s what I love – a cleanser that not only leaves my skin feeling nourished, but it allows me to keep my routine simple.   I’ve also been using The Cleansing Micellar Water before my cleansing in the shower, and even if I don’t wear any make-up, I’m always a little bit disturbed by the amount of dirt on the cotton pad. This leads me to think I should be keeping a bottle on my desk to use once during my work day, or bring some with me on the plane to freshen up mid flight. I could even be a bit cheeky with it and not put on extra moisturiser because the product is super nourishing.  I’m genuinely surprised by the efficacy of The Cleansing Micellar Water because it just looks so inert, like actual water. Yet it’s still imbued with La Mer’s famous Miracle Broth and formulated as an antidote to harsh water. My skin is smooth but never stripped. Mineralized and hydrated – baby soft. Thanks so much La Mer for introducing me to The Cleansing Micellar Water – I can’t look back! photography, Martin Petersson concept and styling (and model!), Zanita Whittington brought to you by La Mer Australia The post The Fresh Face appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Updated Sneakers Every Fashion Girl Needs
24-09-2016 14:36:01
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This story is sponsored in part by Avenue32. Read our disclosure policy for more information. The change in seasons warrants the need for new footwear. And we believe that comfort trumps pain any day – that spells sneakers! The sneaker trend isn’t dead and we’re not complaining. Actually, we’re riding it out until the end because the more comfortable the walk, the better. We’ve all had our overdose of normcore with the excess intake of Stan Smiths and Superstars, but those aren’t the kind of sneakers we’re talking about today. Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, these updated sneakers will work wonders for your fall wardrobe during work and on the weekends! (Click to shop!) Futuristic with platinum Get the look – Alexander McQueen Crepe Blazer, A.P.C. Cotton Top, Koché Green Velvet Trousers, Common Projects Sneakers, Gucci Leather Pouch, Tiffany & Co Diamond Bracelet Opting for metallic sneakers is a great way to elevate its intrinsic casual nature. It creates an interesting combination of casual and dressy. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583398967482124562")); Platforms Get the look – Marques’ Almeida Denim Jacket, Equipment Sweater, Victoria by Victoria Beckham Trousers, Joshua Sanders Sneakers, Gucci Suede Tote, Ranjana Khan Earrings Everyone’s telling you not to buy into another 90s trend, but we’re giving in to platform sneakers and you should too, especially when it comes in velvet! What a sublime update! Plus, if you need that extra height, you can get it without heels. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583399250388273968")); Traditional trainers Get the look – Vanessa Bruno Wool Jacket, Needle & Thread Shell Top, Leur Logette Midi Skirt, Adidas by Stella McCartney Trainers, Chloé Shoulder Bag, Charlotte Chesnais Earrings, Annelise Michelson Ring If you just DGAF, and are totally forward, opt for all-traditional mesh trainers. Nothing speaks confidence like wearing power pieces with good ‘ol sneakers. Shop this look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583399741553694882"));   You Should Also Read: Nailing a Mini Skirt Like Alexa Chung Timeless Outfits You Can Wear for Life 3 Looks a la London Fashion Week The post 3 Updated Sneakers Every Fashion Girl Needs appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How You Can Get Washboard Abs at the Beach
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Ahhh… Good ol’ washboard abs! One of my favourite things about ab workouts is that you can do them anywhere. They’re great done alone as a quick session and even better when you tag them on as an accessory to the end of a butt-kicking workout! #DoubleWorkout I usually do an intense workout, be it legs or a full-body circuit, then add core-intensive sets at the end. However, feel free to do this ab session by itself and be done for the day! It’s really up to you – the amount of free time you have and how hard you want to work! Since moving to the coast recently, I’ve been trying really hard to take advantage of the beautiful location. And I’ve been doing that by working out…on the beach of course! Getting sweaty and then going in for a swim! No beach required though – you can literally do this anywhere! There are 4 plank exercises. Be sure to do them 3 times each. Spend 15 seconds on each set = 1min then rest 1 minute – Total 6 minutes. Plank Start by getting into a push up position. Bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms. Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles.Engage your core. Hold this position for 15seconds. Jumping-Jack Planks Start in a plank position, keeping your abdominals tight and body straight from head to heels (don’t let your lower back dip down), jump your feet out wide and immediately jump them back together. Repeat for 15 seconds. Plank Knee to Elbow While still in plank position, bring your left knee to your left elbow while looking towards your knee. Take your leg back and repeat on the other side for 15 seconds. Plank with Toe Tap Back in plank position, lift your left leg, move it outwards and tap to the side. Bring it back to the centre and repeat with the other leg. Do this for 15 seconds. Once you’ve had a minute or two to catch your breath and recover, do the following exercises 3 times. Straddles x10 Start in a pushup position. Keep your hands planted as you jump your feet forward (contracting your abs) and land on one side of your right hand in a squat like position. Jump your feet back to the starting push-up position and repeat on the other side. Bicycle Crunches x10 – 1,2,4 Tempo Lie on your back and bring your knees towards your chest until they form a 90 degree angle. Place your hands behind your head and raise up off the ground, this is your starting position. Turn your upper body and extend your right elbow towards your left knee as you simultaneously pull your left knee up and stretch your right leg out. Return back to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side. Now we’re going to use a 1,2,4 tempo for each rep of this exercise – that means each rep will contain 6 reps. The tempo is two slow reps then four fast reps “one, two… one, two, three, four”. This counts as 1 rep. Then count “two, two… one, two, three, four”, “three, two… one, two, three, four”, “four, two… one, two, three, four”, continue until you get to 10. Scissor Kicks x20 Lie on your back and place your arms by your sides. Push your hands into the ground as you raise your legs straight off the ground and begin performing small alternating kicks. Complete 20 reps.   And of course, finish off with a happy dance
BIGGEST MISTAKES New Bloggers Make When Starting Out
23-09-2016 15:25:40
Zanita Studio
How often do you come across someone who tells you they want to blog for a living? Yet many don’t even have the fundamentals down packed. We’re not saying you need to be perfect from inception, but you should be aware of the most basic requirements. With a pro at the helm, we can certainly share the biggest mistakes new bloggers make when starting out (and offer up some solutions)… – Attempting to copy another blogger’s path. The Internet can be a dangerous place for inspiration. Many newcomers today enter the playing field in hopes of becoming the next Blonde Salad, Zanita, or Bryan Boy. Good luck guys… The rules of engagement have changed drastically since those days, and you’re going to need more than a pretty face to hit the jackpot. There are already too many pretty faces, killer photographers, and candid vloggers on the scene. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t have your piece of the pie, you’d better come an original! Solution: Find your voice early on. This is usually a process that can take years to refine, so the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be. Blogging is highly experimental and we encourage all of you to test the waters until you nail that voice! – Oversharing. Honestly, no one cares what you’re doing at every hour. Want the world to know what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? How you dressed to the gym? And what you’re wearing to bed? No thank you. It’s all about curation these days… Solution: Be selective about the image you want to communicate. Only share the snaps that are a representation of what you want you want people to know and feel about you. Keep the boring stuff away from the screen. – Inconsistency. If you’re only posting on a weekly basis, you’re pretty much setting yourself up to be irrelevant. Some bloggers can get away with this, but that’s because they’ve already established themselves as pro content creators and someone we cannot get enough of! Solution: Create an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar helps you formulate a pool of ideas before you get bogged down in the trenches. It also keeps you organized so you know and see how frequently you’re posting. – Poor aesthetics. Traditional blogger themes won’t work anymore, and in this case, first impressions mean everything. If you can’t draw someone in from the minute they land on your blog, you’ve already severely damaged your reputation. Several neophytes are stepping it up these days and you should too! Solution: Purchase a theme for cheap. Websites like Pipdig and Blog Milk make it very convenient and affordable to achieve beautiful blog themes. We suggest forking out the $50 if you’re serious about blogging! – Zero personality. Personality means everything in social media! If you can’t show who you are, what you’re like, and why someone should be interested in you through your visuals or your writing, blogging is going to be a difficult path to endure. There’s an infinite amount fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers – what makes YOU unique?! Solution: Refine your story and strategize on how to communicate it. You want to make people comfortable with you, so whether that’s cracking a few jokes, telling inspiring anecdotes, or teaching a lesson, find out what fits your mold and display it! – Self-absorbed. Many new bloggers think “their audience” cares about them on a personal level – their interests and their stories – and this might be harsh to say, but they don’t. Not until they’re comfortable with you. Solution: Value Value Value. Are you tired of hearing us stress this? Everyone wants to gain something and looking at your blog or social accounts is a time investment (no matter how big or small) – what are you giving them in return for that investment? Is it entertainment? Inspiration? Motivation?   Image Source Credits – Refinery 29, Lust for Life   You Should Also Read: How to Negotiate as a New Blogger 3 Steps to Handling Collaborations Like a Pro Blogger 5 Ways to Collaborate with Other Bloggers The post BIGGEST MISTAKES New Bloggers Make When Starting Out appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Nailing a Mini Skirt Like Alexa Chung
23-09-2016 02:00:54
Zanita Studio
This story is sponsored in part by Avenue32. Read our disclosure policy for more information. In honor of London Fashion Week, we’re showing you how to nail the secret weapon of our favorite Brit girl’s style! (Hint: Alexa Chung) We ventured off to find Alexa Chung’s most identifiable fashion item, and after an intense browse here, it was unanimous: the mini skirt, which highlights her killer legs (and that might be why)! The mini skirt has the power to be scandalous and relentless, yet empowering and feminine. We can always count on Alexa to show us how to wear it right, and now you can too! Here are three ways you can wear mini-skirts like Alexa! #1 Monocromatic with an edge. (click to shop) Get the look – Burberry Brit Fringe Sweater, Gucci Mini Skirt, 3.1 Philip Lim Leather Bag, Gucci Ankle Boots, Kevin Aucoin Lipstick, Cornelia Webb Rings. Who doesn’t love a monochromatic outfit with a twist? We found one of Alexa’s most distinct ensembles; she normally channels a geek chic or somewhat preppy look, but here, she walks on the dangerous side with bright lipstick and edgy boots! Shop the Monochromatic Look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583213118361520537")); #2 Off duty. (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583213118361520537")); Get the look – See By Chloé Oversized Sweater, Dodo Bar Or Skirt, Want Les Essentiels Mocha Leather Bag, Converse Sneakers, Isabel Marant Rings. We find Alexa wearing several iterations of this outfit: skirt + knit combo – sometimes with a longer skirt, other times with a shorter one, or even a plain t-shirt. It’s a great combo to fall on when you’re pressed for time. Shop this Off-Duty Look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583213375998808602")); #3 Classic prep. Get the look – Roksanda Shirt, Valentino Button-Down Denim Skirt,Maryam Nassir Zadeh Red Suede Pumps, Les Petits Joueurs Leather Mini Bag, Tom Ford Beauty Lip Contour, Chloé Bangle.   Now this is the signature Alexa Chung look we know – very school girl and sophisticated at the same time. The accessories and details she selects always end up very grown up and appropriate. We couldn’t ask for a better result! Shop the Alexa Chung look! (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583213530605288266")); We’ve had a girl crush on repeat stunner, Alexa Chung, for a long time now, and especially after this ‘Future of Fashion’ series. Outside the mind blowing outfits, you get a glimpse of her fun and nonchalant personality – she’s comical, witty, and has a certain ease that’s super alluring. You cannot not fall in love with her.   You Should Also Read: 4 Looks Guaranteed to Turn Heads at New York Fashion Week An Ode to the Mini Crossbody Handbag 10 Things Fashion Girls Look Forward to in Fall The post Nailing a Mini Skirt Like Alexa Chung appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 Ways Introverts Can Make Small Talk With Confidence
22-09-2016 14:26:11
Zanita Studio
  The funny thing about bloggers is that, although blogging is social by nature, the majority of them are introverts, like most creatives. And that means walking into a crowd of people often feel difficult to navigate, which results in not talking much (or at all) and being a wallflower (or sticking to those you know/feel comfortable with). You might already know how difficult it can be to make it if you upkeep this type of behavior. And that’s why we’re showing you four ways introverts (like ourselves) can make small talk with confidence! #1 Lay off the phone. It’s easy to fall into the comfort of your phone when you’re drowning in a mysterious crowd, but that’s one major way to shut everyone down who might be interested in networking with you. Your body language when engaged on your phone tells others you’re not interested in socializing. Sure, take a few minutes on Instagram or Snapchat, but the whole time? Don’t be silly. #2 Approach those outside the crowd. Approaching large groups of people who already know each other can be super intimidating, and that’s why we vouch for talking to those on the sidelines. Scout out the person standing alone and strike up a personal conversation with them instead. You’ll feel much more confident this way! #3 Be genuinely interested. If you want to make small talk meaningful with someone, you need to be genuine about it, and you can do this by being truly interested. How exactly do you show someone interest? Ask about them. How likely are you to listen to someone blabbing away about themselves and their personal accomplishments without your initiation? No one cares, but everyone sure cares about themselves. That means you should encourage the other person to talk about him/herself; it’ll make the individual feel significant and that in turn makes them more likely to talk to you (and like you). Talk Less, listen more. Find ways to propel the conversation forward as the other person is talking and you’ll find that they can go on forever. You can do this by really listening to what they’re saying, taking cues from their body language, and then responding to it. You’ll be compelled to jump in with your own story, but stop, and let the other person press on. If they express interest in a certain subject, tell them expand on it! Ask thought-provoking questions. Questions that start with “What” don’t really push further dialogue, but when you start asking “How” and “Why”, the entire vibe of the conversation changes. Thought-provoking questions can also involve asking for suggestions or advice – people always love sharing their opinions! It’s almost like an interview. #4 Keep in touch. Find ways to keep the conversation going after the event. Exchange business cards or follow one another on social media… You’ll never know what you can do for someone, what someone can do for you, or who they know that makes all the difference in the world!   Image Source Credits – Vogue Fr   You Should Also Read: 6 Commandments of Becoming a Highly Influential Person How to Build A Professional Network The Right Way to Network (& It’s Not By Attending Events) The post 4 Ways Introverts Can Make Small Talk With Confidence appeared first on Zanita Studio.
5 Ways to Collaborate with Other Bloggers
21-09-2016 15:04:22
Zanita Studio
Collaboration is king. When you collaborate with other bloggers you essentially double your exposure and growth potential. Your stuff gets in front of the eyes of people they may never have reached before. It’s astonishing to see only a few bloggers taking advantage of this. There are two reasons we probably don’t see more collaborations: a. Bloggers are scared/don’t know how to go about making the first move, or b. They feel it will take away their own audience. Here’s the thing – there’s no reason to be nervous about approaching a blogger to collaborate with because the worst thing that could happen is they say no, and you’re back in the same place you started. NBD. The idea that featuring another blogger will take the attention or following away from you is absolutely absurd. Look at Zanita – she has 4 people she shares the spotlight with! Think about the bloggers you personally follow, I bet you follow more than one right. When you collaborate with another blogger, it could make you even more of an asset to your existing followers because you help them discover new bloggers they never would have known about otherwise. It’s a win-win and one of the biggest missed opportunities if you’re not taking advantage of it. Once you’ve gotten past those fears, you can dive into the following ways: Interview exchange I personally love this collaboration idea and use it frequently on my own blog. It’s the easiest way for bloggers who are strapped for time. You simply shoot the other blogger an email with 5-6 questions and you’re done! This allows you to reach people anywhere in the world since you don’t have to be physically present. Interviews are also almost always a ‘yes’ because bloggers are constantly looking for outlets to self-promote. Plus, you might learn a thing or two from his/her answers, and then you can share that value with your readers. Your readers will love you forever. Video collab Since video is huge right now, it only makes sense that video collaborations are the next innovative thing for bloggers. I know I’m shocked when I see two unlikely forces join for a killer tutorial or Q&A session. You gain your audience’s interest by switching it up, and you also get them eager to see what you and your guest blogger are going to chat about. From a promotional standpoint, a video collab is a cross-promotional effort in that you share your video with your followers and your guest blogger shares her video with her followers. You could even take it a step further and do a weekly collab on YouTube. This way both audiences get used to seeing you. Snapchat takeover Since the release of Insta stories, it’s clear Snapchat isn’t going anywhere, and it’s still a huge platform to get involved with. A good way to grow your following is by doing Snapchat takeovers. I mean, how cool is it when you’re watching one of your favorite blogger’s Snaps and then another blogger takes over?! That’ll get your attention for sure. Brands do this all the time with bloggers since it’s a great way to spread awareness. The only catch is you have to make sure you’re doing a takeover with someone who is in your niche, meaning if you’re a beauty blogger find another beauty blogger to do a takeover with – that way your followers still gain relevant insight and value. Co-teach an online course Collaborating with other bloggers in a way that is profitable for both of you is the best type of collab to have. You can do this through co-authoring a book, co-teaching an online course, creating a product, opening a business, etc. Think about your blogging network already – is it substantial enough where you’re able to support yourself fully? If not, I’d definitely consider one of the options above. When you’re picking someone to join this venture with you, pick someone whose style you admire, values align with yours, and someone who is a hustler. You don’t have to see eye to eye on everything, but you do have to partner with someone who knows how to put in that #werk. I would also choose someone you believe thrives where you lack. Are your pictures not the best quality? If so, collab with a blogger who’s strength is photography. Whatever you choose, co-authoring or co-teaching is the best collab option for profiting, growing your following, and expanding your blogging business. Photoshoot collab I’ve seen a few bloggers do photoshoot collabs, but many of them are already friends which make it easier. While I believe it’s important to grow with a small group of bloggers, I also think it’s important to extend yourself outside of your network to other bloggers in your area that you’re not BFFs with. When you collab with bloggers you don’t already know, you have the opportunity for unshared followers to discover you. (You’ll definitely need more than one picture for it to be effective.) And you don’t have to be in the same city to do a photoshoot collab though that’s ideal. I did it on Instagram as a #followfriday where a bunch of us bloggers featured each other. And I have to tell you it was most effective when the same girl(s) posted about me more than once. Key takeaway: The act of collaborating is far more important than how you’re collaborating because collabs are the key to your blog’s success! How do you collaborate with other bloggers? Tell us below! xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   You Should Also Read: 3 Steps to Handling Collaborations Like a Pro Blogger  4 Ways to Collaborate with Brands as a Micro-Blogger How to Brand Yourself (aka Why Branding is #1 in Blogging) The post 5 Ways to Collaborate with Other Bloggers appeared first on Zanita Studio.
3 Looks a la London Fashion Week
21-09-2016 02:00:59
Zanita Studio
  Because Fashion Month gets us in that diverse, international mindset, we’re guiding you through them all in style. If we think about the perception of each major fashion city, I’d say that, New York is edgy, London is classic (sometimes moody), Milan is eclectic, and Paris is polished. Overall, each city has its own persona and tells us different stories. One of our favorite past times (if we can call it that), is scrolling through the never ending street style images on Pinterest and Vogue. Getting ready for any fashion week scene can be a pain, and here we are, already at London Fashion Week! It’s a city of classic looks, very Burberry-esque, and requires you to to bring your A-game! Leopard is one of fall’s strongest trends. We’ve been seeing it repeatedly on everything – clothing, accessories, shoes, and the tiniest of details all over. The important thing is to always balance the boldness of the print with something softer. !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof(window.__moneyspot) === 'object') { if(document.readyState === 'complete') { window.__moneyspot.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'moneyspot-script'); JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Acne Wool Coat, Topshop Unique Leopard Wide-Leg Pants, MSGM Wool Sweater, Alaia Suede Sandals, Annelise Michelson Choker, Mark Cross Shoulder Bag, Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator. We moved away from military jackets for a while, but they are back and bomb dot com. We just want to throw them on top of every single thing! They are amazingly versatile, turning you into a style chameleon. Hell yes to a military coat over cool, relaxed jeans. !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof(window.__moneyspot) === 'object') { if(document.readyState === 'complete') { window.__moneyspot.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'moneyspot-script'); JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Steve J & Yoni P Distressed Jeans, Muveil Shirt, Off-White Jacket, Velvet by Graham and Spencer Striped T-Shirt, Isabel Marant Hoop Earrings and Chloé Lace-Up Velvet Boots. We assure you this basic look isn’t so basic! Sometimes the most basic looks are the most complicated to achieve. Think about a pair of jeans and how you want to make them pop. It can get overly complicated. If you’re not feeling the mixing of patterns or donning a bold print, go with the basics. Always #FTW! !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof(window.__moneyspot) === 'object') { if(document.readyState === 'complete') { window.__moneyspot.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'moneyspot-script'); JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Balenciaga Classic Leather Jacket, Gucci Leather Slippers and Silk Printed Shirt, Rachel Comey Cropped Jeans, Anya Hindmarch Shoulder Bag, Chan Luu Scarf. What do you think? Are you going around the world, following fashion month?   Shop the Looks (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1583111882328906497"));   X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   Image Source Credits – Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue   You Should Also Read: 10 Things Fashion Girls Look Forward to in Fall How You Can Achieve This Year’s Top NYFW Street Style Looks Street Style Mega Hits – Top Trends To Covet This Fashion Week Season The post 3 Looks a la London Fashion Week appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The One Thing You’re Forgetting to do on Instagram
20-09-2016 16:38:39
Zanita Studio
  How many times have you heard, “shorter captions are better for Instagram”? Yet how weary are you of Sunday Funday, Beach with the babes, Brunch situation, and those trite #pointless lines? In fact, we may even be at a point where most of you believe captions aren’t important at all because photography and video are king. But you’re forgetting something: Storytelling. Reading isn’t dead, so pick your words wisely. Sure, people might be impressed by your top notch visuals and Instagram (or Snapchat) might be where it’s at, but you can’t keep people coming back unless you tell a story that gives them a reason to return. If you want to be a successful and viral influencer, you need to pour your energy into becoming a better storyteller, and part of that requires using impactful, meaningful text to tell that story in conjunction with remarkable images or videos. And in this case, telling one kickass story a day is definitely better than making 4 subpar Instagram posts. If you’re not sure what story you want to tell, here are a few questions to answer before you post: What do I want to communicate? How do I want people to feel? Who am I trying to attract? How do I get people to want to keep coming back? Still not convinced? Think about how often you read a caption, title, or summary before clicking on a link or liking a picture. Put this advice to the test and do a little experimenting – post longer narratives that have depth and meaning in your captions versus a one-liner and see where it takes you. Look at the boss’s (@zanitazanita) Instagram herself – there’s substance in every post; it’s not just a pretty pictures despite her genius photographic capabilities. OG bloggers like Song of Style, The Blonde Salad, & Fashion Toast might be able to get away with this, but it wasn’t always that way – they’ve already done the leg work years ago! And now, it’s your turn!     You Should Also Read: How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand Here’s Why the Instagram Update Isn’t a Problem How to Get Inspired to Create Content Again The post The One Thing You’re Forgetting to do on Instagram appeared first on Zanita Studio.
The Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting For
20-09-2016 02:00:20
Zanita Studio
I always root for the undone option in terms of makeup… and even more so when it comes to my lips, so when I heard of Glossier’s Generation G Lipsticks, you bet I was excited! On Glossier’s website, it’s described as “a new kind of lip color that gives the look and finish of a stain, but glides on and wears like a tinted balm.” I put all four colors to the test hard these last 2 months or so and here are my final thoughts… It’s the lipstick we’ve all been waiting for! To me, it’s equal parts lipbalm and lipstick (unless you have severely dry lips), and so brainlessly easy to apply. I haven’t exactly mastered lipstick, but these require no precision or mastery – simply swipe it on, press your lips together, and you’re all good to go. No mirror required. They go on quite sheer, but are buildable and look really pretty! After wearing one of these, you’ll look like you’ve applied lipstick and then tissued some of it off, except you really didn’t. Generation G comes in 4 shades: Cake (a muddy nude color), Crush (a flirty magenta shade), Like (a darker “my lips but better”), and Jam (a deep berry tint). My favorite is Jam and a close runner up is Like (this has actually been my every day lip color as of late). Cake is my least favorite only because I can’t tell that I’m wearing anything at all, and then Crush falls somewhere in between those… You can see why in the images below. left – cake, right – like left – crush, right – jam The plastic packaging isn’t great (or appealing), and I know I’ve read several complaints about it, but I think it’s quite convenient. I never have to worry about them breaking or falling apart. They’re also weightless and fit into the tiniest crevices of any bag you might be carrying – no complaints. At $18 a piece, I wouldn’t say they’re insanely expensive because they deliver exactly as they say they will. The only thing I caution you with is using a true lip balm prior to applying these – that extra slip isn’t going to help the color payoff. If you do apply a lip balm, I’d recommend waiting several minutes before layering and building on Gen G. Because I like them so much as a lipstick, I also wish they came in more colors… give me an orange, a fiery red, and 90s brown, you know?! xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin   You Should Also Read: Making Dark Lips A Thing of Summer New Beauty Discoveries I’m Quickly Falling in Love With Top 5 Drugstore Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day The post The Lipstick We’ve All Been Waiting For appeared first on Zanita Studio.
10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Life this Season
19-09-2016 19:21:22
Zanita Studio
  Seasonal transitions, especially from summer to fall, can have us feeling one of two ways: 1. anxious and excited, or 2. flat out meh. Today, we’re focusing on the meh because we want all of you to improve your life this season. (For those on the anxious side, keep this in your back pocket, or in your bookmarks, for when life gets you down.) Without further ado… #1 Write down your goals & dreams How easy is it to forget?! With the blink of an eye, you can instantly lose sight of why you ever did anything in the first place. That’s why we urge you to keep records of your life plans, and then refer back to them in times of anguish. This is all confidential – no one sees what you’re writing about unless you show them, so don’t hold back. Your fears and insecurities – let them all out and use it as perspective to pull yourself together. #2 Talk to passionate people about those goals & dreams Sometimes, telling yourself isn’t enough. Share your life plans with people as passionate as you are and see what kind of insight they have to offer you. That ‘someone else’ might just be the perspective you need right now. #3 Organize your life Now get your shit together. If it’s your finances holding you back, keep a financial journal and check your bank account every day. If it’s not having enough time in a day, get more sleep and wake up earlier. If it’s poor eating habits dragging you down, make healthier choices at the grocery store. #4 Do something creative There’s meditative benefits in creative endeavors even if you’re not a creative type. It engages a different part of your brain and forces you to look at life in a new way. #5 Read beautiful things Actions speak louder than words, but don’t discount the power of words – that’s why there are writers! There’s a mysterious power in words when put together perfectly. Read this to find out how influential words can be and how much more uplifted you can feel! #6 Give up the desire to win Fighting to be right all the time does no good. No one wants to be wrong, but quarreling to make someone look like a fool isn’t going to make anything better. In the end, you might be right, but does it make you happy? No. So wouldn’t it be better to end things on an amicable note? #7 Start a skincare routine and execute intently Take care of yourself. The years put so much stress and tension on our bodies and our skin – it’s all written in your face. Take the time to properly cleanse, look at yourself in the mirror, and reflect slowly on your life (the past week and the day) as you work power-packed products into your skin. #8 Don’t jump to conclusions You are not a mind reader. Jumping to conclusions only result in poor listening and irrational behavior based on misconceptions, which ultimately lead to anger and/or regret. #9 Focus on right now You can’t move forward without taking care of what’s on the plate in front of you first. No matter what kind of obstacles or difficulties you might be facing, remember that life is more manageable when you are living in the present. #10 Write your own story Decide what you want to accomplish – the kind of life you want to live and the vibe you want to exude. Then, write that story and live it. Fill those pages with the detours and actions YOU want to take because after all, you’re the author of your own story.     YOUR OPINION MATTERS! We’d love to hear what you think about Azalle because Round 2 is coming real soon (soonish) and we want to make it the best place for you! Help us breathe life by completing THIS SURVEY – it’ll only take 60 secs – promise! Thanks!   Image Source Credits – Lisa Says Gah   You Should Also Read: Make the Most of Summer With these Mindful Activities Life Ahead: Going Left When Right Feels Wrong How to Get Inspired to Create Content Again The post 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Life this Season appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How to Make Money That Lasts From Blogging
19-09-2016 02:03:37
Zanita Studio
I’ve mentioned numerous ways to make money from blogging, but for some reason, bloggers think their Instagram following is their money maker. This couldn’t be more wrong. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are all ways to build brand awareness, not an income. (I actually feel like I’ve written those exact words before in another blog post… hm…) Anyway, blogging is ONLY your full-time job once you’re able to 100% financially support yourself from it. Mo’ money = mo’ resources, and mo’ resources = mo’ opportunities. So instead of sitting around waiting for brands to pay you here and there, the business savvy blogger creates his/her own opportunities. Here are 3 ways to make money that lasts from blogging: Passive income through affiliate links. This is the most common way to make money from blogging because it’s so easy. It doesn’t require a whole lot of legwork. You simply add links to your outfit on your blog, and when people click, it’s money in your pocket. If they buy? Even more money. What if you skip an outfit post one week – does that mean your income stops? Nope, it just means you have to get more creative. In fact, I haven’t had an outfit post in months, and I still make money from stuff I update in my closet, gift guides, and my “favorite finds”. When you start to pay attention, you’ll notice a lot of bloggers use this tactic. They will post their “summer round up” or “perfect gifts for mom” every so often – maybe even once a week. It only gets annoying when bloggers post things they don’t genuinely have or want to buy… I don’t post things I don’t already own or want. One thing I will say is unless you have a massive following (we’re talking close to a million) and are fully committed (which will require a lot more legwork and creativity), affiliate link income is not enough to make a living alone. Create a product line. When you think of a product line, it’s natural to think of tangible goods – physical objects you can hold in your hand that physical stores sell so that people can physically buy… That thought is extremely overwhelming! But a product line can be anything from a t-shirt line to blog design templates and eGuides. Eventually, once you are “at scale”, aka you’re selling more than you can keep up with, you can expand to an eCommerce store (like The Blonde Salad just did). For years, Nasty Gal was strictly online and they just recently opened up a real storefront. Don’t let the “what ifs” or “I don’t know hows” stop you from living out your dreams. It can be done. Like I always say, dreams only work when you do, so you have to be willing to put in the research, the time, and money to have the lifestyle that you want. Another example of bloggers with a product line is Zanita with Azalle and The Skinny Confidential. Lauryn from TSC has a Bombshell Body Guide, meal plan, The Skinny Confidential book, and a subscription app. But she didn’t jump into all of it at once – she slowly built each one and you can do the same. You just have to start with one thing that’s at the top of your priority list or one thing you’re most passionate about, and your blogging business will grow from there. Sell a service. As a blogger, selling a service as a means to make money gets a bit more complicated, but not by much. First of all, you will most likely need to hire an accountant and/or lawyer to figure it all out (I don’t know much about that piece of it, so you’ll definitely have to do your research). Once you have the logistics figured out, it’s time to take action and get clients. Usually, it’s better to have a blog or social media presence first before diving into business. You build your credibility through blogging, collaborating, and a decent social media following. People are more likely to hire someone who has what they want versus someone who says they have what they want. For example, you’re not going to buy a workout program from someone who isn’t fit but claims they know the secret to a six pack. No. You’re going to buy something from someone like our resident fitness expert, Monica, because she’s got a slammin’ body and runs a health + lifestyle blog with thousands of followers. That’s just the way it is. So, if you’re trying to run any type of business through your blog you better make sure you have the stats, following, and experience to do so. If you could make money doing anything in the whole world, blogging or otherwise, what would it be? Comment below!   xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Facebook Snapchat @notanothrblonde   Image Source Credits – Steal the Look, @ShopSincerelyJules   You Should Also Read:  Snapchat – A Blogger’s Secret Money Maker 7 Ways to Save Money as a Fashion Blogger How Fashion Bloggers Make Money & You Can Too The post How to Make Money That Lasts From Blogging appeared first on Zanita Studio.
An Ode to the Mini Crossbody Handbag
17-09-2016 14:00:33
Zanita Studio
I’ve decided that crossbody handbags are better for my sanity. The smaller the better. While I do have a few larger handbags that I love, I have a terrible habit of filling them and filling them…and then abandoning them. There’s a good stash of handbags in my room, half of which I’m avoiding because of the sheer quantity of random stuff I’ve jammed into them – like a stack of receipt-filled fashion piñatas. Enter the mini crossbody. My favourites are the box shape. Right now, I can fit my mobile phone (complete with the oversized ‘lumee’ case), my wallet, a notebook, lipstick, mascara, memory cards, lipgloss, pens, and keys – random essentials. Of course, I always attempt to overfill it, but the bag resists, thus my life has less clutter. And we haven’t even mentioned the biggest win of using a crossbody handbag! You arms are free to rave – perfect for a day in the life of anyone who does things with their hands and arms. You can collect groceries with two hands, open doors with two hands – you can even hail a cab with both hands…though that might seem a little too desperate/aggressive. This post was brought to you by Farfetch – you already know why I love the site. Not only does it support smaller businesses world wide, but it’s populated with loads of hard-to-find pieces. My rainbow beauty from Anya Hindmarch was a pretty tough choice, but it’s safe to say it’s probably one of my smarter choices in terms of cost per wear. I’m wearing it with my Mx tee, which is part of a gender neutral collection from Mother Denim and raises money to support Self Evident Truths, a LGBTQ charity. Rainbows indeed!! Bag, Anya Hindmarch (also love this one) Skirt, Topshop Shirt, Mother Denim (Love Your Other) Sandals, Sezane             This post was brought to you by Farfetch.       The post An Ode to the Mini Crossbody Handbag appeared first on Zanita Studio.
10 Things Fashion Girls Look Forward to in Fall
17-09-2016 02:00:25
Zanita Studio
  I feel like seasons are divided by events in New York. Fall starts at Labor Day, Winter at Thanksgiving, Summer with the 4th of July, and so forth. That means it’s been Fall for a little over a week now at HQ and we are loving it. Waking up to cooler air means a more pleasant commute and a healthy dose of clothes on our backs… For me, personally, fall is one of the best seasons to be in the Big Apple. In other parts of the states, that fresh start usually ends up swampy before fall really starts, but it lasts all day here! And with that, there’s nothing more to look forward to than the leaves transforming into a beautiful warm palette, bringing out more layers with cozy knits, boots, burgundy hues, plaids, and statement coats. Cooler weather also means tea, staying in and watching late night movies, and, of course, the September issue. Fashion girls are one of a kind, always ready to take on new seasons and the wonderful things that come with it in style. Acne Studios Sweater, The Great Cotton Shirt, Michael Kors Pants, A.P.C. Corduroy Trench Coat, Isabel Marant Ankle Boots, Stella McCartney Velvet Clutch, Missoni Socks, Charlotte Tilbury ‘Penelope Pink’ Lipstick, Diptyque Candle, and La Mer Crème de La Mer. !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof(window.__moneyspot) === 'object') { if(document.readyState === 'complete') { window.__moneyspot.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'moneyspot-script'); JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. And if you’re like us, you’re probably looking forward to these things too: The September Issue – it’s like one special bible, telling us what’s good and trending this upcoming season. The latest It-Bag in a new fabrication (Hint: velvet). Classic and cozy knits. Plaids – especially menswear-inspired plaids! We’re ready for the comfiest of socks. A nice warm cup of tea (or hot chocolate). A new beauty routine with darker lips. Something burgundy (possibly a statement coat). A trendy bootie (snakeskin sounds good). Candle-lit evenings. Shop the Story (function (widgetId) { try { var b = document.createElement("script"); b.type = "text/javascript"; b.src = "//" + widgetId + "/bamBox." + widgetId + ".js"; b.async = true; var a = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(b, a); } catch (e) {} }("1582752825358403453")); X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Image Source Credits – Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue You Should Also Read: Best Fall Lipsticks And Their Matching Outfits 4 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall Street Style Mega Hits – Top Trends To Covet This Fashion Week Season The post 10 Things Fashion Girls Look Forward to in Fall appeared first on Zanita Studio.
7 Songs to Add to Your Running Playlist
16-09-2016 15:33:46
Zanita Studio
Wanna know my secret to running?! I just finished a run and I’m feeling pretty exuberant… If you’re wondering how I stay consistently motivated to run, it’s music! It removes me from whatever I’m doing, and listening to the right jams propels me that much further! We all experience times when there just isn’t motivation – and my best advice is to let music be your solution. I’m the girl you spot running, singing obnoxiously along, and busting out funky dance moves all at the same time. This all makes exercising more than just sweating! Plus, great music makes a run go faster, so I thought I’d share my current running playlist. It’s quite different from my gym playlist. Put your head phones on and hit play – you might find a few keepers and run to a completely different beat! Let’s hit the pavement! American Woman – Lenny Kravitz Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones This Must Be The Place – Talking Heads Use Me – Beans and Fatback Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz   Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones It’s A Long Way to The Top – AC/DC   I would love to know what songs get you going, comment your top 3 running songs below   – Mon  Follow Mon: Instagram, Facebook, BlogLovin Snapchat: @mb_harper Image – Pinterest You Should Also Read: 10 New Workout Songs to Amplify Your Fitness Session 10 Effective Tips to Improve Your Running The Workout Routine You’re Missing Out On EMOM The post 7 Songs to Add to Your Running Playlist appeared first on Zanita Studio.
Updated Beauty Rotation in Preparation for Fall
16-09-2016 02:00:20
Zanita Studio
  We’re still in between seasons, but my skin has already started to feel the force of fall! I have a love-hate relationship with this time of year… As F Scott Fitzgerald said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” – something about the air and changing leaves send quivers through my body, but that means my skin suffers a little – it just needs more loving. Light-weight moisturizers, ordinary concealers, and powders simply won’t do. My skin becomes excessively dry, sucking up any ounce of hydration that grazes it, so I’m really grateful to have foraged through many products as of late. I think I’ve nailed down a really great edit in preparation for the colder months and wanted to share my updated beauty rotation. To start, I’ll for sure be on this gentle two-step cleansing routine and then follow up with the below… Lancome Comforting Rehydrating Toner I really love exfoliating toners, but they’re not practical as soon as fall barges in. Although it took me a while to finally discover this Lancome toner, it’s become such a life-changer that I use it 6 months out of a year. It’s a thicker, gel-like consistency that doesn’t absorb into a cotton pad immediately. However, as you rub it across your face, it melts into the skin, removing excess dirt and grit gently. It also smoothes out any dry patches (which I get quite a lot of) and mitigates any sensitivity I get from the cold. Tatcha Luminous Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate Tatcha continues to amaze me over and over. This serum concentrate is so unique – it’s got a pudding/jello situation going and even requires you to use a little spatula to get the product out. But I’m not complaining… At first, it seems like it just sits on top of your skin, but by morning, it’s fully absorbed and your skin will be much softer and appear more radiant. Lancome Eye Cream The area under my eye gets ridiculously dry to the point where wearing concealer feels like a crime! In the summer, I can get away with almost any eye cream, but now’s about time I start treading carefully. The only eye creams that have given me the moisture I need are from Lancome. Without them, I don’t think I’d dare wear makeup in the winter… Tatcha Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream Moisturizers are usually hit or miss for me, and this one (again) by Tatcha was a hit! It feels really light-weight on the hand, so I was expecting to be disappointed, but the reverse happened. Don’t you love when that happens? When applied, this product feels really velvety and keeps my skin silky and smooth. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation This is the first foundation I ever bought, and for the most part, I still love it as much as I did then. When I’m needing a tad more coverage, but still want to appear dewy, this is the foundation I reach for. It isn’t the most hydrating, but if your moisturizer and primer are on point, you’ll have no problem.  My favorite thing about it is that it looks like skin – a little more and certainly nothing less. Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher Pen I’m sure you remember me advocating 2 concealers – a heavy duty + highlighting one; however, I shy away from this as much as possible in the winter. This Charlotte Tilbury highlighting concealer has become the best thing for me. Don’t expect it to mask your blemishes or hyper pigmentation, but it will blur out redness and, most importantly, brighten up your complexion and reduce the appearance of dark circles. It doesn’t accentuate any dryness and just makes me look really luminous. MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Masque I’m notorious for neglecting my hair, but ever since I’ve got it colored, I’ve become more attentive to it. I’ve used this Marula Oil hair mask for almost a month now and I’m happy with the results. I feel like it reverses all the damage from heat products and color treatment instantly. My hair feels much softer and healthier after each treatment (I use it 2x per week). I also feel better about blow drying my hair as often as I do knowing this sits on my top shelf! // xo, Susan Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin   You Should Also Read: New Beauty Discoveries I’m Quickly Falling in Love With Battle of the Cleansing Waters – Which is Best For You? No Eyeliner Makeup That Works For Everyone The post Updated Beauty Rotation in Preparation for Fall appeared first on Zanita Studio.
4 Steps to Accepting Loss with Class Every Single Time
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  The 2016 Bloglovin’ Awards took place just two days ago, and you all know that our sister, Azalle, was nominated for Best Blogger Business… But we didn’t win – that’s ok (BTW major thanks to everyone who voted!). We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share an important life lesson: Accepting loss with class! It’s obvious that no one ever wants to lose. When you invest an infinite of hours into something (to the point where you’re physically drained), losing means taking a blow to your pride – a downward spiral of your self-esteem. It’s all perspective though… There are two sides to every story and we suggest clinging to the positive… – Step 1: Bow out. Once we found out we were nominated, we knew we were up against some heavy-weights after seeing the contenders, e.g. Glossier, Two Songs, and Chloe Digital. These are blogger businesses hatched up by major talent whom we also respect. We’d worked hard on Azalle despite a few roadblocks and were so grateful for our amazing support network (YOU)! But when Glossier was announced, we also knew the votes were fair and accepted our loss. – Step 2: Recognize there’s talent in the winner. Winners don’t win for nothing and they don’t (always) win out of deceit. Therefore, you should recognize the talent, the skill, and the audacity of the winner. When you fail to acknowledge that, you’ve become the real loser. The right thing to do is keep your head up and emotions in check no matter how disappointed or angry you feel. We love and admire the business of Glossier – Emily Weiss built such a fun and amazing beauty brand after years of amassing data from her readers… That win was well-deserved, and to be able to sit alongside her as a nominee, we’re quite proud. – Step 3: Know that there’s more to learn from a loss than a win. There is winning in losing! Not discounting anyone’s wins, but you don’t gain much from it outside of recognition… When you lose, you analyze – what could have been better? What do I need to work on? How can I improve? Then you go out and make shit happen. That’s the right mentality anytime you lose. – Step 4: Never quit. Winners NEVER quit trying to win. You won’t learn much when in the midst of “not quitting”, but those lessons will come years down the road. In the meantime, keep working hard for what you’re after – the time will pass – and your big break will come.   YOUR OPINION MATTERS! We’d love to hear what you think about Azalle because Round 2 is coming real soon (soonish) and we want to make it the best place for you! Help us breathe life by completing THIS SURVEY – it’ll only take 60 secs – promise! Thanks!  Image Source Credits – Who What Wear  You Should Also Read: The Right Way to Handle Harsh Feedback The Easy Two-Step Process to Building Better Habits What to Do About Negative Blog Comments The post 4 Steps to Accepting Loss with Class Every Single Time appeared first on Zanita Studio.
How You Can Achieve This Year’s Top NYFW Street Style Looks
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  This year’s top NYFW street style looks got us like maniacs trying to catch it all in. We actually think there’s a greater influence on our style choices outside the fashion shows, but we’re not the only ones… Tons of big-name designers go out into the world and see what people are wearing. NYFW is its own spirit animal, and it requires you follow a village around to get a glimpse of it all. There are no set of rules in city and that’s what makes us fall in love with it each time. You cannot predict or expect – just believe your expectations will always be met. We backtracked a few days ago, hunting for 3 of our favorite street style looks so we could emulate them for you. It’s not easy finding the right pieces to mimic an entire ensemble, but the important thing is to always make it your own by adding a personal touch or a unique twist. !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof(window.__moneyspot) === 'object') { if(document.readyState === 'complete') { window.__moneyspot.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'moneyspot-script'); JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Bella Freud Sweater, Mayet Silk Dress, Gucci Slippers, Céline Sunglasses Pernille is one of the top street style stars pinned on Pinterest. With ridiculously amazing style and flawless mashups in every situation, this is no surprise. Her combo her is the ideal combination of sexy and sporty. A slip dress underneath an oversized sweater puts her in the spotlight for the best elevated athleisure look. !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof(window.__moneyspot) === 'object') { if(document.readyState === 'complete') { window.__moneyspot.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'moneyspot-script'); JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Isabel Marant Wrap Skirt, Rag & Bone T-Shirt, Theodora Warre Hoop Earrings, Coach Crossbody Hobo, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Pouring over Fashion Week snaps hinted at one major upcoming trend: wrap skirts. And I’m sure it’s just the beginning. Every other picture comprised of a wrap skirt, and I’m realizing how versatile they are! While I predict brands will be all over it soon, Isabel Marant has the best options currently. !function(d,s,id){ var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) { e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); } if(typeof(window.__moneyspot) === 'object') { if(document.readyState === 'complete') { window.__moneyspot.init(); } } }(document, 'script', 'moneyspot-script'); JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Marni Cashmere Sweater, Gucci Mini Skirt, Topshop Hell Bootie, Marc Jacobs Backpack We all know there are no rules in fashion, so we’re definitely on board pairing pink and red. It just makes you pop at every turn. Of course with metallic boots, you’re just upping the stakes. // Next up, London Fashion Week! Ready?!   YOUR OPINION MATTERS! We’d love to hear what you think about Azalle because Round 2 is coming real soon (soonish) and we want to make it the best place for you! Help us breathe life by completing THIS SURVEY – it’ll only take 60 secs – promise! Thanks!  X Eduarda Follow me – Blog Instagram Pinterest   Image Source Credits – Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue   You Should Also Read: Best Fall Lipsticks And Their Matching Outfits 4 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall Street Style Mega Hits – Top Trends To Covet This Fashion Week Season The post How