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2016-11-29 12:02:10

Lunchtime in Milan, Porta Venezia district: 5 lunch break spots

Porta Venezia, like Porta Romana, which we discussed last week, is another one of those old areas of Milan, where you can feel the weight of the city’s history at every corner. This area is a crucial point for  the city, as it connects the city centre to the residential areas; it is also a very important spot for commerce and the service sector, since it’s the meeting point of two large arteries, Corso Venezia and Corso Buenos Aires. The result is an area with a high density of shops, office buildings and a ton of good eateries to try out. It was pretty challenging to only choose 5 for our lunchbreak list, but luckily, we managed, so here we go. Buon appetito

Eppol (Via Marcello Malpighi, 7)
We actually usually recommend this as a good spot for pre-dinner drinks or happy hour, but Eppol’s lunch is welcome news. Let me tell you about their lovely interiors in a nutshell: exposed brickwork, a wall covered in grass, vintage wooden chairs and tables. Their lunch menu is 12 euro and includes a snack, a starter, one main, a dessert, a drink and an espresso. Not bad, right?

ONO Sushi Experience (Via Felice Casati 8)
We think that when you discover a quality sushi spot, you should always spread the word. This place has only been open for a few months and is already one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the entire city actually, not just around Porta Venezia. We love their beautiful, elegant interiors, and most of all, we love the quality of their all-you-can-eat buffet, which is very high, and rather unforgettable for this kind of formula. Their staff is quick and very friendly, and who doesn’t appreciate that at lunch break?

Radicetonda (Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 16)
Just a few steps away from the metro stop, this place is quickly becoming Porta Venezia’s go-to spot for everything organic. Their products are locally sourced, their menu is seasonal and their fare is high quality; Radicetonda is also mindful of its ecological impact. Their lunch menu offers a wide range of mains, soups, veggie dishes and sandwiches. Our vegan friends will be overwhelmed by so many good options!

Flower Burger (via Vittorio Veneto 10)
This is the kind of project we love telling you about on TBS: it was started by a group of young people, who were quickly successful thanks to their good work. Their Porta Venezia branch was the first one, and that was followed by two more branches. What can you eat here, then? Wonderful burgers that are tasty, light on the stomach and, most of all, vegetarian. This branch is a little small, so we really recommend that you come early, or make your order takeaway: if the weather is good, you might get lucky and get to enjoy your meal in the park across the street!

Pasta Fresca bistrot (Via Melzo 2)
We are Italian, we are pasta masters. So it’s only right to promote pasta, especially if it’s fresh, tasty and made on the spot. You can’t miss this bistrot for your lunchbreak here: you will be able to choose what kind of pasta you like, as well as the toppings. Their ravioli are absolutely amazing, as are their gnocchi and lasagne, which will leave you speechless.

Eppol Eppol Eppol Eppol ONO Sushi Experience ONO Sushi Experience Radicetonda Radicetonda Radicetonda Radicetonda Flower Burger Flower Burger Flower Burger Pasta Fresca bistot Pasta Fresca bistot