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2016-11-08 17:00:17

Style Scenario: Watching the Election Results Roll in!


The Drink: Smith & Cross “Navy Strength” Rum – $28.99. So what’s Navy Strength? It’s liquor at such a high ABV that if it had spilled on a ship and drenched the gun powder, that gun powder was still able to ignite. 114 proof. Yes. Proof high enough that “poof” is still possible.

And that’s it. That’s the list. After this election cycle, naked with a bottle of rum that could act as an accelerant seems appropriate.


BUT NOW… A THEORY: What’s “wrong” with our political system isn’t the individuals who are in government. It’s the high quality individuals who aren’t, and more importantly, understandably have no interest in running for office.

The shaking of fists and screaming “throw all the bastards out!” is tired and lazy. The real problem is that our political environment, as it currently exists, usually doesn’t attract the most grounded. Seriously. Have you ever considered running for any kind of office? Maybe you’ve given it a passing thought. And if you’re moderately sane, the cons almost certainly grossly outweighed the pros of running for public office.

Like many hyper competitive professions (sports, entertainment, many sales markets) you’ve got to be at least a little bit crazy to really commit to it as a profession. Because at some point, the “ask” is too much. Anyone reasonable would eventually say “screw it, I’m going home to my family and watching a movie. I just want to be left the hell alone.” Think about it. Politics is a blood-sucking blood sport. You have to grind and knock on doors and you are constantly being judged. There’s no cover. You cannot hide. And no matter what you do, a solid percent of the population is probably gonna hate your guts.

Who in their right mind wants that?

So the next time you want to crush a politician, ask yourself if perhaps it’s not the people who are there, but the environment… the marketplace that is preventing others in participating at that level, that’s at fault.

Or more simply put, why don’t you run?

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